Log of OOC Meeting 2021/05/15

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Sat May 15, 2021 8:02 pm

Log session starting at 02:00:42 on Sunday, 16 May 2021.
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Kinaed states to Anony, "Thank you :)"
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Karstedt says, "My ckient should be logging as well"

Kinaed claims to Karstedt, "Thank you :) We'll use Anony's post first, and you can be a backup."

Kinaed says, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you
register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Raspberries states, "I'll log too, for what it's worth. ;)"

Kinaed exclaims to Raspberries, "Thank you!"

Kinaed queries, "No topics from anyone for today?"

Kitty headshakes.

Kinaed says, "Okay, if anyone thinks of a topic, send me a tell. In the meantime, I'll kick off
staff updates :)"

Kinaed claims, "As many of you may have noticed, we've updated our website's look. That was thanks
to a lot of long, hard work by a number of people. This week, I spent some time killing the
bugs/mistakes in the website."

Kinaed states, "I'd like to request that anyone who notices something is off or not working
properly, etc - please post a TYPO BOARD note here."

Karstedt claims, "I think i did a bunch in discord earlier in the week"

Karstedt claims, "Havent checked if those were fixed or not"

Kinaed muses to Karstedt, "My apologies, I haven't seen those - but hopefully they're the same as
the ones I did receive and resolved. Would you mind having another look, and posting anything still
outstanding on our in-game Typo Boards?"

Kinaed nods at Karstedt.

Kinaed muses, "I think that work is my big contribution for the week. I don't really have anything
on my agenda at the moment, so I can take recommendations? :)"

Temi says, "I think at least some were relayed to Kin"

Kinaed claims, "Oh, wait! THere is something."

Ghed states, "I fixed some of the typos too"

Kinaed states, "We want to put 10-12 character portraits of our actual players' characters on the
website to showcase some of them."

Anonymous claims, "That sounds cool."

Kinaed claims, "If you're interested, we will be holding a little contest to see which characters
we'll have an artist do."

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Temi gives a shifty-looking, stuffed cow adorned in a fluttering cloak to Deedee.

Anonymous says, "Oooooo a contest."

Raspberries queries, "Do they have to be active, or can dead characters get one?"

Kinaed states, "More details to be posted on the General Board about how to enter to have your
character's portrait added."

Kinaed declaims, "Yes, dead and gone characters can be added!"

Raspberries states, "Ooo"

Kinaed says, "We want to showcase theme and how interesting the game is."

Eos claims, "Yes, dead characters can definitely be one if youre more comfortable with that
especially regarding the contest"

Kinaed nods at Eos.

Temi says, "Only your own characters though, I think."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed claims, "Okay, so more on that will be posted later, probably today."

Raspberries nods.

Kinaed states, "If not today, definitely sometime this week."

Kinaed trails off, "That's it for me..."

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Kinaed rolled 4d100 for a pool of: 97 86 74 40. [Ky560]

Kinaed says, "Oops"

Kinaed rolled 1d4 for a pool of: 2. [Ky560]

Violet claims, "That's a lot of numbers"

Kinaed states to Ghed, "You're up first :)"

Deedee lifts a shifty-looking, stuffed cow adorned in a fluttering cloak to her nose and sniffs at

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Deedee states, "The cow has a smell, that's great"

Anonymous lifts a shifty-looking, stuffed cow adorned in a fluttering cloak to his nose and sniffs
at it.

Wimpled gets a shifty-looking, stuffed cow adorned in a fluttering cloak from an oiled leather
backpack, with an overhanging buckled flap.

Wimpled lifts a shifty-looking, stuffed cow adorned in a fluttering cloak to her nose and sniffs at

Kinaed wonders, "Perhaps Ghed is afk. Let's go to ... Eos?"

Rey lifts a shifty-looking, stuffed cow adorned in a fluttering cloak to his nose and sniffs at it.

Eos wonders, "With the help of our wonderful Salem I have worked on changing donations so that a)
fishing poles can be donated b) donations will be split up between the standard almshouse and
southside almshouses. This isn't in yet as it needs to be tested. I have also worked on reskinning
the Wiki and the Forums and have changed the emojis on our discord and the logo. We decided to
postpone the Mage ST - it will still happen, just not this month - and instead of that I will run a
lighthearted plot for may, which may stretch into the next month. I also probably helped Ghed with
some things?"

