Log of OOC Meeting 2023-03-18

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Sat Mar 18, 2023 8:18 pm

Ghed says, "Okay, I think we can begin"

Temi gives a fine glass hat pin inset with a design of lightning bolts to Dorothy.

Temi gives a fine glass hat pin inset with a design of lightning bolts to Motherof.

Ghed asks, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the
best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources
available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If
you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Temi states, "I think we got the wrong Yvette again"

Ghed states, "Oh no"

Ikeala muses, "How many Yvettes are there?"

Dragor states, "Too many."

Neo asks, "There's more than one?"

A petite young woman with strawberry blonde ringlets has been transferred out by Ghed. [OOC]
A petite young woman with strawberry blonde ringlets has been transferred in by Ghed. [OOC]

Pookstall says, "I have an Yvette maid."

Nameless states, "There are so many vettes"

Himbopotamus says to Pookstall, "Shame."

Dragor says, "They practically FLOOD the market."

Neo states, "Spicy"

Neo states, "Having the justiciar be your maid like that"

Ruby states, "Need to rename the Lady Justicar to Yvette 2"

Bishaar claims, "Transfer all.yvette 69"

Ghed asks, "Oh wow there really is ano-- how come? I thought NPC names were banned for PCs"

Bishaar claims, "Just put them all in here it's fine"

Ghed has transferred Titania. [OOC]

Temi gives a fine glass hat pin inset with a design of lightning bolts to Titania.

Nameless says, "So you can relive your wonderfully shocking surprise"

Dragor declaims, "Zap!"

Titania claims, "This is traumatic."

Ghed says, "I have no idea, lol"

Dragor says, "Shut up you love Trauma."

Ghed queries, "Ok who wants to scribe?"

Himbopotamus states, "I can scribe"

Ghed has transferred Lisette. [OOC]

Lisette says, "Oh."

Ghed declaims to Himbopotamus, "Thanks!"

Dragor says, "Go, Himbo, I choose you."

Temi has created a fine glass hat pin inset with a design of lightning bolts[5].
Temi gives a fine glass hat pin inset with a design of lightning bolts to Lisette.

Bishaar lifts a fine glass hat pin inset with a design of lightning bolts to their nose and sniffs
at it.

Ghed claims, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Temi has transferred plague. [OOC]

Temi gives a fine glass hat pin inset with a design of lightning bolts to plague.

Ghed says, "I took a wek off. I needed it. I haven't done anything or peeked in since last week. I
came back yesterday and did some recommends, nothing else."

Ghed states, "So I missed all the action, and I hear there was plenty of it."

plague sashays into the room like he owns the place. He tips his hat to Temi.

Titania states, "Hello, I got kentucky fried."

Titania says, "Crispyvette."

plague queries, "I smell... roasted pig?"

Jiraiya says, ":( <3"

Temi says, "More of an Edessan fried, really."

Bishaar claims, "I resemble this remark."

plague states, "Odd, reminds me of a pyring"

Kirale claims, "I hope you had a good week, Ghed."

Jiraiya says, "It's a Reeve tradition to be hit by bad weather."

Jiraiya claims, "Er wait that was a knight"

Dragor says, "Hey, Ghed, taking a breather is very good from time to time."

Ikeala claims, "Both, the answer is both."

Himbopotamus claims, "We can't forget the bear, either."

plague says, "Hey yeah breaks are 100 percent necessary. These games will drive you insane playing
them nonstop, let alone running them"

Titania declares, "It is!"

Dragor claims, "I did wonder where you were but hey, glad you're back and recuperated <3"

Himbopotamus states, "It's Been A Week."

Ghed claims, "Thanks folks"

Nameless says, "That was your reminder that wearing metal armor makes you very attractive to
lightning bolts."

Dragor says, "Shut up Hannibal."

plague claims, "The lightning bolt could take her out on a date first."

Ghed states, "That's all from me."

plague trails off, "Jesus..."

Ghed claims to Temi, "You're next"

Neo says, "I can't really blame anyone for needing to take a break since I took like a 2 month one
for work. Glad to hear you're doing better"

Temi says, "Well, I am back! But I've been primarily trying to keep things going on the general
functions side, building and recommends and such things. Apologies to anyone who is having to
wait longer than normal for these things."

say Y'all do gangbusters work for two people, it's amazing.

Himbopotamus says, "Y'all do gangbusters work for two people, it's amazing."

Brando nods

Errisar says, "It's all good. What you do is appreciated. :)"

Temi states, "We'll continue to work on getting more things done, and hopefully we can get some
more movement on the big plot. Hopefully folks are available to do some more motion there. I am
planning to be around."

Temi grins.

plague states, "If anybody here hurries you up, just let me know and I'll take care of it. :P"

Ghed claims, "Excellent, thanks T"

Temi nods at Ghed.

Yinadele claims, "Yes! I'm very sorry. I'll talk a bit when it becomes player time."

Tomato states, "I have no complaints about slowness on minor requests, you are ridiculously

Ghed says, "Thanks for holding the ship this week"

Ghed claims, "And being a great first mate"

Dragor says, "Thanks for all the hard work. With the contraction of staff, I'm sure your workload
just doubled or tripled. Very sorry for that."

Ghed says, "Our workload is not terrible"

Ghed says, "It was terrible in november when we got flooded with new people"

Temi says, "But we do appreciate any understanding on things."

Temi grins.

Ghed nods.

Dragor pontificates, "Wow, just about the time I started to play!"

Ghed claims, "But thanks, all of you, for being understanding, polite, and courteous."

Ghed states, "It's really, really appreciated."

plague claims, "It seems like the flood of newbies brought back some old blood and that galvanized
into a very healthy pop"

Yinadele asks, "We're all friends telling a funny story together, right?"

