Log of OOC Meeting 2023-05-21

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Sat May 20, 2023 6:05 pm

Temi asks, "Alright! Shall we OOC chat? Ghed and Leta were both busy today, and don't think we're expecting Eurus"
DrHimbopotamus states, "Let's gooooo"
Temi muses, "So, first thing's first. Can I get a volunteer for scribing?"
Dragor states, "Sure, I can."
Temi exclaims, "Thanks!"
Solus states, "He's volunteering as an apology for the questions segment."
Dragor states, "No spoilers."
RamblingSeert twists his little figurine's arm upwards, lifting its Edessan banner up with the
Temi says, "Okay then, agenda for today is staff updates, player heartbeat and then player topics."
Tomato trails off, "I... I had a topic but I have plum forgotten it"
Ruby says, "I have a topic."
Temi queries, "I've got Dragor for a topic. But anyone else want to get on the list?"
Temi nods at Ruby.
Temi states, "And Ruby"
Dragor says, "I have a topic too."
Tiberius claims, "Lol. I had an idea to share later if possible"
Borya wonders, "Ok this is better. I swear I had my ooc name set on a previous character... or do OOC titles not carry across characters?"
Anya states, "They do not."
DrHimbopotamus claims, "I have an... announcement? Which is obvious. Not."
DrHimbopotamus claims, "Er, *but"
Dragor pontificates, "They don't! Nope!"
Ikeala claims, "I have a thought if there's time at the end."
Temi states, "Unique to character, yeah."
Temi nods.
Solus states, "Poor Ghed gets to miss the talkative class."
Dragor claims, "I hope I come first, because this is very pressing and important to me."
DrHimbopotamus grins at Dragor.
RamblingSeert says, "Ghed touches grass for our sins."
Temi says, "You're on the list first, yep."
Borya says, "It's going to set a good tone for the rest of this."
Temi exclaims, "So! If there's anyone else, let me know if you think of it"
Temi states, "But for now, staff updates"
Sue trails off, "I also have a minor topic......"
Temi claims, "I have officially wrapped up the end of the Borderland Struggles plot. Hopefully everyone has enjoyed it, and will continue to enjoy the direction you guys have decided to take us in"
DrHimbopotamus says, "Very tickled that all the plotting worked out. Super fun to get involved, thank you. :D"
Nospeedy states, "I liked the Physicians being able to help out abit with it."
Dreams says, "Jumping in at the very end was a little overwhelming, but I did enjoy the wrap up."
Temi claims, "Other than that, plots and recommends and such things as that. I'll be a bit scarce the couple weekends coming up, but should still be around a little to check in on things."
Temi queries, "Okay then, Ilena?"
Ilena declares, "I managed to hop on a lot of phome requests, and fix a ton of fun and cute typos! If you all have anything for help files or other things that need fixed, please let me know!"
Temi claims, "Excellent! Thanks so much for helping keep that good stuff going."
Tiberius claps for Temi an Ilena
Tomato states, "Very appreciative of the responsive phome requests, my shiny new stable is here much faster"
Tomato states, "And I loved the plot wrapup, felt like a victory lol"
Temi asks, "Alright then! Player heartbeat. How's everyone feeling about the RP this last week?"
Dreams claims to Tomato, "Agreed."
Dragor says, "Going to afghanistan sure is one form of victory."
Solus claims, "The RPs - and the rumors for that matter - have been fire."
Solus claims, "Not actual fire, though, that was last week."
Arthur claims, "I've had a lot of fun rping this week, getting stabbed was the highlight"
Dragor states, "It has been super cash. Met some new folks, which was fun."
Dreams states, "Rumors are dwindling. I want more rumors."
Tomato claims, "So much is happening all the time"
Nospeedy says, "Was pretty fun for me. Plenty of people to patch up and crafting"
Ruby states, "Got submitted for a quit quote this week, pretty neat."
Dragor claims, "Cash as in casual, not monetary units."
Borya claims, "Haha yeah it's been fun, what can i say"
Solus claims, "You got out of cyan in four days, Borya. I fear you."
Ruby says, "Everything is overwhelming but in a fun way."
Borya asks, "Four days???"
Borya claims, "It was 2 weeks"
Titania says, "Yvette has been pretty slow lately"
Temi wonders, "Sounds pretty positive, all told?"
Solus queries, "IT'S BEEN TWO WEEKS?"
