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Karrin has transferred Musketeer. [OOC]

Pontifex declares, "PUPPY!!!"

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to Rambling.

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to InvestSouthside.

InvestSouthside questions, "Oh thanks puppy meeting item?"

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to Nephrat.

Karrin has transferred Meiari. [OOC]

Karrin has transferred HIEROPHANT. [OOC]

Karrin has transferred Valora. [OOC]

Temi says, "He's standing in for Lochan today."

Temi says, "Roll over"

A roly-poly white-bellied puppy enthusiastically flops over and rolls exuberantly over - straight
into Temi.

InvestSouthside says, "Roll over"

A roly-poly white-bellied puppy wiggles happily, jumping up happily at InvestSouthside before it
takes an enthusiastic nose dive and rolls about haphazardly over his feet.

Karrin has transferred Sparkles. [OOC]

Pontifex claims, "Sit"

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to Pontifex.

Karrin has transferred ThatBard. [OOC]

InvestSouthside carefully considers a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes.

The following information is recorded about it:
Fashioned out of long strands of spun sugar, the core of the airy sculpture
is made up of white to clear uncolored sugar, carefully positioned into a
roughly human shape that only calls out the skeletal bones of the figure.
Doing little to actually conceal the interior - or stop one from being able
to see all of the way through the piece - further long draping strands in
golden yellow hues hang off of its limbs and body, suggesting the shape of
long, flowing robes. A little sculpted sugar skull has been perched at the
top of the body, also bedecked with some veil-like filaments.

It has been embellished:
30206 a small amount of sugar

It is priced at approximately 75 silver.
This 'a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes' is a kind of food.
It has 4 bites remaining, which should be about 100% of the original batch.
It appears to be made of food.
It looks to be in excellent condition.
It weighs around 0 pounds.
It can be worn as follows: take
It could be reasonably held in both hands. (Actual size: 15)
Genuine sugar adds a luxurious sweetness.

Its value should be approximately 75 silver.
This can be embellished.
It should provide 75 energy per bite.
Barely substantial in the mouth, the strands of spun sugar fairly melt into a
rich, luxurious sweetness, leaving only a few of the larger parts where
multiple strands cross to crunch under the teeth if one does not wait more
than a moment.

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to Musketeer.

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to Meiari.

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to HIEROPHANT.

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to Valora.

Meiari stops using a delicate ombre silk fan painted with Lilies of the Valley.

Meiari holds a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes in her hand.

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to Sparkles.

Pontifex says, "The Skeleton appears."

Meiari snaps off a dangling strand of spun sugar robes, and it emits a barely perceptible crunch as
it breaks.

Temi grins.

Rambling says, "The Grand Vivier of Caramel"

InvestSouthside sits down.

(visnet) Staff Karrin: Did I forget anyone?

ThatBard sits down.

Temi claims, "Sorry, we've just been working on rollovers with him."

Temi grins.

Valora states, "That is adorable and cursed some how."

ThatBard wonders, "There is a puppy?"

Valora says, "The Skeleton."

Temi nods in agreement with ThatBard.

HIEROPHANT says, "It's me, John Skeleton"

Karrin says to ThatBard, "Tell the puppy to roll over."

ThatBard says to a roly-poly white-bellied puppy, "Roll over."

A roly-poly white-bellied puppy enthusiastically flops over and rolls exuberantly over - straight
into ThatBard.

Pontifex states, "Roll over"

A roly-poly white-bellied puppy flops over onto its back and promptly rolls over half way before it
stops, feet wiggling in the air before it falls back over.

Pontifex states, "I am in love."

Temi claims, "He's mostly got it."

Temi grins.

Pontifex states, "I am healed. I no longer have soberness depression."

Karrin states, "The puppy represents Lochan, who could not be here today."

(visnet) Staff Karrin: Feel free to send me a tell if I forgot you. I had a lot of tells come in at

Karrin exclaims, "Let's get going!"

