OOC Meeting 6-16-2024

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Sun Jun 16, 2024 6:03 am

Capitalism stops using a heavy tome of storm grey, entitled 'GM dul Moretti Notes'.
Capitalism holds a glass flask holding swirls of sand within its outer shell in his hand.

Karrin questions, "Anyone else want it?"

Capitalism gives his glass flask a good shaking before holding it completely still. The sands
within start to swirl and flow, gradually settling down at the bottom as they lose their momentum.

Karrin nods at InvestSouthside.

Pontifex states, "Yeaaaaaaah scribe for us"

Musketeer muses, "I'm sorry, is it just a sandglobe?"

Karrin wonders, "Alright! How was the game this week for everyone, and do we have any topics I
haven't been told about already?"

Karrin states, "It's a flask."

Nephrat says OOCly, "Game was nice."

Pontifex states, "I have been fucking SICK."

Karrin says to Pontifex, "Bummer."

Nephrat says, "Hope you feel better soon."

Karrin states, "I hope you feel better."

Pontifex claims, "And a bog witch recommended me onion tea and that helped for a night and then I
got a fever so I am sure she tried to poison me. So I didn't RP all that much."

Nephrat says, "LOLOL"

Karrin queries, "Well, I mean, bog witches do have their good and bad brews?"

Pontifex states, "In short : Don't drink the onion tea. It is evil and tastes bad."

Musketeer says, "It's been nice having something to work towards again, in all honesty. Though I'm
worried (but also hopeful) that my time gets eaten up by work IRL in the near future."

Nephrat claims, "I think she really believed it would help. A large portion of the internet believes
in onion tea, apparently :D But yeah, you are a brave soul."

Sparkles muses, "Give a bad review on MageYelp?"

Karrin questions, "I do have an anonymous topic, one from Pontifex, and one from Invest. Any other
ones I should know about?"

Pontifex says, "I do feel a bit better now so I'll come back swingin' soon enough. I just needed the
real magic : concentrated chemicals. Like paracetamol."

Temi exclaims, "Good luck!"

Karrin states, "Alright! We can go into staff updates - I'll be myself and Lochan this week. But we
can start with Temi."

Temi says, "Oh, mostly the usual stuff, typos and the like, but I did help Lochan with some progs
and I worked on checking the salvage stuff for tailoring that had some issues with generics."

Karrin nods.

Temi nods at Karrin.

Karrin claims, "I have been doing more administrative things, as some likely temporarily saw. We're
going through about 40 specs or so from 11 years ago through now to see if they are something we
still want to implement, or if they are no longer desired and/or needed."

Karrin claims, "Lochan wanted to let you guys know that the bug board is nearly cleared off, and
we'll be working on new implementations soon, as a result."

Temi says, "Which is very exciting. We've long had bugs stacking up"

Karrin states, "We have! It's great."

InvestSouthside says "FOR NOW" then rubs his hands together maliciously

HIEROPHANT states, "I was at one point over half of the bug board, just, by myself."

HIEROPHANT claims, "They're all gone now. :D"

Karrin says, "I think he has like... 3 or 4 left. It's really great."

Pontifex pontificates, "Thanks buddy!"

Meiari states, "Time to find more, Hierophant :D I volunteer the Order for tribute"

Karrin states, "Hah. Ok, so, I think we can move on to topics. The first one has been brought up
several times before in the past, so just more of a quick reminder after an anonymous request for

Karrin states, "There was an anonymous topic brought to my attention dealing with whether someone is
being ignored ICly or OOCly after multiple targets, and the person they targeted just doesn't seem
to be replying to them or even noticing their existance. I've actually heard about this from several
different sources this week. So, I wanted to mention a few things about it from a staffer side:

-If you are in a scene with people, please do have enough respect for those you are playing with to
do your best to pay attention to what is going on in the room. That said - no matter what, things
CAN be missed, and ignoring people ICly IS a valid IC behavior. So, a few things.

-If you are ICly ignoring someone, this should be evident in the pose. 'So and so doesn't seem to
acknowledge blah's whatever.' Anything to indicate to the player that it is an IC behavior and not
an OOC oversight, please.

-If you feel like one of your poses may have been missed because you have not gotten a response, it
is appropriate and just fine to reach out to someone via tell or osay to go, 'Hey, I posed at you -
did you happen to miss it? Do you need me to repost it?'

