The Lily and the Rose

“Cesca, darling! I have a present for you!” Though her morning thus far had consisted of little more than the everyday tedium of her usual bout of lessons, the young girl did perk at the sound of her mother’s voice calling out from the other room, speaking of some sort of present. With haste did […]

The Trellis and the Vine

“The Vandagan Waltz is a dance of utmost trust, Miss dul Alberti. Which is why I need you to trust that I’m not going to let you fall. Now. Again.“ Francesca obeyed, moving back into position – her left hand barely resting upon her dancing tutor’s upper arm, her right hand delicately clasped within his. […]

A Blessed Childhood

“Do not slouch, Francesca.” “Do not lean forward when you curtsey, Cesca.” “Lithmorran, Francesca. Speak in Lithmorran.” “Do not frown so much, Cesca. You will line your face.” “You wanted to see me, Papa?” She had been standing there for some time within her father’s study while he poured over his many papers. He always […]