DrHimbopotamus claims, "New crying record, simultaneous emotional devastation, good times"
Borya pontificates, "Yes!!! uhm i think i made"
Tomato claims, "We can reset that timer, don't worry"
Borya states, "I made may 7th, yep"
Borya states, "Showed up on 8th"
Dragor says, "Yvette's been slow all her life"
Dragor states, ";D"
DrHimbopotamus wonders, "Feels like we got some new folks (not sure if they're New New??) and they seem awesome"
DrHimbopotamus claims, "So if you're new here HI THANKS"
Temi grins.
Temi nods in agreement.
Borya says, "I'm pretty new. hi"
Titania makes the sign of the chalice.
Borya says, "Thank you too. you're a good himbo"
Ruby says, "All the new people bully me."
Borya claims, "Only out of love"
DrHimbopotamus says to Ruby, "You like it."
Titania says, "All the old people bully you too, Ruby."
Solus says, "You deserve to be bullied. Also: Himbopotamus best himbo."
RamblingSeert states, "I'm screaming but okay."
Dragor claims, "As should be."
Nospeedy states, "Also remember. 'notify guild' is pretty useful. If you are new look into it! Good especially if you are needing a doctor."
Ruby claims, "Holy shit Himbopotamus DAMN "
Ruby states, "True but DAMN."
Tomato states, "Ive been trying to expand my ic social circle but its hard"
Temi asks, "Anything bothering folks that staff ought to know about?"
Temi nods at Solus.
Temi claims, "I'll add you on too"
DrHimbopotamus claims, "I would kill for like, craft <thing> 20 or whatever"
DrHimbopotamus states, "I made 75 lohaako flowers one by one"
Tomato says, "He's only saying that because he folded like a million flowers"
DrHimbopotamus says, "Yes. Yes I am."
Borya claims, "Yeah. i agree on this one. i had to make 30 teas in one sitting a week ago"
Dreams states to DrHimbopotamus, "Glutton for punishment."
Ruby muses, "What would happen if you put in craft 100 something but ran out of material or energy midway?"
Dragor says, "Weaklings."
Nospeedy says, "Being able to mass label things"
Borya trails off, "Haha yeah mass label too... sobs..."
Tomato states, "Mass label would be useful actually"
Nospeedy says, "Making alot of medicine then having to label each individually is.. annoying"
DrHimbopotamus says to Ruby, "10000 years in Ahalin. No, it could abort when you run out."
Temi says, "It's something we've talked about before, but it's definitely not entirely
straightforward. Maybe at some point."
DrHimbopotamus nods.
Solus claims, "It'd probably help if getting grandmaster in a craft was what let you do it."
Solus trails off, "Give you a reason to actually... you know..."
Ruby questions, "What about a bulk craft lohako recipe in the meantime?"
Solus trails off, "Grandmaster half of these........."
Solus says, "I weep for Herbalism."
DrHimbopotamus questions, "I will... probably not ever need to make 75 lohaako again. Maybe?"
Temi claims, "We're not doing bulk crafts for everything."
Tomato states, "I think the actual situation where you bulk craft things are fairly low"
DrHimbopotamus nods.
Dragor states, "I mean, mass crafting usually does not come up all that often. Usually bulk recipes handle the rest."
Temi states, "We've specifically determined to only make bulk crafts for things that are ingredients used in a number of different things"
Tomato says, "But things that are super common like flour bread etc are usually added at need"
Dragor says, "I think the Lohakoo flower incident (2023) is an outlier."
Ruby trails off, "Is there a mass lohaako paper though? There's multiple different lohaako
Solus says, "Not to be confused with the Lohaako flower incident (2023), Dragor."
DrHimbopotamus claims, "Mass paper would be nice, but. Yeah, I don't wanna bug staff for bulk recipes all the time."
Temi states, "It hasn't come up."
Borya claims, "Mass label would be super good for sure though."
Temi claims, "Fair"
Temi nods.
Nospeedy says, "I am fine with crafting stuff individually just.. mass label is pretty useful"
Dragor states, "Lookhaahdfkafo"
Temi states, "We'll have to check in with Eurus on that"
Temi declaims, "Okay, lots of topics for today though!"
Borya says, "Oh dear."
Ruby states, "Oh boy."
Dragor claims, "I have been waiting for this."
Solus says, "Oh god."
Temi claims, "Everyone, please ensure your topics are pre-prepped."
Dragor says, "I'm ready."