I do feel like, most of the time, it is unintentionally missed, and it isn't malicious. If it is
becoming a habit and any of you get these types of nudges a lot, there are ways to highlight your
own character name in some clients so you don't miss a target your way - I have found that helpful
in the past."

Brando claims, "So basically its ok to ignore a character but it is not ok to ignore another player"

Temi nods at Brando.

Karrin states to Brando, "Essentially, yeah. That's what it all boils down to."

Sparkles says, "I admit something that I have dreamed for years, would be the ability to get the
'ping' noise when you are targeted."

Brando claims, "Great, understood"

HIEROPHANT says, "I do have to chip in to mention that this is basically unavoidable in really big
(10+ person) scenes"

Karrin claims to Sparkles, "I often have my sound off, so that wouldn't necessarily help for me. But
for others, it might be useful."

Karrin claims to HIEROPHANT, "Absolutely true."

Brando claims, "In big scenes one can ask for turns to be applied "

Brando claims, "That way nobody misses out"

HIEROPHANT says, "I run a rule-of-three in big scenes, usually! Turns is bad with lots of people, as
it means an enormous delay between interactions per-person."

Temi claims, "It would drive me crazy - but certainly would be helpful for some. You could likely
set it up on your client though"

Temi nods at HIEROPHANT.

Karrin claims, "Usually the TURNS command is saved for intense scenes. In particularly large scenes,
it can acutally cause someone to not be able to pose but once every 30-40 minutes as they wait for
everyone else to pose, including those they may not even be interacting with, so I'd be careful with
that in large scenes."

Pontifex states, "I try my best to keep up, but it can be hard in big scenes, ya."

HIEROPHANT claims, "If three other people have posed before me, I consider that 'good enough' to
start on a reply of my own - but it's really not hard to at least do a nod or one of the other quick-
response commands to acknowledge someone's arrival or whatever"

Sparkles questions, "Or maybe a helpfile with the basics on how to set the coloring thingie up in
the top two/three clients?"

Karrin claims, "I would actually hate for someone to use TURNS in a large scene. It would make it

HIEROPHANT wonders, "Actually, is there a helpfile that lists all of the quick-response emotes like
nod and such?"

Meiari finishes abruptly, "I feel like Sparkles' suggestion is probably really helpful - I know I've
probably missed things and I think coloring my own name would be helpful if I knew how lol"

Temi claims, "There's the socials command"

Karrin states, "Not a criticism, though. More just an acknowledgement to help out and pay

Karrin says to Sparkles, "And I bet we could do something like that. I used to use color for my own
character's names, and for people I was scening with at the time, so I could see if they said
something. It helped a lot."

Karrin questions to Meiari, "What client do you use?"

Meiari states, "Mudlet"

HIEROPHANT declares to Temi, "socials does not appear to be a command I can access!"

Karrin claims, "Some socials work. Like, nod."

Karrin nods.

Karrin claims, "Agree."

Karrin nods in agreement with Temi.

Sparkles claims, "I think outside of the screenreader clients most folks use Mushclient or Mudlet."

Karrin states, "We have very few, but we have some."

Temi claims, "Oh, hrm, well, it may be staff only. It lists like 14"

HIEROPHANT wonders to Temi, "Maybe help socials is a helpfile worth making, then?"

Karrin says, "Ok, so we can absolutely consider putting up those instructions."

Karrin claims, "I absolutely have found coloring my name or other people's names important when I'm
focusing on other people and me."

HIEROPHANT finishes abruptly, "I'm a weirdo and used an unorthodox client, but, uhhh - I don't
usually have an issue with figuring out if someone's emoting at me"

HIEROPHANT states, "For some reason, it usually is pretty obvious."

Pontifex says, "I would never emote at you."

Karrin claims to HIEROPHANT, "Couldn't ever figure out why."

InvestSouthside states, "I blame the drip"

Sparkles claims, "Sometimes for me, I admit sometimes it's a matter of 'I the player acknowledge
you've done something but the emote itself leaves me confused how to respond and/or if a response is

Pontifex claims, "You do not meet my min. app 3 standards."

Karrin nods at Sparkles.

HIEROPHANT states, "I still say it's a shame census has no category for us App 1 uggos."

Karrin says, "I will note you can make your own quick socials with the alias command. If there's
something you would usually do."

Temi nods in agreement with Karrin.

