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Tue Mar 14, 2023 5:23 pm

Would there be openess from the Imms on collaborating to substantially expand the outside-Lithmore grid? It strikes me that now would be a good time as ChatGPT could reduce a lot of the labour.

If the answer is yes, what kind neat things would people like to see?

I was thinking stuff like:

A cave system that extends from the mountains and connects to the sewers.

Large farmland areas where you can pay to go in and harvest crops (a U-pick?).

Haunted woods.

Wandering bears/wildlife that we get bounty quests to kill.

Here's a map of the current grid for folks interested: ... sp=sharing

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Wed Mar 15, 2023 1:28 pm

Here's my take on what an expansion could look like: ... sp=sharing

Black lines would outline the first phase.

Farms and whatnot could give various "resource nodes" (like U-pick berry farms) where you could go and harvest certain materials for a fee, as a substitute for the asset redemption items.

Emphasis is on the SW quadrant, where I propose the "Lesser Orkin" or "Little Orkin" is found. Fort Sevoi is located at the only pass (but not only access) to the Orkin to stop the warped creatures from within from getting loose, but occasionally through unknown means something gets loose into the foothills and farmlands and needs to be hunted down.

This would be a big shift - but I was thinking of Fort Sevoi as a bit of a PVE quest up actually. You could have a variety of quests there that appeal to different segments of the player base.

For example:

Bards performing for the troops.

Merchants providing weapons and other supplies.

Combat types of all guilds or non-guilds hunting down stragglers and culling the Orkin.

If that works, maybe it could be expanded and we could have different quest hubs in the periphery as well - Talfore, the Logging Camp, Port Venois, etc.

I'm not sure what the reward should be though. XP? Silver? Both? XP would move us away from the RPI genre, and we lack both XP and silver sinks for certain classes of player.

I was also thinking we could have a wandering magecraft NPC vendor that wanders the Orkin and the caves, that teleports away if confronted, and then respawns at a random location if found.


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Wed Mar 15, 2023 1:33 pm

I don't entirely follow the spreadsheet and I'm honestly too sleepy to try right now, but I love the concept of the Orkin on our doorstop and a fort against it IMMENSELY. What a great hub for both ongoing PvE and to spawn all kinds of events/stories. Honestly, the rewards could be pretty minimal, because the RP alone would be a reward. But there might also be rare resources or whatnot that could be found in the forest, which is a little more IC than just straight-up silver or XP. (Though, thinking it through, I have no problem with either if carefully handled.)

Probably a tremendous amount of builder work to mobprog up, though, to be honest.

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Wed Mar 15, 2023 1:45 pm

I know other larger settlements have been rejected in the past because of not wanting to split the playerbase, and I personally think that a smaller more condensed grid is better than vast amounts of sprawl.

That said.

I know several people who would love to have a section of the Orkin explorable. Part of the problem though is that the Orkin starts past the Tarn mountains, and the Tarn mountains are 173 miles away from Lithmore city... so there would have to be some kind of explosive and possibly magical growth of the Orkin to get around/over the mountains and reach nearby Lithmore, or be just some other random creepy forest that isn't the Orkin.

I'd also absolutely love it if it was lethally hostile to the Order.

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Wed Mar 15, 2023 3:50 pm

Re: settlements, maybe cut Talfore then? The others I envisioned more as quest/resource/PVE hubs than RP hubs. So closer in structure to the Hillish and Charalin camps, though with less amenities and more of an emphasis on vendors/mobprogs. Maybe 3-4 rooms each. Thoughts?

Re: the Orkin - my thinking was that we make a distinction between the "Great Orkin" and "Lesser Orkin" like the Great and Little Hungarian Plains. The Greater Orkin is west of the Tarns, while the Lesser Orkin is <i>within</i> the Tarns, and separated from the Lithmorran plains by a small sub-range of the Tarns (similar to how the Alps are made up of multiple ranges).

So just the Southwest areas within the black boundaries on the "reduced concept" tab. ... sp=sharing

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