Temi queries, "Dragor?"
Temi nods.
Dragor says, "Hello, fine people of Inquisition! I have something to talk about, namely spices -namely Paprika!
Currently it is tagged as a Daravi spice, which is fair enough... However, I think it should be also a Farin spice for a simple reason : Farin cuisine and culture is not only heavily inspired by Maghreb and Arab cultures, but also by central american and mexican cultures. In fact, the pepper grown in real life for paprika comes from the Central Mexican arid regions. This leads to my second argument...
The Paprika plant is a chili pepper variation from the longum group. The sweet, milder version is actually a Hungarian invention too. So, since Farin is actually actively growing chillis, it makes no sense that they, an arid and semi-arid region, would not also grow Paprika peppers. Thirdly, I would like to emphasize that Farin and Darav culture probably has had a lot of admixture due to their, often tempestous, history - especially slavery between the borders would spread culinary practices and therefore knowledge on how to grind a damn pepper to a bright red, spicy powder (mild Paprika, again, is an invention of the 19th century) In short : I think Paprika should also receive a Farin tag and be listed as a typical Farin spice,
since they already use chillis in their cooking too.
Thank you for your time."
Titania says, "Ah, yes, spice debates.
Titania claims, "This is what I come here for."
Tomato claims, "Pretty much any 'daravi' thing could be justified as farin"
Borya states, "Luv paprika, simple as"
Anya blinks.
Tomato states, "Source: my totally not daravi flute"
Titania trails off to Tomato, "Really makes you think..."
Temi states, "I do think we have to accept that this is going to be super low priority"
DrHimbopotamus says, "I have, like, zero opinion on this. COOL WHY NOT"
Dragor states, "It's not low priority to me... But I understand. Sob."
Tomato says, "HOWEVER staff have already said they want less special affects for spices etc and have removed some"
Borya states, "So much for proper paprika representation"
Solus says, "They're the Paprika Paladin."
Tomato claims, "They want it only for the rare stuff"
Ruby asks, "Is it hard to have paprika added as a Farin spice in a help file, though?"
RamblingSeert trails off, "Isn't paprika a bard........."
Ikeala muses, "I guess my question is ... what does it change in either case?"
Temi states, "I don't have a strong opinion on this besides the fact I do not want people to expect it be added in"
Tiberius says, "But paprika is a gateway spice... to harder and more dangerous things."
Solus claims, "That's Padrika, Seert."
DrHimbopotamus nods at Ikeala.
Borya states, "Paprika padrika"
Ruby states, "Paprika Patchspice"
Ilena claims, "I think that it is unlikely, with the history Darav has, that it would be accepted
culturally due to being seen in this setting as a Daravi spice, I'd probably add in."
Titania states, "The spice must flow."
Solus states, "It's the role mustard had, like, fifty IC years ago."
Tomato states, "I think thats an easy 'change 'Daravi' to 'Davari and Farin' thing esp since several farin foods in the quarter reference paprika also"
Tomato claims, "But also yes I never knew 'mustard' was a MAGIC spice that should be avoided till i read some musty old book"
Ilena claims, "I think if you'd show interest in it, it's something that might be more of an ingame plot, not an OOC push."
Ruby muses, "Wait, does the Farin quarter food mention paprika?"
Temi claims, "But we'll talk about it. Plese don't expect any paprika objects be added in"
Temi muses, "Okay, Ruby, you had a topic?"
Ilena declares, "Claim your spices! Take it from cold dead Daravi hands!"
Titania states to Tomato, "MUSTARD? WIZARDRY."
Ruby claims, "I've noticed that for jeweling that there's not a lot of options for glass. I feel
like especially with the different metals having a lot of options and glass not breaking sumptuary it's a good thing to look into. So, I'd like to propose a generic Handheld Glass Trinket, Glass Beads (can be used as gemstones like ivory/tortoiseshell), and a Glass Bracelet."
Borya states, "So you did consider my addition i see ruby"
Tomato states, "I super support that, especially since there's a 'fake glass gemstone' item that can ONLY be gotten through resource assets rn"
Solus says, "You see, part of me sees this, thinks back to the trip I took to Italy and goes
'glassblowing craft' like a moron because that's a lot of dev time for, like, almost nothing."
Ruby says, "There is? I know Vandagan glass is something that's in the jewel helpfile."
Temi states, "I've thought that might need some additions before"
Titania claims, "Yeah, this sounds cool."