Cat lifts a shifty-looking, stuffed cow adorned in a fluttering cloak to his nose and sniffs at it.

Raspberries muses, "What happened to fishing poles before?"

Eos claims, "Trashed"

Eos states, "I don't know why fishing poles specifically so we changed that"

Raspberries wonders, "I see. were they detected as a started item maybe?"

Eos says, "No they were called out on their own next to starter items"

Raspberries claims, "Weird"

Violet claims, "Weirrrdddd"

Eos says, "Yep"

Kinaed claims, "I should note - Viridis has had something come up IRL. As a result, some of the mage
work we as staff had planned is going on hold. :("

Sparkles is idle.

Sparkles is no longer idle.

Ghed claims, "Sorry"

Karstedt states, "Wb ghed"

Eos states, "Oh and Salem pointed out various bugs in the donation code which are being fixed. <3"

Kinaed states to Ghed, "I think you're welcome to go :)"

Ghed states, "Okay =)"

Raspberries states, "That's very cool news, especially about some stuff going to the southside alms"

Kinaed nods at Raspberries.

Ghed states, "Basically did a lot of mobprogs, including for some public npcs -- and supported a
player raid to capture more Jade Arrows"

Kinaed smiles.

Ghed says, "I also did a lot of recommends and player requests"

Ghed states, "Loooooooots of both"

Kinaed states to Ghed, "Thanks for keeping that stuff afloat. :)"

Ghed scratches his cheek.

Ghed states, "I think that was it"

Deedee claims, "The raid was fun, thanks for running all that"

Ghed nods.

Kinaed asks, "Okay... Temi, mind going next?"

Ghed claims, "(I meant a new raid)"

Deedee says, "Oh"

Temi states, "I have been a busy Temtems. Confessor's Alley has been released! Hopefully everyone
has been enjoying it so far and it fits your expectations. New crafts of the week are charm
bracelets - and charms that fit in them, similar to the existing ones in the Farin quarter that have
previously been requested to be player make-able. And I have created another skill mini-quest, who
everybody has already met, our lovely coamjar addict here."

Deedee claims, "I'm sure it was fun too."

Ghed declares, "It was! If you aren't a Jade Arrow"

PraiseTheEGG hides.

Temi nods at Kinaed.

Raspberries pulls sleeve down over bandana.

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Kinaed claims, "I think Salem might be afk, so we may circle back to their update."

Deedee states, "Looking forward to checking out the new area"

Deedee says, "I've had a busy week"

Violet declares, "Thank you for all your hard work, Temi! Confessor's Alley looks like fun"

Kinaed smiles at Temi.

Temi grins.

Kitty claims, "I haven't had a chance to visit yet, but I do intend to."

Karstedt says, "Thiugh I havent seen much of the behind the scenes work that goes into the game I
also say thank you"

Kinaed states, "Yes, thank you. And the other staff as well, for your hard work on the behalf of
myself and players :)"

Kinaed smiles at Karstedt.

Kinaed muses, "Let's see. Playear Heartbeat! How was the game for you this week, folks?"

Temi says, "And thanks to Ghed and Eos too for their contributions to Confessor's Alley too"

Kinaed grins and cheers.

Deedee pontificates to Deedee, Deedee and Deedee, "Thanks!"

Deedee states, "Ummm"

Violet says, "Woah"

Eos says, "Thank you for letting me add rooms :)"

Kitty claims, "Game has been great. And thanks to all of those who joined in the little cowntest
today. It was a lot of fun."

Deedee states, "That was supposed to be temi, ghed, eos"

Rey states, "It's an echo."

Kitty says, "I DID take a log, if anyone would want to see it. I just need to clean it up."

Kinaed muses, "Which player do we owe our thanks to for running the event?"

PraiseTheEGG claims, "Oh it has been great, I've been taking some rp related advice from a friend to
heart and it has paid off big time."

