Log of OOC Meeting: 2021-05-08

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Sun May 09, 2021 12:23 am

Temi questions, "So, our agenda for today is 1)  Staff updates, 2)  Player heartbeat, 3)  Player topics.  Does anyone have any topics they want to get on the list before we get started?"

Rey says, "Me please"

Temi nods at Rey.

Temi queries, "Got you.  Anybody else?"

Deedee claims, "I think I might have had something small, will see if I can remember"

Temi nods at Deedee.

Temi says, "Okay.  If anyone else thinks of anything, just let us know and we'll add you in at the end of the list."

Temi declares, "So, staff updates!"

Temi declares, "I'll start... the new craft this week was leather neck pouches, please enjoy!"

Gnomely cheers.

Drystan states, "Yessssss"

Temi claims, "And I've been hard at work on the Confessor's Alley district, and working on polishing it off.  I -think- it's about good, but may see if I can get a fellow staffer to do a double-check before I attach it and make announcements."

Hawali states, "Sweeeet. On both counts."

Temi says, "I've already kicked off the IC renovations, so it doesn't feel too sudden"

Temi grins.

Temi trails off, "But, that's about it for me.  So..."

Temi rolled 1d3 for a pool of: 3. []

Temi wonders to Ghed, "Ghed!  What'd you do this week?"

Ghed states, "Alright! I took a few days off after the Jade Arrow finale to R&R, then I started to mop up and tie loose ends. Which I'm still doing. Sorry. Not sorry."

Ghed exclaims, "Other than that I caught up with request board notes, many of them, processed a gazillion recommendations, which makes me happy... what else... I tested code with Salem, who's so BADASS that he coded an entirely new mobprog command for ME, for US, to finish the automated healer. Which will soon be coming to your local clinic!"

Deedee declaims, "Woo!"

Ghed claps claps claps for Salem!

Temi declares, "Thanks, Ghed!  I've heard lots of awesome thoughts about the Jade Arrow stuff.  Well appreciated!"

Eos claps!

Ghed taps his own a jade bandana, tied on the back of the head 

Not in OOC rooms.

Temi queries, "And that segues us nicely into Salem!  Yay Salem doing mob prog stuff!  Any other update?"

Salem says, "I didn't do a whole lot this week. I'm mostly testing stuff before tackling the next thing and refactoring in between."

Temi nods.

Temi says, "It was nice to see a bunch of the mob prog stuff working with our testing.  We'll have to make some new progs to take advantage of them soon."

Temi declares, "Thanks for the continued work!"

Temi asks, "And Eos?"

Eos states, "I took a break this week. :)"

Temi declaims, "Nothing wrong with that, helps avoid burnouts!"

Violet declares, "Yay self care!"      

Ghed thumbs up at Eos.

Temi queries, "Okay!  The rest of you players then! Player heartbeat - how's life and RP this week?"

Gnomely says, "Oh, I think it's been pretty interesting this week."

Rey claims, "It's been pretty calm for me after the raid. Just catching up on things."

Deedee nods.

PraiseTheEGG states, "It was nice. :)"

Cat says, "I had a wonderful week. Some reeve rp was very good."

Temi nods at Rey.

Temi claims, "It's nice to have some of those weeks"

Sparkles claims, "It's been a bit quiet at times but I've had some very interesting scenes this week."

Temi wonders, "Sounds pretty calm, overall, without being dead?"

Wimpled claims, "Had a few scenes - the games night and popped over to one of the daily RP locations."

Deedee states, "Well almost always dead when I have time to play"

Rey claims, "Yes, it's pretty nice. Was in a nice dance lesson scene and watching people play pigsty. Makes me want to try out more games."

Temi says to Deedee, "Yeah, unfortunately your time zone doesn't seem to play nice"

Deedee nods in agreement.

Eos claims, "I have a half finished project of a games helpfile"

Eos claims, "So there's more rules coming"

Temi states, "Oh yeah, that would be nice to revisit."

