Log of OOC Meeting 2022-07-09

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Sat Jul 09, 2022 6:04 pm

Ghed says, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics
Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Elise states, "Oh no the poodles, never forget the poodles."

Elise states, "Get her out."

Ghed muses, "No topics?"

Ghed states, "Feel free to shoot me a tell if you change your mind"

Ghed states, "Let's go on to staff updates"

Ghed turns to Temi, "You knew it was gonna be you first, you know."

Temi grins at Ghed.

Temi claims, "Well, I am now back from camping and should be getting into normal schedules again, though with work, of course, which has been a bit crazy."

Leta has transferred Tasker.  [OOC]

Tasker states, "Hmello"

Temi gives a knit beanbag with the shape and colors of a plump pumpkin to Tasker.

Anonymous states, "Hello tasker"

Ghed nods.

Temi states, "But mainly doing plots and requests and such and should be keeping up with that."

Temi claims, "Working on gearing up for a plot in a month or two."

Temi nods at Ghed.

Ghed nods.

Ghed says, "Thanks for the usual assist, T"

Ghed states to Eurus, "You're next, bud"

Eurus declaims, "Finishing up stealth over here. Will be looking to release later on today after all the meeting stuff. Let me know if you have questions/concerns/etc about that!"

Lans states, "Eurus has been doing a humangolous amount of work reworking stealth from the ground up"

Lans declares, "And I've been testing it!"

Lans dances grimly.

Temi nods in agreement.

Tasker claims, "Love Eurus "

Temi says, "I had my testers sneaking past Lans a few times."

Ghed muses to Leta, "You next?"

Lans sad trombone

Leta nods.

Leta states, "I handled the normal requests, recommends and the like alongside Ghed and Temi. I built a few phomes and also updated Kirulean Colors per player suggestion to include more dyes, all with unique appraisals. The plan right now is not to require these dyes be used to make colored clothing , but that they'll be a fun and desirable add-on."

Ghed nods.

Eurus claims, "Time to update my codpiece"

Spookster claims, "I have one which I am hesitant to display."

Ghed states, "Leta + gradients was like nuclear fission"

Leta claims, "I also built the spooky Magebane locale (I will be closing it tomorrow, so last chance to visit!) and added some new rare items to our restocks and QP shops for you collectors and crafters."

Ghed claims, "All good stuff, and widely appreciated from what I hear"

Ghed stops using a small lump of pure silver ore.
Ghed holds a knit beanbag with the shape and colors of a plump pumpkin in his hand.

Ghed says, "As for myself, I've been working on some player requests, but also some scripts for several different things. I'm polishing a big staff plot for later this month, so stay tuned."

Leta exclaims to Ghed, "You're also Implementor-ing!"

Ghed states, "Oh schmucks"

Leta has lost link.

Ghed shoves his hands in his pockets and blushes.

Victoria holds a knit beanbag with the shape and colors of a plump pumpkin in her hand.

Ghed declaims, "Will that done -- player heartbeats!"

Victoria idly tosses her little pumpkin beanbag from one hand to the other.

Leta has reconnected.

Leta states, "Oop"

Temi comforts Leta.

Ghed asks, "How was this week in TI for you?"

Tasker claims, "I've still not been able to get on as much as I want to due to work stuff :("

Lans states, "You are missed"

Leta comforts Tasker.

Tasker says, "Yeah you can never get me with that crossbow"

Claude claims, "Great. Good time"

Lans claims, "I've a ballista now, didn't you hear"

Ghed clears his throat

Leta declaims, "It's been nice to see some new faces about! Welcome =)"

Ghed states, "Glad to see we've so many new players, 10 new characters this past week"

Temi pontificates, "Yeah, very exciting!"

Victoria waves. 

Ghed says, "Make that 14"

Spookster says, "Ballistas dont work any better than the bolts"

Leta questions to Spookster, "When handling a Spookster?"

Claude questions, "Oh wow. Y'all advertising or something?"

Ghed states to Claude, "We're in the process of something like that, yeah"

Ghed claims, "Also, we award 10 qp per public website review as usual, good or bad"

Saga exclaims, "Oh! I updated the string tool"

Temi claims, "Nice"

Saga claims, "I put it up here: https://monolu.github.io/ti-string-tool/"

Ghed declares to Saga, "This is true! We're working slacking in implementing it"

Leta pontificates to Saga, "Oh wow! Exciting!"