Yinadele says, "Glad you're hanging in there."

Ghed nods.

plague says, "I think the game is a lot better and healthier rn than it was when I first started
playing years ago and that's always great to see"

Ghed says, "Okay, let's move on, fine folks"

Ghed muses, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Dragor declares, "Thunderbolt and lightning!"

Tomato claims, "I have been having a blast lately, lots of great and interesting characters to
interact with"

Dragor pontificates, "Very very frightnening me!"

Lisette pontificates, "I've had a really good time so far and was really surprised to get swept up
into that crazy event right away!"

Yinadele pontificates, "So, it's been good to get back in myself. I'm sorry for having been on afk-
I've been forced by IRL every time I've tried to step back in to step right back for a bit, due to
IRL alongside my significant other. I'm very sorry for being out of it, and I'd like to welcome
anyone who wants to step forwards and get involved a bit in anything of the main plot or just have
a scene to send me a tell. I've missed everyone!"

Errisar says, "Work is brutal this time of year, so I've only been sparsely available."

Dragor declaims, "Gallileo! Gallileo! Gallelio figarroooo oooho ooh oooh"

Pookstall claims, "I had a tough time finding people to get active again once I was back mid-week,
but the interactions I've found now have been very nice as always"

Paprika says, "Woe to my parrot."

Jiraiya states, "I've barely been active due to work but will be back more in a week or two, and
enjoyed the rp i had"

Ruby states, "I have had a week of many firsts."

Neo claims, "I've been back for 3 days and glad to be back."

Ruby says, "First time I caught a head, first time I got blackout drunk."

Himbopotamus states, "My RP is a soap opera and I love it. And really excited about some of the new
people I keep meeting (Lisette gonna call you out especially, you seem awesome)"

plague says, "I am accustomed enough to my job to be able to RP more than once in a week again. I
met some newer characters in a scene earlier this week and it was a good time. I'm cracking the
shell open and I'm going to make some walnut butter"

Dragor states, "I had a blast, really, a lot of IC personal stuff happened and that makes me happy."

Himbopotamus claims, "Yeah ruby what else was new"

Dragor claims, "The events were really fun and apparently I made a little bit of an impact there,
which is very surprising to me."

Goblin states, "Pretty good. Needs more heresy."

Bishaar states, "I had more limited playtime this week from business at work, but I've been
doggedly tracking down issues for the Merchants and having a great time in the big public scenes
of late. Some private ones too! Very fun, very... columbo? I dunno, it's been a time and a half
for sure."

Ruby claims, "Flushed emoji"

Lisette declares, "Thank you Himbo!"

Nameless states, "I did things."

Titania trails off to Bishaar, "Just one more thing..."

Tomato states, "I just need a poet knight now so I can make them do all the work and just get the
glory myself"

Ruby claims, "I do wonder what ARE the odds of someone's head popping off during a hanging"

Nameless says, "About 10 percent i think"

Ghed muses, "Sounds like things have been well?"

Nameless states, "Roland ab beaufort's head also popped off"

Ghed states to Ruby, "I don't know, I hanged a fair amount of people and only got a head once,

Nameless says, "Oh wait no he was drawn and quartered"

Dragor questions, "It was kind of weird?"

Nameless trails off, "Who am i thinking of..."

Himbopotamus says, "I have been to 2 hangings and it's happened -twice-"

plague says, "The chance increases significantly with the amount of people you're hanging at once.
Try 20 at a time next time, it's almost certain to happen"

Titania states, "Oh, yeah, I kinda hanged a person and they played some headball"

Dragor claims, "It was quieter than usual but also more happened."

Temi says, "Every head you catch, you can think of that little gift from Az"

Ruby claims, "I popped on after taking a nap and just went to River Square on my phone and wandered
in a minute before the hanging actually happened and caught the head."

Titania wonders to plague, "YOu volunteering?"

Himbopotamus claims, "So pressing X to doubt that 10 percent"

plague states, "I am in fact, I'll make an alt rn and steal all your pots and pans"

Ghed chuckles.

Ghed queries, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and

Nameless claims, "The chance of rolling a 1 after just rolling a 1 is exactly the same"

Ruby states, "So there's just me, on my phone, laughing my ass off as 30 people post staring at me"

plague wonders, "What are you gonna do, chase me, you little lightning-hog??"

Nameless claims, "#probability"

Brando claims, "I was unwell but i still achieved 30 hrs online and half of that was RP related and
so I am satisfied with that eh. my alt was liquidated so that death XP makes a nice bonus. I
achieved 400+ hours RP out of 1085 hours total main character game time. Iam very happy with that.
cheers to all who played with me ok."

Goblin states, "Don't you dare touch my pots and pans."

Ghed exclaims to Brando, "Excellent!"

plague says, "Nameless if you roll 20 dice you are 20x more likely to roll at least one 1"

Lisette declares, "That's a lot of hours!"

Nameless states, "Dont forget the hashtag"

Himbopotamus claims, "I have a complaint, why can't I purchase even taller"

Himbopotamus says, "No, I'm sorry, that is just a shitpost"

Nameless states, "Because genes"

Ruby says, "So I got a retainer for the first time and I wish there was a list of Order commands
you can give a retainer."

Ruby states, "It took me a really sad amount of time to figure out how to make my dog wear a

Ghed claims to Ruby, "It's very long, practically most commands"

Anya claims, "I am incredibly curious about some of the newer echoes in the taverns. Like... nobles
doing things with their 'freeman equals', and noblemen having business dinners in the Bear and the
Boar. Because those things gave me doubletakes. But other than that, not many complaints."

Ghed says, "You can't make them recommend you -- I tried"

Nameless claims, "Those are caused by city metrics"

Anya says, "Or, well, new to me. Probably not new to everyone else"

Himbopotamus claims, "Oh yeah, the city report echoes are VERY... egalitarian, even for such high

Yinadele claims, "Class Relations Legendary."

