Log of OOC Meeting - 2022-10-29

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Sun Nov 13, 2022 2:05 am

plague waves.

Deedee says to Ghed, "Might be a good idea to include a bit about excusing yourself from any scene
you're in"

Charmin also waves

Edison says, "Lol"

Edison says OOCly, "It's ikeala, we found her"

Ghed says, "Hello everyone! So many new faces."

plague says, "Hold on let me turn off my Daravi language-"

Deedee waves.

Yinadele waves.

Yinadele pontificates, "Just a few!"

Deedee states, "Any language is fine."

Estella says, "Oh god she's pontificating."

Ghed claims, "Languages are instantly parsed for everyone"

Ikeala bows.

[Action: Edison is here, arresting IKeala ]

A male voice says, "Edison, that's a no no."

SpookySkeletons moves suddenly, revealing their position.
SpookySkeletons slowly fades into view.

Lans claims to Edison, "Sorry, I kinda called dibs 12 years ago"

Estella states, "I love color names so much."

Estella says OOCly, "Augh"

Edison looks to Lans, "You had your chance, old man."

Temi gets a tiny, crunchy bug-shaped cracker from a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short
wooden pole.

Temi eats a tiny, crunchy bug-shaped cracker.

Lans claims, "Tis true"

Leta gives a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short wooden pole to Fynn.

SpookySkeletons claims, "The future is now"

plague gets a tiny, crunchy bug-shaped cracker from a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short
wooden pole.

plague eats a tiny, crunchy bug-shaped cracker.

Leta gives a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short wooden pole to Ruby.

Leta gives a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short wooden pole to Deedee.

Seraphite says, "Bug-catching net pog."

Deedee lifts a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short wooden pole to her nose and sniffs at

Leta gives a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short wooden pole to Dagur.

Ghed states, "Alright, let's get started"

Leta gives a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short wooden pole to Violet.

Leta questions, "Did I miss anyone?"

Temi states to Deedee, "I know, I know, realized I forgot that."

Ghed wonders, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does
the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources
available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you
register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Deedee winks at Temi.

Brockolies says, "Yes Leta, me pls."

Leta gives a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short wooden pole to Brockolies.

Leta exclaims, "Oh dear, sorry Brockolies!"

Yinadele exclaims, "I can scribe!"

Ghed says, "(scribing means saving the log of this meeting and posting it in the forum later, we pay
2 QP for this, help qp)"

Ghed claims to Yinadele, "You got it"

Seraphite trails off, "Scribing truly is a Yina tradition..."

Ghed states, "It really is"

Sue claims, "Yina core"

Yinadele claims, "Im being bullied. ahem. all good"

Ghed claims, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed says, "I go first"

plague states, "Yina's voracious desire for QP cannot be satisfied."

DestructoMelvar claims, "Crash the mud more. That'll get 'em"

Ghed says, "I did a sleuth of player recommends, requests, some typos. Handled some policy things
with inactive folks. I also did some improvements to the game like fixing the queen's ambiance
echoes and adding new ones to the Palace."

Ghed says, "I also puppeted Captain Clath in the Inventor's Faire (Leta's staff plot) and helped
around. I have other things I should be working on but I've been a little overwhelmed with uni. That
will not get easier until february."

Ghed queries to Leta, "Would you like to go next?"

plague hops around, juggling a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short wooden pole as the OOC
meeting continues.
He appears to be incapable at dancing.

Leta says, "I handled a few phome builds, requests and recommends. Set several players
Charali/Hillman and assisted with a new app-in. I also updated help demon summer and added...
twenty? Wilderness rooms to grid. They will be used in the plot quests but will stick around for
others to explore."

Charmin states, "Nice."

Leta states, "The majority of my time this week was spent on my Discovery Faire! For updates: {/1.
There is a concert tonight for the luthier plot, 7pm server (right after this plot).

2. A group of intrepid explores have captured all the bugs! (hence the OOC chat giftie) Expect the
Royal Entomology Society meeting to be scheduled in the coming weeks.

3. Two adventuring parties will soon be venturing into the wilds in search of treasure. There are
limited slots for Leta's DMing sanity, but we can try to sneak a few more people in if someone is
particularly excited.

4. Sneaky folks are doing doing other sneaky things I shall not disclose for the time being."

Leta says, "There are other plots underway and some just beginning, so plenty of time for everyone
to participate and explore. Please feel free to explore the fairgrounds north of the city gate."

Leta nods.

Charmin queries, "Is that where the concert will be?"

Leta states, "That is all, I think"

Leta exclaims to Charmin, "Yes!"

Tomato says, "Yeah the concert will be at the discovery faire"

Charmin nods.

plague says, "I didn't expect so many people to desire and happily welcome severe racism upon
themselves, but I'm all for it"

Ruby declaims, "Racism yeah!!"

Ghed clears his throat

Ghed wonders to Temi, "What about you?"

Sleek has left the game.

Temi says, "Well, I was gone for a few days for a little trip for hubby's birthday, but am back now.
I also have a plot character who has made an appearance, with more still to go, probably with a big
public scene at some point soon - keep an ear out. Trying to provide some coverage to the later
hours for those whose timing doesn't match up well with Ghed and Leta. My next, larger plot is on
hold waiting for everyone to be done with all of the fun of the discovery faire, so we'll see how
timing plays out. For a slightly more serious bent."

