Log of OOC Meeting 2023-01-22

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Ghed claims, "Alright, let's kick this show off"
Ghed questions, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does
the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources
available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you
register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Deedee states, "Staff has actually just been replaced by ChatGPT"

Ghed claims to Dragor, "Which is you"

RamblingSeert claims, "Can't wait for the OOC item when I die (it will be too small to see)"

Dragor states, "I've been having a time. It's a bit hard to keep motivation up, but this makes me
respect the players who are in the same position as me a lot more."

Deedee states, "I can scribe."

Dragor pontificates, "Yes, I am scribing! "

Ghed muses, "Lana jumped on it before, let's give her the chance hm?"

Deedee says, "Oh okay"

Ghed says, "Thanks D"

Ghed exclaims, "Any topics for today? just let me know!"

Titania muses, "Lana??"

Charmin claims, "I have one"

Ghed states, "Del rey"

Ghed nods at Charmin.

Tomato states, "I have a small suggest but its maybe more suiting for 'shitting you' topics than an
actual topic topic"

Ghed nods at Tomato.

Jackassaurus says, "I will have one."

Ghed nods at Jackassaurus.

Ghed says, "Okay"

Deedee claims, "Mine's similar to Tamato."

Ghed states, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed says, "I'll go first"

Ghed claims, "This week I was busy with academia, but I managed to do a sleuth of player requests,
including phomes and sadly a fair chunk of policy"

Ghed claims, "We've been making good talks with staff about improvements and corrections all over
the field"

Ghed states, "I can't remember anything else right now, oh I did refine some mob scripts"

Ghed wonders to Temi, "How about you?"

Charmin declares, "If I've been bad, just lay it on me. I'm sorry in advance!"

Jackassaurus lays the smack down - oh waaaait

Temi claims, "I've been busily working on stuff for the big plot, hopefully everyone has seen. If
you're interested in getting involved, please feel free to file plots or let me know."

Temi states, "Hopefully it's a decent speed for those who don't want to get involved to continue on
with their normal lives."

Temi claims, "Other than that, some other plots and requests."

Ghed pontificates, "It sounds like people are getting interested!"
Temi nods at Ghed.

Nameless wonders, "Is this the Vavardi vs Charali plot?"

Temi nods at Nameless.

Titania states, "I've been meaning to get more involved with that but I've been busy trying to get
set up"

Tomato pontificates, "Loving the plot! Planning to put my attention on the other side now that I've
focused on the first side"

Titania states, "Nobility is a very different game to playing a freeman"

Temi nods.

Ghed says, "It really is"

Leta nods at Titania.

Temi states, "I expect some slow progress, so feel free to jump in more when you can"

Yinadele states, "It's a bit more broad than that, but it's focusing on that. I'd like to chime in I
have a lot of people involved and to give a shoutout to everyone else getting involved."

Ghed nods.

Ghed claims, "Yeah, big thumbs up to Yina for their RP"

Ghed questions to Leta, "And what about you?"

Leta claims, "As promised last week, I did recipes! Lots 'o recipes. Still more to do, but
functional hourglasses in jeweling (I do need to add notes on use there), floor-playable instruments
(harps, standing drums) and harpsichords in woodworking. "

Nameless trails off, "I do struggle to think of ways to become involved in that particular plot due
to... reasons that should be obvious to those who know"

Flower has lost link.

Leta says, "Our best pal Eurus added @smell descs showing with smokeables, and I'll be using the
same system to add our code incense this week (that's why we have the code backing for Temi's OOC chat giftie!)."

Charmin states, "Nice"

Leta says, "So incense recipes in the pipeline."

Flower has reconnected.

Temi grins.

Flower states, "Oops. "

Deedee says, "I've some feedback on smokable smell."

Leta states, "Otherwise, cleoning up a few Inventor's Faire loose ends, handling some mini-plots for
people, puppeted a demon or two =)"

Leta claims, "And the usual requests/recommends/questions."

Sue states, "I don't want to play "

Edison states, ":O Leta was the one trying to kill me all along"

RamblingSeert just LOOKS at incense, and the ghost of Eurus judgingly.

Leta states, "Pft EVERYONE LOVES my demons"

Leta says, "Liez"

Nameless questions, "I like killing them, does that count?"

Leta grins at Nameless.

Leta exclaims, "YES!"

Sue says, "I stabbed her in the head repeatedly"

Titania queries, "Tell Leta so how about that summoning scene after the OOC chat?"

Temi states, "As long as we have happy players, that's good."

Nameless says, "Excellent. Report in for electrocution."

Titania says, "Oh no"

Leta claims, "But the best part about demons is they don't really die, they just come back to play
another day =)"

Temi grins.

Ghed says, "It headbutted your knife"

Yinadele says, "Loved the excitement this week, and a GREAT thanks to Leta there."

Jackassaurus claims, "Purchase goal become a demon"

Tomato states, "Sorry bud you gotta be a mage for that I'm 99 percent sure"

RamblingSeert claims, "Leta is personally targetting me. I cannot prove this because nothing has
happened. Yet. But I know it's true."

Leta grins.

Temi nods.

Ghed questions to Eurus, "And what about you, mate?"

Temi states, "Yeah, Nach left and told us 'yeah, kill him off', but Leta did a great job making that
RP for everyone."

