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InvestSouthside states, "This is malicious compliance"
Karrin asks of InvestSouthside, "I'm going to let Pontifex since you have done it a lot. We good?"
InvestSouthside says, "Yeah im good"
Pontifex says, "He already sends me death threats."
Karrin has awarded you 3 QPs: Scribe.
Karrin states, "Oh, well then that's all right then."
InvestSouthside says, "Extra death threats this week got it"
Karrin has transferred Musketeer. [OOC]
Valora says, "I mean... to be fair... I think that's a southside hello."
Karrin claims, "OOC Chat Rules:
- Approach each topic with the mindset that each person is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have, staff and player alike.
- Please avoid topics around current events. Nothing should be revealed in an OOC meeting that others would prefer to find out in game ICly.
- This is not the correct forum for criticism of a specific player or a topic centered around one player. If there are concerns about a specific player, or specific policy violations, please address that with staff privately."
Temi gives a candle sculpted into a posy of lilies and trumpet flowers to Musketeer.
Karrin muses, "All that said! How was RP this week?"
Sasquatch states, "Just getting this out there, this is my first OOC meeting so, I'm mostly just
going to be listening and speaking only when spoken to."
Pontifex states, "Nothing happened and I was a good boy just doing my poetry stuff."
Musketeer says, "Is this also an edible item Temi? Also, RP was good. Hit my first milestone during an ST."
Pontifex states, "I won't be taking any questions."
Karrin states to Pontifex, "Which makes me think you are guilty of something."
Sparkles states, "Anything is edible ... once."
Pippa says, "A bit quiet in the evenings when I've been around, but today's been lovely"
Valora states, "Pretty good. Any week with a wedding or party is a good week"
Pontifex claims, "I have done nothing wrong, your honour. My lawyer will prove so."
Musketeer claims, "I know that better than anyone Sparkles."
InvestSouthside states, "Well busy... I think it was a good week uh a wisdom roll of mine says some parts are -redacted- but you know"
Karrin pontificates to Sasquatch, "Feel free to speak out on topics, that's sort of what it's for.
If you have an opinion, definitely state it. And welcome!"
Sjinn declaims, "Great for me! "
Temi trails off to Musketeer, "Well, we designed it to be burned as a candle, but if you like to eat wax..."
Karrin wonders, "Anyone have any topics to register for later?"
Pontifex states, "In all seriousness, someone ran a super cool ST and I had a lot of fun. And now I get to laugh at newlyweds. The week was good."
Musketeer claims, "I got nada. I mostly come for the curios, truthfully, and to chime in where I can to help."
Karrin states, "Alright, if anyone thinks of something, just send me a tell."
Karrin states to Temi, "I'll let you start our staff update."
ThatBard claims, "The st and the wedding was super good. Many props to Zarif and Theodora for facilitating things for us. Though the start of the week was kind of.. quiet and not many people were around. I'm glad many of us are here today."
Temi says, "Ah, well, no big exciting updates from me. I've been helping with the small day-to-day fixes and some brainstorming stuff with Karrin."
Temi says, "It's coming up to that point of year where there may be more weekends with stuff going on, as a heads up."
Temi grins.
Temi nods at Karrin.
Karrin says, "Lochan is was kicked off of st.. uh. I mean. Lochan is traveling, and will be back with us after the weekend. As for me, I've been gradually sprinkling the guild quests around - two guilds to go, and Temi and I have already been brainstorming on those. And then, little hopping around the grid helping out where needed or beckoned."
Karrin states, "Ok! Well, if we have no topics, that's... it. Unless people have any comments? Or hate their quests and wonder what is wrong with my brain."
Maat smiles.
Pontifex claims, "The bard quest is alright, I am just a bit drained and need to actually put something together. That might be glacial. I had my entrance exams for university 'cause apparently my midlife crisis manifests in getting into academics."
Meiari claims, "I'm looking forward to roping people into helping with the one the Merchants/Order got"
Temi says, "It's totally designed to be glacial. No need to rush"
Karrin states, "Any of the guild quests are allowed to be glacial. It's supposed to be designed to be something you can bring in when you need extra RP fodder, not something to focus on all the time."
Karrin nods in agreement with Temi.
Karrin says, "Think of it as that hobby that's in the back of your mind. It isn't something that is urgent or that we'll come back in a couple weeks and go, "Uh, why aren't you doing this?" You'll notice on the notes, they're all set for expiration in a year."
Pontifex says, "I got in though and start my bachelor in administrative law in August. Wooo."
Karrin declaims to Pontifex, "Congrats!"
Meiari claims, "I did like that that part was stated at the end of the post. Knowing it's no rush
means we can have more fun with them."
Temi declaims to Pontifex, "Nice! Yes, congrats!"
Valora claims, "I'm excited to play ours out. Good thing to do when I normally kill a forest worth of mobs to kill time."