Temi grins.

Temi nods at Ghed.

Ghed pontificates, "Thanks for the work you two!"

Ghed claims, "Oh I also updated the dark cloaks to have better scripts >=)"

Temi nods in agreement.

Temi declaims, "Good job on that!"

Edison exclaims, "They're getting smarter!"

Violet declaims, "The dark cloaks are mean!"

Violet loves the dark cloaks.

Ghed claims, "They -are- getting smarter"

Fynn claims, "They're beginning to believe"

DestructoMelvar claims, "I just managed to circumvent one. They're not THAT smart"

Ghed sagenods

Seraphite states, "Only fitting, given our Lawfulness rating right now."

Edison states, "We'll be safe as long as they don't learn how to open doors"

plague states, "I identify as a dark cloak."

Ghed says to DestructoMelvar, "They are meant not to be disruptive, too, else nobody would want to
walk around"

Tomato states, "Thats what the thief PCs are for wink wonk"

Errisar says, "I'm just glad that they're not stabbing me anymore."

Ghed nods.

Brockolies frowns at smarter dark cloaks ... "Tsk tsk!"

Ruby muses, "What is a dark cloak?"

Violet coughs.

Yinadele exclaims, "Ruby: They're the thugs who will rob you!"

Ghed states to Ruby, "NPCs that walk around harassing people for money"

Tomato states, "They're those NPCs in dark cloaks, its because of the low lawfulness in the city"

plague says, "Dark cloaks are brotherhood NPCs that spawn in Northside when Lawfulness is low. Type
'city report' to see the metrics"

Leta claims to Ruby, "The lawfulness metric is extremely low, so there are NPCs on grid who try to
mug people."

Ghed says to Seraphite, "They are in the 'richer' part of town because the Law is not doing so good
of late"

Sue states, "SMASH CRIMINAL"

Ghed nods at plague.

Leta says, "You can read help metric and help metric definition for some information about the

Tomato states, "Do remember that killing NPCs has the same connotations as killing a PC, its murder
all around so bear in mind"

Ghed nods at Leta.

Ghed nods at Sue.

Seraphite says, "Ah, glorious stab wound generators."

Ghed says, "You can be prosecuted for killing a NPC unlawfully"

Tomato claims, "If they do attack you RP-wise you are still murdering someone if you kill them or
leave them to die"

Deedee asks, "Any issues currently with knocking them out and dropping them at the reeve's hq? I
think it caused some problems the last time there were similar mobs"

Avajain states, "Huh, that's cool"

Brockolies claims, "Unless you can prove it was self defense of course."

Fynn states, "I merely seek honorable combat with them"

Ysabet states, "Simply don't get caught"

Ruby states, "I'm just gonna pray I never run into them and run away if I do."

Tomato states, "To be fair I powerwalk everywhere and they haven't stabbed me yet"

DestructoMelvar asks, "Has anyone tried to breed them yet?"

Errisar states, "Once Ghed fixed them, they've been fun."

Ghed claims to Deedee, "It's okay, I should code a way to arrest them but it's not that easy as they
can't detect their own 'deaths'"

Charmin wonders, "Do they try to mug lower class peeps?"

Seraphite says, "Your energy is too powerful. They simply must avoid the powerwalk."

Ghed says to Charmin, "Everyone, but their dialogue is affected by social class"

Violet claims, "They definitely had a richy-rich specific message when they pestered me"

plague states, "Remember: it's only a crime if you get caught"

Deedee claims, "I see. something about knocking them out previously blocked the arrest thing I

Brockolies states, "Put your flee post in your copy paste buffer ready to post it if required eh :)"

Ghed nods at plague.

Edison declaims, "You CAN pay them!"

Ghed claims, "NPCs can't be codedly arrested, no"

Samuel scoffs.

Seraphite wonders, "In this economy?"

Temi grins.

Ghed says, "They do react to being paid"

Ghed claims, "Anyways"

Ghed queries, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Tomato declares, "Been enjoying the snippets ive gotten! Haven't been feeling so hot lately so been
a bit scarce"

Edison finishes abruptly, "I've been happy as a clam - lots of new faces to play with :O"

Violet exclaims, "SO BUSY. So many new faces. Exciting!"

Errisar claims, "A mix of great scenes, and frustration trying to make scenes happen. :)"

DestructoMelvar claims, "Mostly so-so. Good scene recently."

Brockolies claims, "Nor can they be restrained... arrest and restrain wont work on them so get
staffs help ok."

Seraphite states, "I, as one of the new faces, have been having a blast."

Leta wonders to Errisar, "What has been difficult for you?"

Charmin states, "I've been trying to remember how to RP, and it's been fun with everyone I have
bumped into so far."

Deedee says, "Still swamped with RL, but did log in a few times to try to give some of the new
Physicians some RP time"

Brockolies nods at Seraphite grinning wildly :)

Ruby says, "I just joined! I'm trying to find fellow Physicians to RP with so I can learn the system,
so I hope I can get some IC lessons sometime. Also I was punched by a boar."

