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Ghed asks, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Tomato says, "I have a small topic"

Ghed nods at Tomato.

Ghed says, "Noted"

Temi has transferred SpookySkeletons.  [OOC]

Temi gives a soft, powder blue cap, embroidered with a little songbird to SpookySkeletons.

Ghed has transferred Murrmurs.  [OOC]

Ghed muses, "Anyone else? anyone wants to scribe?"

SpookySkeletons gets 3 silver coins from a soft, powder blue cap, embroidered with a little songbird.

Effie claims, "I have a topic for the end that's basically just a reminder i have an ST"
Temi gives a soft, powder blue cap, embroidered with a little songbird to Murrmurs.

Ghed nods at Effie.

Deedee can scribe.

Nikita queries, "Scribe?"

Deedee claims, "Post the chat log to the forums"

Ghed says, "Someone who logs the meeting and posts it in the forum. Volunteering for it earns you 2 qp."
Leta claims to Nikita, "Every week we pay a player QP to log the meeting and post it to the forums."

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed says to Deedee, "Noted."

Leta says to Ghed, "Jinx"

Ghed has awarded you 2> QPs: scribe

Leta grins.

Ghed grins.

Ghed says, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Ghed states, "This week I went on to write a few helpfiles, clean the website a little bit, assist newbies, requests, recommends, typos, plots, and some player policy."

Ghed states, "Please remember to respect boundaries between your alts as per help multilogging."

Nikita starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Ghed muses to Temi, "What do you have for us?"

Temi states, "I also helped with some requests and recommends and some plots, nothing too exciting.  I think we've got some Daravi info for Daravis ready, but we need to determine if there's a way we can disseminate it to just the Daravi.  For now, a pboard to Daravis may work."

Temi says, "And I'm gearing up for my big trip of the year for two weeks starting next Friday, so if you need something from me, get it to me before Thursday"

Jennifer questions, "Wait, can people actually play as a diravi now? is that a thing?"

Ghed says, "It always was."

Jennifer declares, "Oh well... I clearly don't know shite! Okay sorry, as you were!"

Temi states, "People have always been able to be Daravi, but it's a special situation like Hillman/Charali but with a little more restriction"

Tomato says, "You have to apply to be a Daravi and everything wants to kill you iirc"

Ghed pontificates to Temi, "Thanks for the hard work T!"

Leta claims to Jennifer, "It has always been a thing, though it requires special approval =) There could be sneaky Daravi living among us as we speak."

Jennifer declares, "Things I learn, okay as you were!"

Nikita finishes his note.

Ghed whistles the X Files tune

SpookySkeletons says, "Oh my god ill try not to panic"

Temi says, "Obviously, most don't want to advertise being Daravi."

monolu says, "Amogus"

Ghed muses to Leta, "What'chu got for us this week?"

Leta says, "So many phomes, requests, recommends, questions, plots! That was the majority of my week."

Effie states, "I remember a noble app for a daravi political prisoner once that looked really interesting"

Leta claims, "I thank you all for your responses to my survey. I received 60 responses from at least 31 unique players (some people submitted anonymously). There is still time to submit your suggestions: https://tinyurl.com/4hczz7wa"

Leta exclaims, "I do want to mention that a few suggestions: mirrors, stirrups, spinning wheels, crossbows, etc. already exist on grid!"

Nikita asks, "I have no idea what's in the game.  Can I still take a swing?"

Temi claims, "I'm sure Leta can sort out what already exists if you get some of those."

Temi grins.

Leta says to Nikita, "Of course! Everyone is welcome. I award QP to players that submit something. Help technology lists some of our current tech."

Mutters queries, "Uh, roughly about what time period are we in? It's like...renaissance era? Pre-victorian?"

Ghed claims, "Late western european medieval"

Ghed says, "With some differences"

Leta states, "Roughly 1200-1400s AD in Europe, though of course our world progresses differently and has some strong fantasy themes."

Leta says, "Also working on mobs, rooms and plans for the plot. I look forward to storytelling with you all soon."