Temi nods at Eos.

Temi claims, "Everyone always loves games."

Eos claims, "Oh Rey if I gave you what I gathered would you like to put it on the wiki"

Rey declares, "Sure thing!"

Eos says, "Remind me if i forget :)"

Temi muses, "Anything bothering anyone that isn't already on the discussion list?"

Preposterous states, "Running the games was legitimately fun. Thanks to those who attended."

Rey says, "Will do. I'll be focusing on adding help files to the wiki."

Sparkles says, "I was going to ask a question about the Daily RP locations, as it seems to cycle through some familiar ones fairly often."

Preposterous states, "I haven't seen the same one twice? It's been different every day. Well, except the Wayfarer's Cafe. I think I saw that one twice."

Deedee says, "I noticed that. I think it's happening because it was reset after removing the off-grid ones"

Deedee states, "So they're not really 'random', just cycling through, and if that gets reset it starts over"

Eos says, "No theyre random"

Temi claims, "I think we've seen River Square come up a few times, which is today's again."

Temi claims, "But seems nicely random otherwise."

Deedee states, "Hm"

Rey questions, "Is there a way to suggest places to locale?"

Eos claims, "I noticed when testing that the same room comes up often, but that may be a flaw in how we pick a random number in general, which means we have to change that."

Temi states, "I did remove some off-grid places from not having the public flag, so they wouldn't be considered."

Temi says, "It should pick from all 'public' flagged rooms"

Eos claims, "We had around 70 public rooms before temi removed things"

Temi claims, "So you can suggest if a room should be public-flagged and isn't"

Temi says, "But just because it hasn't come up yet doesn't mean it won't be"

Eos claims, "We don't have a way to set a daily local quest room at the moment, no. We can consider allowing for that"

Rey states, "Is there a way to see what locations are listed? I was thinking it would be nice to add the theater if it isn't added."

Deedee states, "Help faq public"

Rey declares, "Thanks!"

Gnomely states, "I have a topic to ask about."

Murrmurs asks, "Is it possible for the locale location echo to be toggle-able, in the same manner that hints are?"

Murrmurs hyphenates words for no reason, apparently. ._.

Eos says OOCly, "Possibly"

Eos claims, "Possibly"

Gaiseric is idle.

Eos says, "It seems the theatre isnt marked as public so send us a request board to rectify that."

Eos states, "Write a bvgboard murrmurr"

Rey states, "Will do"

Eos says, "Funny enough, I dislike the reminder too I just didn't want to make it togglable if im the only one bothered by it."

Sparkles questions, "Why?"

Temi asks, "Okay, shall we go onto the topics?"

Eos claims, "Because it's a fair bit of work and I'd rather invest the time in something that benefits more than just me"

Eos states, "Yes, sorry"

Temi claims, "I probably removed public from the theatre trying to stop it from spamming rumors during a performance once."

Deedee nods.

Temi questions to Rey, "Okay, Rey?"

Rey claims, "My topic is more of a suggestion. Is it possible to have a public event calendar so that it's easier for players to see and schedule events without running into other people's events."

Eos states, "Kinaed is working on a spec for that"

Drystan is idle.

Deedee queries, "Or do you mean on the website or somewhere?"

Temi claims, "Yeah, it's something we'd like, and Kin was working on a spec for it, but it may be a bit complex"

Temi claims, "I think we also have a google calendar, though not sure who has permissions to add to it"

Gaiseric is no longer idle.

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Preposterous says, "I know a player had one set up once. I think I could find it, because I was allowed to edit it. It's a google calendar - I could probably find the link if we don't want to start over."

Rey states, "Makes sense. Glad to hear."

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Sparkles says, "I think I have the link if people want it."

Temi states, "Yeah, there's a calendar for 'TI Legacy Events'"

Deedee nods.

Eos claims, "Oh its the old spec. Sparkles can you send us the link in a pboard then maybe we can add it to a helpfile or something"

Temi nods.

