Log of OOC Meeting 2023-03-25

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Sat Mar 25, 2023 8:29 pm

Ghed asks, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Serket snuffs a roughly dipped tallow candle with a thick twine wick.

Ruby closes a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out.

Baehild should have fixed it.

Ghed has transferred P>ookstall.  [OOC]

Temi gives a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out to Pookstall.

RamblingSeert opens a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out.

Ghed has transferred Amaranth.  [OOC]

Temi gives a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out to Amaranth.

Ghed asks, "Scribe? topics?"

Deedee can.

Temi has created a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out[5].

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed has awarded you 2> QPs: scribe

HIEROPHANT declaims, "I have a topic. It's a big one, too!"

Deedee says, "Uh-oh"

Ghed claims to HIEROPHANT, "You're next after our first talker"

Ghed declaims, "Please pre-type your topics!"

WhiskeyGabe pontificates, "I just have a brief announcement/reminder, not a topic, not sure if that counts!"

Ghed nods at WhiskeyGabe.

Ghed states, "It's cool"

Ghed states, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed states, "I took it slower this week and more efficiently. Logged in for an hour or two here and there, and did all requests in a whirlwind."

Ghed states, "The dark cloaks appear to be BUGGED, not just my bad mobprog scripting. For anyone who has figured out the exploit."

Nameless claims, "Is this like a"

Himbopotamus states, "Thought I saw something odd there."

Nameless claims, "'you will go to the dead room' type bug or a 'its kind of pointless to swat them right now' bug"

Ghed claims, "It's a 'they do nothing sometimes' bug"

Baehild now has something to bring up, but doesn't know when they can.

Nameless claims, "Most unfortunate"

Nameless claims, "I did notice that i simply could NOT get them to try and mug me ever"

RamblingSeert wonders, "That was a bug?"

Ghed says to Baehild, "I'll chalk you to the 4th position"

Dragor states, "Baehild : At the topic section of the meeting."

Tomato states, "I enjoy them not mugging me"

Dragor exclaims, "Pretype what you want to bring up!"

RamblingSeert claims, "I thought they were just taking a bit to detect "hey, someone to stab""

Himbopotamus says, "I saw the 'stays their blade because too many people are here' message a couple times that I shouldn't have, I thought."

Baehild exclaims, "Okey!"

Sparkles says, "Time to write down a list of the folks asking to get mugged."

Saijester claims, "I still occasionally get stopped, myself."

Deedee says, "I've been wondering what it is about me that they never harass me"

Himbopotamus claims, "But wasn't sure how it was meant to work so never noted it."

Saijester says, "But I don't know what triggers that."

Himbopotamus claims, "Looked like it counted my horse or something."

Ghed claims, "I'll undo some later changes so they attack everyone except Ahna =3"

Himbopotamus says, "Loool"

Ghed declaims, "That's it for me!"

Baehild says, "I wanna' be harassed by Dark Cloaks.."

Ghed wonders to Temi, "How 'bout you?"

Nameless states, "You will say otherwise when you get a 10 hp leg wound and use up 100 mv to move one room because of it lol"

Temi states, "I've been helping to keep up with requests and recommends and plots.  Sorry we missed a couple plots that Leta had been planning to handle."

Titania says to Nameless, "That's me every time I go in the sewers,"

Nameless says, "Stop letting people nibble on yer ankles"

Dragor declares, "But they are so delicious!"

Dragor says, "Chomp."

Titania says to Nameless, "It's not the people it's the CROCODILES who go for my legs EVERY TIME"

Dragor goes for Titania's legs.

Temi says, "But no big updates other than that, except reminding folks that the bigger plot is available for engaging with, and I'd love to see some more official movement things so we can move things forward without tromping over people's plans"

Temi grins.

Nameless says, "Well they are down low to the ground"

Temi says, "Which I will do if I have to, but would rather not"

Ghed nods at Temi.

Ghed states, "Thanks T"

Ghed declaims, "The plot is moving and you still have a chance to affect history and benefit from it!"

Ghed claims, "Always, always manipulate history to benefit you, be like Morgan Chase"

Jiraiya states, "Charalin go Bragh"

Temi nods in agreement with Ghed.

Ghed laughs.

Baehild asks, "Where can we read about the plot?"

Dragor states, "I just don't know how my character could get wrapped up in it, rly."

Nameless claims, "IC event posts"

Himbopotamus asks, "Yeah, is there any way for randoms to get involved?"

Nameless states, "And asking Important People"

Titania states to Ghed, "It's been hard, I'm waiting on a few plots that require input from folk who don't play too much"

Nameless says, "Aka guild leaders and nobles"

Temi claims, "'Also plot header review 68"

Tomato states, "There are still NPCs accepting supplies so you could do a big push for that Ic on the ground"

Baehild nod nods.

Temi nods.

Dragor says, "Nobody pays me for that. Counts money like scrooge mcduck"

Tomato states, "Or if the Charalin are very pro kill the vavardi they could attempt to run counter intelligence or in some way get info to the plains"

HIEROPHANT exclaims, "My topic is plot-related, though not header-plot related. Good to cover this now, I suppose!"

Temi claims to Dragor, "Unless you could convince them to"

Nameless states, "I remind everyone that NPCs are killable. that is all"

Ghed has transferred Urick.  [OOC]

Tomato states, "When in doubt, too, never feel afraid to reach out to your direct GL, or if not in a guild, a letter to the seneschal or a guild you think could help"

Ghed declares, "Of course!"

Ghed thumbs up Urick

Temi trails off to Dragor, "If you'll give me money, I could afford to contribute to this in this way..."

Temi grins.

Temi gives a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out to Urick.

Baehild says, "My guildleader scares me."

Nameless states, "Your guildleader is just there to help you"

Nameless claims, "Probably"

Nameless states, "... maybe"

Ghed muses, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Titania states to Dragor, "Give me money and for every gold I will ensure one Charalin horse is taken"

Temi states, "As a quick update from Eurus's work, the sips should be fixed now"

Nameless says, "Great"

Dragor claims, "Turns out those King's Council gangsters stuffed millions of hard-earned dividends away in the last place anyone thought to look: the hearts and minds of everyday Lithmorrans! You need to spread that deregulation gospel to the people. Tell them about that foreign fare tax. Preach that 98 percent gross burden. Preach it, preacher man! Set the brothas free. Taxes are racist. "

Aster claims, "I will get back to you on that in a week."

Braxas says, "As a newcomer here I have to say, there is a lot to learn and a lot of fun people."

Ghed declaims, "Oh yeah! He fixed that and the @f not working with xterm color codes"
Anya opens a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out.

Baehild claims, "Agreed."

Nameless states, "I will test sips"

Tomato claims, "I've been staying up SO late rping lately, its been a delight"

Himbopotamus grins at Aster.

Nameless says, "Later"

Temi nods in agreement with Ghed.

Motherof says, "We're SO fun."

Ghed claims, "SO HOW HAS RP BEEN"

Temi states, "Right, that too"

Baehild eyes Tomato warily.

Titania states, "I have had an EXTREMELY tumultuous week in-game"

Dragor claims, "It has been going."