Ikeala claims, "Glass might be something fun to see because it's outside sumptuary so might givemore options for Freeman folks for jewelry."
Temi states, "We'll see what timing looks like for adding things, but we can probably make surethere's at least a little more"
Nospeedy asks, "Glass bracelet for seaglass. Or seaglass material?"
Tiberius claims, "I would buy glass figurines"
HIEROPHANT claims, "Is there a glass neck slot item? Porcelain had a cabochon neck slot item added,a glass cabochon would be good too. But, uhh, the lack of a generic "glass decoration" or "glass handheld doohickey" is noticeable yeah. Especially the lack of glass embellishment items. Stone embellishment items, too."
Tomato states, "Glass embellishment items alone would be a big <3 just for added variety"
Tomato states, "Glass embellishment items alone would be a big <3 just for added variety"
Temi claims, "We'll see what seems reasonable, at least the beads for sure"
Dragor says, "I think glass embellishment and handheld item seems very important - since glass beads are pretty common."
Anya says, "Glass beads do sound really neat."
Temi queries, "Okay, lots of people to go through still! Tiberius?"
Ruby states, "Beads and handheld would be the best I think, you could argue the bracelet/necklace would be something possible with handheld and beads added"
Nospeedy states, "If seaglass isnt a material I think it'd be a great for glass beads and the like"
Tiberius questions, "What if there was a prompt toggle, similar to short room descriptions, whereyou could turn installed objects off, to cut down on seeing the things that are always there every time?"
Ruby trails off, "I feel like that's how you don't notice something very bad installed..."
Tomato states, "I think that is the purpose of 'X enters from the <direction>'"
Ruby claims, "Like, installed items are annoying, but I'd also like to see the Spooky Installed
Magical Thing."
Dragor wonders, "Uhhh, how would you know if something new is installed though?"
Anya queries, "I am not so sure about seaglass, though. Most bottles are ceramic, right?"
Tomato says, "So that you are notified when someone enters without looking"
Tiberius says, "At first I was thinking something you've seen three times already but idk how the game could do that"
DrHimbopotamus wonders, "Was there a specific issue you were having you wanted to solve with this?"
Ruby muses, "I'm also not sure uh, is there a room you're thinking of that has a LOT of installed items that just flood the room?"
Tomato says, "I feel like this is inspired from your current situation, which, people who are
supposed to be there will not be sneaking in, so you would be notified if someone enters the room"
Temi states, "There's definitely concerns with missing things, especially with no restrictions on installing"
They aren't here.
Titania adopts a stealthy stance.
Borya says, "Sneaky."
Dragor says, "Stop sneaking that is rude."
Titania says, "Stelf."
HIEROPHANT states, "Goblin"
RamblingSeert wonders, "WHERE'D SHE GO...?"
Konaa claims, "They aren't here."
Titania says, "I skyrim crouch."
Nospeedy claims, "Sneak Increased"
Temi states, "Is there a lot of interest in this? We definitely can't track how many times you've seen something. That would explode tracking info."
Tomato claims, "I might advise trying to schedule a scene if you are not enjoying sitting checking the room every so often"
Dragor claims, "I don't really see the utility in it."
Anya states, "I feel like it may be both the room and the objects, maybe? You can shorten room descriptions."
Tomato says, "You can do that via pboard with appropriate parties so you are not hanging around waiting"
Tomato says, "You can do that via pboard with appropriate parties so you are not hanging around waiting"
Tiberius states, "Queens or other places have a lot of things to scroll past but it's no worries."
Anya says, "I just don't remember... how."
Tiberius claims, "Thanks I appreciate it Tomato"
Ruby claims, "I could schedule a scene too if you'd like but uh."
Ruby states, "Probably wouldn't be pleasant."
Temi states, "Okay, continuing on then, I have an anonymous topic submitted."
Borya claims, "Woah"
Tiberius claims, "It's not related to being in jail. Just an idea i've had for a while"
Temi declares, "Steal, in its' current form, is an absolute pain to level. While the addition of the ability to grab money is a very welcome one, it came with a 30 minute global cooldown between.
Steal attempts that has resulted in it being the slowest and generally hardest skill in the entire game to level. You cannot in any way get Steal above Inconsequential pooling without someone to teach you, and I think that's not a very healthy place to be at for a skill, even if it's a bit niche.
I bring this up because I'd like to ask what the community thinks is a good idea for resolving this.
