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Jennifer pontificates, "Oh this is sad!!! it lacks a taste message!!!"

Jennifer states, "And an ed add."

Jennifer declaims, "Sad faces!"

Temi trails off, "I put a taste message on it..."

Jennifer eats a plump, marshmallow songbird sitting upon a chocolate nest.

Jennifer claims, "There is none."

Temi pontificates, "Well!"

Jennifer declaims, "Ooh much better!!!"

Petal states, "Tasty."

Temi claims, "Okay, all better."

Temi grins.

Mutters eats a plump, marshmallow songbird sitting upon a chocolate nest.

Temi says, "Alright! Ghed was still heading back so he'll be here when he can, but we'll go ahead and get started."

Effie eats a plump, marshmallow songbird sitting upon a chocolate nest.

Temi queries, "So, can we get a volunteer to scribe today?"

Petal claims, "I don't mind logging/posting"

Temi declaims, "Thanks!"

Leta pontificates to Petal, "That would be great!"

Temi says, "And here's a Ghed! Want to take over? We just got a scribe."

Ghed claims, "Sure"

Temi gives a plump, marshmallow songbird sitting upon a chocolate nest to Ghed.

Ghed states, "I'll be semi here as I'm cooking tho"

Ghed wonders, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Effie declaims, "Its been good!"

Egg says, "Things have been fun."

Effie says, "Theres been actual intrigue"

Ghed says, "(I skipped Staff Update, my bad, I'll do after this)"

Petal claims, "I've been enjoying engaging a lot with the plot this week. Had a few good scenes with folks when I can. But as usual sometimes tricky getting to people I need to due to play times."

Ghed nods.

Jennifer states, "Popping on during work, really boosted my activity hours. lol No but seriously, it's been good. The plot is amazing. It's provided a lot of fun rp for the past several weeks."

Temi says, "It's been very nice to see a lot of people engaging on different sides of the plot."

Temi nods.

Ghed claims, "Sooooo many plots"

Effie states to Ghed, "Didnt you just say you ate a ton of pasta and now youre cooking again"

Ghed states, "Shh"

Ghed claims, "You are all sneaky ones"

Crayon claims, "Look, there's no such thing as enough pasta."

Deedee says, "Been busy at work, so haven't returned to grid yet. And I have another business trip next week."

Temi questions to Effie, "Men, huh?"

Ghed declares to Arianelle, "Welcome to OOC Chat!"

Temi gives a plump, marshmallow songbird sitting upon a chocolate nest to Arianelle.

Leta states, "This is a pro-pasta community."

NotACannibal states, "Heresy"

Effie claims, "Sorry i dont mean to shame people for their noods"

Petal says, "I too am pro carbs."

Ghed says to Arianelle, "We are catching up on the game as we do each saturday at 6pm server."

Effie says, "Ahem noodles"

Mutters claims, "Chugging along and doing things. Still new, so it's a lot of helpfile reading and a lot of working on theme and diving deeper into story with other characters, so it's been real good."

Leta claims, "The Lord of the Springs said 'Let there be pasta' and then the Vavardi quarter was born."

Temi has created a plump, marshmallow songbird sitting upon a chocolate nest[3].

Effie nods at Leta.

Leta nods at Mutters.

Urtha claims, "I barely played"

Ghed claims, "Seems like it's been a more or less lively week"

Temi trails off, "Mm.. pasta. I wonder if I have pasta..."

Mutters says, "Of late there's been a bunch of new people coming in, and the Lothos plot seems to be very present in everyone's mind."

Effie claims, "To urtha theres troub stuff to get involved with *waggles*"

Leta nods at Mutters.

Deedee nods.

Leta pontificates, "We've noticed that too. To all the cyan players, welcome!"

Leta states, "And not-cyan but recently cyan, of course =)"

Ghed wonders, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Temi exclaims, "Well, really, we're even glad to have the people who have been regulars for ages!"

Temi grins.

Leta nods at Temi.

