Log of OOC Meeting 2023-09-03

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Sat Sep 02, 2023 6:36 pm

Edison says, "Okay, logging"

Ghed has awarded you 2 QPs: scribe

Ghed states, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed exclaims, "This week I was busy with some things IRL (my thesis got an A!) and traveling"

Edison declaims, "Congrats on the A!!"

Ghed declares, "Thanks!"

Temi cheers for Ghed! 

Viper queries, "Nicely done. What was it on?"

Paprika cheers for Ghed. 

Ghed says to Viper, "Nukes"

Viper states to Ghed, "Oooo"

Ghed states, "But I progressed some in the new plot and I will be introducing it shortly"

Dreams states, "That tracks."

Ghed states, "It's gonna be a mostly relaxing plot, nothing like my last (the Lothos Revolt)"

Ghed has transferred Clood.  [OOC]

Clood says, "Sup"

Temi gives a little, arrow-shaped charm carved out of smooth turquoise to Clood.

Clood claims, "Chorm.."

Ghed says, "And I hope everyone feels like they can participate at will"

Ghed states, "Other than that -- the usual requests, a tiny bit of policy, mostly relaxing"

Ghed muses to Temi, "What about you?"

Temi states, "Not a whole lot of progress on anything.  The usual mix of some bit of requests and
typos, but nothing big on the plate at the moment."

Temi nods at Ghed.

Clood starts to move towards the south and east.

Clood drinks from a round earth-tone glazed clay kettle of drinking chocolate.

Ghed nods.

Edison examines a round earth-tone glazed clay kettle of drinking chocolate.
It's more than half-filled with a chocolaty liquid.

It is already empty.

Edison fills a simple leather waterskin, sealed with a tightly-fit cork with chocolate from a round
earth-tone glazed clay kettle of drinking chocolate.

Edison fills a simple leather waterskin, sealed with a tightly-fit cork with chocolate from a round
earth-tone glazed clay kettle of drinking chocolate.

Edison states, "Don't mind me"

Edison fills a simple leather waterskin, sealed with a tightly-fit cork with chocolate from a round
earth-tone glazed clay kettle of drinking chocolate.

Ghed states, "Leta is taking a few days off, Eurus is skulking in the shadows and making little

Ghed exclaims, "And I am so grateful for everyone's volunteer work!"

Temi grins.

Ghed questions, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for

Clood claims, "Week's been busy for me"

Laniya claims, "Pretty steady"

Iaka twiiiirls

Kalana claims, "Good, good.  Lower key, but pleasant"

Clood states, "But I'm on vacay, now, sooooo"

Ghed states to Clood, "Hey nice"

Paprika states, "Eh."

Ghed queries, "Looks like the average mood is 'good and relaxing'? Do I get that right?"

Edison says, "Been a little quiet, laid back, nature seems to hate Ed"

Temi states, "Sounds like what I'm hearing"

Ghed has transferred Sparkles.  [OOC]

Ghed nods.

Ghed muses, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Temi gives a little, arrow-shaped charm carved out of smooth turquoise to Sparkles.

Ghed pontificates to Sparkles, "(welcome!)"

Iaka waveeees at Sparkles

Sparkles waves.

Edison states, "Nothing bothering me, which is nice"

Ghed says, "Nada is good"

Ghed says, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed questions to Edison, "You had something to say, aye?"

Edison says, "I did, I have two things, one short one more mechanically complex, and I know those
ones are always easy to implement "

Edison finishes abruptly, "Firstly - you can't make Vodka Mash using potatoes, and as a player of a
Vandagan, I find that offensive"

Sparkles says, "That's been a source of tears a few times. "

Temi claims, "I believe it was determined that wasn't the original ingredient"

Edison says, "It could be made of either/both, because I am a fan of the humble potato"

Edison says, "Like, you can make Perry out of fruit that isn't pears, so I figured it wouldn't be a
controversial subject"

Temi claims, "I don't feel especially strongly about it, though I think Az did when it was initially

Edison states, "I feel we've done wrong to the humble potato, and this must be rectified forthwith "

Edison claims, "Think of all the things potatoes have done for us"

Temi questions, "Don't they deserve a vacation then?"

