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Karrin states, "Someone's going to have to be faster than him someday. But alright, have at."

Capitalism says, "I would. But I'm likely to need to disappear in about 30 minutes'ish"

Capitalism says, "Maybe a bit sooner"

Karrin claims, "I'd like to start with staff news from this week, then we'll go on to collecting
topics and seeing how the game was for everyone."

Karrin defers to Lochan, "I'll let you go first."

Lochan nods.

Karrin has transferred Jiraiya. [OOC]

Karrin nudges Lochan. Is he still alive?

Lochan exclaims, "Hey everyone, so this week I've been busy going through our existing bug list and
trying to get through as many of the higher priority ones as possible. I've also been taking the
time to audit the codebase and identify places I would like to clean up or at least modify. If you
find bugs while playing please do feel free to send a note or bug board it! "

Lochan pontificates, "Hey! I'm typing! "

Lochan faints.

Karrin grins.

Karrin says, "And he fixed crashtea"

Lochan exclaims, "I also may have left one CrashTea, so drink with worry this week! Muhaha"

Lochan grins.

Karrin chuckles.

Temi grins.

InvestSouthside looks in his inventory and grins with malicious intent

Karrin nods to Temi. "Your turn."

Pontifex claims, "Wow."

Valora looks on with concern.

Pontifex worries intensely and in technicolor.

Temi states, "Well, a lot of my efforts this week have been towards responding to plot related
stuff, especially on the Daravi wrap-up stuff, now that that is passed over to our new Seneschal"

Pontifex claims, "Sorry Temi"

Temi finishes abruptly, "Other than that, it has been mainly the usual small requests that keep
staff busy. And discussing with the others on lots of topics and plans for the future - undecided
so far"

Temi grins at Pontifex.

Temi exclaims, "I wouldn't have pushed things into motion if I was afraid of it!"

Temi nods at Karrin.

Karrin claims, "I have been doing a lot of administrative things, and catching up on old staff
topics that may have fallen off the radar. And driving the rest of the staff members nuts, mostly,
with discussing and making decisions on those things."

Karrin claims, "So most of mine might not be seen player-side at the moment. But I promise I'm quite
busy driving everyone bananas."

Temi nods in agreement.

Trogdor queries, "Burninating the staff?"

Temi claims, "I mean, no, not bananas at all. But busy."

Temi grins.

Karrin states to trogdor, "No, I'll leave that to you. But, spoiler, we're ALL mages."

Trogdor claims, "I suspect most staff members are witches, tbh"

Trogdor pontificates, "I knew it!"

Karrin confirms trogdor's words.

Capitalism makes a note to make banana desserts later...

Valora trails off, "This confirms all my priors..."

Karrin defers to Vask. "And now, our newest staffer. Everyone, say hello."

Pontifex pontificates, "Hi!"

InvestSouthside waves with a distinguished little plush otter toy posed seated upright

Vask says, "Howdy everyone. I'm Vask, and I'm the newest staffer to join on. Not much to add at this
point as I haven't been involved in much yet, but I'm excited to get into the thick of it. "

Tiberius waves.

Trogdor states, "Okay, so this is going to be difficult for me to refer to you as vask the

Vask claims, "Honestly, I'm okay with it."

Trogdor states, "Phew"

Karrin chuckles.

Vask claims, "It's the perfect cover for when I inevitably get into shenanigans."

Karrin states, "I do believe he will be a shenanigan maker, so. Stay tuned for those things."

Vask grins.

Pontifex says, "Just remember to give me 100 in attributes and you'll be fine."

Karrin wonders, "How was RP this week for everyone? Does anyone have topics they'd like to register
for discussion?"

InvestSouthside claims, "Ive had a really good week"

Pontifex declares, "Getting used to my new things and having done my first (small) plot, I am
positively nervous for tomorrow still!"

Tiberius states, "Great. I had an idea for something that might be helpful."

Sjinn says, "Great RP week for me."

Karrin states to InvestSouthside, "Good to hear"

Trogdor states, "No burninations, despite my best efforts"

Karrin states to Pontifex, "I think tomorrow will go great."

