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Log session starting at 17:57:57 on Saturday, 29 June 2024.

Temi has transferred Kalana. [OOC]

Temi gives a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow to Kalana.

InvestSouthside asks, "Is that lochan sit in again today?"

Temi says, "Karrin was possibly going to be a bit late. Lochan didn't say if he'd be able to or

The following information is recorded about it:
Fashioned out of cloth and just big enough to fit snugly over a finger, the
little figure is not large enough to bear any great level of details. Little
felt cut-outs add brush around it and the pair of oversized stag's antlers
are mounted upon the top. A few tiny stitches pick out a simple face,
somewhere between beastly and human with little seed bead eyes. A little bow,
however, has been fashioned out of wood and a piece of taut string, and its
little wood arrows bear felt tips with little trailing streamers after them
in warm, summery colors.

It is priced at approximately 50 silver.
This 'a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow' is a kind of trash.
It appears to be made of unknown.
It looks to be in excellent condition.
It weighs around 0 pounds.
It can be worn as follows: take finger
It could be easily held in one hand. (Actual size: 1)
Its value should be approximately 50 silver.

Temi states, "But I needed some company for now. He learned a new trick though"

Temi has transferred Maat. [OOC]

Temi has transferred HIEROPHANT. [OOC]

Temi gives a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow to Maat.

Temi gives a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow to HIEROPHANT.

Temi claims, "Can play dead now too"


HIEROPHANT claims, "I don't know why I tried to hold it"

InvestSouthside says, "Play dead"

InvestSouthside says, "Thats amazing"

Temi states, "You can hold it too"

Valora claims, "Play dead"

A roly-poly white-bellied puppy sniffs about distractedly for a few moments before it seems to
notice Valora's command. It flops over in exuberant death throes and then falls still - except a
peek up towards her to see if she noticed.

HIEROPHANT says, "I may have managed to put it on my finger under my gloves"

Temi has transferred Meiari. [OOC]

Sparkles states, "Just wizard problems."

Temi gives a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow to Meiari.

Temi grins.

Meiari declaims, "Yay! ITS SO CUTE!"

Temi claims, "Wear and hold are the same command behind the scenes, I think."

HIEROPHANT claims, "Remember to wear puppet hold, probably, is the lesson here"

Temi nods at HIEROPHANT.

HIEROPHANT wails ominously, "Learn from my mistakes!"

Temi claims, "You have to specify the hold if it has a choice"

Meiari stops using a parasol of ivory silk lace with a floral decorated handle.

Meiari wears a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow on her left finger.

Kalana grins.

Temi has transferred Pontifex. [OOC]

Temi has transferred Musketeer. [OOC]

Pontifex exclaims, "Hi!"

Meiari stops using Ravidoroan butterfly tatting along samite fingerless gloves.

Temi gives a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow to Pontifex.

Meiari stops using a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow.

Temi gives a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow to Musketeer.

Meiari holds a small finger puppet adorned with antlers and a little bow in her hand.

Meiari pulls back the string on her finger puppets little wooden bow, launching a felt arrow flying
through the air, tiny felt streamers fluttering behind it.

Meiari wears Ravidoroan butterfly tatting along samite fingerless gloves on her hands.

HIEROPHANT says, "A fierce warrior. Please go up to a bear and do that at it. It'd be really funny."

InvestSouthside states, "Bet"

Temi says, "The bear may not think so. Or maybe he would... that might be orse."

Temi says, "Worse*."

Meiari claims, "I'll have you know: that's why I take a grand master hunting with me"

InvestSouthside says, "Yeah till the cliff defeats everyone"

HIEROPHANT says, "Well, the punchline is seeing 'Madison Hospital Triage' on Where moments later."

Meiari snickers.

Temi grins.

Meiari claims, "I haven't needed treatment, I'm a good bean. (read: everyone takes the hits for me

HIEROPHANT says, "Ah, yes, statexits"

Temi says, "Alright, we're expecting Karrin in 10-15, but let's go ahead and get started."

HIEROPHANT says, "The ones you have to pass to get -in- a place are the kind ones."

Valora trails off, "Hey hey hey... I went to the Ocarian this time... and then got jumped during the
great stabbing spree of 401"

Temi queries, "Can I get a volunteer to scribe for us today?"

InvestSouthside states, "Ill do scribe if wanted "

Meiari muses, "Do you have that on an alias?"

Pontifex says, "Wouldn't surprise me."

Temi says, "I do not"

Temi grins.