Deedee claims, "Had a few good scenes"

Saijester says, "Rafferty locks me in the basement and doesn't let me out until I craft things."

Serket states, "Been busy but having fun Causing Problems On Purpose"

Titania states, "I am a plot-nexus help me,"

WhiskeyGabe claims, "I finally got this alt on the grid and got to have, as one of my first scenes, one of the best scenes I have ever had on TI."

Saijester says, "I'm having fun."

Pookstall says, "I haven't been around enough, but when I have, RP has been good"

Baehild claims, "I'm.. Learning a lot."

Amaranth declares, "Though new on grid the scenes I have had so far have been just lovely! =)"

WhiskeyGabe says, "So, awesome."

Titania asks of Saijester, "Wasn't there a scandal about this?"

Nameless states, "I have been able to have several good scenes that have not ended in screaming and shouting and running for once"

Baehild queries, "Getting that deep lore, ya' know?"

HIEROPHANT states, "Oh, it's been a darling week, Ghed. Sips were fixed, and that other thing, and there's been a lovely time engaging in my Various Activities."

Saijester declares to Titania, "More or less!"

Urick says, "Had my first scene the other day, but felt a bit overwhelmed. Still learning commands."

Ghed says to WhiskeyGabe, "That sounds wonderful"

RamblingSeert claims, "My week has been alright. Had to replace my keyboard. IC got something done I've been wanting to do for a few weeks now. And now I have more plans to look into... absolute ADHD game right now, too many plates to spin."

Dragor claims, "I'm admittedly kind of struggling rn but that's more my own fault."

Himbopotamus states, "Really happy to see so many new people. :D Always love to meet you ICly."

Braxas says, "I'm still figuring things out but I love the rp so far"

Ghed says to Urick, "There's a lot to learn, it's best to nibble on learning as you go"

Nameless states, "I also have a plot return that i was pleased to see and am looking forward to follow up on"

Urick claims, "Mostly trying not to make too many mistakes. Memorizing the commands is my biggest issue RN."

Ghed wonders to Dragor, "Anything staff can do to help?"

Baehild states, "I got called a violet."

WhiskeyGabe claims, "It's a good time to be a priest, baby."

Nameless wonders, "Are you violet?"

Dragor claims, "Nah."

Baehild says, "Nuh. I'm green."

Nameless says, "Well now"

Himbopotamus states to Urick, "People totally understand when you're new."

Motherof claims, "Every time we have a new player join the gang, we're all collectively tickled pink. Super happy to have you guys around."

Ghed states, "Let us know if something comes up, Dragor"

Tomato states, "Honestly, I've had a ton of scenes with variou folks i have not had time to spent lots of time with before also in public, and it was nice getting to widen the circle of acquaintances"

Anya says, "Remember that helpfiles are pretty logically named. So if you feel stuck, 'help' whatever it is. And if that doesn't work, visnet."

Ghed claims, "Including 'help help'"

Braxas states, "I have discovered that, help files are being searched regularly here"

Titania muses, "What about help help help, though?"

HIEROPHANT exclaims, "When in doubt, help match <thing>!"

Dragor states, "Just kind of not knowing what to do with my current char and mildly considering liquidation to get something fresh."

Saijester declaims to Tomato, "I'm still afraid of bards. Maybe we'll hang out one day, though..!"

Urick claims, "The biggest connundrum for me was typing travel merchant's and wondering why it didn't work t'ill I trieds omething else."

Dragor claims, "Not anyone's fault lol"

Baehild claims, "Bards are neeerds."

Braxas states, "I like bards they make fun drinking buddies"

Tomato states, "I find that when characters get stale its because they lack a finite goal"

Urick says, "Also unsure of where to actually buy an instrument, but we're getting there."

Tomato says, "Sometimes that's fixable and sometimes not"

Titania claims to Tomato, "Bards are just spies you pay to spy on you"

Saijester says to Urick, "Player crafters can help you with instruments."

Tomato states, "Oh absolutely :)"

Ghed muses, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Baehild claims, "I managed to find a few goals in-game."

Temi states, "Well, not just, but certainly that."

Baehild says, "Th-That's not bothering me."

Temi grins at Titania.

Himbopotamus states to Urick, "Travel is a BUTT. I still have to try twice most times, at least."

Serket says, "I'm super broke all the time"

Ghed states, "Travel got a major, major upgrade last year thanks to Eurus"

Urick claims, "When I tried it without the ' mark, it took me where I needed to go."

Dragor states, "Me too brother. The government tries to steal my hard-earned money."

Ghed wonders, "Ya it's travel merchants right?"

Baehild states, "Oh, maybe I can bring up my topic now.. Nah"

Urick claims, "Yep"

Baehild states, "I weait."

Ghed questions, "So nothing bad to mention?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "The ' goes at the end. Merchants'."

RamblingSeert states, "Yes actually - help guild commands. Every single one of those commands if done say "use role instead". Kinda unintuitive."

Tomato says, "Oh god the merchants GH is a pain to travel to"

Himbopotamus states, "What bugs me: I am 99 percent sure the charge command is just broken as hell but I can't really test it out properly and that bugs me."

Tomato states, "I 'travel golden coin' and then 'path -' so I don't go in"

Himbopotamus states, "But that's kind of a me problem."

Deedee says, "Travel merchants' will get you there I think"

Tomato states, "And then just go east into the guildhall"

Deedee says, "With the '"

Tomato claims, "Merchants' gets me to the trade hall I believe"

Temi claims, "Entrance to the merchants usually works for me"

Himbopotamus nods at Temi.

Tomato says, "Golden coin never fails me"

Titania flips a sturdy steel plate cuirass centered by the Eye of Justice into the air, and catches it as it begins its descent.

Braxas states, "I'm still figuring out the direction I want to go with this character"

Ghed exclaims, "Okay!"

HIEROPHANT declaims, "I don't have any gripes to share in the meeting. My gripes are handled privately most of the time!"

Urick muses, "Also, no one would mind if I used osay while I learn to posts songs I'm trying to 'emulate' (can't legally say rip off) when I try to bard, yeah?"

Motherof states, "Or the old trusty: 'message quick Rafferty HEY WHERE ARE YOU'"

Ghed declaims to Braxas, "There's a lot of time for that!"

Ghed states, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Braxas nods.

Ghed says to Dragor, "You come first"

Himbopotamus queries to Urick, "Do you mean use osay to share the songs instead of emote?"

Urick states, "Yeah."

Aster gets a skull-shaped dark chocolate filled with a soft mint jelly from a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out.

Himbopotamus wonders, "Hmm, why would osay be easier?"

Tomato claims, "You do need to emote because not everyone is going to drop everything to listen to a random youtube video"

Baehild stops using a tasseled polehammer, enscribed with the Scales of Justice.

Baehild flips a tasseled polehammer, enscribed with the Scales of Justice into the air, and catches it as it begins its descent.

Dragor says, "Hey, I have noticed a few things about the helpfiles in the different guilds and how they're not quite matching up current expectations within their circles. It might be a good idea to approach the guild leaders and see what is a discrepancy or not. Some requirements for specific things are missing, for example or the time requirements do not reflect the in-game speed of things.

