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All Things Must End

by on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Yolente von Kovrov,


It is with deep sadness that I must inform you that your brother, His Holiness Gerolf von Stewart, Cardinal of Lithmore, Patriarch of the Holy Order of Dav, joined the Lord of Springs on Octoberis 22nd, 364.

We know he served this Order with his whole life. He was a good inquisitor and a good cardinal. Under his leadership, our Order flourished and many souls were saved.

His remains will be interred in the Noble’s Plot at Saint Aelwyn’s Cathedral, as tradition dictates.

He left no will, however in his records we found that he requested some small assistance for you and your family. Therefore, you will be sent a small stipend of 25 silver a month to help with your expenses. He has also asked that his personal body guard, Sir Boris von Cuppa, be sent to you and provide you and your family protection for the period of one year.

We will all miss his cheerful demeanor in the cathedral hallways. On a personal note, while I did not know him well, I knew him to be a man of fine character. I will use his life as inspiration for my own leadership.


His Holiness Auberon mal Halliwell
Cardinal of Lithmore
Patriarch of the Holy Order of Dav

Spoiler Alert!

by on Monday, January 5th, 2015

The previous post contains some spoilers, particularly how Gerolf views other people in the city. Most of it he would not publicly admit to, though some can probably guess it.


Should you wish to read it, the password is: Vostock