Log of OOC Meeting (18-11-2023)

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Sat Nov 18, 2023 6:26 pm

Edison claims, "I will scribe if no one else wants to"

Edison says, "I spammed 'score' and 'affect' a bunch of times before I started recording so I'd get
it out of my system"

Eurus claws his way out of the codebase. [OOC]

Ghed says to Edison, "Thanks"

Ghed has awarded you 2 QPs: scribe

Ghed claims, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Edison claims, "(plus I need the QP, let's be honest)"

Ghed claims, "I'm all alone today it seems. Leta's busy, Temi's busy, Eurus is killing more bugs
than global warming"

Edison points at Eurus, "I found 'em!"

Ghed states, "This week I closed the Pilgrimage, did a fair bit of puppeting inquisitor Martin, did
a number of plots, including a big one for the Order, and a fair number of requests."

Ghed states, "I began working on a side project for the Sanctum too"

Brando claims, "Very good thanks Ghed"

Ghed says, "That's all from me. Temi is working full steam ahead on the Crusade, plus some requests
and stuff. Truly a trooper."

Ghed claims, "Leta has been helping with the Crusade a lot including automated excel sheets, very
pretty ones"

Ghed states, "And of course her usual sleuth of requests, rumors, and being a great help"

Ikeala states, "I noticed one of the Pilgrimage spots is still popping up as the Locale of the Day
so those might need to be flagged not public."

Edison muses, "If Temi is a trooper, can we send her on the Crusade?"

Ghed states, "Eurus did a lot of fixes this week -- oh shit good catch Ike"

Ghed asks, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Tiberius states, "Greeeaaat"

Dalton states, "Its been a week."

Edison claims, "Been busy with OOC stuff, and yeah, what Dalton said"

Dreams says, "I have had some big upsets at work, so haven't been able to be around as much as I
would like to be. But, I'm hoping things are calming and I'll be able to settle back into normal."

Ghed states to Dreams, "Sorry to hear tha =/"

Ghed asks, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

Archibald trails off, "Amazing, I can't believe I got so much just during my first week, and it
feels like I only dipped my toe into all the things done, people also been quite welcoming towards
me. OOC-wise it's been really hectic, I had to do four presentations in under one week so my online
times were all over the place-..."

Brando claims, "I have been waylaid by RL stuff and i hope to get some need RP in in the next few
hrs time."

Ghed states to Archibald, "Inquisitor is a tough role, but man it opens a lot of doors"

Ghed says to Brando, "Excellent"

Dalton says, "Need more springs"

Dalton claims, "Always need more"

Edison claims, "Storing potential energy is witch craft"

Ikeala says, "I can confirm this, yes."

Ghed eyes Ikeala warily

Ghed states, "Okay"

Ghed states, "I'm glad we have an inquisitor PC again"

Ghed says, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Dalton claims, "Pyrings too"

Ghed pontificates, "I have no player topics registered!"

Ikeala says, "I think Taxius had something."

Taxius says, "I said I had something. XD"

Dalton wonders, "Was there a gift? did I miss it?"

Edison gets a little toy ship affixed with tiny ducal flags on the mast.

Ghed says to Taxius, "Ooooooooooooooooh"

Dalton gets a little toy ship affixed with tiny ducal flags on the mast.

Edison stands up.

Edison flips a little toy ship affixed with tiny ducal flags on the mast, arcing it gracefully
towards Dalton.

Flipping end over end, a little toy ship affixed with tiny ducal flags on the mast sails towards

Dalton catches a little toy ship affixed with tiny ducal flags on the mast, snatching it from the

Ghed says to Taxius, "So very sorry, do tell"

Taxius claims, "I got question Crusade, but Temi is not here. My other topic was 'Help Sigils'. I
have been combing through the physician stuff and all of it has the winged staff with two snakes on
it. The helpfile does not mention the snakes. So.. do we adjust the helpfile or should I watch out
not to put more snakeys out there."

Ghed peers

Ghed muses, "I think we can adjust the snakes?"

Dreams claims, "A caduceus is two snakes, just-- the formal symbol of it. It's all over the

Taxius wonders, "In the helpfiles or on the items? XD"

Edison claims, "We should get a less witchy creature for the physicians, like an otter"

Eel questions, "Snakes are witchy?"

Ghed states, "I mean the helpfile, I can add the snakes to the helpfile"

Dalton claims, "Totally needs to be cats"

Ikeala claims, "I think it just started to get used IC frequently enough it just started being a

Ghed says, "I'll talk to Irina and stuff too"

Edison nods to eel, "The ones that have tried to kill me have been pretty witchy."

Taxius claims, "Okay. I made some pretty ascii art for a book. So I wanted to make sure it's good."

Taxius says, "That was all I got."

Ghed claims, "Oh cool"

Ghed nods.

Ghed wonders, "Okay, did anyone else have anything to raise or ask or propose?"

Dreams claims, "Eh, it's been well established for years. There are caduceus all over the place -
hospital descriptions, books, cloaks, etc."

Brando states, "I put in a request to have badgers and mushrooms added to the snakes that adorn the
hospital ( sarcasm )"

Ghed claims, "If there's nothing else, I can return you all back to grid"

Tiberius says, "Congrats to Giselle"

Alkide declares, "Oh, hey, yeah, congrats to the new Seneschal!"

Ghed declares, "Indeed!"

Brando says, "Dont forget to recommend your fellow players for excellent RPing and dont forget to
use help plots to find out about the daravi crusade plots etc"

Ghed nods.

Ghed claims, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for
meaningful RP =)"

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drive in 3..."

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Tiberius stands up.

Ghed trails off, "1..."

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