Arianelle says, "I remain lost, but am trying to find a niche."

Ghed declares, "Let us know if we can help!"

Leta questions to Arianelle, "Anything in particular that's been difficult?"

Petal says, "If you are literally lost, I can link you to a map :D"

Arianelle pontificates, "Oh! No, it's just a new realm and lore to absorb!"

Ghed claims, "There's a fair bit to sponge up"

Petal claims, "Ahh yeah, a few weeks in and I'm still flailing as I try to learn everything."

Jennifer says, "I promise, in due time it'll all become second anture."

Jennifer says, "Nature"

Temi grins.

Jennifer says, "It doesn't feel like it, but ti will."

Mutters muses, "I have a minor issue with some of the containers you can build as to what would separate a cabinet from a cupboard, and what all different items you can use something for. Like a bucket seems to be the only water carrying item in woodworking, but could that also be a barrel, or would a barrel be a restrung cistern?"

Mutters states, "Some of the sticking points being what is portable and what is not, etc."

Effie muses to Mutters, "Have you done 'craft inspect bucket' etc? it's kind of intmidating but you can see which flags crafted items will have and their size and stuff"

Deedee says, "Casks are a better fit for barrel"

Anonymous says, "My version of 'what is portable' is 'whatever i can pick up' lol"

Leta states to Mutters, "Our tooling policy is relatively liberal. We expect that you try your best to pick the closest item to what you intend to make, and that you don't describe plain items as extravagant or decorated, but it is a system designed to be modular and allow creativity. We also take craft suggestions on the forums if you feel something is missing."

Temi states, "You can look at the defining factors with woodwork inspect, yeah, but what you determine you should restring as what is mainly just needing to make sense for those defining characteristics."

Temi nods.

Mutters says, "I don't think casks are water carrying. For items in barrels it would be a crate, I suppose."

Leta claims, "I'm also happy to exchange some tells to discuss further =)"

Deedee claims, "They do carry water"

Temi states, "Cupboards and cabinets could really be either the cupboard or cabinet pattern, depending on which better fits the size you're looking at."

Mutters says, "Aah, I'll have to do some experimenting, so yeah, it's probably already in there, I'm just haven't run across it yet. Thanks for the clarification. :D"

Elise claims, "It also says if you use 'craft show' what the size of the object is / how many items it can hold."

Deedee claims, "Craft inspect shows that"

Mutters says, "Yeah, I've been inspecting a lot of things and it helps a lot to see what sort of size and dimensions it can be. For extended descs, I want to sort of envision it in my mind as to how large or small this furniture piece is in a room."

Deedee nods.

Deedee says, "Remember you can spend a couple of QP to have items modified if you need."

Deedee claims, "Can change size, weight, add notake, and so on."

Mutters states, "Aah, very cool."

Temi claims, "Yeah, small adjustments on the settings. If what you want is a big capacity change, we can do that for silver, doubling it."

Mutters muses, "Is there a helpfile where the capacity change is noted so that I can use it as a reference for other crafters?"

Temi claims, "It's part of the housing stuff. Help construction costs"

Leta claims, "And help QP for the minor item adjustment."

Temi nods at Leta.

Ghed states, "Okay, let's move on briefly to Staff Update, and I'll go first"

Mutters says, "Aah, I should have seen that, I've been in that helpfile all week building my phome descs :P"

River lifts a plump, marshmallow songbird sitting upon a chocolate nest to their nose and sniffs at it.

Ghed says, "This week I did a lot of Lothos plots, and I mean a LOT. I sent people to that terrible place to do their sneaky stuff, plotting and conspiring, and I placed some things on grid for some folks to mess up with"

Ghed claims, "You may have seen agitators already in some public venues"

Jennifer asks, "Yeah, they're everywhere. Can we do anything with them, or are they just there to agitate?"