Karrin states, "I have several."

Temi states, "That's a good thought, yes."

Karrin says, "Like."

Karrin bounces.

Karrin chuckles.

Pontifex says, ""people who have a greater personality than looks.""

Karrin rolls her eyes dramatically.

Karrin asks, "Anyway! Anything else about this topic?"

HIEROPHANT says, "I had no idea alias was a command. I use client aliases, sometimes, since I can
get fancy with the arguments - but, I am a weirdo and use a weird client."

Karrin claims, "I believe you can make up to 25 aliases within the game itself, outside of your
client aliases."

HIEROPHANT claims, "Neat."

Karrin claims to Pontifex, "Alright, I think you're up."

Pontifex declares, "Ok!"

Pontifex states, "Yeah, I think guildleaders should be able to tell how long someone is in their
guild, by the way. We have several guilds that require a minimum amount of staying within a specific
rank to be promoted and all that - so it would be nice to be able to actually tell how long someone
has been their rank and how long they are in the guild in total."

Karrin nods.

HIEROPHANT wonders, "Something like roles held, but for your guild's roster?"

Sparkles nods.

Pontifex states, "Yeah."

Karrin questions, "I agree, actually. Would you mind adding this to the idea board?"

Temi asks, "Do you have access to guildlist?"

Pontifex claims, "I do."

Nephrat says OOCly, "Wait, i thought that was already there"

Pontifex pontificates, "Sure can!"

HIEROPHANT says, "Guildlist only shows activity"

HIEROPHANT states, "Not time in role"

Karrin nods.

HIEROPHANT claims, "That'd be cool, I'd like that"

Pontifex claims, "I think a lot of guild leaders would like that, rofl."

Temi states, "Hrm, it should show last promoted time, but that might be on the staff view"

Valora says, "A time in role/guild table would be super cool. I know I would have appreciated it

Temi states, "Probably easy to update the guildleader view"

Nephrat says OOCly, "That was definitely on gl side at some point in the near past."

Pontifex claims, "Yeah, we don't get that, Remi."

Pontifex says, "...Temi."

Nephrat says, "I remember using it."

Temi says, "Probably a change with roles."

Karrin states, "Oh! Ideas board, while we're on it. You can make your note to all, or just to staff,
or to staff and certain people you are plotting with about your idea. If you have ideas and aren't
sure if you can make it to the OOC meeting, or aren't sure you want to bring it up here without
talking to us, feel free to plop them on there. We'll answer you."

Valora nods.

InvestSouthside nods.

Brando nods

Pontifex claims, "Okie dokes."

Karrin claims, "Alrighty! I think that one's pretty agreed upon, so please slap it up there."

Karrin claims to InvestSouthside, "You're next."

Pontifex states, "Already typing it up, lol."

Pontifex starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

InvestSouthside claims, "As some who's been a big lore junky we have a lot of stories on saints,
demons, and things that have been physically present however the world lacks a mythos and folklore.
Something to explain the unexplainable, at least as far as I have been able to find. I have even
contemplated beginning to compile something based on some real world myths considering we have
depictions of pheonixes, sea serpents, and gryphons. However a question I came to think about
earlier is, how would the world at large perhaps think of these stories? My gut feeling is like much
of the medieval world, fear. The church perhaps might see some of their depictions as red flags and
perhaps fascinations to those who like me are story collectors or artists. Sort of putting out vibes
if this is something even cared about the populace at large and what the staff feedback to an
introduction to things like this might be."

HIEROPHANT states, "This feels relevant to me, so I'll put my two cents in on it."

Brando wonders, "Do davites generally deal in myths?"

Temi says, "We've had a lot of those be thematically things, but not believed in as real by the

Brando asks, "Or is that a red flag to a orderite bull?"

Temi says, "So you can have dragons and gryphons and whatnot in heraldry"

Nephrat claims, "Human history has shown that myths will always exist"

Karrin pats her a colorful Nevernever Wyldfae faerie with a BigBox of pizza.

Pontifex claims, "Folklore and such predate proliferating religions IRL and often incorporate
elements of those."

InvestSouthside says, "Its not a religious thing if you look back to the medieval times. Its
regional thing to explain things that cant be explained generally"

Pontifex says, "Like a lot of demon depictions are just bad juju spirits from germanic and latin

Karrin claims, "Here, typically, I think the unexplainable is explained mostly by magic."