Karrin says, "OOC Chat Rules:

- Approach each topic with the mindset that each person is doing the best they can with the
knowledge they have, staff and player alike.
- Please avoid topics around current events. Nothing should be revealed in an OOC meeting that
others would prefer to find out in game ICly.
- This is not the correct forum for criticism of a specific player or a topic centered around one
player. If there are concerns about a specific player, or specific policy violations, please address
that with staff privately."

InvestSouthside claims, "I can scribe if no one wants to"

Karrin claims to InvestSouthside, "I hadn't even GOTTEN there yet."

Karrin claims, "As Invest has gotten it the last two times, I'll ask everyone else if they want it.
If no one else does, I'll let him."

Pontifex states, "I hoard QP like a dragon does stock options in Microsoft. I'm good."

Valora says, "He's done a good job. So I'm good."

Sparkles muses, "Dragons can legally buy stock?"

Meiari trails off, "Too lazy to be bothered. Also sometimes my logs translate to chinese so..... I
don't trust anything anymore"

Karrin states to InvestSouthside, "All you."

InvestSouthside muses, "Didnt you know nelmi is secretly a dragon?"

Karrin has awarded you 3 QPs: Stinkin' scribe again.

Valora wonders, "Sparkles are you gunna tell a dragon no?"

Pontifex says, "Of course greedy, terrible beasts can buy stock options, Sparkles."

Pontifex states, "That's what Capitalism is about."

Karrin muses, "Alright then, I think I'll start with general feel for the game and topics, and then
we'll get into staff updates. How was RP this week, folks?"

Pontifex claims, "I scream unendingly into the night. But that's normal. Things went okay so far."

Valora pontificates, "I had a great week. Been a lot of fun!"

InvestSouthside states, "Bureaucracy is slowly becoming my rope but I will be okay I know how to
make knots"

Meiari claims, "Nothing quite like a person dressed head to toe in firey regalia attending council

Pontifex claims, "Dude, that sounds super foreboding."

Nephrat states, "I really liked Heirophant's themed stuff. Really liked."

Rambling declares, "I found something!"

Karrin states, "Remember that you can recommend for awesome stuff like that."

Rambling trails off, "I wish I didn't..."

Pontifex claims, "The skeletons were fucking AWESOME."

Nephrat declares, "I did!"

Pontifex trails off, "I dunno what genius mage done it tho..."

Valora queries, "Rambling do you need to come to confession my friend?"

Meiari claims, "I'm sorry Rambling, I can only imagine."

Karrin has transferred Cal. [OOC]

Temi says, "Sounds pretty positive in all."

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to Cal.

Karrin says, "Refer to HELP RECOMMEND to make sure what you put in there can be properly awarded,
and recommend away. You can even recommend staff. Lochan's a goob, but he's done a lot this week for

Rambling says, "Also discovered despite both my best efforts and race I do not have alcohol in my
tolerances :("

Karrin muses, "Does anyone have any topics this week?"

Rambling claims, "Good news this will be fixed :)"

Rambling states, "Bad news I have a reason to fix it :("

Temi comforts Rambling.

HIEROPHANT stops using a silver bar.
HIEROPHANT holds a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes in his hand.

HIEROPHANT snaps off a dangling strand of spun sugar robes, and it emits a barely perceptible crunch
as it breaks.

Karrin states, "Going once, going twice? If not, I have a fun topic."

Pontifex states, "Uh oh"

HIEROPHANT is horrified.

Meiari claps excitedly.

Sparkles claims, "I have an idea to suggest, but it should be quick (I think.)"

Karrin wonders, "Are we horrified that I have topics (I always have stuff to bring up to you guys),
or at the breaking of the evil skeleton bones?"

Karrin nods at Sparkles.

Pontifex claims, "Yes"

HIEROPHANT says, "Yes"

Karrin claims, "Got ya."

Karrin states, "Alright, we'll go on with our staff updates."

Karrin defers to Temi firstly.

Karrin wonders to Cal, "Did you get a skeleton?"

Rambling claims, "Can we have that as a quote"

Temi claims, "Okay! Mostly just handling requests and things and trying to keep stuff going for
responses on plot stuff."

Karrin questions, "There's a funny quotes section. Maybe?"

