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A New Archbishop
Wed Mar 30 11:30:44 2022
Dagmara Castiglione, once-Bishop of Lithmore, is appointed to the archdiocese
of Lithmore City, an announcement made public the day of.  The now-archbishop
maintained her humble bearings and garb before an equally ascetic ceremony
held by high-ranking clergy.  Rumormongers report her appearing pale and wan
during the procession, with whisperings of a particularly grueling act of
faith taken place mere moments before the official elevation.  

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Foray Versus Disease Results In Victory
Tue Apr  5 00:00:10 2022
With the support of movers and shakers within Lithmore, the Royal Physicians
sallied forth to do battle with their foes of Disease; a sally that has
resulted in a resounding victory.  All along the riverfront, Physicians and
others aiding them have ranged, issuing treatments to the unwell and advice
on avoiding sickness to the hale and hearty, leading to a sharp and distinct
decline in coughs, fevers, nausea and more.  The threat of an unconstrained
spread of illness from the formerly-fouled waters of the Bren is over.  

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A Shift in Morale
Sat Apr  9 06:59:53 2022
(Morale shifts up from Average to Good.) Word comes from City Hall that funds
are being earmarked for acts of Yuletide charity.  Bundles of firewood are
being sent to homes in need and packages of hearty foodstuffs and seasonal
fare are being handed out in the main squares.  Rumor has it that both
council and personal funds are being contributed to the effort, with the Lady
Seneschal encouraging other notables to contribute.

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The Winter Agenda
Sat Apr 16 06:47:10 2022
With the chill of winter settling into the land, the Lord Chancellor
announces robust efforts on behalf of City Hall to combat the usual strain
the season has upon the city.  Teams of sweepers begin to muster at the
city's gates with the mission of shoveling snow aside as it accumulates on
the city's streets.  Repairs are being scheduled for problematic stretches of
roadway.  Stores of firewood, candles, and lamp oil are being organized to
light and warm the various civic fixtures of the city.  Announcements of
honest wages and hot meals are spread to entice a worthwhile labor-force to
maintain the extraordinary efforts.  

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Measured Results!
Wed Apr 27 00:00:10 2022
Travelers to Lithmore have remarked how clean and luminous the city is upon
approach.  Lamplight brightens most every corner of the streets, from
southern Rookery Road to the boutiques of high Linden Street.  Gravel and
fresh paving stones patch the roadways, and public buildings are
warmed-through for all of the civil servants to enjoy.  

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Faith in the Law
Thu May  5 02:03:22 2022
During the cold winter of new year, the knights are sending invitations to
the reeves of all ranks for joined chapel vigils and prayers, and mixed
readings of the Erra Pater and the lives of the Saints.  The goal seems to be
to guide the cityguard further into righteousness and hard work.

TL, DR: Lans begins a Moderate Lawfulness project.

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Spring Awakening means Festival Grounds!
Fri May  6 07:31:51 2022
Moved        : Fri May  6 07:40:40 2022
It's springtime over Lithmore, and you know what it means.

In honor of Spring Awakening (Help Spring Awakening), the Festival Grounds
will be open to all citizens, courtesy of the Lady Seneschal, Lady op
Arcenant, and Grand Magnate.  It's a special area off grid that can be
accessed through a carriage at the Crossroads.  Just head there and enter
carriage to be transported!

The event will take place starting Sunday 8 at 2pm.  You're all welcomed. 

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Clash of the Petals
Fri May  6 11:59:36 2022
As part of the celebrations for Spring Awakening, announcements from city
officials decree a contest is to be held.  All citizens in good standing are
invited to present a display of floristry in acknowledgment of the holiday. 
Bouquets, garland, and wreaths may be brought to the Festival Grounds or
directed to the Chancellor for submission.  A bevy of sumptuous treasures are
slated for entrants, with a special honorific being bestowed for best

Who will be this year's first-ever Herald of the First Bloom?  Find out at
the Festival Grounds! 

(ooc: contact Hermoise for details)

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Lady Sabina's Arrival
Sun May  8 18:03:56 2022
The streets were cleared this week for the seemingly short notice appointment
of a noble arriving to Lithmore: The Lady Sabina dul Deschamps, one of many
daughters to the recently appointed Baron of Vintrius.  Accompanying her - to
many hushed whispers - was a Charali girl that appeared to be the Lady's

Onlookers would later comment on how there the column of coaches was
seemingly endless and stuffed full of the many servants and handmaidens that
formed the Lady's entourage.  They made their way with deliberate slowness,
holding up all kinds of trade and midday traffic, all the way to the palace

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A scheduled pyre
Thu May 12 04:47:14 2022
In his infinite wisdom, His Holiness the Grand Inquisitor Zarid ab Vaughan
has decreed: that the individual known as 'The Presenter' is guilty of
numerous sins, and his soul is Tainted enough that only the purifying flames
of the pyre will Cleanse him.

The rite will take place in a week (ooc: this saturday before OOC chat). 

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Faith in the Law, restored
Sun May 15 00:00:10 2022
With the encouragement and support of city notables, the reeves and knights
spend days and nights in vigil before chalice altars.  Soon the former are
reinvigorated in their dedication to their duties -- upholding the King's

A Lawfulness project succeeds. 

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Op Varre departs Reeves
Wed May 18 05:46:57 2022
Word has officially begun circulating- Alyria op Varre has stepped down as
Justiciar of the Reeves.  No reasons have yet been given, as a public
statement on the choice was not presented.  By all accounts she was a well
liked Reeve, but one could speculate she seeks fulfillment elsewhere and more
time with her family.

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Building a New Church for the Charali
Fri May 20 09:05:06 2022
The Grand Inquisitor Zarif ab Vaughan, after hearing the pleas of the Charali
that they lack a place of their own to worship, wants to build a Tent Church
for them.  After having Priests examine the old ruins near the camp, it was
determined to be too run down to be of any value in rebuilding.  And so now,
the Grand Inquisitor wants to build a new Church by the Charali camp.  He is
seeking donations, materials, and Charali who are interested in making the
Church their own.  I heard they are even getting their own Priest to provide

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A Tournament of Coffee and Teas
Mon May 30 10:42:50 2022

   _o_      _o_      _o_      _o_      _o_      _o_      _o_      _o_      _o_   
 G(___)S  G(___)S  G(___)S  G(___)S  G(___)S  G(___)S  G(___)S  G(___)S  G(___)S

            The Lithmorran Brewing Competition, Farin Edition:
                     A Tournament of Coffees and Teas
The people of Lithmore are invited to participate in a competition of brewing 
coffees and teas, to be held at A Desert Heat in the Farin Quarter (relations 
allowing)  on Quintilis 27th 393 (OOC: Sunday June 5th, 4:00 PM System time).
Competitors should bring a pot of coffee and/or tea (both is allowed!) to
share.  Tasters of all experience welcome!
Prizes to the top coffee and to the top tea.
Questions may be directed to Kalana mal Sephari.

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The Tent Church by the Charali Camp funded successfully!
Thu Jun  2 00:00:10 2022
Thanks to the loyal Davites, the Tent Church by the Charali camp has been
successfully funded.  Now comes the hard work of actually building it.  The
Church will need materials, craftspeople, architects, and of course
blessings.  Thankfully, the contracts have all been inked, signed, and sealed
and work can begin any day now!  

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Come On Inn
Thu Jun  2 13:10:21 2022
               Grand Opening of the Come On Inn
                   Drinking Competition!
All citizens of Lithmore rich and poor are invited to the grand opening of
the Come On Inn which has recently been restored at the end of Confessor's
Alley.  The opening shall be celebrated with a drinking competition, where
participants will compete for a chance to win a keg of rotgut wine!  

Rules of the competition as follows:
* Entry fee is five silver
* The winner of the competition is the last man, woman or child standing
* Competitors are disqualified if they vomit, faint, or formally resign 
* Further questions may be directed to Nana Gulch

The competition shall take place on the 15th of Quintilis (OOC: Friday June
3rd, 4:00 AM System time). 

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A Shift in Morale
Sat Jun  4 14:16:42 2022
(Morale shifts up from Challenged to Substandard.) To celebrate the height of
summer, the Seneschal's office is hosting a series of public celebrations for
the populous.  A picnic was held in Viridian Greens one Circadi, replete with
free food and drink, then a few days later, coin and gift baskets filled with
marzipan and summer berries handed to visitors of Saint Celeste's Mercy Alms.
Rumor has it that the merchants are contributing to public beautification
efforts in accordance with the Lady ab Durandal's planned merriment.

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If The Shoe Fits...
Sat Jun  4 14:20:47 2022
The city is positively abuzz with word coming from the office of the Edessan
Marchioness: in order to raise the city's spirits and enforce conviviality
between those common and exalted, she is hosting a very special contest.  A
ballot box is erected in Town Hall.  All may enter their name to the lottery
being held in the coming month, be they gentile or common, rich or poor.  The
winner shall receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be Lithmore's first
'Courtier for a Day'.

In addition to an eight-bell sumptuary exemption and access to a sizable
selection of silks, velvets and jewels for their celebration, the victorious
Lord or Lady will be asked to select a charitable endeavor or public
improvement effort for the Royal Court to finance.  The Durandal family are
purportedly backing the winner's selection with sixty gold from their own
family coffers.  The lucky one-day courtier will also be getting a sizable
coin purse themselves, of course... 

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Courtier for a Day!
Thu Jun 16 00:00:10 2022
The Marquessa's contest to become 'Courtier for a Day' generated quite a
stir, especially among the lower classes.  The chance to not only experience
luxury but also fund a charitable effort of their choosing was quite
enticing; enough so that hundreds placed their names in the famed ballot box.
With significant support from those of court and council, the endeavor was a
success, and individuals of all classes eagerly await word of who the victor
will be.  

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A Returning Justiciar
Thu Jun 16 23:25:44 2022
The Judicial Council gathered after a long time of vacancy for the Justiciar
position.  They argued for some time and then announced the reinstatement of
Isac ab Selwyn as Justiciar before dissolving and returning to their
different Duchies. 

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A Boo-tiful Harvest
Sat Jul  2 22:16:13 2022
The Baroness of Dusollini rallies the capital's populace to enjoy a time of
feasting, friends, and fellowship following the difficult harvests of past
years.  Following a cheerful pumpkin patch party, familiar chevaliers in the
celestine-and-gold livery of House Arcenant seek to make the rounds to share
the bounty with local families to spread a bit of autumn cheer.

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A Shift in Class Relations
Thu Jul 14 01:07:37 2022
(Class Relations shifts up from Substandard to Average.) There is a certain
joviality present in Town Hall this year, as word comes from those employed
there that the Lord Chancellor and Lady Seneschal handed out generous bonuses
to all.  Of particular note, even the laborers and smallmen like clerks,
couriers, hallboys and scribes were included, and as well, an extra rest day
given to all.

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Raised Spirits!
Sat Jul 16 00:00:10 2022
Cheer and good will seems to flourish in the kingdom's capital after efforts
are organized by the Lady op Arcenant to break a bit of feast and fellowship
to the citizenry.

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A New Baron of Hamstone
Sun Jul 17 16:44:15 2022
The Palace celebrated New Year with a flurry of activity.  While courtiers
gathered and gawked in the Court Malenta, a herald with a large, powdered wig
and livery in Harmons colors placed a scroll with the following announcement
on a gilded stand:

By the authority of their Royal Majesties, King Amir and Queen Cristiana, and
excecuted by the Lady Keeper Silvia ab Durandal, Hermoise dul Varre is hearby
elevated to the nobility and entrusted with the Barony of Hamstone, where he
shall henceforth govern as leige.  This investiture is bestowed in gratitude
for House dul Varre's steadfast service to the realm, highlighted by their
contributions during the Great Famine and the Chancellor's tireless efforts
to restore and revitalize Lithmore City's public spaces and the Royal Palace.

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A Young Laudate!
Mon Jul 18 13:30:23 2022
Word quickly spreads, rolling from the Tubori docks up into the heart of
Lithmore, that one of the islands' own Hoku op Kelekolio, has been voted to
take the scepter and step out ahead of those bards of the city.  With the
news is also a storm of gossip surrounding the Laudate's common birth with
many of those from southside finding the elevation to the gentry
disappointing at best, while other nobility and gentry find the Laudate to be
quite common to be raised to such a status.  Yet Those closest to the new
Laudate, recall him from Highwalk and word already has been sent home to the
isles on the ships that sail from Lithmore's ports. 

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Whitemarsh celebrations
Tue Jul 19 22:10:04 2022
 Lans ab Durandal, the lord consort of Edessa, is doing his own to settle the
spirits in Lithmore City.  Whitemarsh Keep, near the kingdom's capital, is
being opened to the people to celebrate the new year and the end of lady
Silvia's term as Seneschal.  Therefore the family will host minor parties for
rich and poor, freemen and nobles, to feel like the nobles really care.  Or
something like that.

TL; DR: Lans begins a Class Relations project.

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Nominations for Seneschal Open
Sun Jul 24 00:00:10 2022
Nominations for city Seneschal have begun!  Residents of Lithmore are called
to present themselves as candidates for the role for the next two Sun Cycles.

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A Sudden Decision
Sun Jul 24 16:40:04 2022
After the Poet Laudate was spotted entering the knight's keep with the Lord
Earl Marshall, a quick decision had been made, and riders were sent
throughout the Duchy of Lithmore along with Correspondances sent to the
troubadours of other duchies, stating that under no circumstances is Nach
Miller to be treated as a member of the Bardic society.  He has been stripped
of his title of journeyman, and what property that he had left in the care of
the troubadours will be submitted to The Knights Lithmorran as they are

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Delana faces a gambit
Tue Jul 26 13:01:35 2022
In the clear, cool Februarius air, the Tenebrae themselves comes out, swathed
in a cloak stamped with the Black Hand, and addresses a growing crowd at the
border of Southside.  They give a righteously angry speech about the actions
of the Prime Medicus Delana de Verdugo, claiming she is unsuitable for
leadership.  The speech went on for hours, a call to anger and action that
spread through the freemen and those higher born who uneasily lingered beyond
the border to listen.

Greycloaked Brothers and Sisters throughout the crowd fed the emotions, until
the crowd dispersing was just short of a mob.  Instead of calling for mob
justice, however, the Tenebrae appealed for the people to no longer allow
Delana de Verdugo to remain as Prime Medicus.

Ripples of the speech spread with a spike in unrest, vandalism, and
rowdiness.  Some say the Tenebrae was the first one to throw a stone
Northwards, and into the night bricks were thrown in windows, cloaked
dissidents shouted through sleeping streets calling for the deposition of the
Prime Medicus, and even the humble man broke into argument and barfights over

"Southside is angry," the Tenebrae shouted before turning, "And anyone who
supports the incompetent leadership of Delana de Verdugo will earn an enemy
of the Brotherhood.  "I promise now that if Our anger is not soothed, there
will be blood to pay!" 

It could not be said if the roar thereafter was in agreement, anger, or
something else.  

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The Prime's Statement
Wed Jul 27 07:16:49 2022
Responding to the speech held against her by the brotherhood, Prime Medicus
Delana de Verdugo made a brief statement outside of the Madison hospital, in
which she called for the people of Lithmore to not let the city suffer under
their threats, and to trust in the King's Law and the Reeves.  Heckling by a
black-cloak figure followed, who she responded to by offering a duel.  After
dismissing the crowd, the Prime Medicus was arrested by the Reeves for
disturbing the peace, but was soon after seen returning to the Madison. 

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A Vandagan Delegation Attacked
Wed Jul 27 12:43:46 2022
A small, battle-harried adventuring party from Vandago arrived in Lithmore
early on Februarius 11, reporting that they had been accosted by bandits
demanding the noblewoman travelling with them and had suffered numerous

The entourage brought news of succession: the ballerina-countess Haizea of
Batarostra has been unmasked as the Fairy Witch, a wicked illusionist
obsessed with enchanting her appearance to maintain youth and legendary
beauty.  Upon her cleansing, the title transferred to her oldest living
child, who has now arrived in Lithmore seeking sanctuary from her

The sharper whispers at the royal court paint a family in crisis - with the
loss of Argvard's Canal devastating her domain's trade economy; the heiress's
flight from a tainted family; and even her father's house losing Dusollini's
title to a commoner bard, the newest Lady of Batarostra's career is certainly
off to an inauspicious beginning.  

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A Return to Form
Thu Jul 28 06:09:06 2022
SC 394, Februarius 2

The sudden departure of Isac ab Selwyn as Justiciar of the Reeves was met with
little response from the Reeves or Court, though it seemed as if the opperations
of the Reeves continued apace. Throughout the beginning of the year there were
many forced retirements and changes to patrol schedules. Guards with tarnished
halberds and shoddy armor suddenly turned up with gear sharpened and polished.

On Februarius 2, a date apparently significant for being exactly three years from
her retirement from the post, it was announced publically that the long serving
Lyonie dul Acatsia would return to her position as Justiciar of the Reeves,
reportedly at the King's request. This was accompanied with a curious
announcement that the Judicial Council was open to hearing grievances of
citizens without fear of reprisal and with possibility of redress.

TLDR: Lyonie is Justiciar. Again.

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Campaigns for Seneschal Begin!
Fri Jul 29 00:00:10 2022
Nominations for the Seneschal of Lithmore are now closed, and Bids have
begun!  May our candidates run clean, honest campaigns and comport themselves
with dignity.  Candidates may be disqualified for proven illegal activity or
corrupt practices.

 (OOC: Bids will conclude on 07 August 2022.) 

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Seneschal Campaign: Nana Gulch enters the race
Fri Jul 29 06:58:15 2022
A Consequential Influence Event

In a move that is certain to raise more than a few brows in Lithmore's
political scene, the infamous Nana Gulch has publicly declared her intention
to vie for the seat of Seneschal.  With no fortune and no prominent lineage
to speak of, Gulch appears to be familiar only to freeman of lesser standing.
She is noted for her longstanding presence as a pillar of Southside
community, and for being elderly enough to have witnessed and survived the
Great Flood.