Deedee claims, "It might be neat if crossbows were given dedicated code rather than being a restring of bows"

Ghed has transferred Jiraiya.  [OOC]

Temi gives a soft, powder blue cap, embroidered with a little songbird to Jiraiya.

Ghed says to Deedee, "We keep an eye on that yes"

Ghed claims, "Eurus isn't here but he's been hard at work to kill bugs like it was Starship Troopers. He even gave us a new magical spell! Order beware."

Deedee states, "With their own advantages and disadvantages"

Deedee nods.

Jiraiya wears a soft, powder blue cap, embroidered with a little songbird on his head.

Jiraiya stops using a soft, powder blue cap, embroidered with a little songbird.

Ghed queries, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Jiraiya says, "Good. Had some fun RP meeting new folks."

Tomato claims, "Had a bit of a rough go of it IRL so I was gone for like a week but I'm glad to be in RP again"

SpookySkeletons says, "~spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine~"

Ghed comforts Tomato.

Jiraiya <3 Tomato

Leta has lost link.

Leta has reconnected.

Effie pats Tomato. 

Nikita states, "Every time I turn around since finally making it IC there has been some thing where large amounts of players have shown up (more than the average I usually see online).  It's been intimidating and fun and is pretty good to see."

Ghed claims, "That's the spirit"

Ghed thumbs up!

Temi grins.

Mutters claims, "Busy, hoo boy. I know Adaline isn't here, but she had a cool event last night, been doing husbandry around grid where I see anything ailing, and I think I caught a bit of it in my normal rounds. Lots of Merchanting stuff to do."

Temi says, "More likely around weekends"

Effie nods.

Tomato states, "Yeah people do tend to go to public scenes if they see you on where, if you hang around usually people will clump up"

Jennifer claims, "Clumping up is fun."

Temi nods at Mutters.

Effie claims, "My store has started to feel like a niche nightclub because thats where everyone offpeak ends up"

Temi says, "The caps are a celebration of that little event"

River states, "The White Swan Bar and Grille"

Deedee claims, "Swamped with RL as usual, but did get a couple of interesting scenes in this week"

Ghed nods.

Ghed states, "Sounds like things are alright"

Ghed asks, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Effie says, "Nop"

Jiraiya shakes his head

Ghed peers left and right.

Ghed nods.

Ghed declares, "Great!"

Deedee says, "There's an idea I had"

Ghed claims, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed screech halts

Deedee claims, "Can bring it up for a topic though"

Mutters shrugs, "Seems good."

Nikita states, "I had one problem."

Ghed nods.

Ghed asks of Nikita, "Yep?"

Nikita claims, "I just got out of chargin and noticed the command to take roles was really unhelpful and confusing.  There was no descriptions of any of the roles in the command, and no information about what you'd be expected to do or how you'd end up with the role.  It seemed very useful for someone who might have more experience in the game, but completely lacking for someone as clueless as me."

Temi claims, "Still a system we're growing into a bit"

Temi states, "It was a pet project of our last implementor and was fully implemented only shortly before she retired, so we're figuring out some of that stuff"

Temi nods.

Leta states to Nikita, "We're actively trying to improve it, as the original system was a bit mucky to work with player-sde. Eurus has been trying to fix things up. If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out"

Leta nods at Temi.

Nikita nods.

Deedee questions, "Is that roles for guilds, or the manager roles at NPC shops?"

Tomato claims, "I'd assume for guilds since I have no idea what the latter is and im not even new"

Nikita claims, "Roles for guilds. "

Deedee nods.

Nikita pontificates, "Well, and other things.  Maybe it's all just guilds.  I don't honestly know, but it's mostly guilds!"

Murrmurs is idle.

Temi grins.

Jennifer says, "Oh and speaking of roles for guild people, I put one in, and nothing ever came of it. I think it like went into the abyss and died or something."

Tomato claims, "As a GL it should just go through when you apply it to people"

Jennifer states, "No I mean I created a new role."