Ghed states, "There are only 3 or 4 on grid at any given time, not more"

Tasker says, "Ghed shot me in the butt"

Jennifer claims, "Oh... they seem like they're everywhere. lol"

Jennifer claims, "Seem being the operative word there."
Ghed states, "In addition I did a lot of usual recommends, a policy case or two, player requests, typoes, building, and such"

Ghed states, "And I shot Tasker in the butt"

Ghed states, "Thanks everyone for engaging and being good sports"

Temi nods in agreement.

Ghed queries to Temi, "What about you?"

Deedee states, "Reeves should be able to get rid of them"

Effie claims to Deedee, "I think there may be ic reasons if theyre not though, but not sure"

Temi states, "No big updates here yet. Some small requests and typo fixes and stuff like that. I'm coming up on some busy RL weeks so I'll be a bit more scant for the weekends."

Temi claims, "So if you need anything specifically from me, try to let me know sooner rather than waiting."

Temi grins.

Deedee claims, "They also need to have lore skill high enough to do their job."

Temi nods at Ghed.

Effie claims, "Ahh yeah"

Ghed claims to Temi, "Not a problem, and thanks for all the work"

Ghed asks of Leta, "How about you?"

NotACannibal says, "Why did you have to shoot poor tasker"

Leta claims, "I handled the usual requests, recommends, questions, builds and projects alongside Ghed and Temi. There were a LOT this week. I apologize if we've been slow."

Deedee nods.
Petal states, "The real question is, why wouldn't you shoot Tasker."

Deedee claims, "Understandable"

NotACannibal says, "Because he's a good man and a good friend"

Leta states, "I also fixed some crafting recipes for continuity and salvage consistency. As well, I sorted through some old items to add to our behind-the-scenes 'History Archive'. They may come out in future plots, so I try to keep it stocked."

Leta states, "I also helped Eurus with testing. He's not here today, but he wanted me to relay that he fixed a few crash-causing bugs, worked on travel, and is also patching a few things back-end to make imm life easier."

Petal claims, "Travel works again."

Jennifer states, "Oh yeah, travel is... not as efficient as it can be. I posted a bug note on it but... it disappeared when I intended to append so... I put in another one. I can remove it though, I just wasn't sure where it disappeared to."

Petal claims, "It no longer takes me on scenic routes :D"

Jennifer states, "It still takes me on scenic routes."

Ghed states, "It's been improved this week"

Leta says to Petal, "Glad to hear it =)"

Jennifer says, "Yes, but it still takes me on scenic routes. I posted it today."

Jennifer says, "I mean I don't let it, but it tries."

Ghed states, "Okay, thanks, we'll take it into account"

NotACannibal states, "Travel and navigate does try to send me on roundabout routes over rooftops to go 5 rooms away."

Ghed smiles.

NotACannibal states, "It may or may not be related to secret_travel settings, I don't know."

Temi says, "Eurus will keep an eye on them, gradually improving things."

Petal states, "Yeah you can toggle secret travel off."

Ghed says, "He's been working like crazy on it"

Ghed claims, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed muses to Temi, "Can you take over pleaseee?"

Temi nods at Ghed.

Temi questions, "Alright! Does anyone have any topics that they wanted to get on the list for today?"

Deedee claims, "I can come up with something if no one has anything"

Crayon says, "Assets might be worth exploring a bit."

Deedee covers her assets.

Petal states, "I have a quick topic too."

Mutters claims, "I was just going to note some good discussion on the forums, so poking the players to drop by and look them over."

Effie starts writing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Jennifer claims, "I never look at the forums. Only the boardson here."

Temi questions, "Alright, Deedee, do you have a topic? Or only if no one else does?"

Deedee says, "I could bring up a bug I've been too lazy to post a report for."

Temi muses, "What's that?"

Arianelle watches on, moderately befuddled.

Deedee states, "When you label something, and refer to it in an emote, it as an 's' after."

Deedee holds up a plump, marshmallow songbird sitting upon a chocolate nest labeled as 'example's

Temi states, "Probably the sort of thing that needs a bug note. Not much to discuss there"

Deedee nods.