Violet claims, "Had a few IRL time constraints (exams, other bleh things) but what scenes I have
been able to manage I've very much enjoyed."

Karstedt says, "I had fun. First week in game so have been mostly trying to meet people and get the
basics down. Im sure my character made a fool of himself at least twice but...such is RP in a new

Kinaed nods at Violet.

PraiseTheEGG queries, "The cow race? rhoana"

Kinaed smiles.

Kitty nods.

Kinaed pontificates to Karstedt, "I'm glad you've had fun though! :)"

Kitty states, "I have a log of the cow race, yes."

Deedee muses, "What was the advice, Eggy?"

Violet states, "Belatedly: welcome, Karstedt :) "

Kinaed claims, "Yes, welcome to TI, Karstedt :)"

Deedee exclaims to Karstedt, "Welcome!"

Rey states, "I haven't been around much. Mostly been busy with rl."

Kinaed claims, "Thanks, Rhoana, for for running an event. I hear there are some recommends we need
to process in the queue :)"

Kinaed nods at Rey.

Karstedt says, "Only real thing ive noticed is everyone is gone when im not at work so i end up
playing while half afk"

Kitty states, "People seemed to enjoy themselves, which I'm glad of."

Kinaed nods at Karstedt.

Kitty gestures to Wimpled. "And, she's always a help. Every event, too."

Deedee says, "I have time zone issues myself"

Kinaed states, "That's often a problem for people outside of the main US timezone, but there's still
a small group of us in other parts of the world."

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

Kinaed asks, "Anything shitting anyone that they want to make sure Staff are aware of?"

Wimpled claims to Kitty, "Glad to help."

Ghed says, "I've enjoyed the politics around the end of the JA plot, and the new Seneschal"

Kinaed smiles at Ghed.

Deedee says, "Amusingly, on login it says Andorig is the new Seneschal"

Anonymous says, "It does yes."

Karstedt asks, "Oh my typos board on the senechel was deleted but the message remains...did i
misread it or ?"

Kitty reported that a few days ago, yeah.

Kinaed declaims, "Really? Oh my!"

Violet says, "Oh yeah, that's weird. Andorig's Seneschal term is now ETERNAL"

Anonymous states, "I have retaken power. You cannot contain me."

Deedee claims, "Probably because it didn't go into a full race"

Kitty states, "I put it on the bug board, I think."

Karstedt claims, "Oh yeah i reported that too deedee"

Deedee claims, "Since there was only one bid"

Kinaed claims, "Thanks, Kitty."

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

Temi states to Karstedt, "I moved it to bugs, rather than typos"

Kitty states, "That, and a cow-tastrophy when prepping for today's event."

Temi says, "Since it has to be fixed in the code."

Anonymous claims, "More seriously, I am pleased to take a backseat in terms of politics (finally),
and would like to OOCly thank the playerbase for the entertaining term. I look forward to seeing
what happens next from outside dealing with being on the council."

Kinaed says, "Oh, it's on the bug board."

Ghed claims, "Guys this is a staff reveal that Andorig has made a coup d'etat"

Deedee pontificates, "You did Great, Andorig!"

emote gasps.

Anony gasps.

Deedee grins at Ghed.

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Karstedt says, "Anonymous just said hes andorig which kind of defeats being anonymous"

Kinaed claims to Anonymous, "Yes, thank you for your service for that time :)"

Anonymous says, "Everyone already knew who my character was honestly"

Ghed states, "It's a joke, in case it wasn't clear"

Anonymous queries to Ghed, "So I should put the crown back?"

Temi grins.

Kitty says to Anonymous, "No, give it to me."

Ghed chuckles.

Kitty claims, "Charalin Seneschal! Totally thematic."

Kinaed wonders, "So... no topics today, nothing seems to be bugging anyone. Should we call it a day,
or does anyone have anything at all we want to talk about?"

Raspberries says, "I still want a Charali uprising."

Raspberries says, "Mass the horde"

PraiseTheEGG says, "Me"

PraiseTheEGG claims, "I forgot"

PraiseTheEGG states, "Oopsie"

PraiseTheEGG says, "Lemme type"

Kinaed queries, "Oh, that reminds me. Some players asked us to make some merch. Do people actually
want that stuff, and if so, what stuff?"