Ghed says to Anya, "That's because class relations are high"

Dragor states, "The class relations are LEGENDARY rn"

say Me too, Anya, I had the same moment of 'say what'

Himbopotamus says, "Me too, Anya, I had the same moment of 'say what'"

Nameless says, "Class and race relations are both legendary right now so everyone's jmust kind of
chill with each other"

Deedee claims, "You can recommend yourself, though"

Tomato says, "Yeah right now class relations are GREAT and thats why"

Dragor says, "So everyone is hugging and kissing each other and life is good."

Bishaar trails off, "Does 'order dog wear collar' just not work? Huh..."

RamblingSeert stops being transparent. "I'm back with pasta."

Tomato states, "Well maybe not kissing, the Order is watching"

Ghed claims, "I tried to write them so they'd be clearly unusual bc of the high relations"

Ruby asks, "Do you think there could be a short list of what orders you can give a retainer, or
just some examples?"

Nameless claims, "(reminder to subvert piety)"

RamblingSeert wears a fine glass hat pin inset with a design of lightning bolts on his head.

Dragor claims, "The kissing is like the italian cheek kiss. Mwah mwah."

Himbopotamus states, "You can tell a retainer to do anything you can do, within reason, I think."

Tomato claims, "RE: Retainers, pretty much every command works, but it wont echo to YOU if you mess
it up"

Dragor states, "Come on now you're Vavardi"

Himbopotamus says, "Same syntax and all."

Deedee says, "There's some weirdness with animals and clothing"

Ghed says to Ruby, "Sure, off the top of my head, any emote, say, osay, wear, get, drop, junk,
protect, guard, action"

Tomato says, "So you can order it to wear the collar but if it isn't in its inventory, for example"

plague says, "I'm not egalitarian, I just have low enough standards to flirt with the rich."

Ghed states to Ruby, "Not magic or meta-commands like writing notes"

say Approach, I make my horse approach -me-

Himbopotamus claims, "Approach, I make my horse approach -me-"

Bishaar says, "I think the list of commands a retainer can do is much longer than the list of
commands they can't do."

Himbopotamus nods at Bishaar.

Ikeala states, "NPCs can also think, btw."

Ghed states, "By far"
Deedee nods.

Neo says, "It's great seeing the egalitarian echoes considering the state of race/class relations.
It's cool to see an impact besides just shop stuff"

Ghed nods at Ikeala.

Titania says, "So what I'm hearing is since class relations are legendary I can tell people to stop
bowing to me and making em emote gesturing for them to rise,"

Dragor asks, "NPCs can think?"

Ghed says, "They also speak all languages -- please don't abuse this"

Ghed nods at Dragor.

Goblin says, "Drop that piety as low as possible so I can see the NPC echo smiling at witches or

Dragor states, "I know of one specific NPC where i think this is irrelevant, huhuhuhu"

Brando questions, "Does ordering retainers also include rolling dice for their stat or skill?"

RamblingSeert wonders, "What does Alf down in the Blind Horse think about?"

Ghed says, "There are echoes in the cathedral if Piety tanks"

Ghed states to Brando, "No they are preset"

plague states, "Drop the piety so much that it becomes Impiety: Legendary. You'll see echoes of
demon summonings in the Queen's."

Deedee states, "Fyi, the contest command doesn't work with NPCs"

Ruby states, "Alright I'll try out commands with my retainer I suppose in private"

Nameless states, "No you'll see echoes of us stopping demon summonings in public"
Nameless says, ":)"

Ghed says, "Yeah no contest pls"

Brando states, "Ok thanks for that info Ghed."

Ghed nods at Brando.

Ruby claims, "If my dog starts speaking Vavardi I apologize"

Ghed states, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Dragor states, "Can we like preach about heretical foreign gods at pathetic piety"

Neo states, "ImpietyL Legendary is like we get Hogwarts."

Ghed states to Dragor, "You can try"

Nameless says, "I mean you can preach about heretic gods at any point you want"

Nameless states, "Its all a matter of someone nutting up to stop you"

Ghed says, "I think I have a single topic"

Dragor states, "That is true. I shall attempt to be as brave as you."

Titania states to Dragor, "Just set up a stand in the Crossroads, and start going 'THIS IS THE

Ghed queries to Tomato, "My man?"

A petite young woman with strawberry blonde ringlets sneezes loudly.

plague states, "Fwiw ruby I don't think they can procreate"

Himbopotamus exclaims, "I have a topic but it's just something already on the forums!"

Ghed nods at Himbopotamus.

Kirale claims, "I have a topic that's short."

Yinadele says, "I love yvette 2's presence at this meeting it's really funny"

Ghed nods.

Ruby says, "Plague I believe that's incorrect but I'm not trying that on the borzoi"

Tomato claims, "OK so last time I forgot my topic, I have remembered it now. So its very minor--the
new tattoo/scar thing, you cannot have a tattoo AND a scar in the same slot. could we consider
allowing both a tattoo and a scar"

Tomato claims, "I tooled a sickass scar and then realized I can't actually wear it lol"

Deedee says, "You can retool it to be both"

Dragor finishes abruptly, "Speaking of experience - "

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Tomato says, "Not applicable in every situation"

Dragor says, "Scars frak up tattoos"
Dragor says, "Tattoos tone over scars."

Ghed says, "As they should"

Tomato says, "Yes but HANDS for example, you have two of them, my friend. Same with arms."

Lisette asks, "What if they're next to each other?"

plague says, "I dunno I feel like you can have a small scar and a huge awesome tiger on the same
part of your body"

Anya says, "Realistically, I'd think not. Scars have to be incorporated into tattoos, and don't
hold color very well."

