• A finer sight I have never seen, those gates rising from the ground as I approach the walls. I can see the cathedral even from here… and I am amazed by it’s beauty. It rise up above the city like a beacon… A beacon of hope, of learning, and of knowledge. As I enter the gates I am immediately struck by how different it is from Vandago. I see the beggars, and the homeless, and not just a few, but many. How does the city survive such madness? I do not know….. But I hope to learn.

  • I often wondered what it might be like to leave Vandago…. I just never thought that I would. That stupid, Arien be damned Daravi raid…… Why was it my Caravans, my goods, my Life that they destroyed?  I had it all…. and then I had nothing besides what I managed to scrape together by selling my house in Vandago to some young upstart who got lucky in the political machinations of the city. Bah. I spit on them. They may not know it yet, but Skylar Aradan is not dead yet. He may be poor compared to what he once was, but he will become strong.. and then…. we will see. I see the city in the distance, barely a days ride, and I pass the night knowing that I will soon be at it’s gates. The gates to my future.

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