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Ghed muses, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."
Today's Agenda is:
- Staff Updates
- Player Heartbeat
- Player Topics
Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.
Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"
Brando claims, "DnD games are a form of hidden knowledge eh? I use Kult rpg and Palladium Rifts rpg as real world examples often ... TI-Legacy also is useful as a metaphor for things. "
say I can scribe unless someone else wants
Sippycup says, "I can scribe unless someone else wants"
Ghed exclaims, "Thank you!"
Clood claims, "I believe in uou"
Ghed has awarded you 2 QPs: scribe
Ghed states, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."
Ghed says, "This week I moved apartments and had to do visa shenanigans so I couldn't do much other than launch the Pilgrimage plot. It was a lot of work and harassing staff for their opinions, but it looks like it's kicked off nicely."
Ghed has transferred HIEROPHANT. [OOC]
Ghed claims, "(everyone remember to grab a chalice from the floor)"
Ghed states, "I did a few little requests, I'm lagging on book reviews and for that I apologize to our IC writers, I just don't have it in me to cover all bases atm"
Ghed claims, "I also processed the Lothos plots and other little things"
Ghed says, "That's all. I know Temi helped me with some requests. Leta is still away and getting a very well deserved rest. Eurus resumed bug hunting this week, I see him a-lurkin'."
Rambling exclaims, "I cannot believe you let moving apartments get in the way of setting up a goofy daily minigame correctly, the nerve!"
Ghed declaims, "Right?!"
Brando says, "Thats fine Ghed, thanks for doing what you do when you do it ok."
Ghed says, "Thanks to all for their patience regarding Brother Aurelio's glitches"
say Wow, I wondered who made the Pilgrim Game. Its great.
Sippycup states, "Wow, I wondered who made the Pilgrim Game. Its great."
Ghed claims, "There's some mobprog creativity going on there to guide his 'ai'."
Dreams says, "No way I could move in a week. We had four, and were still rushed like crazy - last day literally worked all night long and got no sleep."
Clood has yet to play with pilgrims.
Rambling states, "Actually I regret saying anything because I could have made so much money in so little time smh"
Ghed says, "I lived in a 6 by 6 feet place."
Ghed says, "It was actually not that hard."
Rambling claims, "No more exploits -n-"
Ghed smiles at Rambling
Dreams says, "'... ah, that probably chnages things."
Brando says, "One day a mobs ai is gonna take over the world ... you'll see lol. "
say lol level 100 mob
Sippycup states, "Lol level 100 mob"
Ghed states, "Anyways, that's all from us. I need to read IC books and I may advance on the Reeve detention cells if the Reeves give me a green light"
Ikeala asks, "The what?"
Ghed states, "Ahna in like... May gave me a really neat draft for a short-time detention system for the reeves"
Ghed says, "Basically locking someone up for a small while -- Delana's idea too"
Ghed claims, "I may advance with it or the idea of holding stocks in the Crossroads, or both"
Clood pontificates, "Stocks!"
Brando trails off, "The cells ... the cells ( to the sound of the bells , the bells, by quasimodo )"
Clood is a +1 for stocks.
Ghed says, "The detention cells idea is that after the period expires a portal item becomes available to you"
Clood trails off, "Gonna put Land in 'em..."
Clood says, "Lans, I mean."
Rambling says, "Oh sweet I can be in jail for an IC month"
Ghed states, "Nah the idea was more like"
Ghed states, "Holding someone for 4 hours, or 12, or 24 tops"
Clood trails off, "Wanna throw tomatoes at someone..."
Ghed claims, "In case they were causing a scene, a public fight, nothing 'major'"
Brando says, "Anything that helps the Reeves I am all for ok. "
Ghed queries, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"
Brando states, "Without the Reeves lawless runs rampant eh."
Clood states, "My character had a pretty big change. Soooo... Pretty good."
Brando states, "I have been absent from the game for weeks now. been very busy in Real Life. "
Rambling claims, "Eh, guess I've been alright"
Clood says, "But I think she's cried way more this week than ever"
Dreams claims, "Game is ok."
Rambling states, "Slowly getting back into a more active role now that summer is ending and everything happened"
Ghed states, "Excellent"
Rambling states, "My character has been working hard and will work even harder. This is a threat. There will be booze."
Ghed asks, "Looks like things were average-to-good?"
say Good. I hopefully talked another friend into trying the game out. This one has played muds for a while so it shouldn't be much hand holding.
Sippycup says, "Good. I hopefully talked another friend into trying the game out. This one has played muds for a while so it shouldn't be much hand holding."