Temi claims, "Managing a location is a different system, on assets actually.  It's available for a player to manage an NPC-owned standard location on grid and have it as their official on grid job and get some pay for it"

Deedee claims, "I had tried creating a role too, and it poofed"

Tomato queries, "Does staff have to moderate them?"

Jennifer claims, "New roles yes I believe."

SpookySkeletons claims, "They do"

Deedee claims, "They do"

Leta nods at Tomato.

Temi claims, "I think we do, but not sure that part is fully working"

Jennifer says, "And I think it's just dying and going to heaven, or straight into the abyss."

Tomato states, "Ah"

Tomato claims, "Remember that you can adjust the uh, subrank or whatever its called manually"

Ghed claims, "It's a bit of a clusterDav of code, indeed"

Deedee states, "When I tried making a role, according to a staff it got applied to the wrong guild"

Tomato states, "So you don't NEED a ton of custom roles if its just a one-guy thing"

Ghed says to Nikita, "We'll be glad to assist you personally so you can move on swiftly"

Tomato claims, "That also changes what shows up on guildlist if I remember correctly, so its handy dandy"

Deedee nods.

Nikita says, "I've been just making shit up as I go and haven't been called out yet, so I might just be okay in the end."

Deedee states, "But not on the guildleaders command IIRC"

Effie declaims to Nikita, "Youre doing good as far as ive seen!"

Tomato states, "For the subrank it definitely is, the roles itself hasn't been added to the guildleaders commands because its a separate helpfile for all the fiddly bits"

Leta claims, "Yes, using role <name> <string> gives someone a custom name for their role"

Deedee says, "Speaking of role purchasing"

Deedee questions, "Could mail be sent to the GL(s) when someone does so?"

Tomato always foregets what the helpfile is for GL commands and spends 10 minutes trying to find it every single time

Nikita says, "Help guildinfo commands"

Nikita whistles nonchalantly.

Temi grins.

Tomato states, "Yeah I always try 'help guildleader' or 'help guildlader commands' before i remember that"

Ghed muses to Nikita, "Is there anything else you'd like to share today?"

Ghed states to Deedee, "I'll write that down"

Nikita says, "I think that's it.  Everything else has been mostly pretty smooth or problems of my own design."

Ghed says, "Excellent, I'm glad people are welcoming"

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Ghed asks of Tomato, "Would you like to introduce us to your topic please?"

Tomato says, "I deleted my pretyped on accident but essentially: I was reviewing policy when I saw Leta's title and reviewing the cyan policies made me realize that there have been/I've seen a few times where a cyan warning might have been prudent, so I want to remind everyone to brush up on those and/or use the newbie protection helpfile and assist it if its pertinent"

Effie claims, "Did that echo sorry"

Leta nods at Tomato.

Tomato states, "I had thought I was remembering it pretty well, but it was more rigid so I think utilizing that or making it clear when something is heading in a bad way for cyans would be good for everyone"

Temi nods.

Leta declaims, "We've had a few incidents recently where players were not following cyan warn or cnote policy. Help policy overview is a great resource. Even more experienced players need a refresher sometimes!"

Temi claims, "We're not trying to be mean about it, but we'd like to make sure newbies have a chance to adjust before getting into trouble"

Leta nods at Temi.

Deedee nods.

Effie nods.

Ghed nods.

Tomato claims, "Absolutely, and I think sending the 'newbie protection' as well if someone is on a fast-track to pushing your character away as well"

Temi says, "And that includes newbies to a character role, even if they might be more familiar with the game, so still applies to cyans who who you suspect 'know what they're doing'"

Tomato claims, "Sometimes we suffer from acting like women where we're all nice to each other's faces and then actively sabotage people, so I think if you're going to try to backstab people, maybe telegraph that more to cyans"

Jiraiya coughs

Tomato says, "Frown more, give them more to realize they're doing/saying the wrong thing, not everyone is aware of the social consequences and then can't handle it. While not everyone is going to accept it, being more upfront about the 'don't like that' might help"

Effie nods at Tomato.