Temi claims, "Would be nice to be more accessible."

Sparkles states, "Ah, yes, sure, can do."

Temi asks, "Okay, Deedee then?  Did you remember your thing?"

Eos states, "Player made solutions are fantastic and very appreciated :)"

Deedee says, "I think my thing might have been a way for staff to set a locale for the day, so already brought up"

Temi nods.

Eos states, "Put it on a bugboard so we can review it"

Temi states, "Yeah, would be nice at some point, but no way to do it yet."

Deedee nods.

Deedee queries to Eos, "Me?"

Eos claims, "Yes"

Deedee nods.

Temi claims, "So, yeah, post a bugboard note for Eos, and we'll probably have to see where it gets prioritized.  Kin does want us to be better about not randomizing and making sure she has insight onto changes, so we won't just pick up those things, but it helps remember the idea"

Temi asks, "Okay, Gnomely, you had something?"

Gnomely states, "My topic I'm bringing up, is just a question into the status of looking into the plot system to allow for courier names/blackmarket aliases to be used in place of the Owner name on a plot polca, as to be able to include people into plots without giving away a coded name. I know last time I brought it up it was going to be looked into."

Deedee nods.

Deedee says, "That might take a bit of wor"

Deedee says, "K"

Eos says, "It's in our top three priorities"

Temi asks, "I think Eos had started to look at things that were already using aliases?  But yeah, it's not likely to be a straightforward 'pop it in'"

Gnomely nods.

Eos states, "I looked at it, gave up and gave it to Salem"

Gnomely claims, "Ahh, okay."

Deedee says, "For whoever's working on it, keep in mind the auto posting to the plot board"

Rey queries, "If I have a suggestion is it best to write it in the personal board or the request board?"

Deedee states, "Which might give away the character name as-is"

Kuzco is idle.

Gnomely nods.

Eos muses, "Forums? Depends on what it is?"

Deedee states, "Forums ideas board usually"

Salem states, "I have not looked at it, but I will try and tackle it next week."

Deedee says, "Or here."

Deedee states, "(or both)"

Eos wonders, "A bug fix is technically a suggestion? but otherwise forum is good? or here?"

Rey states, "Something private"

Temi nods.

Gnomely nods at Salem.

Eos states, "Uhm. Send a tell to staff later and we'll figure it out"

Temi says, "Bug board for fixes with existing stuff, typo board for stuff builders can fix (descriptions, mob progs, crafts), request board for things like questions and building requests.  Ideas on the forums"

Eos states, "Or that"

Temi states, "As a general scheme for where things go"

Rey pontificates, "Thanks!"

Deedee claims, "There is a lack of places for more private suggestions though"

Preposterous says, "Private suggestions? I think idea boards can be addressed just to staff, if they are suggestions for improvement."

Temi says, "Staff can post some stuff on the forums if people don't have access or it's too suspicious to post yourself, though we generally have the opinion that you don't have to be something to have ideas about it"

Eos nods.

Temi states, "So suggesting spells or thiefy poisons doesn't mean you're a mage or a theif."

Temi states, "Just means you had an idea."

Temi grins.

Temi questions, "Anyway!  Did anyone else have anything that they wanted to go over?"

Sparkles says, "I have one thing."

Temi wonders to Sparkles, "Ah, yep?"

Attack whom with what?

Sparkles says, "I'd like to discuss how currently Liquidation policy doesn't require Guild members to contact their Guildleaders ICly. And 'liquidate list' isn't really an IC thing until the rumor processes."

Temi nods.

Temi asks, "What are people's thoughts in general?"

Ghed declares, "I gotta go! Sorry"

Smoke puffs around Ghed and then he's no longer there. [OOC]

Deedee says, "Hm"

Gnomely says, "Yeah, that seems to be a big problem. People disappear without giving their stuff back. And I've heard that some people have taken like, priceless shit, and liquidated with it. Making them lost forever."