Karstedt states, "I gsve some money on patreon i would rather funds go towards the game than sending
me a shirt i dont need"

Karstedt says, "So No merch for me"

Kinaed claims to Karstedt, "Thank you for donating to us :)"

PraiseTheEGG states, "If its a badge then yes"

PraiseTheEGG claims, "Or a tote bagt"

Kitty states, "I'm not sure the cost to make it would be made up by the amount of people that would
buy it. I think people don't... realize how much it costs to create. Once it's done, the tshirts are
great, but getting to that point... anyway. Once it's done, it's there, but I don't think it'd be a
super fast turn around."

PraiseTheEGG states, "Im spending enough time on here that i may as well make it my identity"

Temi states, "If we did it, we'd probably put it up in a service like Amazon's to have them handle
the printing and shipping, and set the price to the minimum they allow, so wouldn't be a big source
of income for the game. More just for people to get the icon."

Kinaed says, "I was thinking maybe a mug or something. Maybe stick our logo and one of our funny
quit quotes on it or something."

Karstedt states, "Making tote bafs of decent quality as one offs is quite expensive"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed states, "We're not for profit."

PraiseTheEGG claims, "But im like lukewarm about it"

Kinaed claims to Karstedt, "Apparently Amazon has a service."

Violet claims, "I would appreciate the new logo on a mug tbh. something minimalist"

Gaggable keepalive command.

Raspberries asks, "The website one, or the login one?"

Kinaed claims, "Website one."

Raspberries claims, "The login one would be neat on merch too, just saying."

Anonymous states, "I noticed that the discord channel has a new logo now."

Kinaed nods at Anonymous.

Temi says, "The new little banner with the snake sword and the mountain, that is the discord logo,

Eos states, "Yes its just the one from the website"

Violet queries, "Yeh the one that?s now the discord logo"

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Rey says OOCly, "Those cold/hot mug. Where cold it's a pyre and hot it's a mage on fire."

Eos says, "Its the same :)"

Rey states, "Those cold/hot mug. Where cold it's a pyre and hot it's a mage on fire."

PraiseTheEGG states, "Oh that is cute"

Raspberries grins at Rey.

Sparkles states, "Or let people pick their Guild of choice."

Raspberries states, "Honestly though, I don't think I'd buy merch myself."

Temi queries, "Yeah, we do have new guild icons too. But sounds like people are more lukewarm in

Kinaed states, "I think something like the TI Logo on one side, and the "If you must try a
perversion, dear daughter, try chastity!" on the back or something."

Anonymous questions, "Where can we see the guild icons?"

Kinaed states, "They're on the website."

Sparkles states, "The new website."

Eos states, "Also on the website"

Deedee is also curious about guild icons.

Eos states, "Also i added them as emojis"

Kinaed says, "Https://ti-legacy.com - click on guilds."

Temi claims, "Https://ti-legacy.com/guilds-2/"

Temi grins.

Anonymous claims, "Oo look at that."

Cat is idle.

Kinaed claims, "We also have some images done by an artist for each of the cultures."

Deedee says, "Cute icons"

Cat is no longer idle.

Cat has returned from AFK.

Anonymous states, "Just a little FYI, the Sanctum icon leads to the Order's guild page."

Anonymous claims, "On the website."

Karstedt states, "Kinaed the steam logo on website still links to twitter not your steam group"

Karstedt claims, "That was one thing id reported earlier"

Ghed states, "Thanks, you two"

Deedee claims, "(Sounds about right)"

Ghed bonks Delana

Kinaed nods at Karstedt.

Kinaed claims, "Expect that to be fixed today"

PraiseTheEGG wonders, "Shall i bring up my thingie then?"

Kinaed says to Anonymous, "Thanks, I'll fix that right after this meeting."

Kinaed declaims to PraiseTheEGG, "Please!"

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PraiseTheEGG claims, "So as a Merchant GL I'm often in the situation where someone asks me to
organize them e.g. Smithing work, and I just don't have a smith around. I wanted to propose that if
there is no player available to craft a thing that the Merchant GLs can use vNPCs to craft the thing
- mechanically, just ask staff for an untooled item - and the money earned from that commission goes
towards the vNPC or rather staff or the void. This way we can still fulfill our function as item
providers even if we are lacking in player numbers."

