Log of OOC meeting 7/17/21

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Sat Jul 17, 2021 8:13 pm

Kinaed claims, "A reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Regardless of what we discuss, we understand and truly believe that everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Kinaed states, "Today's Agenda is:

- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon."

Lans claims, "I'm good"

Tasker claims, "U wot"

Clear says, "I had an idea if there's time at the end."

Kinaed says to clear, "I'll add you to the list :) PLease pre-type your idea."

Violet says, "I have one"

Kinaed declaims, "Anyone else want to register a topic? Thanks Violet!"

Kinaed wonders to Tasker, "Was "U wot" code for having a topic or related to something I didn't see?"

Kitty claims, "I think Tasker was responding to Anonymous."

Kinaed claims to Kitty, "Thanks :)"

Kinaed states, "Okay, I'll kick off Staff Updates."

Kitty could be wrong...

Anonymous is a problem.

Kitty states to Anonymous, "You are not wrong."

Kinaed says, "I was fairly inactive this week, sadly. I think I did some early stuff with help file changes and processing a few basic things, but I haven't been online much."

Kinaed says, "On my desk - I need to have a staff meeting soon because our Staff Talking Points list is getting pretty long."

Kinaed claims, "I have completed about 25 percent of an OOC Chat log review."

Kinaed trails off, "That's it for me..."

Ghed hugs Kinaed.

Kinaed wonders to Ghed, "Want to give us your update?"

Ghed nods.

Ghed says, "I did my best while being out of town. Some phome requests, improved the automated NPC healers, some minor puppets here and there, the many recommends, uhhhh"

Kinaed nods at Ghed.

Ghed scratches his head, "What else?"

Ghed claims, "Bah, I'm sure it was nothing important."

The sound trembles as the Matrix, Ghed's responsibility, crumbles.

Anonymous says, "GG Ghed."

Kinaed claims, "Thanks Ghed :)"

Kitty questions to Ghed, "See what you did?"

Kinaed claims to Temi, "Your turn :)"

Temi drops a traveling minstrel chasing down wind-blown pages.

Temi claims, "Well, for a new skill-quest this week, I came across this poor fellow - foraging based ones."

Lans claims, "This is excellent, I love each and every one of these"

Lans says, "Can you make one of a mage needing a generous application of the sword skill"

Violet claims, "Ooooh"

Tasker states, "Lans wtf"

Anonymous says, "Yeah lans wtf"

Temi claims, "New crafts, I've tried something out to craft scars with unskilled. Should be easy to make without anything, but mp intensive"

Kinaed smiles.

Temi says, "You can't use them to create tattoos, so do mind your tooling! Other than that... helping out with the new mage guildhall and trying to keep up on requests."

Deedee muses, "Any difference between that and the artist tattoos?"

Kinaed claims to Temi, "Thanks for that :)"

Anonymous states, "They're not tattoos they are scars"

Temi claims, "Not a lot of difference, besides strings and policy."

Eos has returned from AFK.

Kinaed pontificates to Eos, "Perfect timing :) Your turn!"

Lans says, "Thanks for all the hard work"

Deedee wonders, "Looks like only small and large, medium planned as well?"

Temi says, "Not at this point. Probably enough to differentiate between the two"

Deedee claims, "I see. It would help with determining more specfically what should and shouldn't cover them, but guess they can still get a tattoo if they need"

Kinaed politely listens for Eos' update.

Eos claims, "I have started making app in packages - boxes we hand to characters that apped in that provide them with the basic items they need to start their job, mostly keys and one identifying item for every role. I have finished those for the Clergy and the Inquisitorial path and will continue with them. I also organized a meeting with the Order discussing what we can do to help them fulfill their role in game. And of course small requests here and there. "

Kinaed says to Eos, "Thank you for that :)"

Ghed states, "She's been a tornado of activity folks"

Ghed states, "Sometimes following me as I move around grid, and tossing me clever ideas"

Euric says, "That sounds really useful :o"

Eos grins.

Clear claps for Eos

Tasker says, "And saved me from being entombed."

Eos states, "Thank you. oh yes i do that a lot"

Deedee apps into everything to collect the whole set.

Anonymous claims, "I wanted to explore Tasker's Tomb."