Despite her disadvantages, she seems determined and has built her campaign
around the notion that the King's representative -for- the city should be
-of- the city.  She claims that her proximity to Lithmore's citizens gives
her a down-to-Urth perspective on the city's issues and that her status as a
freeman would allow her to remain impartial regarding noble conflicts (of
which she is certainly oblivious).  Clearly her campaign strategy relies on
appealing to sheer populism.  

Should Gulch be chosen for Seneschal, she has pledged to launch an
extermination campaign against the rats that plague Lithmore's Southside to
reduce disease and pest-related injuries, and improve sanitation.  There are
also rumors abound that she has claimed each household would be provided with
their very own pony.  

Gulch's presence in the race for Seneschal and her campaign promises are
regarded as highly controversial, with her character being described as
either "powerful" or "a feckless idiot" depending on who you ask.

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On the Campaign Trail
Sat Jul 30 06:19:04 2022
A Consequential Influence Event

Current sightings of the man known for his light-hearted, capricious demeanor
has decidedly taken a different tone.  With a sharpened poise, the Baron of
Hamstone announces his bid for Seneschal with appearances at the political
centers of power for both the Kingdom and Lithmore City.

Coming as no secret to the circles of upper society, Hermoise dul Varre's
presence in the race no doubt prompts many spirited debates among the
courtiers at the Palace.  The pointed murmurings of the man's ambitions seem
to be drowned out by a common trend - sheer disbelief that an innkeeper from
the Southside has also thrown her name into the cause.  Still, words of the
Lord's willingness, and experience, in liaising between influential parties
are not ignored.

Within the spaces at Town Hall, where Hermoise has long been a fixture,
messages of his attentive leadership style are delivered with gusto. 
Merchants might remember his terms in the Guild as being filled with
abundance, along with repeated calls for charity and Good Works among them. 
His zeal for public works and events in his capacity as Chancellor of the
Exchequer, too, are lauded by his proponents.  

In short, the platform proposes that few spaces within the city have not seen
the influence of Hermoise dul Varre in some form or fashion.  

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The Reeve Basket Auction
Sun Jul 31 21:27:18 2022
With great pleasure, The Reeves of Lithmore announce a reprisal of the
traditional Reeve Basket Auction, open to the public and awarding proceeds to
the needy of the South.  To be held in the Grand Reeve Courtyard, Aprilis 18,

Flyers are posted citywide, unaffiliated urchins well paid to ensure their
visibility in the South as well as the North Quarter.  They list the format
of the event, and promise a special 'Surprise Event!' in tandem with the
auction to be announced as the date nears.

The summation of the auction reads thusly:

1.  Submitted baskets of goods must labeled with a pink or blue ribbon to
indicate the sex of the contributor.

2.  Highest bidder wins a basket and a dinner with the baskets contributor.

3.  Winning bids will be collected via Reeve levy.

[Scheduled for Saturday, August 13th after the OOC chat.  Here's a peek at the
last one, if you want a better idea of how these go:
https://ti-legacy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=689 ] 

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Delana de Verdugo Removed as Prime Medicus
Mon Aug  1 00:26:28 2022
Following a popular movement against the Prime Medicus, Delana de Verdugo,
spurred by an angry speech reportedly by the Tenebrae and marked with riots
and vandalism, the collected epions of the Physicians have determined that de
Verdugo no longer holds the confidence of the people and have asked her to
step down as their leader.  Announcements of a replacement are expected to
follow once the decision is made. 

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Whitemarsh partying!
Tue Aug  2 00:00:10 2022
With the success of the Whitemarsh parties, hosted by the Durandal noble
family, the people get a taste of noble generosity.  This should lead to
better relations among the social classes, the way Dav intended.

A Class Relations project succeeds. 

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The New Prime Steps In
Wed Aug  3 07:29:05 2022
There has been a lot of activity as of late within the hospital.  Before
long, the board of physicians announced that a new prime medicus has been
assigned.  Lady Katlyn ab Nesmith, who has held the position of epion for
quite sometime, has stepped in to take the role. 

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Seneschal Campaign: Nana Gulch finalizes her crusade
Sat Aug  6 06:45:17 2022
A Consequential Influence Event

As the King's decision draws ever closer, a tension has fallen upon Lithmore
City.  Everybody wants to know who shall lead the city council for the
following two years - the venerated Baron of Hamstone, or an elderly
innkeeper from the Southside who captivated the debate chamber with her
discussion on the finer points of rat breeding.  

Nana Gulch appeared below the granite archway of the university to deliver a
new announcement.  Pending a finalization of terms with the Dean, she had
committed to fully funding the tuition of three financially challenged
students per year from council coffers.  In comparison to her two previous
campaign promises, which were far more controversial, it appears to have been
far better received by the general public and represents an assurance that
this underdog of a politician is capable of tackling issues that are not
related to rats or ponies.

This appears to be the last big announcement to come out of Gulch's campaign
and comes at a time when the fervour of her movement is coming to a
tumultuous peak.  Freemen represent the largest portion of her supporter
base, enthralled by her brazen candidness and spoken commitments centering
around improving life for the lower classes.  Some gentryfolk have taken
notice as well, but others whisper that a candidate such as Gulch is too
impressionable and may be a Brotherhood plant, an accusation which Gulch has
staunchly denied.

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Tavern Crawl for Seneschal
Sat Aug  6 16:22:58 2022
A Trivial Influence Event

A young woman, whose only prestige stems from being known as the 'Town Drunk'
in some circles, has been making her usual rounds bar hopping through
Southside, Confessor's Alley, and the Klein's Arrow.  But instead of merely
drinking herself into a stupor in these dives, she has loudly, ineolquently
(and often with a heavy slur), been rallying their patrons behind Nana
Gulch's campaign promises.  She's ensuring that citizens who either have no
interest in the city's politics, or are too busy or jaded to believe they
have any influence, at least are aware of the possibility that there might be
less rats and more ponies and education in their futures.  

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Seneschal Campaign: Lady Effie backs Nana Gulch?
Sat Aug  6 16:23:10 2022
A Modest Influence Event

Perhaps unbelievably, given her level of initial reticence and staunch
Vandagan conservatism, the new arrival Countess of Batarostra has apparently
made a late-game decision to back Southsider 'Nana Gulch' in her campaign for

Those who regularly attend the Rosdokios Cultural Club where the countess
spends many of her evenings seem to be debating amongst themselves about what
finally tipped the scales for Lady Effie - Madame Gulch was noticed
approaching her Ladyship at the Queen's Inn, where the old innkeeper struck
up a discussion about her plans for the future; resistance to Brotherhood
tampering; ideas for the University; and the promise of a betrothal to a von
Dusairus (or other name of equal social weight and value).  Evidently the
young noblewoman felt more confident in Gulch's proactive nature,
involvement, and the level of concern she showed about the community.

Or she just really wants that prestige match.  

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Negative Nancys, aka The Lushes Who Lunch
Sun Aug  7 05:21:16 2022
A Consequential Influence Event

A Solisda luncheon at the Dromande Fraise saw a modest gathering of Vavardi
from every caste of the city gather into the place.  As the brandy flowed,
paid for by House dul Varre, the flock began to babble about the hot topic of
the times - the Seneschal race.  Among the patrons, the initially impassioned
discourse devolved into less-tasteful, loud accusations and insinuations
about the Southside 'pretender' and the 'cast of characters' supporting

As the afternoon dwindled, the departing Vavardi settled in their moods but
returned homes with the weight of the topic on their mind and a sour taste
within their mouthes.  

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A Shift in Piety
Sun Aug  7 17:45:54 2022
(Piety shifts up from Excellent to Superb.) To celebrate her last days in
office, Lady Seneschal Silvia ab Durandal has taken it upon herself to enact
one final act of charity with court funds.  Taking the excess in Court
coffers and doubling it with her own coin, she is providing funds to the
almshouses and orphanage through the Holy Order, with the goal of promoting
piety and seeing the masses well tended.

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Seneschal Campaign: A Collection of Catty Conjectures
Mon Aug  8 22:00:47 2022
A Modest Influence Event

The latest craze to hit lowbrow establishments in Lithmore is a matter of
gossip.  Titillating, horrible, hilarious gossip, all about the Vavardi
Hermoise dul Varre who is expected to take the seat of Seneschal in the
coming days.  It seems that some freeman folk have devised a game of creating
the most offensive, outlandish rumors about the baron possible - and the more
absurd, the better.  Doubtless one particular inn owned by a certain
competing candidate, Nana Gulch, is at the nexus of this new trend.

Some rumors are entirely benign, such as the notion that dul Varre still
sleeps with his stuffed rabbit which he was given at infancy.  Others are
more vulgar, such as a string of elaborate conspiracies to explain why and
how dul Varre unknowingly ended up in an incestuous marriage with his
long-lost sister.  To raucous laughter, it is suggested that this is his
second marriage - the first being annulled after it was discovered his bride
was a sheep from the lands that his lineage is known for.  

While the game is risible, it fails to penetrate beyond the lower classes due
to its offensive nature - freemen turning their faces away and lowering their
voices when more gentle folk, or the authorities, enter earshot.

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Unholy Unions?
Mon Aug  8 22:48:02 2022
A Consequential Influence Event

Recounting the latest rumors that seems to be whispering around the Vavardi
candidate for Seneschal, whispers encouraged by the Baroness of Dusollini
seem to question why rumor is replacing fact: Why is the Madame Gulch
attempting to seat a possibly unholy union in the Ducal seat of Vandago?

After the northern Duchy's fall to excommunication levels of Heresy in not so
distant memory how would entanglement with the bloodline of a witch benefit
the King and Crown?  Would the first acts in a Gulch Seneschalship be undoing
decisions by the Council of Three to benefit Gulch's allies?

Questions that seem to follow around the celestine-and-gold chevaliers of
House ab Arcenant into familiar haunts of the Baroness.

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The Lothos Revolt
Tue Aug  9 20:43:08 2022
                         TI:L's Staff presents

----------------------------THE LOTHOS REVOLT----------------------------

The Famine of 390 hit Lothos the hardest.  Nathaniel ab Vortina, the domain's
lord, was unable to secure food for his people in that time of wanting,
ensuring a crisis.  Now Lothos is a harsh, unhappy land, where taxes are
high, food is expensive, trade is miserable, and there is no prospect of

Nathaniel, determined to see his domain recovered, has ruthlessly fleeced the
peasantry so he can fund public works like roads, bridges, and militias.  His
credit is tapped, banditry is on the rise, and he is running out of

But he has pushed too much, gone too far.  The economy is a disaster.  A
peasant revolt has exploded! Tax collectors have been beaten, robbed, and
killed.  Armories have been sacked and villages are now walled with stakes. 
Bands of armed rebels have taken control of checkpoints, while a council of
peasant leaders demands an end to oppressive taxation, plus reparations.

Nathaniel will have none of it, and has rallied the Lothos Loyalists.  The
Rebels will not budge, and are recruiting everywhere.  Both sides are
appealing to Lithmore City's power groups and guilds.

Four main factions have formed around this conflict:

The Loyalists: Formed around Nathaniel ab Vortina, they seek to crush the
rebellion and restore order at any cost.  They have the support of the King,
who has tasked the Reeves and the Court with dealing with it.

The Rebels: A numerous band of ragtag peasants with nothing to lose, they
seek to defeat Nathaniel and violently put an end to his ironfist style of
governance.  They will go to any lengths for it.  They have appealed for help
to their own allies.

The Negotiators: The Holy Synod, in its wisdom, has taken cards in this
affair.  This conflict must be solved peacefully through a settlement.  The
Synod tasks the Order and the Troubadours with such a holy mission.

???: Other groups and guilds have their own interests and agendas to pursue
around this conflict.  They can be expected to influence events.

---------------------------RULES OF ENGAGEMENT---------------------------

- Players will be sorted into groups according to guilds and other interests.
Each group has a series of objectives and a permanent reward if their
assigned faction (Loyalists, Rebels, Negotiators, ???) triumphs in the Lothos
Revolt.  Only one faction can win.

- Some players will have ties to multiple groups, with possibly diverging
agendas, and they will have to decide what to do.

- Please choose a single alt to participate in this plot, and excuse the
others ICly or OOCly.  Feel free to reach to us if you need assistance or
advice about this.

- All groups will receive a pboard explaining their situation, objectives,
and rewards.  Some objectives require grid actions, while others involve
plots (which can fail if luck is against you).

- No one is forced by staff to take a side or participate in this story, but
your group stands to gain if you fulfill the objectives laid.  Some guilds
are expected to act a certain way, but there is a lot of room for
miscalculation, noise, fog of war, plausible deniability, and other things.

- It is possible to aid a faction unnoticed or without breaking the law.  For
example, selling weapons for dirt cheap in Lothos villages is technically
legal, but with a clear intent.

- Don't rush!  Take your time to achieve each objective.  Don't run out of IP
or money prematurely.

- Please be polite to each other, do not share OOC info, and help keep the
fun, fun.

- We will be accepting a single header plot per group per week, shared with
as many members of the group as possible.  Please coordinate with your GL and
each other courteously (I will enable a means for non-guild groups).  A week
begins on Monday.  While group plots are preferred for organization's sake,
we will be open to plots from loose individuals (such as the unguilded),
though collective efforts of some sort are best.  

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A Knight's Rest
Wed Aug 10 01:12:37 2022
On the morning of Aprilis 3, SC 394, messengers from Lithmore's Keep were
sent to the main Knight towers and offices of the kingdom: Lord Lans ab
Durandal had finally stepped down from his long-held post of Earl Marshall,
this time for good.  His proclamation was brief and to the point: he's
getting older, he is now a lord consort, and the duties of office are getting
in the way.  He has lost what little appetite for politics he ever had, and
is leaving the future of the Holy Knights in the 'more than capable' hands of
Ser Izari de Bakir, the current Grandmaster of Lithmore.

Lord ab Durandal will remain an active knight, focusing on training and
advising from his old position of Knight Venerable.  

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The Heart of Spring Awakening (Edited by Ghed)
Thu Aug 11 06:38:28 2022
Edited       : Thu Aug 11 06:39:31 2022
 With the Spring Awakening event looming ever closer, the Lady of Batarostra
has begun the final stage of preparations for a banquet and celebration that
aims to bring the social classes closer together - an endeavour she believes
is more important now than ever.  She's currently petitioning all sorts to
spread the word about the event and its purpose in hopes of bolstering

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The Lothos Revolt: Maius 394
Thu Aug 18 16:15:50 2022
Maius, SC 394.

News from Lothos pour through messengers, travelers, and other gossipers.

Word coming out has begun to speak of a strange out-of-season storm that came
out of nowhere, sweeping across the domain.  Gale force winds driving sheets
of rain and hail before it, along with a strange spike in temperature leading
to heavy mist and fog has all but forced the forces of both the loyalists and
the rebels to disengage and take shelter until it passed.  The temperature
shock and unnavigable weather even disrupted trade and commerce for its

In the meantime, the Physicians are caring for the afflicted from both sides.
The voice of the Prime Medicus, Lady Katlyn ab Nesmith, grows in prestige at
the Royal Palace, drawing attention to the plight of the injured and sick.

While that happens, the Lord Earl Marshall Izari de Bakir oversees an
inspection of Lothos with the Holy Order, but sudden discontent ends up one
day in a riot that sees the large Fariner retreating with injuries.

With the Negotiators getting prepared, both Loyalists and Rebels remain on
relatively equal strength.  Both sides try to outmaneuver and outfox the
other, with violent victory the goal.  Nathaniel ab Vortina has been writing
angry letters to Lithmore, while the champion of the Rebels, one Nicolai
Bonesplitter, petitions the Southside for aid. 

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Hoku faces a gambit
Sat Aug 20 09:56:39 2022
Eupheme von Mazina - Lady Effie - a noble patroness of the Troubadour's
Guild, has reportedly begun pressing high-ranking bards to forsake Poet
Laudate Hoku op Kelekolio and hand leadership of the guild over to someone
more active than he.

Surprisingly, but perhaps due to the extra pressure felt as the Holy Synod
continues to count on the bards whilst struggling to gain a foothold in the
Lothos conflict, the young countess's words and the implicit threat of losing
her support have spurred the troubadours resident at the Hollow Globe Theatre
into action.  A fierce debate over what would be the best strategy - to trust
new leadership, or stay the course in a volatile time - has erupted within
the theatre's walls.  

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Kindling Hope's Light in Lothos
Sat Aug 20 21:44:33 2022
Under the direction of Countess Eupheme von Mazina, when the Troubadours are
not working to ensure the events and actions of those involved in the Lothos
conflict are recorded for history sake, they've been performing in taverns
and on streets in Lithmore to spread a clear message: don't lose hope, there
is virtue in caring for one another.

Journeyman Adaline Ayers in particular is making waves performing a
bittersweet song about the Lothos conflict, wielding her incredible voice in
the name of peace and in support of the Holy Synod's position on the
rebellion.  Her cohorts have been dedicated in spreading her words.  

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Wedding Celebrations
Wed Aug 24 09:47:33 2022
((                                                                       ))
 ))   The Lady Marisa dul Damassande le Orban, Baroness of Lyndale      ((
((         is pleased to announce the marriage of her daughter,          ))
 ))        The Lady Elena Charmaine dul Damassande le Orban             ((
((                            and                                        ))
 ))         The Lord Umberto dul Montanari of Lower Gerdain!            ((
((                                                                       ))
 ))      In celebration of their nuptials, previously completed         ((
((        in Vavard, the Lady Damassande invites the people of           ))
 ))         Lithmore to a fete in their honor, to be held upon          ((
((             the grounds of her estate north of the city,              ))
 ))             in The Pavilion at the Palazzo Damassande.              ((
((                                                                       ))
 ))            June 13 394 (OOC: August 27th after OOC Chat)            ((
((                                                                       ))
 ))                                                                     ((

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The Lothos Revolt: June 394
Fri Aug 26 20:42:42 2022
June, SC 394

The conflict around Lothos continues to grow and develop in new ways.

