• Foolish

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    November 15, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    Sometimes I do things without thinking, and I did indeed do that here recently with someone important.. about something more important. I can only wait and see what they have chosen to do with the information and see how my life hangs in the balance. Until then I do plan to enjoy my life as I have been. Unknown to me I have been catching the eyes of people since my reappearance from my secret mourning for my losses.. and it is quite nice, they are wonderful.

    I also had a new bit of ink added to my body, a beautiful back piece I believe Vincent would approve of..

  • The new year

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    November 11, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    We’re far past the new year now, but I sort of forgot to write here after Vincent’s incident.. The whole being dragged off and splashing water.. Dav, I spent most of my time in the ship drunk off my ass. We’re in the third month of the year and I’ve finally began to stay out among the people, not to mention I have people living on the ship with me! Erik accepted to stay aboard once I got the other rooms opened up for guests, and Nayra has agreed to as well. Both such bright, lovely people.. and Tubori, Arien knows I love my fellow Tubori.

    As a thank you gift Erik built me a cabinet to keep my drinking stash in, everyone knows it looks much more organized in my cabin now.. Time to buy more dresses? Hmm..

  • Poison

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    October 23, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    That is what I must be to men. Delicious in small doses like home-brew and sugar cubes, poisonous otherwise. Maybe it’s not me though, maybe it’s just when they are the holders of my heart and on the receiving end of my love?

    Vargus gone, Vincent presumed dead and now him too.. Never thought I’d be so upset over -him- though. I gave him burial somewhere I doubted anyone would notice, but I can visit.. once I am tired of being locked on my ship.

  • Oh dear..

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    October 19, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    Perhaps it is my loneliness? Perhaps it is how alike we are inside, I just hide it better than him. She will not be pleased when she returns, and Arien knows that Vincent will be deeply disappointed in me, hate me. I am not sure I care though, life has been quite.. Nice. My one solitary Yule gift, so far, came from him and it is beautiful. An anklet, even if it is made of something above my station I will wear it. With all these layers of lithmorran clothing no one will ever know.

  • Aww Crap!

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    October 16, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    Where am I? Who is this divine form I am waking up next to?

    It truly felt quite wonderful, waking up in the subdued light thanks to the deep blues of the room and next to him. An arm across his chest, one of his about me and our weapons not far at bay. I barely moved so I could peek up at him, nothing like my Vincent, but laying with him gave me the best sleep I’ve had in over a week. I lingered there til he awoke too and then rose to dress and depart, sending a smile his way. It is possible I hate him less all the sudden but I am.. surprised by this entirely. I went there to do one thing and did something else entirely. Regret? no.. no I cannot say that I regret it, I may actually do it again in the future if such is desired of me.

  • 11-26

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    October 15, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    It’s nearly Yule! Dav, I haven’t gotten anyone any gifts yet, I’m not one to forget such things but.. Dav! I’ve got to buy for Vincent, Talya, Leesa, a few others.. I’m not sure my coinpurse can handle that right now to be completely honest.  That brings something else to mind entirely. Where in the ARIEN is that man? When he gets back from where ever he has been to I’m going to beat him, even if he has already been beaten. Making me worry about him and Eric like that…

  • A Ring

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    October 3, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    I went and purchased a ring… Not just any ring.. A fancy ring with running wolves and black stones.. Arien, I hope he likes it. I’ve been with him a few times since the purchase but I still think he’ll run away at the honest idea of such a thing.. I’m going to send it via messenger in a moment I believe. It might be easier and leave him curious. It’s so pretty..

    I’ve sold my house too, and I’ve commissioned a ship. Waiting to have it ready for all my belongings is frustrating, I have so many outfits they barely fit in the trunk and boxes.. But I still wish for more clothing.

  • It’s here!!!!

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    September 23, 2012 /  Uncategorized



    By our LOVELY Jia/Florense. I cannot express my thanks!! Tons of hearts and love.

  • 8-28-355

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    September 21, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    Hello there, pretty little journal.. The last week or two has been a whirlwind. Arien knows that. The Justiciar was a less than honorable man and I must say hearing of his whipping caused me great joy and I nearly wanted to let myself be taken in bed. As much as I adored Vargus I am not a fishwife who is willing to go months alone and thus I moved on. Surprisingly from a man of Farin to a man of my own kind, tubori. Thank goodness he only reminds me of the things I enjoyed back on the isles, not the worst. We are similar souls and it was immediate attraction for the pair of us. There in the Church Square, me trying to ignore his flattery but giving in. If I could attach myself to him at all waking hours I do believe I would. A wonderful man…

    I need to get out more with Leesa or Hetal though, both have extended invitations which I need to take them up on. I must say I am enjoying my new-found life and friendships.

    That’s all for now, just had to tell someone so I entrusted this piece of paper.

  • OOC

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    September 21, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    I’m working with Florense’s player on getting a picture done of Maena! *crosses fingers* I can’t wait!!

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