Eos says, "Oh of course also did some mage thingies"

Anonymous trails off, "That... sounded wrong..."

Kitty states to Tasker, "She shoulda left you there. :-p"

Kinaed states, "Any questions for Staff before we move on? Also, I forgot - I added some policy info to HELP HEX for mages about how the spell needs to be used in RP context."

Tasker claims, "Mortal means cannot hold me"

Ghed states, "Good thing we are here then"

Lans quirks an eyebrow.

Deedee asks, "Mundanes can't see that- anything we should know?"

Anonymous claims, "NO PRISON CAN HOLD MEEEE"

Tasker states, "Exactly "

Kinaed says, "Specifically, it requires the use of hex to follow PK rules, like requiring an IC reason to target someone."

Deedee says, "Oh okay, that's helpful."

Kitty claims to Kinaed, "Appreciate that."

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Eos says, "Salem has made strides in refactoring and is also handling bug fixes, we need to extensively test them now."

Kinaed states, "That is super cool, thanks for letting us know :)"

Ghed says, "She showed me her work in a video call"

Ghed states, "It was scary"

Kinaed says, "Okay, that's it for Staff Updates, I think. A big thanks to staff for their hard work this week :)"

Ghed smiles.

Kinaed asks, "Next is Player Heartbeat. How was the RP for everyone today?"

Kinaed exclaims, "This week!"

Kinaed claims, "Not just today :)"

Lans claims, "Fruitful."

Clear claims, "Great"

Euric declaims, "Haven't had any RP yet but I'm excited for it!"

Kinaed smiles at Euric.

Kinaed says to Euric, "I hope you find plenty and have a lot of fun :)"

Deedee declaims, "Been busy!"

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

Kitty says, "It has been a good week."

Clear says, "That's unusual people must be busy with prjects."

Kinaed says, "That's sounding pretty positive so far :)"

Tasker states, "Stuff is ramping up on the spooky side of things. I should be running one of my ST events next weekend, should have the doodle poll out tomorrow for those involved."

Yara says, "I had a great Knighting scene. Thanks to everyone who attended."

Kinaed states to Tasker, "Thanks for running a story for people :)"

Kitty claims, "The knighting was excellent."

Kinaed pontificates to Yara, "Oh, congrats!"

Anonymous states, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm the knighting was fun"

Lans says, "It was."

Anonymous claims, "Me pesronally has been blah."

Kinaed comforts Anonymous.

Violet says, "Thank you for spooks and for active Order fun."

Lans states, "Thanks to Vlora's player for providing inspiration."

Yara says, "And thank you for the mages who decided to spice it up a little. Truly appreciated. "

Violet says, "Appreciate both"

Lans nods.

Kinaed muses to Anonymous, "Any particular reason for that we can help with, or just one of those weeks?"

Tasker states, "... I've played a Knight for 4 years give or take, and when I heard about a belting I thought someone was getting punished. I'm not sure what state my brain is in."

Lans trails off, "I mean..."

Kinaed coughs.

Anonymous states to Kinaed, "No nothing anyone can help with. IC events being a bummer."

Lans states, "... there are beltings and beltings"

Deedee claims, "That's the after party"
Kinaed comforts Anonymous.

Anonymous states, "Also I totally said you should belt both of them"

Anonymous states, "And even offered to wield the belt."

Euric says, "Oh god I thought it was a punishment too"

Violet claims, "Hot."

Euric queries, "Wait what is it then?"

Anonymous flexes his improvised skill.

Kitty states, "Kinda kinky."

Violet declares, "Squires becoming Knights, Euric!"

Temi grins.

Temi states, "Yep, it's a good thing. Becoming full knights."

Kinaed muses, "Anything shitting anyone that isn't a topic today that they want staff to know about?"

Lans states, "Please give your fellow player the benefit of the doubt. That's all."

Kitty nods.

Violet says, "Rumors! More rumors, always."

Anonymous says, "Sometimes hard to do tbh"

Kinaed finishes abruptly, "Yeah, we've been talking a lot as staff with excitement to see more knights on the ground and a mages guild standing up - just please remember when the tit and tat gets going that we're all players and all trying to have fun :)"

Kitty says, "Remember rumors do not have to be real/accurate/truth."