This is actually another point : Should we even have time requirements at this point? I am not entirely sure myself."

Baehild wields a tasseled polehammer, enscribed with the Scales of Justice.

Baehild shoulders her polearm.

Urick says, "I intend to p emote it, but I figured it'd be easier to share the link in osay."

Ghed nods at Dragor.

Nameless wonders, "In what context do you mean time requirements?"

Temi claims, "But a bit of context in osay doesn't necessarily hurt, in addition, rather than replacing it, as long as things don't get too chatty"

Himbopotamus nods at Temi.

Ghed says, "Guild helpfiles, like a lot in TI, was written at different times by different people"

Ghed states, "As in, some helpfiles have 20-year gaps"

Motherof nods.

Ruby says, "I'm guessing time requirements as in 'you have to be playing for X amount of time to be considered for y'"

Tomato says, "When it comes to guild promotions, the helpfiles are guidelines that GLs can choose to follow, they are not always required"

Dragor exclaims, "Yeah, it would be good to refresh 'em now because we do have a good influx of new players!"

Nameless states, "I know self promotion with roles has coded time requirements, but all else is just up to GL decision afaik"

Deedee states, "Guild helpfiles are generally up to the GLs to put in updates for"

Ruby states, "The helpfiles should be updated in that case, yeah."

Temi says, "Staff can update the guild helpfiles if the guildleader requests it and it's reasonable"

Aster pokes a skull-shaped dark chocolate filled with a soft mint jelly. 

Temi says, "So do let us know if there's problems with things according to how it actually plays out"

Tomato states, "So if as a GL you feel someone should be promoted, or should come in at a higher level than 'the lowest rank' you can choose to do that out of the gate"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Yes! If you are a guildleader, you are not required to go by the helpfiles - it's your guild! Run it how you like! Submit updates to the files if you want to!

In the same vein, any helpfile that mentions 'immortals' instead of 'staff' is probably ancient."

Michael is idle.

Motherof claims, "Anyone volunteering to help write updates for my guild's helpfiles will not be locked in the basement."

Temi states, "Most of them are guildleader defined, not hard staff requirements"

Anya claims to Aster, "Eat it."

Ghed trails off, "Yeah let us know, we have over a thousand helpfiles, a few are disabled and hidden, many are staff-only... it's a lot"

Urick says, "I think in all the helpfiles I saw, only one or two had the word immortals on it."

Deedee claims, "If there's any trouble with guild policy helpfiles though, just bring it to staff directly"

WhiskeyGabe says, "Time requirements for promotion feel a bit bunkus to me, especially in a MUD in 2023. I personally wish there was a 'centralized' list of basic promotion requirements/guild policies/etc. and GLs could change the others, but."

Michael is no longer idle.

WhiskeyGabe states, "I understand staff wanting to respect GL autonomy."

Nameless states, "Thats kind of tough to do when expectations and functions of guilds vary wildly"

Nameless states, "Like"

Tomato says, "Again, the lines are a suggestion on the road babey, do what you want"

Nameless says, "How are you gonna promote a reeve to captain if they're only 36 in fighting"

Anya says, "I imagine that depends on the guild, and the composition of the guild. More people, others probably won't be promoted as quickly. Less, move 'em on up."

Ghed queries to Dragor, "Is this sufficient to cover your topic? We'll gladly take a look if GLs point us to the issues"

Sparkles says, "I guess one thing is ... is the 'you can only promote people/be promoted X often' an actual policy rule? Because some folks seem to refer to that as a solid rule/reason against promotions even if they make IC sense and other times that isn't enforced."

Urick asks, "Maybe if that Reeve's been out in the town kicking ass and taking names?"

Baehild says, "Not much ass you can kick at 36, if I'm being honest."

Nameless says, "36 isnt kicking ass and taking names lol. thats like right out of chargen"

Baehild states, "... Yea."

Dragor says, "Yeah that's good! Just a gentle reminder for the GLs maybe to look over the files and see what still lines up or what needs to be touched up."

Tomato says, "Its not a policy. I've seen apprentice bards be poet knights. I'm the Laudate without being op'd, its a suggestion"

Deedee says, "That was policy for a while but was relaxed afaik"

Trogdor is idle.

Deedee says, "Not sure if the helpfile was ever updated, but was superceeded in an OOC chat IIRC"

Motherof claims, "I like an RP-forward method of promoting, myself."

Nameless says, "Generally speaking i have a fairly good handle on where i want people to be for promotion, its just a little tough to know when they're at that point"

Temi claims, "We do ask that you look at folks every month, but it's not a hard limit or requirement.  Though we don't mind folks going slowly at all"

Ghed claims, "We can allow relaxation if the guild is like, empty, lol"

Urick says, "I need to go bug the Laudate some more while I learn how to bug people in-gaame."

Ghed says, "But slower is also fine too"

Ghed nods at Dragor.

Titania says, "I admit, I kinda sped up the Reeves a bit because for a while they were just"

Ghed claims to HIEROPHANT, "Okay you're next"

Titania says, "Me, Ahna and Woodes"

Dragor claims, "But anyway, thank you for the input yaaay."

HIEROPHANT declaims, "Oh boy, I hope this pastes properly!"

Nameless claims, "Reeves historically tend to be a bit underpop"

Baehild says, "And now I'm here."

Baehild nod nods.

HIEROPHANT claims, "Nope! Stringcheck lied, one moment."

Titania claims to Nameless, "IT IS MY JOB TO FIX THAT."

Serket sneezes loudly.

Serket says, "Oh fun, sneezes happen oocly"

Aster eats a skull-shaped dark chocolate filled with a soft mint jelly.

trogdor is no longer idle.
Trogdor has returned from AFK.

Ghed has transferred Edison.  [OOC]

Baehild states, "My induction into the reeves was ilarious."

Temi gives a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out to Edison.

Nameless says, "Maybe ill join titania"

Nameless states, "Whats the pay like"

Titania says, "30 silver weekly for cadets"

Baehild claims, "Nonexistent."

Anya pat Aster's head. "Good.

Himbopotamus claims, "10000 years in Ahalin."

Himbopotamus says, "That's the pay."

HIEROPHANT bows and expresses with a grandiose flourish, 
"My topic for today concerns the matter of plots! 

A thought occurred to me as I was plotting what to plot that I hadn't thelightest clue what I -could- plot to do. After reading and re-reading both the
helpfiles and the plots I currently have access to view, I determined that I
was quite thoroughly confused. After expressing my confusion to a peer, I was
invited to bring it up here so that, after some discussion between players and
staff, we could all be on the same page about the following points of order.

HIEROPHANT continues,
"Firstly: Staff intentions. I would like to hear what Staff considers the
intended function of the plot system - not header plots, those are a tad self
-evident, by their nature. I wish to focus upon player-driven plots with the
topic for today, as it is rapidly becoming relevant to my interests.

Secondly: I would like to discuss with everyone present and determine what the
scope of a plot, or series thereof, is, can, or should be. The plots help-
file is very vague, to me; specifically the following notes are unhelpfully so:

- Get something done narratively, outside of TI's coded environment
- Get staff input on behalf of NPCs
- Earn rewards of QP and recommendations levels

That third one really throws me for a loop. I thought plots cost QP, not give!

