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Octobris, 372

Feb 09 2017 Published by under The Faux

I almost had her. I could have killed her. The venom was ready. Just one prick, and that bitch would have fell.

Apparently they’re looking for me. If it’s true, then they aren’t exactly passionate about it. Even so, it would be a relief if the whole thing could be forgotten about entirely. It drew too much attention. It will take a while for the heat to die down. The squire’s been pestering me about ‘purpose’ and ‘anger’, like any of that means something.

Whatever it was that troubled my studies over the past year has disappeared. It came and went quicker than a swordfish in a net. I had to make sure though.

I’ve met a new friend. A Farin girl from a place called Bastion. I wish I could write more, but already my head hurts.

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