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Violet claims, "Yes. Plz add spice"

Sparkles states, "Ah, talking events here's the little ST tomorrow if anyone was interested."

Ghed pontificates, "Thanks for sharing!"

Kinaed claims to Sparkles, "Awesome :)"

Tasker states, "I heard that Lans wears frilly lace"

Tasker claims, "I've seen it, even"

Lans says, "B-baka"

Kitty says to Tasker, "Sadly, true."

Anonymous exclaims, "N-nani?!"

Kinaed muses, "Anyone else have anything they want to share? If not, we can jump into player topics :)"

Anonymous states, "New fiction novel of the forbidden Lans v Tasker romance coming out soon."

Kinaed states to clear, "You're first up."

Kitty says, "Heretical."

Clear claims, "One time we talked about a possible way to secretly try to look at people or things. If that's a major headache to code, it's totally no prob, but one idea maybe could be to allow people to put it in an hemote. That way there's still a chance, but also they're less likely to be seen instead of guaranteed to be seen by everyone."

Tasker questions, "Isn't that peek?"

Lans says, "He probs means looking at an item worn on a person"

Violet muses, "I think this is about examining specific items?"

Clear says, "Oh some of that got cut off"

Deedee states, "Peek only works for inventory and carried coin, not into containers"

Kitty says, "I was going to say... just looking doesn't echo."

Deedee says, "Oh"

Violet states, "It would be great to be able to look at the ed desc of an item w/o it echoing to the room, at least w/ high peak."

Temi says, "That could be an interesting addition to peek though, to look at items more carefully without notice."

Deedee looks closely at a dingy brass lantern belonging to Temi.

Violet looks closely at a jade bandana, tied on the back of the head belonging to Ghed.

Clear says, "Lol I saw that."

Lans states, "Maybe looking at a worn item can roll against Peek"

Anonymous looks closely at a jade bandana, tied on the back of the head belonging to Ghed.

Ghed declares, "H-hey!"

Tasker looks closely at a blue cotton cloak bearing the Crossed Swords on a Chalice belonging to Ghed.

Anonymous claims, "I want your bandana."

Tasker stands up.

Deedee states to Anonymous, "You got to kill him for it I think."

Euric looks closely at a small wood tiger figure painted with a pattern of stripes belonging to Ghed.

Anonymous cracks his knuckles, "This is what I trained for."

Kitty states, "Hmmm, boss fight."

Tasker questions, "Does Ghed drop legendary loot?"

Kinaed claims, "I'll take that request under advisement."

Kinaed trails off, "I have a couple of anonymous topics, btw. I'm going to do one now becaus eit was actually submitted by Request Board and I forgot about it..."

Euric says, "I've just thought of a topic, or more of a question, if we have time at the end"

Ghed claims, "There that's my boss life bar"

Kinaed says, "Anonymous: As far as I am concerned, the language code handles different languages, but the language we should all be typing in is English. There should be no reason that I should be able to codely know a language, but then not be able to understand what is being said OOCly because people are using that language code, and then ALSO speaking in French, Italian, Spanish, or whatever other language. To note, I don't mean things like... 'mister', 'missus', whatever in other languages. That's relatively well known. But, I find it hard to wrap my head around codely knowing how to do something, but needing ADDITIONAL knowledge to actually know it, because people are using additional OOC knowledge that they have that is not code based, and actually stops people from understanding something. I can see this being a problem for both people that have screenreaders, and people who are accessing our game who speak a different language and aren't fluent in English. Expecting people to be fluent in multiple languages to support what they should codely be able to access seems a touch of a stretch."

Kinaed claims to Euric, "I'll add you to the list. Please pre-type your question/topic :) I'll call on you when it's your turn."

Anonymous questions, "I've only ever witnessed mister or miss being said in different languages, usually french. Are people speaking whole sentences in different languages?"

Anonymous trails off, "Also... do note that anonymous topics don't come from me..."

Anonymous continues to be a problem for everyone.

Lans says, "Agreed on principle. I do like a little variety like that but not if it gets in the way of understanding."

Deedee grins at Anonymous.

Violet states, "Sometimes folks have vocabulary I lack. I usually use google for that."

Deedee pontificates, "Well, it has your name on it!"

