• Letter from Belleford to Queen

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    Sir Entonie ab Belleford, Grand Master of Knights Lithmorran &c, to his only Sovereign Majesty, Queen ab Samael of Lithmore,


    Your Most Excellent Majesty will find here within, a detail of dishonor, a listing of shame and a role of future redemption. It is now nigh half a year since Your Majesty has taken my oath of solidarity, servitude, restraint, cunctation, and prevarication upon issues of Politick and Bureaucracy. Your Majesty will find, I am sure, no deviation in that. I do not possess the gall or emotional fortitude to ask for a revolution in Your Majesty’s thinking, but I am perfectly willing to display each fact in narrative that the issues may be brought to a Head by personal contemplation alone. I pray we shall be united upon this Article.


    One of our own, Former and Late Squire Lirems Greson, has proven beyond the most speculative and contemptuous of doubts that he bore the taint of Magery and knowledge of Daravi systems. I should fear, and rightly so, that the details I will reveal unto you may cause distress behind your eyes from the unholy and provocative nature of the tale. Should this be the case, yet Your Majesty remain with child to hear the rest of it (a pardon begged for expression’s sake), I shall at once to your Demesne to recount the facts as censured as Your Majesty should wish it.


    He attempted, by use of cursed fire, to rescue the Renarde sentenced to execution. Fortunately, he failed on that Head and was quickly detained for cleansing. There have been many rumors circulating through the foul mill of lies and deceits that he was spy for the Daravi. I can neither confirm nor contest this beyond saying he, by his own words, admitted to it. I do know, as strongly as any one man can know any one fact, that he was in communication with the mages of Lithmore and privy to both our system of warrants and their system of evasion.


    I write to you as your most humbled and obedient servant, to request forgiveness for my ineptitude as a Knight. We, myself strongly included, were not able to detect the taint in this boy and were unable to see his foul intentions. I pray Your Majesty will not lose faith in our time honored organization and will continue to support our function in merit and word.


    I hope that, with Your Majesty’s blessing, I may move to restore that which enemies of the Kingdom and the Order have so happily thought destroyed. In the day of our future Amity, Your Majesty’s banners shall be covered in Glory and Honor fore’er.


    I fear, Your Majesty, that I should draw my testament to a close, as I run towards the end of my parchment and scrape nearly bottom in my inkpot.


    Your Humble and Devoted Servant &c,

    Sir Belleford, Grand Master




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    Mother and Father,

    I received your last just recently and have been much too busy to dwell on your disappointments. How is it that I am to be held responsible for your sickness and pains when I send every single silver extra that I have home to you? Yes, you lived a life of toil and hard work, and now I am living it, regardless whether you think I am not. Daily, I am given chores thought beneath most freemen walking around. I scrub every stone inch of the Cathedral, to the point of bruised, bare knees that have me hobbling to my prayers, spent kneeling. I bleed for the Lord and you send me your complaints and disappointments?

    Would I have chosen a merchants wages, would you be happy then? You wish to have scarcely ten silver extra per month that you would send me letters, mocking my divine calling? Surely you both know the meaning and punishment of heresies. Were I in your position, I would think a slight bit of support and understanding would go much further than scorn and resentment mixed with insult and heart breaking naysaying.

    Consider, dearest parents, that I will not be a novice forever. My lot may be existential and largely internal, awaiting glories in the afterlife for renouncing glories in the flesh as a servant, but you stand to reap my payments. As I continue in steadfast service to the church, I stand to acquire a significant capital that would rival the Master Jeweler. The lord blesses his steadfast servants and you would be wise to remember that.

    I swear, your torments have put me on edge to the point of keeping my wages for myself. Perhaps then I could buy a decent set of clothing for myself and eat something besides cold porridge every night for dinner. You keep saying I live in luxury simply by living in the rectory of the Cathedral. You have never seen the bare floor I sleep on or the dirty water that passes for tea.

    I resent your letters and do not share the gleeful abandon that my fellow acolytes experience when they receive the post. I dread having a parchment waiting for me for I know that I will read the emotionless manipulative devil’s prose you two have put together. There is no going back. I’ve settled here and I will not abandon my duties. You can either accept it and continue receiving the modest sums I make, or you can get your weather-worn, aged bodies back in the forest to forage for your living. The choice is simple and there is no debate.

    I still love you and appreciate all you have done for me even if you wish I was never thrust into mother’s womb. Had I that choice, I would have been more agreeable to land in the womb of a prostitute, riddled with disease, than to be born to a woman and man who, together, cannot come up with a heart. Your cold bitterness has taught me well and soon, with your sustained harassment, every shred of human emotion may be wretched from my body. If I ever have inquisitive duties placed upon me, I WILL be at your door and you know that I know where to look. Mind your quill next you write to me.

    Your Daughter in Word Alone,


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