Pontifex states, "I've got a skeleton, but it's in my other fleshsuit."

Temi says, "Nothing big to report."

Temi nods in agreement with Karrin.

Temi says, "On the forums."

Karrin says, "As with last week, most of my stuff this week has been administrative. Though I did
get a person or two into a house. Mostly been batting ideas back and forth with Lochan. He's put in
a lot of changes this week. Some everyone will see, some they won't."

Karrin queries to Sparkles, "Why don't you open up with your idea?"

Sparkles queries, "Is there any possibility we could get a way to show the inside of a container or
bag to someone else?"

HIEROPHANT wonders, "Like display but for containers?"

Sparkles says, "Yes, it would be super helpful when interacting with retainers. And also if you want
to show one person something on the downlow or without spamming the entire room."

Karrin wonders, "Hmm, interesting thought. I can't speak to the code around it, but if it's
something that would be wanted, we can be sure to have it put on the bug board and Lochan can take a
look. Would others want that?"

Nephrat states, "Sounds like it could be useful."

Meiari claims, "That would be super handy if possible."

InvestSouthside claims, "I think it could be good"

Karrin nods.

Valora states, "I would definitely appreciate that. I've wished I could do that a few times."

Karrin questions to Sparkles, "Can you put it on the bug board with a description about how you
would like it to work?"

Sparkles says, "Of course."

Karrin has transferred Capitalism. [OOC]

Karrin states, "Is there anything else? If not, I have a topic for us to discuss - I want your

Temi gives a fragile spun sugar skeleton draped in golden yellow robes to Capitalism.

HIEROPHANT states, "Similar to that idea, I have something"

Karrin nods at HIEROPHANT.

Karrin states, "Go ahead."

HIEROPHANT claims, "I don't know why I arranged that sentence backwards. Uh. Anyway.

Folks have been doing all sorts of cool artwork lately and I was thinking it'd be cool to have
certain containers like shelves allow you to look at their contents without having to pull the item
out - or maybe just a specific 'display case' container that can hold a few objects for that purpose
- that way, you can have one or two objects in a room, yet still functionally display a whole art
gallery. "

HIEROPHANT claims, "Since artwork and such can often times clutter a room up."

Karrin says, "So, being able to look at something that's inside something. It's not unrealistic,
I've seen it done in other MUDs."

HIEROPHANT claims, "It could be useful in guildhalls for displaying Cool Stuff like Knights' war
trophies or Bards' masterpieces, and phomes could use it to just put a few things on display without
cluttering the room's description.

Synax would just be something like look <container keyword>.<number>.<object keyword> or similar
maybe perhaps."

Sparkles claims, "Being able to do that with books so that books don't need to just be all over the
floor in the library would be amazing. "

HIEROPHANT states, "It'd also let you put books on shelves and look at them to see their table of
contents without pulling the book out. Yeah"

InvestSouthside states, "I would really like that tbh you collect doodly bops without them clutters
but be on display for others"

Meiari says, "I could potentially have proper display cases of artsy things? I'd adore that."

Karrin says, "Books may, admittedly, be harder because each of those have pages within them. But,
doesn't hurt to suggest. Throw it on the bug board for me? I like the idea."

Valora agreed... I'd have one just for OOC meeting items tbh.

Temi states, "We do have display cases now that are for organizing stuff on shelves for shops."

HIEROPHANT states, "You can already sorta-kinda do that with stone and wooden shelves as they are
"open" containers but they just show the sdesc of the things in them on look"

HIEROPHANT states, "Aight"

Pontifex claims, "Good idea. Kudos for that."

Karrin nods.

Karrin wonders, "Alrighty! Anything else?"

Pontifex claims, "Not from me."

Karrin claims, "Ok, prepare for the spam. And then I'd love to hear your thoughts. Realize this is
just a beginning idea, so your input is valuable as this is just being thrown around right now."

