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A Barefoot Boy: The Beginning

February 10th, 2018 by velcan-blog

‘Stand still, chin up. Don’t slouch you look too short and weak when you slouch.’ At eight years old I didn’t understand what was going on. Led onto that platform, strange faces staring at my small frame in what seemed to be an endless sea. My father brought me here so it must be important right? Oh how I used to worship my father…I should have known better. But how could I? I was a child. It was not my place to know things, and I wish I never learned much of what I have.

Knowledge is often a heavy burden.


Words rattled around me and I could barely understand. They were selling something? But then father smiled and led me over to a portly man with blonde hair. A Lithmorran. He smelled of strange perfumes and his clothing was too fine and warm looking to appear comfortable. He looked stuffy. It was as the money changed hands that a sinking feeling formed in the pit of my stomach. Then father confirmed it. ‘Go with him Velcan, you are his responsibility now.’ And then the man I honored above all else walked away with a purse three hundred silver heavier and without me.


That was the day I learned how cheap honor really was.


The man who bought me was Iven ab Renolds. A Lithmorran but one witha strange set of views for one of his people. He believed in taking what he wanted, he taught me that everything has a price and that one should always get the best deal out of everything. He was strangely kind as long as I brought in my share of coin. See Iven was a ringleader, a crime lord. He had several boys just like me working. We collected information and some of us stole things for him. The lucky ones managed to pay off their debts eventually and if they were really lucky he would let them leave. That didn’t happen often.


Luck is like a poor boys dream. Worthless.


Eventually I managed to escape, I was fourteen when I snuck on board a ship bound for Lithmore. I had been planning it for months. Arranged things with the Captain saying I would work on the ship till we reached port. Strangely enough it worked, I got away from Iven and his crew. They caught me sneaking off though. I lost all that I had packed and one thug grabbed me by the heels. I’m deadly flexible though. In a rather daring move I removed my boots and got away. I ran barefoot to the docks and haven’t stopped running since. As the city of Lithmore comes into view of the ship I escaped on I look down at my bare feet with pride.


Sometimes its a fall that leads to pride rather than the other way around.


Let the Lithmorrans frown and scowl, I’m as free as my bare feet and no one is going to take that from me.


Not ever again…


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