Kinaed says to PraiseTheEGG, "That seems reasonable to me."

Raspberries queries, "Normal QP item loading cost for that?"

Karstedt claims, "Is there a list od what the world is short on somewhere"

Violet states, "I appreciate this idea."

Temi claims, "There's census"

PraiseTheEGG says, "Nah, no QP cost I'd say"

Kinaed finishes abruptly to Karstedt, "Yes - type 'census'"

Deedee claims, "We need more Doctors"

PraiseTheEGG says, "Or if then little"

Anonymous states, "There's the CENSUS but in general, right now there are few physicians, and order

Anonymous says, "And a couple trades are lacking individuals too"

Sparkles asks, "What's preventing using that in cases where there -is- someone and people just
prefer working around them?"

Violet claims, "Leatherworkers and Smiths in the Merchants"

Karstedt claims, "I am worminf toward doctor now so ill stay on that tract.."

Temi states, "We could require gpoints for it"

PraiseTheEGG states, "Policy"

Cat states, "I would like some Reeves, please."

PraiseTheEGG claims, "Eh but then theres no incentive for me to not just wait forever"

Deedee states, "Gpoints would be reasonable. Many guilds don't have much use for them presently"

Kitty claims, "Yeah, I was going to say - add it to plot RPA, maybe. Then, staff has to approve it
before it's done."

GeeBee is idle.

PraiseTheEGG nods.

Sparkles says, "So I have a topic to piggyback off this."

Anonymous asks, "Would that be a policy then, if allowed? That if there's player around who can
craft the item, then they should, and you can only use the gpoints in a plot if they express
disinterest or there isnt a player available?"

GeeBee is no longer idle.

GeeBee has returned from AFK.

Kinaed states, "Hmm. At the moment, the policy expectation is that if it can't be done with
Merchants, then either a person can purchase it on grid and tool it, or if it's not sold, Staff can

Kitty says to Anonymous, "That sounds similar to the wedding RPA policies, so seems like it would be
about right."

PraiseTheEGG asks, "Make a plot to the whole merchants guild and if in a week no one says actually i
can do this, then staff makes you the item? and its a guild plot so it costs guild points?"

Temi says, "Gpoints are supposed to represent a limit on extra guild resources available that staff
needs to help with, so makes sense to me. And we could definitely require there be no active
merchants with the skill."

Kinaed says, "I am fine to see things submitted for Gpoints that way."

Ghed says, "I like the idea, cautiously"

Kinaed nods at PraiseTheEGG.

Deedee says, "I've heard conflicting things about gpoints"

Sparkles questions, "What all would be covered with it, only items in Merchant Guildskills?"

Karstedt trails off, "You might want to also leave open the possibility to say no as a crafter for
someone who wants something you dont want to make....having a staff make an item someone could but
isnt making for RP reasons would kind of suck"

Kinaed muses to Deedee, "What have you heard?"

Temi nods at Karstedt.

Kinaed nods at Karstedt.

Deedee muses, "I think originally they were just supposed to be for guild investigation RPA?"

Temi claims, "I'd say no one that can make it, not no one that will make it."

Kinaed nods at Temi.

PraiseTheEGG claims, "Only items in merchant guildskills i was thinking since... youre not bound to
a merchant for other types of items. but im not hellbound on that."

Temi claims to Deedee, "Yeah. Though we've allowed it for normal stuff that is the guild's job.
Not 'above and beyond' stuff, that we generally require QP for"

Violet says, "I have used gpoints for anything plot system + my guild, personally"

Deedee nods at Temi.

Gaggable keepalive command.

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Kinaed claims to Deedee, "I think they're okay for anything a guild would want to do with their
'vnpc' might that is thematic for the guild to do."

Deedee says, "Right. I've just head conflicting info on what I can use them for, if it's anything
guild-plotty, or just for investigating something guild-related"

PraiseTheEGG claims, "Because like if you want artwork then you can probably find an artist on grid
since its not a restrcited skill so its well spread in my opinion. i believe that goes for all
skills that arent restricted."

