Plant/Herd tender mobjobs

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Sun Sep 25, 2022 6:20 am

As I brought up in the OOC meeting, I would like to have the option of purchasing mobjobs to tend the plants or livestock in a room automatically once per OOC day.
This would let people leave the compost or feed with the NPC, and not have to monitor the plants condition so closely, only needing to return to harvest and restock the compost or feed.

Since it would be done daily, whether the plants/livestock needs attention or not, this would be less efficient than tending manually. This would be a tradeoff for the convenience.
The NPC would also only tend, not harvest. The herbalism skill will still be needed for planting, harvesting, and other tasks.

Additional notes:
• Plants and livestock may need consistent keywords for this to work. plant is a common keyword, that may include non-tendable items, and herds don't currently have a shared keyword.
• It would be nice if the NPC could use compost/feed left in the room, and not just in their inventory.

(Additional additional note: It would be nice if players also could tend from compost/feed in the room and not just in their inventory, similar to how the crafting system works.)

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