Leta states, "If anyone is interested in demon/abyssal RP, hmu =)"

Eurus says, "More bug fixes and all that good stuff. finished one fire spell, a second will be
finished soon, and will continue until we're more satisfied before moving onto the next element"

Jiraiya claims, ":( re Nach"

Edison exclaims, "Interested in demons? Just say the magic word!"

Ghed states, "A lot of bug fixes, really important stuff"

Nameless says, "Eurus you also fixed certain recipes don't forget that"

Eurus claims, "Did fix the calculations for mage cap stuff since its original writing didnt im"

Eurus says, "Thank you cat"

Eurus states, "Didnt implore proper math"

Ghed says, "Oh yeah this is huge"

Ghed says, "We discovered that the mage cap was improperly calculated"

Neo claims, "Promise"

Titania claims, "Neo Neo Neo"

Temi nods in agreement.

Ghed states, "When I say 'we' I mean Eurus"

Temi claims, "Very exciting."

Nameless muses, "Was it lower or larger than it was intended to be?"

Eurus states, "So i'll be expecting about 5-8 mage slots to be opening up as a result of that"

Eurus says, "Much much lower"

Ghed nods.

Nameless states, "I see."

Jiraiya declares, "Nice!"

Titania claims, "Oh"

Jackassaurus states, "..."

Yinadele blink blinks

Temi states to Ghed, "You too, when Eurus told you."

Bartleby covers his heart panicing

Titania states, "OH BOY."

Ghed claims to Temi, "Lol"

RamblingSeert sweats.

Tomato declaims, "Yay!"

Nameless states, "You all know what to do."

Eurus claims, "Given our current activity, we should expect around 18-20 active mages"

Nameless claims, "Do it."

Ikeala grins.

LunarEclipse grins.

Yinadele declaims, "That's a lot Eurus!!!!"

Dragor questions, "Does this include people who could be Latent?"

Titania states, "OH BOY"

Charmin says, "...That's a huge relief to know that Nach's player was involved in his ending. That
was actually the other topic I had, and I was trying just now to articulate some words about the
situation, and not knowing if he was or not."

Bimbly says, "I want to say thanks to Leta and Ghed this week for fielding my many strange questions and requests, and for taking the time to consider my (several) helpfile submissions.

Also, wow, that's pretty intense. I was wondering why slots weren't opening up with all the
pyreings, liquidations, retirements, etc. of late."

Tomato states, "I believe latency is involved somewhere in the calculations yeah"

Ghed claims to Charmin, "I'm not sure he was in a way that you think he was"

Ghed nods at Bimbly.

Temi claims, "The numbers were very high for a long while, but yes, it should have been getting
better again."

Jackassaurus trails off, "...well I went the other way but y'all lucky those slots were closed
before I came back and didn't get to snatch one.... oooo so lucky "

Charmin claims, "Giving the okay is involved."

Ghed nods at Charmin.

Leta claims to Charmin, "Nach's player explicitly gave permission for us to end the character and
recommended it be an antagonistic one, but has not been involved since that point"

Ghed says, "So yeah the mage numbers thing is important and we'll feel it in a few days or weeks"

Yinadele holds hands with jacarys..............

Ghed claims, "Remember to be careful, read helpfiles, ask for help if you need it"

Ghed pontificates, "And take risks!"

Yinadele claims, "Happy we got him, tbh"

Ghed nods.

Ghed asks, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Nameless trails off, "You know, numbers are a major boon in combat..."

Charmin says, "Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. I didn't ask, because it isn't my business,
but I was wondering, Leta. It was amazing RP, btw."

Bartleby pontificates, "Great!"

Edison says, "Numbers matter A LOT :O"

Tomato states, "A literal wild ride of RP across a few characters, absolutely lovely"

plague states, "Characters I love die in martyrdom to the emotions and quality of my story. It's

Neo says, "A busy time with all the current events, high tensions both good and bad"

Tomato states, "Also almost died on this one because my reading comprehension bad so thats fun"

Yinadele claims, "Very busy!!!!!!! Doing scenes with irl can take a while, and I'm glad for

Ghed states, "We've seen activity increase a lot the past few weeks"

Ghed claims, "This makes us happy"

Dragor claims, "I haven't much RP right now and it is a drag a little to log in but I'm holding out,
really, because it's really my own fault if anything."

Neo says, "The dust is getting kicked up"

RamblingSeert pontificates, "I got way more RP in the past two weeks, and it's been fun! Helped me
finally figure out a lot of my character's... character. And now I'm kinda pulling back a bit so I
don't burn out. Got top ten last week though!"

Kalana states, "I've had a great week. Enjoying being more involved in RP, and always exciting to
have the Yule market stuff"

Flower claims, "I managed 4 hours. SOMEHOW. "

Ghed claps!

Leta grins at Flower.

Leta claims, "We're glad to have you back =)"

Bimbly exclaims, "I had a very good week. The recent strife and horribleness, and also the fun Yule
activity, has been a rollercoaster of emotions for The Bimbler in ways that I feel are maturing his
character and helping mature folks around him in one way or another, so that's nice.

Also, my second proper character hit the grid yesterday, so that's exciting!"

Yinadele states, "Fighting for that #1 spot"

Deedee claims, "Ups and downs"

Ghed states, "Excellent"

Yinadele states, "52 hours and neck and neck with someone :wheeze:"

Leta wonders to Deedee, "Yeah?"