Saga questions, "Which hopefully should work for now?"

Tasker claims, "Pog"

Saga states, "Until Ghed gets it up on the website"

Spookster claims to Leta, "Yep"

Leta nods at Spookster.

Ghed states, "Thanks a lot Saga, that was really nice of you"

Ghed wonders, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Ghed muses, "Shoot, I forgot to say who wants to scribe today's meeting for us?"

Trogdor claims, "Apparently, people have heard of the fearsome reputation of ghed :-)"

Deedee claims, "Can if you need"

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed says to Deedee, "Thanks"

Deedee states, "I charge double"

Ghed states, "I have mercantilism at one million"

Ghed muses, "Alright then! We have no topics for today! Would anyone like to talk about something?"

Tasker declaims, "Latency! "

Spookster gets a cask of rose wine.

Spookster lifts a cask of rose wine to their nose and sniffs at it.

Spookster drops a cask of rose wine.

Leta muses to Tasker, "What about? =)"

Ghed claims to Tasker, "Speak up, brother"

Tasker questions, "Was there any thought or discussion around adding in a way for Mages to sense latency at all?"

Spookster claims, "It would be very cashmoney to have a spell or ability to sense latency in latents."

Lans claims, "Yes. I would love that."

Tasker states, "I bet u would"

Leta states, "We have it in our list of mage survey things to review, and are hoping to add something"

Eurus claims, "Keeping in line with thematic times, we have allowed mages to sense latency in the scent of urine"

Spookster claims, "Nevermind i dont want it now"

Victoria snickers.

Eurus states, "Lmao"

Trogdor says, "To detect magical latency, people are encouraged to report to the offices of the Holy Inquisition. They can assist you there"

Lans says, "I'll still take it"

Tasker states, "Yeah i give up magic now bye"

Spookster claims, "You would"

Temi grins.

Victoria claims, "Imagine the church giving people piss tests for magical abilities"

Claude says, "Lol"

Leta claims, "We're hoping to brainstorm something that gives mages an advantage on locating latents WITHOUT something that could just be spammed to flag everyone on grid"

Trogdor claims, "Fair weather magic users... only like to use it til they find out it uses none-fun bodily fluids"

Leta states, "More valuable than just... drugging the guy and attempting to awaken them, however."

Tasker says, "Yeah that's cool, I know it has been a small source of frustration for a couple of new players who were hoping to be latent and so forth. Just wanted to make sure it was still in the staffs thought-sphere."

Leta claims, "If there are recommendations, I would love to hear it."

Eurus nods at trogdor.

Leta nods at Tasker.

Spookster states, "Awaken command requires 75 rp hours on target aka to no longer be cyan; I know one person of whom that has frustrated and, well, I think they quit over it"

Tasker states, "I did put up a suggestions on the forums about it, can't remember what I wrote"

Trogdor muses, "I mean, if it's tied to cyan status, can't people remove cyan status?"

Eurus claims to Tasker, "I think it was urine related"

Tasker states, "It was yeah"

Victoria muses, "How do you check your rp hours?"

Spookster states, "I'm not a hundred percent sure"

Spookster states, "Its on your score sheet"

Ghed states, "Score"

Trogdor states, "I seem to recall that you could somewhere"

Spookster says, "You CAN remove your cyan status but"

Ghed states, "At the top, under  your name"

Spookster states, "I dont know if that matters to the command"

Eurus says, "Purchase established I think"

Victoria states, "Oh nice, I didn't even notice it there."

Deedee states, "You can remove cyan, but if it's tied to hours that won't help"

Trogdor states, "Imho, it should be tied to cyan status then, not hours "

Temi claims, "We could discuss and take a further look into that."

Leta claims to trogdor, "That's a good idea. I'll add it to our discussion points"

Leta muses to Tasker, "I saw your post! I think our only challenge right now is how to implement without making it a free for all. How can mages have a tangible advantage in detecting latency but not just... walk into a big event and flag every latent on grid?"

Leta states, "There was an idea to make detecting latency a Sanctum-specific command, as well"

Spookster says, "Do eet"

Tasker says, "Oh dang, that would be cool. Yeah I get'cha, my thoughts were making it an attune only spell so you can't just be spammy about without prep."

Leta nods at Tasker.