Himbopotamus states, "Yeah, body parts have lots of space on them, even if you don't have two."

A petite young woman with strawberry blonde ringlets blushes at Yinadele.

Lisette claims, "Chest is pretty big"

plague says, "Like my suspension of disbelief is not broken by them occupying the same equip slot"

Lisette says, "I mean"

Himbopotamus claims, "Being able to wear both to accommodate that makes sense to me."

Lisette exclaims, "You know what I mean!"

Himbopotamus says to Lisette, "Hellllo"

Tomato claims, "These are specific instances but I have a tattoo I do not want to be targetting,
but DO want to target a scar in RP on occasion"

Dragor claims, "You know I think I prefer Yvette 2 over Yvette Prime."

Temi claims, "If you need to adjust a scar for a tattoo or visa versa, I think staff would be happy
to accommodate the adjustment"

plague states, "Me: 1 scar over eye. Also me: can't get a heart tattooed on my cheek. messed up"

Ghed nods.

Tomato states, "They used to both take up normal wear slots, I would be OK with giving up a
wearslot for it, I just dont want to be flashing secret tattoos because people will use that info
even if the emote doesn't incorporate it"

Deedee claims, "From a code perspective, they're both the same thing. You can ask staff to remove
your tattoo/scar and make it retoolable"

Bishaar says, "Scars and tattoos often have a story behind them, being able to display them
separately is good."

Tomato says, "And 'display scar all' is easier than describing it every time"

Dragor says, "Can we banish Yvette Prime to Super Hell and keep Yvette 2."

plague states, "I think the need to adjust them into a single object is odd red tape"

Nameless states, "No sorry"

Dorothy claims, "I'm a new player and have a question if it's cool. It's kind of heavy but I hope
that's alright."

plague states, "Like that's a super strange fixation"

Titania states, "Noooooooooooo,"

Nameless says, "Hello dorothy"

Deedee states, "Just a moment, Dorothy"

Tomato claims, "Well they DID change scars/tattoos to take a special slot now instead of one of
your three wearslots, which is nice. But now you can only have one or the other."

Dorothy claims, "Howdy"

Ghed has transferred a petite young woman with strawberry blonde ringlets. [OOC]

Dragor states, "Nooooo"

Lisette declares, "I suppose if making implementing separate tattoos and scars is too much of a
drag on coder time then that's totally understandable and getting staff help seems like a good

plague claims, "Hey Dorothy typically you'll wanna wait until a topic is done but generally feel
free. If it's related to secret IC or magic it might be better to ask staff privately"

Tomato claims, "I'm not sure how codedly difficult it would be to implement, also, just bringing it

Ghed says, "I have no idea"

Dragor queries, "Eurus still on break?"

plague says, "The rule of thumb is that if you want to talk about something at the meeting you can"

Himbopotamus says, "Maybe there could be separate hand wearslots at the tattoo/scar level for a
patch fix, just outright adding a wearslot seems easiest. But, eh, I'm no coder either."

Ghed states, "It sounds rather circumstancial, though I admit it'd be frustrating if it happened to

Deedee nods.

Bishaar says, "It sounds niche enough for a request board request."

Himbopotamus states, "Being able to specify a scar or tattoo is left/right arm/leg/hand would be

Ghed nods at Bishaar.

Himbopotamus claims, "-And- solve the problem."

plague says, "My feeling on the matter is that I see little purpose served by a limitation and I
see great potential for a small group of people in that niche circumstance"

Deedee claims, "It's also possible to have seperate keywords for the scar and for the tattoo on the
same item"

Tomato states, "Ultimately, its rather circumstantial, but I can see how this would come up again
as arms/legs have the same issue"

Temi says, "Not necessarily something we can't look at at some point, but yeah, with Eurus still on
a break, I think adjusting the existing one is going to work better."

Himbopotamus nods.

Tomato claims, "Yes but in my instance my tattoo will get me killed so I can't share it at all :)
:) :)"

Bishaar claims, "Ask a staffer to change the new tattoo so it occupies a normal wearslot, is what
I'd do? Unless you need three things on your hands."

Tomato says, "So sharing a short desc WILL NOT work"

Ghed nods.

Titania says to Bishaar, "I need my fancy attire, my gambeson AND my platemail and I will accept no

Ruby says, "Shouldn't have tattooed the Sultan as a tramp stamp, tomato"

Ghed says, "I can't deploy new code for that right now, but we will happily help on a case by case
basis meanwhile"

Ghed questions, "Tom mkay?"

Tomato says, "IK smh shouldn't have gotten the Cardinal's mom tattooed that drunkent night"

Ghed states, "Lol"

Tomato says, "Yeah we good im done"

Himbopotamus says, "The Sultan is the cardinal's mom? Daaaang."

Titania says, ":flushed:"

Deedee asks, "Shall we hear Dorothy's question next?"

Ghed queries to Himbopotamus, "Do you wish to share your topic or would you rather not?"

Goblin states, "Impressive."

Ghed queries, "Dorothy came after himbo?"

Himbopotamus states, "Go ahead and let Dorothy speak, mine is small."

Ghed nods.

Ghed asks of Dorothy, "What's up?"

Ikeala ponders.

Dorothy queries, "Sorry if this is kind of heavy: I was thinking about playing here but someone on
the MUD Discord told me a known nazi was playing here that has been banned from a lot of other
games and is known in the community, I want to play the game but I would like to ask if there's
any comment on this before I do?"

Yinadele claims, "Uhhhh who is this nazi"

Tomato states, "I have literally never seen any nazi aligned comments but anyone with those
opinions can frak right off"

Tomato states, "If people are getting DMs with those opinions they need to go to staff about it and
not Reddit"

Titania says, "Oh, so they weren't just messaging me. It seems this person hit quite a few players.
They weren't able to offer me any proof when prompted so, uh, I don't really put much stock in it?
Anyone can say words."