Temi states to Anonymous, "You're welcome to become less anonymous and more someone else, any time you want"

Kinaed spreads her hands because she's not familiar with the situation that led to the raising of the item.

Clear gives Anonymous the death glare jk jk

Euric claims, "Kk. And anonymous, that sounds frustrating! You shouldn't need Google translate open just to play."

Violet states, "I haven't noticed a big issue w/ foreign languages but I could be missing something."

Temi states, "Good to keep in mind that different people have different amounts of familiarity with foreign words"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Temi says, "So something that seems straightforward to you, others may have absolutely no idea what you mean"

Anonymous claims, "I mean, me personally, if I'm going to say a word in a different language then I'll just slap a language tag on there. But thats me."

Kinaed states, "Okay, I think that's more of a 'let's all keep this in mind' kind of thing."

Lans nods.

Kinaed says, "Next on the list.."

Temi states, "Better to use language tags for throwing in foreign words than using actual foreign words, even if you think they are common."

Kinaed queries to Kitty, "Please introduce us to your topic?"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Deedee nods in agreement with Temi.

Kitty claims to Kinaed, "Wasn't me? I don't have one today."

Deedee states, "Well, better think of one quick."

Kinaed states to Kitty, "Oh, sorry. I had you down... I wonder who I'm skipping that I put your name down instead. OOps, sorry anyone I miss."

Kitty questions, "Uh. Uh. Uh. Everyone is awesome?"

Kinaed states to Violet, "You're up :)"

Clear claps for kitty

Violet grins.

Violet declares, "Okey!"

Violet states, "I've noticed that some crafted items are finished and require 1 silver to retool, while the majority are already toolable when they're produced. For example: swaths of embroidered cloth, spices, kettles of flavored teas. I guess I was curious: a) if this is an intentional design choice and b) if we can homogenize so everything is readily retoolable when made. I do think it disproportionately effects newer, broker, freeman characters to have to pay the silver to retool."

Lans states, "Agreed"

Tasker says, "One silver does not sound like a munch but it does add up when your pockets are emptying. "

Deedee claims, "Hm, I think there was a reason, but I don't remember what it was"

Violet claims, "I think it's become more noticeable as more items have been cleared as embellishments."

Tasker states, "Munch? Much."

Anonymous claims, "I think 1 silver isn't particularly a big deal but I speak from wealthy privilege"

Lans says, "Some people mass produce to fill freemen shops"

Deedee says, "One silver does add up when you're making batches"

Sparkles claims, "Also if you ended up with a not stellar starter asset."

Violet trails off, "I think it adds up more when you're making, say... 20 kettles of tea, or a whole outfit embellished w/ embroidery"

Deedee claims, "Kettles do come toolable at least"

Temi says, "Generally it's been starting items as finished if they are only an ingredient"

Kitty says, "Yeah, I can see where quantity can be an issue with that."

Deedee claims, "It's usually commodities, like hay that's not immediately toolable"

Temi says, "So that you don't have to deal with finishing before you can store them or such"

Deedee nods.

Violet states, "I guess my view is if it ONLY serves as a transitional ingredient to another recipe, makes total sense. But if I can also use said spices or embroidered cloth as an embellishment, then I'd like to be able to prettify."

Deedee wonders, "Maybe they can be looked at case-by-case?"

Sparkles states, "As we are on this, the fact that if you 'serve' the retool cost of those is the retool of the entire set of glasses rather than one silver as you aren't counted as the creater can be big sad for party planning stuff."

Deedee asks, "If someone crafts something that's not toolable that they want to be, put a typo board?"

Eos nods.

Violet states, "Happy to start a list, just didn't want to throw that on staff if there was an intentional reason or folks were against it :)"

Kinaed states, "I think a typo board would be good in that instance"

Eos trails off, "The inconsistency has me think its more of a mistake but... yea typo it and we look at it"

Temi nods.

Temi states, "Typo board is best"

Violet exclaims, "Alright, great!"

Temi states, "Serve explicitly uses the short that's set on the objects, and the taste from the items"

Sparkles nods.

Temi states, "I don't think that retooling the stuff you get out of it is a supported use case."