Preposterous questions, "The current policy, I believe, is that people can block it if there is outstanding RP, right?"

Cat is idle.

Deedee nods.

Cat is no longer idle.

Cat says, "Being stuck with an inactive guild memeber that you can't unguild is really bad, especially for small guilds."

Sparkles claims, "Blocking it doesn't actually mean that person will indeed then log in and finish up that RP."

Gnomely states, "You also can't unguild people who have liquidated. You need to wait until they drop off, if they don't unguild themselves."

Cat states, "That too. Some people just liquidate with historic records and stuff like that."

Eos claims, "One could simply add in the helpfiles and the polca that you should contact your GLs before liquidating. so that people can block the liquidation if necessary. that's an easy fix."

Temi claims, "On one hand, it would be nice to give the guildleader a head's up.  On the other, guildleader's don't necessarily deserve special notice, and everyone can see them if they choose to."

Deedee states, "That's another thing, liquidate list keeps blocked requests indefinitely it seems"

Eos says, "No, you can apply again after a while."

Preposterous claims, "Thing is, even if you put that in, it doesn't force the person to log in and actually give back that stuff. If they want to stop playing, they will. Perhaps after a certain amount of time, staff can be asked for certain things to be returned. But... I don't see how you can force someone to play a character they don't want to play."

Sparkles questions, "Is RPing about things found on 'liquidate list' fair game until the rumor is posted about it?"

Eos states, "Apply to get liquidated. "

Temi claims to Sparkles, "No, it's OOC, and you'd just need to block it if you still needed something from them"

Rey has left the game.

Temi says, "Though it -should- probably be better about removing them from the guildlist, or allowing them still be able to be removed"

Deedee asks, "Do liquidated players inventories get put into a bag like deaths do?"

Temi says, "We've also got a spec for legendary items floating around, that will prevent people from losing certain precious things forever"

Deedee nods.

Temi claims, "But that wouldn't include general things like records or such"

Rey wanders into the vicinity. [login]

Eos claims, "It may be worth considering having people be removed from their guild upon liquidation."

Temi muses, "Can someone post a bug report about the non removable people in a guild?  Does anyone have one in their guild now?"

Drystan has been transferred out by Temi.  [OOC]

Rey has been transferred out by Temi.  [OOC]

Preposterous muses, "They fall off after 2 weeks, right?"

Eos questions, "Is that something that would help the issue? If guild members get auto removed upon liquidation?"

Sparkles states, "Takes longer than two weeks, I think in my experience. Depends if they were active at the time they liquidated."

Gnomely states, "I think that would help."

Gaiseric is idle.

Gnomely says, "Autoremoving, upon liquidation."

Temi questions, "Is that the main concern, the getting people stuck on the guildlist?"

Temi says, "Because I think that is a bug, not an intended behavoir"

Eos claims, "I'd suggest putting that in a bugboard then :)"

Sparkles claims, "It's one of the biggest issues because of how inactives are counted against the Guild/GLA and such."

Deedee says, "It takes 4 weeks inactivity before it costs the guild anything I believe"

Sparkles claims, "Also ... folks being stuck in positions and how support/subversion is counted and such."

PraiseTheEGG is idle.

PraiseTheEGG is no longer idle.
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Temi nods.

Temi asks, "Yeah, is someone taking the lead on reporting that?"

Sparkles states, "I can."

Temi declaims, "Thanks Sparkles!"

Temi says, "Okay.  Anything else on people's minds then?  Or we can plop folks back on grid to cause trouble and fun."

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PraiseTheEGG says, "Beam me down scotty"

Temi exclaims, "Not hearing any objections, the usual PSAs:  recommend your friends and enemies whenever they cause you RP, consider writing reviews, and vote for TI!"

Kuzco pontificates, "Write rumors!"

Temi declares, "And I'll send folks back down to the ground!"

Eos says, "You can also recommend staff members, wink wink"

Deedee waves.

Eos waves.

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