Tomato states, "That was it"

Effie asks, "In a similar vein maybe giving people more access to seeing the reasons they're being subverted so we have a chance to adjust our behaviour and it's not just coming across like anonymous negative reinforcement with nothing to respond to? that was my speedbump early on when i was adjusting to unfamiliar noble culture"

Tomato says, "I don't think coded subverts should hit you, but maybe giving reasons why someone's putting out a rumor about a noble"

Leta exclaims, "Players are allowed to submit plot investigations to find out why they are subverted! If that is something you want to pursue"

Ghed claims, "But there's nothing wrong with being a bit obvious to a newbie who's learning the ropes, granted. Not required but doesn't hurt."

Temi finishes abruptly, "Why but not who - so do try to give useful direction in your subverts if you go that route"

Temi nods in agreement with Ghed.

Effie says, "Yeah, i wasn't aware for a while that we could plot investigate subvert reasons, and wasn't sure how it overlapped with us not being able to investigate rumour sources, etc, so it was all a bit confusing"

Temi claims, "It will be filtered through staff, not just pasted willy nilly"

Murrmurs is no longer idle.

Ghed nods at Effie.

Ghed states, "Did anyone else have a topic before Effie's ST ad? I can't remember."

Temi states, "I think Deedee had an idea"

Ghed peers at Deedee

Deedee nods.

Deedee claims, "One second, my computer just crashed"

Ghed says, "Okay"

Violet claims, "I do feel like people's limits are very different. I love the mean rumors about my character because it gives me something to RP off of and I feel like as a public figure, I should be fair game (and she sometimes deserve it), but it sounded like some players have been so turned off by rumors about their char they've left or swapped chars"

Effie says, "Plot advance is a big system to figure out if you're new, as well, to have in between a newbie and figuring out why their GL ranking is tanking"

Effie nods at Violet.

Jiraiya claims, "Yah plot is a bit scary."

Tomato says, "I feel like unfortunately people need to get used to rumors if they are playing public figures"

SpookySkeletons says, "The rumor mill can get very vitriolic"

Tomato claims, "At least coded rumors can be adjusted by the Bards etc, if we move away from it, people will still talk about it, but you won't be able to adjust it"

Jiraiya claims, "I wish rumours were a bit less vicious but that's just my preference."

Effie claims, "If it were up to me i'd put a wisdom/charisma check that rolled a chance on rumour purchase that you'd find out the source <_< and make people have to spread their own rumours if it's about other people instead of doing it through NPCs"

Violet says, "I do think it's hard when you have cyans in these really 'big kid' roles. Both because they're making big, enemy-making actions and because they're in a spot where they'd usually get heat for it. Cyan warning gets tricky in those situations"

Mutters is idle.

Murrmurs nods.

Deedee says, "Okay, back. Sorry, my pre-written thing poofed with the crash, but I had an idea for a new mobjob"

Violet states, "Cyans have every right to be in those roles, and I hope they're enjoying it, but when you're noble or the leader of a guild, I feel like you're going to get people punching up"

Mutters is no longer idle.
Mutters has returned from AFK.

Nikita states, "The problem with rumors is that they are problems without faces, and easy to make a player mistake that a rumor means truth and that your character should believe it.  I've seen problems with them in other games (without a rumor system).  "

Effie nods at Nikita.

Tomato has gone AFK.

Deedee queries, "Should I hold off a moment if we're discussing rumors?"

Violet claims, "I'm against it being a wis/cha roll, because then it would just be oldies with enough XP to spam improve their stats"

Violet claims, "New players might not have those resources"

Violet claims, "Sorry sorry, happy to drop it"

SpookySkeletons says, "More that charisma based characters will get even more overly powerful"

Murrmurs states, "Would systems for tracking rumors back to sources ameliorate? Perhaps a troub-based skill? ---also good to drop, just thinking now."

River states, "Stupid charisma."