Yinadele states, "It feels good to be back, even if I'll still make command mistakes."

Errisar claims, "Just a string of bad luck. Getting stabbed, drinking lamp oil and drowning, etc."

plague states, "I'm having an absolutely wonderful time and I'm glad to see so many other people are,

Yinadele claims, "Tfw you want to make the color grey, and reflexively use G."

Deedee says, "Can hit me up after the meeting if you like, Ruby"

Seraphite claims, "*after the concert"

Deedee won't be on that long.

Sue says, "Yinadele has chained me to a desk and is holding me at gunpoint, currently."

Ruby states, "After the concert, maybe! I'll for sure hang out at the hospital often."

Leta claims, "Oh, yes. Do attend the concert! The Troubadours have been doing working very hard."

Ghed declaims to Sue, "Make sure to recommend Yina then!"

Seraphite says, "Troubadors my beloved."

Ghed says, "Looks like things are looking mostly good =) I'm very glad"

Kirale pontificates, "Trying to navigate typing while holding a baby stinks!"

plague questions, "Oh sorry, there's a concert?"

DestructoMelvar says, "Gossips with Poor morales and sinful music :P"

plague states, "I'm still out of the loop"

Bimbly says, "I had a great first week. I ran into every newbie stumbling-block I could in a row. It
was a little overwhelming at first, but I learned a good bit so far. Some lessons were harsher than
others. For example, I learned I can't wrestle wolves."

Leta exclaims to plague, "Yep! Check out IC board number 8 =)"

Seraphite states, "It's the tooth box, Plague."

Seraphite claims, "We must witness the tooth box."

Brockolies claims, "I can teach some low level medicine @Ruby ... pls seek out my character as
required with a notify followed by a messanger ok."

Leta states to Bimbly, "Someday. Someday you will wrestle wolves =)"

Yinadele states to Bimbly, "Yet."

Edison says, "Wolves can be bad - my first week I got mauled by a bobcat."

Bimbly says, "Yet."

Temi grins.

Ruby says, "I have no idea how to notify or messenger"

Anonymous states, "I was hospitalized by a bobcat within my first hour"

Tomato says, "Its one of the IC announcement boards, but yes there's a concert, there should be IC
messengers announcing"

plague states, "I too got mauled by a bobcat"

Anonymous states, "Becaus ei thought 'its just a bobcat i can thwack it'."

Tomato states, "I think every newbie ends up floored by wild animals eventually"

Anonymous states, "You do"

Anonymous states, "Dont mess with wild animals kids"

Deedee claims, "Bobcats do seem to be one of the biggest offenders."

Yinadele declaims to Ruby, "Try help messenger and help notify!"

Seraphite exclaims, "Not if I'm too terrified of them to go outside!"

Ghed says, "My first week I got mauled by NPC religious fanatics"

DestructoMelvar states, "Ruby. the help system is vast and informative. If you can't find the help
file you think you want. Try Help Match <search terms>"

Edison states, "'tell' for ooc messages, and to mail people you need to be in a post office of sorts

Brockolies states, "Bobcats and boars are mean... but not as mean and nasty as wolverines ... watch
out for them ok."

Ghed nods at DestructoMelvar.

Temi grins at Ghed.

Deedee states, "Don't overlook rats and rabbits, either."

Bimbly states, "It's okay. I get to add more grotesque scars to my long desc. :)"

Fynn says, "For my part I tried briefly a couple years back and am in the swing of it again, seems
like a good time to be a Reeve at least"

Ghed says, "Excellent"

Ghed muses, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Deedee says, "It's kind of nuts how hard rats are to kill without using the rhyme command"

DestructoMelvar claims, "I have a complaint or rather a critique of the plot my char has been
invovled in."

Yinadele declares, "I had a few fixable pain points!"

DestructoMelvar says, "But maybe I should wait till next week after it pans out, or I could talk it
over with Leta in tells. Nothing serious."

Yinadele claims, "Regarding Cgen and command intuitiveness."

Leta wonders to Yinadele, "Quick ones, or better for a whole topic?"

Yinadele states, "Consider this a topic, though."

Leta nods.

Leta claims, "Sounds good. Perhaps we can hear yours, then open it to discussion for others to
suggest things to help."

Tomato claims, "I have been wondering if we shouldn't make a 'what average ass people know about
medicines' to help advise in RP what we can seek/ask for and what is medicine-medicine"

Leta claims to DestructoMelvar, "Feel free to shoot me a tell"

Tomato claims, "Because there's some medicine that could plausibly cause RP and be used casually,
and some medicine thats actually JUST for treatment and if you don't have the medicine skill we
can't see the differences"

Seraphite claims, "I, for once, support the Red Leech pamphlet initiative."

Deedee says, "I posted it to the forums already, but I'd like the apply command to be renamed apply_.
It shouldn't affect the usage at all since typing apply should still work, but would allow its use
inside the treat POLCA>"

Edison states, "Ick leeches "

Leta nods at Deedee.

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Anonymous states, "Most people know that there are four humors, though they probably couldn't name
them, and that diseases are caused by stuff fussing with the balance of those humors. i think."

Leta says, "I know the apply issue has been a physician pain point for a while."