Valora says, "It's been a good week. Reached some goals, been working hard, learned more every day.
Is great."

Karrin claims to Tiberius, "Ok, I'll put you on the topics list."

Karrin declares, "To sjinn Great!"

Karrin claims to trogdor, "Bah, next week maybe."

Pontifex claims, "Oh, remember people - Tomorrow at 4 PM EST, we will have the spring festival at
Lake Harmon! Mule train will be provided at the west gate so you don't have to wrestle bears."

Rambling claims, "I appeared again after a long period of nothing."

Karrin states to Valora, "We do have a lot of stuff to dig through, even for established

Karrin declaims to Rambling, "Appearing again is good!"

Karrin questions, "Ok, so I have Tiberius for a topic, anyone else before we move on?"

Karrin states to Tiberius, "Alright, go ahead with your topic."

Tiberius states, "I wonder if most would like it if liquidations, and executions, had to be
announced on the log on screen two days at least before they were allowed. Reason being,
liquidations can go unnoticed unless you check the list everyday."

Karrin says, "Hmm."

Temi states, "You should be able to turn on to get liquidation notices if you care about them"

Tiberius claims, "Oh ok."

Trogdor says, "Yeah, but i think that only works when the person issues the command and you are
logged in"

Karrin states, "We only require 4 hours for a cnote for executions and pyrings, if I remember
correctly, so two days is not reasonable. Even murders, only 24 hours necessary."

Trogdor says, "For executions, i'm going to say that sometimes players are eager to get their
character wrapped up and so forcing them to wait for two IRL days before they are executed seems
unfair to them"

Temi states, "It's possible it's not working as well as we might want, so if folks aren't happy with
where that's at, definitely let us know."

Temi says, "And yeah, it can also often be a whole week they would have to wait, if weekends are the
only time they overlap with the executors, etc."

Karrin says, "I'm not sure I'm quite ok with making them that visible, though. The commands are
available for those who want to look. And the only reason it ought to be a large issue is if you
have reason to block it. And I agree with Zarif on the others, I don't think they should have to log
in for two days on all of their characters and have their wrap up in their face."

Karrin questions, "Is there a specific concern that brought this up?"

Tiberius claims, "One of my chars at least would have done more drastic rp with characters that have
liquidated before letting them leave."

Tiberius states, "But it's no worries"

Karrin claims, "Once they have put in the liquidation request, it is rare for them to continue
RPing. Most put in the request, and then stop. And unless it's something that would be on our list
of reasons you could block it, we couldn't force them to come back."

Trogdor states, "I too would have benefited from a few RP sessions with liquidated characters"

Trogdor says, "Ahh, gotcha"

Karrin queries to Temi, "You've been doing this longer than me. Do you see a different trend?"

Temi claims, "Though you could certainly put in a pboard to ask them if they would be up for it"

Trogdor says, "There should be more rewards for players who wrap up their characters, IMHO. no
stick, so gotta give 'em a carrot"

Karrin says to Temi, "True."

Temi states, "We do consider a liquidation as a wrap-up, as opposed to just disappearing, and we've
adjusted policies around that more recently"

Temi claims, "But I definitely think there's been some big ones who have wrapped up and tried to RP
with folks about it before actually submitting. Usually done once it's submitted though, yeah"

Capitalism dips out.

Capitalism begins to descend.

Tiberius waves.

Sparkles claims, "I've been in that situation often and it is a bit unfortunate but ... I have
realized that blocking the liquidation won't actually force the other person to log in or to put
full effort into it. It can leave sometimes a lot of loose ends sometimes."
Capitalism leaves down.

Karrin states, "You can block liquidations for several reasons, though. It's in HELP LIQUIDATION, if
you'd like to reference it. One of those things being recently stirring up RP or if they have
pending business. So, you can legitimately put in a block for that."

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Karrin states, "And if you have them in custody (kidnaps or jail, you know), you can block, too.
They can't just liquidate out of that situation."

Temi finishes abruptly, "There are a couple of ways that can go - 1) they had no intention to play
again regardless and there's no changing it, or 2) they didn't imagine everyone cared and they're
happy to have that final scene at least"

Karrin nods.