Effie queries, "That's true. maybe a bard thing or some other kind of purchase? happy to move on though"

Effie throws the spotlight on Deedee! 

Deedee trails off, "Okie dokie. So, I was watching minecraft videos..."

Jennifer states, "I don't know. I remember the rumor system of old, and it was seriously vitriolic. I mean ruthlessly so. Now at least it's less so with the policy change. Sorry done."

Leta questions, "We used to allow players to investigate the source of rumors. It made players unwilling to post about antagonistic actions in the rumor system (if you rob a home or cast magery, why would you spread a rumor about it if it could get you caught?), so staff at the time decided it should no longer be facilitated"

Leta pontificates to Deedee, "Sorry. Go on!"

Deedee states, "And they have NPCs you can buy that can automatically tend crops. I was thinking that might be good for a mobjob, to make growing things a little less of a hassle. You'd still need to supply the compost and such, but the NPC could tend once per day, maybe at rollover."

Deedee claims, "Same could be done for husbandry livestock"

Ghed hmmms

Temi claims, "That would remove the skill gains for it, but might also complicate skill checks"

Ghed states, "Indeed"

Deedee says, "Maybe you could purchase different tiers of NPC tenders."

Temi questions, "Would it be appealing at all if they could only do low end plants?"

Effie nods at Deedee.

Effie says, "On AE we had a flag that would auto tend gardens without tending them enough to make them produce, so you couldn't auto-farm resources but you could have ornamental gardens that didnt require constant upkeep"

Effie states, "Slightly different but also a thing"

Nikita claims, "That would remove the need for skill as well, which could be good or bad.  Good for gentleman farmers.  Bad for the reason that there's less reason to invest in a skill."

River says, "You need the skill to harvest the fruits, though."

Temi says, "We don't really have a 'semi-tended' state here"

Deedee says, "You still need the skill to harvest"

Temi states, "Though I assume we could add them"

Effie asks of Temi, "Doesn't it go like "ailing, wil need to be tended soon, adequately tended?""

River claims, "I like the idea of buying hiring a gardener."

Effie trails off to River, "Hiring a permanent gardener... for  a    one   time   investment"

Temi claims, "It displays like that, but it's just a 'has been tended recently enough' on the backend"

Effie says, "Ahh"

Temi says, "And the warning is just how close it is to that"

Violet trails off, "In the past I've just paid people IC to tend gardens, but it does get tricky when you have like... a bazillion and some high level plants"

Deedee nods.

River states, "Or maybe you have your gardens locked away and don't want to give out keys."

Temi states, "I've had characters that pay people to do it, and sadly, they did fizzle away and disappear"

Violet states, "Or maybe you have NOT STRICTLY LEGAL stuff in your gardens."

Ghed says, "I am not against this with due mechanisms to avoid exploits."

Effie claims, "Ive hired people to tend my gardens and then they disappear so i hire a replacement"

Violet says, "But in that case you probably can't buy an NPC for it anyways"

Effie says, "Then they come back and find out im cheating on them with another gardener"

Violet asks, "Maybe it doesn't harvest, just tends, and there's a cap to the difficulty of plants it does?"

SpookySkeletons claims, "Look all im saying is that when you attach the gardener to a pole with a thick iron chain, its tough for them to wander away"

Violet says, "Like it can't tend Qarata spotted lilies but it could do level 36 and below"

Deedee says, "My idea is just tenders, not harvesters"

Effie claims to Violet, "I like that"

River states, "I like the idea of it tending all, harvesting nothing."

River says, "I wouldn't want to have to tend like... three plants myself."

River is lazy.

Deedee grins.

Murrmurs says, "Am a fan of introducing optional tools to reduce the tedium of repetitive skills. Less work more game and all that. :)"

Effie nods.

Deedee nods in agreement.

Temi claims, "Yeah, one versus none is all the difference.  One versus ten, less so."