Ghed grins.

Charmin claims, "I have my fingers in several pies, and my hands are so dirty. Looking forward to
different things panning out in different directions."

RamblingSeert engages yinadele in fisticuffs.

Flower states, "My children no longer allow wild rp hours."

Deedee states, "I've been trying to stay patient, but a lot of my RP threads are sort of stuck
waiting for a not so active player"

Ghed says to Charmin, "That's a graphic and accurate yet satisfying way to picture it"

Yinadele boxes

Ghed asks, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Deedee states, "I'm a bit unsatisfied with the smokables @smell implementation. It only echos to the smoker, not to the room. And the @smell is also used for sniff, so if you use it to describe the
taste, it won't make sense when sniffed. I'd like to see @smell used for echoing to the room and
@taste echoed just to the smoker."

Charmin wonders, "Soo.. will current and already rolled characters be included in the new mage slot
filling dice roll stuff?"

Eurus states, "Yes, the mage population is determined by active numbers"

Eurus claims, "And newly rolled will count against that"

Tomato states, "Rather than a whole topic, can I ask that the 2nd stage of wound rot have the word
'serious' or some implication of how serious it is added, cause I was advised I was not RPing it
properly as its much more serious than I was RPing it"

Temi states, "But we won't be rerolling existing players"

Yinadele claims, "I think she's asking if currently rolled characters can become latents. I don't
think that's the case."

Leta says, "They do not"

Charmin muses, "I mean, can a long-term already established character be tosses a gratuitious

Nameless claims, "Wounds rotting is generally a really really nasty thing"

Leta pontificates, "Though your character may be latent and you don't know it!"

Charmin says, "Tossed"

Charmin pontificates, "Ahh. Okay! Thanks Temi"

Titania claims, "Latency is a really cool concept and I enjoy it"

Tomato claims, "I mistook 'you feel feverish' as 'you feel slightly feverish' not 'you have a
serious fever and you should be very concerned'"

Neo claims, "I hate latency, frak comcast internet"

Dragor claims, "Yeah, latency is great. Wish I was, at this point, lol."

Deedee claims, "Oh, I've a small request related to woundrot as well"

Charmin nods at Leta.

Tomato says, "So 'you feel seriously feverish' would fix that, I have employee grindset, you can't
call off just because you have a fever. that's it"

Nameless states, "I've called off even when I didn't have a fever."

Nameless claims, "I'm a rebel and a scoundrel."

Deedee claims, "The lancet soft affect message always spews out pus, making them only make sense for woundrot and not other bleedings"

Leta states, "It is also possible some latents will autoawaken if the mage pop is below cutoff, as a
head's up"

Ghed claims, "We're getting a lot of various messages about different things"

Flower listens.

Nameless asks, "Is this a very dramatic and obvious awakening?"

Bimbly states, "As someone who gets beaten up quite a lot, I've never had woundrot, so I wonder how long it has to go untreated to get infected? The Bimbler is
a very fortuitous fellow, though, so it might just be that."

Nameless says, "High constitution reduces chance of disease including woundrot afaik"

Ghed says, "Depends on constitution, Health metric, stuff like that"

Temi claims, "Soft affects don't allow for multiple possible cases"

Deedee says to Bimbly, "About by the time you walk to the Madison to get your cut looked at"

Leta states, "Also severity of wound and type of wound"

Flower claims, "Awakening, if still like it was years ago, is obvious and awesome. "

Neo claims, "Ohhhhh I didn't know mages could auto awaken at all"

Neo claims, "That's a cool feature"

Leta grins at Neo.

Temi states, "But it's possible there's a better string"

Nameless claims, "I know what awakening between a mage and latent look like, but not what a latent autoawaken looks like"

Nameless claims, "Though I have my gripes about awakening"

Charmin claims, "It's lonely though, Neo, speaking from past experience."

Titania says, "It'd be kind of hilarious if latent auto-awakening was obvious"

Ikeala says, "Here's hoping for a cool comet for it this time."

Titania claims, "Just sitting there having tea and then suddenly you explode into plants"
Deedee states to Temi, "Just making it less... closed would be good. qualifying it with "any pus and
blah blah blah""

Nameless claims, "Or the tea jumps out of the cup and starts dancing."

Leta glows BRIGHT GREEN and suddenly grows a tree!

Ghed says, "Lol"

Neo claims, "I mean im a new player so I dont have the QP for latency, otherwise I would have been
very tempted on chargen"

Eurus states, "We can probably update the lancet to be a bit more generic and the affect outputs
from wound rot to be more indicative of severity"

Flower claims, "Obvious to themselves I should say, apparently. "

Titania asks, "Leta sus???"

Leta glows BRIGHT RED and cuddles a candle!

Temi grins.

Leta says, "New awakening message who dis"

RamblingSeert baps Titania. "No. Bad."

Titania states, "Pffffhahahaha"

Eurus queries, "Did we miss any other questions in there?"

Edison drinks from a simple leather waterskin, sealed with a tightly-fit cork.

Edison says OOCly, "Slurps"

Nameless says OOCly, "Ew"

Yinadele states, "Nah, I think we're all palling around. We can proceed."

Edison has returned from AFK.

Tomato claims, "Deedee inquired if @taste could echo to smoker instead of smell and @smell echo to the room"

Bimbly's shadow engages him in a fistfight!