Trogdor states, "As far as detecting latents, i would suggest a slight time box and/or a multiple step ritual. a drink spiked with a concotion that the target must drink or some sort of food, and then a cool down period, and after that a ritual -- if staff wants to gate it, make it so they need a piece of the targets hair or something to complete the ritual"

Leta nods at trogdor.

Tasker says, "Ooo. I like that. "

Leta nods at Tasker.

Temi claims, "Maybe ability to determine presence but not who."

Spookster states, "I just grab their shoulders, shake them, and yell in their face DO YOU HAVE THE MAGIC"

Ghed says to Temi, "Can be easily manipulated by 1-1 scenes"

Temi nods in agreement with Ghed.

Leta questions, "How would you feel about it requiring multiple mages to cast?"

Lans says to Spookster, "I like that"

Trogdor exclaims, "I prefer the orders method, to be honest. cleanse the mage, and toss the ash at another mage and see what happens!"

Temi says, "But 1-1 scenes with each and every person you're suspicious of, not just big group and know everybody on grid."

Spookster states, "Would work fine for the sanctum but terrible for the solo practicioner"

Temi nods in agreement with trogdor.

Ghed says, "Post-mortem verification"

Spookster claims to Lans, "You would"

Temi states to trogdor, "Indeed, very thematic."

Leta says to Spookster, "That's a fair point. I suppose if we took that route, it would be a Sanctum command"

Spookster states, "You could make it a high level magecraft item"

Spookster claims, "Target wears it, if they have the spookiness, the thing glows"

Spookster states, "Sor something"

Spookster claims, "I prefer an actual ability or command bu tits an option"

Leta nods at Spookster.

Victoria claims, "A command or ability would probably be optimal. "

Leta pontificates, "Thank you all for your ideas. To Tasker's point, the TL;DR is that yes, we do hope to add the ability to detect latency! We're just still fleshing out the details =)"

Ghed claims, "Excellent, thanks"

Ghed queries, "Is there anything else anyone would like to talk about? If not I can beam you down to the mortal realm again"

Spookster says, "Uhhh"

Victoria says, "I think I'm good. This was great. Feel like I'm updated now. :)"

Leta smiles at Victoria.

Leta claims, "Glad to hear it"

Saga wonders, "I'm not sure if it's because I'm new, but I feel like purchasing wealth is a little expensive? 10k experience for 1000 silver seems like it's a little too little silver"

Anonymous states, "Oh its definitely a lot. especially with assets being silver only now"

Tasker wonders, "It's a bit low when you consider a tough retainer is 2000 silver?"

Ghed says, "I wouldn't say it's a lot, no"

Ghed states, "Just one stone room"

Claude trails off, "And with inflation... j/k"

Leta asks, "What would y'all suggest for a conversion?"

Ghed hmmmmms.

Tasker wonders, "In THIS economy???"

Anonymous states, "1000 silver is 13 weeks worth of 1 lvl 1 asset with an average of 75 silver a week"

Saga claims, "I get that if you have a lot of death xp it might not be a super big deal, but if you're starting fresh it seems a little excessive"

Temi says, "We had been talking about reviewing assets, so there may be some changes in how we want to handle income and such in general"

Victoria states, "It is quite costly, but then again it might not be intended for fresh accounts still getting a hang of the game. It seems a little expensive being new tho. I do see that 100 percent. "

Deedee questions, "What are the thoughts on assets?"

Leta nods at Saga.

Spookster claims, "There are pretty extreme wealth gaps between broke-a-doke fresh charactger with only 1 lvl 1 asset and the bitter-vet with two lvl 3s from before they changed into being buyable with silver instead of xp"

Leta says, "I'll make sure to add it to staff talking points"

Spookster trails off, "Then again... kind of thematic to have huge wealth gaps"

Ghed says to Deedee, "We want simplification without losing richness, and that's all I'm saying"

Ghed smiles innocently.

Leta claims to Deedee, "We wanted to simplify the system since the POLCA is rather confusing to new players"

Deedee nods.

Deedee claims, "It's confusing for old players, too."

Leta grins.

Leta claims, "Fair."

Ghed claims, "And for staffers"

Leta nods at Ghed.

Ghed coughs.

Temi claims, "I don't think we have the details close enough to say what we're thinking yet.  We weren't entirely in agreement the last we discussed it, anyway."

Leta nods at Temi.

Trogdor states, "I think tweaking the wealth system one must be exceedingly careful to keep the balance. there should be some advantage of being in poverty in a game mechanic sense"

Trogdor claims, "Other than getting access to southside, i mean"

Ghed nods at trogdor.