The Loyalists have finally began their campaign by a political arrangement
with neighboring territories to blockade the roads to Lothos.  Only loyalist
forces or allies are allowed passage, including of course the legal guilds.

The Rebels, whispers say, are emboldened by the arrival of supplies and
intelligence.  Their movements become less predictable, as they don't need to
rely so much on supply and word-of-mouth.

The Negotiators begin setting the scene by a bardic tour, performing the new
song 'Peace for Lothos' in villages and towns of the domain.  The Order,
meanwhile, increases its temporal power by a torrent of new tithing.

And lastly, less clear events unfold under the surface.  There is rumor of
desertions on both armies as quiet donations of seed and coin send peasants
home for planting.  Foraging parties are attacked and driven off, while the
mention of witches continues to be a concern for the faithful.  While all
this happens, the well-stocked Physicians thanklessly tend to the wounded of
both sides, starting with civilians.

What do you do? 

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A Shift in Class Relations
Tue Aug 30 21:04:12 2022
(Class Relations shifts up from Pathetic to Poor.) In preparation for the
Summer Solstice, the Lord Seneschal sees a number of movements done in the
spirit of the holiday.  Textile breezeways have been draped above strategic
thoroughfares within the city to encourage the classes to mingle in the
shade.  All week, civic workers have been seen engaging folk in innocent
seed-spitting contests while they seek respite from the heat of the sun.  The
small effort ensures the blessing of the year's longest day is not forgotten
among the castes of Lithmore.

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Hope's Dawn over Lothos
Wed Aug 31 00:00:10 2022
Mistress Adaline Ayers' sung petition for peace bleeds out through all of
Lithmore, reminding nobles and peasants alike that there is no valor to be
found in murdering one's citizens, one's countrymen:

"When revolts and conflict finally cease,
Over in Lothos, there shall be peace.
Nobles and peasants must get along
And stop blaming others for being wrong.

Loyalists fight for control, fight for domain,
While the Rebels just need some grain.
They need purge themselves of vanity,
Embrace Jaridan's teaching on humanity.

Fights makes lives so much tougher
People go hungry and then they suffer.
We should negotiate for peace instead
Dav's wisdom is what we should spread." 

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Thu Sep  1 12:36:32 2022
Citing matters of Ill personal health and persistent melancholy Lyonie dul
Acatsia has again stepped away from the position of Justiciar of the Reeves. 
The White Lion of Lithmore continues to prowl in the background in a more
advisory capacity. 

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The Lothos Revolt - June 394
Thu Sep  1 20:19:20 2022
June, SC 394

As the third month of the Lothos Revolt closes, the factional struggle
appears to stabilize.

Both armies have suffered significant desertions.  The fighting has been
sapped from many, who have become unnmotivated and have returned home to till
the fields.  A painting of unclear author has made the rounds in polite
circles, showcasing the horrors of war.  A terrible dream has swept through
Lithmore City, tormenting everyone about otherworldly entities reaping a
grotesque reward from the bloodshed.

The Loyalists have regained ground.  The delivery of a number of fully
equipped horses from Lithmore has propped up offensive operations from Lord
ab Vortina's colonels.  While the succesful bid for the service of the
Southern Wind mercenary company has ensured that Vitussa remains firmly
defended.  Meanwhile in the Holy City, agitators are arrested frequently as
they try to rally support for the rebellion.

The Rebels have the slightly upper hand, however.  With the relations between
social classes so bad, the seething underclass of Lothos and the surrounding
domains is inflamed to fight against Nathaniel.  The flow of intelligence
towards Nicolai Bonesplitter and his henchmen ensures they remain on the
offensive in the open land, the forests and the marshes.

Finally, the Negotiators have managed to deliver a mass performance of 'Peace
for Lothos' with the aid of Batarostra.  Now there is word of a significant
convoy from this faction heading into Lothos to help resolve the conflict...

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New Justiciar
Tue Sep  6 12:16:14 2022
The recent, seemingly-political appointment of Reeve Caius ab Velsar as Lord
Justiciar should urge some to question the logic of the current regime - but,
given the burgeoning crisis that is the Lothos Revolt, are people truly
surprised that a self-professed hardline Loyalist has been elevated above all
other candidates? 

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The Lothos Revolt - Quintilis 394
Fri Sep  9 12:54:14 2022
Quintilis, CS 394

At the closure of the fourth month of the rebellion, some tendencies achieve

It is clear that both sides are exhausted.  Severe desertion and diplomatic
efforts have sapped the will to fight.  Both Loyalists and Rebels struggle to
find recruits and achieve decisive battles.  Even reports of magery begin to
die down in the warzone.  If this goes on, the conflict will become dormant
as both sides lose the ability to continue the fight.

The initiative has switched to the Negotiators.  The Troubadours have been
fervently working to establish lines of communication, through a lengthy and
public trip to Lothos and audiences with Lord ab Vortina, and messages
exchanged with the rebel leader, Nicolai Bonesplitter.  The stronger position
of the Troubadours in Royal Court has added gravity to their voice.

Whatever happens, it looks like a very pitched clash of wills.

The Lothos Revolt will be resolved at the end of Thursday 15th of

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Claude faces a gambit
Sat Sep 10 20:56:08 2022
Following word of Grand Magnate Claude Albrici's imprisonment, rumor of
unrest within the Merchants' Guild trickles into public awareness.  It
becomes clear that the Marchioness of Edessa, from her role as Lady
Patroness, is attempting to leverage power and influence to see the
guildleader removed.  

"If he is willing to embezzle the guild's funds, what will he do with YOUR
coin?" She asks the bankers.  

"If he is crazed enough to stab a member of the peerage, would you trust him
around your daughters?  Your wife?  Your CUSTOMERS?" She asks the Master

"If he has no regard for legal contracts and open negotation, what will
happen to the fruits of your empire?  Your caravans?  Your ships?" She asks
the mercantile gentry.  "Would you leave your business to his care?"

"Would you trust a man who prioritizes chasing skirts over leadership to be
your mentor?  To judge your masterwork?" She asks the Journeymen and

These questions, be they truth or falsehood, are certainly inflammatory. 
Soon the guild erupts in a heated debate, trying to decide whether the
Merchant in Ahalin should remain in power.  

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Trial and Execution
Sat Sep 10 22:21:27 2022
 Following the events surrounding Grand Magnate Claude Albrici's arrest,
Reeve notaries and criers have been busy announcing his incoming Trial and
Execution.  A date and time has not yet been set, but one thing is clear -
judging from the tone and language being used, the Lord Justiciar intends for
this to be a -very short- trial with emphasis on the execution - 'Justice
being done' seemingly the directive in mind. 

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The Lothos Revolt - Epilogue
Thu Sep 15 17:28:44 2022
Augustus, SC 394.

At the end of a long struggle, the Lothos Revolt appears to peter out.

Facing mass desertion, mysterious nightmares, and constant inexplicably
adverse weather, both armies cannot continue to fight.  Both Loyalists and
Rebels are exhausted and the cost of managing their armies has become

The Physicians appear to have had a large impact.  Their donations of seeds
and medicine, cleverly prepared and distributed, have had the most impact in
making men return to till their fields.  But it is clear that this alone
cannot account for such an unforeseeable outcome.

The Negotiators, chiefly led by the Troubadours, have managed to still the
spirits and allow channels of communication.  Rebels and Loyalists have
managed basic accords such as prisoner exchanges and rules around looting and
billeting.  While the Revolt closes without a definitive accord to bring
peace, it has certainly prevented further bloodshed, and the people are
quietly grateful to the Troupe for it.

The Rebels, though having the upper hand over the Loyalists (and barely so),
cannot press on their advantage decisively.  Facing a probable future
collapse of their positions, they have withdrawn with help from black-cloaked
figures into eastern Lothos with speed and avoiding Loyalist pickets.  An
enclave is forming there, of people living without taxes nor wealth, away
from Nathaniel ab Vortina's reach and his militias.  Nicolai Bonesplitter
rules like a bandit king there, and he claims no desire to step outside his
self-appointed realm.

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A Class in Common Law
Tue Sep 20 02:41:49 2022
During Septembris SC 394, Lord ab Durandal is gathering support and resources
to sponsor and promote a series of classes in Common Law for the masses of
the common folk.  The classes are free to attend and will take place in the
University, with the gracious permission of the Dean, Saga von Afzelius.  

Lans begins a Class Relations project.

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A Shift in Class Relations
Wed Sep 21 07:09:20 2022
(Class Relations shifts up from Terrible to Pathetic.) Word trickles through
the castes of the city that the Lord Seneschal was seen at Saint Celeste's
Mercy Almshouse, personally delivering a number of objects for donation.  He
and his small retinue joined the almsfolk in prayer and even saw that a few
eager and able-bodied tenants were employed for the upcoming harvests.

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Justiciar steps down
Mon Sep 26 18:31:50 2022
Following a bout of illness that has left him unable to perform his duties as
he'd prefer, Justiciar Caius ab Velsar has tended his resignation and retired
for home.  This leaves the leadership of the reeves once again up for grabs.

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Common Law for All
Mon Oct  3 00:00:10 2022
During Septembris SC 394, Lord ab Durandal succesfully sponsored, supported
and even delivered a series of classes in Common Law for the masses at the
University.  Basic concepts such as the authority of the Reeves, what is and
is not permitted and what to do if in difficulties were imparted.  The people
got reassurances of their place in society, and not to distrust the upper
classes or the King's Law.  

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Magebane Celebration
Wed Oct  5 19:24:41 2022

    /\                                                      \
    (                                                      (
     )             Please join the Troubadours,             )
    (       in conjunction with House ab Durandal at:      (
     )      (OOC date: Saturday Oct 8 after OOC meeting)    )
    (     MAGEBANE 394 at THE QUEEN'S INN and CROSSROADS   (
     )            for a celebration and traditional         )
    (                   noisemaking patrol                 (
     )             and a THEMED COSTUME CONTEST             )
              to find the LORD and LADY of MAGEBANE
    (                                                      (
     )                 This year's theme is:                )
    (          Ladies as Lords and Lords as Ladies!        (
     )           That's right, Lithmore. Don your           )
    (            husband's greatcoat and your wife's       (
     )           roomiest gown for a chance at the          )
    (            title of Lord or Lady of Magebane.        (
     )            Put on your best impression of            )
                  the man or woman in your life 
    (                 for a chance to win.                 (
     )                                                      )
    (           BY COMMAND OF THE HOLY ORDER: All          (
     )        women shall wear a token of pink, and          )
    (          all men shall wear a token of blue,          (

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Cultural Celebration
Sat Oct  8 09:41:43 2022
Pauline goes around, in person and whatever, to try to improve race relations
by bringing leaders from their culture together in private meetings to
discuss their problems and reach solutions.  Privately, to keep meddling from
less cool headed members from interupting.  

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A New Laudate
Sun Oct  9 20:31:35 2022
Following a long period of shaky or absentee leadership, the stepping down of
Bonaventure dul Fortunato surprised and dismayed many of the Troupe. 
Following that event, the Guild remained without leadership, many members
unwilling to take the position after such a string of short-lived leaders. 
Rumors, even that the position was cursed started to float about, leaving few
willing to risk taking the position.

After petitioning the Bardic Council to elevate him to the position of a full
Bard, Tommaso dul Errani received as well an invitation to this position, and
shortly after was named Poet Laudate.  Though not yet oppified until the
submission of his Magnum Opus as is expected of all full Bards, dul Errani
was sworn to the Bardic Oath before a collection of senior Bards, and
accepted the positon of Laudate. 

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The SC 394 Yule Faire
Mon Oct 10 10:35:04 2022
  _/\_     __/\__   _/\_       _/\_     __/\__   _/\_       _/\_     __/\__
  )   (_  _) .' (   ) . (_     )   (_  _) .' (   ) . (_     )   (_  _) .' (    
  ') '.( ) .'  (`  ') '. (     ') '.( ) .'  (`  ') '. (     ') '.( ) .'  (` 
   `-._\()/__(-`    `-._/       `-._\()/__(-`    `-._/       `-._\()/__(-`         
       ()()           ()()          ()()           ()()          ()()     
      / |`\          _/()\__       / |`\          _/()\__       / |`\
      ) : <        / | \(   ')_    ) : <        / | \(   ')_    ) : <
     `)_/`        < : ) )_'. '(_  `)_/`        < : ) )_'. '(_  `)_/`
                  (  >    )_'. (               (  >    )_'. (
                   '(        '-.\               '(        '-.\  

.   .  .   .  .      .---.        .---.      .      --.--  .--.   .---.  .
 \ /   |   |  |      |            |         / \       |    |   )  |      |
  :    |   |  |      |---         |---     /___\      |    |--'   |---   |
  |    :   ;  |      |            |       /     \     |    |  \   |      |
  '     `-'   '---'  '---'        '      '       `  --'--  '   `  '---'  .

           SC 394

   WHERE:    The Crystal Chamber in the Merchant's Trade Hall 

   WHAT:     Food, drink, shopping and merriment!

   WHEN:     Decembris 15, SC 394 (OOC: Saturday Oct 15, 7pm server!)

   WHO:      All are welcome! 

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A New Justiciar Elected
Fri Oct 14 10:45:21 2022
In the wake of Caius ab Velsar's resignation, the Proconsulate Council
gathered to choose a new Lord Justiciar.  Word comes from Perche that in
absence of a Lithmorran Proconsul, a Magistrate has been chosen: Brock mal
Liedsfried.  He began his journey to Lithmore City immediately after hearing
the news.  

Since joining the Reeves seven years ago, mal Liedsfried built a reputation
for harsh punishments, use of subterfuge, and building alliances with
nobility in the region.  He has significantly reduced the Brotherhood's reach
in southwestern Lithmore since the beginning of his tenure.  It is even
rumored he even has a thieves' bounty on his head...

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Cultural Togetherness
Sun Oct 16 00:00:10 2022
After some back room negotiations and ironing out grievances, race relations
seem to be on the up.  At least some of the bigger problems seem to be
setteled.  Hopefully now, travel and commerce are easier.

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In subject of: Discovery Awaits
Tue Oct 25 14:24:01 2022
The double doors in the Court Malenta opened this morning to reveal a
velvet-glad boy of six.  Crown on head and ceremonial sword on hip, the Royal
Heir, Prince Garath Cecil ab Harmons, made his first royal decree.  A grand
exhibition hall is being built to host the inaugural Discovery Fair. 
Inventors, adventurers and creatives from the far reaches of the kingdom are
summoned to Lithmore City to share their findings.  Meetings of academicians
will be hosted, exhibits of curiosities will commence, and the impression
that the young Prince expects to be wowed is certainly noted by those in
witness.  Soon, the novelties and oddities must begin!  
“What good is power when you're too wise to use it?”

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In subject of: Reeve's Revival Rewards
Date : Fri Nov 4 03:57:50 2022

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Grand Lord Brock mal Liedsfried makes offers of financial bonuses for those
Freemen and Gentryfolk who join up as Cadets and he tasks the Bards with
letting people of Lithmore know of the deals offered and he seeks out artists
who can make posters to that affect.

In subject of: A Concert Fit for a Prince
Date : Wed Nov 9 23:29:05 2022

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Town criers trumpeted in the public squares this morning, announcing an
upcoming concert.  The dul Antonaccino siblings, lauded as luthiers,
composers, and musicians in Vavard, have been summoned to Lithmore City by
His Royal Highness Prince Garath's decree.  They are to present a new
instrument at Royal Discovery Faire, aided by the extraordinary talents of
the Troubadours' Guild of Lithmore.  All are welcome to attend, though there
will be weapon seizures and heightened security to protect the Royal Family
in their public showing. 
OOC: Happening after OOC chat this Saturday (November 12th at 7pm EST)!

In subject of: A New Grand Master Arrives
Date : Sat Nov 12 12:36:08 2022

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Rumor has it that a small retinue of Knights previously stationed at Montford
are freshly arrived in the city.  Among them is the newly-appointed Grand
Master, Antonio de Araret.  It took the Grand Master's council several months
of intense deliberation before they selected de Araret, a knight whose most
recent contributions to the Order involved revitalizing and reinforcing
Montford's garrison against The Enemy.

His presence likely signals that the Knights' Lithmorran are looking to have
their ranks invigorated, their training tested, so that the security and
sanctity of the Holy City can be assured. 

In subject of: The Reeve's Are Rejuvinated
Date : Sun Nov 13 00:00:10 2022

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After 3 months of recruiting with financial bonuses for signing on as a
Cadet, the Reeve's find themselves rejuvinated and renewed with fresh
recruits patroling Lithmore City and enforcing lawfullness once again.

In subject of: An Epion is Chosen!
Date : Sun Nov 13 09:19:31 2022

Code: Select all

After much deliberation, the guild of physicians has finally chosen someone
for the seat of Epion of Lithmore.  A dark horse in the medicinal footrace,
Bastian von Winglore was able to impress his erstwhile superiors with a wide
range of clinical knowledge as well dedication to mending as a whole.  It was
an honest shock to most that the quiet and reserved man had been handpicked
for such a role, but he seemed ready for hard work to begin! 

In subject of: Seneschal out, Seneschal in
Date : Sun Nov 13 20:20:56 2022

Code: Select all

Aprilis, SC 395.

With the lack of availability of Lord Hermoise dul Varre, lord of Hamstone,
and the need for active leadership in the Council, His Royal Majesty Amir ab
Harmons has decreed:

...  That Lord Hermoise dul Varre's services are appreciated and no longer

...  And that a new race for Seneschal may begin prematurely.

TLDR, the Seneschal has been removed and the King calls for new candidates.

In subject of: Nominations for Seneschal Open
Date : Sun Nov 13 20:21:16 2022
Expires : Fri Aug 8 21:21:16 2025
To : all

Code: Select all

Nominations for city Seneschal have begun!  Residents of Lithmore are called
to present themselves as candidates for the role for the next two Sun Cycles.

In subject of: Eiphraem mal Nikolaev wins the House Bid!
Date : Fri Nov 18 00:00:10 2022

Code: Select all

Eiphraem mal Nikolaev de facto won the Bid for Seneschal as no other
candidates were nominated during the campaign season. 