Karrin muses, "So, I can't help but notice how much RP has been going on lately now that the
Seneschal tasks have been handed out, and the Seneschal has been actively pulling people into RP as
a result, having something to RP around. I wondered what the playerbase thought about having tasks
(of sorts) to RP around to give to other GLs. Not necessarily to the scale that we give the
Seneschal, but maybe on occasion (once every couple months), a few little tasks to give GLs that
come down from royal leadership, or whoever and what not, to do a few things.

My thought is that we can do a couple things here, and I have a couple hopes that go with it:
- Combine guilds (so run tasks for, say, Troubadours and Physicans to do together) in tasks to
promote RP between guilds
-Promote guild-specific RP that is a bit deeper than the usual mechanics
-Give GLs a little something to RP around that they don't have to completely make up themselves,
which can get exhausting when done regularly.

To be clear, we don't intend these to be constant, nor do we intend them to be like those huge plots
that were rush, rush, rush type atmospheres - that to me felt overwhelming for both staff and
players. More something for GLs to work around and RP with, and talk to other players about, and
generally just promote RP.


Meiari claims, "That sounds like a great way to help drive guild engagement. I'm all for it."

Karrin states to Meiari, "That was sort of my thought - guilds have been dwindling, but then the
playerbase has, too. If we can give a little nudge or guidance or RP fodder as staff and help you
guys have interesting things to talk about, I figured it could only help and not hurt."

InvestSouthside says, "I would be super up for that"

Cal trails off, "Yeah.... that's a problem "

Pontifex says, "I love that, personally."

Karrin says, "It would still lay the dependence on getting the word out and the stirring up of RP to
the GLs, but at least they wouldn't have to come up with everything themselves. That can get

Pontifex states, "IDK how it was during the crusade times, but we are getting some small tentative

Valora states, "I like that idea a lot actually. Sounds like a fun way to build guild ties and give
hooks for people to engage with. "

HIEROPHANT says, "I think at the core it's not a bad idea, but advise some caution in how serious
the stakes are for those guild tasks. I'd also avoid calling them 'tasks', maybe workshop that a
little, since 'task' sort of implies its mandatory. Guild RP Hooks or something, idk.

We also just need more players in general to make the most of the idea, I think. Some guilds are
pretty bare right now."

Temi finishes abruptly, "It would definitely be more on GLs to do, but hopefully in a fun way rather
than overwhelming - so if you think it might be overwhelming, please do let us know"

Karrin nods in agreement with Temi.

Sparkles says, "I think this sounds like a great idea. My main thought/insight would be tasks that
allow for creative solutions, so that they allow folks to highlight talents/skills/creativity
outside 'have money' and 'hit things' as those tend to be things already sort of forward rewarded in
RP in general."

Karrin says, "Yeah, it's my idea, so I really love it. But if there are things I'm not thinking
about, tell me."


HIEROPHANT states, "I've really been liking the different projects people have been running lately,
they're very creative and I'd look to those as ideas of how people could make a creative solution to
a novel problem"

Karrin states to Sparkles, "I think we can definitely keep that in mind. And I didn't intend on
aiming it toward smash or cash, so I think we have the same thought process."

Karrin asks of HIEROPHANT, "I think you've talked to me some about how the current project stirred
up some RP things on your side, right?"

HIEROPHANT states, "Yeah, to mixed degrees of success (I really have to get the ball rolling right
when a project starts if I want folks to interact with it on my side) but it at the very least got
folks talking and thinking."

HIEROPHANT claims, "And as we know, talking and thinking is critical for RPXP gains :D"

Sparkles states, "Also uh ... varying the tone. Back to back like super emotionally heavy
plots/tasks can kind of make the general game tone a bit ... depresso sometimes. "

Temi claims, "Yeah, that's definitely something that's been on our minds."

ThatBard states, "I would like to add spam crafting to the smash or cash. some rp solutions would be

Temi claims, "We'd also be rotating between different targets"

Karrin states, "Ok, this seems like it's positively received. If you have any ideas for tasks for
any guilds, whether or not you are a part of them. They can be considered. But overall, I'm going to
try to come up with things. Just to manage expectations, every guild won't be getting tasks every
month. Nothing like that. It's going to be spread out. I'm thinking once every two to three months,
and then there is NO RUSH to complete them. You guys could get as creative as you want, and I
greatly encourage pulling in people in other guilds, even if they aren't part of the original

Pontifex states, "I never think."