Leta states, "We do have help general medicine as a reference."

Ghed queries to Leta, "Maybe you can tell me about it later? I'm unfamiliar with this"

Brockolies nods @Anonymous

Tomato states, "Right but 'drunkards cure' or 'sweetsoothe' are mainly RP related medicine items
that the common man would know about and perhaps seek out"

Fynn states, "I only have the one humor but it's good enough for me"

Leta nods at Ghed.

Seraphite wonders, "Are you sure you have even that one?"

Leta claims to Ghed, "Deedee also posted a summary of the issue on the forums"

Temi grins.

Deedee claims, "Basically, while treating, if you want to do something like apply wound salve to
deaden the pain, you have to exit the treat polca to do so. it's a bit of a hassle."

Leta states to Tomato, "If you write up a helpfile or a guide... we award QP for that."

Ghed declaims to Leta, "Right!"

Tomato states, "I don't have the medicine skill so I couldn't but I could ask someone who does to
toss over the lists"

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed claims, "Okay"

Ghed states, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed asks, "Afaik only Yina had something registered?"

Leta states, "Unfortunately, staff has limited manpower. It can be hard for us to write every
helpfile that could be useful, but if someone writes it up and submits it to us, we're happy to give
a lookover and reward players for the effort"

Ghed peers at Leta for confirmation

Temi nods in agreement.

Leta nods.

Deedee nods.

Ghed asks of Yinadele, "So what did you want to share with us?"

Yinadele says, "Hello, TI! I've been gone for a while, and I've showed a few people how to play this

Yinadele claims, "I've had to repeat myself on the following points, that I think can make cgen more

Yinadele says, "] purchase region #### and help domain #### is a confusing dissonance for newbies."

Yinadele says, "] In Cgen, can help map of UCHY] be added to guide players? I've had to recommend it
for everyone."

Yinadele queries, "] Can more example commands be offered in the look? For example, telling people
to purchase skill dagger 36 and that purchase skill dagger 0 also works."

Yinadele says, "] Put role offerings at the end. Currently, it comes before skills, and is a little

Yinadele asks, "] Can stop be made a synonym for halt?"

Seraphite says, "Jesus christ yina"

SpookySkeletons states, "My eyeees"

Yinadele states, "Sorry, should've made it an emote."

DestructoMelvar states, "I'll send a tell Leta after the meeting if that's ok"

Seraphite muses, "To be fair, those are all good points. Also: skills should probably come right
after the part where you decide wealth and height and such, imo?"

Leta nods at Seraphite.

Ghed nods at DestructoMelvar.

Tomato questions, "I think region was originally 'origin' and I suppose the keyword has changed?
Origin makes more sense, still"

Tomato says, "Since 'domain' means specifically a noble domain and we don't want to change it to
'help region' since region can mean a general area whereas domain means specifically a noble

Ghed nods slowly, thinking,

Temi nods.

Yinadele claims, "But, that's not very intuitive for newbies."

Tomato says, "Changing 'region' to origin would make it make more sense, and 'help purchase region'
also directs to 'help domain' as well"

Seraphite claims, "I'll be entirely real, I had trouble even figuring out how to get a map of my
duchy up, but that's just because commands make my eyes go blurry half the time"

Leta queries, "Maybe a step-by-step guide of which helpfiles to read first?"

Errisar nods at Leta.

Brockolies says, "Yes Leta that would be very useful. ;)"

Leta states, "Just making that step more intuitive, that one can first check a general map, then
look up specific domains, then use the command to purchase."

Avajain states, "Oh, here's something: is there a list of basic commands somewhere? i admittedly
havent gone through the entire chargen area, but i havent found just. A List Of Commands anywhere so

Yinadele claims, "Yeah, laying it out in a cgen room would make it cleaner."

Ruby claims, "I also want to ask what's up with the wiki, because there's some helpfiles up on there
but not a lot."

DestructoMelvar says, "Better aliases for the help files would likely be more useful than a guide of
which helpfiles to read."

Brockolies nods at Leta.

Ghed claims to Avajain, "There's help newbie commands."

Deedee states, "Type 'commands'"

Deedee says, "That shows you everything."

Ghed claims, "Okay, let's focus a bit"

Tomato says, "Honestly the wiki is not extremely used to the best of my knowledge, all helpfiles are
available in-game and anywhere else are just copied and pasted and may not be up to date"

Ghed muses to Yinadele, "Can you pboard staff these recommendations in a clear format, please?"

plague claims, "Today I typed 'enter game' and then 'sacrifice'"

Temi says, "Keeping stuff up both in game and out is too much for us, so we generally forget the

Temi grins.

Ghed states, "Or rather, clear-er =)"

Yinadele exclaims to Ghed, "Absolutely!"

Ghed declaims to plague, "Fun!"

SpookySkeletons says, "Excuse me what"

Deedee states, "There used to be a parser on the website that let you view the help files as they
are in-game."

Seraphite claims, "Don't worry about it."

SpookySkeletons trails off, "Your actions have consequences..."

Leta says to DestructoMelvar, "Please suggest to us if there are specific keywords for a helpfile
you think would be useful"

Brockolies claims, "I have a player topic after this but very minor in my opinion. "

plague laughs.