In subject of: Zarif executes Lilikoi for magic
Date : Sat Nov 19 21:42:50 2022

Code: Select all

On Maius 2 395, Grand Inquisitor Zarif ab Vaughn summoned the faithful to
River Square to witness the pyreing of Lilikoi Hawali.  His Holy Honor gave a
sermon on her bravery for turning herself in, and assured the crowd that with
the help of the Holy Order, she will join with the Lord in the Afterlife.  He
further stated that mages should follow Lilikoi's example and turn themselves
in before the Holy Order found them.  

In subject of: Imperia executes Urtha for magic (Edited by Ghed)
Date : Sat Nov 19 21:29:51 2022

Code: Select all

It was early morning on Balasdes, Maius 2 when two pyrings took place. 
Imperia dul Romano, the Order's latest arrival from the Vavard, supervised
Urtha Milton being brought to the flames.  The statement was short: a woman
of debasement and derangement, Urtha had reached a depth of sin that could
not be redeemed without burning at the stake.  Accused of magery and heresy,
her only hope was in the fountis beyond.  

Among the loudness of the public pyring, the woman's final
song could be heard by those in the front.

"'Twas at Complina I embarked.  
Or 'twas it just in dreams?
of petrichor and garden paths
towards panacean springs.

I stumbled through the Vigil hours
with naught but my disease.
I grasped for mistletoe atop
a copse of aspen trees.

But now, at Lauds, the rising sun
reveals what was not seen.
I'm bound by love-lies-bleeding vines
with knotted Globe shaped weeds

I've scattered seeds along my way -
white roses breach this Urth.
Why fill it up with buttercups
when they only quench my thirst?

The masses Vesperam summons
all witness my debut
With leather, fire, and judgement
they know just what to do.

When vigil comes again will I, 
with flowering reeds and yew, 
contend against cruel crapulence
or learn why flames burn blue?"

The flames started to consume her, and she screamed the
final couplet,

"O Dav, I pray - temp'rence some way!
But pray, don't say, 'Today.'"
before her head fell.

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In subject of: An Earl Marshall Arrives
Date : Tue Nov 22 16:28:12 2022

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Whispering rumors speak of a platoon of Farin knights that have arrived in
Lithmore during the early morning hourse, led by a Jacarys mal Dymond - a
young, experienced soldier who has received high praise for his
accomplishments in combating against the Daravi and for his dedication as a
Knight of the Holy Order.  After much deliberation, and having been sponsored
by the Cardinal of Farin - Sir Jacarys mal Dymond's arrival can only mean
that the Order has made their selection for the next Earl Marshall to lead
the Knights Lithmorran. 

In subject of: The Saint Francis Foundation
Date : Wed Nov 23 09:04:30 2022

Code: Select all

The Marchioness of Edessa has announced a new charitable collaboration
alongside Master and Madame dul Escoffier: they hope to revitalize the Saint
Francis Foundation, a large charitable enterprise that will seek to provide
formalized supports for those in need, including grants for education and
housing, alms donations, refurbishment of the orphanage and alms, as well as
caring for public gardens.  

Rumor has it they have already fundraised thousands of silver for the
foundation endowment from behind closed doors and hope to petition the city's
notables to donate much more.  

In subject of: The Lassider Estate Ball
Date : Mon Nov 28 19:51:06 2022

Code: Select all

The following invitations have been sent out to Lithmore's citizens:


Come one, come all, to the Lassider Estate Ball! 
Madame and Master dul Escoffier are hosting a one-of-a-kind ball and 
charity auction to support the Saint Francis Foundation, patroned by
the Edessan Marchioness. Dance a Vandagan waltz, bid on rarities and
spectacular prizes, and support a splendid cause!

(OOC: to be held after OOC chat on Saturday, December 3rd)


In subject of: A Reeve Reshuffle
Date : Tue Nov 29 13:31:35 2022

Code: Select all

It is unclear what transpired, but a series of meetings at both the Town Hall and
Cityguard have resulted in a reshuffle of leadership amongst the Kingdom's
Reeves. Lyonie dul Acatsia has, after a second attempt to retire from the public
eye, again become the Lady Justiciar of the Reeves, presumably over widespread
disatisfaction with Brock mal Leidsfried in spite of improving conditions.

The transition seems to have been peaceful and mostly amicable relative to many
similar transitions. Brock mal Leidsfried has stepped into the position of
Proconsul of Lithmore. As rumors fly both the city's leadership and the Judicial
Council have declined to make any proclamations on the matter.

In subject of: Saint Francis's Gift
Date : Thu Dec 8 00:00:10 2022

Code: Select all

The revitalization of the Saint Francis Foundation was a rousing success. 
With funds, support and influence gained, the organization plans to continue
investing in large acts of charity and public supports for the city at

In subject of: Treasury and Golden Coin
Date : Thu Dec 8 17:17:13 2022

Code: Select all

 While the Magnate Interim had long professed her status temporary, many did
not expect so swift a transition as occurred this Votumas afternoon.  Rumors
speak of a long meeting at Durandal Manor, after which Silvia ab Durandal
took the place of recently-resigned Elise ab Bakir at Lord Seneschal Eiphraem
mal Nikolaev's behest.

Not to leave Merchants without skilled leadership, the guild announced Audric
dul Escoffier's ascension to Grand Magnate and Nephrit Attbara's to Magnate
soon after.  Previously serving as Trade Master and beloved Magnate, Master
dul Escoffier was hardly a surprising choice, with Nephrit Attbara's talent
well-spoken as he begins his first foray in leadership.  The Chancellor's
only public statement was to say she has every confidence in the aptitude and
proficiency of the new Merchant leadership, offering them her support.  

In subject of: Keeping up Knightly
Date : Fri Dec 9 03:11:58 2022

Code: Select all

With recent increase of witchcraft activity inside the city, the Earl Marshal
has proactively began an aggressive operation aimed at increasing recruitment
efforts, equipment and weapons, and better quality trained knights to
increase their presence throughout the city in order to safely combat magical
threats to citizens.

Complacency is being aggressively rooted out from the highest commands of
leadership, to the lowest station of cool.  Discipline procedures receive an
amended overhaul and are being put to the test to strengthen the core
leadership of knights.  

In subject of: A Shift in Morale
Date : Sun Dec 11 00:08:39 2022

Code: Select all

(Morale shifts up from Average to Good.) Preparations for what seems to be a
plan to bring the seat of the Citizen Elect back once more begin hitting the
street slightly prior to a more official announcement as the office becomes
busied with drafts for putting together some form of more public notice on
the matter.  While there is much to be trepidatious about, it is certainly
enough to set tongues awag, and curious bravado about how any joe within a
tavern might jest about being on the King's Council.  The line between a joke
and a reality, however, brings out cautious and 'ironic' interests alike...

In subject of: Hunting Festival at the Hollow Globe
Date : Tue Dec 13 01:23:52 2022

Code: Select all

The Troubadours invite one and all to the Hunting Festival at the Hollow
Globe.  Bring your stories from hunts past to share, remembering the hunters
and their quarries!  Display your prowess by submitting a trophy for our
contest with prizes from the Merchants' Guild! Contact the Poet Knight with
any questions or for assistance.

(OOC: Trophies start going up on Thursday (December 15) evening Server Time
(ST) in the Hollow Globe.  Stories will be told whenever people are available
between Friday (December 16) morning ST and Saturday (December 17) afternoon
ST.  Everything will be wrapped up by the OOC meeting.  Contact Teuila with
any questions or for assistance.) 

In subject of: The ranks of knights swell
Date : Sat Dec 17 00:00:10 2022

Code: Select all

With a tenacious militaristic operation, the ranks of Knights swell quickly,
causing an increase of city patrols with better trained, more disciplined,
and more serviceably equipped knights ready to assist citizens and defend
them against the ever growing threats of witchcraft.  They implore all
citizens to report any suspicious activity.  

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Mon Jan 30, 2023 12:36 am

In subject of: Money for the Quarters' Chapels
Date : Wed Dec 21 21:30:05 2022

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Augustus, 395. As Summer leads the way to Fall, Lord ab Durandal has brought
forth a donation rally for the Chapels in the city Quarters.  His goal is to
clean them up and refurbish them as the local priests indicate and prefer, as
well as the parishioners.

Lans begins a Race Relations noble project. 

In subject of: An Abundant Autumn
Date : Wed Dec 21 21:30:56 2022

Code: Select all

With a bumper crop coming in from Dusollini from a new vintage of grapes, it
seems the Baroness op Arcenant is looking to help people across the city to
have a bit more harvest time cheer by organizing smaller fetes and festivals
and sending out foodstuffs to inspire good will flavored with a bit of
'Vavardi influence'.  

In subject of: Borderland Struggles
Date : Tue Dec 27 20:33:24 2022

Code: Select all

On a cool Septembris morning, the 22nd day of Septembris 395, a ducal
messenger arrived in Lithmore after crossing the Kirulean and then traveling
up the Bren.  He first visited the Palace before bringing out a notice which
he posted publicly:

It is with a heavy heart that I must confirm further casualties among pious
Davite Vavardis who live in the Colonial Territories of Vavard, viciously
attacked by Charali heathens.  They have requested military support, and to
that end, I have several announcements:

1) I have arranged several military actions with existing Vavardi troops to
help push back the Charali threat.

2) I have established a new March among lands that were previously considered
a part of the Colonial Territories, with a Marquis to garrison and organize
troops, which shall henceforth bear the name Lorandy.

3) I have officially pushed out the borders of the lands Vavard claims as a
part of the Colonial Territories in order to increase the buffer between
established Vavardi settlements and the territory of roving Charali tribes.

4) I officially request the support of King Amir and the other duchies, and
their peoples, in putting an end to this threat.

Duke Loran dul Acris 

In subject of: Borderland Struggles
Date : Fri Dec 30 00:14:05 2022

Code: Select all

Following the announcement from her father, Duke Loran dul Acris of Vavard,
that he was seeking assistance in securing Vavard's lands against Charali
attacks, Queen Cristiana has announced her support for the campaign.  For her
contribution, she has announced a drive for supplies that might be put to use
by the soldiers.  Foodstuffs, weapons, armor, tack, and other supplies are
all welcome, so long as it is both useful and can survive transport to
Vavard.  In addition to anything transported to the palace (plot), she adds
that a representative will be stationed at town hall to accept donations.  

In subject of: Sir von Highpyke
Date : Fri Dec 30 14:51:07 2022

Code: Select all

There was confusion and speculation when young Edison Highpyke left a meeting
with the Seneschal, only to leave the City the same day in the dead of night.
Fueling speculation were a trio of cloaked riders seen leaving the Keep at
around the same time.  The announcement of the trouble in Vavard's colonial
region only deepened the mystery still.  Where was Sir Highpyke going?  

The answer, while not as enigmatic, was instead one for celebration - the
Knight and published author, born in a small hut in the inhospitable tundra
of Vostock, had proven himself worthy of gentrification.  To honor his
Vandagan heritage, and with a writ from the Seneschal, the Knight had
departed on his own to Lillton, a barony bordering Lithmore, to finish the
process of becoming a Gentryman in his homeland.

In the Halls of House von Volkov, Sir von Highpyke offered his deepest thanks
to House ab Durandal, Lord Earl Marshall mal Dymond, Lord Seneschal mal
Nikolaev, Lady Pauline von Volkov and her family for their trust and aid in
securing his social status. 

In subject of: The Baron of Palugia Arrives
Date : Fri Dec 30 18:36:38 2022

Code: Select all

An arrival from the Leneyan plains, the Baron of Palugia was noted with a
Farin entourage at the gates of Lithmore this Balasde morning.  While the
typical parade followed his noble arrival, the presence of camels drew a more
atypical level of interest from the locals.  Lord Zeroja de Vaidya was noted
proceeding to Town Hall, and thus the Palace, presumably in formal
presentation to Court and Council. 

In subject of: An Arrival from Tubor
Date : Fri Dec 30 22:20:25 2022

Code: Select all

An arrival from the distant and isolated Rapostra was witnessed this
Octobris, when the youngest noblewoman hailing from House le Ionae was
noticed disembarking from one of her family's ships.  Accompanied by a
substantial retinue, Lady Ruaeha le Ionae had been seen headed toward the
palace, presumably with intention of settling in residence there.  While her
intentions in traveling to Lithmore are unknown, doubtless she will strive to
make her mark on the Holy Capital.  

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Borderland Struggles
Sat Dec 31 00:06:01 2022

Code: Select all

Quick on the heels of the announcement from the Queen, a second announcement
is issued by the palace.  This one, however, comes from King Amir.  Instead
of expressing his support for the queen's drive for supplies for the conflict
in Charali, he proclaims that the crown cannot make its decisions based upon
his consort's familial ties.  The Charali are the Duke's problem and due to
his longterm handling of them, and devout Lithmorrans should instead turn
their minds to the Daravi Front, where he has been planning to launch a new
campaign.  In fact, he will also start to collect donations for the soldiers
at the Front.  His representative will take collections at the cathedral.  

A Prestigious Passenger
Sat Dec 31 11:46:02 2022

Code: Select all

Word from the docks is that recently, from the barony of Nimrock, someone of
some import has arrived from Vavard.  Yvette dul Florain, scion of the
recently raised dul Florain dynasty, disembarked and entered into Lithmore
with quiet fanfare and, reportedly, a purposeful air about her.  She quickly
made her presence known to the Court, before heading off to the Palace,
intent on claiming residence there for the time being. 

A Palace Party
Sun Jan 1 03:26:50 2023

Code: Select all

The palace servants are in a tizzy, scrambling to prepare for a fete just
recently announced in honor of the Royal Court's newest arrivals.  Sent by
the Lady Chancellor and the Lord Consort of Edessa, the coveted invitations
are said to promise a lavish affair for the Holy City's elite.  

(OOC: To be held Sunday, January 1st at 5:00pm server.  Will be gentry/noble
skewed, but all are welcome!) 

Donations for Quarters' Chapels
Wed Jan 4 00:00:10 2023

Code: Select all

With the succesful drive for money and political goodwill in the city, House
Durandal has achieved a series of renovations and refurbishments of the
chapels in each cultural quarter.  This should warm up the people to each
other and promote cross-quarter visits, just in time for Fall.  

A Race Relations project succeeds.

Food, Feasts, and Friovolity
Wed Jan 4 00:00:10 2023

Code: Select all

Seems after a good will and good food, the people of Lithmore are feeling in
a bit more of a cheerful mood moving towards Yuletide.  

Borderland Struggles
Wed Jan 4 23:24:02 2023

Code: Select all

On Octobris 24th 395, a brief announcement from the Queen's staff relayed
only that contributions to Her Majesty's collection for supplies in the
Charali conflict could now be directed to the Queen's private estates in
Volsuan, rather than the palace.  Her representative at the Town Hall will
remain at the same posting, however, and can arrange necessary

OOC: For those wishing to get involved in this event, you have two current
options.  If you have physical goods you want to donate, you can just give
them to one of the collection mobs.  The one at Town Hall Reception will put
items towards the Vavardi-Charali conflict.  The one at The Steps of Saint
Aelwyn's Cathedral will put items towards the Daravi border campaign.  If you
wish to get involved in other ways, want specific credit or impact or want to
contribute items you may not be able to pass off to a mob, you can instead
use the plot system.  This is attached to the staff-sponsored header plot 68,
"Borderland Struggles".  If you create a plot of type Staff Sponsored Plot
(in the plot advance polca, just use command: type Staff Sponsored Plot) and
tag this plot (in the same polca, use: header 68), this will be a free plot
with no QP cost.  Each player is welcome to lead one such plot every week
until it is solved, if you want.  It just needs to be related to the plot. 

Magebane Celebrations
Thu Jan 5 17:45:17 2023

Code: Select all

      _,-----LJ,---._         THE TROUBADOURS PRESENT
   ,-^  '   '   '    ^:,
  :   .    '      '     :
 :     /| .   /\   '     :    MAGEBANE PATROL AND MASQUE
:   . //|    // \   '     :
:     `-` /| `^-`    '    :
:  '     //|         '    :     JOIN US FOR MERRIMENT
:   \-_  `-`    ,    '    :
:  . \.\_,--,_:^/   ,    :    AND PERHAPS MISCHIEF
 :    ^-_!^!__/^   ,    :
  :,  ,  .        ,    : 
    ^--_____     .   :`

Traditional Patrol - Starting at the Crossroads at (6PM EST Friday Jan 6) 
with food and drink to follow in the Hollow Globe Theatre.

Masque Ball - Starting at the Town Hall Ballroom at (Saturday Jan 7 after ooc meeting) 
for a night of masked merriment, a scavenger hunt, and drinks.

Imperia executes Rumea for heresy
Sun Jan 8 21:51:16 2023

Code: Select all

When: Novembris 8, SC 395

Who: Rumea Sapia

What: Inquisitor Imperia dul Romano sentenced Rumea Sapia to the pyre today.
She stood accused of heresy by nature of unrepentant and unconfessed
consortion with mages.  After a brief sermon about the nature of sin and the
Law of Consortion, the Inquisitor burned her alive.  

A Shift in Lawfulness
Mon Jan 9 11:31:13 2023

Code: Select all

(Lawfulness shifts up from Poor to Substandard.) In response to the push
after Proconsul Brock mal Liedsfried's exit from the Capital, Lord Seneschal
mal Nikolaev has authorized that additional treasury funds from the Crown
have been lent to the Reeves.  This money is slated in to supply additional
clerks for shift oversight, as well as to ensure that any additional manpower
ends up shored with appropriate pay for the current expected patrols.

Yule Faire Celebration
Fri Jan 13 09:19:00 2023

Code: Select all

The Guild of Merchants invites all to their annual Yule Faire at their Trade
Hall's Crystal Chamber!  If you need to purchase a yule gift for a loved one
or an angry mother-in-law or if you wish to leave your house for a chance to
socialize during this cold winter then this event is for you!  Food and
drinks will be provided as well as a surprise performance by a Troubadour! 
The Merchants, and the Troubadours, wish you a happy, safe and warm Yule!