Brando claims, "Yes it will be good if i can get an hr in of RP today before rollover eh."
Clood trails off, "Wh-What if I want to hold their hand..."
Iaka giggles
Dreams claims, "I find that even those who have played other MUDs extensively, sometimes need hand holding here due to theme, expectation, rp culture, etc."
Ghed states, "This game requires a little getting used to"
Brando trails off, "Wear gloves ok. germs bad. noobie germs real bad ... cooties lol"
Ghed claims, "On my first week I mistargetted and hit the archbishop with a mace to the abdomen"
say If you want ot hold their hand you'll need to ask for consent Mr.
Sippycup says, "If you want ot hold their hand you'll need to ask for consent Mr."
Clood claims to Ghed, "Awesome"
say whoa lol
Sippycup claims, "Whoa lol"
Rambling claims, "'It's my first day playing this mud I hope I don't screw up'"
Ghed states, "There were White Flame fanatic NPCs hunting hillmen and charali on the strets"
Rambling says, "Assassinates a noble"
Clood says, "Want."
Ghed wonders, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"
Rambling claims, "Yes but it's nothing in staff control"
Brando trails off, "By dav thats apocryphal Ghed ... say twenty Ariens and you''ll be fine lol"
Rambling says, "I went on a little tour of the guildlists recently and it was a traumatic experience."
Brando queries, "Traumatic ... how?"
Clood quips, "Because there needs to be more female knights"
say I should become one
Sippycup claims, "I should become one"
Rambling says, "There are a whole two reeves last I checked."
Clood states, "Oh yea. That too"
Ghed chuckles
Brando claims, "Ahhh yes the lack of Reeves is concerning. * bites lower lip *"
Rambling claims, "Three bards, four doctors, and the merchants and Knights are loaded."
Clood claims, "I noticed there's a lot of merchants"
Clood questions, "Is that normal?"
Ikeala claims, "There's always a lot of Merchants, as folks love crafting."
Rambling claims, "People want that bag"
Clood states, "Stop being nerds"
Clood folds their arms
Ghed says, "There's always a lot of merchs yep"
Dreams claims, "Merchanting is safer than knighting or reeving."
Ghed says, "A lot of players have a secondary alt that invariably is a merchant"
say I've been playing it wrong this whole time
Sippycup states, "I've been playing it wrong this whole time"
Clood claims, "I'm pretty safe as a knight so far. Which, please, fix that"
Ghed peers at Ikeala
Brando trails off, "Merchants are not safe ... get too big a name and mages and thieves come after yah ... * groan *"
Rambling says, "I like to pretend the covert guildleaders are the only members of their guild and therefore there are a whole two mages and a whole two thieves."
Ikeala states, "I keep trying but timing keeps not working out."
Clood states, "Like- I welcome interactions with mages"
Clood trails off, "Yea... Our times just don't mix most of the time"
Ghed says to Rambling, "Wishful"
Ghed claims, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."
Ghed asks, "I have no player topics I think! Anyone wishes to discuss anything?"
Clood muses, "Why are houses so expensive?"
Brando claims, "I have a quick simple topic Ghed"
Rambling says, "God said pay up."
Ikeala states, "There are some houses for sale that are ... probably outside of the market of many folks are they were built originally under a very different economic system, but that does raise a question."
Brando claims, "Houses are not expensive ... u get free phome's with each character ok. "
Dreams says, "For those it pertains to, we are going to try having the council meeting again. If the server will agree to it and will not disconnect us every 5 minutes."
Clood exclaims, "Yay!"
Ghed states, "We super duper lowered the prices of the most expensive homes"
Ghed asks of Brando, "What's up?"
Brando questions, "As for topics ... i was just wondering why pets need to be present to do their descriptions eh? Wouldn't it be easier to make a description for them regardless of whether they are present or not?"
Ghed says, "Code"
Ghed states, "It has nothing to do with preferences"
Ghed says, "Even staff needs to be present in some capacity to alter mobs and items"
Dreams says, "For someone who has, in the past, had multiple pets with similar tags that aren't necessarily named, because it is for sale - having them present was helpful to make sure I was editing the correct one."
Ghed states, "The mud is organized as a series of 'chat rooms' so for targetting purposes you need to be in the same room"
Brando claims, "Ok understood. its not a problem ... was just wondering why ok. cheers "
Ghed nods.
Ghed says, "No problem"
Ghed wonders, "Would anyone like to raise anything else? Such as, yep, the Council Meeting after... this meeting?"
Ikeala says, "I have something."
Dreams states, "After this meeting, yes."