Leta claims, "That is another thing staff struggles to notice unless brought to my attention"

Yinadele claims, "For now, I think we're good, I'll note about commands."

Ruby states, "I'm the kind of person who enjoys reading wiki stuff in my free time when I'm not on a
game to get up to date, but I understand if a wiki is too much to handle."

Leta states, "Thank you all for this intel. It helps us to know what the new player experience is."

Temi nods at Ruby.

Leta declares, "Since we last talked about it, we upped starting silver significantly. Just in time
for this new cyan wave!"

Ghed nods.

Ghed declaims, "Yeah!"

Deedee muses, "Where are the new folks coming from?"

Yinadele states, "Hi."

Temi says, "We understand the benefit, but yeah, it may continue as what it is"

DestructoMelvar says, "It's just that a helpfile that lists other helpfiles won't be very
discoverable on its own. But having help origin help region help birthplace etc. all lead to the
same helpfile when those all might be terms people use to search for it, nips the issue in the bud
from the get-go"

Ruby looks at Yinadele.

Yinadele waves to Deedee.

Seraphite also looks at Yinadele.

Neo We're all clones.

Seraphite states, "There's, like, a few others that she pulled in that aren't even in here right now."

Avajain says, "It's plague's fault actually"

plague says, "Yina and I worked together to triple the population temporarily"

Yinadele states, "I saw that things changed significantly and Plague and I thought it would be a
good time to tell our RP circles about it."

Charmin says, "Bless you."

Tomato pontificates, "We're happy to see you all!"

plague says, "If you know me, you know me as pof Louisa and Percivale circa 2.5 years ago"

Brockolies claims, "Cheers for bring new players to TI-Legacy ok.you rock ;)"

Violet exclaims, "<3!!"

Anonymous queries, "Percivale and not percival?"

Anonymous states, "Because i knew a percival"

Deedee says, "Welcome back"

plague states, "Yes, no Percival. That's a different guy"

Tomato says, "Haha I remember you from when I first started lmao"

Anonymous states, "Ah ok"

Kirale states, "I'm excited for all of the new players I've been running across and that you have
more silver to rock out with starting."

Temi grins.

Ghed claims, "It's made staff very, very happy"

Ghed pontificates, "But!"

plague declaims, "Percivale was pyred. Oops!!!"

Ghed wonders to Tomato, "You had a topic too?"

Anonymous squints at plague.

Tomato claims, "Ah yes, I do, super quick, could we consider having a pboard go out to people to
purchase into a guild in chargen and the GLs, perhaps with a message about what to expect and to
reach out to their GLs etc etc"

Tomato states, "Previously and now we have people who join and we aren't notified at all, as well as
there's no way to set up expectations without reaching out myself"

Deedee states, "That's been brought up before, and I agree"

Tomato trails off, "So a 'hey mail your GL and introduce yourself' or expectations for role-
purchasers would be nice, as on my old GL we had a LOT of people just... buy and never introduce
themselves that I had to kick out"

Seraphite says, "I have every plan to gently bang on the Troubadors' door and sing outside their
steps until they let me in."

Leta claims, "It's on our to-do list, just hasn't been implemented."

plague states, "Oh yeah, that'd be super helpful. I'm sure none of the newbies know how mail works
because I sure didn't fucking tell them LOL"

Tomato says, "It was a covert guild and not responding to letters or introducing yourself but being
on grid presumably to grind guildskills didnt feel nice"

Leta states, "It's hard because players change what role they purchase in chargen"

Seraphite declaims, "You sure didn't tell us how mail works!"

Leta says, "And we don't want to report them as having 'joined' until they are actually on grid,
ready to RP"

Leta gives a miniature bug-catching net mounted on a short wooden pole to Inkblot.

Ghed nods at Leta.

Tomato says, "Maybe just a general pboard of 'X has purchased a role in Y guild, please mail you
Guildleader once you are in character to introduce yourself' would be helpfulk"

Leta nods at Tomato.

Edison finishes abruptly, "If it made sense ICly I'd offer to help gl the knights - I gl'd for 2
years over on Burning Post II"

Ruby trails off, "I would mail my GLeader... if..."

Tomato says, "I think sometimes people expect that we just KNOW they joined and wait for us to reach

Ruby trails off, "... they existed..."

Leta declares, "It's been brought up before, and is on Eurus's to-do list!"

Bimbly states, "I, for one, do not know how to mail, yes. I'm sure I can just help mail and figure
it out, though."

DestructoMelvar trails off, "That doesn't sound like a difficult problem to solve. If a cyan uses
'enter game' after purchasing a role... then send the pboards"

Leta states to Ruby, "That may be changing shortly =)"

Yinadele pats Ruby's shoulder.

Tomato states, "Teeny tiny, thats it"

Seraphite says, "I vote we put /Ruby in charge."

Temi grins.

Yinadele claims, "You will be a student and you'll enjoy it nerd"

Tomato says, "Also DW seraphite i see you and i have letters hot on the press"

Seraphite says, "WOO"

Neo claims, "I don't have to worry about things like possible guild leadership."

Neo sips.