(OOC: The event will be on Thursday, the 19th, at 6 pm server time.)

Reeve Reinforcement
Sat Jan 14 23:14:42 2023

Code: Select all

The Lady of Nimrock, Yvette dul Florain, has been putting her weight on the
powers that be in Lithmore in order to push for a more lawful society.  She
is attempting to edge matters in the favor of the Reeves, pushing for more
coin spent on keeping up with the wages of their overworked staff, more boots
patrolling Lithmore's streets, and more smiths hired to keep them availed of
cuffs, arms and armor.

The Inquisition pyres Nach for magery (Belatedly)
Tue Jan 17 12:28:41 2023

Code: Select all

On Decembris 9, SC 395, after a day of strange and tenebrous events plaguing
Lithmore, the faithful gathered at River Square, before an inexplicably
smoking Ahalin Tower, to witness the final pyring of Nach Miller.  Tired and
battered Knights Lithmorran guarded him in an unusual display of security.  A
longtime runaway accused of witchery and consorting with demons, he was on
the last shred of life by the time he was tied to the pyre post and set

Zarif executes Yasmina for heresy
Wed Jan 18 20:10:25 2023

Code: Select all

On Decembris 17, 395, Grand Inquisitor Zarif ab Vaughn summoned the faithful
to River Square to witness the pyreing of Sister Yasmina Noor.  He spoke of
how even the pious can fall to taint, and that how just one small omission in
Confession can lead to taint, and further taint.  He further spoke that
Sister Yasmina Noor was his friend and advisor, and cautioned that his days
of laxness are over.  

Law and Order, Vavardi Style
Mon Jan 23 00:00:10 2023

Code: Select all

The Lady of Nimrock's push has been successful!  Newly christened enforcers
of the law dot the city's corners, sporting fresh cuffs and polished boots,
while the oft-overlooked and oft-overworked clerks are enjoying the boons of
actually being paid for all the added time they've spent before a desk.

Pious Philanthropy
Tue Jan 24 07:04:18 2023

Code: Select all

Following in with the Yuletime festivities, a drive for charity and goodwill
is underway.  Organized between the clergy and the Baron of Palugia, efforts
have begun to bolster the Franciscan traditions and the Law of Giving. 
Gifts, donations, and resources have begun to fill the almshouses and
orphange within Lithmore, an attempt to start the new year with a strong,
pious boost.  

A Charitable Outcome
Mon Feb 6 00:00:10 2023

Code: Select all

The influx of donated goods and resources has had a strong impact on the
piousness within the city.  Shepherded by the Baron of Palugia,
councilmembers, Orderites, and faithful citizens, their charitable efforts
have ensured the Law of Giving hasn't been so quickly forgotten.  

A new Grandmaster
Tue Feb 7 19:44:56 2023

Code: Select all

An emergency meeting was called to the Grandmaster council, led by the Earl
Marshal himself to assign some Knight Rangers out to locate where Sir Antonio
de Araret might be.  In the meantime he has pitched his support and intent on
a meritorious promotion of Sir Edison von Highpyke to assume the duties of
Grandmaster of the Knights until otherwise directed. 

Spring Awakens, Nobility Gives
Wed Feb 8 22:07:53 2023

Code: Select all

With the backing of both House ab Durandal and the Saint Francis Foundation,
a mountain of commissions have set crafters and suppliers in a tailspin. 
Requests for clothing, foodstuffs, and other supplies mount.  While withdrawn
from society as she mourns, missives and messengers bumble out of the
Marquessa's estate with instructions in service of the Law of Caring,
reinforcing previous work by the Baron of Palugia and emphasizing the need
for higher classes to protect and cultivate the common.  Rumor has it she is
spearheading a large donation effort for the Southside and Northside Alms,
aiming to funnel much-needed supplies towards those in need.  

An Update on the Borderland Struggles
Sat Feb 11 23:20:31 2023

Code: Select all

A Vavardi messenger arrived in the Lithmorran capital, having traveled via
Volsuan from the edge of the Charali Plains.  He reports on the bloody
details of an attack at a colonial territory village, relaying word of deaths
and injuries, as well as the other village that Vavardi forces were
protecting when the Charali attacked the first, though his words seem more
reluctant each time he reports them.  He relays that the Vavardi are still
fighting, and still amassing supplies, but that support from the other
duchies would save lives.  He notes as well that the Queen is still collecting
supplies and that she wished him to relay the details given, but that they
are all true.
No word comes from the palace on behalf of the King, however.

Appointment of a New Justiciar
Sun Feb 12 18:27:12 2023

Code: Select all

With Lady Lyonie dul Acatsia growing increasingly reclusive for increasingly
unknown reasons, matters within the Reeves have shifted.  The burden of
governance of secular law has fallen upon the shoulders of the Lady of
Nimrock, Yvette dul Florain, and as of recently, that shift has been
formalized.  Perhaps it was promotion via merit, or perhaps she simply dotted
the right i's and crossed the right t's, but in the end, the truth remains
the same-- The Proconsul has managed to earn the seat of Lady Justiciar. 

Chalice Rising and Wine Festival
Mon Feb 13 21:51:23 2023

Code: Select all

  .--.      .-'.      .--.      .--.      .--.      .--.      .`-.      .--.
'      `--'      `.-'      `--'      `--'      `--'      `-.'      `--'      `\
   H                  Troubadours Present:
  [ ]                          CHALICE RISING + WINE FEST
  | |                (ooc: Saturday 2/18 after OOC)
 /   \  
| ___ |             Join us for Mass with Fr. Stoddard
| \ / |
| _Y_ |             And Plenty of Wine and Games After!
  .--.      .-'.      .--.      .--.      .--.      .--.      .`-.      .--.
'      `--'      `.-'      `--'      `--'      `--'      `-.'      `--'      `\

A New Epion is Accepted
Thu Feb 16 00:40:38 2023

Code: Select all

It has been no secret for well over a year at this point that the Physicians
have been wanting for an Epion, but those willing to accept the role were
few.  As the Prime Medicus Bastian von Winglore continues to recover from his
severe injury from this past Yule, the need has only become greater.  After
much consideration, the Nursia Damien Shurkov has accepted the

Let the King's Games begin!)
Wed Feb 22 15:42:20 2023

Code: Select all

                                  |      __  |      
         \|                       \ | \  \_/ /                       |/
                                   \        /
                                    \      /
    __P_____________                 '.__.'  
   __/ K,,:::`;      
,-(  ))), )--\|       Now Announcing...
' / / --`--,             
 /  \    | '                     The King's Games

              Three separate days of excitement and competition     

  Quintilis 5th 396 - Cook-Off - Bring your best dishes! (Friday March 10th, 7pm System)
           at The Queen's Inn and Tavern

  Quintilis 9th 396 - Talent Show and Showcase Dinner (Saturday March 11th, after OOC Chat)
           at the Hollow Globe Theatre

  Quintilis 12th 396 - Jousting and Live Steel Tournament (Sunday March 12th, 3pm System)
           at the Tournament Grounds

               Send inquiries to Earl Marshall Jacarys Dymond.    _____________C__                        
                                                                       ;':::,,X \__
                                                                       |/--( ,(((  )-,

A Plentiful Spring
Thu Feb 23 00:00:10 2023

Code: Select all

The donation drive spearheaded by the Marquessa and Saint Francis Foundation
was a success!  Building on the Baron of Palugia's efforts to reinforce the
Law of Charity and ties to the Holy Mother Church, House ab Durandal
fortified ties between the classes through donations to the city's alms.  The
nobility seems to have rallied behind the Law of Caring.  The overflowing
alms will make for a plentiful spring.  

An Ascent to Magnate: ab Brandon Takes a Title
Tue Feb 28 16:12:27 2023

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On the morning of Maius 23, 396, a leadership roster update was posted
without fanfare in the Merchant's Guildhall.  It listed a name where
previously had been sitting a several-month's-long vacancy: 

Rafferty ab Brandon, Merchant Magnate.

Whispers in that hall say the signs were there: quiet tension among guild
members over the Grand Magnate's absence, and that the Journeyman Tailor has
been unobtrusively adding pressure behind the scenes while seeking support
from peers.  They cite a letter mailed in the last week proffering her
application and a vaunting self-recommendation for the title, and note a new
stack of reading material popped up in her emporium shop's displays including
a booklet titled 'The Virtues and Scale of Leadership'.

The woman ascends on tenuous footing, her name about town associated with
hard work, woolen socks, and a recent spate of unflattering rumors about her
personal life. 

Yvette executes Cathrimel for murder
Sat Mar 4 19:44:58 2023

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For the crime of murder, having purchased and consumed Chain Breaker in order
to end the life of her unborn child, Cathrimel Leon was sentenced to death by
hanging on the authority of Yvette dul Florain, Lady Justiciar.  Other crimes
include public drunkenness, possession of illegal substances and disturbing
the peace.

Zarif executes Maura for magic
Sat Mar 4 20:51:15 2023

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On Votumas, June 10 396 Grand Inquisitor Zarif ab Vaughan summoned the
faithful to River Square to witness the pyreing of Maura Surgat for Magery. 
He spoke of the importance diligence, for it was the diligence of Lord ab
Durandal who brought her to justice.  

Preparing for the King's Games!
Mon Mar 6 18:25:29 2023

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The capital is abuzz with activity in preparation of the tournament even the
Earl Marshal is hosting called The King's Games.  The tournament grounds are
being prepared along with the Queen's Inn, and the Hollow Globe Theater.  

Lothos Style Legality
Mon Mar 6 18:29:03 2023

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It's with quill and inkwell that the Lady Justiciar seeks to find the
strength necessary to bolster the city's hold over the streets.  A missive is
sent from Lithmore to Farin, Vavard and Tubor, even the most distant parts of
Vandago, stating the same thing-- Veterans of the Lothos Revolt are called
upon.  Come to Lithmore, join the Reeves, and serve your country once more. 
Offerings of tenure and respect, the value of duty and a pretty generous
bonus for enlistment twirl through her missive, calling on both the pragmatic
soldier and nationalistic warrior alike.

Let the King's Games commence!
Tue Mar 14 00:00:10 2023

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With preparations completed for the King's Games, the Earl Marshal launches
one of the most ambitious events to date calling upon the citizens across the
entire Kingdom to participate in a unique multi-day tournament that is aimed
to not only help the races understand each other and their histories, but to
also test the might of the Kingdom's warriors in preparations for a war.

Rumors say the Earl Marshal will be watching for potential Generals and
Commanders for the effort.  

Yvette executes Tissa for murder
Tue Mar 14 20:48:41 2023

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Yvette dul Florain, Lady Justiciar, has executed the mercenary Tissa for
murder.  She was found to have taken justice into her own hands and performed
a vigilante killing against at least two different brigands on the street of
Lithmore, executing them as they begged for mercy.

Damien Shurkov ascends to Prime Medicus
Sun Mar 19 15:18:06 2023

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There have been curious murmurs among the students and staff of the Madison
Hospital, Ocarian Clinic, and other places of healing tended to by the Royal
Physicians.  Questions have arisen as to the whereabouts of Bastian von
Winglore - questions answered simply as the Prime Medicus having
complications with his injury and a simple desire to spend time with his

In light of this, after a brief (roughly 2 day) period of being Prime Medicus
Interrim, Epion of Lithmore Damien Shurkov has accepted the full rank of
Prime Medicus.  To some this is a shocking development.  Others, something
that was inevitable.

Directly related to this is the news that the Royal Physicians are (once
again) seeking candidates for the position of Epion of Lithmore.  

Nephrit faces a gambit
Mon Mar 20 18:54:48 2023
Augustus 10, SC 396.

Code: Select all

Hulda sends a letter to everyone in the Merchants Guild asking if they are
for or against Neprit Attbara as Guild Leader Grand Magnate. 

Veteran Steel
Mon Mar 27 00:00:10 2023

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The Lady Justiciar has called, and veteran arms from the Lothos Revolt have
answered.  Those soldiers, hardened by bloodshed, have been given reason upon
reason to take up the scales-- Benefits, promises of tenure, and a call for
duty besides.  With these new boots on the cobbles, Lithmore is as safe as
can be.

Office Shuffling in the Merchant Guild
Mon Mar 27 02:01:21 2023

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Some days after the results of a vote concerning Guild of Merchants
leadership were formalized, the Office of the Grand Magnate was marked as
officially vacant.  

Minimal speculation about who would next fill it ensued: with firm support
from the organization, Rafferty ab Brandon, Magnate, has been for some weeks
the role's expected successor.  It comes as no surprise to membership at
large when the official guild roster is quietly updated at the beginning of
Septembris with her name shifted squarely to the top.  

What they are wondering, is who will step up to second-in-command.  

A Knight's Tale
Wed Mar 29 22:58:17 2023

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The Lord Consort of Edessa, Knight Venerable Lans ab Durandal, is getting
old.  While he can still pack a punch, he does have a story or three to tell.
He's decided to go around the city, sharing tales of his exploits in taverns,
schools and orphanages to instill courage and religious fervor around the
flock of Dav.  

Lans begins a Piety project.

Hadassah executes Saije for heresy
Sat Apr 1 20:14:19 2023

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On late Septembris 26, SC 396 Saije ab Cazarin was cleansed by pyre for
consorting with mages, heresy, and fornication without blessing.  It was
determined by Inquisitor Hadassah de Ezzet that the woman's soul was tainted
beyond a reasonable doubt and thus the only solution was to be purified by

Count Rowan ab Dacre in Lithmore
Mon Apr 3 01:24:59 2023

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Following the recent ennoblement of the ab Dacre lineage and Rowan ab Dacre's
inheritance of the title of Count of Beresfield, the young Lord's arrival was
noted in the cold Solisda evening of Septembris 29.  The Count arrived in a
carriage amidst Beresfield-liveried men-at-arms with typical noble parade. 
After only briefly lingering, he was seen making his way through to the Town
Hall, and then to the Palace, where he is to assumedly take residence for the
time being.  The young ab Dacre leaves Beresfield in the hands of his younger
siblings, and cruder Courtiers gossip and snicker about the struggling nature
of his county, and that he must have come to Lithmore to beg, hat in hand. 

Yule Faire
Fri Apr 7 23:22:37 2023

Code: Select all

  _/\_     __/\__   _/\_       _/\_     __/\__   _/\_       _/\_     __/\__
  )   (_  _) .' (   ) . (_     )   (_  _) .' (   ) . (_     )   (_  _) .' (    
  ') '.( ) .'  (`  ') '. (     ') '.( ) .'  (`  ') '. (     ') '.( ) .'  (` 
   `-._\()/__(-`    `-._/       `-._\()/__(-`    `-._/       `-
       ()()           ()()          ()()           ()()          ()()     
      / |`\          _/()\__       / |`\          _/()\__       / |`\
      ) : <        / | \(   ')_    ) : <        / | \(   ')_    ) : <
     `)_/`        < : ) )_'. '(_  `)_/`        < : ) )_'. '(_  `)_/`
                  (  >    )_'. (               (  >    )_'. (
                   '(        '-.\               '(        '-.\  

.   .  .   .  .      .---.        .---.      .      --.--  .--.   .---.  .
 \ /   |   |  |      |            |         / \       |    |   )  |      |
  :    |   |  |      |---         |---     /___\      |    |--'   |---   |
  |    :   ;  |      |            |       /     \     |    |  \   |      |
  '     `-'   '---'  '---'        '      '       `  --'--  '   `  '---'  .

           SC 396

   WHERE:    The Crystal Chamber in the Merchant's Trade Hall 

   WHAT:     Food, drink, shopping and merriment!

   WHEN:     Decembris 10, SC 396 (OOC: Thursday April 20, 6pm server!)
Gavriel Kemani Named Bishop of Lithmore
Sun Apr 9 01:15:39 2023

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The Synod has released an announcement:

Father Gavriel Kemani, originally of the Ducal Seat of Tubor, has been named
the new Bishop of Lithmore.

The Father has not been in the city long, but is known about town as a rather
undeniably common fellow, with a sinister appearance and a thick dockside
accent.  That said, those who have interacted with him in his priestly role
report generally positive experiences, with no history of particular scandal
or social missteps thus far.

Still, the election of such a common figure to a role of such prominence has
raised some eyebrows, and it remains to be seen if His Grace will prove to
handle his new eminence gracefully...  Or not. 

New Justiciar Named
Sun Apr 9 01:19:46 2023

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On Balasdes, Octobris 23rd, SC 396, an announcement was made on the
appointment of a new Justiciar.

Delana de Verdugo, Former Epion of Farin and long-serving Prime Medicus of
the kingdom, who had only recently been inducted as a magistrate, was chosen
for the seat.  In addition to her experience in guild leadership, her time
serving at and later commanding at the Farin front was cited for the

The new Lady Justiciar has been seen busy at the Reeve's headquarters and
elsewhere, preparing and settling into her new role. 

Erasmus ab Pemberton Named Poet Knight
Thu Apr 13 16:26:04 2023

Code: Select all

The Troubadours have announced the elevation of Journeyman Erasmus ab
Pemberton to the position of Poet Knight, which has been vacant under Poet
Laudate Tommaso op Errani for more than a year since the return of Teuila le
Escoffier to her native Tubor.  

Pemberton is perhaps young for the role, and dogged by persistently bizarre
rumors about his conduct.  However, on balance the appointment is more
logical than otherwise.  Gossip has not stopped him from becoming an accepted
part of Lithmorran society, known to be on good terms with many individuals
of rank and note.  He is also known as an active, energetic proponent of the
bardic arts, 

And, last but certainly not least, his status as the scion of a very wealthy
trading consortium has likely done nothing to hurt his prospects.

The new Poet Knight has yet to make any public statement about his plans or
intentions for the role, but scuttlebutt is already swirling around a large
event potentially planned for the spring of 397. 

