OOC Meeting of July 30th 2022

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Sat Jul 30, 2022 6:08 pm

Ghed muses, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Temi gives a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern to Kalana.

Urtha states, "Kalana volunteers to scribe since she's the last one here"

Andruid grins at Effie.

Hawali claims, "Delightful."

Ghed grins.

Sparkles muses, "We skipping staff updates?"

Cal claims, "I'll do it"

Kalana states, "Oops... well, my time hasn't matched up well with others, it seems."

Hawali states, "Boundless fun."

Anonymous states, "Little stressful"

Jasmine states, "I've been having a delightful time lately, some very rewarding scenes on both
characters, really wishing I had more time to play."

Particles of light coalesce to form Leta. [OOC]

Leta waves.

Effie states, "I hopped back on when a bunch of other people came back to see how things were, but
it's been fun so far"

Effie states, "Having a bit of a difficult time finding things to do"

A male voice states, "I am pretending to be a wise mentor."

Kalana claims, "It is exciting to see so many people around"

Urtha claims, "I think I'm on the top of the activity list so that's neat. Mostly good times Newt by
way of Cartman "-Mostly-""

Hawali says, "Plots are bubbling away, and I get to give them a stir now and then. Loving it."

Ghed says to Effie, "We're prepping a staff plot that got delayed for IC reasons, it should give you
more than enough for a while"

Trogdor asks, "What do you mean by 'hopped', is that a frog reference? what are you trying to say?"

A male voice states, "Yes it is a frog reference"

A male voice says, "Give us a ribbit"

Effie says, "Nana made room for me in her ST and let me do cool things even though i had no idea
what it was about and had to improvise a reason to be there, and that was really fun"

Trogdor says, "*ribbit*, i hate you all :<"

Leta has transferred River. [OOC]

Temi gives a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern to River.

Gnomely eats a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern.

Urtha claims, "You only have yourself to blame, Froggy Fresh"

Ghed has returned from AFK.

Andruid claims, "I'm juggling too many projects to play right now, but I thought I'd check in, as
it's been a while."

Ghed declares, "Welcome back you two!"

Ghed questions, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and

Cal states, "A lot of cranky old people have returned."

Jasmine says, "It bothers me that I can't convince my boss to let me play it at work but I doubt you
can do that"

Cal is me. Me is a cranky old person.

Leta grins.

Hawali states, "I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in antagonistic RP with me
lately. Hugs and love on the OOC side, always."

Urtha claims, "Mobile Clients. Jaz"

Leta says to Cal, "Ye olde grumps are welcome here, too."

Urtha also qualifies as grumpy

Effie says, "I dont think ive ever engaged in antagonistic rp or acted grumpy in my life"

Effie states, ".."

Hawali pontificates, "Thank goodness for oldbie returns!"

Ghed claps happily

Ghed says, "We have nearly doubled our activity since 3 weeks ago"

Anonymous says to Effie, "Are yo usure"

Temi states to Effie, "Sure, we believe you."

Effie nods at Temi.

Anonymous is feeling a little dubious.

Urtha doesn't know if they qualify as antagonistic. Probably

Effie claims to Anonymous, "How many secret families you got on here"

Leta claims, "Remember to recommend folks that facilitate your RP, especially those that antagonize
or are antagonized"

Ghed claims, "Yes this is crucial"

Ghed states, "It's nice to know that your efforts to spice things up are appreciated"

(visnet) Player Claude: Could I go?

Hawali says, "Yes. I have bunch up my sleeve to write up."

Ghed has transferred Claude. [OOC]

Claude sits down and rests.

Temi gives a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern to Claude.

Hawali hugs Claude.

Urtha states, "I find them difficult to write more often than not, as usually the scenes I enjoy
most don't really qualify"

Temi states, "Though we have seen a bunch of recommends this week, which is awesome."

Temi grins.

Ghed claims, "It's been a week for sure"

Ghed says, "At least 70 recommends since sunday"

Hawali claims, "Tons of brilliantly awesome new characters coming out of the woodwork."

Ghed claims, "Mkay, time to move on to Staff Updates"

Effie claims to Urtha, "You can recommend for peoples' characters being interesting, or just having
a lot of fun in a scene"

Temi questions to Urtha, "Might just take looking at it from the right perspective, or maybe keeping
an eye out for things that do help you develop more than just laugh?"

