• Weeks

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    December 11, 2012 /  The History

    It  seemed we were there for months, and we may have been. The time dragged on, and on. Ari showed me a kindness while there that I can never thank him for, he gave me pause which caused me to repent my sins to save my soul from the pyre. I was not tainted, never had the abilities which the others I kept company with. Madi had been thrown in to Ari and myself.. that experience was wretched, how could she have been a mage? How did I not know? Oh, Arvin was so good at keeping the secrets of others. Then there was Elowyn.. I felt so sorry for her, more so than myself to be honest. Up until she began to get angry when I did not understand her muffled attempts to talk through the gag. The time passed so slowly, there is a searing pain in my mind and then I remember aimlessly wandering about the shop, the guildhall.. Being asked to come to the Cathedral by the Arch Bishop, over and over..

    And I was pregnant. Pregnant! What in Dav’s divine plan decided for this to come about? I was given option, more than a couple but I would not give the child back to the urth or to the orphanage.. And then he asked me to marry him. Edwynn Maldrek, the friendly blacksmith who I had thought nothing more than just that. A friendly, agreeable man.. marrying him had never crossed my mind.. I of course until the burnings thought I would marry Arvin. The offer was considered and accepted, I was showing in time for the wedding, unluckily for us.

  • Everything happens so fast!

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    September 21, 2012 /  The History

    And it does, that is very much the truth. I thought I was helping them, I thought this man wanted to help. I did not bring him before Arvin too easily I do not think. The months drifted onward, I learned more about their practicing, I pretty well lived in the Tower or with the merchants. I enjoyed, loved even, life. I was content not being able to be with him that was, I thought. Then on a trip of goodwill really, I went to visit this large, though childlike, fariner. I helped him some and he let me talk to him about my problems and it evolved to more. I took mugwort, it made me ill.

    I stayed ill for a few days and left my shop for the secrecy of the Tower. I thought I was safe, sitting there in the library. I was wrong, so so very wrong. Lost in my thoughts and then there were knights, what’s worse is I was defenseless to their swords and they knew it was me behind my mask. Someone betrayed us. I went without fight, chained. They led me to places I had no idea existed there in the tower and then we went through a pool and to the tower. I was shocked when asked to disrobe, I had never been naked before so many people before, and he was there. I was housed with Ari in a cell.

  • And then..

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    September 14, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    He was gone once more, the man who took my womanhood. I missed him for a time but I gradually find solace, happiness and love in Arvin Tembur. We talked of many things, and we both understood that he would have to wait til he was sixteen before I would be able to do anything with him. It was merely inappropriate. He was unhappy with this but I believe he understood. We shared the room in the tower, I felt entirely safe there, with other unlike me. I was never to wield the power they did, but I wanted to.. I envied them. I offered my assistance where I could, whether it was making something or just being a friendly face.

    The merchants grew and dwindled. The Grand Magnate Countess had relieved herself of the position, much to my dismay, and I began to never see her in the shop. Another woman took it, who was not my favorite person in the world initially, but I grew to love her like family before the end. She was more forthcoming and outright than most. She demonstrated things for me, as well as helped me learn. We became a close group, the three of us. Arvin, Elowyn and myself that is. I accompanied the young man when I could, we visited the girl at the palace who claimed to be the ‘Daravi Princess’ and I watched the exchange between Arvin and her with rapt attention. It was interesting and strange. Things are easily both when you are not attuned to anything of than normal life.

    Myself, I had grown in many ways. I still believed in Davism, but I was a pure heretic in other ways. I was against the burning of mages, how could they be tainted and condemned? The power they had was so useful, so wonderful..

  • Memories of the Arrival

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    September 13, 2012 /  The History

    When I arrived in the city I was quite bewildered and without direction. I had wished to become a jeweller, yet I was easily lost in the flow of things. I met a few people during those first few weeks, forming strong bonds and within a few months I was tied up emotionally in a man. I thought I loved him, when he was away I was torn with anguish. By this time I was also apprenticing with the Countess, I loved that woman as a sister. She was a great influence on me during my first half year here. As winter, and Yule, approached I went months without the man I thought I loved only to learn that this boy, on the cusp of his manhood loved me. Of course I did not learn this without the help of the fine Captain and a woman I considered a dear friend, right in the middle of the church square.

    We departed from them and went to the meadow about the apple tree, it was snowing lightly and the boy, Arvin, decided he would show me something special and dangerous. He made the urth respond to his call and I was astonished, amazed. For some reason I decided not to flee from him, not to turn him in. I did not realize this would be my ruin less than a year later. We laid in the snow talking for the rest of the day and into the night. It amazed me how someone so young could be so mature and I considered him, but then my former love interest returned and found us.

    That was a awkward moment.

  • OOC Note

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    September 13, 2012 /  Uncategorized

    I plan to start this journal out as a backstory. I will attempt to omit most names but if you were in the story you will know it well.

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