InvestSouthside says, "Nah I had it copy and pasted waiting"

Temi asks, "Or you mean the volunteer?"

HIEROPHANT says, "The man knows how to hustle"

Maat has returned from AFK.

Pontifex declaims, "Hi Maat! :D"

Maat states, "I was here all along, just noticed the afk flag :P"

Valora claims, "I respect the QP grindset."

Maat questions, "How goes?"

Temi pontificates, "Well, I'm not hearing any other volunteers, so our Southsider is on!"

Temi has awarded you 3 QPs: Scribe

Temi muses, "Does anyone have any topics that you would like to get on the list?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "I suppose I have a small one, sure"

Temi claims, "Alright."

Temi states, "If anyone else thinks of anything, please feel free to let us know to put you on the

Temi says, "Got Hierophant written down."

Pontifex declaims, "Yep, I have one!"

Temi states, "A reminder to assume the best of everyone, not talk about current event stuffs and try
to be decent folks, in general."

Temi asks, "So, jumping into things... how's RP been this week for folks?"

InvestSouthside claims, "Uhhh good lots of planning"

Pontifex says, "I am so sorry I have barely RP'd because I am positively cooked by the weather."

HIEROPHANT claims, "I was sick for a couple of weeks and am still recovering a bit, so I had a
couple of very business-centric scenes and a bunch of catchup mail."

InvestSouthside claims, "So everyone needs to send hierophant more mail"

HIEROPHANT says, "Apologies to anyone who tried to get ahold of me in that time, but, uhh, I don't
announce my absences publicly for what I hope are obvious reasons :)"

Kalana states, "Been a bit quiet on the later hours, but had good time on weekends and such"

Pontifex states, "It's so bad. It is hot as hell, then it rains for 5 minutes and then it's hot and

Pontifex states, "I feel like a fucking ciabatta bread."

Sparkles states, "I've had some amusing/interesting scenes."

Temi claims, "Reminder to feel free to pboard people if you need to get ahold of them and aren't
seeing them around too"

InvestSouthside says, "Ah I hope you wanted to become a one with the swamp pontifex"

Temi comforts Pontifex.

Temi says, "That sounds a bit miserable. Unfortunately, not something we can help with."

Temi muses, "Anything been bothering anyone that we ought to know about?"

HIEROPHANT exclaims, "Not so much a bother, but a small reminder that whois exists and has a spot to
put your typical schedule in it. This helps with planning parties and such!"

Temi nods in agreement.

Temi says, "Karrin sent out a reminder to guildleaders that it's especially important for you folks
to fill that out, I do believe."


Temi declares, "Please keep that in mind! It's also just great to communicate things about your own

Maat claims, "My log on times are a bit sporadic."

Valora says, "I must say I am a sinner and only recently realized I didn't have one filled out... I
do now... please only cast magic during those hours."

HIEROPHANT says, "It's handy in the other direction for making a schedule for teaching scenes and

Temi claims, "Lots of folks had missed it - entirely fair, but something we wanted to fix."

Temi grins.

InvestSouthside says, "I will update mine when I get into TI Addicts Anonymous and have a schedule"

Temi trails off, "Well, nothing wrong with putting 'all the time... but I might sleep occasionally'"

HIEROPHANT says, "It's also where you can put RP preferences. I check those before I mess with
people, if I can help it! If you don't want me being annoying at random times, that's where you
should put that."

Maat claims, "Heh"

Sparkles says, "That's what the Vavardi Breakfast is for."

Temi declares, "Alright! Continuing on then, we can do a bit of a staff update, possibly more when
we get others... but for me!"

Temi claims, "Unfortunately, work has been a bit on the overbearing side, so I have been working on
work projects a lot of the time even when I'm around, so may not be super available, or
accomplishing any big projects, but still trying to keep up on the requests and things when I see

Temi claims, "I also need to make up for the time for going camping most of next week, so if you
need anything from me, try to get that in this weekend"

Temi states, "And don't expect me around any meaningful amount from about next Wednesday through

Temi claims, "Unfortunately, that means not much exciting to present for you guys, but I did help
Lochan with figuring out the mean old progs on the southsiders, and we think those should be sorted
out and not beating up inappropriate people anymore"

InvestSouthside says, "So block party southside is on got it"

Sparkles says, "Likely works out, tis a big US holiday so lots of folks might be busy with stuffs
off and on next weekend."

HIEROPHANT claims, "I will now submit 17 plots, please process them all thank you"

Temi nods in agreement with Sparkles.