In other words -

1. What can I attempt to do with a plot?
1a. What place do plots have in the interplay between rival Guilds?

2. What should I not attempt to do with a plot?
2a. QP spent to initiate a plot is not refunded if rejected - 
so what is the acceptancerejection criteria for plots to begin with?

I know these are very broad questions to answer, so I'd like to take them one 
at a time with some semblance of polite order so that it doesn't occupy the
entirety of the meeting."

Anya claims, "Whoa"

Nameless claims, "I think we both know im worth more than a measley 30 silver /negotiate"

Dragor states, "Wow"

Dragor states, "This is a lot."

Ghed says, "First question: they are meant to represent what code cannot handle but is still RP"

HIEROPHANT exclaims, "It is! That's why I made it into bite-sized pieces!"

Tomato claims, "I feel like those statements are a bit self explanatory but plots, roughly, cover anything you can't do with code as it stands but should be plausible in the world"

Deedee states, "Actually, the QP should be refunded if rejected"

Temi claims, "We do prefer stuff that can be done on grid through RP be done with that RP"

Himbopotamus asks, "Is Plot synonymous with what was once called RPA?"

Temi nods at Deedee.

Dragor claims, "Huh."

Nameless says, "They are refunded if rejected"

Nameless states, "And yes himbo"

Ghed claims, "Plots are meant to be a single issue at a time and a few actions with it, but it's blurry and it should all be done reasonably 'on the same go'."

Nameless says, "Most of the time"

Ghed nods at Temi.

Tomato states, "'input on behalf of NPCs' is getting info from NPCs for their opinions"

Anya states, "Ok, so plots. The first time I used it, I was guided through by someone, and I tend to treat each subsequent one the same way to help others through. It is absolutely  hard trying to parse the helpfile on your own, but becomes hella easy with help and someone to ask immediate questions to."

HIEROPHANT exclaims to Ghed, "Sure! That's a very broad umbrella, however. Things like that clarify things a bit, though!"

Ghed says, "It's broad, and we've reworked the plot helpfile but it's just one of those things that becomes clearer when you look at examples"

Aster attempts to balance a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out on their head.

Ghed queries to Temi, "Don't we have examples posted in the forums?"

Deedee claims, "I do kind of miss more open-ended plots with some back and forth rather than just one-shot ones."

Anya says, "So, my suggestion is steal someone OOCly to ask questions to temporarily."

Temi says, "A walkthrough yeah"

Temi nods at Ghed.

Ghed nods.

Amaranth states, "What really helped me was reading some older plots =) So I could figure out how to format it and such."

Ghed nods at Amaranth.

Ghed pontificates to HIEROPHANT, "Next!"

HIEROPHANT says, "True! However, I can only see accepted and completed ones; examples of rejections would be good too.

I saw a very nice guide on the forums, but didn't see examples - only command examples of how to submit a plot, not what plots can be submitted."

Ghed nods.

Ghed says, "Fair fair"

Himbopotamus queries, "So if I wanted to look up some NPCs' records with the help of the Reeves - plot. Break into a shop in a way that gets around a present NPC guard. Plot. Poison an NPC noblewoman. Plot. What is not a plot, yeah?"

Himbopotamus states, "Er, assuming those first three are right."

Nameless states, "Rule of thumb is: if you can do it on grid with RP, you can't plot it"

Ruby asks, "What is an example of a rejected plot?"

Nameless states, "For example"

Dragor wonders, "Some things showing what doesn't fly would be a good addition, yeah. Dos and don'ts I guess?"

Sparkles states, "Also, sometimes what works and what doesn't seems to vary. Something can have worked before but then not again in the future."

Tomato claims, "Some examples: You can RPA as a Reeve, for example, 'investigating' a crime, and list HOW you could plausibly do that in the real world--talk to witnesses, look for signs left behind etc"

HIEROPHANT says, "Jack's dire problems with flower-stampers was enlightening, but it doesn't extend to, say, what a Mage can plot to do in the Astral, for example, or a Reeve digging deep into an NPC or player's personal history."

Nameless claims, "I can thwack titania on the head with a big stick on grid. so i cant do that in a plot."

Temi says, "Though one thing I should add is that staff can't write a lot of special lore just for a plot.  If we don't just have a book, we can't write it for you if you're looking for one, etc."

Ghed claims, "Generally if it involves speaking to an NPC to get answers, that's a plot"

Ghed claims, "Oh yeah 'Ghed explores the truth about Dav', yeah lol nope"

Titania waggles her big stick at Nameless 

Deedee says, "Also for anything that can't be done with code"

Himbopotamus questions, "Or more generally interacting with an NPC in a way that's ICly plausible but not codedly possible?"

Titania says, "I'll hit you with it FIRST."

Baehild has the biggest stick.

Dragor claims, "Plot : Was Dav a mage? We analyse his bones and stomach contents."

Temi nods at Himbopotamus.

Nameless claims, "My stick is bigger"

Deedee's opportunity to accept the Personal Event has expired.

Baehild stops using a tasseled polehammer, enscribed with the Scales of Justice.

Baehild flips a bamboo fishing pole set with a spool of wire into the air, and catches it as it begins its descent.

Motherof states, "I wrote a letter to the king once. He didn't write back, but, I got an answer."

HIEROPHANT pontificates, "Right, okay. So interacting with NPCs is a yes; focus needs to be fairly narrow and specific; and it cannot invent lore helpfiles wholecloth. Okay!"

Ghed queries to HIEROPHANT, "Neeeext?"

Temi claims, "We also don't want to do a bunch of custom magic, unfortunately.  That's just too big outside of header plots."

Himbopotamus claims, "Cool, this makes sense to me. Did not know this system existed."

Ruby queries, "Can I write home to my parents and get back a letter on how disappointed they are of me?"

HIEROPHANT pontificates, "Let's talk about the QP and other rewards portion, for a moment!"

Himbopotamus claims to Ruby, "I am SURE you can."

Ghed says, "Guys, let's focus on HIEROPHANT please"

Tomato states, "Plots do cost 10 QP or a guildpoint from your GL to use, I'm not sure where it says you GET QP for it but that is outdated"

Temi states to Ruby, "For personal things like that, we'd generally prefer you just handle the background stuff yourself.  You have full control over your own character's backstory, as long as it's thematic, unless you need to include stuff on the bigger situation of the world that you don't know"

Deedee claims, "I've gotten QP back from recommends for a plot before, at least."

Temi states, "Rewards are primarily for engagement with header plots.  When you're doing your own plot, it's a cost to be able to do your own things."

Tomato says, "QP is not really a dear resource as long as you are regularly recommending your fellow players"

HIEROPHANT asks, "Let's say I want to plot explicitly to achieve a character goal, but that character goal is material or mechanical in some way, like acquiring a particular item or an amount of money, or developing a skill.

Can plots:
1. Acquire unique assets or asset resources, or obtain them at a reduced cost from simply buying them?2. Teach a guildskill, especially if PCs are not available or willing to teach it?
3. Be used as a vehicle to obtain rare items without just directly loading them in via a request board post?"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Oh no, my formatting."