Ruby claims, "But yeah after this meeting I'll look into how to message and send out messages to
physicians for lessons that'll be fun."

Seraphite states, "(Yet, Neo. Yet. You never know.)"

Tomato states, "Mail is pretty easy, you get to pick which courier to pick up for for free, but
until then you can send from the 'default', you just can't receive letters back"

Deedee states, "You can receive letters back."

DestructoMelvar states, "I know I can't be a GL and staff knows I got issues there. But c'est la vie
as the vavardi say"

Deedee claims, "Just not for free"

Tomato says, "Help mail and help courier are biggies so essentially, find a courier location you
like (town hall is usually the default) and you can set where your starter courier is by using
'courier purchase' at that location"

Tomato says, "It defaults to your coded character name and is free, any ones after that are 100

Tomato asks, "...can you get letters if you haven't set up your first courier, being your name?"

plague says, "You can."

Deedee says, "Yes"

DestructoMelvar says, "There is a lot to take on as a newbie, but once you get over the inital hump
it DOES get easier"

plague claims, "It defaults, so you do receive them."

Deedee states, "But costs 5 silver per if you haven't registered with a courier yet"

Leta exclaims, "Our limitation to GLs is that characters cannot be dual guilded. The expectation is
that players maintain a commitment only to the guild they are leading. If you are interested in
GLing, you can check out some active roles on the announce board! (board announce, note read 7)"

Though Leta needs to update that. [Leta]

Deedee says, "Afterwards it'll be free at that courier, and 5 silver at others"

Tomato states, "I highly advise new players to focus on learning the game and finding out what they
like before trying to take on GLship"

Tomato states, "It can be fun but does demand a lot of time and if you aren't confident in what
you're doing it can be less than fun"

plague states, "These people are very aware that leadership is hell and should know better B)"

Seraphite states, "Please help, I have been a leader in other games three separate times."

Brockolies says, "There is over 2000 coded commands and over 3000 area rooms on the map ... I still
learn something new everytime I play ok. try help random if and when u have time and are bored."

Avajain claims, "And if they try to pursue it w/o knowing the game a bit first it's their own fault"

DestructoMelvar claims, "Yeah. Being a GL is like a RL job. It's demanding and stressful and if it
were up to me would be reserved for only long time experienced players"

SpookySkeletons sneezes loudly.

Tomato states, "You could stumble into something you really like and do it really well, but it also
has a lot of ooc expectations around it"

Edison claims, "I would do it, like I intended to work my way up the ranks, and if we can come up
with a good reason ICly I will o.o;"

Deedee pontificates to Edison, "Sounds fair!"

plague claims, "I love Edison"

Edison says, "Ed loves you <3"

Tomato says, "Personally I find that to be the best way, organically taking over"

Deedee queries, "Do we still have a Nikola on grid?"

Tomato claims, "Or else you end up an un-oppified bard struggling to write poetry that you are bad
at because you decided to do poety )m)"

Seraphite trails off, "Poems..."

Temi grins.

Tomato trails off, "Poems... umu "

Edison claims, "Just write haikus. Everyone loves haikus"

Tomato states, "Lmfao i wrote one (1) haiku oppify pls"

Tomato coughs. "Anyways. Any more topics or questions? I tangented.

Ghed claims, "Haikus are good
everyone loves them
like sunset smiles"

Brockolies lols @ haikus ... good one ;)

Temi states to Deedee, "Not seen it in a while."

Ghed queries, "Yes, any other topic to raise today?"

DestructoMelvar states, "Troubadours are the hardest cause they're the only ones that actually have
to be somewhat good at their character's skills. Or they, can be inerdimensional plagarists"

Brockolies states, "I have a minor topic ... help guildcall doesnt work at all as there is no
helpfile for it. instead the command should be help commun guildchannels as it does havea helpfile
for it. "

plague says, "I'm going to write a poem about how I'm a gay mage and how difficult that makes my
life, and that's how I will get oppified"

Ghed nods at DestructoMelvar.

Ghed muses to Brockolies, "We use notify guild now, remember?"

Tomato claims, "Somewhat untrue, merchants have to know how to string and color code and describe
objects in a desireable way, and physicians to a lesser degree can need to make up tools, but yes it
does require some ooc work all around"

Deedee states, "That reminds me"

Seraphite says, "I stare at my creative writing minor and sip my chocolate milk."

Deedee says, "It would be nice if members of a guild had a way to trigger notify guild, rather than
only being able to respond to a call"

Fynn claims, "You couldn't pay me to lead in a game I barely understand the basics of yeah"

SpookySkeletons states, "PSA: If something SPOOKY happens around you, please don't assume that an
instant murdering is about to take place. React however you want, sure, but 9 times out of 10 the
spookers on grid are just trying to spice up your life with something you can RP about. Unless you
have reason to think that a murdering is about to happen anyway."

Brockolies says, "Yes ... but i temporarilly forgot that fact and found out the help guild commands
helpfile was not helpfull when it came to getting help on that topic. "

Charmin states, "You couldn't persuade me to be a merchant on pain of death"

Ruby says, "Please murder me I want bonus exp"

Charmin states, "Striiings"

SpookySkeletons states, "There are a lot of criteria you have to fulfill to enact PKs so... it's not
oging to happen without appropriate build-up and reasons."