I think that's it.

Yinadele states, "Oh, yes."

Tomato says, "So you don't sniff tabac and telepathically know how it will taste and feel in your

Deedee nods.

Nameless states, "Im too lame to do drugs icly"

Nameless says, "I dont even know what it tastes like"

Tomato says, "Do drugs they're very fun"

Nameless says, "Drugs are bad mkay"

Ghed claims, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed claims to Charmin, "You're first"

Charmin suggests: If there were some kind of way to review recommends I have submitted from my
account in the past, that would be amaaazing. I get mixed up frequently and and forget who I wrote
one for, and who I didn't, and whether it's been a week or not, etc. Something like this for a
display list?

<recommended character> | <date (submitted or approved)> | <character who submitted>

Eurus claims, "Bug board it deedee, no inherent problems but i might forget if it isnt somewhere for

Charmin says, "That's all. Thank you."

Deedee says to Eurus, "Thanks, will do"

Ghed muses, "You mean a rec filter?"

plague states, "Big agree, even if it can't be done retroactively. Something that lets us see who
we've recommended"

Leta claims, "We approved that"

Deedee says, "No, just a log of your submitted recs"

Leta muses, "At some point?"

Leta claims, "But hae not implemented"

Leta says, "It's been brought up a couple times before"

Deedee nods at Leta.

Charmin states, "Just a way to see what I've submitted in the past. Sweet, okay. If it's on the
docket, great. Carry on."

Bimbly says, "Yes, same. I would like to see who I've recommended for what, too, that'd be swell."

Leta says, "I have it written down somewhere. It's one of those 'we agree it would be super useful,
just hasn't yet made it to the top of the pile amidst all the other crazy'"

Temi nods.

Leta nods at Charmin.

Deedee says, "I'll tack on my suggestion to that while it's up- an option to edit pending recommends
because I always find typos after I push enter"

Ikeala states, "I think a previous week discussed the possibility of a toggle to remind about recs

Leta nods at Ikeala

Leta states, "We did"

Charmin claims, "That would be cool, Dee."

Temi states, "Editing them in the queue might be a bigger effort than it's worth"

Deedee states, "Autowarn would be a good place for it"

Leta muses, "Was that plague's topic?"

Leta nods at Temi.

Bimbly says, "That was mine, last week! I think."

Leta grins at Bimbly.

Leta exclaims, "Ah! Thank you"

Bimbly pontificates, "I forgor a lot. I remember'd to do more this week than last, though!"

Ghed claims to Charmin, "We agree this is a good and relevant idea"

Eurus says, "Do have that one on my list of things to do in the next 1-2 weeks, the recommend

Jiraiya apologies for not recommending more. I always get rejected so I need to read the helpfile

Charmin nods at Ghed.

Deedee trails off to Eurus, "Think you could add it to the autowarn list? I think that was the name
of it..."

Bartleby identifies with J

Eurus claims, "Yeah it'll be in that list, I'll likely just repurpose autovote since nobody uses
those sites at this point"

Charmin nods at Eurus.

Ghed questions to Jackassaurus, "You had a topic too?"

Tomato says, "I try to send them for bigger recommends, first meetings, significant events, coming
to events"

Deedee claims, "There is that, too"

Deedee states, "Suggestion-"

Tomato says, "Casual scenes are nice but the more personally it affected you the better the
reccomend will be"

Bimbly says, "I try to remember to recommend both the pyred and the pyre-er, most times."

Deedee states, "Recommends could give an rpxp bonus"

Deedee claims, "Like cnotes do"

Jackassaurus asks, "I recently came across a scene which I won't mention who it was and I don't them reprimanded in anyway, in any event, a situation unfolded where someone when to scuttle away and I was mobile so by the time I could emote out trying to grab them they dashed off a little instant off a emote and didn't give me too much time to react. I'm a pretty relaxed RPer and won't go chasing after you for the win, but it would be cool to at least allow a response. Curtesy of speed of others available to react is usually standard practice but when it is isn't is there a possible way to code in a grab commend that may works like guard does to prevent someone from dashing off they're close enough?"

Ghed says, "Hm"

Nameless says, "Guard already does that."

Ghed claims, "That could have a lot of complicated ramifications"

Tomato states, "The struggle here is that a reactive command like that if you're on mobile you might
miss out on too"

Ghed states, "But arrest does something like that right now"

Tomato says, "That's why guard is a pro-active thing"

Tomato claims, "But IC commands are still actions per RP, and if its tense, running away is a valid

Jackassaurus says, "If not not big deal. Just a thought "

LunarEclipse queries, "I thought movement counted AS your emote?"

Bimbly states, "I understand the sentiment, but I don't like the idea of physically inhibiting
movement commands outside of combat or pre-emptive guarding."

Eurus states, "Yeah, coded commands are IC actions, so nobody is necessarily obligated to emote
before doing them"

Nameless states, "IT counts as an IC action yes"

Deedee says, "There's a number of ways to stop someone from exiting alreayd, yeah. Does take time to type out, but might be able to alias them"

Jackassaurus says, "It wasn't a scene was going to arrest anyone or anything. To clarify "

Leta declaims, "Need to hop away briefly, bye y'all! Feel free to reach out if I can help in any way

Leta waves.