Sparkles claims, "Maybe the working needs to be changed from 'investigations'"

Sparkles states, "Wording, rather."

Deedee says, "Yes, I think the wording should be changed if it's open to anything for the guild"

Wimpled is idle.

PraiseTheEGG states, "This would also resolve issues of "i cant hire from the merchants guild cause
my alt is the only person who can craft x thing""

Wimpled is no longer idle.

Wimpled has returned from AFK.

Rey asks, "Instead of doing this, shouldn't the Merchants instead promoting licensing?"

Rey wonders, "Licensing is a thing, correct?"

PraiseTheEGG nods.

Anonymous says, "One of the problems with that is that you can't get above 36 without codedly being
in the guild."

PraiseTheEGG says, "This"

Deedee claims, "It's a thing, but it's hard to raise your skill outside the guild"

Anonymous claims, "So if someone has crafting interest but is in like, the Order, then they can't go
above 36."

Anonymous says, "Unless the merchants teach them. Which... if they lack a high skilled member in a
trade, they can't do."

Ghed nods.

Deedee states, "They CAN, but they have to be trained with the teaching system"

Karstedt wonders, "Can you be in two guilds?"

Kinaed claims, "Licencing is a thing, but I haven't seen the Merchants pursue it in any big way."

Violet claims, "You can raise above 36 if someone from that guild teaches you"

Kinaed claims, "No, we do not allow dual guilding at the moment."

Violet claims, "Yeah what deedee said, sorry, slow"

Deedee claims to Karstedt, "You can't be in two public guilds, no"

PraiseTheEGG states, "I only know of one person who in my entire time playing asked for licensing."

Sparkles claims, "But if there was someone who could teach you, in theory they would be the person
selling the very things no one can find."

Anonymous trails off, "Yes, but if the merchants don't have a high skilled member, they can't train.
And if they DID have a high skilled member... it would mostly solve the whole 'we have no one who
can make X' problem"

Temi states, "Code only allows being in one guild now"

say What about plot requested lessons in that circumstance?

Anony queries, "What about plot requested lessons in that circumstance?"

GeeBee says OOCly, "Heading out a bit early, thanks!"

GeeBee begins to descend.

Temi states, "We've generally avoided that"

GeeBee leaves down.

Anonymous states, "I'm a bit leery about allowing players to learn skills through plots tbh"

PraiseTheEGG trails off, "Happy to like include licensed members to be part of "who can craft this
item" and it would be more profitable to us likely so... its just a much more difficult solution"

Deedee says, "I looked into merchant licensing briefly for another character I think"

Kitty says, "I do not agree with learning skills through plots."

Violet wonders, "Troubs have NPC teachers, right?"

Deedee says, "But the fees were a bit too high at the time"

Sparkles says, "No."

Ghed says, "No learning through plots, sorry"

say I meant it more as the merchants putting up a plot to see someone taught, not on a request
basis outside of that >.>

Anony claims, "I meant it more as the merchants putting up a plot to see someone taught, not on a
request basis outside of that >.>"

Violet says, "I thpught I remembered a board about it at some point, my b"

Kinaed says, "I think if the Merchants provided a licence to someone ICly of their own accord, Staff
may be willing to, under the circumstances, assist with keeping the skill alive in game - I would
need to discuss this with Staff as part of our Talking Points before I confirmed."

Raspberries claims, "Prisca was merchant-licensed."

Wimpled states, "Jobs board would be more appropriate than a plot, probably."

Kinaed claims, "I can have that discussion with Staff and get back to the Merchants."

PraiseTheEGG nods.

PraiseTheEGG questions, "So the first idea of plot to get an inaccessible item is tabled?"

Sparkles says, "I think an issue becomes when there is no one active in the Guild who knows a skill.
And I admit at that point I'm not sure how 'someone learns this skill through a plot' is less viable
than 'this problem continues and the item is obtained via a plot'"

Kinaed muses, "It was tabled when you brought it up - do you mean 'parked' or 'approved'?"