Sparkles states, "No buying Roman candles from the wizards on the local corner, boys."

Meiari asks, "Is that cause they ain't got any or....?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Only buy your pyrotechnics from approved, legal vendors"

Musketeer is idle.

Wielding Fidelacchius with feisty determination, Karrin stomps in. [OOC]

Temi queries, "Especially the pyre sort, yes?"

Karrin waves.

Temi declares, "And before we move on from staff updates... Karrin!"

Karrin pontificates, "My...hi!!!"

HIEROPHANT points the big overhead spotlight directly in Karrin's eyes.

Karrin claims, "I have been plotting with Temi for another couple guild quests to fill out the...
yeouch, rude. The rest of those. "

Temi nods in agreement.

Temi states, "We want to have something for everyone to pick up when they have some extra time and a
lack of inspiration"

Karrin says, "Yeah. Optional, but fun if you have a little creativity fatigue and need a boost. "

Karrin claims, "And that is it for me, besides helping Lochan chase down bugs. Not that I have been
much help. "

Temi nods.

Temi questions, "Alright, onto player topics, then? Hierophant?"

HIEROPHANT declares, "Yeah!"

HIEROPHANT claims, "There are some very cool and/or useful bits of artwork stationery, like the
Personal Letter craft, or scented paper. Those are fun and flavorful.

However, as far as I can tell, there's no way to use seal or stationery objects to apply a fancy
mail header/footer to anything besides mail generated with the mail command, and those crafts by
their nature don't work with mail verify, either. This means it's at times very difficult to - at
least through IC means - determine if fancy, lovingly-crafted mail is real or not.

Sometimes, you just need that personal letter craft to fit 3 separate pages of info or whatever, and
it's a bit awkward to be unable to verify if you can act on it or not, nor put your very fancy and
expensive header/footer in the message body of it.

Is that something we'd want/care about? Do other people use those crafts, or am I the odd man out?
For staff - would it be hard to add a feature to apply header/footer objects or aliases to a crafted
paper object? It'd be cool, but IDK if it'd be worth the effort, hence some group chit-chat on the

InvestSouthside claims, "I like fancy letters sometimes"

HIEROPHANT says, "I'm totally willing to accept I'm just a weirdo way too into funny letters and
move on, though."

Maat states, "Havent used it but definitely wanted to use those at some point."

Meiari trails off, "I am always motivated by more fancy mail :3 And I wasn't aware you couldn't do
that with custom stationary...."

Temi claims, "I do think we had that on the to-do list at one point, and just never got prioritized"

InvestSouthside questions, "Does the letter seal not act in that fashion or is the seal legitimately
only useful for the mail profile updating?"

Temi trails off, "Or it might exist..."

Karrin trails off, "I can see merit. Not as automatic, in case someone wanted to NOT have it on
there. But a command to make it..."

Temi muses, "Have you guys tried help command seal?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Anyone can use a seal object to send mail with the mail command using that seal"

HIEROPHANT says, "Huh."

Temi states, "If it doesn't work, that may need a bug report."

Karrin nods.

HIEROPHANT states, "I will be honest, I only looked at the command syntax for that."

Pontifex states, "Lol."

HIEROPHANT states, "D'oops."

Temi grins.

HIEROPHANT queries, "Does that do the header too, or just the footer?"

Meiari says, "Fantastic :3"

Temi states, "It didn't used to exist! But had been requested, and it looks like completed."

Temi states, "I'm not sure"

HIEROPHANT claims, "I will test it the next time I write a ridiculous demand on an unreasonably long

Sparkles states, "I think one thing is that with roles etc, roles that give a header/seal via the
role code don't produce a seal that does the same. So not sure if that should be something sold in
GL shops or in app-in packages, etc."

Temi states, "The seal command looks like it uses the courier profile, not the actual object"

Sparkles nods.

HIEROPHANT states, "Curious that you have to write on the paper object first, too"

Temi questions, "Probably because you're sealing it up at the end?"

HIEROPHANT states, "Probably. I don't think this solves the mail verify thing, though from the other
direction: I don't think you can forge seals onto crafted objects with this command, since it uses
the mail profile directly."

Temi nods.

Temi says, "May need a special forged version, if this version sees enough use."

Temi wonders, "Any other thoughts?"

HIEROPHANT says, "But, well, that's enough of me brazenly and loudly displaying my ignorance of
obscure commands, I think I'm good. I can stick whatever solution I come up with on the ideas board
later. o7"

Temi grins.