Ghed states, "Oh for sure, tend yes, harvest none"

Mutters states, "I just use a spreadsheet to look 1.plant through 10.plant and then tend and then harvest"

SpookySkeletons trails off, "What if the auto-tending thing is.... magic...."

Ghed questions to Mutters, "You can use aliases you know that right?"

Effie says, "Thats illegal"

Murrmurs claims, "Earth mages rejoice"

Effie states, "Magic, not aliases"

Ghed says, "Sometimes it's kinda weird to go all the way home to tend when you just wanna have some Dav-fearing tavern rp"

Violet says, "But you can only stack so many commands"

SpookySkeletons says, "Associate with the mages to get easy life"

SpookySkeletons says, "I like it"

Mutters claims, "Oh wow, aliases"

River claims, "I mean that's what I do now. I just stack tend plant 1-10 client side in an alias."

Temi finishes abruptly, "I have four aliases for more plant-focused characters - tendall, tendall2, harvestall, harvestall2"

River nods.

Ghed says, "Ya I just used back then two aliases for tend, two for harvest, one for dropping into my crates"

Temi states, "They can only do 5 of each, but it does each of those in the room at a time."

Deedee says, "You can also break it into two. like I aliased 'reap' to harvest 1-5, and reap2 for 6-10"

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Violet says, "I copy-paste this: 

harvest 1.plant 
harvest 2.plant
harvest 3.plant 
harvest 4.plant
harvest 5.plant
harvest 6.plant
harvest 7.plant
harvest 8.plant
harvest 9.plant
harvest 10.plant
tend 1.plant
tend 2.plant
tend 3.plant
tend 4.plant
tend 5.plant
tend 6.plant
tend 7.plant
tend 8.plant
tend 9.plant
tend 10.plant"

Mutters says, "Yeah, exactly what I do. :D"

Temi claims, "And using aliases to combine work is just fine.  It's triggers that would do stuff when you aren't paying attention that gets icky."

Violet states, "But it's boring"

Ghed exclaims, "Okay!"

Mutters claims, "I find a lot of fun in the mundane toil of labor. Foraging leaves for compost and then making bulk compost and then filling up the crate with things. :D"

Ghed claims to Effie, "The floor is yooooours"

Ghed questions to Mutters, "Right? it's zen"

Effie states, "Ok"

Ghed states to Mutters, "Except you're poor and diseased"

Effie pontificates, "I have an ST coming up an hour from the end of OOC chat! You can do "story review 165" to see the hook, and "story join 165" if you're interested. I'm a returning oldbie and really rusty so it's probably going to be super casual and straightforward bad guy punching unless someone totally wilds out. If you're new or not confident about participating in STs it'll be a good opportunity for us to mess it up and be very patient with each other!"

Ghed claims, "STs, for the uninitiated, are player-run adventures where we loan them some special staff commands to go wild"

Mutters claims, "Oh wow, that sounds awesome."

Deedee states, "As a note- those commands are logged to staff, so don't go too wild. ;)"

Temi grins.

Temi states, "Yes, we noticed someone creating their own beasties to train smashing and they got a good walloping.  That's not okay."

Ghed states, "It's pretty awesome and we love when players do these things"

Ghed nods at Temi.

Ghed trails off, "Alright, if there isn't anything else.... I'm going to send you all back to the game to have fun =)"

Deedee says, "The hour goes by quick."

Ghed claims, "Yes please, try to be there on time for Effie and your fellow players"

Ghed declares, "Okay folks!"

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"
Nikita waves.

Effie waves.

Leta waves.

Deedee waves.

Mutters waves.

Ghed claims, "Srsly post cnotes or I'll turn your jewels to wood beads"

Effie declaims, "I post cnotes!"

Ghed trails off, "Warping in 3..."

Effie glitters aggressively

River states, "Wood beads don't exist ghed."

Deedee queries to Ghed, "What if they already are?"

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed trails off, "1..."

SpookySkeletons claims, "Ghed tried to turn my jewels into wood beads"

Ghed grins at Deedee.

SpookySkeletons claims, "It was horrible"

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