Nameless states, "Afaik plots can never teach a guildskill"

Nameless says, "Anyone ive talked too has tried it has had tha tkind of plot rejected"

Tomato claims, "None of those things, to the best of my knowledge, RPA is not indended to go around the existing systems to obtain things"

HIEROPHANT muses, "Or, put in a simpler way - Are plots an avenue to character advancement through indirect RP, or provide exceptions to the norm in any way?"

Ghed nods.

Ruby claims, "I know there's a QP reward for loading something in that isn't on the grid, but it seems very unclear to me what exactly you can load in"

Ghed claims, "We'll never circumvent a guild to teach a guildskill to someone -- if we did, our more number-inclined-players would spam the everloving Dav out of it"

Deedee says, "QP cost* that's basically for requesting custom items"

Ruby claims, "Yeah I meant to say QP cost oops"

Nameless trails off, "Today I submit plot #11423 to get pool in swords...."

Tomato states, "You can pay QP to get a custom item made for you, but staff will reject attempts to get something that you can get on grid--for example you can't load in custom clothes when there are tailors"

Amaranth states, "I think plots are mainly used to obtain information that you wouldn't be able to otherwise get without staff involvement. Such as talking to NPCs, ect ect. I don't think they would be used for the things listed above because you could do all those things on grid without staff assistance."

Temi says, "I think the only times we've ever provided guildskills was when the guild itself had lost the people that knew it"

Ghed nods.

Tomato claims, "The rest of that stuff--my friend there is a system for that and it is called demons"

Ghed claims, "If there's -no one- left then maybe"

Titania asks of Nameless, "Simply ask me for training, what could possibly go wrong?"

Ghed states, "Also yeah demons can teach you stuff"

HIEROPHANT declares, "Sure! To be clear, these are hypotheticals I'm using to narrow down the otherwise broad scope of what's expressed in the helpfiles. And, yes!"

Nameless says, "Ew demons"

Temi nods.

Nameless claims, "Demons are evil"

Ghed claims, "They are"

Titania declares to Tomato, "My prayers have been answered!"

Ghed says, "And wealthy, fabulously wealthy"

Amaranth states, "If you summon demons I am going to be VERY upset."

Titania pontificates, "Praise Melah!"

Nameless states, "Also be careful what you wish for titania"

Tomato says, "But they can teach you guildskills, give you money, give you rare items, etc"

Edison states, "Dear demons, please teach me how to jewelsmith"

Nameless exclaims, "Demons are evil!"

Temi says, "Primarily for information or interaction with plots, not for stuff or advancements."

Baehild states, "I'mma summon a Demon just to make someone mad."

Nameless says, "We're the anti-demon club"

Baehild nod nods.

Nameless says, "Oh god dont do that"

HIEROPHANT exclaims, "Okay! So the segment regarding 'earn rewards' should probably mention that refers to headers - not plot advances by players!"

Temi states to Edison, "And if you turn the lives of innocent children into jewels, they make for such a lovely bit of sparkle"

Baehild says, "The demon's name shall be 'Ghed on a Tuesday Afternoon'"

Temi nods at HIEROPHANT.

Amaranth claims, "Please no demon summoning. This has been a PSA."

Ghed nods.

Motherof says, "Damn, Temi."

Aster claims, "Helpfiles are already your clippy demon on the shoulder"

WhiskeyGabe says, "(summon more demons)"

Tomato states, "IC opinions on demons aside, that was just a reminder that system DOES exist and is an option for those who are able to use it"

Edison states, "I'm writing down all of your names >:C"

Temi nods in agreement with Tomato.

Jiraiya states, "Yah more demon summoners would be cool"

Nameless claims, "You're all going in edison's naughty list"

Amaranth states, "Literally writing down a list right now of people I should watch."

Temi claims to Edison, "Mine's spelled with a T-e-m-i"

Ghed queries to HIEROPHANT, "Does this answer your Q? What comes next?"

Titania claims, "I know all of you have a demon circle in your basement."

Titania claims, "That's ILLEGAL."

Motherof claims, "Sajie likes to sit in it."

Saijester states, "It's true."

Himbopotamus claims, "Joke's on you, I have one for a tramp stamp."

Titania trails off to Motherof, "So that's where you found her..."

Nameless states, "I swear"

Nameless wonders, "Do i have to bring back lightning 2.0: electric boogaloo?"

Deedee states, "Yes"

Edison claims, "Edison's signature happens to look like a demon summoning circle, but no one uses cursive writing anymore \o/"

Temi says to Ghed, "They're feisty today"

Tomato states, "Only if you never take off your armor again, so you are also at risk"

Titania states, "Can you do it without breaking the law? --Okay, back on topic."

Dragor claims, "Mh."

Ghed claims to HIEROPHANT, "Let's keep the pace, there are two players coming with topics after you =)"

[Action: Baehild is feisty it would seem. ]

Titania claims, "Yeah, I think this topic is done"

Anya claims to Titania, "The law is a myth."

HIEROPHANT queries, "Okay! So in review - 

What I CAN do with a plot, is:
1. Learn information, primarily by way of interacting with the world and its NPCs (and vNPCs!);
2. Perform a specific, narrow-scope task with a discrete, defined start, goal, and endpoint;
3. Recover skills that have been lost to some horrible tragedy or otherwise completely forgotten about, or rediscover things that only NPCs know after grievous deaths.

And plots CANNOT:
1. Directly be used to obtain guildskills, wealth, XP, QP, rare items, or any other item, for that matter. There are other ways to do that, like demons or request boards.

Yes? I think we're on the same page here?

With that, my last follow-up is: Can plots be dangerous? Are there plots that can harm or injure my character if I attempt them?"

Nameless states, "YES you can get injured in a plot"

Nameless states, "Happened to me"

Nameless says, "If you do something dumb in it or fail your rolls"

Ghed states, "Yes, plots can get you injured, exposed, or killed"

Edison finishes abruptly, "I won't be here for the next meeting, so lets make sure this one is extra dramatic - everyone be dramatic now"

Tomato states, "Yes you can also die in plots ifits wild enough"

Ghed says, "Emphasis on killed."

Anya says, "Plots can even kill.Yep."

Himbopotamus pontificates, "Thanks for that super useful sum-up, Hiero!"

Ruby states, "Damn that'd be a way to go out"

Urick claims, "How dramatic is dramatic for you."

Ghed states, "But for that you'd have to be extraordinarily bold in the face of overwhelming, transparently deadly danger"

Titania claims to Edison, "I swoon, I fall upon a convenient chaise lounge, I go 'Oh, Edison, save me'"

Temi states, "We'll generally make sure you understand if you're doing something risky, yes."

Titania states, "Oooh, good to know, actually."

Amaranth claims, "Plots can also get you arrested. Not that I would know from personal experience. They do have consequences .. sometimes, depending on what you do."

Ghed states, "We had a famous example of a knight who tried to kill Roland the traitor in his bedroom, failed, got captured and beheaded"

Ghed says, "A dame actually"

Himbopotamus lols.

HIEROPHANT asks, "Okay! Would you say, Ghed, that the danger is generally very openly signaled beforehand? Are there OOC confirmations akin to 'are you sure you want to do this' ?"