Tomato says, "You actually only get bonus RP from being executed"

Ruby claims, "Well... I guess I know what I have to do."

Deedee says, "I think you get bonus from being murdered too"

Violet says, "Everyone thinks Merchants have it easy until they get 10 commissions, have 0 inspo,
and realize there's a deficit in guild RP drivers :("

Tomato says, "But yes, per policy PK requires some setup, I would advise to check out help policy pk
if you're concerned about dying"

Deedee says, "You just don't from liquidating"

Violet claims, "Then they burn out"

Edison claims, "Ghed is just lulling into a false sense of security so he can pk us :("

plague claims, "Being a Merchant is really strenuous and if I hadn't been pyred I definitely would
have burned out. (heh)"

Seraphite states, "Ghed sus."

SpookySkeletons states, "Unironically true but now that you know that he's going to kill you first"

Temi grins.

Elise says, "As a former Merchant the most overwhelming thing was being the only tailor on grid lmao."

Tomato states, "Yeah I always burn out on a merchant"

DestructoMelvar says, "There's only one thing workse than a pkill and I'm still bitter about it. "

Ruby states, "This reminds me that I need to find a tailor to annoy"

Violet states, "(though we'd love to have you, and will do out best to make that not so)"

Ghed nods at Brockolies.

SpookySkeletons wonders, "An unjust pkill?"

Brockolies states, "Seven minutes till OOC chat is over."

Tomato says, "Personally, I want to remind that being executed or pyred gets you a fun rpxp boost
and while it might suck to take the L, its more fun if you think of what you can do with the

Edison wonders, "I was wondering is there an IC Palace/Royal/Queen's Guard? Is that part of the
Reeves already?"

Anonymous claims, "There is, I've seen them. but i dont think its a player position"

Anonymous says, "There are are npc guards that roam around the palace"

Brockolies says, "Please remember to RECOMMEND those fellow players who played and RP'd very well
with your character/s ok."

Deedee states, "Part of the reeves, yes"

Temi states, "No reason a Seneschal couldn't hire players, though."

Leta claims, "We have had players assigned Captain of the Guards and King's Champion in the past."

Seraphite asks, "For the new players, can we get reminders on how recommend works?"

Leta claims, "I imagine that would be a Seneschal assisted-role, as Temi says"

Tomato says, "I'm not certain how chill a king/queen would be on a random untried untested guard
given the last one was murdered"

DestructoMelvar claims, "help recommend"

Leta states, "In the past Knights and Reeves have also joined forces to protect the royal family,
like during the wedding."

Temi nods in agreement with Leta.

Edison claims, "I was wondering if after the reeve -> sergeant -> captain w/e line, they could
include a rank of 'Royal Guard' or something, and include the bump to gentry like the knights have

Errisar nods at Edison.

DestructoMelvar states, "Knights don't get bumped into gentry"

Ghed claims, "Royal guards are not reeves"

Tomato wonders, "I don't believe knights are gentrified, are they?"

Anonymous claims, "Im pretty sur ethey do"

Ghed claims, "They exist outside of their command structure"

Anonymous says, "If you're belted you count as gentry"

Deedee states, "Could be that, or another branch like Order has Inquisitors or Priests"

Leta says to Seraphite, "Simply recommend <player> <reason>. We ask it be a legitimate reason
(things like them guiding you through chargen, being inclusive in a scene, RPing in a thematic way,
participating in antagonism) rather than just 'they were fun'"

Ghed claims, "And being knighted NO LONGER gives you gentryhood, but it was the case long ago"

DestructoMelvar claims, "No that is a policy that was changed years back"

Tomato says, "Bards get oppified and get a patronym but aren't ACTUALLY gentrified, either"

Tomato says, "Most politely pretend they never were freemen, though"

Charmin states, "It's true."

plague says, "Oh, I thought Knighting gentrified you and advised people that that was the case.

Temi says, "We don't actually have an automatic bump to gentry now, yeah. They get extra respect,
but if they want to make it real, there's the gentrification through the Seneschal"

Leta claims, "The guidelines staff use to award QP and rec level for recommends is in help recommend.
You also recieve QP for submitting them =)"

Brockolies states, "Recommends are like a coded command that names the character you are
recommending and then u add on what u r recommending them for ... thats simple...if approved by
staff you and they both get QP and maybe additional RecLevels. .. so it works both ways."

Leta pontificates, "Also keep in mind that you dirty savages (Charali, Hillmen) cannot raise your

Edison says, "I mean like, you can purchase gentryhood -because- you're a knight codedly "

Tomato says, "In general social movement while not impossible is generally hard to do and looked
down on"

Tomato exclaims, "You should not be denying your station, heretics!"

Ruby wonders, "As a new player I have a question, how much should I cnote?"

Anonymous muses, "So, if knighting doesnt make you gentry, does that mean freeman knights can go
into southside without murderizing?"

Ruby claims, "I have cnoted about posters I've seen and when I meet people for the first time."