Karrin says, "I more just wanted to give you something to pull from when things are slower - ease some of the fatigue of 'ugh, what is my character thinking about today?' And, hopefully they are all involved enough that it's not the same thing always."
Temi claims to Valora, "The deer were lobbying for it."
Karrin states to Valora, "I'll let you guys share what it is ICly, but I am sure the wildlife will be appreciative of your character's distraction."
Sparkles pontificates, "Also thanks for everyone who came to the little story, sorry for the bit of a hiccup it caused! "
Meiari claims, "Don't listen to the wildlife, I enjoy the furs >_>"
Karrin questions, "Alright! So, if there isn't anything else, I can send you all back to the fun?"
Pontifex asks, "Would you say... You're a furry?"
Karrin says, "Aaaaawkward."
Karrin states to Valora, "Feel free to cuff him."
Valora states, "Alright Pontifex come here. Time to get dunked in the Bren then sent to Ahalin."
Pontifex states, "You just want me to get wet."
Sparkles claims, "I have a quick thought, but don't want to interrupt the fun times."
Karrin trails off, "Alright! On that note..."
Sasquatch states, "We'd have to catch him first."
Karrin muses to Sparkles, "As long as it isn't about wet Pontifex, what's up?"
InvestSouthside claims, "I need an adult"
Meiari muses, "Wait I'm curious what's the thought?"
Valora trails off, "I regret coming to this meeting..."
Pontifex says, "Give us your thought before this becomes too much."
Valora nods.
Temi grins.
ThatBard states, "Ponti needs to go to horny jail. Here is a bonk for you. *bonks on head*"
Pontifex says, "Says the person who couldn't even get up the stairs first."
Karrin states, "Let's keep our really dirty things in game. We know what you do in your bedrooms."Sparkles states, "So, something I've noticed during slower times is a lot of flicker logging. A lot of our 'rewards' to speak are amazing (like locale of the day or matchmakers) but kind of hinge on getting that second person hooked. I do not want to suggest oversaturating IP or QP, etc, however is there any thought about in a general something for logging in or being logged in for X period of time. Just because simply being on for a bit can inspire others to do so as well."
Maat states, "I wont object to that :)"
ThatBard muses, "Like a.. You have been on for an hour, here is 100 xp?"
Karrin defers to Sparkles.
Sparkles states, "So, something I've noticed during slower times is a lot of flicker logging. A lot of our 'rewards' to speak are amazing (like locale of the day or matchmakers) but kind of hinge on getting that second person hooked. I do not want to suggest oversaturating IP or QP, etc, however is there any thought about in a general something for logging in or being logged in for X period of time. Just because simply being on for a bit can inspire others to do so as well."
Maat states, "I wont object to that :)"
ThatBard muses, "Like a.. You have been on for an hour, here is 100 xp?"
Temi states, "I think we have discussed some ideas in that vein before, a reward for being in some public location even if there's no rp coming to you"
Karrin states, "We have considered it in a sense, though not in a general sense, more in a guildsense. It's something we could talk about. I think not all flicker logging is people coming in and checking who and logging off, though. I think much of it is people popping in to check if they have mail or if there are new rumors."
Karrin states, "And they log back off because they don't necessarily have time."
Temi claims, "Though I don't think we ever had a good balance on things to actually become an idea."
Sjinn raises her hand
Sparkles claims, "True, true, staff can likely gain a better insight than players on what folks are doing during the blips, and I can't propose what the reward should be, but something that inspires folks to linger a bit can kind of get the ball rolling. Or it feels that way at times, mostly just how do we get more friends etc."
Karrin asks of Sjinn, "Is it on this topic? Feel free to speak out if it is. Or do you have a different topic?"
Sjinn claims, "Well, if a person is in public place, with their RP on, that might be be helpful. For both those who might be checking and those who are actually wanting to RP"
Temi wonders, "What would inspire folks to wait around and be available for RP, when there is no rp immediately forthcoming?"
Sjinn claims, "XP for trying. :)"
AlleyGirl says, "I know that for me, personally, public scenes during the day aren't really possible for me. Even if they start small, they end up huge, and I feel like I'm not being respectful to the people who are RPing with me because I have to slow down if work picks up. And I don't like making people wait for me like that - I feel it's rude. So I don't spend a lot of time in public during the day unless I can actually focus on the scene."
Temi states, "Yeah, people aren't always going to be able to stay or have rp."
Pontifex states, "I think even a small XP bonus daily for sitting with RP on in public locale would be good. Right now it's literally just a waste of time to sit and wait for people. And can make you feel somewhat dejected for sure. I stopped trying and just flicker log myself these days."
Karrin asks of Sjinn, "Like, a slow roll in of xp when sitting in a public place, even if there's no
one there with you?"
Temi claims, "The question is getting people around when it is good for them"
ThatBard claims, "Yeah. it doesn't need to be a lot. Though I think that xp should be tied to public rooms and they need where on. Otherwise it would defeat the point. That would encourage me at least to sit around a bit longer in public, instead of going about crafting and stuff."