Sparkles states, "I do sometimes wish there was a 'Hey I don't want to block this neccessarily, but
here's some considerations/questions that's going to cause going forward' way to ping some stuff."

Jiraiya is idle.

Sparkles states, "Mostly frequently folks uh, leaving with Guild equipment."

Pontifex claims, "Sadly I have zero opinions on this topic. This message is just so I don't idle

Tiberius claims, "Lol I do that sometimes too"

Karrin says, "Yeah. The game has lost a lot of valuable things with people liquidating and still
carrying them. One of a kind books, guild items, mobs."

Karrin asks, "Alrighty, any last words on this particular topic?"

Lochan says, "Might be worth putting something in place to put liquidated characters' inventory in a
place that we can retain it / retrieve if need be. Just a thought"

Temi says, "We have tried to update to get those things back at least on disappearing people, so if
it's an object thing on an actual liquidation, you might let us know"

Trogdor states, "We should hire a goon squad to go 'talk to' people who don't do wrap ups"

Temi claims, "Oh, it should be in the dead room"

Lochan nods.

Sparkles says, "Mostly that there's no way in the liquidate system itself currently to note that, so
it has to go on a seperate board and hope that the person doing the liquidation catches the board."

Karrin claims, "Oh, we have a dead room. Good to know."

Karrin claims to Temi, "How long do people have to ask about that? I can imagine there'd be a time

Rambling claims, "Ah, the corpse room, that's a thing."

Pontifex says, "Can I go into the corpse room."

Rambling states, "Writing the cnote now"

Karrin muses to Pontifex, "Sure. I need to try out my 'slay' command. Ready?"

Temi states, "Sorry, it's in OOC land. And I don't know if we have a specific time limit or not"

Pontifex states, "Yes, let's gooooooooooo"

Karrin pontificates, "Anyway!"

Karrin motions to Pontifex. "Your topic."

Pontifex claims, "Hi! So, I got up to a fright today, 'cause the Troubadour taxes were three months

Pontifex claims, "Since I only were able to pay them because I got GL recently, I think there needs
to be an automated system... because regular members can't do that or access guild funds. So idle
GLs can get the guildhalls foreclosed pretty quickly."

Tiberius claims, "Wow lol"

Karrin says, "It can even just be an oversight, as it doesn't show up in 'score' like your own

Meiari trails off, "Yeah I know I can be forgetful about checking that at times..."

Sparkles claims, "Sometimes newer GLs don't even realize they need to do that manually because
player taxes get autopaid. "

Karrin states, "Player taxes do if they set autotax up, yeah."

Karrin wonders, "So, we would want it coming out of guild funds, right?"

Temi says, "I don't think we've ever actually reclaimed any guild resources, at worst it's a lean to
address it, unless they respond that they actively aren't paying it"

Karrin nods at Temi.

Pontifex states, "Yeah. I sure paid ours with guild funds."

Karrin states, "That's true, too. Any of those - everything stays whatever it is until we manually
go through and change it. So guildhalls are unlikely to be processed. We'd just nudge as a staff."

Pontifex states, "I think it's just easier if it's automated myself."

Temi claims, "Sure. I don't know if we'd want to move it to a top of priorities, but we could
certainly talk about it, depending on where it falls for people"

Sparkles nods.

Karrin states, "I'll add it to the topic list."

Karrin claims, "Do we have any more on this one, or any more player topics? If not, I have a topic.
But, I apologize that it's not as fun as last week's."

Karrin claims, "Ok! I'll take silence as a 'move on already'."

Pontifex claims, "Yeah, we waitin'."

InvestSouthside turns the head on his plush otter from side to side, its gaze directed out through
miniature spectacles imperiously.

Karrin claims, "What are your feelings on the @eat extra description that you can add to food and
drinks? I have my feelings that I'll share in a bit, but I want to know your feelings."

Pontifex states, "That's the one that shows the others in the room, right? Not @taste ed."

Karrin says, "Right."

Lochan nods.