Temi grins.

Ghed states, "I'll go first"

Trogdor muses, "Wiat, just for being interesting? didn't know that, thought it had to be for RP
related stuff"

Urtha states, "Okay, I reassess in the future"

Effie pontificates, "Writing a colourful and engaging character faciliates rp!"

Jasmine claims to Urtha, "You can also reccomend people for how they react, is it themely etc"

Jasmine says to Urtha, "Such as 'I drunkenly wandered into this scene and so and so reacted x way
which gave me this impression about them and how they act in the world' etc,"

Ghed states, "This week I did a almost only player requests. We got like 70 recommends, 8 plots, 20
requests, 10 typoes. I wrote help returning for returning players, and I polished the coming staff
plot. I also delayed that one 2 weeks bc of the Seneschal race."

Effie states, "(plus you get qp for reccing others)"

Hawali states, "That would never happen to Urtha"

Ghed states, "It was a very busy week, almost too busy"

Urtha claims, "That's rather specific, lol ;) But I hear you all"

Ghed has transferred Elhanan. [OOC]

Temi gives a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern to Elhanan.

Ghed questions to Temi, "Wanna go after?"

Gnomely eats a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern.

Hawali states, "Help returning is the jam"

Temi exclaims, "No big progress on things this week. The usual requests, recommends, plots and
such, which yeah, enough to keep us pretty busy. I do have some plots I still owe responses on
though, so please don't feel forgotten there!"

Temi nods at Ghed.

Hawali begins to move north.

Hawali slows to a halt.

Hawali sits down.

Ghed states, "Excellent, thanks T"

Ghed queries to Leta, "How about you?"

Ghed claims, "Brb a minute"

Leta claims, "So many recommends. So many requests. So many builds and typos and fixes. I drafted
help transparency before handing it over to Ghed for review, updated help QP a bit this morning. We
received several applications this week, so I helped set up a new noble and a returner for entering


Anonymous muses, "What was the update to help QP?"

Leta says, "Thank you to everyone that has been patient with us. I know some requests and builds are
taking longer than you're used to."

Effie states, "Oooh"

Anonymous says, "I couldn't tell the difference when I read it"

Effie claims, "Oh wait was the noble me"

Leta nods at Effie.

Temi claims to Effie, "You're the new one, but there was a returner too, I think."

Hawali claims, "Help transparency is amazing and so appreciated."

Leta nods at Temi.

Effie says, "Ooooh"

Ghed states to Hawali, "Thanks, we thought it was necessary"

Leta claims to Anonymous, "It didn't include locale, matchmaking, pvents, ti-fact submissions, etc.
as options for gaining QP, and it listed a few things that were now obsolete."

Anonymous claims, "Ah"

Ghed states, "She really did a good number on those helpfiles"

Claude says OOCly, "Sry am not talkative. unexpected tutoring call, but listening."

Ghed exclaims, "That's okay!"

Elhanan claims, "Nice. up to date helpfiles are useful"

Hawali muses, "Are identity changed still possible? asking for a friend"

Tasker says, "All the new helpfiles are fucking awesome, pardon my vavardi. "

Leta declaims, "Especially with so many new faces, please consider submitting tips. (help ti-fact!)"

Hawali says, "Changes via qp*"

Ghed claims, "Eurus is busy but he has been very active on a meta-code level, deep in the code
mines, erradicating bugs like it was Starship Troopers"

Temi grins.

Ghed says, "He's fixed the support system, added the secret share (direction) that we all knew was
super necessary, and so much more"

Eurus places his right fist over his
heart in salute.

Anonymous asks, "Is he doing his part?"

Leta says, "I know that we've prided ourselves for a long time on having a large ocean of helpfiles,
but in addition to making overview helpfiles I plan on seeing if we can trim down a tad, make things
less overwhelming."

Ghed claims, "He's doing more than all of us combined"

Anonymous muses, "Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKHme9MvMx0"

Leta says, "I've also been trying to add keywords when I notice oversights."

Temi states, "And if all of them can be updated, that's a big help, yeah."

Ghed exclaims, "Yeah!"

Temi grins at Leta.

Leta claims, "Eurus is amazing! We've almost gone over 40 lines on help news."

Leta claims, "It's page-break worthy"

Ghed states, "Yeah it's a little crazy"

Ghed nods.

