Repairing the Past

Sep 05 2018

Novembris 7, 378

To the Honorable Alexei von Sokolov:

My mother’s pendant has been duly received. Though it brings me no pleasure, I have decided to honor your client’s final wishes and have instructed my Steward to deliver the piece to a preeminent silversmith here in the capital. As requested, the pendant will be repaired and restored to its original splendor. However, I make no promise to the bereaved that it will ever again be worn.

Understand this, Magistrate: I fulfill your client’s request merely out of courtesy and for no other reason. Certainly not out of a sense of obligation toward the deceased or his family. Please make this respectfully clear in your communications.

I trust that our business is now concluded in its entirety.

By my hand,

*signature and seal*

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