10 Tips For Oldbies (from a newbie)

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1. Welcoming New Characters on Creation.
An easy one, this one, and generally something that is usually done. Helps them feel welcome and makes it easier for them to reach out for help.

2. Heading Out Into Public and Notify.
Every now and then, particularly when newbies are on, try to make a point of heading out into public and being visible on where, and/or using notify. This not only demonstrates the use of the command, but gives new characters an important chance to meet and greet and get to see the faces of more established characters.

3. Acknowledging Newbies in Scenes.
This one is a particularly important one, but when you can, it is good to acknowledge newbies in scenes, whether it is with a glance, a nod, a side-eye, a greeting, a wolf-whistle, a glare. Just something. There is nothing worse as a newbie, than going into scene after scene, and trying to get involved and feeling invisible.

4. Recommends.
After engaging in a scene with a newbie, consider recommending them. Playing a new game is scary, engaging with established players can be scary too. A bit of positive reinforcement can go a long way towards encouraging a newbie that they're getting there.

5. Be Helpful on Visnet.
Doing your best to answer questions on visnet when you can, rather than giving the meme response of 'Find out IC'. For example, if they are asking for the forage location for a particularly secretive resource, rather than 'Find Out IC' consider why they're asking and instead saying things like:

a) Items become visible in your forage list as you get higher in skill. Keep checking around.
b) Clay is often found around water ways. That might be a good place to start.
c) Often descriptions provide hints as to what can be found in an area.

6. The Assist Command
Don't forget you can assist newbies with help files. This can be a great way to direct them to the information they need, and let them know what help file they need to reference in the future.

7. Cyan Status and Cyan Warnings
If a newbie appears to be getting tripped up due to misunderstanding lore, consider reaching out to them OOCly before taking it IC. TI has a wealth of lore to get your head around, and it can take weeks, if not months to get a good solid understanding of it. They might not have yet found the relevant help files about the situation in question. Should it be looking to lead into danger for their character, remember to warn.

8. Throw Out Hooks
When you do get a chance to interact with newbies, consider throwing them a hook or two. Whether that's hiring them to hunt down some resources, making something. Asking them to find someone for you, write a song, send them a letter, mention them in a rumour, really anything. These things really matter.

9. OOC Communication
Check in with them via tells, be inclusive on OOC, or the OOC chat, Discord, be understanding when they post on the forums. Reflect the warm community that we want TI to be known for. Even if you might disagree with them!

10. Post Advice & Tips
Lastly, post useful tips and advice. It might be a while since you were last a newbie and they can likely benefit immensely from your advice. So consider sharing it through tips on the forums, Discord chats, OOC, etc.

Most important of all, recognise that newbies are great! Fresh roleplay blood, new characters, new perspectives, are a great way to keep the community revitalised. They are your new potential IC enemies, lovers, storytellers, plotters, event holders and content creators. Embrace this!

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