Ghed says, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Ghed declares, "Please pre-type your topics!"

Ghed states to Jasmine, "You go first, with your first topic, we'll get to the second one in time"

Hawali says, "Quick tease: reeve basket auction II forthcoming. August 13th."

Jasmine queries, "First one, real quick: Can we consider adding @desc_cloak to something that can be
added post-finalize if the item does not already have it? ala like we do if it has no extended

Hawali claims, "Quick tease: reeve basket auction II forthcoming. August 13th."

Jasmine claims, "Source, my sewer cloak i can't raise the hood on"

Temi claims, "I'm okay with it, though it really is something people should be adding on anything
they string."

Ghed claims, "I'm okay with this at first sight"

Jasmine states, "Just feels a bit bad to dump 1 gold or more on a single cloak if you don't
know/can't contact the crafters anymore, particularly with old items"

Temi claims, "In the cases it's missed though, doesn't seem crazy."

Ghed states, "But I'd rather have it only if there's no desc already in place"

Leta declaims to Hawali, "Exciting!"

Ghed wonders, "Thoughts?"

Elise asks, "Am I allowed to add something on this topic as a crafter?"

Temi nods at Elise.

Ghed states, "No"

Ghed says, "Yes"

Eurus states, "I think some people prefer to customize their desc_cloaks maybe "

Leta grins.

Ghed pontificates, "Go on!"

Temi claims, "Yeah, not something you should be able to change at will, just add what's forgotten."

Eurus claims, "Maybe i want to accentuate my whorlwhale shaped figure"

Effie nods.

Jasmine says, "No I don't want people to be able to change it at will, just to add it if there is
not one, since it is very expensive to retool a hooded cloak"

Ghed says, "It really is"

Jasmine states, "Changing it at will would actually break tooling policy"

Leta nods at Jasmine.

Leta exclaims, "We get you!"

Ghed states, "It's driven me crazy when I spend 200s in one in the auction house and it's bad"

Temi nods.

Elise claims, "So from my perspective, I don't know how someone would want their cloak to look you
know? Some people may want to reveal gender, while others may want to keep that anonymous. Certainly
a crafter could describe the cloak itself, but HOW it looks on the person who wears it, I think
should be left up to the owner of the cloak. It's their decision to make how much they want to
reveal / do not want to reveal."

Effie states, "I tend to forget to add @desc_cloak and really wouldnt mind people being able to
modify it when i do"

Urtha states, "Maybe some way to review all that before purchase? I dunno. I ain't ever crafted

Leta nods at Elise.

Temi says, "Cloak descs did used to be person-specific instead of cloak-specific"

Temi states, "But that was changed to allow things like stealing a person's cloak and looking
different in different cloaks"

Eurus claims, "Seems like letting desc_cloak get added without a retool if its missing is a fine
solution then"

Andruid says, "Always thought a combination of those two would have been better."

Urtha claims, "Oh! I didn't know that. In fact I filled out a desc cloak and couldn't get it to work

Jasmine states, "So sounds like adding the ability to add if not present would be good for crafters
if they aren't able to communicate about it/possibly for cloaks made for shops and not a person in

Andruid says, "Than trying to put something dynamic on a static cloak desc."

Effie nods at Andruid.

Urtha says, "It's still mentioned in help swap "

Elise states, "Especially for the sneaky individuals who may not want to contact a crafter for their
cloak desc. Like someone who just wants to go and buy one then add it themselves."

Urtha wonders, "Perhaps maybe a desc that the crafter makes and something like a mood that the
wearer modifies? "

Ghed states, "I have no problem with this"

Jasmine states, "That sounds neat, actually"

Ghed claims, "We'll add it to debate and implement"

Dazzl trails off, "I might be crazy, but I thought that if a cloak does not have a @desc_cloak, it
cannot be finalized... Or worn, was it? Something... but I do have cloaks that do not have a
@desc_cloak, so Idk..."

Jasmine claims, "You cannot cloak conceal, it gives you a message"

Dazzl claims, "Ah, maybe that's it."

Leta nods at Jasmine.

Ghed states, "Okay"

Ghed claims to Sparkles, "You're next, pls tell us what's on your mind"

Sparkles states, "So the carriages in town are amazing! However ... some of them are set up to allow
rides -out- but there's no way to return from some locations."