HIEROPHANT declares, "For lethal actions, anyway!"

Ghed states, "We will always, always telegraph the risk and the danger"

Deedee says, "Attempting to murder the Queen could go either way."

HIEROPHANT says, "Or, for filthy wizards and dirty thieves, actions that can expose them."

Edison hides a damascus steel bastard sword with an incised floral motif at her mention

Nameless says, "Excuse me"

Himbopotamus trails off, "I would have to guess the benchmark is at least a little "If doing this to a PC could get you killed, then...""

Nameless states, "Wizards are not fealthy"

Nameless states, "Wizards are very clean individuals"

Baehild says, "I beg to differ."

Urick states, "A wizard would say that."

Ruby claims, "Wizards are like college students cramming for a midterm, they're definitely smelly."

Nameless states, "Im just a wizard advocate"

Deedee queries, "We have other topics?"

Nameless sniffs haughtily

Tomato says, "Largely anything you do in a plot is an IC action, and other plots COULD uncover that, so yes if you are doing illegal stuff do take care to include what you are doing to protect yourself"

Ghed states, "But in the majority of cases a failure will generally not cost you much save for time or the resources invested"

Titania claims, "You cannot on god cast shade on wizards with a name like Urick."

Sparkles says, "Guys, it can be hard to get through topics when it turns into a 4chan gag reel."

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed wonders to HIEROPHANT, "Was there anything else?"

WhiskeyGabe states, "(We can always talk nonsense on OOC chan)"

Titania says, "Next topic, yeah"

HIEROPHANT muses, "Okay! The only addendum to that is asking how failures with risk are arbitrated! Hidden (or not) dice rolls, staff concensus, etcetera...?"

Urick claims, "Can I cast it with another name."

Ghed claims, "Usually open rolls but the staffer in charge decides"

Ghed declares, "I need to move on, sorry!"

Tomato says, "Staff roll relevant dice rolls for you and they usually note it"

Ghed asks of WhiskeyGabe, "Your topic?"

HIEROPHANT pontificates, "That's fine, that was it! Thanks!"

WhiskeyGabe exclaims, "OKay!"

WhiskeyGabe says, "Just a reminder to everybody there will be a MASS tonight after this! I will probably wait 15-20 minutes or so to let folks wrap up their current scenes, get dinner, etc etc. whatever."

Deedee claims, "Oh yeah"

Motherof says, "My bubble bath."

WhiskeyGabe states, "I have not done a Mass in approximately seven years so please send me a tell if I accidentally do a heresy or something."

Ghed says, "Hell yeah"

Michael is idle.

Ghed pontificates, "Well done!"

WhiskeyGabe claims, "That is all."

Serket states, "Get you some religion"

Braxas queries, "Church time?"

HIEROPHANT exclaims, "I will certainly congratulate you if you do!"

Dragor says, "Well I won't say if you do a heresy."

Nameless states, "You say church time. i say 'target rich environment'"

Deedee states, "A heresy is okay, two heresy not so good."

Ghed declares to Nameless, "Go give it a try!"

Ghed muses to Baehild, "Your topic?"

Baehild states, "Mine is pretty simple: Would it be possible to have different uh.. 'Levels' in thugs for the Reeves to fight? I'm biased, of course, but have been advised to just leave them alone for now."

Braxas queries, "Or rich target enviroment?"

Ghed says, "Hmmmm"

Edison claims, "I think it's about finding the RIGHT level of lethal"

Himbopotamus states, "In general it seems like danger levels are remarkably high, re: combat."

Deedee claims, "Possibly, but I don't think it'd be worth it"

Ghed claims, "What are the ups and downs of this"

Serket states, "I've been told they aren't actually as beefy as people put them up to be"

Himbopotamus states, "The impression I get is 36 is good for nothing."

Ghed states, "36 is good for small animals and children"

Edison says, "And the only way to REALLY test it out is to throw an Ahna at it 30 to 40 times"

RamblingSeert is idle.

Ghed claims, "Not farin children of course"

Serket claims, "But yes the issue is that players minmax and then staff have to make it not a nonissue for them"

HIEROPHANT states, "Up: New Reeves can engage in meting out justice.
Down: More work for Ghed."

Motherof claims, "You are welcome to mistake me for a thug in my dark cloak, and give that a try. Streets are kinda dark out there anyway."

Titania states, "Yeah, it's a thing of note that"

Baehild says, "'^'"

Anya claims, "Well, I mean. This isn't a hack and slash. I don't think we should have newbie darkcloak zones and non newbie ones."

Titania states, "It feels like no level of combat skill matters except gm"

Himbopotamus nods at Titania.

Nameless says, "Unless you're actively hunting animals, you are correct titania"

Himbopotamus claims, "Weaker thugs that can summon help would be a nice fix."

Deedee claims, "GM is overrated"

Serket claims, "Its because largely people go into 'combat' or 'non combat' characters and then if you're in the middle it doesn't matter to most people"

Ghed claims, "There are ways to avoid them"

Sparkles says, "I do think it needs to feel relevant to RP, otherwise if it just becomes a 'how to grid combat' thing it kind of ... loses impact and we start to feel a bit too hack and slash."

HIEROPHANT says, "No, but they could be distributed randomly! And, yes, that too, unless you are fighting animals, animals are very well-distributed and mostly intuitive."

Ghed says, "You can just pay them too"

Nameless says, "If you're hunting animals to get their meaty bits and parts then lower combat levels do matter"

Ghed nods at Sparkles.

RamblingSeert is no longer idle.
RamblingSeert has returned from AFK.

Braxas muses, "True but it might be hard for someone wanting to play a character that likes sparring or wrestling not all combat has to be lethal?"

HIEROPHANT questions, "Don't they draw steel on Reeves sometimes without asking for coin, or is that just a certain special hillwoman?"

Tomato states, "I agree, I'm a bit over the 'criminals exist I want to beat the shit out of them' personally"

Nameless says, "We have safe attacks for that"

Ghed states to HIEROPHANT, "They draw on reeves, yes"

Baehild states, "They've drawn on me before."

Titania claims, "They occasionally just go HARD on Reeves"

Himbopotamus states, "I'll admit I've avoided the wilderness entirely because I get the impression animals will flat-out kill you unless you're tough- but that might be wrong."

Ghed claims, "There are ways even around being a reeve"

Baehild claims, "But they never actively attack."

Braxas muses, "Oh! So safe attacks can be used for sparring?"

Sparkles says, "They aren't lethal, the animals."

Tomato claims, "Animals non-lethal "

Himbopotamus nods at Braxas.

Nameless claims, "There is no (normal) animal out in the wilderness that will pk you"

Sparkles claims, "They might wreck on you though."

Himbopotamus claims, "Okay not literally kill"

Himbopotamus claims, "Bad choice of words, lol."

Braxas says, "Now Imma open a fighting pit."

Ghed says, "The roads are always safe"

Titania states, "I had one who was creeping in the bath-house who as soon as I walked into the room, he drew his mace and said 'Let's dance, Reeve, you and I.'"