Clear gets pinned to the typo board by his toes

Kinaed claims, "If there is an intentional reason, I'm not sure what it specifically was. However, we do want there to be sinks in the economy for silver and also to prevent open-skilling in some areas,"

Kinaed states, "So we'd need to review case by case."

Kinaed claims, "Usin the typo board is a good way to get us to review individual cases of concern"

Temi states, "If you want unique glasses for something to be served in, you may need to buy the unique glasses."

Kinaed questions to Sparkles, "We have a LOT of topics today, so in the interests of time - would you like to raise your topic?"

Sparkles claims, "I know this topic has come up before and I know that it didn't really get a positive response before but things the other day on the OOC channel kind of brought to the fore thoughts again about the lack of well, moderation on said channels when staff is gone/AFK."

Kitty queries, "What kind of moderation?"

Ghed asks, "Do people not report to staff when bad stuff happens while we sleep and work?"

Murrcognito muses, "OOC channels are logged, aren't they?"

Anonymous says, "Someone brought up that reddit post that was made about TI and it turned into something of a thing."

Kitty trails off, "Yeah, if something is concerning, I would say a board note to staff with a log would be the best way to handle it. They can always look at the history if they are curious if it was doctored..."

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Temi claims, "That was reported to staff, actually."

Kinaed muses, "I have the sense that it's players who wish they could stop the discussion from progressing a certain way though in real time when we're not around to manage. I think we can create a command to allow players to shut down the OOC Channel wholesale if something's going off for a set period?"

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Deedee states, "Note also you can ignore characters"

Violet trails off, "That sounds like it could be easily abused? Idk..."

Kitty says to Kinaed, "I am not sure that would be the way to handle it. People could just shut it off for whatever reason."

Lans nods.

Deedee wonders, "Does that ignore command work on ooc names actually?"

Kinaed says, "I heard about it after, so I don't know if it was real-time, but there is also a sense that we shouldn't overly heavy-handedly censor people just because they're talking about something that might be uncomfortable."

Euric claims, "Is the question that we need a way to self-moderate when the big kids are away? Because if it's the OOC channel I think you can just turn it off."

GeeBee says, "I agree with Violet and Kitty."

Kitty claims, "Unless it's given to only certain, trusted players, but I feel like the issue would be the same."

Kinaed nods at Euric.

Euric says, "I don't know what specifically happened, though"

Violet states, "I do feel that incorrect information... or just opinions rather than fact... is occasionally shared on visnet. But I think that's tangential to the point being raised here. In the OOC channel, my view is that unless folks are being jerks, insulting other players, being inappropriate or spamming... If I don't want to hear it, I agree with Euric. I just turn it off."

Kinaed nods at Violet.

Kitty says, "Or talking about IC things."

Ghed says, "That's breaking the rules"

Kinaed says, "I think people often forget that they have a lot of control over OOC communication that they receive."

Kitty nods.

Kinaed states, "That said, in the moment, it's true people forget what opens they have, especially if they only have to block someone once in a blue moon."

Kinaed claims, "With regards to visnet - if you don't know an answer, or if your answer won't help a situation, please don't post. The channel is designed to help people."

Kinaed claims, "With OOC, please don't post any IC information there."

Kinaed muses, "Is there anything to add here?"

Deedee shakes.

Sparkles states, "No, thank you for fielding the topic."

Kinaed says, "Okay, our next topic is another anonymous one :)"

Temi gives a double-bladed sword fashioned out of rich, dark chocolate to Souless.

Deedee asks of Anonymous, "Yes?"

Anonymous says, "Again, not from me. Disclamer."

Kinaed claims, "Anonymous: It feels like it is expected for Merchants and Troubadours to host events by now and the OOC pressure feels overwhelming, at the same time by now it feels like its an expectation and there is little in the way of recognition. I don't know what the solution is here. I would like to see more people hosting events so as to spread the work out, for one."

Lans states to Anonymous, "Dude"

Anonymous states to Lans, "Wut"

Kitty states, "Well. They ought to be charging for hosting events. It shouldn't be expected to be done for free."

Kinaed claims, "For the record, I personally see events as add-ons to the game. It's so wonderful when people run them, but it's not anyone's "job" in my view to run them."

Violet trails off, "Well... the holiday celebrations are for the entire grid"

Ghed says, "It's a big cause of GL burnout"

Kinaed nods at Ghed.