PraiseTheEGG says, "Parked"

PraiseTheEGG says, "Sorry"

Rey claims, "I believe it was supposed to be anything you can't buy was available in an NPC shop."

Kinaed states, "Yes, let's park it because it sounds like there are a few options."

Deedee claims, "Hm"

Wimpled questions, "Most merchant skills should be able to be learned through making the thing, no?
Why would a plot trainer be needed? "

Kinaed claims, "Staff can talk about it, and we'll make a General Board announcement."

PraiseTheEGG states, "Thats true too and something good to consider"

Ghed claims to Wimpled, "Good point"

Kinaed muses, "Okay, we have 12 minutes to go - any other topics people want to discuss?"

Violet claims, "Yeah, i mean most of us benefit from lessons but we pool by doing primarily"

Deedee nods.

Kitty states, "Yeah, I don't like the idea of teaching through plot at all. People actually in the
merchants can craft and raise, just like anyone else raising a skill."

PraiseTheEGG claims, "I think I'm pretty unusual for giving as many lessons as I do"

Kinaed nods at PraiseTheEGG.

Karstedt states, "Ill need lessons in stuff soon miss egg :)"

Kinaed claims, "Characters teaching one another is oddly few and far between, especially given how
much it generates in terms of returns to poeple in both RPxp and just RP fun."

Kitty claims, "Or physicians, or knights, or any other things."

Anonymous claims, "It's mostly a trust issue, a lot of the times. I think anyway."

Deedee says, "I try to promote lessons in the Physicians, but it's hard when schedules don't line

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

say The thought was more in line for licensed people, as in people outside of them, where it is
ICly appropriate to help them out.

Anony says, "The thought was more in line for licensed people, as in people outside of them, where
it is ICly appropriate to help them out."

Sparkles states, "I think part of that at times is the restrictions of the teach system. IE - all
the RP type things you can't do from within it."

Kinaed nods at Anony.

Kitty says, "I had that problem as Physician GL, too. Tried to schedule them, but things wouldn't
exactly line up."

Ghed asks of Sparkles, "Like manipulating items?"

PraiseTheEGG says, "Oh yea why cant i write in my book while learning. :("

Sparkles claims, "Sitting, standing, drinking, eating, but yeah."

Violet muses, "It is pretty time consuming and boring to teach, honestly. Particularly as you cannot
craft while teaching? yeah re what Sparkles says"

Temi claims, "Old touchy code, mostly."

Kinaed states to PraiseTheEGG, "I don't know. It may be something we should look into. I'll jot it

Anonymous states, "In general, I've found that highing a higher teaching skill helps with that,
since it takes less time to max someone's pool."

Wimpled says, "I think that's where people just have to relax and either make it up or do skill
check/rolls for successes/failures rather than manipulating items in lessons."

Kinaed starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Kitty states, "I don't find teaching RP boring. I think it depends how the teachers and students
handle it."

Anonymous states, "Having*"

Kinaed finishes her note.

PraiseTheEGG claims, "Good teachers are fantastic. shoutout to people who rp being teachers"

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kitty states, "And the higher the teach skill, it goes REALLY fast."

PraiseTheEGG states, "Im at a point where i dont know what to say about silk so i dont "

Temi states, "I can definitely be reluctant to teach because of a lot of people taking it as an
invitation to sit back and be entertained, rather than active participants, but it can be a lot of
fun when people do it as part of a cooperative scene."

Kinaed says, "You can repeat yourself in 100 ways about how silks is worm butt secretions."

Kitty says to Temi, "Right, needs to go both ways. If the student is just nodding and doesn't give
the teacher things to bounce off of, it gets harder."

Temi nods at Kitty.

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Karstedt says, "Deedee i am going to need ohysician lessons at some point if youre looking for a

Anonymous states, "I try to give the student a little task to perform or RP through, or a question
to answer, without falling into the dreaded Socratic Method."

Rey states, "I had fun in teaching scenes. Like the dance lessons."

PraiseTheEGG says, ""now child, please do not try to turn butt secretions of other animals into
clothes. We had that before... decided to boot the lass, the smell was unbearable.""