I've heard either A: removing the cooldown altogether, or B: having it so if you're grouped with someone, the cooldown does not apply.
Ultimately, I personally think having a cooldown is a good idea, but I also feel like it should be a per-person cooldown instead of global-- there's an image of a thief slipping through a crowd picking pockets as they go that is flatly impossible right now.
Of course, having it be this way still does not really resolve the problem of training the skill, but it is at least my opinion that the cooldown should stay.
I welcome all of your thoughts and hope we can find something decent!""
Temi claims, "Okay, that's the anonymously submitted topic."
Tomato declaims, "Yes I recall this conversation! I agree that if this is true it should be adjusted or have some training command"
Tomato says, "This really sounded to me in the moment like an oversight from the update tbh"
Ruby says, "It's her, Paprika."
Titania trails off, "Paprika..."
DrHimbopotamus claims, "I'd say, cooldown per person only; increase pool per use; training command."
Paprika muses, "Whuh?"
Temi states, "Eurus and Ghed have been discussing on this already some"
RamblingSeert trails off, "Paprika Patchspice.............."
Sue claims, "If a cooldown is removed then subsequent steals should have a malus - IE, it becomes easier and easier to fail."
Arthur says, "I'm not sure how I feel about removing the cooldown on a skill like that, I agree with Sue though."
Temi claims, "I'm not entirely sure what they decided on, but they were looking at maybe some training specific options, and to be a bigger pool for now, I think"
DrHimbopotamus nods.
DrHimbopotamus claims, "Those seem more important than cooldown to me IMO."
Sue claims, "If you're stuffing your hands down people's pants one after the other someone's gonna notice especially because you can only hold so much and drawing attention is the death knell of thieves"
Solus says, "Separate CD idea: give it a global CD, but have it depend on how valuable what's been stolen is."
Ruby muses, "What about a skillmob that you can use steal on, like a lost noble or something?"
Anya says, "I'd say training command would be great, executable only in some spoopy place that'll give a good pool."
Borya says, "That sounds like a good idea, yeah. The fact that it's a 30 minute global cooldown and it gives you a tiny tick into your pool is kind of crazy."
Tomato states, "I support the cooldown, personally, but if we're adding a training command that'd be just stellar"
Solus trails off, "So you can go through stealing silver out of people's pockets, but if you snatch an entire ass cape off of someone that's worth 5 gold..."
Ilena states, "I think it would also be nice to have it be on a per-person basis for cooldown."
RamblingSeert points to Ruby. "That's an idea."
HIEROPHANT says, "I greatly prefer successive attempt penalties to a half-hour cooldown, and the addition of those roaming NPC quests that you can rob for a small bit of money or generic jewelry items."
Temi claims, "I'll point them at this conversation for some ideas of how to handle it"
HIEROPHANT declares, "Especially if failing the NPC quest alerts the Reeves!"
DrHimbopotamus states, "Successive attempt penalties also nice, yeah."
Ruby states, "Successive attempt penalties sounds like fun for Sue."
Temi states, "There are the NPC quests now and they don't immediately alert the reeves but do leave something for them to find"
HIEROPHANT states, "A stacking penalty that has a thirty-minute cooldown that refreshes with each attempt seems ideal. It turns it into controlled gambling - how many times do you think you can risk it before someone catches you? How well do you know your mark? It incentivizes RPing with people you plan to steal from so you can figure how eagle-eyed they are."
Titania states, "NPC quests are also a little bit hard to find, in my experience"
Titania claims, "They don't like, announce their presence at all"
Ruby claims, "I will also say as someone who has been Stolen From once it's not a really... fun
feeling to be stolen from and then not be able to do anything about it."
Temi states, "They are little things you have to look for, yeah. Just a little note in the room to
Ruby claims, "So improved stealing things is... uhhh, something that makes me nervous as Mister Pocket Man."
Tomato claims, "As someone who extensively played a thief pre-change I have to admit steal is very high risk low reward"
Titania states, "Here's a secret for you, Ruby"
Titania states, "If you type cloak, you can't be stolen from"
Tomato says, "I eventually stopped doing it entirely because there wasn't really Much Point"
Ikeala states, "Don't carry everything you own at all times."
HIEROPHANT says, "Especially since getting caught can have disastrous consequences for your
character no matter what you steal or from whom, but not getting caught is... well, I don't want to engender feelings of paranoia. Maybe when your theft cooldown wears off it notifies the person you stole from that their pockets feel lighter?