Effie trails off, "Skjf stranded..."

Leta claims, "Oh dear."

Temi trails off, "That makes sense for anyone's who's taken a taxi somewhere and tried to find one

Temi grins.

Hawali states, "I rode that one once."

Temi says, "But there may be some places that need a hub"

Ghed has transferred Violet. [OOC]

Temi gives a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern to Violet.

Gnomely eats a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern.

Andruid eats a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern.

Elhanan questions, "Wait..there are carriages? did the game advance like 400 years?"

Temi says, "I don't really use them myself, so if there's specific ones, might be good to let us

Ghed claims to Elhanan, "Horse-drawn"

Ghed claims to Sparkles, "We can revisit them, we'd appreciate if you told us what you think is
wrong, perhaps in a pboard"

Jasmine trails off, "Horse drawn carriages are as old school as you can get aside from just a
literal horse..."


Sparkles nods.

Effie trails off to Elhanan, "With a goose whose butt you honk as the horn, and then it goes, "it's
a living...""

Ghed wonders to Sparkles, "Would that suffice for now?"

Elhanan states, "Lol"

Jasmine says, "They don't compare to the glorious trebuchet for time of arrival (survival not

Leta claims, "I agree with Temi and Ghed here. If there are specific locations you've noticed,
please send us a list"

Sparkles claims, "Yup, just thought I'd bring it up! As I was reminded about it earlier this week.
I'll send a board."

Hawali has lost link.
Hawali has reconnected.

Ghed nods.

Ghed asks of Tasker, "Your first topic, please? =)"

Tasker says, "Topic one! It would be nice if you -were- latent if you saw some random echoes only
visible to you every now and again, like sneezing and itching but more spooky. As it does say in the
helpfiles a latent may notice odd things happening around them, and I know this is just the IC
explanation for when(if) you get the Latent message when leaving cyan. But, it would be cooler if
there were a few subtle message here and there before that as I know this has caused a bit of
confusion for some new players."

Leta pontificates, "This was brought up last week!"

Tasker claims, "Oh well I'll wind me neck in"

Leta exclaims, "We were just discussing it in staff meeting earlier. I promise you, we're working on

Ghed nodsnodsnods

INFO: Pelianre has just created!

Tasker claims, "Second topic then, the cooler topic."

Eurus claims, "It's delayed behind my whack-a-whorlwhale minigame, sorry"

Anonymous wonders, "Global warming?"

Ghed says, "Lol"

Tasker states, "What's a whorewhale"

Ghed states, "Rude"

Jasmine says, "Hey I'm not a whale :("

Ghed says, "I have an anonymous topic"

Temi wonders to Eurus, "Is that the whorlwhales get to whack on unsuspecting targets?"

Eurus says, "Basically a replacement for ahalin, yes"

Ghed states, "Actually"

Ghed states, "Tell us the second since the first one had no discussion"

Urtha says, "It's like yo mama, but smaller. "

Cal trails off, "I like Ahalin...."

Tasker claims, "Topic Two! Me and some peeps had a swell idea the other day, enabling GL's of covert
guilds to make 'Throwaway' NPC's like Story mobs which they can control. Which can be used to go out
into the city and cause some trouble and roleplay, like the Brotherhood GL spitting out a wrong'un
that pickpockets or tries to mug someone in public. It's awesome to see, but people rarely do it
because potentially losing your character over something small like that discourages people from
doing it. It could depend on metrics or guild support for how often or how many throwaway NPCS they
can spin up."

Ghed pokes Tasker

Hawali declaims, "Love it!"

Effie claims, "From experience, i've made throwaway NPC antagonists for STs and they're extremely
fun for everyone involved because there's no real drive to compete, just make it entertaining"

Hawali states, "The law's gotta have a chance to be a hero every now and then."

Elhanan claims, "I like the idea especially as someone who has a habit of losing characters after
about a week or two."

Jasmine states, "I love the idea but worry that it could be abusable"

Sparkles wonders, "Hmm, doesn't that make the 'risk' for things a touch uneven? As the other
players/characters involved won't be using a 'throwaway'?"

Tasker declaims, "Everything is abusable, but it's no reason not to do a thing!"

Temi says, "Though we do like the idea of people being more willing to take risks, yeah."