Yvette dul Florain stricken from records
Sun Apr 16 13:06:05 2023

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In the later months of 396, word of the taint infesting Yvette dul Florain
and her abscondment from the cleansing fire of the pyre reached Vavard.  In
reply, the Baroness Ysabel dul Florain has declared the following:

Stricken from the records, Yvette mal Florain is burned from the lists of the
Florain family- Never to be acknowledged by society again, even when sent
before the Lord in fire, for fleeing from cleansing.

The whispers of who will be the successor to Nimrock remain quiet, as the
Baroness is past childbearing years.  Whether or not there will be an
adoption, or the displeased Duke awarding it upon a new hand for failure and
the disgrace of taint flows in rumors through the Vavardi parlors... 

A Grand Master Returns
Mon Apr 17 12:29:10 2023

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Quietly in the middle of the night, ranks within the Knights leadership take
a shuffle with the Lord Earl Marshal addressing the Grand Masters council to
reinstate Sit de Araret as Grand Master of the Knights Lithmorran, effective

A Knight's Tale ends
Mon Apr 17 13:29:12 2023

Code: Select all

The Lord Consort of Edessa, Knight Venerable Lans ab Durandal, has both
excited and bored everyone to death with his knightly tales.  For better or
worse, people know and remember them now, and a few have been inspired into
vocation now.  

There was speculation of slander against the project, particularly from a
rather niche Vavardi circle.  

Hadassah executes Aranea for magic
Wed Apr 19 22:54:21 2023

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On the day of Decembris (Month 12) 5, Sun Cycle 396 Hadassah cleansed Aranea
by pyre.  A woman whose confession in Ahalin Tower was murmured as horrific
and nothing short of absolute evility.  A murderess, a witch, a heretic, and
a demon summoner it was decided without a shadow of a doubt that the only way
to save her soul was through flame.  

Zarif executes Alyria for magic
Thu Apr 20 17:50:34 2023

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On Solisda, Decembris 8 396 Grand Inquisitor Zarif ab Vaughan summoned the
faithful to River Square to witness the pyreing of Lady Alyria op Varre for
Magery.  He spoke of the fairness of the Inquisition, and how it applies to
both Noble and Commoners, of all classes.  

Clemency Offered
Tue Apr 25 09:50:35 2023

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Knight patrols have been doubled.  It appears on these patrols the Knights
have been encouraged to speak to members of the public, hearing their
concerns.  In particular, the Knights are out in force to reassure the public
that all is well, and that if they themselves had been holding back on
passing on information, or indeed, had been unable to speak about something
during confession, that they should feel encouraged to view penance as a
positive, as it is through suffering that all are made holy.

Citizens, in particular, are asked to report what they know about Jae
Fremont, the ex-Lady of Nimrock, and now also Damien Shurkov.  The corrosive
affect of beguiling witchcraft has ruined the lives of Mister Fremont, and
now ex-Prime Medicus Damien Shurkov.  Citizens are advised to treat the Witch
of Nimrock as extremely dangerous and urged to flee to safety at the sight of
her.  However, if citizens see Misters Fremont and Shurkov, the may urge them
to hand themselves in.  Any further delay only makes it more likely that they
cannot be saved.

Brother of the Baron of Elcaster arrives
Tue Apr 25 11:33:14 2023

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Lord Karlisle ab Amrel of Elcaster quietly made his way to Lithmore early in
Decembris 396. Since arriving he had hardly been seen or noticed, but Bards
bearing Baron Richard ab Amrel's heraldry came to remind everyone that the
unmarried Lord ab Amrel not only exists, but may be one of the most marriable
men in Lithmore.  This reminder has garnered little fanfare, and though some
few onlookers report sightings of the Lord in question he has made no
attempts to affirm such a reputation.

Charity Efforts
Tue Apr 25 19:39:16 2023

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Lady Justiciar Delana de Verdugo is taking a proactive approach to support
Proconsul Ahna Tajar in providing aid to the less privileged masses in
Lithmore City.  She is leveraging her authority in the kingdom, and personal
wealth to make a positive impact on society.

With direct oversight by the Proconsul, members of the city guard are being
encouraged to volunteer their time and resources to assist those in need. 
The reeves play a crucial role in maintaining law and order, and their
involvement in charitable activities, and opportunities for citizens to get
to know them, could help build trust and foster a stronger sense of
community.  There are discussions of providing food for the hungry, and
organizing fundraising events for charity.  

Delana faces a gambit
Thu Apr 27 10:38:47 2023

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A relative sheaf of complaints stemming from records of dissatisfied nobles,
council members, and individuals of both the Physicians and the Reeves, has
been submitted by the Seneschal 'on behalf of others'.  Pulled to date from
after the trial that saw Delana removed as Prime Medicus, reoccurrences of
the alcohol-less medicine being distributed, academic discouragement in the
Madison, and the removal by Prime von Winglore lay alongside the bevy of
outcry over discussions of disenfranchising the Proconsul to step down, and
to remove prior existing Reeves after they recovered the city's order.

There is a note that the Holy Order had to bind an oath to avert this course
of action, rather than it being an intended partnership.  Even so, it
generated significant source of this unrest with prominent members of the
Reeves, and the Council, which is more the Seneschal's cause for action.

It is underpinned with a note of concern by Eiphraem himself that despite the
respect of the Reeves being the stated goal of the current Justiciar's
investments, her status as Justiciar puts that respect and cohesiveness in
jeopardy before a crusade when internal harmony is crucial.

He submits a formal petition for Delana de Verdugo's removal from the office
of the Justiciar, put before the Council and Court.

The Bimbles Bimbles On
Fri Apr 28 06:10:03 2023

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Ambassador Bimebale, son of Gurube left Lithmore with little fanfare.  After
months spent planning a decade-long journey through the Tarns, he has set off
on his quest to meet with the many Hillish clans to take stock of them.  He
has declared his intent to call the Moot; only time will tell if he should
succeed, fail, or simply become lost along the way.

Boarish Baron Arrives
Fri Apr 28 10:38:37 2023

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The Baron of far-off Ikihel, Harkon von Ikonnin, has arrived in Lithmore. 
Accompanied by a meager retinue, he comes to the King's demesne on
sabbatical, seeking much-needed respite after more than a decade of effort in
civilizing the harsh Vandagan frontier. 

Hadassah executes Delana for heresy
Sat May 6 22:30:59 2023

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On Februarius (Month 2) 10, In the Sun Cycle of the Lord: 397, Hadassah
cleansed Delana Verdugo by flame.  The decision was based on several accounts
of heretical behavior, questionable actions, the treatment of those beneath
her station, among a whole slew of other reports.  It was cited that the High
Inquisitor did not make these decisions lightly or flippantly, but rather
with deep thought and conviction.  

A New Justiciar is Chosen
Wed May 10 15:07:11 2023

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Late in the day on Februarius 24th, a notice was posted in the Queen's Guard
Headquarters to announce that the next Justiciar had been selected: Fynn
Sydow.  An atypical and reluctant choice for the position, the young Reeve
was selected for his steadfast service amidst the recent crises as well as
his closeness to the popular savage-Proconsul Ahna Tajar.  He has yet to make
a public statement, but rumors abound as to what his first action will be. 

Spring Awakening Ball
Thu May 11 02:04:06 2023

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The Lithmorran Troubadours' Guild and the Reeves Lithmorran wish to
officially announce the Spring Awakening Ball, to be held at the Reeves'
Grand Courtyard on the evening of Aprilis the 7th, 397. 

In addition, the Reeves will be hosting an auction of items drawn from 
the annals of history - from the scurrilous artwork of the notorious
Nach Miller to the cardinal mask of the Hospital Mugger. Come purchase
a piece of history for a good cause: all proceeds will be divided evenly 
between Southside charity relief and support of Reeve peacekeeping operations.

We welcome and encourage all to attend for an evening of feasting,
dancing, good-natured outbidding, and celebration. 

For those who are unaware, sumptuary law is suspended for the duration
of Spring Awakening. As such, charitable members of Lithmore's nobility
have kindly donated formal attire for those who cannot afford to purchase
their own. Any who wish to take advantage of this offer should reach
out sooner rather than later - we will strive to ensure that all demand 
is met, but those who make contact first will have first choice of costume.

Lastly, dancing lessons shall be offered by the Troubadours on
several occasions over the next few weeks to ensure no citizen of
Lithmore has a good excuse to avoid the affair.

With Spring Awakening, we celebrate both the past we have weathered and
the future ahead of us. Join us in marking the passage of the seasons and
the return of summer.

A New Grand Inquisitor.
Thu May 11 13:09:20 2023

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In the wee hours of Februarius 23, Sun Cycle 397, the debate of who would
take the mantle of Grand Inquisitor was closed.  Hadassah de Ezzet, an
Inquisitor hailing from the distant Bone Valley, was selected.  The
transition was a smooth one, given her stance on honor, stress to forgiveness
after penances, and focus on fairness.  She has cited there is still much to
do and intends to continue paving a righteous path for the flock. 

Borderland Struggles
Fri May 19 23:39:57 2023

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The tense uncertainty of many months of Lithmore being pulled between
campaigns on two different fronts seemed at last to be in the past as of the
end of Maritus 396.  The King announced that he would be supporting Vavard's
people with a small contingent to assist the Duke in protecting their new
borders, but that the majority of efforts would have to be devoted towards
his planned Edessan campaign, which he was now officially pushing into
motion.  He also announced the change in name of what was once Fort Latago to
Fort Ansari, at the behest of the Marquessa of Edessa.  

The Queen has also reportedly returned to the capital after personally seeing
off a contingent of the veterans of the Lothos rebellion on their way to
Lorandy, thanking them for their service while acknowledging the challenge
they would face, not numbering enough to make easy work of the Charali.  

With the two royals seemingly on the same page again, the Kingdom has shifted
gears into preparation for war against the Daravi.  

Nominations for Seneschal Open
Mon May 22 00:00:10 2023

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Nominations for city Seneschal have begun!  Residents of Lithmore are called
to present themselves as candidates for the role for the next two Sun Cycles.

The ab Azadar Affair
Tue May 23 12:22:27 2023

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Early on Aprilis 11 of 397, Lord Seneschal Eiphraem mal Nikolaev was reported
to have entered Ahalin in order to visit the Marquis Tiberius ab Azadar. 
Accompanied by Lord Justiciar Fynn Sydow, Poet Laudate Tommaso op Errani, and
Proconsul Ahna of Clan Tajar, a discussion with him lasted two hours.  After
emerging, a writ was signed and notarized, witnessed by the aforementioned
parties: The Marquis had officially resigned from his title as Marquis of
Avonna, leaving it to the Crown to adopt a successor to House Azadar and
appoint a new tilted noble to the land.

Expressing his intentions with this resignation of his status as a member of
the blood to marry Ambre dul Robiquet, the pair were lead out later
that very day to River Square by Grand Inquisitor Hadassah de Ezzet and
whipped in penance to expiate their sins.

The March of Avonna awaits a next of kin... 

A Shift in Race Relations
Thu May 25 10:24:22 2023

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(Race Relations shifts up from Average to Good.) In the aftermath as the
border tensions die down, the return of Her Majesty is accompanied by an
outreach of fliers on the strength of unity between the duchies in the
capital, and collaboration between all parts of the Kingdom necessary to
resolve what lies within and without.  Charity funds from the Crown are
directed into the Quarters for resources, as well as advertisements for
future plans for the Summer Faire to encourage produce on display more unique
to the individual duchies to be readied for it...

Raylene von Kazakov wins the House Bid!
Sat May 27 00:00:10 2023

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Raylene von Kazakov de facto won the Bid for Seneschal as no other candidates
were nominated during the campaign season. 

Castellan of Lothos
Sat May 27 23:10:43 2023

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After much movement within the King's Council over the last several months,
King Amir ab Harmons has accepted the proposal from the previous Seneschal
Eiphraem mal Nikolaev to strip the title of Nathaniel ab Vortina as Count of

In his place, Raylene von Kazakov has been named Castellan of Lothos on
behalf of the King, granting her the authority to rule Lothos as steward,
stepping in with the intention of resolving the Lothos Revolt that has been
held in a stalemate for several years, returning peace to the county. 

A Knightly Parade
Mon May 29 10:22:06 2023

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Whispering rumors of an upcoming parade being organized by the Earl Marshal
starts to filter within the Capital.  An overabundance of charity items
recently found from decades old are being collected and prepared to hand out
to the citizens, while the knights themselves are suiting up to display a
show of power for its citizens in preparation for the upcoming war.  

Summer Solstice Faire
Wed May 31 01:37:51 2023

Code: Select all

       /> //  __
   ___/ \// _/ /  Lithmorran Guild of Merchants invite one and all to...
 ,'   \_/ \/ _/_     
/  ' _/ |--\  ' '-,                 The SC 397
'' '/   /'\ / ' ' '.
| ' |  |   \)'  ' '|     __   .  .  .  .  .  .   ___   __   
'  , \/  ' , ' , ' /    (__   |  |  |\/|  |\/|  [__   [__)  
 \  '  ' ,   '  , ,     .__)  |__|  |  |  |  |  [___  |  \    
  \  ' ,  , ' , ./                   
   ',   ' , '  ,' __    __          __   _____  ___   __    ___          
     \' ,  ,' /  (__   |  |  |     (__     |     |   /  '  [__          
      '-____-'   .__)  |__|  |___  .__)    |    _|_  \__.  [___  
                            ___   __   ___   __    ___      -"\"/"-.
                           [__   [__]   |   [__)  [__     .'_\(o)/_ '.
                           |     |  |  _|_  |  \  [___   /    / \     \"""-.
                                                         :            |     '.
                                                         :            :    \i/\
                                                          '.        .'     (0)|
                                                            '-....-'       /:\:
                                                                  '.        .'
                          Fine Merchant goods for sale!
                             Food and drink for all!
                      Competition for best honeyed delicacy
                                and games galore! 
                             To be held on June 22nd
                    (OOC: Saturday, June 10th, after OOC Chat)     

Eiphraem mal Nikolaev Named as Chancellor
Thu Jun 1 01:26:55 2023

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After a nearly full day-long meeting between the pair, the Lady Seneschal has
announced that Eiphraem mal Nikolaev has already comfortably settled into a
place in assisting her since her appointment to Seneschal.  With mal
Nikolaev's interest in following situations unresolved in his own term with
new leadership and guidance by way of von Kazakov to ensure forward movement
and possible resolution, Seneschal Raylene von Kazakov has placed Eiphraem
mal Nikolaev in the position of Chancellor. 
“What good is power when you're too wise to use it?”

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Sun Mar 24, 2024 9:25 am

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In subject of: The Drought's Salvation
Date         : Sat Jul 15 10:00:07 2023
After many trials and many rounds of experimentation and long-term silence as
to the progress on the efforts, the Physicians' Guild has announced the
decisive cure for the illness known as the Scarlet Wasting.  The current
Prime Medicus, Philarion Dolinov, despite the relieving news, expresses his
sympathies for the families who had their close ones die to the unrelenting
disease.  Further mass production in order to provide treatment for all the
patients down with the disease is underway, much thanks to the charitable
donations from various notables of the city as well as the continuous
assistance of the Merchants' Guild. 

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In subject of: A New Grand Magnate
Date         : Sun Jul 16 15:53:37 2023
On the morning of Novembris 5, 397 after much deliberation amongst the
Merchant Magnates of the various duchies, Giselle dul Moretti was promoted to
the position of Grand Magnate.  The leadership shift occurred with very
little fanfare and doesn't seem to have affected the normal day-to-day
affairs of the Lithmorran branch of the Merchants at all.  

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In subject of: A Very Farin Wedding
Date         : Mon Jul 17 08:14:29 2023

c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p
(( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))
d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b

c//'\\p             &P)  (d)      You are invited to the wedding of   c//'\\p 
(( @ ))             )Up  /H\                                          (( @ ))
d\\_//b          __//M\\/MJM__     Earl Marshall Jacarys mal Dymond   d\\_//b
                |  /MWM\ HH   |               and
c//'\\p        _|_/WMWMW\HH___|_    Mistress Kalana mal Sephari       c//'\\p   
(( @ ))       /                 \                                     (( @ ))
d\\_//b     Decembris 8th,  397 at Lithmore's Hothouse Garden         d\\_//b
            (OOC: Sunday July 23rd 6:00 pm System time)       
c//'\\p                                                               c//'\\p
(( @ ))     Food, non-alcoholic refreshments and dancing to follow    (( @ ))
d\\_//b     the ceremony.                                             d\\_//b

c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p   c//'\\p
(( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))   (( @ ))
d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b   d\\_//b

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In subject of: Yule Events
Date         : Mon Jul 17 19:18:32 2023
  _/\_     __/\__   _/\_       _/\_     __/\__   _/\_       _/\_     __/\__
  )   (_  _) .' (   ) . (_     )   (_  _) .' (   ) . (_     )   (_  _) .' (    
  ') '.( ) .'  (`  ') '. (     ') '.( ) .'  (`  ') '. (     ') '.( ) .'  (` 
   `-._\()/__(-`    `-._/       `-._\()/__(-`    `-._/       `-._\()/__(-`      
       ()()           ()()          ()()           ()()          ()()     
      / |`\          _/()\__       / |`\          _/()\__       / |`\
      ) : <        / | \(   ')_    ) : <        / | \(   ')_    ) : <
     `)_/`        < : ) )_'. '(_  `)_/`        < : ) )_'. '(_  `)_/`
                  (  >    )_'. (               (  >    )_'. (
                   '(        '-.\               '(        '-.\  

.    .   .---.  .--.    .--.   .   .     .   .   .   .   .      .---.  .
|\  /|   |      |   )   |   )   \ /       \ /    |   |   |      |      |
| \/ |   |---   |--'    |--'     :         :     |   |   |      |---   |
|    |   |      |  \    |  \     |         |     :   ;   |      |      |
'    '   '---'  '   `   '   `    '         '      `-'    '---'  '---'  .

           SC 397

The Lithmorran Guild of Merchants would like to humbly invite you to a
Yule extravaganza filled with wares and waltzes, markets and merriment!