Sparkles questions, "The 'what's your local cryptid' type question?"

Karrin asks of Temi, "Would it be seen as heretical, do you think, by the Order? These things?"

Pontifex claims, "My local cryptid is a woman called Briggitsche. "

Karrin queries to Pontifex, "Is that like a Brioche bun?"

Temi states, "No, I don't think so, as long as you're not claiming they are real"

InvestSouthside states, "You got brownies, fey, sirens, all sorts of fun things that might come

Karrin nods.

Brando queries, "Is the lord of springs a cryptid ?"

Temi states, "They've definitely been in important heraldry"

Pontifex states, "No, it's an incredibly old streetwalker rumored to be so incredible in her
courtesanship that bishops and counts went to war over her."

Sparkles ponders.

HIEROPHANT queries, "From an OOC perspective, the lore is 20+ IRL years old and is the mutual and
sometimes-conflicting effort of dozens of players and staffers over that time, and really at no
point did anyone ever completely agree on what, precisely should or shouldn't be in the game -
people have just been contributing whatever they wanted to propose, filtered by the community and
the staff of their time, and it's built-up over time into a huge behemoth of all manner of secrets
of varying obscurity and importance.

The thing is, not every game secret you might uncover by exploring the grid, old books, etc. is
something current staff wants to pursue, nor something the current community wants to engage with -
so if you're exploring superstitions and so forth IC, you can save yourself a lot of headache by
poking a staffer and going 'hey I found this weird thing, is it cool if I run a plot to investigate

Brando nods

Karrin nods in agreement with HIEROPHANT.

Temi says, "There is help dragon"

Karrin claims, "We are, in general, not high fantasy."

Pontifex claims, "I think making up stories about why children should eat their soup or they DIE is
pretty Lithmorran."

Karrin says, "Dark fantasy, yes. But not high fantasy."

HIEROPHANT claims, "From an IC perspective, a pious davite is rightfully superstitious of anything
not explicitly church-approved; and there are many things that we as players might consider myths
that the characters in the game world take absolutely seriously - the Rhyme of Portents nursery
rhyme has a whole helpfile full of these sorts of examples."

Karrin states, "And rhyme rat does actually kill the rats. Speaking of that."


Brando claims, "Bog stock fantasy "

Pontifex says, "I say this because I grew up with these stories. You know the meme about German
bedtime stories being dark as frak? That's not a meme, that's just real."

InvestSouthside says, "Well im not talking just dragons, but we have these stories irl and we dont
have magic its literally a provincial thing to explain away the big bad wind or why the men in a
village disappeared"

Sparkles says, "There definately are some library books on some pretty weird things, as long as you
preface it as 'for entertainment purposes only' you can get all kinds of things, if you start
shouting from the street corners how the fae are all around us, etc, that might get a knock on your

Karrin claims, "Oh, the original Grimms tales and other things were incredibly dark. Disney and
modern times made them much more palatable to generations that were more delicate."

InvestSouthside queries, "Its not even about exploration of grid its more about making the world
feel alive I guess?"

Nephrat states, "Yeah, little red riding murderer."

Pontifex states, "The River Bren was made when the Lord of the Springs slipped once in the orkinwood
and then got up."

Karrin states, "Alright, I think we can generally agree that as long as you aren't saying, "This is
absolutely real," and instead are like, "This is a fairy tale story," you're probably fine."

Brando laughs in lithmoran

Karrin says, "Any more on this topic? We have one more."

Valora states, "Ponti are you saying the Lord of Springs can make mistakes and fall? Please speak
with your local inquisitor or knight after this meeting."

Pontifex claims, "If you don't cut your nails and hair, the Tubori slavers come and cut your thumbs
and scalp off to carry you away to pick coamjar forever."

HIEROPHANT says, "The thing I think folks should keep in mind on this is that superstitions
generally have some sort of basis in reality, but that basis is often ancient, distant, and/or
altered over time to where its original meaning is gone - but not all of them, like rhyming rats and
such, and so that's part of why -all- the superstitions are taken so seriously: Some of them are
immediately, observably true and real, and there's no way for an ordinary person to differentiate
between that and anything else, especially if they heard it from a trusted source - the church,
their parents, etc."

Karrin nods.

HIEROPHANT states, "Davism takes a 'better safe than sorry' approach to the supernatural, in

Pontifex claims, "If the milk is sour, a fucking witch is around."