Tasker states, "Fear is the mind killer etc"

Gnomely asks, "What's to stop someone from making this character just to grief people, or to reveal
secret info?"

Ghed claims, "It's a concern, yes"

Violet states, "This sounds super fun until your phome gets sacked. Your character's tangibly lost
something, and the person puppetting has no risk"

Anonymous says, "Im seeing a situation where a covert GL throws a throwaway NPC who tries to do
something to a pc, PC beats them down or kills them, now guild wants to kill them for beating
up/murdering an npc member of theirs"

Tasker states, "Policy! And trust, there will always be concerns, but again that's no reason not to
try it out. "

Gnomely says, "I'm seeing that too, anonymous."

Jasmine says, "I feel like if we try to oversight it too much it wont be used easily by players, and
also encourage puppet over actual player"

Urtha asks, "Maybe limit them to public rooms or something like that?"

Hawali claims, "Maybe they can't enter phomes, codewise."

Cal states, "Let me get my cranky old Reeve hat out here... Ok It is incumbant on the Reeves and
Knights to not be dicks either. A simple graffiti or pickpocket isn't a right to the gallows
offense. The way getting caught casting magic in the Cathedral is."

Hawali fistbumps Urtha.

Jasmine says, "I actually had a character all ready to be fully dispoable for such a reason, but
time constraints stopped me from doing it. It might be more prudent to talk to staff about a
dispoable PC for x amount of time than just an NPC"

Effie questions, "I think there's definitely a risk that people will just use it to grief, but
people also make regular throwaway characters just to grief. I think maybe encouraging people to app
into antagonist/throwaway characters through STs or the regular app system might be a good way
around it?"

Hawali claims, "Aw man. We have waaaay too many fun punishments at our disposal to jump straight to
capital punishment."

Leta nods at Effie.

Effie says, "I recall a long time ago TI used to give people bonus starting XP if they apped in a
villain who was designed to die"

Tasker states, "That would take a lot of time to setup though."

Tasker claims, "If you just want to do a quick hour long messabout. "

Elhanan says, "There are other punishments? I've only gotten two...three maybe depending how you
define punishment."

Tasker states, "Which has a knock-on effect of being a roleplay stone in a pond. "

Jasmine states, "I mean if you really just want to cast spells in public that takes about as long.
Chargen, make a description, go into public and fecho until you get attention"

Cal declaims to Hawali, "I was very excited and disappointed at the lash command. Excited because,
codely yay! Disappointed becacuse those were some of my favorite scenes to rp"

Leta says, "I want to be clear that we're willing to accept applications for villains, killers, and
other 'atypical' disposal characters."

Effie grins at Leta.

Hawali declares, "You don't HAVE to use the lash command!"

Anonymous claims, "You can still RP it"

Trogdor is idle.

Eurus claims, "Lash command also doesn't detract from the RP in that scene happening either"

trogdor is no longer idle.

Trogdor states, "I love thew idea"

Urtha muses, "The problem with the more minor punshiments though, is that the character is already
outted, and that alone can be a killer. Does a grandmaster thief just STOP stealing and throw all
that time grinding away?"

Trogdor states, "I have a suggestion to help prevent abuse though"

Eurus states, "It's not like it automates an entire scene, it's just the 'inflict' command with more
flavor really"

Hawali declares, "You can still totally emote it!"

Hawali claims, "Or whatever"

Temi says, "If we do make it easier to do the throwaways, we want to make sure we don't make it a
much more appealing option than doing risky things with characters that develop."

Tasker says, "I think it's a great idea, there are concerns but concerns are no reason not to give
it a go or consider it. The focus should not be trying to prevent abuse, if someone wants to abuse a
thing they'll manage it no matter what you put in place."

Trogdor claims, "I suggest that these characters MUST be tied back to a longer lived character. That
is to say, if they are henchmen/henchwoman, they are operating under the direction of someone else"

Trogdor has returned from AFK.

Jasmine wonders, "I could see it as a ST-lite perhaps? Player outlines their goals, and staff can
approve the NPC to flounce about and cause trouble?"

Sparkles wonders, "I guess ... maybe to just ask a pointed question but why are people taking risky
positions if they don't like they are risky?"

Andruid says, "Inside of the story system seems a little safer to me for a number of reasons."