Temi grins.

Edison muses, "They do! And what better form than as a hard liquor?"

Ghed states, "I'll defer this to Temi"

Temi states, "We can think about it"

Ghed claims, "She speaks Vandagan after all"

Edison claims, "<3"

Ghed claims, "And I don't get between a vandagan and her vodka"

Ghed wonders to Edison, "Is this satisfactory?"

Edison says, "All I ask is that some consideration be given to this beloved root"

Edison declaims, "And yep! I'm satisfied :)"

Ghed bows

Paprika knows what to get Edison for his birthday.

Ghed claims, "Does anyone else have a topic they want to bring u-- haha"

"Hey, you're playing a Vandagan too, don't forget it!" Edison notes to Paprika 

Paprika declaims, "Hey now, my restaurant is filled with many potatos!"

Viper claims, "I love you all"

Laniya claims, "Potates."

Viper executes a ki wave of hugs.

Edison claims, "Not really as important as the potato vodka, but it'd be neat if there were some
more NPC bandits - Ed getting ravaged by wolves and crocodiles is fun, but there's that fantasy itch 
of doing battle with bandits that'd be nice. When the black cloaks were everywhere it was kinda 
awesome >.>"

Temi claims, "Feel free to subvert law to make that happen again"

Temi grins at Edison.

Edison pontificates, "Don't tempt me!!"

Temi says, "I am a firm believer in tempting players."

Edison claims, "Maybe south of the city so nobles don't get ganked constantly, have one or two that
wander around and are ]x to everyone >.>"

Edison states, "Err *lethal"

Sparkles states, "There is a point where it starts to feel a bit hack and slash when folks are
arresting 50 plus people."

Clood claims, "I wanna fight Edison"

Ghed states, "Yeah"

Ghed says, "I don't want bandits to be mindless"

Edison says, "Agreed, but one or two can't hurt THAT much (hopefully)"

Ghed claims, "I do enjoy Lawfulness being so low that the BH loses control of its people"

Ghed trails off, "Which is... ironically beautiful"

Ghed says, "But yeah there's a reason I didn't put in bandits, NPC life should be as important as PC
life, more or less"

Ghed says, "But I did have a plan to, ah, give fighters something concrete to do"

Ghed claims, "It's been on the backburner bc of code issues"

Temi nods at Ghed.

Clood asks, "Does it let me fight Edison?"

Sparkles claims, "Clearly the answer is low Piety so it starts spawning wizards."

Laniya claims, "Heh."

Clood says, "They're warlocks, at best"

Edison says, "I did say it'd be cool if cultists started popping up with low piety >_>"

Temi says to Clood, "Neither code nor policy prevents you from doin gthat"

Clood trails off, "Col, cool..."

Clood says, "Come here, Edisooon~"

Ghed states, "I think there are effects if Piety absolutely tanks yeah"

Ghed queries to Temi, "Right?"

Edison says, "why does everyone want to fight me ;-;" [Hidden]

Sparkles says, "There are echoes, but I haven't seen it spawning anything fighty. "

Clood states, "Witch time"

Dreams muses, "I thought it just made reporting magic slower, or less likely?"

Viper claims, "Well"

Temi nods at Ghed.

Ghed claims, "That too"

Viper states, "I would be awfully busy then"

Ghed says, "We do manually do things with low Piety"

Temi claims, "Probably not as many as we'd want in the end of things, but there's some stuff"

Ghed states, "But I don't want to make mages the monster-of-the-week, if they become too common"

Temi nods in agreement.

Sparkles claims, "Sometimes it's just nice when things are product of the system it means a
separation from exactly pinpointing who was naughty based on Who etc."

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Ghed claims, "Yeah"

Temi states, "Yeah, we do intend for some things to be environment-based, though we don't want
completely replace player-driven conflict"

Ghed says, "I used to spawn more npcs based on metrics (thieves, beggars) but it got old fast"

Ghed says, "And it was staff-consuming"

Ghed claims, "As in, manually spawn and puppet"

Clood says, "I'm gonna' become a mage"

Clood claims, "Right now"

Edison states, "Clood is a mage, get 'em"

Viper claims, "Probe it"

Viper trails off, "Prove it..."

