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Sink or Swim

Sep 23 2018 Published by under Sevastyan

Januarius 15, 379

To my son Sevastyan:

With this letter, I am sending instructions to your guardian to see that you receive lessons in swimming while you are still young and buoyant. I myself never received such lessons, for swimming is not a beloved or practical exercise among our people, but I have long lived with the consequences of that oversight in my education. To this day, I still dislike to cross rivers, lakes, and oceans, and while I can reliably keep my head above water, I cannot do so efficiently or gracefully. It is a glaring and unfortunate weakness; one I hope my enemies never learn nor exploit.

Each Januarius, during the tradition of ice swimming, I must conquer my fears all over again. I stay close to shore, where my feet touch the bottom, and rarely enter water deep enough to rise above the waist. Fortunately, the ritual does not expect more than a momentary dip: just enough of a commitment to honor the Lord, rinse the skin, and return to warmth and safety. Even still, a grown man should not carry such childish fears. While you may dislike these lessons at first, I hope in time you will come to see the wisdom in them.

Lord bless and guide you,

Your Loving Father

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My Gifts to You

Sep 08 2018 Published by under Aleksandr,Elizaveta,Other,Sevastyan

Novembris 17, 378

To my trusted Castellan, Mikhail von Khalturin:

By the time this letter reaches you, another Yule season will already be upon us, and once again, I will spend it somewhere other than home. I hope these words find you and your family in good health, and I trust that in my absence, Vechnyy Castle is well-prepared for the coming winter, with enough food, wool, and firewood for those who remain behind. In truth, a part of me will miss those frigid stone halls and roaring fires…

With this letter, I send three Yule packages, which are to be delivered to my children in confidence. You will complete this task personally, as you have done many times before.

To Aleksandr, my eldest, I gift an exquisite chess set of pale stone and frosted glass. May he practice with it often and continue to hone his skill at strategy.

To my daughter Elizaveta, I gift a set of fine porcelain dolls, one of which is a very good likeness of Her Royal Majesty. The others are likenesses of the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, the current Lady Keeper of the Seal, Grand Inquisitor, and Lady Earl Marshall.

To Sevastyan, my youngest, I gift a rare children’s book to kindle his imagination. May he enjoy this time of early youth, ignorant of the burdens and responsibilities he will all too soon come to bear.

You will find that I have also included a small token of my appreciation for you, as well. Please accept it with my gratitude, Khalturin. It is a comfort to know that I can rely upon you with these matters while I am away. Do convey my kindest regards to your wife and family, and as always: may your Winter be short and mild, your Yule merry.

By my hand,

*signature and seal*

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