Effie questions, "I've never gone through quick chargen before, but you could just purchase
establish a basically randomly-generated character and cause trouble on grid, right?"

Hawali says, "Maybe if the remember command didn't last FOREVER, outted thiefs wouldn't be in such a

Trogdor states, "Yeah, it'd be interesting if remember was tied to int, the more you have the more
you can remember :P"

Urtha says, "That's quite an interesting idea Hawali. Maybe the less you RP with someone the sooner
it fades. "

Temi asks of trogdor, "And if you remember another one, lose the one with the least familiarity?"

Trogdor claims, "Yes"

Hawali states, "Unless there's prestige and the other stuff tied in with a person."

Trogdor states, "Yeah, i mean.. i don't know how many people would realistically forget 'frog-face'"

Ghed says, "Let's stay focused"

Hawali says, "Renown."

Trogdor states, "Focus is for heretics and mages"

Ghed states, "I think there's enough meat in this pie that we can discuss it among staff"

Ghed muses, "Okay?"

Elhanan states, "Effie still takes a bit, and icly it's hard to just make a randorm character and
immediatley do something to someone."

Effie nods.

Hawali steeples fingers, side-eyeing the crowd.

Tasker states, "Don't say meat or pie I'm having ST flashbacks"

Trogdor trails off, "But i support the idea of one-offs for coverts, provided it has some checks and
balances... but no need to overthink it"

Jasmine says, "Plus motivation makes the antagonism better for all parties, since thats a story and
not just a random happening upon you, though I encourage staff to consider puppetting these"

Leta declaims, "And in the interim: we DO take applications for disposable antagonists, and we are
willing to support the players who want to make them!"

Jasmine claims, "Just slap a pickpocket in a busy room and go nuts"

Leta claims to Jasmine, "We have been struggling with this recently."

Jasmine nods.

Leta questions, "How do we provide a bit of low-stakes antagonism or drama like that, without making
people feel targeted?"

Jasmine says, "AE had an opt-in 'you can do stuff to my character' that staff could see, we might
consider implementing that"

Leta claims, "In the past, even rolling randomly for which player to go after has resulted in people
expressing they felt staff was out to get them."

Urtha wonders, "Limit it to low stakes antagonism?"


Leta nods at Urtha.

Jasmine states, "I forget what it was but I recall it got my character shot at by a sniper"

Elhanan claims, "I'll have to roll a random antagonist then...I seem to be good at making those."

Effie says, "I liked opt-in, i got mauled by a mutant"

Ghed claims to Jasmine, "Lol"

Cal muses, "Can we volunteer to have the staff out to get us?"

Leta says, "Ooh. That's clever. The opt-in flag."

Hawali exclaims, "Opt-in sounds glorious!"

Ghed states, "I remember Everquest (late 90s!) had a setting that enabled PVP for and against you,
it was a one-off switch"

Leta exclaims, "Thank you all for your insight!"

Anonymous states, "On AE the opt-in feature was only for staff to show up and antagonize you"

Leta nods at Anonymous.

Anonymous wonders, "It wasnt like, opt in for players. that wasnt uh. opt-out able? I guess youd
call it"

Dazzl says, "That does sound interesting, this opt-in stuff."

Jasmine claims, "Yes, why I brought it up, specifically for staff to target you"

Elise is idle.

Elise is no longer idle.
Elise has returned from AFK.

Effie nods.

Elhanan states, "If you do opt in i think you have to be opt'd in to make antagonists or whatever
too then? so you can't make them but not be affected by them would be a crappy outcome."

Hawali claims, "Of course it's a non-consensual game, but some people WANT the stife."

Cal says, "Haven has that too. Story. If you have it on you can be targeted by the GMs but if it
isn't on you are ignored, but there is a catch. Certain characters/roles had to be story on."

Jasmine claims, "We still have my 2nd topic and the anonymous one ghed mentioned"

Ghed states, "This is a non-con game, yes"

Jasmine states, "Possibly more"

Hawali claims, "Strife*"

Ghed claims, "And yes we need to move on"

Ghed states, "Ahem"

Effie says, "I think another tricky problem with antagonism is it's hard not to ruin your reputation
and effectively soft PK yourself even if you get caught doing low stakes stuff"

Leta says, "Thank you all for your suggestions, however. This helped a lot =)"

Ghed says, "Skill champions discourage newbies and make them feel 'flexed' by older players, fueling
resentment. AE removed skill champions as a concept, and it was well received."