Temi queries, "Okay, Crayon, did you have a specific topic about assets? Or just wanted to direct people to the forum post?"

Crayon says, "Just wanted to touch on the forum post and making assets a little more accessible. From what I can tell it seems like the change that shifted them from XP to silver cost mostly only really served to make them ~5x harder for new players to get and means that the ones that are available are usually going to be on bad metrics."

Mutters asks, "Oh, on the subject of metrics, how does one push them up and down, is that what influence does?"

Anonymous claims, "City support or subvert actions influence them."

Anonymous states, "As do noble projects"

Mutters says, "Aah, thanks."

Petal says, "For freemen, it costs about 5IP to push a metric."

Deedee says, "Before the change, I did always recommend to new players to purchase an extra in chargen because of how difficult it can be to raise enough silver to get one on grid."

Jennifer claims, "That being said, you need influence in order to support or subvert, so... influence is accurate. And even for gentry it is 5 ip."

Effie says, "That seems expensive for something assets depend on"

Leta says to Mutters, "Guildleaders and nobles can automatically move metrics by 'voting' each week on city report. For those without coded power, it costs 5 IP. Nobles can do projects to move them, and the Seneschal has a special tool they can use to make metric shifts for IP."

Temi nods at Leta.

Crayon states, "To lend context, I spent around 30,000 XP in order to afford a level 2 asset on a historically unfortunate metric while cyan."

Deedee claims, "Perhaps it should be cheaper or free for all, but the ones listed above could have stronger influence on metrics"

Jennifer says, "Yeah, assets are a little wonky. Given they cost silver now. And newbies don't have silver. So it's a revolving door. Where in you need assets to make silver, but you need silver to get assets."

Petal states, "And if you say want to influence a metric down, or up and most of the grid is invested in keeping it where it is because they need it for their own assets, it probably is going to be very difficult, if not impossible. My level 2 asset metric is so bad it earns considerably less than my level 1 asset ;_;"

Temi says, "Each of the different nobles and guilds have reasons to support various metrics, and guildleaders can help to provide IP to those they want to support things."

Temi says, "We do have plans to look at assets some more again, but we don't have a solution we like yet entirely."

Effie asks, "I actually wonder if projects should be open to more than just nobility? like if a bunch of southsiders really wanted to organize a grassroots street cleanup effort or something"

Deedee states, "That could still be done via plot."

Petal states, "I would just suggest that maybe metric influence on assets be reduced (still there, but not as much)."
Anonymous claims, "Ive generally thought GLs should be able to start projects. but I wouldnt want them open to all"

Leta nods at Deedee.

Temi claims, "The idea behind projects was to have something special that nobles could do"

Effie nods.

Effie asks, "Plots cost 10qp if theyre not attached to headers right?"

Petal states, "I didn't know metrics could be shifted via plots.."

Deedee claims, "Or a guild point"

Jennifer says, "And that's not to say you can't get silver from players. But it is still an entirely too difficult uphill road to pave in my opinion. But that's just me, shutting up now. Sorry."

Leta states to Effie, "Or guild points."

Effie nods.

Crayon says, "In theory, yeah, but it's a snowball effect issue. The people with more silver can usually more easily get IP to do projects and support/subverts, so the way it's set up currently really consolidates and entrenches the power to both make silver and influence metrics in the hands of established characters."

Deedee claims, "I've got lots of silver, not so much IP. hah"

Arianelle declaims, "I have neither !"

Crayon claims, "And once it's entrenched there it becomes really hard to shift things without several players banding together and working very hard."

Urtha says, "My IP rollsover into a couple shots or rum every week"

Temi states, "We would love to see that banding together. Great RP."

Crayon states, "Which, I mean, hey, it's kind of a realistic reflection of stratified classes? But it's more based on PC longevity than actual class."

Urtha asks, "Is it?"

Temi states, "It certainly can be."