Trogdor states, "No hard feelings, i don't tend to use that"

Pontifex claims, "I find it kind of strange because it prescribes how a person eats. That should be
in RP."

InvestSouthside states, "I didnt know about it till the tea"

Karrin nods at Pontifex.

Musketeer is idle.

Pontifex claims, "So I never use it."

Temi states, "It's definitely not as common as @taste, but it's an option that does add more
flexibility for crafters now."

Tiberius gnaws on his otter messily as he eats jk

Meiari muses, "I mean there's a default eat that's echoed to the room, right? I would have never
thought to tool something else for it"

Karrin wonders, "Well, the tea - this could have happened either way because it was a syntax thing,
we've addressed that. But, I have strong feelings about @eat based on how it's been used before, and
I want to know if anyone just loves it, I guess?"

Sparkles states, "I think there are times it can be interesting in some circumstances like say ...
explaining something that might not be obvious for modern folks but it can also cause confusion and
be a bit spammy."

Sjinn says, "I didn't really know about it and if it's being used to determine a person's
actions/reactions to the item then it's a big no for me. "

Karrin claims, "My opinion is... the @eat chosen may not be the way I actually eat something. There
could be an @eat that says I take a delicate nibble, but I emoted shoving the whole thing in my
mouth. And, I feel like it detracts. So I had considerations of removing it. I've also seen people
tool it in the past to have things drip down your chin, other things. BUT, that said, I've also seen
it used well where it described a crunch, or something."

Karrin states, "The bug this week just made me take a hard look at it, is all. And then memories of
long ago came up, where I had emoted that I ate something carefully, and the @eat said that I
messily had everything dripping everywhere, and I was all 0.0."

Pontifex says, "I won't cry if I lose it. I never use it myself."

Karrin claims, "I do think it is rarely used."

Temi nods.

Temi muses, "Would anyone miss it?"

Karrin says, "And it's not something I want to police and go YOU CAN'T USE IT THAT WAY, because
that's not really how I roll. If it's in, people can use it any way they want."

Sjinn says, "I don't think, what your describing, adds anything. Unless it's a surprise cake with
surprise consequences for biting into it.. hah."

Karrin states to Sjinn, "That is a cute use for it."

Pontifex states, "I suppose so, but crunching, mouth feel, etc, can be also just put in @taste, and
players can RP accordingly."

Lochan says, "Yeah I would rather have the player decide how they eat/drink/react to something they
are eating than have someone tell them it is that way"

Vask nods.
Jiraiya has left the game.

Temi claims, "How it's eaten normally too - like I've seen it on the artichoke leaves and scraping
the bites off."

Karrin nods.

Tiberius says, "I rearely ever used it when I tooled food"

Karrin states, "So it sounds like no one has any objections to its removal. Alright. Spread the
news, talk to your friends. I'll put it on the sideboard for a 'later' thing, and if anyone
desperately wants it, they can reach out and reconsider within the next few days."

Sparkles asks, "Maybe a middle ground would make it only echo to the person eating? That way it is a
more a suggestion and they can still emote accordingly?"

Pontifex claims, "Oh that's a lovely suggestion, actually."

Karrin states to Sparkles, "We already have taste for that, though. And some tastes are already very

Sparkles nods.

Karrin questions, "Unless you mean something different?"

Sparkles nods.

Temi claims, "I don't really see an issue with adding it onto the taste"

Karrin muses, "Alright then, thank you for indulging me two weeks in a row with random questions.
We're getting close to the top of the hour, is there anything else on anyone's mind before we send
you all back?"

InvestSouthside exclaims, "Council meeting after this whos ready!"

Karrin says, "Everyone take your otters."

InvestSouthside turns the head on his plush otter from side to side, its gaze directed out through
miniature spectacles imperiously.

Sjinn puts a distinguished little plush otter toy posed seated upright in a big leather backpack
with reinforced straps and stitching.

Tiberius claims, "I'll head down. Thanks"

Tiberius waves.

Tiberius begins to descend.

Tiberius leaves down.

Karrin declares, "Alright, here we go then. Everyone have a great week!"

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