Tasker claims, "I think part of this comes from people expecting GL's to run all the events and organise everything, from my experience. The onus is on guild members to run stuff and organise things, too."

Kitty states, "I agree with Tasker."

Souless says, "Yeah, definitely shouldn't be an expectation. Especially without being paid for these events."

Violet asks, "I really like the idea of having certain things... already in place? Like every IC Yule, the ice rink and a hot chocolate vendor w/ some sweets gets added to grid"

Ghed states, "The troubs have 'run an event by yourself' as a promotion requirement and I like htat"

Ghed hmmms

Deedee states, "They're free to host or not host I'd say. If you don't want to do it so often, just hold them less frequently. Like 1 yule an OOC year"

Ghed asks of Eos, "Can we add a script trigger that checks for time of the year?"

Souless trails off, "May there could be a like... Almost coded..."

Souless says OOCly, "Yeah."

Kitty says, "What should be happening is someone wants to host a party, they ask the troubs and merchants to help. With the exception of maybe the Yule Faire and the Spring thing, the merchants shouldn't be "expected" to host anything. And the Troubadours shouldn't be "expected" to host anything. They should be paid to host things."

Souless claims, "Some sort of like, coded events system."

Temi states, "One option for player expectations of certain guilds running events: not to run them for a couple years. Then people will be excited again."

Deedee nods at Temi.

Lans states, "Or pay them somehow like Seneschal donations"

Temi nods.

Sparkles states, "I think one issue is that public events at times feel like the only times you get people out in public. Sometimes it's the only times you see certain people at all."

Eos states, "Temi uses one for the snow banks already as far as i know and i am planning on using one as well, i think it exists"

Kinaed states to Kitty, "Back in the day, no events were expected of anyone. People did them, of course, but they were a lot more rare to RP"

Violet states, "Yeah! Like a coded, holiday-based thingy for the major ones. Because I -DO- think the whole grid benefits from having these events. Of course we could just... not. But that kinda sucks for everyone."

Lans states, "Some Seneschals used to give fat stacks to event organising GLs"

Lans says, "Like Kirill"

Temi states, "Yeah, you can definitely ask for sponsorship to hold things if you want IC support"

Kitty says, "I don't see public RP being a problem like it was months ago. People are very, very often in public."

Anonymous may or may not have given fat stacks to people but for an entirely different reason...

Kitty says, "So, I do not agree with the 'it's the only time people are in public' thing. People are in public a lot."

Eos states, "I was thinking of the menagerie coming back every 4 years or so"

Souless says, "I almost think there should be a sort of... Coded system with events, as a way to earn money for your guild. "

Kinaed states, "There is a requirement in HELP POLICY GUILDLEADER that GLs encourage their guilds to do guild activities, but they can also ask people who are seeking promotion to run an event or delegate other stuff that is expected of GLs."

Ghed begins to count their money.

Souless says, "Or earn influence, maybe."

Kinaed nods at Eos.

Kinaed says to Souless, "That sounds like it could be interesting."

Kinaed jots a note down.

Souless says, "Because people run events, and kinda get nothing back in return."

Kinaed asks, "Is there anything else we can actually say or do that might make this one easier? Do people on the whole agree that it's an issue?"

Kitty says, "Well, like I said. They should be getting paid for it. And, if staff are informed, they do give QP for it."

Kitty trails off, "I will say..."

Euric states, "To souless Really common in RP communities. Making content is hard, and people don't realize that."

Lans states, "Paid to guild AND GL"

Kinaed states, "I don't know if they get nothing - there's recommends with QP, IC recognition and reputation, and depending on the event, potential real physical objects and so on."

Kitty claims, "People that attend events... please remember to actually recommend those who worked so hard on the event."

Lans says, "Maybe a prestige reward="

Souless says, "Yeah, that's true, Kinaed."

Anonymous says, "Don't tempt me with prestige"

Kinaed says, "But I agree they're not systemic or pre-known. Sometimes poeple forget to write recommends."

Anonymous says, "Or you'll get a billion combat competitions every month"

Euric states, "Maybe it should just be a PSA thing, don't expect too much from people as a default"

Kinaed says, "Sometimes Staff forget to hand out the QP"

Kitty says, "There is usually a crap ton of OOC time as well as IC time that goes into that stuff. And recommends are a good reward."