Clood states, "Ghed, smite me"

Edison puts away his probe

Ghed pontificates, "Another reason I dropped it, admittedly, is bc people spend too much time

Ghed sagenods

Temi grins.

Clood declares, "Yea!"

Kalana states, "Well, if it wasn't so darn cold out"

Edison finishes abruptly, "New status effect - you have cabin fever"

Ghed says, "Anyways, yeah, if you folks want a little excitement, you will make my job easier by
going out on patrols, or hawking wares, or performing in taverns, or infecting people with 
bioengineered viruses then selling them an ineffective cure"

Paprika says, "I'll do the last one."

Clood states, "Or letting me be a mage"

Clood says, "The people need it, Gheeeed"

Sparkles says, "Mostly just when people are in public spaces it can feel like no one is really
looking for RP."

Sparkles says, "Come out and say hellos."

Ghed says, "Staff can throw in staff plots and stuff, but it takes two (or 50) to tango"

Clood claims, "I'm typically in a place accessible by everyone when just idling"

Ghed exclaims, "Oh yeah I'm not pointing fingers or anything! Sometimes we have busy days or want to
see "what's on TI""

Clood trails off, "I don't even have a phome..."

Ghed exclaims, "I do that too!"

Laniya claims, "I remember hanging out and the bartender started talking to me but I was like half
awake and came back too late to reply lol"

Sparkles has lost link.

Ghed says, "Lol yeah that was me"

Ghed claims, "I play Lysander sometimes, I admit it"

Ghed claims, "He's my main"

Ghed states, "He's like Cain as the taxi driver in Vampire: Bloodlines"

Ghed claims, "(obscure reference I know)"
Temi grins.

Laniya states, "Havent played Vampire: Bloodlines just yet. "

Clood claims, "You shouuuuld."

Ghed claims, "Anyways, if that's all I can send you back to grid"

Ghed queries, "If I heard correctly, there's a Council Meeting?"

Dreams says, "There is."

Ghed questions, "And an intrepid ST tomorrow?"

Ghed wonders to Clood, "Here, free publicity, wanna say something about it?"

Clood says, "Um."

Clood claims, "I'm Clood"

Laniya says, "Going to need to grind combat pool for it I think."

Clood says, "... Why'd you have to put me on the spot"

Edison wonders, "I dunno, can we be sure that Clood is indeed Clood?"

Ghed facepalms

Clood claims, "I am the Cloodiest Clood"

Temi claims to Clood, "Here is where you say something like 'the story will be really fun, everybody
should come'"

Ghed claims, "Guys, don't ever let me be staff or something"

Clood claims, "Story will probably be fun"

Edison claims, "I hear there may be pirates"

Clood states, "There's only 5 slots open- Super martial based."

Edison says, "So get ready to have your timbers shivered, me hearties"

Clood states, "Yea, uh.. Something.. Pirates- Mage.."

Clood claims, "Boats"

Edison states, "It'll be a boat load of fun"

Clood trails off, "Ha..."

Ghed says, "Lol"

Ghed asks, "What hour, again?"

Clood claims, "I'm shooting for two pm central."

Temi states, "Which I think makes it 3 system"

Clood states, "I think so, yes."

Ghed pontificates, "Excellent! good to know"

Ghed says, "Alright, if that's all"

Ghed says, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for
meaningful RP =)"

Paprika waves.

Ghed declaims, "(we have had so few recommends of late!)"

Clood claims, "I never know what to put ;-;"

Edison states, "'Ed is so neat' <---"

Edison claims, "Even if you aren't playing with Ed"

Clood says, "That Ed guy is mean"

Temi claims, "We do recommend talking about the person you are recommending"

Laniya says, "Need to remember to do recommends.."

Edison says, "(it's just a recommendation tho)"

Ghed pontificates, "They give warm fuzzies and QP all around!"

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drive in 3..."

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed trails off, "1..."
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