Brando dances wildly when they hear of council meeting "OH a do eh. great ... something to attend to"
Dreams claims, "Yes, convenient way to get your hour in. >.>"
Brando claims, "Indeed * smirk *"
Ghed wonders to Ikeala, "Yep?"
Ikeala claims, "I know this doesn't always get the strongest reaction but speaking of needed/wanted roles has there been any thought on having bonuses/considerations for folks taking needed roles? Or making those needed/wanted roles more visible in chargen? I know we don't want to fully undermine folks earning XP etc but relying fully on older/existing players to fill all spots rather than make them more appealing to new players runs the risk of always drying out the well, so to speak."
Dreams claims, "Especially as some roles have a high probability of burnout/frustration."
Ghed says, "I mean the Order already has bonuses in QP, active mages get rec bonuses as well"
Ghed says, "It's difficult bc if I offer more incentives it might just attract the unideal kind of person who just wants the bennies"
Rambling queries, "'We could use more members of X guild, here is an incentive, it will drop off when we have enough in that role' or something like that?"
Ikeala claims, "I'm going to be frank, we already have people that do that anyways. "
Brando wonders, "Maybe some extra goodies for the Reeves eh ... i suggest a small XP reward for starting out as a Reeve. maybe lower to cost to be a Reeve from the get go eh?"
Ghed wonders to Ikeala, "Maybe. But do you have ideas? The best way to make , say, inquisitors more atractive is also if people can, when the inquis is doing their job right, not dogpile on them"
Ghed states, "Sometimes inquis do their job well and are nice OOCly and considering, and even play dumb at times, and still get flak"
Ghed says, "(sometimes they are bad and get righteous wrath)"
Rambling claims, "Pardon me I have nothing to say."
HIEROPHANT claims, "Making the cadet roles for guilds with low membership cost less (or nothing), and having a popup echo in chargen in the 'roles' room that mentions which roles are currently free, might drive new players toward those roles."
say I liked Zarif and Hadassah
Sippycup states, "I liked Zarif and Hadassah"
Rambling says, "Good"
Ghed states, "No named examples please"
Ghed says to HIEROPHANT, "Those are actually decent suggestions"
Ghed writes that shit down
Ikeala states, "Unfortunately, you can't fully keep against folks with bad will in mind but I do know (for example) I've heard folks are afraid to app in GL spots because of needed to be embarassed about having much lower skills than existing characters. This seems particularly a concern with roles that rely on coded skills."
Brando states, "Inquisitors are a social pariah eh ... I am not surprised ... nobody likes a inquisitive kind of person in this game ... who hasnt got secrets to keep lol."
Clood says, "I heard Ghed buys a lot pf legos"
Clood says, "Ahalin time"
Ghed claims to Ikeala, "Is that so? It's the first I hear -- other than a certain player a year ago"
HIEROPHANT claims, "I will admit it is a very surreal experience to play The Inquisition with zero Inquisitors."
Sippycup laughs.
Ghed states, "It's a bit annoying and I have to fill the empty space"
Ghed says, "And I don't like playing inquis"
HIEROPHANT says, "I'm not sure it's a fun role at all, necessarily. Just a necessary one."
Ghed states, "I am all ears for things making inquis more popular -- but it's a problem that's always been in the game, bc your objective is to find relatively innocent people and end them rather graphically"
Clood claims, "We are, after all, but men"
Clood says, "I've had an inquisitor character idea swimming around in my head for a bit"
Rambling says, "And after the recent overdose... yeah. I stopped wanting to touch the idea of an Order character even after that honestly."
Dreams says, "I honestly am not sure what can make that one more popular. It's a rough position to play."
Brando declares, "And it burns burns burns ... the ring of pyre ... the ring of pyre!"
Ghed says, "It's also a role that requires a very solid understanding of the game"
Brando says, "Ten minutes till top of the hr goodbyes ok"
Ghed claims to Brando, "Thank you, I'm well aware."
Brando nods
Ghed trails off, "I mean... inquis get probably the best information and access to hidden lore of the game, bar none, even most mages"
Ghed claims, "They have the most comprehensive access in general, and have a lot of hard and soft power"
Ghed states, "But that comes with high expectations, and some folks just play to relax and craft"
Dreams says, "It's also a role that gets a lot of OOC flack and kick back."
Ghed states, "That's what I meant with high expectations yep"
Ghed claims, "And heaven forbid if you admit to a mistake"
Sippycup laughs.
Rambling says, "Bit uncomfortable."