Leta slowly dissipates, her form flickering away in tiny mites of stardust. [OOC]

Tomato says, "Especially if combat is on the horizon, its difficult to actually get out of combat
and if you are not a combat character you might fail flee several times against a good combatant"

Titania claims, "Leta just peaced out"

Bimbly states, "For sure, but it isn't your use case I am concerned about; it is misuse of the
command, or use in an unintended manner."

Ikeala says, "I think that's asking the other person to take a lot on faith OOC about another
person/character's motivation."

Ghed nods at Jackassaurus.

Tomato states, "Even if you call on turns, them leaving WOULD be their turn and might just cause
them to codedly leave rather than emote, but I do sympathize with the lack of time to react"

Deedee nods.

LunarEclipse claims, "There are also ways for someone to block a door."

Jackassaurus says, "Yes I'm aware of those"

plague claims, "With all due respect for better or worse my OOC reaction time can make the
difference between my character living and dying in some circumstances and if that's the case I
gotta look after number one"

Temi claims, "All hard to balance, and we definitely have leaned in the direction of people who are
trying to escape more than catch the other person, because it's usually higher stakes for the

Bimbly wonders, "Mobile MUDing is hard in general to start with. I know some mobile clients let you configure tappable buttons; you could make directional aliases or buttons for guarding and do it
reactively that way, maybe, since coded movement always indicates a direction?"

Eurus says, "Also nothing is inherently stopping you from using restrain/arrest then releasing them
if your intention isn't literally arresting them"

Nameless states, "I advise that no one ever try to mud on mobile ever"

Nameless says, "Slows everything down"

Deedee states, "Uhh"

Ghed says, "Oh brother do I know that"

Tomato claims, "Any room-blocking command inherently escalates the situation by virtue of what it
does I'm afraid to say"

Jackassaurus says, "I guess restrain works too"

Deedee says, "I think restrain/arrest is very unblanced for that sort of usage"

Flower only muds Mobile.

Tomato states, "Someone blocking the door would make me go up the walls even if I was not doing
something wrong"

Nameless claims, "I'm so sorry"

Bartleby questions, "Not meaning to hijack, but what if someone moves to approach you and gets right up on you agressively, and you don't know if theyr'e going to draw?"

Dragor states, "That's truly amazing."

Temi claims, "Nothing wrong with folks using mobile, though we can't entirely cater to that."

Eurus claims, "Sure, but if your character is that dedicated to keeping somebody from getting away,
and that's an IC action you're willing to take"

RamblingSeert winces in pain! MUD on mobile?!

Ghed says to Bartleby, "Gouge their eyes out"

Ghed claims, "Same reason I dislike people donning armor right then and there and using step
aggressively when a fight is breaking out"

Nameless states, "I can, have, and will pull out some tricks to exit an area and end a scene if
someone tries that shit on me"

Deedee says, "I'd really like the shoulder command to work against restrain/arrest."

Nameless states, "And i will not apologize for it"

Titania muses, "'Oh, there's gonna be a fight? Let me just spend what is likely a full ten IC
minutes putting on a full suit of platemail and then step into optimal fighting range with you RIGHT
BEFORE hostilities begin'"

Bimbly says, "Yeah, if I'm putting on armor in a scene, I do it one piece of armor at a time, in the
order armor is historically equipped."

Dragor muses, "Tactical armor stripping and unstripping will never not astound me. Do people know
how long it actually takes to slap on even half plate?"

Flower says, "I do not seek the game to cater to me. =) I have been mudding from mobile off n on for ages but since having the baby it is all I can do. "

Charmin says, "I have RUN away from encounters, even recently. Just doing that has its own IC
repercussions that play out later, even if they weren't in THAT specific scene."

Dragor states, "Like - It takes me 10 minutes and I'm pretty quick."

Tomato says, "I am not a fan of arrest literally being 'submit or start combat' myself, and I would
go out of my way to avoid a possible arrest since it is a forced freeze and you can't get out of it
any way"

Tomato states, "There's also a 5 minute timer on it or something so not enough time to talk out of

Nameless states, "You CAN use FLEE when the arrest is made if you want to just flat run away"

Sue trails off, "But that's... what being arrested is..."

Nameless claims, "Without attacking"

Tomato wonders, "Oh did they update that at some point?"

Ikeala says, "It's more that current arrest code doesn't make clear what the options are. "

Nameless claims, "You could always do that afaik"

Neo claims, "I feel like taking a few quick steps in combat is less egregious considering that is
something you coudl maybe feasibly do ic"

Tomato states, "It doesn't say that when you are arrested"

Jackassaurus trails off, "Eh, I don't mean for it to evolve into this... I wasn't even arresting the
person... was literally a spur of the moment thing"

Neo says, "Donning armor tho is whack yeah"

Tomato states, "I was recently arrested, it literally says 'submit or start combat'"

plague states, "It's a good conversation Jackassaurus, dw"

Ghed says, "(we're off topic but I've no other topics)"

Nameless states, "FLEE is technically a combat action soooo i guess thats how it counts"

Tomato claims, "You can't flee unless you are codedly in combat though, unless they updated arrest
serving as combat by itself"

Yinadele declaims, "It's ok! people talking is important!"