Karrin states to Sparkles, "I agree entirely. We'll have some happy things."

Pontifex claims, "The enemy does not know my plans if I do not know them myself."

ThatBard claims, "I think what I would like too see is a back ground plot for the guilds. Low stake
long term, basically. That way people could have something to work on when rp get quiet or rp about
in the daily tavern scene."

Karrin questions, "Question - would you like these delivered by personal board to the entire guild,
or do you want it directly to the GLs?"

Pontifex states, "Let's all do an expedition to the Orkinwoods to find the legendary food of soo she
once more."

Karrin queries, "Story review 141, for the win?"

ThatBard questions, "I would simply make it a board to the guild, open to everyone. Maybe with a
plot going with it to submit actions?"

Karrin claims, "I'm not sure it'd be a one plot thing. But we can probably make a staff plot so it
wouldn't cost anyone anything to submit plots TO the tasks that runs almost always called like,
"Guild Relations,""

Karrin asks of Temi, "Thoughts?"

Karrin claims, "Or just a generic "Guild Tasks", and you could attach anything related to the tasks
we gave out to that one."

Temi claims, "It would definitely be stuff that could count for gpoints, so there wouldn't
necessarily need to be free cost plot headers"

Karrin says to Temi, "True."

HIEROPHANT says, "Plots are useful tools but if the goal is to generate guild-level RP hooks, uh, I
don't think plots necessarily do that very well, given how... outside of the grid they are. But they
can be a tool in the toolbox, sure, yeah"

Karrin claims, "Remember that you get new gpoints every 2 weeks. So, gives you plenty of time
between, even if your metric is low and you don't get many. And since there'd be no huge rush on
these, you could put things together."

Karrin nods in agreement with HIEROPHANT.

Temi says, "But yeah - on grid stuff would be nice to see more of than rp with staff stuff."

Karrin claims, "I'd say, plots would tell us your final results on the task, maybe? Or what you
decide to do? But most of the RP should be outside of the plot."

Sparkles trails off, "I think one thing would be ... if it's a header plot (or a new subtype) that
would remove the whole 'you can only RP about this if your GL adds a guildpoint'"

Capitalism questions, "Is there a way to check said gpoints?"

HIEROPHANT states, "Type gpoints"

Karrin claims to Capitalism, "Just type gpoints"

Capitalism states, "Huzzah"

Karrin says, "But yes, for those curious, this does include illegal or magey guilds, too."

Temi says, "Though not necessarily official from the crown stuff in those cases"

Temi grins.

Karrin claims, "Not necessarily in the putting guilds together part, but we won't leave them out. I
will just ask for a while to get things to start rolling, because we don't want EVERY guild trying
to draw the attention across the grid all at the same time. So, we'll get some going - I'll try this
week - for a few guilds. And then the rest, know that you'll get yours within the next couple
months, trickling in. But feel free to interact with others tasks - butt in."

Karrin says to Temi, "YES. True."

Karrin claims, "Ok, sorry, had some tells for a moment."

Karrin says, "Anyway, if you have ideas, send them my way? Especially with connections between pairs
of guilds. Otherwise, I'm going to start sinking in some thoughts and I'll get some out this week.
Please don't be disappointed if your guild isn't first, we'll put it on a cycle, and yours will come

Pontifex claims, "I would share thoughts if I had any right now. Sadly, these meetings are always
midnight for me."

Karrin states, "No, no, you're good! My silence is because I'm responding to people in tells. Are
there any other topics? If not, I'll send you back home."

Temi claims to Pontifex, "At a better hour will be totally fine"

Temi grins.

Karrin trails off, "Final chance, 3....."

Karrin trails off, "2...."

Pontifex says, "Y'all are invited to my birthday party."

Karrin trails off, "Ooooooooooooooone...."

Meiari wibbles dramatically because she can

Karrin declaims, "Have fun!"

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