Ruby muses, "Yeah but how would people be able to see my drip if I'm cloaked?
Anya says, "I may be wrong, but I think they can only take things directly in inventory. And I don't think containers can be stolen? So, if wearing, cannot take. If in bag, cannot take. If bag, cannot take."
Ikeala says, "I can say that people if they have even the slighest sense something is happening will start instantly spamming Worth to check."
Arthur claims, "I will be real, I probably wouldn't even notice I've been stolen from for days."
Dragor says, "Then you have simply accept the risk of getting your pockets picked."
Anya claims, "But, things may have changed."
Ruby states, "Anyways, yeah, stealing isn't really beneficial at the moment, but I worry that if it becomes too good then it just feels bad."
Ruby states, "Yeah after I got stolen from I started REALLY doubling down on containers"
Ruby states, "And being cloaked."
Titania claims, "Steal is a very niche skill that very few people use"
HIEROPHANT claims, "Theft in public rooms especially - say, the Queen's - if you don't get caught your victim has no recourse, since assuming it was a PC they saw is smallworlding in the extreme.
The middle-ground isn't immediately obvious"
DrHimbopotamus states, "I think there are typically some good ic ways to get stuff back if it's
stolen, though."
DrHimbopotamus states, "So it can create a lot of RP."
Tomato states, "I might support actually some eventual ic indicator that you were stolen from like, an hour later or something"
DrHimbopotamus states, "I don't know what is kosher to say here and what is true."
Tomato says, "Because unless you are REALLY paying attention"
DrHimbopotamus claims, "Anymore, I mean.
Tomato claims, "Sometimes "
Tomato says, "Hard to tell"
Ruby states, "The person who stole from me never logged in again. :("
Ilena says, "I agree with a later notice coming into effect."
HIEROPHANT states, "Oof"
DrHimbopotamus says to Ruby, "That blows."
Tomato claims, "RIP that amethyst"
HIEROPHANT muses to Ilena, "Hidden 30 minute affect status that echoes to the victim when it expires? Is that possible?"
HIEROPHANT says, "Or even a variable timer, longer for better thieves."
DrHimbopotamus states, "Later notice is cool. And maybe making any systems to return stolen items to the ecosystem, so to speak, very obvious and profitable."
Temi says, "Okay, lots to talk about here, but I don't think we can solve it here, so will point the other staff at this, but let's cover other peoples' topics"
DrHimbopotamus pontificates, "(They may be good already!)"
DrHimbopotamus nods at Temi.
Borya states, "I think a delayed indicator you were stolen from would be a good idea. I had been give some money at one point and then i checked my money the next day and thought a good chunk was missing. but im still not 100 sure to this day if it was just me being dumb with the money or me being pickpocketed from."
Konaa states, "Same"
Temi wonders, "So, Himbo, you had a quick announcement?"
Dragor states, "No."
Borya states, "We ball"
DrHimbopotamus claims, "WE BALL OR WE DIE"
DrHimbopotamus claims, "That is all thank you
Tiberius wonders, "Am I invited?"
Tomato says, "frak it, we ball"
Temi declaims, "Okay, thanks!"
HIEROPHANT asks, "For the newer players, briefly - you can put money into other containers to keep it safe, too.
Oh boy, can I come?"
Sue says, "Buy my shit, help the poor people"
Tomato claims, "You can but you have to dance with me >:("
Borya says, "But im the poor"
Solus claims, "But I am the poor people."
Temi wonders, "Ikeala, you had a thought?"
DrHimbopotamus says, "Okay poors show up and eat our free food. "
Tiberius states, "Lol"
DrHimbopotamus exclaims, "Ikeala!"
Dragor says, "Sue told me if I come she will grate my skull upon her abs until I die."
Dragor states, "I don't wanna die."
Arthur claims, "After I pay for this ensemble I am also broke, buy your foraged goods at Hawthorn Depot where my junk is also your junk."
Sue claims, "Criminals not invited"
Borya says, "Phrasing"
Dragor states, "I experience displeasure in expiring."
Ikeala claims, "So now I feel slightly bad about adding to the crafting thought run today but ... the gap in some veggies in how many bites they are but they still only produce one chopped veg."
Temi claims, "The crafting system can't support anything more complex"
HIEROPHANT says to Temi, "We have sip-code for liquids."
Ilena wonders to Ikeala, "Could you add a typo board?"