Nameless claims, "Being in arrest state counts as being in combat state afaik"

Tomato states, "You would need to START coded combat by hitting, to then flee"

Nameless claims, "Ive had people flee from me"

Nameless claims, "Upon restrain attempts"

Ikeala says, "'I want to physically take ahold of your character' most people will interpret as
possibly negative. "

Nameless says, "Without attacking or starting the round based combat"

Edison claims, "You could do a safe attack"

Temi states, "It definitely didn't used to be possible but it's something we've discussed before, so
not sure if we updated it."

Edison claims, "Safe arms tries to grab you by the arm to stop you from leaving"

Tomato claims, "(cant safe attack without a pratice weapon)"

Edison asks, "Argh, really? That's silly"

Nameless states, "You can if unarmed but otherwise nope"

Bimbly wonders, "I have a topic! It's just a joke topic, so it can wait until this is over.
On this topic, I know some animals, like crocodiles, engage coded combat without taking any actions; could an engage command serve this purpose?"

Nameless states, "You can SAFEDUAL though"

Edison says, "Restring some practice swords as clubs"

Nameless states, "If you have a weapon equippe"

plague states, "I safely place my Fireball into attack position and move to combat."

Charmin states, "Since we're rambling on an adjacent topic... I wish our lovely reeves would use the
VERIFY command more often. It's so cool."

Deedee states, "If there's a way to flee arrest without initating combat, I'd like to know how"

Bartleby claims, "Oh lol I forgot about that command"

Deedee states, "If there's a way to flee arrest without initating combat, I'd like to know how"

Bartleby claims, "Oh lol I forgot about that command"

Jackassaurus claims, "I'm actually for people being able to felled arrests "

Tomato states, "Back to Jack's OG topic though, it sounds like that was a specific situation and
while regrettable, that is sort of the risk we have to take as any 'stop right there' things are
inherently aggressive commands and I can't think that just grabbing someone would be seen as
anything good"

Ghed says to Charmin, "Agreed"

Nameless claims, "Putting your hands on another feels like it'd be a big deal in a medieval society"

Ghed claims, "I remember what I did when Daggerfall guards shouted 'halt' at me"

LunarEclipse states, "If you grab me and prevent me from leaving I would be upsetti spaghetti, ICly
of course."

Sue states, "There's really been no reasn to use it"

Yinadele exclaims, "Halt!"

Jackassaurus trails off, "Flee I mean... before combat is initiated "

Jiraiya claims, "Guard command is good btw"

Ghed nods at LunarEclipse.

Ghed shivers at Yina

Nameless claims, "When i'm upsetti spaghetti, i spill my spaghetti"

Nameless says, "And by spaghetti i mean bad things"

Tomato claims, "Touching in repressed davite society big deal, bros cant even hug, touching another
man's arm is gay, dav said it first"

Nameless claims, "I bet they kiss the cheeks over in vavard"

Eurus says, "Cant even acknowledge the boys for a good job with a butt pat"

Nameless says, "Honestly never understood why football players will do that"

Deedee says, "A little tug on the codpiece never hurt no one."

Bartleby claims, "Rofl"

Eurus says, "Im disgusted"

Tomato says, "The old saying 'You construct intricate rituals while allow you to touch the skin of
other men'"

Dragor states, "I have to write this stuff down, PLEASE."

Ikeala claims, "This conversation needs Dav. And that's saying something coming from me."

Nameless says, "Dont make me bring out the special codpiece that a certain tailor made"

RamblingSeert states, "I looked away what happe--"

LunarEclipse wonders, "Wait there are 'certain' codpieces?"

Eurus says, "I would like to initiate many arrest commands now"

Nameless claims, "There are."

Dragor states, "Ghed, can I just... Remove this portion of the meeting."

Neo states, "I have a new player topic, ban codpieces"

Titania claims, "No."

RamblingSeert mails the funny exploding thing to Nameless.

Nameless gets a comically large codpiece of enormous, inhuman proportions from a bag woven of a
sturdy, iridescent black fabric.

Titania claims, "No, write it, Dragor."

Yinadele trails off, "Certain codpieces..................................."

Yinadele says, "OH NO"

Titania claims, "OH NO"

Yinadele trails off, "OH NO................."

Neo claims, "NO"

Dragor says, "WHY"

LunarEclipse claims, "OH NO"

Neo says, "PUT THAT AWAY"

Charmin covers eyes.

Nameless puts a comically large codpiece of enormous, inhuman proportions in a bag woven of a
sturdy, iridescent black fabric.

plague wonders, "Can I have it?"

Neo declaims, "PUT IT DOWN!"

Bartleby says, "Use the special redacted sign j/k lol"

Edison states, "How dare you remind me that penises are a thing"

Nameless states, "Im dying irl atm"

LunarEclipse states, "THAT THING IS A WEAPON."

Nameless claims, "It doubles as a club"

Yinadele claims, "You can safeattack with that"

Nameless claims, "Or a walking stick"

Deedee states, "Wear codpiece wield"

Tomato states, "As a quiet reminder to my friends, codpieces are usually not super obvious as

Nameless states, "Oh god im light headed"

Charmin states, "Lithmorran elephants are for real, children."

plague states, "Help codpiece disagrees with you"

RamblingSeert looks...

Dragor says, "I don't think that thing is safe AT ALL Yina"

Tomato states, "Like they are supposed to be tasteful bulges, not like, literally your dick"

Neo calls down the exterminatus.