Meiari muses, "Isn't there a ping/request for rp command? Maybe if you have -that- active you can get rewarded with a passive exp gain?"
Temi says, "There is, but it's just a ping not an ongoing flag"
Meiari finishes abruptly, "Ah - that is less helpful"
Karrin states, "If they are in a public room, where being off is superseded. Unless you don't mean codedly public. I mean rooms that are codely public."
ThatBard states, "It would also need to be outside of any sort of phomes/guildhalls, so that people could actually come and join. Otherwise some of us would just squirrel up somewhere. XD"
Temi claims, "Though we've also discussed expanding that"
Pontifex states, "I mean codedly public rooms, ya. Like the Queen's Inn."
Karrin claims, "If we make it codely public rooms (i.e. the same ones the locale filters between), then they would be visible as long as they don't idle out. And it can be in either NPC shops or PC shops where those flags are set."
Pontifex claims, "Or the Blind Horse."
Karrin nods.
ThatBard states, "Yeah. I think that would be good. Then people would sit longer online and people could join a scene if they wish."
Musketeer is idle.
Pippa says, "I'm generally actually less concerned with xp and more with staying active, so that would influence me more"
Pontifex claims, "Rooms like this, when you linger an hour or so without idling out and alone, you can say you at least tried and get a consolation reward. Right now you just get wasted time and the feeling like nobody wants to RP with you, lol."
Karrin claims, "I do think that if you're feeling that no one wants to play with you after sitting in a public room, might be best to take a step back and consider that it might not be you - others may be busy doing other things. And it has nothing to do with 'you'. On where, it doesn't say WHO is in a room, just that someone is there. People not joining you is very unlikely to be personal."
Pippa claims, "Getting at least partial activity credit for being available for rp would be nice.
There's definitely been weeks where the times I was available, no one else was."
Pontifex claims, "Oh, sure. I know that intellectually, Karrin. Don't worry."
Sparkles says, "I can't speak if that would bother other folks, the slow thing, but I think there's a fairly high percent of folks during American working hours who are, uh, playing at work or around other stuff going on. I think part of the issue sometimes with public scene stuff is the community's very internalized turn order sense."
Karrin muses to Pippa, "So, maybe some activity time for sitting in a public room, even if alone?"
Pippa nods at Karrin.
Sjinn nods to Karrin.
Karrin says, "I can see that, our off-peakers would have the hardest time with that."
Temi nods at Sparkles.
Sasquatch claims, "I typically hang out in the Park Street Training Hall's fighting auditorium, seeing as I am usually looking for a spar to help raise my skills. I don't fret too much if no one comes and if I see someone I want to talk to, I go to them, granted they're available."
AlleyGirl claims, "To me, doesn't really matter to me if it bothers others. It bothers me. I feel like I'm always behind and having to catch up, or people are having to wait for me. I personally feel it's rude, so I just don't. And when the room turns from 3 to 7, it's overwhelming for me and I can't keep up, even if I wanted to. But, that said, that's my opinion - just stating why I don't sit in public during the day."
Temi says, "I know I never mind if things are slow, but it is nice to know that in advance or when things start"
Karrin wonders, "Alright, we'll talk about what we can do with that. I don't think it'll be one-to-one as far as time for activity, but I can see giving some activity for sitting there in public for a while - maybe a fourth?"
ThatBard says, "Public scenes can sometimes be big, AlleyGirl. I would recommend join spots to separate conversations. It helps."
Pippa says to Karrin, "That would be valuable to me."
Valora claims, "That seems fairly reasonable."
AlleyGirl says, "Oh, I know. And there are times I can handle them. It just isn't during my workday, is all. Work is overwhelming enough."
ThatBard says, "Fair."
Temi claims, "I would caution to make sure that join spots aren't leaving the room silent to new people who show up."
Pontifex states, "I dunno if I count as off-peaker. I play usually after work, lol."
ThatBard says, "I approve with doing something for activity. sounds good."
Karrin claims, "Remember the rules to join spots. While you can jmote, you should also occasionally be using rpecho or emote to give an indication at what others would see at that spot looking from the outside in, even if they can't hear or see everything."
Karrin says, "So, theoretically, while join spots help in some ways, they actually increase what is supposed to be happening in others."
Sasquatch claims, "I usually work most of the day so my availability is typically late at night around 9 to 10 pm EST."
Pippa states, "Yeah, that's usually the earliest I can be showing up on weekdays."
Karrin claims, "MUD gets definitely empty late. Alright, we'll put it on our list."
Karrin asks, "Any other topics?"
Sparkles nods.
Karrin declaims, "Ok, I'll send you all back. Enjoy the party!"
Karrin waves.
Meiari exclaims, "Woodle!"
Maat waves.

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