Temi asks, "I assume you would not prefer we edit down all of your veggies?"
HIEROPHANT queries, "Couldn't something similar be done with bite-code?"
Tomato wonders, "I mean we have exotic fruit and common fruit?"
Temi claims to HIEROPHANT, "And it has been a pain in the behind"
Tomato states, "Do we have that many exotic vegs"
HIEROPHANT says, "Yes but now that it works it's great."
Tomato claims, "I thought avacado was the only real fancy one"
Ikeala claims, "No, I was thinking more if there was an 'Exotic Veggies' with some of the bigger ones."
Dragor wonders, "Mmm, 'bulky vegetables'?"
HIEROPHANT states, "There are multi-bite vegetables, like whole pumpkins and stuff, that become a single bit of chopped veg when crafted"
Dragor states, "Also avocado is a fruit."
HIEROPHANT states, "In rare cases the raw vegetable restores more MV than cooking it, which is odd"
DrHimbopotamus questions, "I guess a Big Ass Sliced Veggie recipe with a few big veggies isn't probably awful?"
Temi claims, "Please feel free to post typos for anything that is bigger or more mv returning than it should be and we can adjust it down"
Tomato says, "Respectfully that sounds like 'I do not want to consider this so I will take away what you have' and I doubt anyone will report this"
HIEROPHANT nods at Tomato.
Temi claims, "I can't promise we'll add another recipe that breaks things into different types"
Tomato says, "If no exotic veggies are to be had I imagine we can deal"
Temi states to Tomato, "I was trying to be nicer than that."
Dragor says, "Yeah, nevermind. If that's the reception to this topic, I think we should forget this, which was probably the goal."
Tiberius queries, "Are tomato's on grid?"
Dragor states, "Yup."
Ikeala claims, "Yes"
Tiberius says, "Oh ok"
Titania says to Tomato, "There's one right there"
Dragor states, "Pfft."
Tomato says, "Sometimes its just not viable to code, we understand that as players, just sometimes its something that someone cared enough to bring up"
Tomato states, "Acknowledgement is all that is required if it is too much work/low priority, we get that"
Paprika is so happy that tambouras are tambourines now!
HIEROPHANT claims, "There are rare vegetables you can't get without plotting specifically for it on grid, nobody's going to devalue them like that."
Tomato says, "And also if you really want spam veggies go for potatoes, the super veggie"
Dragor trails off, "Just like real life..."
Anya says, "1 portion of veggies in, many cases, does make multiple dishes."
Solus muses, "And get hit with the same fate as the Irish?"
Dragor wonders, "Being colonized by the british?"
Tiberius states, "Ahw man lots of funny jokes tonight"
Borya says, "Can we just be loving towards potatoes"
Titania claims, "Golly gosh"
Temi states, "Anyways, not to devalue things other people care about, but let's move on"
Temi questions, "Sue?"
Sue claims, "In a fresh take my topic is about beating animals to death with my bear hands"
Sue claims, "Just would like to say that when I am in full plate and a turkey bites me for like 3-8 HP of damage, I have no idea how #1 it is making me bleed through plate armor, and #2 why bandaging a tiny little 8 hp damage wound makes me soaked in blood and gore. I have... 440 HP.
I am once again asking for wound thresholds; my attack shouldn't be 'impaired' by like 1.8 percent of my HP, nor my defense, when they bite my toe or my fingie. I shouldn't be seriously bleeding from the turkey's beak phasing (?) through my plate armor to nip me somehow.
TL;DR how turkey (other mobs don't do this, I get gored by a bison horn and its just a bruise but the armor-piercing turkey beak hits me like an 88mm Sherman Firefly opening up a Panzer III) make bleed I'm in literal plate-armor also why does a 3 HP bleeding wound soak me in blood when I put a little boo-boo bandage on it. I AM ONCE AGAIN ASKING FOR WOUND THRESHOLDS."
Borya says, "Good start. go on"
Arthur claims, "Turkeys are the emus of TI"
Temi claims, "I have no idea what is going on or different with turkeys"
Borya states, "Oh wow i guess we now know how to take sue down. the turkeys"
Nospeedy states, "Theres going to be magic turkeys about."
Tomato says, "Turkeys op i guess"
Temi claims, "They should theoretically behaving the same as other things"
Tiberius states, "It's a chocobo"
Sue claims, "I think bobcats make you bleed through armor too somehow but I haven't beaten one to death with a shovel in awhile"
Sue asks, "Falcons do too (?)"