                           On Decembris 4th,
  Ice skating, shopping, and a Yule bonfire at the Viridian Greens!
               (OOC: Saturday, July 22nd at 7pm server)     

                           On Decembris 7th,
       A Viridian Greens Yule Ball with dancing and refreshments!    
                (OOC: Sunday, July 23nd at 1pm server)      

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In subject of: New Poet Laudate
Date         : Tue Jul 18 19:18:12 2023
In the early hours of the morning on Novembris 10, after being released from
the hospital, Padrika Laskin quietly agreed to take on the position of Poet
Laudate.  The Troubadour's Guild, still reeling from the loss of their
leadership, agreed that the show must go on.

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In subject of: Departure of Hadassah de Ezzet
Date         : Tue Jul 25 10:09:09 2023
Late in the evening of Decembris 12, SC 397 it was decided that Hadassah de
Ezzet would retire from the Order.  A discussion that took place behind the
closed doors of the Cathedral and stretched on into the wee hours of the
morning.  It was cited that her service to the Lord had come to a close and
she was to begin a new journey on self-discovery.  She was appreciative and
filled with adoration for the Church in allowing her to occupy the position
of Grand Inquisitor.  Stoic in the face of a new adventure, she hopes the
next one to take up the mantle after her will keep similar principles.  

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In subject of: Charitable Dymonds
Date         : Sun Jul 30 10:52:02 2023
After the wedding, the Lord Earl Marshal, Jacarys mal Dymond and his wife
Master Kalana mal Dymond begin a charitable drive collecting toys and
clothing from Farin to help provide to orphans and children of poorer
families.  Bottomless coffee and all you can eat curry is also shipped in to
help feed families as well.  This is all done under the banner of the Holy
Order, and the celebration of the marriage between the mal Dymond's under the
eyes of the Lord. 

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In subject of: A Game at Whitemarsh
Date         : Fri Aug  4 09:30:47 2023
           |                                _|_
         _\|/_                               |        
          /|\                           _|_
           |                             |
              Wishing you joy and fellowship
                   this holiday season.                  _|_
               May your hearth burn bright                |
              and your faith remain strong.         |
                  |                                /|\
      _|_       _\|/_                               |
       |         /|\       You are humbly invited          _|_
                  |     To a fete at Whitemarsh Keep        |
                           Hosted by House Edessa
             |              Januarius 30, SC 398

     _|_                                           |
      |      A game will be afoot.               _\|/_       
                                         _|_      /|\
                                          |        |

(OOC: Sunday, August 6th at 3pm server)

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In subject of: Charitable Dymond's shine for the Holy City.
Date         : Sun Aug  6 00:00:10 2023
After a successful charity drive, the mal Dymond's help provide enough food,
toys, clothing, and of course bottomless coffee to children and families from
all across the Kingdom, from the the south to the north.  In celebration of
their marriage, it is a significant step and reestablishing the public?s
trust in the Holy Order and its duties to the citizens.  

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In subject of: Reeve Restructuring
Date         : Wed Aug 16 19:15:38 2023
As of the start of year 398, a restructuring of the Reeves following the
chaos of the Scarlet Wasting and the deployment to Lorandy is taking place. 
With a mind toward strengthening the security of the Capital with tensions
spiking in Edessa, the Lord Justiciar moves to redefine patrol routes,
provide incentive toward enlistment with a pay raise, and increase the
visibility of the Queen's Guard and its ability to react to danger and send
information back to the headquarters.  To that end, construction on several
checkpoints to be manned by a small amount of Reeves around the city's main
thoroughfare begins.  With runners and carrier pigeons stationed, the
intention is to make sure reports reach the nexus of Reeve activity as
swiftly as possible, ensuring the earliest response the City Guard can

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In subject of: The Capital's Security
Date         : Thu Aug 31 00:00:10 2023
Flying Reeve banners, the checkpoints at the Crossroads, Church Street at
Consolidation, Church Street at Flairkin, and King's Concourse at Silverstone
Way stand solid.  As the year of 398 carries on, the presence of the Reeves'
yellow-green on the streets of Lithmore City is ubiquitous, providing
stability and the visible hand of His Royal Majesty's law to the Capital.  

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In subject of: The Pilgrimage is here!
Date         : Thu Sep  7 18:26:53 2023
Expires      : Tue Jun  2 18:27:18 2026
To           : all
June 4, SC 398.

The Pilgrimage is here!

In honor of the upcoming Daravi crusade, and with gratitude in their hearts
and minds, hundreds of pilgrims from all over the kingdom are flocking this
summer to the City of Lithmore as they make their way on to the Holy Springs,
upriver, at the source of Dav's revelations and tenets.  Business swells at
the new demand and there will be so much to do!

This is an optional plot in which anyone can participate.  It is not a crisis
and is meant to be light hearted.  As with other plots, please designate one
(and only one) alt to be actively involved in the plot (so engaging with
minigames, the plot system and such); the others can talk and opine about it
at will, but should not engage it actively.

The pilgrim situation and minigames will develop in stages.  This first one
designates a new room near the West Gate.  You can go to 'Grassy, Low Hills
by the Pilgrim Camp' and enter tents there.

I hope you find it enjoyable!


PS: let me know if something isn't working!

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In subject of: Census in Lothos
Date         : Sun Sep 10 10:57:35 2023
With the recent successful distribution of needed supplies, food, and coin to
Lothos, and the fleeing of Bonesplitter, it is desirable to find out if all
of the recent support has provided a better way of life for those in Lothos. 
Raylene von Kazakov, Castellan of Lothos, would like to take a census to see
if things are improving.  

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In subject of: Summer Faire
Date         : Wed Sep 13 01:13:19 2023
Expires      : Mon Jun  8 01:13:22 2026
To           : all
       All are cordially invited to the...
                   SC 398

        .  .  ___ __   __        __       ___ , __
        |\/| |__ |__) /  ` |__| (__) |\ |  |   (__         ,|.
        |  | |___|  \ \__. |  | |  | | \|  |   .__)      ,' | `.
                       __                 ___  __        \  |\ /
      ;   :   ;       (__ |  | |\/| |\/| |__  |__)        \ | /
   .   \_,!,_/   ,    .__)|__| |  | |  | |___ |  \         \|/`.
    `.,'     `.,'                                           |    `. 
     /         \             ___  __  __   __   ___               '
- -- :         : --  -      |__  (__)  |  |__) |__              
     \         /            |    |  | _|_ |  \ |___             ( 
    ,''._   _.''.                                                '-._
   '   / `!` \   `                                                   )

      ;   :   ;           Food, games, and wares galore!            /
                    To be held at Lithmore's Festival Grounds  
                              Quintilis 10th, SC 398
                    (`  ).                        _
                   (     ).                   .-(`  )`.
                  (       '`.               :(   .    )
              .+(`(      .   )        .--    `.  (    ) )
             ((    (..__.:'-'      .-(   )     ` _`  ) )
             `(       ) )          (   .  )       (   )     ._
               ` __.:'   )        (   (   ))       `-.  .:(`  )
            ( )       --'          `- __.'              :(      ))
           (_.'             .')                         `(    )  ))
                           (_ _)                          ` __.:'               

                    (OOC: Sept 16th, 7pm server!)

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In subject of: The Baron of Macosta Arrives to Lithmore City
Date         : Wed Sep 13 01:37:11 2023
 On a warm Arendus evening, a black carriage calmly traversed Lithmore city's
busy crossroads, turning northward and threading its way through the city
streets with caution, and heading towards the palace nestled away from the
city's heart.  Looking inside the carriage, one could see a young man swathed
in blankets, engaged in conversation with an attentive attendant.  Before the
palace, a herald's voice announced the arrival to the assembled nobility,
courtiers, and the royal family the arrival of Cyprus dul Terzieff, Baron of
Macosta.  Cyprus, transported in on a palankeen, reaffirmed his family's
loyalty to the throne.  With the aid of his attendants and steward, he soon
retired to his chambers to recover after such a long journey, though sent
word to the various members of court and gentry of his intention to visit
those of the merchant class and members of court.  

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In subject of: The Pilgrimage Rocks
Date         : Sun Sep 17 14:45:11 2023
Quintilis 12, SC 398.

Catastrophe!  A landslide has blocked the Pilgrim's path to the Springs. 
Fortunately, it happened in the middle of the night and no one was in the
way.  But now there's a huge pile of rocks and the Pilgrimage is

Strong player characters can go to A Blocked Path to the Springs, down from
The West Road in the Mountains, and try to remove rocks and debris with craft
unskilled 1922.  This requires a pilgrim stamp from Brother Aurelio from the
Pilgrim Camp near the West Gate, and a LOT of stamina!  If you manage to
complete a work shift, you'll help get everyone closer to clearing the path,
and you'll also get paid a little money for your troubles!

If you can't do the work (because of stamina, or you're not a freeman, or you
just had your nail appointment), consider hiring other players and such.


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In subject of: A Call to Court
Date         : Mon Sep 18 11:57:56 2023
As pilgrims swarm the city and talk of the Daravi campaign continues, there is
word from the Royal Palace. Liveried heralds announce that Their Majesties will
be holding open court, with both King Amir and the Crown Prince in attendance.
Word from the palace is that His Majesty intends to formally acknowledge his 
current Seneschal, receive oaths of fealty from the newly-arrived nobles, and 
speak on the plight of the faithful halted on their journey to the Holy Spring.
(OOC: held this Saturday, September 23rd, at 7:00pm server after OOC chat)

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In subject of: Appointment of a New Grand Master
Date         : Mon Sep 18 22:56:15 2023
In late morning hours, it was heard that the Lord Earl Marshal convened the
Grand Master's council in order to fill the role of Grand Master of the
Knights Lithmorran.  The meeting ended faster than it began as the Earl
Marshal's suggestion of Dame Seraphia Toussaint was accepted without protest.

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In subject of: A New Proconsul
Date         : Sat Sep 23 09:35:21 2023
As Summer took hold in 398, the Reeves minted the next Proconsul, Eliott dul
Bravadi. With local leadership waning, leaving the Justiciar without senior
men, the choice came with a touch more necessity than excitement. 
Regardless, dul Bravadi's tenure was cemented with some approval and praise
for his utility as an established name in the city. 

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In subject of: A New Lothos
Date         : Sun Sep 24 15:18:33 2023
The Castellan of Lothos, Raylene von Kazakov, was summoned to the King's side
during open court, asked to take oaths of fealty and formally bestowed the
title of Countess of Lothos.  After two years shepherding her homeland's
recovery with the support of the Royal Council, the domain has been returned
to orderly, tax-paying status to a degree His Majesty found satisfactory.  

The von Kazakov family is rumored to have invested over three hundred gold
into the land, supplied in tandem with donations, resources and the combined
effort of the realm's guildleaders, including former Seneschal Eiphraem mal
Nikolaev.  The mysterious departure of Bonesplitter and the assassination of
Nathaniel ab Vortina in Vandago leaves little leadership left to contest
their rule.  While there is still a great deal of recovery left to come, with
the rebels laying down their arms and a new liege of Vitussa, there is some
hope for the future. 
"I don't care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching--they are your family." - Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty

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Sun Mar 24, 2024 9:49 am

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In subject of: A Shift in Infrastructure
Date         : Sun Sep 24 16:45:01 2023
(Infrastructure shifts up from Poor to Challenged.) I heard that Seneschal
Raylene von Kazakov, after the court, started turning to some of those who
can help fix the roads.  Both to help with the clearing of the rocks for the
pilgrimage, and to make the roads just more easily passable.

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 In subject of: Improvement in the County of Lothos
Date         : Mon Sep 25 00:00:10 2023
With the recent successful distribution of needed supplies, food, and coin to
Lothos, and the fleeing of Bonesplitter, it is desirable to find out if all
of the recent support has provided a better way of life for those in Lothos. 
News from the County is hopeful, and the people, their lands, the roads, and
everything will take years to reach their full repair again.  But things are
improving, and prosperity is within reach.  

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In subject of: The Breakthrough
Date         : Wed Sep 27 23:58:12 2023
On Augustus 398, and after declaring his intent in front of His Majesty in
Open Court, Lord Lans ab Durandal and a gaggle of squires, pages, and also
servants from his noble House, launched an initiative to inspire, lead, and
coordinate, young men into clearing the blockage impeding the Pilgrimage to
progress to the Holy Springs.

Following the Council's monetary contribution, this attempt by the former
Earl Marshall aims to inspire the zeal for selfless sacrifice and dedication
that characterizes the Holy Knights.

Lans begins a Piety project. 

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In subject of: A Shift in Infrastructure
Date         : Mon Oct  2 09:04:58 2023
(Infrastructure shifts up from Challenged to Substandard.) The Lady
Seneschal, Raylene von Kasakov, has kept up her work talking to the
streetsweepers and the omes to fix up the roads, encouraging them to improve
the conditions.  With those pilgrims here, it can only help us clear out that
blockage if the roads are better.

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In subject of: Offices in Flux
Date         : Mon Oct  2 13:32:48 2023
On the morning of Septembris 9, 398, with exceptionally little fanfare,
former Grand Magnate Giselle dul Moretti announced her resignation from her
post in favor of promoting Master Daphne von Bravadi into the role instead. 
"I am pleased to leave the guild under the care of Master von Bravadi, who
has my support and utter faith to succeed me," the young woman wrote in a
missive sent out to every merchant within Lithmore and beyond.

With an equal lack of fanfare, an announcement was sent out from Town Hall
that there was a new Chancellor of the Exchequer, no doubt explaining the
sudden flurry of meetings taking place in Town Hall of late: Giselle dul

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In subject of: Madison Shuffle
Date         : Mon Oct  2 13:57:30 2023
To continue the shuffle of guildleaders this Septembris of 398, news comes
from Madison Hospital that Irina Petrov has been chosen as Prime Medicus, A
relative nobody, confidence in her appointment is scant, but a few members of
the guild were able to attest to her skill as a midwife and the quality of
her thesis in women's health.  Soon after her announcement, Koukakala Noelani
was appointed Epion, supported mainly by Tubori physicians abroad. 

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In subject of: A Play to Ring in Magebane
Date         : Tue Oct 10 01:55:28 2023
                           All are cordially invited to...

      /  /\       /\  \     __J"L__            "Just a Pinch of Silver"
     /  /__\  _  /__\  \,-'`--...--'`-.       
  .--|       / \       |  /\  ___  /\  \       as written by Iaka Wihome
__).-|    _  ---  _    |  ""  \_/  ""   \
>__)  \   \\/\_/\//   /                 |   Starring: 
       "-._\/\_/\/_,-"|    /\/VWV\/\    |--.
                       \  (/\/\_/\/\)  /-.(__  Poet Laudate Padrika Laskin
                        "-._________,-"  (__<  Journeyman Iaka Wihome, and

The Darling of Dusollini, the Baroness Theodora op Arcenant herself!

                \\                \\                \\
           .-'```^```'-.     .-'```^```'-.     .-'```^```'-.
          /   /\ __ /\  \   /   (\ __ /)  \   /   /) __ (\  \
          |   ^^ \/ ^^  |   |    ` \/ `   |   |  ^   \/  ^  |
          \   \_.__._/  /   \    \____/   /   \    `'=='`   /
           `'-.......-'`     `'-.......-'`     `'-.......-'` 

                    When:      Octobris 29th SC 398
                    Where: The Hollow Globe Theatre
                    A reception with food, fun, and 
                          free masks to follow!

                      (OOC: Oct. 15, 3 pm server!)

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In subject of: The Breakthrough Succeeds
Date         : Wed Oct 11 00:00:10 2023
With sufficient political and moral support, the attempt by Lord ab Durandal
and his House to promote religious fervor among the Blockage workers is
succesful.  What was already a charged environment is now zealous, with
hymnals sung at the top of lungs, and exhaustion being replaced with almost
masochistic dedication and selflessness.

A Piety project succeeds. 

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In subject of: A Shift in Class Relations
Date         : Fri Oct 13 13:23:07 2023
(Class Relations shifts up from Good to Excellent.) The Lady Seneschal,
Raylene von Kazakov, was seen over at the orphanage.  Took her own kids with
her, and her nanny, and she brought a big ol' stack of books.  Settled on
down on the chair there, and just started reading to the kids.  That
children's book about knights was in the stack, I think!  And a book of
songs.  And even a book of prayer.  Had a right ol' good time, as far as I

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In subject of: A Noble from Ird
Date         : Tue Oct 17 11:28:28 2023
The latest arrival to the City of Lithmore is Lord Alkide de Biades, the
younger son of Baron Baldwin de Biades.  There isn't much known about Lord
Alkide, but his Barony is famous -- or infamous -- for its unusual standing
force of cavalry, for the rumors that they not-infrequently ransom other
notables, and for the fact of their spectacular Ird woodprinted cotton.  It
remains to be seen what the younger son is doing here in the Holy Capitol,
but he was sighted heading for the Knights' Keep, and so it would not be
surprising to see him following his family's military traditions.  

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In subject of: Together in Work and Talent
Date         : Fri Oct 20 09:12:19 2023
In her role as patroness of the Lithmorran Merchants, the Marchioness of
Edessa has announced her intent to garner Yuletide support and fundraise for
the construction of a Trade Hall Museum to display Merchant masterworks.  The
project was initially proposed by the late Grand Magnate Eartha ab Arcenant
in SC 388 but had never been completed.

In a letter sent to many city notables, Lady ab Durandal highlighted the need
to celebrate skilled laborers and the fruits of their work.  "Learning a
trade is one of the most reliable means to education, stability, and
prosperity for the common-borne in our kingdom," She wrote.  "Men and women
from all walks of life train to create the goods we rely on.  Masterworks
demonstrate a crafter's mastery of their trade, highlighting their unique
artistic voice, background and pride.  These beautiful pieces should not
gather dust in a corner; rather, they should be displayed in example of how
the everyman betters himself for the good of us all." 

There are rumors the Marchioness intends to petition Her Majesty for the
exhibition of the Royal Coronation gown and jewelry, which was the combined
effort of the Lithmorran Guild of Merchants in SC 387.  The claims have yet

to be substantiated.  

