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Sat May 23, 2020 6:23 pm

Dear Players,

The player we understand to be behind the following characters is banned:

Erika, Lunette, Erinthe, Arrene, Leah, Emsa, Isais, Noel, Serril, and Aerie

This player has behaved in a very creepy and deceptive manner, apparently targeting another player on TI who was his girlfriend.

Several months ago, I got an email from someone I didn't know asking me to intervene because he felt his girlfriend was spending too much time on TI. I didn't think much of it and told him that as we are game owners, not psychologists, this matter wasn't something we could help with. Importantly, this email did not disclose who his girlfriend was.

Some time later we opened applications for a staff member, and a new player applied. We accepted that application, and things seemed to be fine.

However, a player then started contacting staff asking how and why her password was being changed over a prolonged period of several months. We didn't realize that there was a connection between our new staff member and this player, and we trusted our very small staff, so we reassured her that there was no reason a staff member would be changing her password. It was such a conundrum that I made a joking comment on a staff-only channel that the player might have multiple personalities. Erika copy-pasted my comment to the player and suggested that 'even Kinaed knows she's crazy, so she should get checked' or something in that vein to her. The timestamp on the screenshot was clearly only one Staff member's timezone in the Netherlands, so Erika was fired.

At this point in time, we still didn't know that Erika was the player's actual, by now, ex-boyfriend. We probably wouldn't have found out if another player hadn't come forward to ask me to investigate an incident a few weeks ago where tpb Erika had used one alt to send someone to intervene in RP on behalf of his other alt. During this investigation, Staff had assumed that the player knew that multiple characters were all Erika's. Her shock on finding out that all of the above alts were the same person indicated some long standing, creepy, deceptive, and targeting behaviour towards her. This is when staff found out that tpb Erika was not only her ex-boyfriend, but that he was continuing to engage and target her.

Unfortunately, tpb Erika has network admin skills, and banning probably cannot keep him off our game, so we will need player vigilance to protect his ex-girlfriend. Please alert us if you note anyone that you suspect may be tpb the list above.

If you require assistance in wrapping up RP with any of the above characters, please contact staff via the Request Board.

Kind regards,

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