The Show Must Go On

It’s always fascinating when one combines multiple spells.

I must say my little test in the crossroads was a roaring success. Not only did I publicly humiliate Silverclaw, but I managed to do so without revealing every aspect of the meeting was pre-planned; From her attempting to attack me to my departure. Though I could have never expected it would succeed so well. I worried she would catch on that my veil of light and dark worked both ways. While it protects me, it prevents me from doing a damn thing to her, though thankfully I don’t believe she caught on to that fact. Future encounters will rely heavily on manipulating their belief that I have managed to craft a spell that keeps them from attacking me, without negative side effects for myself. Afterall if the city believes that their Knights and Order can not so much as touch me, that will create doubt, doubt which I can manipulate to my advantage. I must be very careful in future encounters.

I did not expect quite as large of crowd as showed up, though ultimately I am glad I went with the illusion route. Making them believe that I had somehow devised a way to give myself the wings of a crow, and use said wings to gain flight was fascinating. Heck I would be lying if I didn’t say I had fun with that. Such a simple combination of spells resulted in a rather wondrous effect, and I like to think I did not muck up the movements of the wings at all. I had to spend many, many days watching the flight patterns of birds to truly replicate the movements of their wings, else I fail and reveal that the wings are nothing more than illusions, and that I am merely taking flight through another spell’s effect.

I’m walking a very fine line, and one wrong step on my part will undo everything I’ve worked so hard to create. This is my masterpiece, and the whole city is my audience, and I mustn’t disappoint my greatest critics.

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