Temi queries, "Alright then! Moving on. Pontifex?"

Pontifex finishes abruptly, "Alright! So, this came up for me because my character is a sailor and
all and maritime themes are pretty present -"

Pontifex questions, "Are Lithmorran ships clinker or carvel-built?"

Maat says, "Hmmm"

Maat states, "(Id have automatically assumed there are caravels)"

Temi states, "I don't believe that's been defined, or knowledge that I'm in a position to say what
should be correct."

Temi grins.

Valora trails off, "I like to imagine they are all geobukseon and panokseon..."

Temi states, "Whatever's appropriate for the technology level, with the Tubori probably having the
most advanced versions of things."

InvestSouthside says, "Cursed"

Maat questions, "So tubori caravels and Lithmorran getting there?"

Karrin claims, "I feel like google will soon be my best friend. Because I don't know any of this."

Pontifex says, "Should I explain it? I can."
Temi nods in agreement with Karrin.

Maat nods at Pontifex.

Temi states, "Sure. Though I think it mostly falls to 'be reasonable'"

Karrin nods in agreement with Temi.

Pontifex says, "It's how you build the hull - with clinker built ships you build from the planks
ground up and overlap them, so they can shift and squeeze against each other during voyages. Viking
ships and medieval cogs were built like that. Carvel-ships are built frame-first, which means a
skeleton is made and the planks then fitted snugly on each other. That makes a more robust, but
deeper ship."

Maat states, "One might say Caravels allowed for colonialism around the globe."

Pontifex claims, "It's less about technology level and more purpose - clinker built ships are
shallow in their profile and necessarily smaller - but they can travel rivers and ocean both. carvel
built ships are HUGE in comparison and fit to handle huge holds - but they're heavy and ponderous."

Karrin claims, "I would say, fit it with the timeline in HELP TECHNOLOGY, and pick something
reasonable from those time periods listed. "

Temi says, "Well, any ships in Lithmore city itself would be geared to river traffic."

The sound of rain patters outside.

Pontifex states, "Since I looked into all the files about the Dralth, the Bren and the Kirulean, I
actually figured clinker built cogs and galleys are much more Lithmorran styles instead of what we
understand of high medieval sailing."

HIEROPHANT says, "I think the best indicator I can point out for what tech-level ships are at, is
the lack of a nautical clock. The most advanced mechanical clock we have is a clepsydra, which is a
water clock, which notably doesn't work on a ship as the deck rolls with the waves, meaning almost
all sailing needs to be done along coastlines - crossing an open ocean would be terribly risky and
liable to just go in circles by accident, as the stars are insufficient for that kind of

Temi says, "But there's certainly Lithmorran ships traveling out across the Kirulean and probably
the Dralth"

HIEROPHANT says, "That is, at least, if we assume navigation works like it does IRL."

Pontifex claims, "Not necessarily, Hierophant. There is other ways to orient yourself on the ocean
without nautical clocks."

Maat nods at Pontifex.

HIEROPHANT states, "However, the transit of the moons are in different directions through the sky,
and fall into repeatable patterns, so theoretically, you could navigate by the moons with at least a
little more precision than Earth's moon grants IRL, since the distance from one moon to another to
another could provide triangulation."

InvestSouthside states, "Just look to the stars brother"

Pontifex states, "Also, medieval people actually had a pretty good idea about ocean currents and
recurring wind 'roads'."

HIEROPHANT declaims, "There are! But a nautical clock permits degrees-by-minutes, which is needed
for reliable cartography of otherwise empty oceans, and maps are key to repeated navigation along
the same routes. So it's totally possible to cross the oceans, yes - but it's very hard, and very

Temi nods.

InvestSouthside trails off, "The likelihood to make it back also would be... rough at best"
Musketeer has left the game.

Temi claims, "The moons probably changes some things up, in good ways and bad."

HIEROPHANT states, "So I think it's probably a fair assumption that -most- ships are traveling along
or near the coast as a result."

Temi nods at HIEROPHANT.

Pontifex says, "This is how the norse people, for example, done all their expeditions reliably
enough. But yes, I do agree. I did spot things like "summer is the seafaring time" because the
apparent constant storms abate there."

Temi says, "Longer sea travel should definitely be looked at as a more major thing, not just
something everyone does"

HIEROPHANT muses, "So, most ships are probably those designed to do so, if that helps answer your
intitial question?"