HIEROPHANT states, "Turkeys and - I think cats, bobcats, wolves? - will cause bleed through armor too."
Ruby says, "I think a bobcat making you bleed through armor makes sense if they're supposed to be the top of the top."
Temi claims, "Which for game measures should include the ability to be damaged in plate"
Ruby trails off, "Turkeys though..."
Arthur says, "I believe a bobcat made me bleed the other day through armor, can confirm."
HIEROPHANT muses to Temi, "For sure, but turkeys maybe shouldn't have armor penetration like maces do?"
DrHimbopotamus muses, "Do the animals that don't make you bleed do different damtypes?"
HIEROPHANT claims, "The rest of them cause bruises when you put armor on. "
HIEROPHANT states, "Some cause bleeders when you're unarmored."
Temi says, "You can post up a bug report for us to take a look and see if something's weird"
Titania states, "I, a witch, will now sic 500 turkeys on Lithmore"
Titania claims, "Fear me, goodly, Lordly people"
Borya says, "I love turkey bacon"
Ruby claims, "Titaniasgiving.
Temi says, "But I don't know what it is or if it's appropriate now"
Nospeedy says, "Great Emu War, but with Turkeys"
Arthur says, "The turkening"
Dreams states, "I haven't dealt with wildlife in so long I don't remember which ones do what."
Solus trails off, "No, I think the Turkening is just the warfront..."
Sue says, "I'll put up a report, sure, just wanted it mentioned "
Nospeedy claims, "Daravi attack the kingdom with Turkeys."
HIEROPHANT claims, "Sue is tired of being goobered by gobblers"
Tiberius claims, "Lol"
Sue states, "A bison gores me with its horn and it does 20 damage but doesn't make me bleed"
Temi muses, "Okay, one final topic before we wrap up. Solus?"
Sue wonders, "But a cat, or a turkey? wtf"
Dragor claims, "Sue betrayed by her own people. Fucked up."
DrHimbopotamus says to Sue, "I'd bet you a lot it's just a small bug on the builder side they can fix easy with a report."
Solus wonders, "I had my topic pre-typed and then wound up wiping it to send Ruby a funny little image. TL;DR, make it possible to ping Phyisicans in the Ocarian Triage if it isn't yet?"
Tomato asks, "It should already be?"
Nospeedy claims, "Oh, I thought you could already. But I havent tried."
Solus states, "Then the help file needs updating, because it sure doesn't show it."
Solus states, "Unless I'm blind."
Borya states, "Nobody ever goes to the ocarian from my short 2-week experience"
Sue says, "Not according to the helpfile"
Tomato states, "I mean just notifying for RP in the ocarian is also an option and gets the point
across "
Sue claims, "Madison Waiting + Triage, Almshouse Triage, Bastion and Highwalk Clinics"
Dreams says, "I think it just changed names. It used to be the Almshouse Triage."
Sue states, "Oh"
Temi says, "I'm not sure if it's included or not, but we did want to limit the number of locations for each guild"
Tomato claims, "God i forgot about those clinics, they might as well not exist"
Dreams claims, "Southside one has a ping, whatever that one is called."
Nospeedy claims, "Ocarian is the southside one."
Temi claims, "Sounds like it's there then. If someone wants to post a typo note we can look at the helpfile"
Solus claims, "Well, looks like the helpfile needs updating, then. I'm not sure if either the Waiting Area or the Triage needs a pingable area either, just one of the two, given they're next to each other."
Dreams states, "Yep, then it's good. When I was physiciany years and years ago, it was just named Almshouse Clinic. So helpfile just needs to change that name to Ocarian, or whatever it is."
Solus says, "If you wanted ideas on how to start limiting locations for each guildping area."
Tomato claims, "Slap a typo board up and that'll be fixed ez pz"
Solus exclaims, "Looks like I'm learning how to use the typo board post-ball!"
Borya states, "We ball"
Solus states, "We ball."
Solus claims, "Anyhow, that's all on my end."
Dragor asks, "I guess meeting's over then?"
Tomato says, "Just 'board typo' 'note write' put something in the subject, make recipient staff, type a description at-f at-x and you're done"
Tiberius bawls from jail jk i'm fine.
Arthur states, "We ball"
Temi pontificates, "Alright, sounds good! We'll wrap up, and you all go enjoy balling!"
Ruby says, "We ball."

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