Titania says, "I have not seen any bad behavior from the person they cited."

plague says, "I've never experienced or witnessed any antisemitism while playing this game"

Dorothy states, "Dotto or something? Sorry if it's a bit much for the meeting. I wasn't sure where
to ask."

Dragor states, "I never seen anyone expressing fascist or hateful opinions here."

Lisette questions, "I thought someone on the Discord said the game was nazi free? Was there a
recent ban?"

Dorothy says, "I feel like I've kind of brought the tone down with it but it's sort of important to
me to ask."

Neo states, "I know nothing about anything like that considering I just returned, but nobody I know
has any sort of opinions like that, and pretty much everyone I'm friends with would think that's

Yinadele states, "No, no, feel free to ask. That name isn't even familiar to me tbqh."

Anya wonders, "My opinion on that would be: 1) Don't let other people determine whether or not you
play a game you want to play, and 2) If you see questionable OOC behavior, report it?"

Yinadele states, "The only person I can ever think of who was weird OOCly was banned pretty quick
for said weirdness."

Himbopotamus says, "So, for what it's worth - I can say categorically, having talked to the person
who posted the Reddit thread, that nobody is alleging anybody is saying awful shit -here-."

Ghed claims to Dorothy, "First of all, don't feel bad for asking, you've a right to know where
you're getting into"

Dorothy claims, "Thanks, I hope it isn't true, everyone here seems really lovely."

Neo claims, "The first time I ever heard of anything approaching that was when it got mentioned on
Reddit, so I'm also unfamiliar with the person in question."

Yinadele states, "I think wanting to verify if something is true is valid as a concern."

Anya states, "I haven't seen Dotto here in years. But, I also haven't been here for a long time."

Ghed claims, "It's a reasonable question and it begs a reasonable answer"

Dragor says, "Nazis can frak right off, do report them if someone expresses fascist or hateful

plague claims, "Yeah I don't know who that is, personally. And hey MUDs are full of all kinds of
nasty folks sometimes it's a genuine and reasonable concern"

Dragor claims, "But I personally haven't seen anyone like this. The community's pretty gentle and

Deedee says, "Expresses facist or hateful ideas OOCly*"

Ghed says, "A lot has happened the past 6 weeks, and I can confidently say that if I catch even a
whiff of hatred inside or outside of the game to players or staff they're out"

Dorothy says, "Yeah, that's what I've heard otherwise. Everything has been really chill."

Anya says, "I am familiar with Dotto, and he's not in this server unless he changed discords."

Tomato says, "One has to consider that staff only have control over: the things actively said on
the game's public spaces such as the OOC here, and the discord. Staff cannot moderate DM's, but TI
does have policy about hateful speech and behavior on an ooc level that can lead to a ban, so if
anyone is receiving private communication in that manner, they need to report it"

Neo says, "Unfortunately I can see how a game with the theme of a 'Holy Inquisition' can attract
types like that, even though they seem to miss the glaring bright red subtext that says that all
these things are in fact evil."

plague questions, "Maybe a Nazi played Inquisition? Once? Maybe they were a Nazi? I don't know,
sounds like something that could have happened, but I can say very strongly that the culture of
the Inquisition is not friendly to Naziism"

Nameless states, "The individual in question hasnt expressed such views in this game (as far as i
know), but rather this comes from a person who had a discord channel where that stuff was talked
about and it got discovered and passed around and publicized like crazy"

Dorothy claims, "Thanks Ghed, that puts that to rest, I appreciate it."

Ghed nods.

Lisette claims, "I am really glad that you guys take a strong stance to this kind of stuff."

Ghed claims, "I'm a person of color. I've been targetted. I take this stuff seriously."

Deedee nods.

Ghed states to Dorothy, "Did you have any other questions on this matter? Please feel free to ask."

Dorothy states, "I don't really have any other information, to be honest. It's just something I
heard about someone who was known in the wider community for being a pretty nasty person, so I
thought I would ask directly about it. I appreciate the response."

Deedee nods.

Himbopotamus claims, "I do think it could be wise to say a little more to prevent rumors from
continuing, but I know this stuff is tricky."

Temi states, "We definitely want anyone to report any sort of hateful behavior on the game or to
our players, and as Ghed says, no tolerance for that."

plague says, "Thank you for bringing it up, I would want to know if that was happening."

Ghed nods at Himbopotamus.

Tomato claims, "It's also fairly well known that reddit has a group of people who literally pile
onto any mention of TI to trash it, so its not really a Reliable Resource"

plague says, "Disliking Nazis is thankfully not a controversial opinion here"

Ghed says to Himbopotamus, "Give me a little time, all this is very delicate, I take it very
seriously, and I just came back from a vacation =)"

Jiraiya says to Tomato, "This wasn't one of the usual pile on people."

Himbopotamus wonders, "Lol yeah when I saw the Reddit post my first thought was "You mean a
different TI:L, right?""

plague claims, "Being concerned that people will be abusive/hateful/discriminatory/etc is very

Himbopotamus declares to Ghed, "Oh yeah, totally!"

Dragor says, "As an expert on hating on Nazis, I can wholly agree that disliking them shouldn't be
an issue."

Titania questions, "What does reddit have against TI?"

Titania says, "Also, remember to dropkick nazi's on sight"

Tomato says, "Its just a small group of ex players who IDK, cannot handle people liking something
they didn't like"

Ghed claims to Titania, "Some folks who disagree with the way things are here like to express their
opinions there"

Ruby claims, "That's like asking why reddit hates women"

Ghed says, "That's the most delicate way I can put it"

Temi states, "Former players who didn't find everything to go exactly as they wanted"

Ghed claims, "And banned players too"

Ghed states, "Some of the folks over there are banned"

Jiraiya says to Ghed, Most of those former players more disagree with how things were than they are
too I find."