Kinaed nods at Euric.

Souless says, "Maybe more of a system to track events, then."

Deedee says, "Plenty of opportunity for reward. They need to work on their pickpocket skill"

Souless states, "And then like... Submit an event that has occurred to staff for review."

Kinaed claims to Euric, "I think it's a good point. I wonder when 'Hey, events are something you can do for fun' turned into 'hey, if you're not running an event, we think you're not doing your job, GL'"

JoinTheHivemind says, "Hi its about events"

JoinTheHivemind states, "Or so I was told"

Temi nods at Kinaed.

JoinTheHivemind states, "Yea there's no benefit or recognition and rarely a recommend."

Clear waves at Salem

Salem waves.

Kitty trails off, "Used to be, years ago..."

Deedee claims, "I'm guilty of forgetting to regularly recommend"

say I think it goes to the idea that effort/RP that isn't visible to everyone isn't happening/legit.

Sparkles claims, "I think it goes to the idea that effort/RP that isn't visible to everyone isn't happening/legit."

Kitty states, "Run an event, recommends would flow. Both from people who ran the event to those who attended, and from those who attended to people who ran it."

JoinTheHivemind nods.

Ghed says, "I run about 95 per cent of recommendations"

Ghed states, "And recs to event organizers are not common"

Kitty nods at Ghed.

JoinTheHivemind says, "The only recommends i got for the last 2 events were from the other event organisers"

Kinaed questions to Sparkles, "Can you clarify, maybe give an example?"

JoinTheHivemind claims, "Meanwhile ive treated this like a half time job at times :("

Kinaed nods at Ghed.

Ghed claims to JoinTheHivemind, "I'm sorry to hear that"

Deedee trails off, "I also miss most events, but I digress..."

Temi says, "Probably the recs dropped when it turned into an 'expectations' rather than an extra special. They do still happen, especially for novel things, but not the regular ones as much."

Kitty claims, "Only one I got from my last event was from the man who did just as much work as I did, yeah."

Kinaed claims to Ghed, "I have to admit, sometimes I forget to give QP as staff for it too - and sometimes I don't even know who I need to direct it to."

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Kinaed nods at Temi.

Kinaed comforts JoinTheHivemind.

Sparkles claims, "That the reason why events became tied to the idea of GLs 'doing their job' is because people tend to forget a lot of the background/effort RP that goes into the more visible stuff."

Souless claims, "Yeah, so definitely a like... EVENTS command."

JoinTheHivemind claims, "It definitely made me burn out as a gl and consider liquidating, im just around because people allowed me to vent endlessly"

Souless says, "Similar to the Storyteller system."

Kinaed states to Souless, "We did plan to do one for scheduling once."

Souless questions, "Other things got in the way?"

Kinaed states, "So people could use a POLCA to write up they were having an event OOCly, and it'd do the time conversion and posts, etc."

Souless queries, "Or like... Low player interest?"

Kinaed claims, "We could attach QP to those things as well."

Violet says, "I like events command also having built in rewards"

Ghed says, "I like that"

Souless claims, "Yeah, that'd be cool."

Violet states, "Would be awesome."

JoinTheHivemind nods.

Souless queries, "QP and maybe IP, too?"

Lans states, "I would approve"

Kitty wonders, "Do the stories give QP to the storytellers?"

Deedee questions, "Part of the planned calendar system yeah?"

Temi says, "Not automatically"

Kinaed states, "I think I have a spec already sitting around for it that would just need a bit of tweaking to include rewards and recognition rather than just being a scheduling system"

Sparkles states, "A way to check in for events would be interesting because sometimes just remembering/figuring out who all attended a public event can make recommends hard. Like ... Magebane for example that's a lost cause."

Kinaed nods at Deedee.

Kinaed nods at Sparkles.

Deedee states, "Heheh, hard when everyone's masked yeah"

Euric states, "I've played other games where you lodge events on the calendar system and it reminds people in the days leading up, and it works really well. "

Kitty claims, "Stories do, admittedly, make that easier. Because you can grab the list of approved before you close."