Jasmine says, "Its literally a vanity title with no purpose other than to flex"

Tasker claims, "If you take away my champions I'll take away your spleen"

Tasker says, "It's all I've got"

Ghed says, "It -is- meant as a flex, yes"

Jasmine states, "If new players want it they can put in the time to raise it"

Claude states, "Lol"

Elise claims, "Yeah but someone worked for that right? The champion 'flex'."

Jasmine states, "It costs quite a lot of rpxp depending"

Ghed states, "And time and money"

Anonymous glances at his champion.

Elise says, "It can cost so much rp xp and some people have taken skills above 75 already to attain
that champion. If it was taken away that would just feel bad."

Effie claims, "I have champion skills but ive definitely felt discouraged from playing certain
character concepts because i couldnt compete with someone who could raise theirs to champion"

Trogdor starts cracking the whip to maintain Order
trogdor appears to be champion at whip.

Cal says, "Yeah and again no coded benefit over 75 so people are literally pumping xp into a stat
just to get the title. lol"

Sparkles states, "I think it was well-received by the people who feel oddly upset that someone else
is better at something. "

Ghed questions to Effie, "Do you feel that not being able to reach a champion makes your character
concept less worthy?"

Jasmine claims, "And it is not set in stone, there is no cap so you could, theoretically, put in the
time and effort to get it if it really bothered them that much"

Effie says, "And then youre always sort of like a side character even if you're putting a lot of
writing in"

Urtha says, "That's strange. I would've thought the whip champion would be found in the Dolphin."

River says, "Just murder the champion. Ezpz."

Effie says, "No but ive definitely been poked at by other players because i didn't have it"

Temi states, "It does make it possible to actually support character concepts that say you are the
best at something."

Eurus asks, "Does not being champion genuinely sideline a character?"

Andruid claims, "Never cared much about champion even when I was champion in many things. Never felt
the need to flex on an OOC level."

Jasmine muses, "Do you consider not being 'the titular best' as being lesser in concept or

Andruid claims, "Didn't mind one bit when AE did away with it."

(visnet) Player Koukakala: Can I be beamed up for OOC chat?

Ghed asks of Effie, "Poked for not being champion? omg"

Ghed has transferred Taxius. [OOC]

Ghed says to Effie, "That's really not cool"

Temi gives a dense chocolate cupcake frosted with a brain-like pattern to Taxius.

Ghed states, "A level 75 pc can turn you to a pulp"

Ghed says, "Skill rank 75 I mean"

Effie claims, "No, i think it's more like if there are titular bests, even if youre putting a lot of
work into say, writing and developing your character and their relationship to their skills"

Effie claims, "Ive run into characters who disregard that work because someone else has the champion

Sparkles states, "The thing is this isn't a MUSH so RP alone doesn't define skills."

Eurus states, "That sounds more like a player individual problem than a systemic one"

Cal claims, "Its just for fun, it wouldn't bother me if it was gone, but it doesn't bother me if it
exists. A 76 swordsman and an 80 swordsman are just as scary."

Ghed claims to Effie, "Very interesting, I haven't seen that here"

Anonymous swishes a sword.
Anonymous appears to be a grandmaster at sword.

Ghed nods at Cal.

Jasmine says, "I might say that RPing that you are the very best when there is a way to prove you
are not the best is probably not the best way to go about it, but this is a game where RP matters
more than code"

Trogdor states, "Perhaps more of a fuzzy champion. in real life, you can't say who the best tennis
player is.. perhaps the top 1 percent of the skill is labeled as 'a champion'"

Violet mostly uses it for gags.
Violet appears to be incapable at acting.

Sparkles says, "But also I wonder if new chars who want to come in already the absolute best at
something aren't hamstringing their own potential development. But that's potentially a different

Jasmine claims, "It does feel a certain way when you are emoting a skill to show you are good at it
and someone comes in to say they are better, but then you need to examine why you were showing the
skill in the first place"

Taxius says, "I think it might be cool to get a flat bonus if you are the champion of a skill, but I
don't know if that is okay with balancing."

