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    -Found in a bottle downstream-

    Dearest Father
    Eventually deceased

    I met a girl today father, yes, another one, this one rather foolish, an airhead. I let her escape with her maidenhood intact, and I make an enemy out of the poet-knight. Wonderful, stunning, brilliant! I show a bit of mercy, discretion and I become the greatest enemy known to man. Perhaps I have grown soft, I should of just taken what she was willing to give in her drunken stupor and slit her throat. Call her a brotherhood member who came at me with a knife. I’ve fabricated worse, as I am sure we both know.

    That isn’t the most important news however, the Poet-Laudate, god bless her soul, and her giant ballooning belly. I have heard rumors of women of the other duchies being monsters.. I did not think they were so literal. I was honestly afraid for that little tubori child’s life. If I didn’t step in with my.. Honestly very clever wit, I am sure there would of been a murder that day.

    Maybe I am getting soft… I’ll see about hiring another visitor to see your family once I scrounge up the money, the last one was rather expensive. It seems the lithmorran populace are not too upfront about bribes and it makes getting money a bit harder than I expected.

    LORD Yves mal Renarde, Justicar.
    Baron of Vitrius

  • Whose rine? Urine?

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    -Found in another bottle downstream-

    Dearest Father
    Baron of my your still in my damn seat.

    It seems we have not talked very recently, you never visit or write, if I hadn’t of sent that man to visit Quinnis, I would never even of known you were still alive. How is he by the way? Your second son? I heard that he had some sort of terrible accident. My condolences.

    I have finally seen some ‘action’ though not in the way you might expect, an odd little tuobri teenager was caught pissing into a fountain and was beaten to near death. I arrived on the scene with the Proconsul, some disgusting man.. who I will touch on later, and told to take him away. Luckily this is what subordinates for and he brought the vermin with him.

    Of course than he had to go up and die on me and waste my damn time.. Brilliant.. at least that Charali woman was there to dispose of the corpse, even if I were wearing leather gloves, I reater have my tongue torn out than touch a body like that.

    Back to the Proconsul however- this ‘mercenary’ seems more simple than you would ever believe father, you’d fit right in with him. So plain, so straightforward, I can see him coming from a mile away, of course he tried to play it straight, just like the knights, an organization I distinctly remember you aspiring to.. or something to that effect, after you revealed you were my father once I became a full-fledged Reeve and congratulated me on my success, I stopped paying attention.

    Visit mothers grave for me, if you can even spare the time, when I gouged her eyes out with the knife you gifted me, I was sure that she screamed your name as well as my own in her curses.

    Your welcome
    -The future Baron of Vintrius

  • A seat of savages.

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    -Downstream from Lithmore in a glass bottle-
    My dearest Father,
    Baron of Vintrius,

    It has been a while sense I have written, hopeful this letter will get to you in time for the dry seasons to pass and the rains to begin. Onto more pressing matters however, the whereabouts and the undoubtedly inspiring tale of your bastard son.

    It seems that half-brother Vardis was quite skilled in his execution of my transference. I was prepared for a poisoning, and I’ve taken a number of blades into my back over the years, but I must admit? A promotion? Quite the little play, forcing me to move on to accept my new, illustrious position where I cannot tear the fetchers throat out for his idiocy. Undoubtedly his disgusting harelip and inbred senility was either a play, or I am once again imagining specters in all corners and allotting blame to the fool.

    No matter.

    Undoubtedly the fool would know that I cannot stand it here, the men are ugly, the women.. Dav help me, seem to be either too stupid or too self-absorbed to put their leg out for me to examine. How am I too propagate your illustrious line of bastards if I cannot find a decent woman to breed? This of course is made even worse by the fact it is like they either too innocent.. Or too foolish in general to even attempt to oust me.. My first week as justicar passed, and not one attempt on my life? How odd, it is as if these men actually seem to be pleased with my position.

    Let us see what I can try and take, and what my position can afford me.
    Yves mal Renarde
    Future Baron of vintrius

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