Himbopotamus nods at Jiraiya.

Bishaar says, "Ah. The irate screaming echoing out of the Ban Dumpster."

Tomato states, "Yes, the amount of ancient history people drag in like a cat dropping roadkill in
your living room"

Dragor claims, "I was not recruited through reddit and thank God for that."

Himbopotamus says, "But, I came back because of those Reddit posts, so, hey."

Deedee wonders, "Shall we move on?"

Himbopotamus pontificates, "One silver lining!"

Ruby exclaims, "We did it Reddit! We got a himbo!"

Dragor says, "What do you MEAN silver lining."

Ghed says, "Those posts do give us visibility"

Dragor says, "That's the worst possible outcome."

Dorothy says, "I haven't really heard anything else negative, and everyone has been very kind so

Dragor claims, "I kid, I kid."

Himbopotamus states, "One lead lining dumpster fire."

Tomato muses, "I think Himbo had a topic?"

Himbopotamus states, "I did! Small topic."

Ghed wonders to Himbopotamus, "Yep?"

Himbopotamus says, "And probably also answered with "I have been on vacation, cool your JETS,
Himbo" but"

Himbopotamus says, "VILLAIN APPLICATIONS. We talked about this on the forum and I'm wondering if
there's any plan to try it."

Dragor claims, "I kill himbo instantly."

Ghed states, "I haven't read squat"

Deedee claims, "I think they're always open"

Nameless claims, "I protect himbo"

Errisar states, "Ooo, I like that idea. :)"

Dragor states, "I kill Nameless instantly."

Titania says to Himbopotamus, "Define villain."

Himbopotamus states, "Villain Apps meaning specifically "Open up some apps for people who have
plans to cause interesting, fun, story-progressing trouble and give them the free XP to do so.""

Ikeala states, "So I have to admit I'd like a think about how the community deals with antagonism
before embracing villain applications."

Tomato claims, "I mean, nothing stopping from colluding with staff to make an antag"

Nameless says, "You cant kill me"

Temi says, "We planned to do the villain applications again, but Leta was taking a look at it"

Tomato says, "I did that with my alt. I didn't get free rpxp tho"

Ghed questions to Himbopotamus, "You mean make a new, normal alt?"

Himbopotamus says, "The free RPXP part is what makes villain apps revolutionary to me."

Temi claims, "And I don't think we have the bandwidth to power it right now with her stepping back"

Jiraiya claims, "Free XP and skills. I think the skills are more important than the XP to be
honest. Cut down the time investment to getting online that discourages inaction.""

Himbopotamus says, "But I like them partially as a way to help the community relate to antagonism

Ikeala says, "As my experience is that people love discussing the idea of how fun villains are but
the OOC reactions to 'bad stuff' can be very mixed or negative."

Lisette says, "Oh, I saw that. I will say I've played in places that do have villain applications
and it was fraught with rules lawyering. I think it could be a really good thing as long as you're
taking it from the angle of helping people implement their ideas (rather than setting up a bunch
of rules)."

Ruby muses, "I do have a question here related to this. What counts as a villain?"

Ghed says, "We'll consider it sure, we won't approve everyone's"

Ruby queries, "Mage? Inquisitor? Brotherhood? Reeves?"

Ghed queries to Ruby, "Noble?"

Ruby queries, "Daravi?"

Himbopotamus states, "I really shouldn't uese that word, villain, it derails the conversation."

Deedee says, "Hillbeast"

Nameless says, "Anyone can really be a villain"


RamblingSeert is idle.

Titania claims, "Me. I'm a villain. Have you seen my scars? Villaincoded."

Himbopotamus states, "But yes, the original Hillbeast was the first villain app, and he made tons
of RP for months."

Tomato states, "Its also hard to be an antagonist I am finding, since it takes a lot of buildup to
get established to even BE able to antagonize"

Ruby says, "Oh I played a villain character in another game and I know full well the forum threads
of discourse over VILLAINS."

Dragor says, "Slays Titania."

plague states, "I am strongly opposed to the idea of characters designated as 'antagonists' or
'villains' and offering them a special status accordingly beyond what the game already does."

Himbopotamus nods at Tomato.

plague states, "Make a character, not a plot device."

Lisette nods.

Deedee claims, "These are more of a plot thing, not a long-term character"

Himbopotamus says, "But in many cases, being an antagonist means you -will die-. And I think it's
good to have people embracing that from the start."

Ghed says to plague, "It's a conceptual shift"

Brando muses, "Is the free villian RPXP that is spent on building a character converted to death XP
via RecLevel percentage score?"

Bishaar claims, "I am of the opinion that you can be both."

Dragor says, "Also I think 'villains' are more effective when they lay low first to get their stats
and skills up to a point where they can do their HEINOUS deeds"

Lisette declares, "I would like to think that anyone feels free to act villainous... ly? If they
have a good reason!"

Himbopotamus states, "Y'know, you could actually call it "Plot Device Character Applications.""

Temi states, "The way we did it originally was as a contest, with people submitting special ideas
for plots to run with a character that would facilitate it"

Ghed says to plague, "Restraining your creativity towards 'badness' usually does motivate people

Ikeala states, "True but compared to the Hillbeast area folks are a lot more PK skittish."

Himbopotamus nods at Temi.

Nameless trails off, "As someone who habitually plays characters that others think are antagonists
but that i think are actually benevolent and misunderstood/oppressed... i might agree"

Yinadele states, "As someone with a lot of experience with similar systems, I have to say that free
XP/levels doesn't result in what's desired- Hard-locked ECs(event characters) usually do, however."

Ruby trails off, "Event Characters..."