DestructoMelvar states, "No, they cannot"

Tomato says, "Southside hates the knights for murdering them so no"

Leta declares, "Lots! Check out help cnote policy"

plague claims, "Cnote whenever you learn something secret or compromising, and anything you might
want to remember, or when you have a cute IC plan you want staff to know about"

Brockolies states, "Everything important that your charcter doiesshould be cnoted."

Temi claims to Ruby, "There's a few required things to cnote, especially when you're learning about
secrets or doing crimes and such."

plague states, "When in doubt, 'cnote quick (name) (message)'"

plague says, "I do it all the fucking tmie"

Leta claims, "There are times you HAVE to cnote, listed there. But many players use them to remember
pertinent information or document their player's thoughts."

Tomato claims, "You need to cnote everything in the policy helpfile, but also anything you want to
remember or to have staff able to access, so maybe thoughts and opinions or other important things
you want to reference easily"

Seraphite states, "Sometimes, you've gotta use it. You just gotta."

Ruby queries, "What do you do for the quick one? Like the name is just a PC's name or just one

Seraphite says, "Just one word (or a string in quotes)."

Anonymous states, "One word"

Tomato states, "You get a nice lil rpxp boost for cnoting also"

Temi claims, "If you're a well-behaved character and not getting involved in secrets, there's not a
lot that -requires- cnotes. But the more the merrier, so as much as you like on top of those
required ones."

Temi nods.

plague claims, "You can also use quotes to do multiple words, but it's whatever you want to name the

Deedee claims, "A consideration for the current BH Leadership though, it's been like an OOC decade
since knights murdering southside NPCs was a thing. might be worth revisiting the restriction"

Ruby says, "Cnotes help me remember who the heck I talked to"

Leta says, "It really helps us as staffers when players are consistent with cnotes. We often have
investigations and plot-lines to follow, so knowing what your character is up to can really help us
maintain the game."

Kirale agrees with ruby.

Leta states, "We will not read them without reason, but they are there when needed"

Ghed states, "Pls cnote, it makes Ghed happy"

Deedee claims, "You can also add notes on people you remember using the remember command"

Ghed states, "Also we're at the top of the hour"

Tomato claims, "I imagine that might be an IC discussion and not an ooc one as there are already IC
discussions revolving that, re: southside"

Temi states, "We definitely encourage cnotes whenever you want. Though there's also remember notes,
as a good option for non-policy stuff you remember about a person"

DestructoMelvar states, "Cnotes also boost your RPXP gain"

Deedee nods.

Yinadele exclaims, "They're ways for you to summarize your story for the day to the staff for review,
almost explicitly!"

Yinadele claims, "Even if they won't go through it frivolously."

Seraphite declares, "Remember, folks: make your RPXP gains take steroids for your XP!"

say You can review them for yourself, and you can use them to remember a date.

Yinadele says, "You can review them for yourself, and you can use them to remember a date."

Tomato says, "If you want staff to be able to see stuff involving your character directly and their
backstory, the background command might be what you want"

Tomato states, "Also good to keep your backstory straight"

Fynn queries, "You'd say cnotes are pretty important for a Reeve right, since we investigate the

Leta pontificates, "Ah, yes. Background is also very helpful. Sometimes we can use that to tie your
character's backstory into ongoing plots!"

DestructoMelvar claims, "Most things that boost your RPXP gain are either just good practice, or
help enhance a scene anyway. So there's really no reason to be guilty for metagaming RPXP gain IMHO"

Leta nods at Fynn.

Leta claims, "We need documentation whenever you're using deductive reasoning to ensure it's IC"

Neo is idle.

Ghed pontificates, "The cloaked mage suddenly goes 'No Ghed, I am your father!"

Fynn claims, "Good to confirm"

plague states, "Cnotes are exceptionally important for Reeves, Knights, Inquisitors, and criminals"

SpookySkeletons states, "What constitutes a crime is a matter of opinion my good si"

Brockolies lol @Ghed D

SpookySkeletons claims, "Sir*"

Leta states, "And help policy cnotes has a nice list of the things we require cnotes for."

Fynn says, "Yes but some of the people with opinions have an entire city guard at their disposal"

Leta declares to SpookySkeletons, "I would say any public magic, threats, stealing, violence, etc.,
or otherwise outlined in help summary of laws!"

SpookySkeletons states, "That's just the opinions of people with quills"

SpookySkeletons flaps their hand dismissively

Sue claims, "Smash criminal"

DestructoMelvar claims, "Quillters"

SpookySkeletons claims, "New derogatory term for law writers"

Ghed states, "Okay we're at the top of the hour"

SpookySkeletons says, "Quillters"

Tomato says, "Damn silks and scales"

Ghed says, "And we have a concert en route"

Ghed says, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for
meaningful RP =)"


Ruby states, "Invasion of the Cyans"

Avajain claims, "Happy to be here"

Seraphite declares, "Happy to be here!"

Edison states, "Cyans rise up"

Leta states, "I will send out town criers, but the location is trav discovery from north gate, then
to the expo hall."

Deedee waves.

Ghed trails off, "ENGAGING WARP DRIVE IN 3..."

Inkblot finishes her note.

Avajain states, "So long space cowboy"

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Bimbly claims, "Oh no"

Brockolies waves

Ghed trails off, "1..."

Leta waves.

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