Temi claims, "I am still proud of the Mage Stories book I put together. A bunch of fables of
naughty children and such who were then targeted by mages"


HIEROPHANT says, "I will note that there is generally a lack of outright works of fiction in terms
of books in-game"

Pontifex states, "But I think Southside doesn't mean just these. But also to explain striking
terrain features and just folk tales."

HIEROPHANT claims, "As in, books that just tell you straight up 'this is not a real story'"

Pontifex states, "Like that one dude who did a whole lot of ochards in the USA."

Pontifex says, "Or Cottoneye Joe."

HIEROPHANT states, "While i get what you mean - fables, the term for that is fables - those are
actually bad examples."

Pontifex says, "Like Beren of the Field, who was REALLY into apples."

HIEROPHANT states, "Most of those american 'mythical folk hero' figures were just, uh, made up by
one guy."

Pontifex says, "I'm just picking some that the largest part of the community would understand."


Brando gasps in lithmoran as his childhood is destroyed by fatcs

Pontifex states, "Can't really talk about Bandit Hotzenplotz here and expect people to understand,

HIEROPHANT states, "That is fair. I don't think there's a lot of recorded fables, no."

Karrin claims, "Alright, for the sake of time, I will have us move on. But, I look forward to more
mythology in game. Feel free to start building on that if it's something you're interested in,

Pontifex states, "Or strange animals that some farmer once mistook a more mundane thing here (or a
demon??) which are generally believed to be not real but it would be COOL if they were. Like Loch

HIEROPHANT says, "There are some, but in terms of - things that you might reference by metaphor in
casual conversation, nothing comes to mind."


Karrin defers to Valora then.

Pontifex claims, "Aight, sorry."

Meiari wonders, "So what I'm hearing is referring to fae or something as pre-consolidation Vavardi
lore could be acceptable?"

Temi claims, "Sure"

Brando snorts the mage ash they mistook as pixie dust

Brando cough cough cough

Meiari begins to descend.

Meiari leaves down.

Valora states, "So... it came to my attention recently that in most cases you can't be under the
affect of multiple things like drugs or alcohol at the same time and things like makeup and perfume
can't be worn at the same time. Even with only +1 to app for the look stuff having the ability to
have multiple in reason would be nice. Being able to cross fade though is probably a bigger one for
most people and being able to experience multiple drugs at once"

Karrin has transferred Meiari. [OOC]

Pontifex claims, "I support anything that will get me incredibly high."

Pontifex says, "Let me speedball."

Brando claims, "That would be cool as long as we also have some complications associated with being
under the influence of multiple things at once"

HIEROPHANT states, "I can explain this one! Had to check if I could, first."

Karrin defers to HIEROPHANT

Karrin wonders, "He and I actually talked about it, ugh. What, a couple months ago?"

HIEROPHANT states, "The way most drugs (and other substances that show up in the affects panel)
work, is they apply some modifier to a stat - this is usually Constitution, but some can benefit or
harm your other statistics."

HIEROPHANT states, "Generally, the higher 'power' of a new substance will overwrite an old substance
you're already on if it affects the same stat - but you can take as many drugs as you want that all
affect different stats."

Brando nods

HIEROPHANT says, "Some substances have an impact of 0 on a given stat, which does subject them to
the stacking rules - others don't, and they can be stacked with just about anything else; this isn't
always visible to the player, though."

Temi states, "Though most cosmetics are indeed on appearance"

HIEROPHANT says, "This is why you cant just sip on one of every humour tea to cure all illness; only
the first tea will apply, as the teas all have a tiny +2 to constitution bonus on 'em."

Karrin says, "So, some things can stack, and some things cannot. but yeah, cosmetics specifically,
won't necessarily stack. And if you happen to use one of the soaps that ups your app, and then try
to put on lip rouge or kohl, it won't stick (necessarily) - it may show up in your description in
cyan, but will fade and won't last the full time."

Karrin questions, "So if we allowed them to stack (without applying the additional app bonuses), is
this something people would want? Do you see benefits/drawbacks to it?"

Nephrat wonders, "Why not have them time and modifier thing separate in that specific case?"

HIEROPHANT says, "Appearance is also a stat that drugs/etc can apply these stacking rules to, so
sometimes it won't show up in your affects panel at all if a 'stronger' appearance benefit is

Karrin states to Nephrat, "The modifier needs to know how long it is supposed to modify, so I'm not
sure we can separate time from it, necessarily."

