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    The oddest thing happened to me today while I was performing in the Queen’s Inn… I was just coming to he end of a song when I suddenly found myself with a mind splitting headache. Stars started spinning before my eyes while it felt like someone was trying to pry my head open with an axe. The whole ordeal was really very disturbing. I’m so greatful that Mister Niren was there to assist me. Everyone else in the Inn just stood there and stared at me like I was some insane street begger.

    I must have looked quite unsightly, but he really was so very kind to me, Mister Niren. I think I might stop past to see the Doctor as soon as possible. Perhaps my humors are out of alighnment again. I do quite detest being a woman sometimes. I do believe we are far more prone to unsightly happenings due to imbalanced humors, and one would certainly hope that such events do not happen in public.

    I’m sure I will be able to recover with all due haste.

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    Who is Scarlet

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    Dear Diary,

    I have been offered an opportunity too good for me to pass up, for both Darius and my sake. Poet Laudate of the Troudabours in Lithmore City. My parents are so proud, everyone here is really excited for me, really, and I need this fresh start.

    It will be hard to leave the familiarity of home, the place that holds so many memories of my darling love. How I miss him so. I carry the important memories with me, they are neither trapped in one place, nor exclusive to be thought of when here. I still have so many of his things, though Mama believes I should discard what I do not need. How do I explain to her that I need his shirts? I need his hair comb, I need the scent he left on his pillow so that I feel normal, so that I can function on a day to day basis.

    Everyone keeps on telling me to let go of the past, but how can I when you still linger so strongly in my heart?

    One of these days perhaps I will move on, but for now I shall simply relocate and see what light the future holds for both me and little Darius.

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