Ruby says, "I would totally play an Event Character."

Himbopotamus claims, "Event Characters. Yeah, totally."

Titania says, "I would totally play an Event Character."

Tomato claims, "And yeah this crop of players are all very PK and PVP avoidant, too"

Nameless says, "I played an event character for the daravi weekend"

Nameless says, "That was fun"

Temi states, "And we helped to make that a reality for a couple of winners with the best plots"

plague states, "The thing is Ghed, if they're in a gray area where they're 'kind of' a PC but not
really a PC, it leads to massive problems."

Titania states, "I already have an idea for a dumb event I'd want to run."

Titania wonders, "That reminds me-- Who would I talk to if I want to run a story? :o"

Deedee claims, "Staff"

Ghed claims, "Let's stay focused"

Ghed nods at plague.

Yinadele states, "I'll probably look on the forums and input a suggestion, but it's important that
event characters be very separate from PCs in terms of being static so they're encouraged to cause
problems and pass, and maybe only on death reward the player's main."

Ruby says, "Wow plague it's almost like you speak from experience."

Yinadele states, "What Plague says is right."

Ghed states, "If we get a villain we'll want someone who's active, isn't afraid to lose, and who is

Himbopotamus says, "Yina, agreed, totally. What's needed here is to make these characters have a
plotline with a defined anticipated ending."

Tomato claims, "We also do have STs for 'short term kill this guy' stuff"

Ghed says, "I wrote the wrong name in my list"

Dragor says, "Ruby"

Ghed asks of Kirale, "Did you come next?"

Anya claims, "My experience with app'd characters that are given a lot of boosts, is that they have
a hard time taking hold in game and are often short lived. Maybe because they aren't as
established, but it's a lot of work for a lot of people that literally fades away in a few weeks
when interest is lost."

Yinadele claims, "Absolutely, I get what you're aiming for and I agree. Just that it has to be
handled like that."

Dragor states, "We all know plague took your wife."

Dragor says, "But you don't have to go into it."

Ruby claims, "Excuse me"

Kirale states, "Yes, but I can go last if need be."

Ruby claims, "Plague took my HUSBAND."

Jiraiya trails off, "Re: pks, they could be restricted to PK people who are ok with being PKed. But
kidnapping, wounding, etc..."

Ruby says, "Many mistook him for a wife."

Dragor claims, "Let's be honest, he was a waifu."

Lisette says, "Villains or 'event characters' sounds like a really fun time but I'd need to spend
some time learning to play first. Also, combat @_@"

Temi claims to Titania, "You can just submit a story you want to run. And you can let staff know
if you want to go to the story tutorial zone"

Ruby says, "Plague will play an EC just to cuck me again."

plague says, "I think players playing DESIGNATED ROLE CHARACTERS is fine but if there is any room
to muddle it up with being a normal PC they should just be a normal PC is my vibe. It creates
issues in terms of attachment"

Tomato states, "I agree that you do sorta need to be 'a normal character' as well as a villain or
else your RP is very one sided and you likely will not get an RP, meaning you do not retain
interest in the character"

plague states, "More people feel like they can just let a character go when it's their time but
much fewer will just freely walk into the fire when it comes"

Bishaar states, "Pkill policy regarding them will need to be looked at for any 'designated role
character' that is intended to be openly hostile and antagonistic in nature."

plague claims, "Rather, a lot of people would feel encouraged to start this kind of thing, few will
be happy dying. imo"

Tomato claims, "Serial killers require apps, normal PK has rules"

Tomato wonders, "And SK still need to meet PK policy anyways for PCs I doooo believe?"

Ruby says, "An Event Character played with the intention of being killed someday on application
sounds like the best."

Jiraiya claims, "Serial kidnapper would be more fun than serial killer imho"

say The Hillbeast didn't PK almost anyone, if anyone.

Himbopotamus claims, "The Hillbeast didn't PK almost anyone, if anyone."

Kirale queries, "<baa>say Porcelain masks cannot be embellished. Could they be made embellished or
we have a decorated porcelain mask recipe, similar to the decorated recipes for jeweling?"

Ghed peeks at Temi

Kirale claims, "Color did not work there XD"

Nameless states, "Didnt hillbeast also have like 150 in all stats and monstrous combat stats"

Himbopotamus states, "No, he was just a dude."

Ghed says, "Let's hear Kirale out"

Himbopotamus declaims, "Sorry! Yes"

Tomato states, "I agree pretty masks"

Deedee claims, "Sounds fine to me, either way"

Ruby states, "A decorated porcelain mask could also let gold leaf and such be added to it."

Ghed claims, "I can't think of a reason why not"

Deedee says, "Making them embelishable sounds easier rather than making a whole new recipe"

Errisar grins.

Ghed says, "Many times some of these things were incorrectly set by very overworked staff in the

Errisar states, "Agreed wit h Deedee."

Deedee nods.

Kirale says, "I discovered the sadness when making my masterwork collection, but didn't want to add
extra work for staff at the time."

Deedee states, "Maybe typo-board it, Kirale."

Temi says, "Yeah, just submit a typo note"

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Deedee says to Temi, "Jinx."

Temi says, "Probably was just missed in the list"

Kirale declares, "Will do then, thanks!"

Brando claims, "Known brotherhood members and known mages already fulfill these roles and they get
a bonus to their RecLevel which directly affects Death XP levels. So I am against special free
villian RPXP and event characters ok. they are not required and would be redundant from the get

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plague writes, 'Kirale has been awarded 1 QP for 'oopsies we forgot to let you paint porcelain, thanks'.'

Ghed declaims to Brando, "Thanks! We're in the next topic now =)"

Titania claims, "Known brotherhood members and known mages are 9 times out of ten corpses."