Kinaed nods at Euric.

Euric states, "I think it linked into influence gains too"

Kitty states, "And don't have to worry about if they are masked, etc."

Temi says, "Maybe a way to host an 'event' that is like a special locale place of the day. And then once other people do that much RP there, the hoster automatically gets a bigger host reward."

Kinaed claims, "That's what the system is/was for. Never was implemented, but I think it may need to be a high priority overall."

Souless states, "Oh, yeah. I like that, too."

JoinTheHivemind states, "I also remember when we missed one of the events that we usually do that there was minor ic backlash and ooc critique. so yea the pressure is crushing"

say That would be super awesome, Temi.

Sparkles claims, "That would be super awesome, Temi."

Souless claims, "You just sort of... Designate a special, second locale for the day. Yeah. "

Euric hugs JoinTheHivemind.

Kinaed says, "I may add to a policy help file that events are not required, and request people not to ICly pressure people to do or run them or something"

Deedee asks, "Relatedly, is anyone using the current locales?"

JoinTheHivemind says, "Ty for considering code solutions staff, pbase please be kind to our organizers, thats all i wanted to say"

Lans nods at Kinaed.

Kinaed says, "Just to make it clear that it's no one's "job" to run any sort of event for anyone."

Souless says, "That would be good, Kinaed. <3"

Euric wonders, "What is a locale?"

Temi states, "I have definitely seen some used, though mostly when it comes up to locations people already like."

Deedee nods at Temi.

Kinaed claims to Euric, "If you type locale, you should see a place where people get a bonus for RPing"

Kinaed states to Euric, "Okay, last topic is yours :)"

Euric states, "Ohh like an RP prompt but for.. places."

Sparkles says, "I do wonder if the list of folks might need a peek/tweak"

Deedee claims, "Exactly"

Euric muses, "My question: I've seen the ASCII maps in the helpfiles but I still get lost a lot, lol. Mostly indoors. I don't have a great sense of direction. So the question is, is there some sort of client-side mapper available for this game? "

Kinaed asks, "We have three minutes to the top of the hour :) Please let us know what your question, etc was?"

Kinaed has transferred Jiraiya. [OOC]

Jiraiya slows to a halt.

Ghed says, "We have one that is kinda old"

Temi gives a double-bladed sword fashioned out of rich, dark chocolate to Euric.

Temi queries, "You are familiar with travel, right?"

Ghed claims, "We also have the map command"

Deedee says, "The map command doesn't seem to work very well"

Salem claims, "You can set up mudlet really easily, if you are using that."

Clear claims, "I thik someone in the forum made some maps but I actually just remember lol"

Euric states, "Yeah, travel is great, but I need to know the room name"

Temi nods.

Kinaed says, "If you type locale, the room name should be there for travelling to :)"

Kitty says, "Don't forget navigate, too. It lets you figure it out without moving."

Temi states, "Fair enough, yep."

Anonymous says, "I am tempted to make a really big-ass map for the game"

Kinaed nods at Kitty.

Anonymous claims, "Which doesn't include secrets and stuff."

Deedee states, "Someone made one years and years ago"

Jiraiya states, "Someone making a map would be great"

Deedee states, "A bit outdated now"

Jiraiya claims, "Yah updting raspberry's work"

Anonymous says, "Well I can do that. Might take me a bit though"

Euric states, "Ooh, I got the map command assisted to me, that clears things up a bit."

Kinaed smiles.

Anonymous trails off, "And if there is non-euclidian space on grid..."

Anonymous states, "You will make me cry"

Anonymous states, "Pls no"

Ghed states, "We have this one that Emicho did https://i.imgur.com/aNkgdYD.png"

Euric says, "I'm a mushclient user, but if mudlet has a mapper I may try that out as well"

Kinaed says, "Okay, sadly we are at the top of the hour. I want to thank everyone for your time today, and apologize for any topics we didn't get to. "

Salem has gone AFK.

Euric claims, "Thank you Ghed! I'll save this."

Kinaed exclaims, "Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!"

Deedee waves.

Kinaed trails off, "Retrans in 3..."

Violet claims, "<3"

Kinaed trails off, "2..."

Kinaed says, "1.."

Anonymous claims, "Bye bye"

Lans waves.

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