The Ascension

Dearest Iuku,

Things are going marvelously well here in Lithmore. Surprisingly the schedule is advancing far faster than either of us could have hoped for. While I initially viewed the initiative as a setback, it has actually turned out to be our greatest asset, with it sparking a “Friendship” with Emma ab Kovar, a very influential figure within Lithmore. I never would have accounted for this in my planning, but unprecedented offer she made gave us the push we need. The push I needed more importantly to establish myself as a person of interest in Lithmore. Though I have been met with a mixture of approval and what I would qualify as fear. A fear of the unknown.

I was a nobody in their line of sight. I was not a noble, nor was I a gentry with a high-ranking position in the city, yet I managed to sneak my way into their circle, amassing influence without even trying. It is only natural some would fear this unknown force they are suddenly face to face with. This fear only increased when they learned of my… resourcefulness. Having the twins kill off that gnat in Vintrius was child’s play, though their price was a tad steep this go around, but their efficiency is well worth the price. Grandfather was right to bring them into the fold early on. The Serre Family would not be where they are now without them.

Though I derail from what I was saying. News of my success in Vintrius has been shared with the privy council, and I am certain it has spread beyond them as well. From what I’ve been told it was met with approval and glee by most, with only the typical opponent raising a fuss. I will deal with her soon enough. Her family has ran lithmore for far too long, it is time for them to fall, and I will be the one to strike at their foundation, a foundation they already weakened with their dual failures.

Why hire a trading company to act as a mercenary? Of course that is what she would assume. That boy could never dream of affording the Le Serre Trading Conglomerate, though the fact I practically own him makes up for this comment. Willing servitude is always the best kind of slavery.

Nonetheless the nobility and figures of importance now know I am willing to go to lengths they themselves would be hesitant to. Though should any of them contest the deed, I have a full retort ready just in case. Is it not nobler to shed as little blood as possible in the pursuit of justice, versus sending men and women to fight a battle not their own only because it suits one’s morals?

I should be ending this letter soon before I ramble further. You have always been my greatest ally, the only person I’ve ever felt comfortable revealing the truth of myself to.

I’ve sent you a copy of my initial proposal as well, as I am sure you would love to read it. Those in charge made a grave mistake when they dismissed it. Their pathetic kingdom could have seen a new age of conquest, trade and expansion. An end to their war with the Daravi… But instead they would rather remain stagnant, slowly killing themselves. Fine by me.

With Love,


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