Deedee claims, "Speaking of entrench, and sorry for the tangent here, maybe guildleader support should be looked at. I haven't seen anyone entrenched forever. It seems it's become somewhat skewed low"

Gnomely claims, "It's all these heretics not tithing properly, clearly."

Effie claims to Temi, "In practice it gets kind of blurry between generating rp and logging on to do work for a few weeks"

River says, "Sounds like a lot of work for something that perhaps came easier to earlier characters."

Petal is too poor to tithe.

Effie nods at River.

Egg claims, "It feels like "established players" is being used by certain parties to say "people who aren't a part of my friend group.""

Temi claims, "Well, we can definitely keep all of this in mind."

Ghed claims, "Stay civil"

Temi claims, "We do want to revisit the topic some, but it's not something we're just going to jump into broad changes."

Crayon states, "@Urtha: Yes, as your PC has to have had the longevity to accumulate the 15,000 silver or so to get the assets, and you're more likely to have the good metric assets if you've been around for a long time, and if you've been around for long enough you probably bought the assets for about 1/5th to 1/10th the XP cost it would to now convert into silver to buy the same assets."

Jennifer says, "Lol I love how Ghed just randomly jumps in to say stay civil. Amuses me for some... very odd reason. Sorry not helping, back to shutting up."

Effie nods at Temi.

Temi states, "It's on our staff list for discussion, and I think we've got a good reading of the conversation here"
Petal nods at Temi.

Temi wonders, "So, moving on.. Petal, you had a topic?"

Petal says, "I do. Just a quick one."

Jennifer states, "I get where Crayon is coming from. Silver begets silver, but ti's hard as a newbie if you don't have the silver. Oops? Sorry, typing is delayed. Sorry! Moving on."

Petal says, "Just a reminder/encouragement for people to engage with the mail system. Being offpeak, sometimes it's the only way I can interact with people on opposite time zone and stay abreast of things, organise stuffs and get involved. But unfortunately find that few people respond. Which may be entirely IC, which case, ignore me! And tying into that, if someone notifies for RP and I respond briefly or no, I promise it's not because I don't want to, it's just usually because I'm working. And while I can exchange messages/mail/etc, I can't typically do a scene."

Effie nods at Jennifer.

Deedee nods.

Petal claims, "So basically if you need to interact with my PC and struggling to reach, please try mailing them."

Temi nods.

Effie claims to Jennifer, "Basically like, trying to hash out the point between 'challenging' and 'too hard'"

Temi states, "Mail is always a good option to reach out to people, and great if you can reply to ones you get."

Effie nods at Petal.

Jennifer states, "Yeah, I get it. Once upon a time, mail used to be the best way to reach me. But it's hard. Because sometimes you just need that scene and discussion, that won't get covered in a letter or series of letters."

Petal says, "Anyways, that was all. Please mail :D"

Deedee nods.

Temi questions, "Alright! Did anyone else have anything more on that, or any different topics?"

River muses, "Are moonflowers real?"

Deedee states, "There's another bug I could bring up that's probably better as a bug note post."

Urtha claims, "No. Not air on the moon, so no flowers there either"

Leta says to Deedee, "Please bug post! You will also get QP for it."

River ponders.

Temi says, "They're sort of real, but not really out there currently"

River says, "That's too bad. I wanted to find one."

Deedee queries, "Can a mage make a singing, dancing sunflower?"

NotACannibal trails off, "If sunflowers existed... probably"

Urtha states, "With an injection molder and 2 AA batteris, yes."

River states, "More whimsical magecrafts to make fun things like that would be nice."

Temi muses, "Nope. But I think we might be scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Last chance for anything before we wrap up?"

Effie says, "Moonflower is just the sun reflecting off a sunflower at night"

Petal says, "Nothing from me."

Jennifer exclaims, "Peace peace!"

Petal questions, "Event after this right?"

Effie nods.

Temi says, "I believe so"

Temi declares, "Okay. Sending everyone back!"

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