Eurus states, "Adding a new weapon damage tier to appraise one sec"

Nameless states, "Excellent"

Bartleby claims, "Rofl@"

Nameless states, "This is how i make my mark on TI"

Sue states, "I don't get paid enough to deal with you people"

Bimbly states, "In fairness, Tomato, some of the more recent codpieces have been described in their
shortdesc to the contrary. "

Nameless claims, "Weaponized codpieces of inhumane proportions"

Sue claims, "60 silver a week"

Bimbly claims, "So while that is the rule, there are... exceptions."

Sue exclaims, "For this!"

plague states, "'Help codpiece' very helpfully explains that you should compliment a man's codpiece
if you want to marry him"

LunarEclipse claims, "If someone attacks me with a codpiece I am rioting."

Edison claims, "Oh that reminds me - two handed weapons would be neat."

Tomato trails off, "Also they are usually rigid cloth so if your codpiece is flapping around..."

Charmin says, "IC reactions to such obscenities are ALWAYS appreciated."

Eurus states, "You just saw one"

Neo claims, "If someone attacks me with a cod piece I can call the police in real life"

Bartleby states, "New sumptuary law: no codpiece bigger than the next man up"

Nameless claims, "This thing enters a room a good 4 seconds before the rest of the man does"

plague says, "I'm going to get champion mace so I can beat people to death with oversized metal
codpieces, I guess"

Eurus says, "Similar use case for champion husbandry"

Tomato has flashbacks to conan exiles physics... 'codpieces' flapping in the wind

Titania states, "Oh God"

Edison states, "Bless you bb"

LunarEclipse says, "Thank you for mentioning this helpfile it's beautiful. "

Charmin says, "It is the best one."

Deedee claims, "Why.... https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Codpiece.png"

Bimbly declaims, "I have a small thing to bring up!"

RamblingSeert goes for Tomato's throat.

Tomato states, "Anyways get the codpiece with pocket so you can stash your gold in it"

Eurus claims, "God please, present it bimbly"

Deedee trails off to Bimbly, "Speak of..."

Bimbly says, "So, helpfiles! Specifically, Domain helpfiles! There are some very strange quirks with

1. The square mileage of each domain is nonsensical. I don't think the Five Duchies are half again
the land area of Rhode Island.

2. From what I saw, the resources and income entries of every single domain are zero. They look like
database entries with null values or something to me.

3. The population is just flatly wrong. I don't know how else to say it. It just doesn't add up.
Unless they're accounting for the molepeople...

Anyway, that's it. I went browsing the Domain files recently (even submitted a new one, and some
edits!) and noticed the stat-line for them all is very silly. I think it'd be safe to remove them

Sue states, "This is why nobody wants to be a Reeve"

Titania claims, "This is why I want to be a Reeve :)"

Ghed says, "It's an abandoned subsystem"

Nameless trails off, "I wanted to be a reeve once...."

Edison claims, "I've heard Lithmore being tiny was intentional "

Temi says, "The mileage was randomly generated stuff based on their types and probably not really
worth showing"

Bimbly states, "It isn't a problem, it's just a curious quirk of what I assume is either an old
system or a gross misunderstanding of topography."

Ikeala questions, "Maybe remove the info from players seeing it if it's not what's IC correct?"

Temi states, "And the same for the others, really"

Ghed says, "We should really remove those fields, they make no sense"

Deedee states, "Probably a bit of it could just be yoinked"

Jackassaurus claims, "We'll think of LA and NYC"

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Jackassaurus says, "Not a lot of area but a lot of people"

Temi claims, "Probably should at least hide them, yeah"

Jackassaurus trails off, "Infrastructure etc..."

Edison says, "I hope we replace it with differently randomly generated square mileage cause I think
it's neat :O"

Deedee claims, "I think that staff was put in for a system that never went into place and has been

Deedee claims, "Stuff*"

Edison says, "But I also found scanning planets in Mass effect interesting"

Titania says, "Edison you're a NERD"

Nameless states, "You're a special kind of nerd edison"

Bartleby pats Edison's back

Sue claims, "Nerdison"

Tomato states, "Most domains only really have one 'town' in them and thats wherever the noble keep is, and the rest is farmland/herdling land, so larger population/empty space doesn't make no sense"

Nameless claims, "Maybe I should show you the astronomy tower"

Temi says, "Maybe something we'll revisit at some point, but probably not high on the list"

Charmin wonders, "Do we have any kind of specific 'this noble is available to be played, or his
daughter, or wife' system?"

Edison states, "Look, I want to know how close to earth gravity a random planet in the middle of
nowhere that I'll never visit again"

Bimbly says, "Well - so, most of the helpfiles show a land area of three to six thousand square
kilometers. Setting aside that the Five Duchies is listed at around six thousand as a Kingdom and
that there's dozen of domains listed as having half of that, which is physically impossible, Rhode
Island is four thousand square kilometers, roughly.

For reference, you could walk the length of a square of that size in about twelve to sixteen hours
in a straight line. I THINK the whole Kingdom is bigger than that."

Tomato trails off, "But I never mathed out the geography, I use the 'help geography map of...'
helpfile to show the map and imagine the size based on that"

Charmin states, "Lol, Bimbly."