Kinaed exclaims, "Well, there we have it - if you're a student during learning RP, please engage!

Deedee declaims to Karstedt, "Of course!"

Kinaed grins at PraiseTheEGG.

Kitty says, "If I'm a student, I tend to ask a lot of questions. Helps guide the lesson, too - or
get it off track."

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kinaed claims, "I think teachesr posing questions to students is also a valid way to teach."

Kinaed claims, "In fact, nothing says teaching has to be a dry lecture as opposed to doing something
together around the topic and so on."

Anonymous claims, "I hate the Socratic Method. Makes me feel stupid when it's done to me."

Raspberries claims, "My lessons have always been interactive, yeah"

Kinaed comforts Anonymous.

Deedee grins at Anonymous.

SandMan says, "You can also craft items beforehand and tool them as incompleted stages of whatever
it is, if it is say blacksmithing and use it in your inv to toss out emotes I believe as well, as
an example."

Kinaed nods at SandMan.

PraiseTheEGG claims, "I think I do dislike suggestions that would generally weaken the merchant
monopoly because that means a shift in power and that is a consequence that would have to be

Karstedt questions, "Is there a coded way perhaps for the teacher to put in that the student isnt
engaging that would affect the result of the roll? so if im stsring out the window whole you tell
me how to set a bone i break the next one i try to set in hslf for sure?"

Kinaed nods at PraiseTheEGG.

Cat is idle.

Cat is no longer idle.

Kinaed states, "I think that's why licencing was never popular."

PraiseTheEGG claims, "Because those suggestions came up quite a bit"

Temi has transferred Gnomely. [OOC]

Temi gives a shifty-looking, stuffed cow adorned in a fluttering cloak to Gnomely.

Kinaed claims, "There's really no incentive for Merchants to give up their monopoly over certain

Temi claims, "We were just talking about teaching RP"

PraiseTheEGG states, "Happy to do so if we actually want the merchants to be less powerful"

PraiseTheEGG says, "But not as a solution purely to other issues"

Kinaed states, "And there's a case that potentially having shortages of certain items because
there's no one to make them should be IC. Not sure if it's too OOC or not."

Anonymous states, "I have been approaching it as an IC issue thus far."

PraiseTheEGG says, "Oh i dont mind licensing, you can make the terms such that theres still a
benefit for us "

Kitty claims, "I think that if something like that happened - to any guild, not just merchants -
some other benefit of joining would have to be pretty solid. Otherwise the guild will die."

say Well, merchants can revoke the license and get the Reeves to go after them if they continue
their craft.

Anony claims, "Well, merchants can revoke the license and get the Reeves to go after them if they
continue their craft."

Deedee states, "With the um"

Deedee states, "Change to single-guilding"

Violet says, "Having guild specific tasks and crafts is important. If we are actively adding things
to differentiate other guilds we should not de-incentivize Merchant guilding"

Violet states, "Imo "
PraiseTheEGG nods.

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Kinaed states, "We're about 2 minutes out from the top of the hour :) I want to thank everyone for
attending the OOC Chat today, and I hope to see everyone next week."

Deedee states, "It's been harder regarding such things. the Merchants remains popular to the
detriment of other guilds I think, since that's where most of the money-making potential is"

Kinaed questions, "Any final public service announcements?"

Gnomely claims, "You know what works good to make people pay for their liscence? Extortion."

PraiseTheEGG states, "I'll think about licensing though. "

Kinaed grins at Gnomely.

Ghed exclaims, "Please remember to post rumors about interesting things!"

Kinaed pontificates, "Thanks, Ghed! :) Let's call it here for the week - and once again, thanks
everyone! I hope you all have a great week as well, and enjoy the game!"

Raspberries says, "They don't have to be real things! just real interesting. ;)"

Kinaed trails off, "I'll be sending everyone back to their daily scheduled RP in 3..."

Karstedt claims, "I have a rumor that Andorig is too cheerful and accidentally wet the bed in

SandMan says, "*posts a rumor about Ghed building a Duchy to visit and rp in* :P"

Kinaed trails off, "2..."

Deedee waves.

Karstedt states, "If they dont have to ve true"

Kinaed trails off, "1..."

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