Nephrat claims, "So the kohl and rouge, for example, last their normal time while the modifier part
is done separately."

Temi states, "We don't necessarily want things to stack up to a huge modifier"

HIEROPHANT says to Temi, "I think he's saying to split the descriptive text from the app-score

Nephrat claims, "I see. I wasnt suggesting that they stack the modifier... yes. What Heiro said :D"

Sparkles claims, "I think as long as you can't utilize more than one thing at a time, given that
bathing has an actual effect (not being stinky) folks will tend towards soap over most other stuff,
which unfortunately likely effects how much folks buy."

Valora states, "I see... I wouldn't want to stack the modifiers but keeping the description of
effects would be cool. Like Heirophant said."

Temi states, "Ah, well, that's different. Though could certainly make balls scroll more."

Temi grins.

Nephrat states, "Lol"

Nephrat claims, "True"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Fancy soap doesn't last as long as dedicated perfumes and such."

HIEROPHANT says, "Also, some perfumes and cosmetics apply a special text after your sdesc in a room"

Sparkles says, "Yes, but they do make bathed last longer when you in them long board meetings."

Karrin claims, "I can honestly see more than 2 being a problem. Mainly because there are a lot of
things you can apply, and if they all show up under your intro or in your description, adn there's
more than one person doing it, the room can become even more cluttered in larger scenes."

HIEROPHANT says, "My guess is, THAT is why these things do not stack, too"

Temi nods in agreement with HIEROPHANT.

Karrin nods.

Sparkles states, "I think one perfume/soap and one like ... kohl/makeup etc would be enough."

Sjinn questions, "Ah, I've never checked.. does affect show how long you will be affected by your

Nephrat nods.

Karrin says, "I have wasted so much makeup by applying it too soon after bathing when my soap is
still in affect."

Nephrat nods at Sjinn.

HIEROPHANT states, "While it would be very funny to brush your hair, comb your beard, apply beard
wax, apply 3 kinds of cologne, apply kohl, and use an animal scent clump after a fragrant bath, that
is probably not good for readability in scenes :P"

Karrin nods in agreement with HIEROPHANT.

Nephrat says, "True, true. Looks good though. :'("

HIEROPHANT states, "If these things only showed up when you looked directly at someone I think it'd
be fine."

Karrin claims, "They are literally fluffed and beaten."

Sparkles claims, "In fairness some people are already doing that as descriptions have no hard

Karrin says, "Alright, something we can definitely put out there. I agree with the max of 2, though.
Anything more, and it might get to be pretty whoa."

HIEROPHANT states, "Wordy cosmetics can easily make someone's look readout exceed 40 lines"

Karrin nods at HIEROPHANT.

HIEROPHANT states, "But so can a long desc and a fabulously extravagant drip"

Nephrat grins.

Sparkles nods.

Karrin wonders, "Alrighty! We are getting close to time. For once, I don't have an additional topic
for us. Any last minute topics to take up the last 7 minutes of time?"

Meiari states, "Officer I did it for the aesthetic"

HIEROPHANT says, "As long as it's not more than 80 it's probably fine, IMO"

Pontifex states, "I'm good. I have gotten what I came for."

HIEROPHANT says to Karrin, "A very smol thing to pass to Lochan, perhaps"

Brando says, "I am just going to pmood it and say 'stinks of pretty' lol"

Karrin states to Temi, "You heard them. No more OOC goodies for Pontifex. They have what they came

Capitalism claims, "Need to find more things to break."

HIEROPHANT queries, "Since we updated display recently, perhaps allow display to work on room items?
Sometimes you might want to show someone the desc of something in a room that's notake, so you can't
pick it up"

Temi grins at Karrin.

Karrin exclaims to HIEROPHANT, "Sure!"

Capitalism says, "Gotta keep Lochan entertained."

Temi states, "Well, this week, anyway."

HIEROPHANT says, "Probably best to have its own argument for it"

Karrin claims to HIEROPHANT, "Ooooh, yeah, let me post that to him."


Temi claims, "Though it's at least easier to look at things when someone points them out, if they
are in the room."

Temi grins.