Nameless states, "I've only ever gone by time measurements in HELP DISTANCES"

Tomato states, "There's ooc travel times somewhere"

Temi claims to Charmin, "We have recorded the most recent known person in domains now and which roles we'll accept applications for"

Nameless trails off, "The actual... distance measurements mean zilch to me"

Charmin nods at Temi.

Temi claims, "Sometimes with names where they've been defined"

Bimbly states, "Yeah, I just use the map on the website and compare it to the help geography maps to make my estimates, and it doesn't really matter, I just thought it was funny and brought it up."

Tomato claims, "Yeah I went to public school the numbers are just make believe to me"

Temi states, "But we try to leave things as open as possible for later nobles to have some
creativity with"

Bartleby says, "OOoOoh that's cool"

Bimbly states, "For reference, I usually imagine one Duchy to be roughly the size of Ireland, which
is about 84,000 square kilometers."

Ghed claims, "The kingdom is tiny"

Eurus claims, "At least public school taught us what the powerhouse of the cell is"

Nameless states, "HOWEVER. I will say that some travel speeds are pretty silly slow. An average
fitness human man can walk 20 miles in a day if he's alone."

Jackassaurus claims, "I tired to give my domain some flair and fluff and some interesting peoples "

Nameless states, "And yet barge on a river can't even clock 8 miles per day"

Edison claims, "I think it's tiny so players can realistically travel to areas and not be gone for
IRL months :O"

Ghed states, "It's all the vavardis"

Bimbly says, "That's true, I just think it's TOO tiny."

Tomato states, "Barges are slow AF, usually weighed down by cargo, and have to contend with other
river traffic, to be fair"

Bimbly states, "I don't think Lithmore is 55 kilometers on a side, that's all."

Ghed states, "Also vavardis skinny dipping"

Nameless says, "Yes but they can just keep on floatin' and dont have to stop for the night"

Edison states, "Scandalous"

Tomato states, "20 miles a day doesn't cover traffic, rough terrain, etc"

Ghed states to Bimbly, "I'll take a look"

Jiraiya says to Bimbly, "Hmm. I think maybe the size of a province of Ireland would make more sense? So 20,000 sqkm per Duchy?"

Bimbly says, "You don't have to! I'd just hide that information, since it isn't relevant and is
handled better with existing travel time methods anyway."

Temi states, "The numbers are probably wrong as they stand now, yeah"

Jiraiya nods.

Deedee queries to Bimbly, "How does help distances look?"

Nameless claims, "Also tangentially... lore-wise, the countryside is absolutely teeming with
unscrupulous bandits and mercenaries who will rob you and kill you at the drop of a hat, which is
why most travel is done on the river which is safer."

Titania trails off, "The Vavardi are taking over..."

Dragor taps their time piece.

Neo says, "Purge the french"

Jackassaurus states, "WE don't think it's a big deal because we have Tesla's... prolly bigger deal
for us medieval folk traveling all that. Not everyone can finance a horse carriage. "

Temi says, "Help distances is the one we actually use for distances"

Deedee nods at Temi.

Eurus claims, "Infantry expected 4 miles an hour from us in full kit with a 60 pound ruck but we
rarely had to keep that pace for more than one our at a time so"

RamblingSeert questions, "Smh vavardi influence, right /earl?"

Bimbly says, "I'd prefer to compare the Five Duchies to the UK, which you can reasonably walk in two months from one extreme end to another, personally."

Tomato claims, "I agree we should remove the domain distance, I also admit numbers do not turn into real distance to me, its hard to make it make sense in my head, so I am not inclined to fuss over
numbers for the alleged kingdom size"

Bimbly says, "And that's off-road."

Kalana trails off to RamblingSeert, "If they didn't drink so much...."

Nameless says, "Listen if you guys think it takes too long to travel to a place... well... your
friendly neighborhood mages have a solution for that."

Bimbly claims, "And, yeah, help distance covers everything a player would really use."

Edison states, "I think GRRM said game of thrones would make no sense if you wrote down dates and distances and I'm going to agree with him"

Charmin wonders, "Is there a party today aftet this chat?"

RamblingSeert states, "Can't relate, Kalana."

Flower laughs.


Deedee nods at Edison.

Tomato says, "Also remember that help distance covers how long you are OFF GRID if you travel"

Bimbly exclaims, "There is a wedding planned!"

Tomato says, "So if the kingdom were that big, I would have been off grid for an irl month"

Deedee says, "Especially season 4."

Edison states, "As always Bimbly is right"

Tomato says, "Which I would hate, as a week was already very long"

Eurus says, "I feed him answers to keep you humble edison"

Bimbly declaims, "Don't put that curse on me, Ed boy, I say dumb things on purpose!"

Edison claims, "I know, it's funny :P"

Titania states, "Dav should've consolidated twice."

Bimbly says, "Lord help you all if I'm right about half of them."

Ghed states, "Okay, we're at the top of the hour"

Flower claims, "I need to split. Time for food. "

Deedee asks, "Coming to the top of the hour- is Bimb's the last topic?

Charmin waves.

Ghed states to Flower, "Sending you all back"

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for
meaningful RP =)"

Titania declares, "Goodbye!"

Ghed says, "Emphasis on cnote"

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drive in 3..."

Edison states, "Cnotes >:("

Yinadele states, "Gurgles"

Yinadele states, "Need to cnote soon"

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Deedee waves.

Ghed trails off, "1..."

Flower waves.

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