Ghed says to Ikeala, "You're next and last"

Brando nods

Nameless claims, "And usually not villain corpses"

Temi states, "Our general expectation right now that everything that isn't specifically an undecorated version of something that has a decorated version, we're happy to have those be embellishable"

Temi says, "Or a version which itself is just an ingredient/embellishment"

Himbopotamus has lost link.
Himbopotamus has reconnected.

Ikeala claims, "So I'm pretty sure there has been submitted as a typo/bug but is becoming super limiting. But the 'sips' code does not seem to interact well with Magecraft at all. And I've found a few workarounds but they aren't universal to each craft."

Himbopotamus claims, "Dang it. Laptop restarted."

Himbopotamus states, "Hopefully log is intact, sec."

Temi says, "We are aware"

Ghed nods.

Tomato queries, "Is it something that is very difficult to fix?"

Himbopotamus says, "Okay, log looks good."

Deedee says, "I can clean up my log if you need, Himb"

Temi claims, "It's something that requires coding to fix"

Lisette queries, "Help sip doesn't come up with anything, is that different from drink?"

Tomato states, "Drinks have x amount of sips in them, you can see it with appraise"

Ikeala questions, "Cannot the sips option just be removed from the crafts?"

Ikeala wonders, "And just return to using entire bottles?"

Nameless states, "Could remove sips from the recipes. or remove the static bottle items from the recipes."

Nameless claims, "Ikeala read my mind dammit"

Temi claims, "That is an option, depending on how long before we're going to be able to get it actually fixed"

Temi states, "Because I'm not putting them right back in"

Ghed states, "But it's something we're willing to consider yep, eventually"

Deedee wonders, "Is this something to do with drink-type vs potion-type?"

Temi claims, "I don't think so"

Deedee says, "I see."

Temi claims, "It seems like something in the sips code for crafts got broken, wherever it was used"

Tomato claims, "I admit it was jarring to stumble into that on my alt without knowing about it beforehand"

Deedee states, "So this applies to brew as well? I haven't played enough lately to encounter it."

Nameless wonders, "Magecraft shenanigans are the hardest hit by it since it messes with a lot of recipes, but brewing is probably impacted too?"

Tomato asks, "Brewing doesn't have any crafts that require x amount of sips to my knowledge?"

plague says, "I think I get why 'sips' is a thing but I feel like that kind of granularity might cause more problems than it solves if it's not functioning currently"

Temi says, "I'll chat with Ghed about how long we want to wait for a code-side fix before abandoning sips"

Jiraiya states, "Fermented milk requires sips. rip charalin"

Tomato says, "I know there's a concoct but I couldn't say if the concoct was broken when I used it or not, as I have learned I was inadverdently using the workaround at the time"

Goblin is idle.

Ghed nods.

Goblin is no longer idle.

Nameless says, "Its original intention (i think) was to make you not hunt for one specific EXACT type of red wine or whatever and just have any type of red wine work"

Ghed says to Ikeala, "Thanks for your enduring patience"

Brando claims, "Brewing requires 10 sips for fermented milk."

Ghed nods at Nameless.

Temi nods at Nameless.

Deedee claims, "Hm, brings to mind an idea"

plague says, "Yeah Nameless that makes sense"

plague says, "Yeah Nameless that makes sense"

plague says, "Oops sorry for double"

Deedee states, "Might be nice to make buckets of blood when you butcher larger animals. Could be used in certain food recipes, and for magecraft."

Ghed asks, "Okay, I think we're done?"

Ghed claims to Deedee, "Omg stahp"

Titania says, "Yeee, we're done"

Ghed says, "You savage"

Tomato states, "I am eternally sad we have no use for the bucket of blood"

Titania stands up.

Tomato claims, "I want a reason to just have buckets of blood around"

Titania flips a fine glass hat pin inset with a design of lightning bolts into the air, and catches it as it begins its descent.

Dragor trails off, "Blood sausage..."

Ikeala states, "If you have buckets of blood you don't need, send them over."

Dragor claims, "I would chug a bucket of blood."

Nameless states, "Look"

Nameless says, "Im not saying i have a use for a bucket of blood"

Tomato claims, "Though I have learned that you can just DUMP the fucking blood on the ground"

Ghed claims, "I -have- chugged a pint of blood"

Jiraiya wonders, "Black pudding recipe incoming?"

Nameless states, "But i am saying that i will get rid of them for you"

Ghed states, "Messy wisdom tooth extraction. Slowly bled for a week."

Ghed states, "December 2011 was bad."

Goblin claims, "The only thing I've ever used a bucket of blood for was to try and bribe a demon and it did not work."

Kirale declaims, "Ouch Ghed!"

Ghed shudders

Dragor claims, "I have chugged a pint of human blood"

Lisette says, "That's metal."

Dragor claims, "I was dared to"

Errisar says, "Ouch."

Nameless claims, "Thats nasty"

Nameless states, "You are not a vampire dragor"

Bishaar says, "Metal."

Nameless claims, "Oh hey lets make demon vampires"

Ruby states, "Uh where did you get the blood"

Dragor says, "Don't judge me"

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Dragor says, "Late Night ERs are boring"

Ghed says, "Emphasis on cnote."

Temi nods in agreement.

Ruby claims, "Oh wow it's been an hour already"

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drive in 3..."

Dragor says, "Yeah"

Titania claims, "Also please don't send me any more bears to wrestle"

Lisette claims, "Okee"

Titania states, ":pleading:"

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Dragor says, "Send her more bears."

Himbopotamus claims, "(send me bears)"

Titania states, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Errisar exclaims, "By folks!"

Deedee waves.

Ghed trails off, "1..."

Nameless muses, "Whats that you want more bears?"

Nameless claims, "Okay"

Kirale exclaims, "Thanks everyone!"

Nameless states, "Ill send more"

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