HIEROPHANT says, "It'd be cool to be able to go to the Crossroads and go "hey look at this engraving
you've walked past 400 times""

Pontifex says, "BTW, 'spread' being how you show cards to a room is very funny to me."

Nephrat queries to HIEROPHANT, "Like display room obj_name person?"


Nephrat nods.

HIEROPHANT trails off, "Keyword enumeration for commands that work with room -and- inventory are...
very janky"

Nephrat nods.

Karrin states, "Are you guys liking the new stuff he put in last week for you? I don't think you
even had a chance to get it on the boards before he implemented them, I talked to him about it once
he got back and he just sort of DID them."

InvestSouthside says, "Ive used it a lot lol "

HIEROPHANT says, "I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a storeroom and fumbled with
which crate is 7.crate because the number differs for get and put, ahg"

Karrin states, "Oh, yeah. Depending on what you have in your inventory."

Nephrat muses, "What was the command to look up the recent changes? :D"

HIEROPHANT says, "Help news"

Nephrat nods.

Karrin claims to Nephrat, "HELP NEWS will get you there."

Capitalism claims, "I enjoyed it all the way until I got stabbed."

Karrin questions to Capitalism, "We'll get that fixed. I think it already is?"

Sparkles says, "Walked around smelling rich again."

Capitalism states, "But I think Lochan got that fixed."

Karrin nods.

Capitalism claims, "I haven't gone back to try since."

Karrin says to Capitalism, "If you get stabbed, let me know. That's an us mistake if it happens. I
know he's still poking at those programs, though, so maybe try tomorrow."

Capitalism says, "It's fine. At some point I'll go back down. I need to finish writing my map out."

Karrin queries, "Alright then. Any last words before I boot you back to the grid for another
(hopefully) fun week of RP, and of not getting Pontifex's germs because behind screens?"

Brando waves

Pontifex states, "Anyway. Last word from me : Bratwurstkanlenreinigungsverordnung."

InvestSouthside states, "Avoid pontifex got it"

Meiari states, "Ewwww cooties"

Nephrat laughs.

HIEROPHANT questions, "Does the new look in <thing> at <thing> syntax work with shop items, by

Karrin says, "Especially after that. Geez."

Karrin says to HIEROPHANT, "I am not sure it does. But, you can apparaise a shop item."

Pontifex states, "I sneeze in your general direction."


HIEROPHANT states, "It might be cool for tailors in particular."

Temi states, "I don't think it does, but if it's open, appraise will show the contents"

Temi nods.

Karrin nods.

Karrin states, "Alright, lovelies. Thank you for participating today, and have a wonderful week."

Nephrat waves.

Pontifex claims, "You too! Byeeee."

HIEROPHANT finishes abruptly, "Appraise shows the sdescs, which is usually plenty - but I know some
folks like to do full extended descs on the individual items too"

Brando claims, "Cheers"

Sjinn exclaims, "Thanks you too!"

Temi nods at HIEROPHANT.

Karrin claims to HIEROPHANT, "You can add full descriptions for free if there isn't already one."

Nephrat nods at HIEROPHANT.

Karrin states, "Without retooling it."

Meiari fills a glass flask holding swirls of sand within its outer shell with capuan from a cask of
capuan brandy.

HIEROPHANT claims to Karrin, "Yeah, you just can't see that while it's in a container in a shop,
like outfits :)"

Musketeer fills a glass flask holding swirls of sand within its outer shell with capuan from a cask
of capuan brandy.

Pontifex fills a glass flask holding swirls of sand within its outer shell with capuan from a cask
of capuan brandy.

Karrin says, "The two things you can do without retooling: add keywords (because sometimes those are
wow), and add full descriptions."

Karrin states to HIEROPHANT, "True, indeed, though."

HIEROPHANT claims to Karrin, "And add @desc_cloak."

Karrin says to HIEROPHANT, "Oh? I didn't realize that one. That's great."


Meiari muses, "Wait what?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Old cloaks sometimes don't have them built in despite having a hood"

Sjinn claims, "Oh wow"

Capitalism fills a glass flask holding swirls of sand within its outer shell with capuan from a cask
of capuan brandy.

Karrin says, "If the crafter forgets, too. Which can happen."


Meiari claims, "You mean.... I.... so many things... Wow. Lesson learned I hope lol"

Karrin asks, "Ok, everyone. Sending you back. Don't eat worms, ok?"

Karrin smiles at Meiari.

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