HIEROPHANT claims, "But I think we can divide the issue of "unpopular guilds" and the issue of "inquisitor is unpopular" separately and approach it from different directions"
Ghed states to HIEROPHANT, "I do like the idea of the roles room text"
Ghed states, "The roles xp cost makes sense but I dunno that it'd have much impact"
HIEROPHANT says, "Because while probably related, they are not the same issue; inquisitors cannot easily seek that role, and especially can't easily do so without other inquisitors on grid"
Dreams states, "Roles costs for some people are pretty negligible. But, for those who are newer, cutting those would help."
Ikeala claims, "I do admit that I didn't really have Inquisitors in mind when I brought this up, I was thinking more Reeves and Physicians. Especially the latter where currently they have no GLs."
HIEROPHANT states, "A lot of Physician knowledge ends up handed down master-to-pupil through experience at play as well"
Rambling asks, "...are you sure?"
say I need a treepanning appointment plz
Sippycup states, "I need a treepanning appointment plz"
HIEROPHANT says, "Compared to what is just in the helpfiles or a book? Yeah."
Dreams says, "It is hard to come in as a physician at high standing unless you have played that role before. Especially with how vague diagnosing is."
HIEROPHANT states, "Medicine has a lot of subtle interactions."
Dreams says, "Yes."
Ghed queries to Ikeala, "Maybe someone who apps as GL for Physicians could be offered some skill bonus? But it also requires ooc experience"
HIEROPHANT claims, "Many of which I'd consider outright game secrets."
Rambling says, "The books on medicine IC are outdated and the helpfiles only get so much down."
Dreams claims, "Once you have the general idea down, it's good. But it takes a bit to get that general idea down. Not for stitching people up, that's easy. It's the diseases that are rough."
HIEROPHANT says, "I don't think it's inaccurate to say that the most knowledgeable practitioners of medicine currently active and on grid... are not in the Physicians' guild."
Brando says, "It boils down to my XP currently ... i just dont have enough of it to dedicate it to being an Orderite Inquisitor ... but i do love the idea of playing such a character as it would come with a steep learning curve and i tend to learn more when thrown in the deep end of things eh. but right now it is too much for me to handle as RL concerns make it hard enough to play my main often enough. * sigh *"
HIEROPHANT claims, "That's not a knock against our current Physicians either. There's just some ancient dinosaurs still looming around that could probably write a book or two that might help the newbies out."
HIEROPHANT says, "Wink wink, nudge nudge."
Dreams says, "The books we have in game cover it, if you know which ones to use as the Physician's Bible."
HIEROPHANT claims, "But, that doesn't help with the recruitment issue."
Dreams says, "Correct."
Ghed claims, "Some of the IC medicine books came out this year"
Brando states, "Long story short ... i could do with some more XP ... best be getting to RP more often eh."
Rambling says, "A veterinarian book."
Rambling states, "Afaik there were no others"
Dreams claims, "For diagnosing, I still use some of the old school ones. It takes a bit of piecing together, but has what is needed."
Ghed states, "Not accurate, but besides the point I believe"
Ikeala says, "Overall, just an idea for consideration."
Ghed says, "So, 1-Some needed roles should be both free and more clearly advertised, 2-Some roles need more staff support to make people feel more confident in applying to them"
Ghed questions, "Did I get that right?"
Brando trails off, "Yes indeed Ghed ... you got that in a nutshell"
HIEROPHANT says, "Seems about right to me, yeah. I'm drawing a blank on further suggestions for both things at the moment."
Clood has lost link.
Clood has reconnected.
Ikeala states, "Yeah."
Ghed claims, "I'll pass this along, thanks, I appreciate this brainstorming"
, /self plucks a feather from Ikeala and begins transcribing.
Sippycup plucks a feather from Ikeala and begins transcribing.
Ghed says, "Even if I don't react favorably or immediately -- I have a shitty attention span and multitask a lot"
Ghed states, "Everyone's attention and dedication mean the world to me. And on that note, it's time to get out of my sight"
Ghed says, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"
Brando claims, "Will a doo "
Unrecognized command.
Clood gives a thumbs up!
Rambling states, "LAst topic was rough but yeah."
Ghed states, "I'm very happy with the latest recommends and cnotes"
Ghed nods at Rambling.
Ghed says, "Enjoy the Pilgrimage, and remember, the real Springs are the friends we made along the way"
Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drives in 3..."
Rambling states, "My friends are dead, Ghed."
Rambling claims, "MY FAMILY'S DEAD, WHAT DO I DO"
[OOC] Clood: "Council time council time"
Ghed exclaims, "There's a fix for that!"
Ghed trails off, "2..."
Ghed trails off, "1..."

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