Tomato says, "You get knocked out and some kind soul drags you to the madison"

Ghed says, "From animals at least"

Deedee states, "There used to be some lethal animals"

Titania says, "And he was actually like, REALLY badass"

Ghed grins at Titania

Titania states, "I had a duel with that man"

HIEROPHANT states to Ghed, "Unless an animal flees into the road tile, but yes, 99/100 times it's safe. From animals."

Nameless says, "That said, bobcat and wolves are going to beat you if you start off at 36. and boars are tougher. and bears and wolverines will REALLY beat you, hard."

Jiraiya claims, "Yah not a fan of those dark cloaks personally. "

Titania states, "I'm offering him a job when he gets out of Ahalin"

Tomato says, "I know animals have a tendency to roll their stats randomly, perhaps consider making the cloakies do that"

HIEROPHANT says, "If you are at 36, you can lose to a goat."

Ghed says, "Bisons are stompy stomp too"

Tomato says, "I recall the badass wolf that killed my dog in two hits"

Deedee states, "Dark cloaks are on their way out fwiw"

Ghed states, "Also remember that they might hit your horse too"

Himbopotamus claims, "...Okay 36 should probably not lose to a goat."

Anya says, "Wildcats will tear a newb up."

HIEROPHANT states, "It is a mountain goat."

Nameless claims, "Clearly ouve never fought a goat irl"

Nameless states, "I have"

Deedee says, "Until the project expires"

Nameless claims, "Those buggers"

Nameless states, "Are strong"

Nameless states, "And they have horns."

Himbopotamus states, "I have combat skill 1 IRL, so"

Tomato says, "Mountain goats are chest-level on a man"

Himbopotamus claims, "Anyway! Probably just derailing."

Motherof claims, "Mountain goats nearby my home have gored people to death and shut down my favorite hiking spot in the past."

Braxas says, "Goat or goose which is worse I wonder."

Nameless says, "When you get headbutted by a 200 pound goat with horns as hard as a tree trunk, you feel that."

Himbopotamus claims, "(yes lol okay I get it guys)"

Himbopotamus claims, "(it is a mountain goat, my bad)"

HIEROPHANT muses, "But, yes, the topic is in regards to Reeves having to contend with very strong darkcloaks, even if they're a cyan, yes?"

Tomato states, "I repeat the 'could we consider darkcloak varying levels of tuff like animals have'"

Nameless trails off, "While we're on this subject, is there any thought on making some more dangerous animals lethal? like bears and say for example maybe..... crocodiles"

Baehild says, "I like that idea, honestly."

Titania claims to Nameless, "There are already lethal crocs on grid"

Deedee claims, "They used to be I think"

Baehild trails off, "Crocodiles...."

Tomato claims, "I say no to lethal animals because noobs are usually the only ones to fall prey to them"

Titania states to Nameless, "You just need to know where to find them c:"

HIEROPHANT says, "Yes, that, tomato."

Himbopotamus states, "You can vary darkcloaks but it may not be clear which ones are weaker/stronger, which may defeat the point."

Nameless says, "I honestly have no idea where they went to because the big ones stopped showing up in the usual places"

Anya states, "I wouldn't lethal the animals."

Ghed trails off, "I want them not to target cyans, but I... don't have the check in the mobprog editor"

Braxas muses, "Making animals more dangerous? Sure but also having animals that can be hunted by new people is also good I think?"

Baehild claims, "Varying shades of gray."

Baehild queries, "What about cyans in the Reeves?"

Jiraiya states, "No lethal animals plz"

Jiraiya states, "Or npcs for that matter"

Ghed claims, "Dark cloak stats ARE randomized to a range"

Deedee says, "Oh okay"

HIEROPHANT claims, "It's less that they would target cyans and more that a single accident with, say, having secret_travel on and tabbing out for 30 seconds could put you into a lethal fight. "

Baehild asks, "But they'll still kick a fresh Cadet's ass, won't they?"

Titania says to Baehild, "Without a doubt."

Himbopotamus says, "Making ALL dark cloaks weaker and making them able to load backup if they are getting absolutely wailed on might be ideal."

HIEROPHANT pontificates, "It's not like Southside where there's a big warning that stops you!"

Tomato claims, "IDK I feel like the main issue is--combat characters are almost always maxed after x amoutn of time, and staff need to level the threats so they aren't laughable for them"

Titania says, "I'm GM in my combat and I glancingly/lightly hit them until I wear down their defense."

Tomato says, "That sorta leaves out new characters by virtue of inexperience"

Himbopotamus states, "Then new players can be useful and more established people can be challenged."

Ghed claims, "If they are getting stomped they surrender"

Himbopotamus states, "I mean, before the surrender - if they take 1-2 really powerful hits they whistle for backup."

Deedee states, "Stats generally matter more than skill for hit strength"

Jiraiya says, "Unfortunately"

Tomato states, "Its like in D&D when you have one guy 3 levels ahead of the party, the encounters are all balanced so HE doesnt' steamroll the encounter, not to be fair to the rest of the aprty"

Himbopotamus says, "Numbers defeat everybody in this system."

Nameless trails off, "I have my own gripes about numbers and the effect that retainers have but... thats a separate thing"

Anya claims, "It's a lot of RPXP to become a real combat demon. Have to improve the stats, as well as have the skills up. Max stats helps."

HIEROPHANT asks, "So, once again,
Ups : Newer Reeves who have not peaked in their combat skills get something to practice fighting in a way that has actual injuries, learn to bandage wounds, manage mv, reset defenses etc. without having to punch badgers.
Downs: Ghed has to do a bunch of extra work.


Himbopotamus grins.

Trogdor claims, "I would say that it's not a matter of NPC, and if a player wants a more robust challenge, arrange it with staff and they can puppet a more powerful NPC (with an RPA or something, perhaps)"

Titania states, "I don't even use retainers, I'm poor"

Himbopotamus says, "Basically, yeah, Hiero."

Titania claims, "I can't afford you AND armor for you"

Baehild says, "Pretty much, yes."

Trogdor claims, "Or, there is always asking someone to do a hardcore story"

Jiraiya claims, "In general i think there should be more rewards for fighting npcs rather than more beat down from them"

Himbopotamus says, "I don't -think- the mobprogs would suck too hard if there is a good trigger for "take >X damage.""

Nameless says, "Do know that coded lessons can -quickly- train anyone up"

Sparkles claims, "I'm not sure that staff are looking to puppet just so people can combat gain but I could be wrong."

Nameless claims, "As long as you have xp"

HIEROPHANT declaims, "I am a fan of the tried and true badger-punching method but I can understand why not everyone would agree!"

Titania claims to Nameless, "This assumes they're not a new player and have RPXP to spare"

Tomato says, "I don't feel like we should encourage hack n slash, personally"

Baehild claims, "The only combat I've had where I was actually wounded was with people who were far stronger than me."

Himbopotamus says, "It's not even for skill gain so much as for RP."

Temi claims, "We probably don't have a lot of time for puppeting combat encounters, no"

Anya claims, "There are trainers for combat gain."

Ghed claims, "They have a trigger for X damage"

Tomato says, "You want more criminals, maybe beat them up without killing them and let them go"

Ghed says, "And no I'm not puppeting combat encounters, lol"

Ghed claims, "I did do that for the Jade Arrow and it was a lot"

Trogdor says, "But you are so good at it"

HIEROPHANT says, "Trainers do not emulate real combat in a meaningful way, nor does sparring."

