The Hillman hail from the hills and mountains throughout the realms.
They are clannish in nature, and generally stick to their own societies.
Although Hillman are aware of the Kingdom, rarely do they involve themselves in its politics.

Hillman are known for their ferocity in battle, and their lack of fear, even in the face of indubitable odds.

Most Hillmen are swarthy in nature, dark haired, dark eyed, and shorter than the other regions.

It should be noted that Hillmen are, as a rule, uneducated on the niceties of life outside their clan. While they may be intelligent, few are aware of the intricacies of politics or city life. They would have little to no formal education, nor much ‘book knowledge’, if they can even read or write.

Note: Hillmen do not have what is considered ‘gentry’ according to Lithmorran standards. To them, clan chiefs are nobility, though not in the eyes of a half-breed. To Lithmorrans, their chiefs are merely freemen. Hillmen may only select the gentry class if they have gained it by the mingling of blood through one of the other duchies. Such people are NEVER clan chiefs, as the people of the Hills would not follow a half breed.


Though their homes are absolutely simple in scope and design, Hillfolk embellish strongly with wood carvings. Their homes contain a unique symmetry and a beauty in simplicity that can only be rivaled in the sheer scale of Vandagan engineering. Everything about a Hillfolk home is perfection: spartan, smooth, absolutely neat. Everything of use, but for carved furniture, is stored out of sight, and the upkeep of a Hillfolk home takes many hours a day. The only thing that is not elegantly simple about a Hillfolk home is the wood carving. Ornate wood carvings border every surface, excluding only walkways in the center of the floor (which is to say that even floorspace near walls has relief carvings). The few churches present are the most elaborately carved, with intricate and detailed facades and niches in evidence over every space of wall.

Interestingly, the Hillfolk have the most advanced version of shutters, which open and close inside the box of their frame. Windows stay open during the summer months, while they are covered with draperies of heavy furs to block out the winter chill. Every home has a stone fireplace, and given the open floorplan of a home with normally one huge room functioning as family space, kitchen, bedroom and crafting workspace, only one fireplace is necessary. Floors are uniformly of laid and polished wood.

Family in the Hills

Fiercely independent, the Hillmen barely have a concept of ‘family’ as it is known in the rest of the kingdom. Children tend to leave the home as early as possible and maintain little or no contact with their siblings. This makes things easier for the parents, resulting in extremely high birthrates that vary wildly from region to region (as low as six, or as high as thirteen). Men and women can be married as early as twelve, but it is not viewed as a necessary prerequisite to procreation except by those who live in close proximity to civilized lands. Even in those areas, however, Hillmen have less of a conception of the sanctity of marriage, and illegitimate children, while still uncommon, are not looked down upon as they are in the rest of the kingdom. As most Hillmen are not Davites, the concept of “divorce” is present, but, given the lax attitude towards marriage in the first place, even those couples that do get married most often part ways without bothering to make it ‘official’.