Pontifex states, "Well, coast travel can be done with both, lol. It's honestly the 'easiest' type of


Temi wonders, "Does that satisfy you with the rough details at this point? There would be room for
people to go either direction depending on what strikes their fancy, it sounds"

Pontifex queries, "But I do have a rough outline now, thanks - Vandagans and Tubori probably have
pretty big carracks, while Lithmorrans and Vavardi use clinker-built ships of some design, since the
Kirulean is an inland sea and the rivers are important tradelines, probably?"

Temi nods.

Temi states, "Remember that the canal through Vandago is important too, so things would need to make
it through there."

Pontifex says, "Canals are practically made for ship travel, so."

HIEROPHANT wonders, "I don't think we'd go so far as to see caravels or other transatlantic/age-of
-sail vessels yet. Tubor is a big cluster of islands and reefs, from my understanding there isn't a
ton of outright ocean-crossing going on there, at least not for long stretches. A week or two, at
most, by my imagination?"

Temi nods at HIEROPHANT.

HIEROPHANT says, "Also that particular ocean is really violent, storm-wise."

Pontifex says, "Carracks are pretty late medieval / renaissance. It's mostly for trade volume I
would assume. Also to successfully whale."


HIEROPHANT states, "Whaling is an established thing that vandagans do."

Temi claims, "Yeah, there's not a lot of big stretches of transatlantic scale things"

Pontifex claims, "And, you know. Just being robust and hard to crack when you just have some dinky
pirate ship."

HIEROPHANT claims, "And sometimes Inquisitors. :)"

Temi grins.

Temi muses, "Alright. I think that answers that one, in any case. Did anyone else have any topics
you wanted to bring up in our last few minutes?"

Valora states, "I got one small additional topic if it's ok."

Pontifex says, "For reference, this is a Carrack :
https://i.gyazo.com/f249bc13161e15ad067 ... 0cbc73.jpg"

Temi nods at Valora.

Temi questions, "Okay?"

Sparkles is idle.

Sparkles is no longer idle.

Sparkles has returned from AFK.

Valora says, "I know this will sound like typical Valora but... can we maybe get the White Hart
loaded in this Hunting Festival. Just somewhere on grid if it doesn't by default? I know we don't
seem to have a festival planned but might be a cool little hunt for those of us who wanna go out."

Valora states, "Rather a white hart not the white hart."

Temi claims, "That's generally the sort of thing we'd want to do for a public event or RPA, but I
don't know that it would need to be a major party, if you wanted to set a time when folks could just
go hunting"

HIEROPHANT states, "That sounds like a fantastic thing for event RPA, yeah. Especially if it's
unusually hard to hit, and is very good at fleeing? Could be a fun time chasing it around the

Karrin nods in agreement.

Karrin says, "I imagine we can do it. Put together a little hunting party and just schedule it and
let us know. We can be sure there is the special out there somewhere."

Pontifex states, "Well."

Pontifex claims, "That's funny, I wanted to do a hunting party anyway."

Temi says, "Well, that sounds excellent then. Just make sure to give us some advanced notice"

Valora states, "Alright! Wasn't sure if that was something we actually did or not... I know I've
been to the festival in the past but... never set it up myself."

HIEROPHANT claims, "I don't know that that's been done before in specific, but it seems like a cool
and thematic idea"

Temi says, "We do have a white hart mob we could load for it, we'd just want to encourage something
available for folks"

Karrin states, "We put one out at the last one. I think it just wasn't found."

Temi nods at Karrin.

HIEROPHANT states, "Other festivals have had trophy presentations, and storytelling"

Valora exclaims, "I see! Alright wonderful!"

Karrin nods in agreement with HIEROPHANT.

HIEROPHANT says, "Those were fun."

Temi muses, "Does that answer that question then? Anything else on it, or anything else for

Karrin states, "Team competitions, games, etc. "

Valora exclaims, "I'm good!"

HIEROPHANT says, "Shoot each other with arrows to build up your arrow tolerances"

HIEROPHANT states, "Start with darts, work your way up"

InvestSouthside claims, "Ah thanks for the advice ill get right on that"

Valora asks, "Oh good idea Hierophant. Wanna come over and get started after the meeting?"

HIEROPHANT says, "Absolutely"

HIEROPHANT claims, "I'll bring my lawn darts."

Temi questions, "Alright, last chance for anything else before we wrap up?"

Sparkles claims, "Lawn darts, that brings me back."

Temi declares, "Okay, sending folks back now then! Back, to the RPs with you!"

Temi waves.

Maat waves.

Log session ending at 19:04:28 on Saturday, 29 June 2024.

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