Gentry are those Freemen who have amassed enough power to leverage themselves into the lifestyle of the nobility, though not the status, recognition, or titles. Frequently, nobles resent them. Gentry tend to be very socially conscious of the precarious position in which this places them, with the influence that comes with it, but only cursory legal rights (HELP SUMPTUARY) to support their wealth. It’s the position on The Inquisition that social class does not change often, and should not. This means that it is almost impossible to climb the class ladder once you have chosen to become freeman. Please do not create a freeman character with the intent of building their social class, as this is against the class system representative in The Inquisition theme.

It is possible to temporarily attain the social class of gentry by becoming a guildleader of a guild where gentry is the expected class of its guildleader. This social class boost will disappear when your character leaves the role.

The benefits of being Gentry are:

– Loosened sumptuary restrictions (HELP SUMPTUARY)
– Access to some higher-end establishments
– The highest payout on purchases of wealth across classes (HELP WEALTH)
– The ability to purchase more assets for higher weekly income
– Access to homes in nicer parts of the city (HELP PHOME)

Note: Hillmen and Charali may NOT achieve the status of gentry, even through the University system.