Jasmine says, "Almost every time it is as a sort of flex of your own, to display the effort put into
the skill gain"

Anonymous claims, "Personally i think expecting to come in with a character thats the absolute best
at something already is a bit hamfisted and weird and big headed"

Gnomely claims, "I say leave champion alone, as is, and don't touch it, personally. It's there for
fun, there needs to be nothing else."

Hawali claims, "Would be nice to see this polled."

Anonymous claims, "Otherwise what do you have to develop"

Effie claims, "I mean youd have to earn up to 75 regardless, which i think is a respectable
time/rpxp achievement"

Andruid queries, "Seems a bit meaningless since the only way you'd be comparing is on an OOC level,
so why would that affect your RP?"

Urtha pontificates, "An idea to consider might be instead of Champion being entirely exclusive and
something to be competed for. It could be like the top 3? Then you still have a class of characters
that are above and beyond grandmaster in their dedication, and it's something that can still be
gained/loss but is at least more acheivable and a bit more fuzzy than just BEST ON THE MUD AT

Trogdor claims, "Agree with anonymous"

Effie states, "I dont think i mentioned ever bringing in a character who was supposed to be the best
at something, my point is more, once youre at that highest level it makes more sense for it to be
harder to tell who is the best"

Trogdor claims, "YOU TOOK MY IDEA URTHA! ;-) but there should also be a concept of rust, too"

Jasmine claims, "I don't see people complaining similarly about prestige unless they want reward
without effort, and it runs on similar social 'im better than you's"

Trogdor says, "If you don't use your skill at that level, you slowly drop down to 'master' status or

Effie says, "And allowing more characters to be able to eventually earn and develop into the roles
they want to play"

Andruid muses, "I think prestige is more of a measurable IC concept?"

Anonymous states, "Hard against rusting of skills"

Ghed says, "Okay"

Jasmine claims, "Personally I like champion, it allows you to put in rpxp to gain the title if you
care enough, and is a nice little pin in your sash"

Ghed claims, "I say we revisit this in the future, as there is no evident consensus here"

Jasmine says, "But I also don't take it hells of personally if someone is better at something than

Trogdor states, "Wow the time flies during OOC chat"

Ghed declares, "We really need to touch upon Jasmine's second topic. If you need/want to head back
to grid, let me know. Please remember there's a debate about to start!"

Jasmine claims, "Its small"

Jasmine says, "This was my real topic all along. I was wondering if we could consider adding either
a safe-like item with different levels of lock difficulty, or something to the lockpick craft to
facilitate lockpicking training. I always RP using various locks stolen from doors etc while
TEACHING, but it would be nice to have the objects available/craft available for solo or group
training of the lockpicking skill. I currently find grinding it mindnumbing by myself and only do it
so that I can teach it to people to avoid them having to grind it."

Ghed states, "We can put Jasmine first next OOC Chat if not"

Urtha states, "By the way, I'm champion at everything you're not champion of, I just have my efforts
set really really REALLY low"

Gnomely says, "The game shouldn't be about being the best at anything, and the fact that someone may
or may not be, shouldn't be judged. Skills aren't your character. They're part of your character,
and you never truly become the 'best' at anything."

Anonymous wonders, "There's an event?"

Ghed states to Jasmine, "Probs tricky to code but sure why not"

Ghed nods at Anonymous.

Anonymous states, "I had no idea"

Jasmine claims, "Preference to player-crafted difficult safes, which could then be used for safer
safe-usage by playerbase"

Jasmine says, "Thats it :3"

Ghed nods.

Ghed states, "Noted"

Trogdor says, "I also think the brotherhood could have a room with a set of locks for training

Gnomely states, "I think I had wanted some kind of higher difficulty lock thing too. Lol"

Gnomely says, "That too."

Jasmine claims, "That was the reason lmao"

Ghed says, "Alright, we're over the top of the hour here"

Urtha claims, ""This is the lockpicking reeve, and whay I have for you today.." "

Jasmine states, "I've been lockpicking my own vault's ultra hard lock to train >_> don't tell the

Ghed says, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for
meaningful RP =)"

Gnomely snickers.

Anonymous states, "Im snitching immediately"

Eurus grabs his net and jumps into the code, ready to go bughunting. [OOC]

Jasmine giggles

Andruid waves.

Effie waves.

Ghed trails off, "Sending you all to the grid in 3..."

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed trails off, "1..."

Leta pontificates, "Thank you all for coming! Enjoy the Seneschal debate!"

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