Ghed states, "Love and peace, man"

Ghed says, "No responsibilities"

Leta claims to trogdor, "We do have limitations on purchase wealth for freeman"

Ghed pontificates, "Okay! thanks for your opinions and inputs"

Deedee says, "If we're still looking for topics"

Ghed asks of Deedee, "Yep? 20' left"

Leta has transferred Murrmurs.  [OOC]

Deedee muses, "How about being able to order retainers remotely?"

Temi gives a knit beanbag with the shape and colors of a plump pumpkin to Murrmurs.

Ghed states, "That's magic"

Spookster says, "*cough*"

Lans states, "Did somebody say"

Ghed says, "No really I get you"

Spookster muses, "How about being able to order retainers remotely?"

Leta wonders to Deedee, "Can you elaborate?"

Anonymous states, "Oh god i have the dumbest most stupid idea about this"

Tasker says, "All ur ideas are dumb"


Ghed says, "Guys"

Deedee states, "For example, being able to send them on an errand. you can order them to move a few rooms away, but they can't pick something up there and return it"

Ghed says, "You can already send them a few rooms away"

Tasker muses, "You can?"

Deedee says, "That's what I said"

Ghed claims, "Oohh"

Ghed claims, "I just got it"

Ghed nods at Tasker.

Ghed says to Tasker, "Order all the directions before the mob leaves the room"

Temi says, "Hail call can bring them back in, but yeah, how to balance not being able to see what's going on with giving further orders is tough"

Ghed claims, "And avoiding abuse"

Murrmurs nods with that. The utility seems a bit low when you could just walk the PC a few rooms to do the collecting.

Deedee states, "My main use is to avoid interrupting a scene when I need supplies for treating. Would be good to send a lackey to get it for me."

Temi states, "Maybe a yell order for them in the neighboring room, hrm."

Leta exclaims, "We do have a mobjob to retrieve an object!"

Ghed says, "That's true"

Ghed states, "I can make something within constraints"

Deedee states, "Yeah, but it'd cost a lot for that many objects"

Murrmurs queries, "Retrieve mobjob, Leta?"

Leta nods at Murrmurs.

Ghed states to Murrmurs, "You say something like 'bring me the scalpel' and the mob teleports away (doesnt echo), grabs the stuff, and returns"

Ghed says, "Then I add an echo like 'the mob bows and withdraws to get the scalpel'"

Deedee claims, "The mobjob also probably doesn't work for objects inside objects inside objects which is how the Madison's stuff is organized"

Anonymous claims, "Squire, bring me my sword"

Leta claims, "Though Delana is correct that it would be a lot of money if you were asking to script each item individually."

Leta states, "You could, however, have it bring you a 'med kit' or something"

Murrmurs claims, "And guilds do generally have plenty of cash on hand for a couple scripted bag items---yeah."

Ghed says, "Nod"

Ghed states, "A lot"

Deedee claims, "I've been considering the mobjob route, but more flexible retainers would be better overall, not just for guilds"

Ghed claims, "It's a tradeoff for sure"

Deedee claims, "Maybe something like uhhh"

Deedee claims, "I forget the name of the ST command, where you hop into a NPC to control it"

Deedee says, "That could be one way, but with some limitations perhaps"

Spookster says, "Switch <mob>"

Ghed says, "I don't see that happening, unfortunately, for a few reasons"

Ghed states, "I'd rather use some sort of yell"

Deedee says, "Something like yell could work, maybe not echoing to the room though"

Ghed claims, "Other players need to know you're giving out commands"

Ghed claims, "Maybe not an echo that reaches all adjacent rooms -- for sure"

Ghed smiles.

Ghed pontificates, "But it's a good suggestion overall! thanks for the input"

Deedee nods.

Leta says to Deedee, "We can add it to talking points and brainstorm if there's a way to implement some support for these things that isn't too op"

Ghed says, "Yep"

Leta states, "But I think the risk of abuse gets VERY high, very fast"

Leta says, "So we'll have to be clever about it"

Ghed questions, "Alright. Is there anything else?"

Ghed claims, "If that's all, I'll retrans everyone so you can resume RP"

Ghed states, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Ghed trails off, "Energising in 3..."

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Ghed trails off, "1..."

Spookster states, "Scotty"

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