Himbopotamus claims, "I'd like new players to feel useful and helpful and involved and they can't do that if somebody runs to them for help and the Reeve can't do a thing."

Motherof claims, "That was a good time, Ghed. :)"

Ghed says, "Teaching is the way to go"

Deedee wields a crocodile.

Ghed grins at Motherof.

Titania states to Himbopotamus, "This is a very good point"

Ghed states, "Especially someone with high teaching skill"

HIEROPHANT says, "I don't mean skill gains; I mean the OOC knowledge of the combat system and what to do when you are in a fight."

Tomato queries, "There is nothing stopping an ST happening from a player with combat, right?"

Ghed nods at Himbopotamus.

Ghed states, "I hear you"

Ghed nods at HIEROPHANT.

Ghed claims, "Fair"

Nameless claims, "If you want to be good at combat, get your buddies together, do coded lessons, have actual practice fights to explain mechanics on an ic and ooc level"

Sparkles says, "But also, folks could be more willing to start and engage in fights. If we want more fights."

Titania states, "If someone goes to a new Reeve and they aren't max combat, then they kinda just can't"

Himbopotamus claims, "Sure, I'll probably run a ST soon just for larks, but."

Tomato says, "Spars give you the ooc knowledge of the system"

Ghed claims to Tomato, "Absolutely, I've ran many as a players"

HIEROPHANT declares, "Which, at the moment, that is what animals are for!"

Himbopotamus says, "It's just NICE to let new players do stuff that matters."

Ghed says, "But yeah guys you can and should kill each other"

Amaranth claims, "If you want more fights, be the one to start them =)"

HIEROPHANT claims, "Spars do not give you OOC knowledge of the system, safe attacks do not simulate penalties from real wounds."

Aster attempts to armwrestle the lever on a casket-shaped box with a demonic winged woman peeking out. The lever appears to be winning.

Braxas questions, "Is there way to practice with the combat system? Animals i'm guessing?"

Tomato says, "NPCS do not give you accurate knowledge of the combat system, the distance does not apply with NPCs at all"

Ghed asks of HIEROPHANT, "Spars don't give you ooc knowledge? How come?"

Titania declares to Ghed, "Have you SEEN how many hangings I've snuck in? I'm trying my best!!!"

Nameless says, "They come as close as you really can without stabbing each other for real"

Ghed states, "I learned almost evreything from spars"

Tomato states, "You only fight NPCs you'll get fucked over by distance"

Trogdor says, "You aren't ever gonna get the mechanics to translate to a game, because people would hate it, and it'd be too short"

Trogdor states, "And unfair"

Motherof asks, "So spar without using safe attacks?"

HIEROPHANT declares to Ghed, "The penalties you take mid-fight from wounds to different locations are not represented in safe combat, as far as I can tell, and I have been doing a bunch of both!"

Ghed grins

Saijester has lost link.
Saijester has reconnected.

HIEROPHANT claims, "Well, if you want to outright stab your friends, sure, that works. That isn't what people usually mean by 'spar', though."

HIEROPHANT exclaims, "I encourage that, actually! Invite a physician!"

Ghed claims, "I'll talk this with staff"

Tomato states, "You do in the brotherhood fam"

Braxas questions, "Just punch each other for fun and profit?"

Titania claims, "I'm not friends with someone until I've cut off at least 2 of their fingers."

Motherof claims, "Ehhh. It was slated to be part of the tournament. There are possibilities there."

Himbopotamus nods at Ghed.

Ghed nods.

Anya states, "Rude."

Himbopotamus states, "Anyway I AM gonna run a ST so please give me ideas"

Ghed states, "There's wisdom in your words"

Himbopotamus claims, "I assume it should involve stabbing now"

Ghed declares to Himbopotamus, "Gladly!"

Saijester says, "I wish sparring weapons could do blunt damage and weren't limited to safes."

Titania queries to Himbopotamus, "Can I join?"

Anya claims, "STs are cool."

Tomato claims, "If you're wearing armor you only get bruises"

Ghed muses, "Anything else from anyone before we wrap uo?"

Titania states, "I'll make sure nobody commits CRIMES."

Nameless claims, "I feel like making safe attacks do real damage in any way will backfire extremely badly"

Tomato states, "You just probably shouldn't do until someone falls down"

HIEROPHANT declaims, "Tomato, not always!"

Nameless states, "As everyone starts complaining that they cant move more than 3 rooms without running out of mv for a week straight"

HIEROPHANT states, "Most weapons though, yes."

Himbopotamus says to Titania, "Join or I'll cry"

Deedee says, "The Madison has plenty of room."

HIEROPHANT states, "I don't think that's the argument, nameless. I'm suggesting (and providing examples of - animals!) ways to practice that side of the combat system."

Titania claims, "Leg injuries suck, I take 3 damage to my thigh and I have to limp my way home panting and crying"

Nameless states, "King Amir: why are all my important people in the hospital"

Nameless claims, "Nameless: sorry my liege, they all decided to git gud at combat and went at each other with padded maces until their legs and arms broke"

Deedee states, "I'm a bit sad of how much wounds have already been nerfed, the rooms rarely get used these days."

Tomato claims, "Again, NPCs do not provide accurate representation of the PVP combat system, due to the distance system"

Saijester says to Titania, "Clearly you dont hydrate enough"

Himbopotamus states, "Which is why charge is so broken RIP"

HIEROPHANT states, "This is true, but they do at least inform you of what happens when your hand is injured compared to your foot."

Motherof asks, "Did you try the unburdening tactic, Himbo?"

Himbopotamus states, "Not yet because I can't easily just test this stuff. I miss having a testbot."

Temi grins.

Himbopotamus states, "I guess I need to rope another PC into a not-really-IC spar."

Tomato queries, "True but you could also ask, I believe there's a book outlining that?"

Deedee asks, "Was this the last topic? we're at the top of the hour"

Ghed states, "We are"

Ghed states, "And it is"

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Ghed claims, "CNOTE DIS CO VE RIES."

Motherof claims, "Good bye, friends."

Deedee waves.

Himbopotamus states, "Eeek cnotes yup right"

Saijester trails off, "So long ...."

Jiraiya says, "I'm happy to spar ooc or ic"

Ghed states, "You find out someone is a mage, thief, heretic, alien, you C N O T E"

Deedee claims, "See you at mass"

Titania declares to Ghed, "Alien?!?!"

Baehild wonders, "A-Alien?"

Urick says, "Time to wander around aimlessly again and figure out what to do."

Ghed says, "You'll find out."

Serket states, "OR if you suspect it"

Motherof says, "He means DARAVI"

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drives in 3..."

HIEROPHANT declaims, "Remember to support your friends and subvert your foes! Or the other way around if you want!"

Nameless states, "Excuse me"

Nameless claims, "What"

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Nameless states, "Alien"

Titania declaims, "I'm subverting you, Heirophant!"

Nameless says, "GHED"

Baehild says, "Alien."

HIEROPHANT pontificates, "Oh no!"


Ghed trails off, "1..."

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