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In subject of: SC 398 Yule Faire
Date         : Sat Oct 21 11:21:00 2023
Expires      : Thu Jul 16 11:21:08 2026
To           : all
              o    :    o                                                .      
                '.\'/.'                                                  :  
     _|_        :->@<-:                                            '.___/*\___.'
      |         .'/.\'.                                              \* \ / */
              o    :    o                             +               >--X--<
                   o                                      _|_        /*_/ \_*\
         +                                                 |       .'   \*/   '.
                                  SC 398                                 :
     .   .  .   .  .     .---.     .---.    .     --.--  .--.   .---.
      \ /   |   |  |     |         |       / \      |    |   )  |       
       :    |   |  |     |---      |---   /___\     |    |--'   |---  
       |    :   ;  |     |         |      |   |     |    |  \   |        _|_
       '     `-'   '---' '---'     '      '   '   --'--  '   `  '---'     |

   .      .           _|_
   _\/  \/_            |    WHERE:  The Merchant's Trade Hall
_\_\_\/\/_/_/_     +        WHAT:   Food, drink, shopping and merriment!
 / /_/\/\_\ \            
    _/\/\_                  WHEN:   Decembris 17th, SC 398
    /\  /\  
   '      '                  WHO:   All are welcome!            *  .  *
                                                              . _\/ \/_ .
                                                               \  \ /  /
                                                 ..    ..    -==>: X :<==-
                                                 '\    /'      / _/ \_ \
                                                   \\//       '  /\ /\  ' 
         +                                    _.__\\\///__._    *  '  *
           _|_                                 '  ///\\\                
            |                                      //\\                         
                                                 ./    \.         
                                                 ''    ''

(OOC: Friday, October 27th, at 7:00PM Server) 

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In subject of: A Yuletide Hunt!
Date         : Sat Oct 21 11:23:15 2023
_|_        +         ||             |
 |                 <=<>=>         _\|/_ 
      _|_      .     ||     .      /|\
       |      /|     ||     |\      |   +
   |       `__\\     ||     //__  
 _\|/_         ||    ||    ||     
  /|\       \__`\    ||    |.__/      _|_
   |          `_\\   \/   //_'         |
           The Great Yuletide Hunt          |
            Decembris 21st SC 398    +    _\|/_
    +                                      /|\   
             +      _|_                     |
    _|_              |    +          _|_
     |                                |
         +       To be held        +    
            in the King's Forest.
  Esteemed members of Their Majesty's court
    and other city notables are welcome,
+    as well as those of noble retinue.    _|_
_|_       +          |           +
      Cider and celebration to follow
        in the Royal Hunting Lodge.   

    (OOC: Begins Saturday, October 28th
          at 4:00 pm server time)

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In subject of: A New Justiciar
Date         : Sun Oct 29 11:45:08 2023
Well into Decembris SC 398, word out of Cityguard of a change in leadership. 
The quiet removal of the Justiciar, Fynn ab Sydow, comes relatively expected
from most familiar with the situation.  And just as expected, his replacement
Eliott dul Bravadi comes with little fanfare.  The sentiment tends to be that
with war on the horizon, a more militant presence is required among the
Queensguard, and thus the title changes hands once.  

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In subject of: Work and Talent Unites Us
Date         : Tue Oct 31 00:00:10 2023
The Merchants' efforts to rally for a Masterwork Museum, patroned by the
Marchioness of Edessa, was a rousing succcess.  The resulting funds,
resources and support will be applied in the creation of a space to display
the hard work of Lithmorran Merchants past and present, lauding their efforts
to better themselves and contribute to the strength of the Five Duchies.  

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In subject of: Road Improvements
Date         : Tue Oct 31 00:29:01 2023
Lord Alkide de Biades proposes to utilize the underemployed citizens of the
city to help improve the roads of Lithmore by replacing the broken
cobblestones and filling in potholes with gravel, then re-surfacing the
gravel with fresh potholes.

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In subject of: The Grand Daravi Crusade
Date         : Sat Nov  4 17:23:55 2023
King Amir ab Harmons has announced his intention to retake Edessa in a grand
crusade against the Daravi, starting this spring, and Lithmore has started
its preparations.  Even before troops are setting forth for the Front, plans
are starting to be made, supplies collected and commanders selected.  Those
interested in participating in any guise are recommended to reach out to the
Seneschal or one of the Great Lords as they work to make decisions on who
will lead the various efforts.  

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In subject of: Needed Supplies for the Crusade
Date         : Mon Nov  6 16:35:39 2023
In late Januarius, Town Hall released a list of needed supplies for the
Daravi Crusade which can be given to the royal guard in the Town Hall
Reception area if one wished to make a donation. They are as follows:

   * Sips of water (any drink that isn't hard liquor)
   * Bows
   * Arrows
   * Swords
   * Non-sword weapons
   * Full sets of leather armor
   * Full sets of metal armor
   * Rations
   * Cloaks
   * Bales of hay
   * Bags of medical supplies (the Physicians are accepting items
     for these bags; please make donations of these supplies to
     the crate at the Madison)
   * Logs of wood
   * Blocks of stone

Town Hall also made a note that a person can also donate leather or
scrap metal to the merchants, for the making of armor and weapons. If
there are questions, please direct them to the office of the Lady
Chancellor Giselle dul Moretti.

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In subject of: A Newborn Royal
Date         : Thu Nov  9 12:35:17 2023
Criers are sent from the Royal Palace to announce the birth of a royal son. 
Prince Cristobal Lorenzo ab Harmons was delivered quickly in the morning of
Februarius 2nd, 399.  His middle namesake is Duke Loran dul Acris' father--
his great grandfather.  He is now third-in-line to the throne after his older
brothers, Prince Garath and Prince Lawrence.  The little prince is reported
to have hearty lungs; his cries when entering the world were heard by the
nobles in wait outside the ab Samael suites.  The Queen is expected to
recuperate in confinement with the infant over the next month. 

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In subject of: A Prayer Vigil
Date         : Thu Nov  9 21:12:34 2023
      ,-'         `-.
    ,'               `.
   /                   \
  /         .           \
 ;           )           :          All faithful are invited to
 |          ((           |
 |          ) \          |     A PRAYER VIGIL TO WELCOME THE NEW YEAR
 :         ( , )         ;            AND THE COMING CRUSADE
  \       _ `|'__       /
   \     ( """"_ )     /              Saint Aelwyn's Cathedral
    `.    )/(/( \|   ,'
      `- ()  )()|| -'                on Februarius 12th, SC 399  
          | ()  ||
          |     ||         (OOC: Saturday, November 11th, at 2pm server)
          |     ()
          |     |
          |     |
          |     |
          |     |
     (________    ___)
        \___     _/
        (_____  __)
         \       /
          )__   (
         (____  _)
           |   |
           |   |
           |   |
           |   |
           |   |
           |   |
           |   |
         _/     \_
"I don't care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching--they are your family." - Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty

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In subject of: The Pilgrimage Concludes
Date         : Mon Nov 13 06:39:49 2023
Februarius 19, SC 399.

With the preparations for the Crusade against the infidel Daravi in full
swing, the Pilgrimage to the Holy Springs trickles down to its more usual
numbers.  The pilgrims from all over the Kingdom return to their homes with a
fiery disposition in their hearts, and the memories of the wonders of
Lithmore City and its welcoming and generous inhabitants.

The Pilgrimage ends.  The camp outside the West Gate is lifted. 

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In subject of: Raylene von Kazakov Steps Down from Seneschal
Date         : Mon Nov 13 07:13:44 2023
To allow for a smooth transition of the Right Hand of the King before
military campaigns progress, Raylene von Kazakov has announced her intent to
step down from her position to allow the political campaign to happen and to
ensure that the new Seneschal is in place before the march begins.  She
expressed her gratitude to the council for a successful term and His Majesty
for entrusting her with the office for the last two years. 

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In subject of: Nominations for Seneschal Open
Date         : Mon Nov 13 07:15:12 2023
Nominations for city Seneschal have begun!  Residents of Lithmore are called
to present themselves as candidates for the role for the next two Sun Cycles.

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In subject of: Winter Roadwork Repairs Completed
Date         : Wed Nov 15 00:00:10 2023
The roadworks have been completed!  Lord Alkide de Biades, with the help of
other members of Court and the unemployed laborers of the city, has worked
hard to resurface the roads of Lithmore, removing slush and ice and replacing
damaged cobblestones.

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In subject of: Giselle dul Moretti wins the House Bid!
Date         : Sat Nov 18 00:00:10 2023
Giselle dul Moretti de facto won the Bid for Seneschal as no other candidates
were nominated during the campaign season. 

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In subject of: A Song to March To
Date         : Tue Nov 21 01:35:17 2023
As the troops prepare to make the long march to Edessa for His Majesty's Holy
Crusade, a song composed by the Troubadour Aurele dul Beaumont begins to
spread like wildfire through the streets of Lithmore City - sung by fighting
men and women off to war and regulars within the local taverns alike.  

 The Holy Crusade Marching Song

With faith outspread, we march ahead, For the Lord's gloo-ryy!

The King decreed, His Will we seek, For the Lord's gloo-ryy!

Edessa Land, from Savage hand, For the Lord's gloo-ryy!

We fight the Blight, with Grit and Might, For the Lord's gloo-ryy!

If we should fall, within this brawl, For the Lord's gloo-ryy!

Let ten more come, into the scrum, For the Lord's gloo-ryy!

We're all for one, and one for all, For the Lord's gloo-ryy!

Let ev'ry man, and woman stand, For the Lord's gloo-ryy!

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In subject of: A Fallen Knight
Date         : Thu Nov 23 18:40:28 2023
Maritus 31, SC 399.

As the snows of winter began to recede, the bones of Arthur ab Hawthorn were
found at the foot of a mountain pass, still wearing his armor, both legs
appearing to have been broken..These were bundled up and returned to his
widow, who had been waiting for nearly a year to hear from him.  

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In subject of: Crusade Leadership Changes
Date         : Wed Dec 13 23:39:05 2023
With an unexpected delay in the start of the crusade, the cause becomes clear
with an announcement from the palace and King Amir: the Lady Seneschal will
no longer be available to take point on organization between the different
legions in the crusade.  Instead, that responsibility will be deferred to the
Earl Marshall Jacarys mal Dymond. With that announcement, deployment is
expected to start soon. 

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In subject of: A Bit of Grape and Grain
Date         : Sun Dec 24 12:45:21 2023
Word circulates on how House Arcenant of Asglen and Dusollini has gathered
their famed grape and grain to see the fighting men and women of the King's
campaign outfitted with supplies for their canteens and caravans not simply
for survival but to give them a reminder of hearth and home during their time
afield.  Pickled olives, plump mutton, and fine marmalades are rumored to be
amidst the packages.  Distrubuted to the wealthy and the poor alike, a
reminder is offered that all serve the auspices of Crown and Chalice as one. 
More locally, a sampling of fine spirits is held by the Lady for her natal
day and passed out for a memorable send off for those headed to the front

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In subject of: The War Camp
Date         : Fri Dec 29 08:05:36 2023
Augustus 399.

With the war preparations finally done, the Royal Bannermen and their allies
march south to confront the Daravi Sultanate.  Spouses kiss those sent off,
children throw flowers, old parents wave proudly.  The so-called legions will
begin splitting off once in Farin until they reach their preestablished
deployment areas.

Any crusade participant in the frontlines can ask Ghed or Temi for a port to
the war camp zone.  It is possible to return to Lithmore as a one-way only

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In subject of: The Reconciler
Date         : Fri Jan  5 12:14:38 2024
Septembris 399.

Lord ab Durandal takes it upon himself to ease tensions among the social
strata of Lithmore, frayed after months of sacrifices in preparation for the
campaign.  He goes up and down the frontline War Camp, spending time with the
common folk and reassuring everyone of the righteousness of the Crusade.

Lans launches a Class Relations noble project. 

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In subject of: The Crusade is Well Underway (Week 1 Update)
Date         : Mon Jan  8 01:36:55 2024
Following the first month of the Crusade, reports from Edessa are promising. 
Fleets in the Levusto have encountered smaller fleets of Daravi ships, but
they have been able to successfully send them towards the bottom of the sea,
venturing ever deeper in.  On the other side of the lands, the largest
portion of the troops have successfully penetrated deeper into the deserts,
taking control of an unprotected oasis near the village of Istho.  Not all
reports are quite so promising, though.  Further south at Fort Ansari, the
Irdi Raiders are preparing to defend against a larger Daravi force that is
bearing down upon them, though they have established additional fortification
in the surrounding areas to assist in that effort.

(First week of supplies have been deducted.  Battles this week have resulted
in a total of 23 points.  The outpost has been established around Fort
Ansari, adding an additional fortification there, and the oasis now under
Lithmorran control is just southeast of Istho, adding 500 water to the stores
of the legions.) 

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In subject of: Daphne faces a gambit
Date         : Sun Jan 14 19:57:13 2024
There is a vote of no confidence in the Grand Magnate as they have not
responded to letters or given guidance in several weeks.  

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In subject of: Daphne von Bravadi Resignation
Date         : Mon Jan 15 00:26:45 2024
In Daphne von Bravadi's return to Lithmore, after a tenuous trip to Vandago;
she has decided to step down as Grand Magnate to focus on more pertinent
things.  It was stated that she wishes the Merchants' luck and will remain a
craftswoman, but has no interest in continuing a leadership position.  In
addition, she thanks everyone for their support throughout her tenure.  

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In subject of: The Crusade Continues (Week 2 Update)
Date         : Mon Jan 15 03:48:35 2024
Another month at the Front brings both victories and heartbreaks.  The
overwhelming capture of Istho early in the month by the land forces was
followed late in the month by the naval forces pulling off a victory that
captured the island city of Queen's Landing in a much more even battle.  Both
of these locales have been reinforced to help in holding them.  Contrasted
against these wins, however, was the loss of Fort Ansari.  They resisted
valiantly, with reinforcements bearing down to relieve them, but the larger
Daravi force ended up being too much to overcome.  The majority of the Irdi
Raiders, who were defending the fort, were slain, with the Baron of Ird's son
missing in action and presumed dead, and another of the knights was seen
captured in Daravi hands.  Lithmorran forces have been rallying to see what
can be done to recapture the fort and rescue the surviving Raiders.  The
current supply of rations is only expected to last another month at the
current pace, and discussions are starting if the push for additional
conquests will transition into a defensive posture or if Lithmore will drive
for more supplies.

(Second week of supplies have been deducted.  Battles this week have resulted
in a new total of 66 points.  If maintained, the current conquests should be

able to establish ongoing trade following the campaign.  An outpost has been
established in Istho and a fortress at Queen's Landing, and a cache of
supplies has been captured in Queen's Landing.) 

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In subject of: More Rations for War
Date         : Mon Jan 15 20:20:45 2024
After having returned from travel and heard the most recent reports about the
war efforts, the Chancellor has been seen wandering around and buying up
rations from anyone wishing to sell them.  Saw her go up to the royal
guardsman in the Town Hall and hand him over some heavy boxes.  

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In subject of: A New Grand Magnate Selected
Date         : Sat Jan 20 19:21:33 2024
On a chilly Novembris evening in the year 399, the merchant's guild is abuzz
with people moving about getting ready for some kind of announcement
following the step down of the previous Grand Magnate.  Some rumors had
surfaced of who it would be, possibly bringing someone in from abroad to take
up the role.  After an hour, a singular tubori man is seen wandering the
Guild Hall giving directions, before stepping out to those who had gathered. 
The average man with soft blue eyes and wavy hair steps forward, wearing a
full blacksmith's setup complete with hammer in hand before speaking up,
"Hello...  Erm." He cleared his throat before beginning again, "I am Dalton
Donnod, the newly appointed Grand Magnate.  I apologize for the lack of
circumstance.  But I have work to do and a crusade to outfit.  Lord bless you
all." The man states clearly, offering a bow and returning to the guild,
hammer ready to work the forge once more.  

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In subject of: The Crusade works to a Crescendo (Week 3 Update)
Date         : Thu Jan 25 03:35:04 2024
As winter nears following another month at the Front, the first few soldiers
begin to head home to Lithmore, relieving the need for supplies to maintain
them.  They give an accounting of the successes of the troops still fighting,
not quite yet ready to fully transition to the defensive.  Two large forces,
led by the Earl Marshall and the King himself, stormed Sands Fortress, easily
overtaking it, while others continue to reinforce Queen's Landing and
faster-moving troops gallop to support the troops besieging Fort Ansari,
hoping that it won't remain in Daravi hands for long.

(Third week of supplies have been deducted.  There were not enough rations to
cover the week, so starting to disband a few units.  Battles this week have
resulted in a new total of 74 points.  That means I am committing to schedule
an on-grid battle scene.

To that extent, here's a when2meet chart timing availability:
https://www.when2meet.com/?23328012-uY8Y5 Drop me a note if you're interested
in playing a Daravi NPC too!) 

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In subject of: Symon von Usyk is named Justiciar
Date         : Thu Jan 25 19:09:26 2024
Moved        : Thu Jan 25 20:01:15 2024
For the past several weeks, Queen's Guard Headquarters has been in a quiet
state of disarray.  With Elliot dul Bravadi's unexpected retirement from his
position as Lord Justiciar came a wave of internal AND external review.

With no Pronconsul of Lithmore present that could have the title transferred
to even in interim, the Proconsuls of the four Duchies set about determining
who within the Lithmorran Reeves could be ascended to such a role.  Opinions
were split, but perhaps due to recent actions near the front and a history
serving the Reeves in Batarostra, Symon von Usyk has been selected to take up
the role.  The decision is not without controversy as, among other details,
von Usyk will be ascended from a Cadet within the ranks all the way to the
top, to which most are reminded that more desperate promotions have been made
in the history of the Queen's Guard, including freeman-raised Justiciars and
savage Proconsuls.

After the decision was delivered to the Headquarters (amidst a series of
reports from the ever turbulent front), the new Justiciar affirmed his oath
to uphold the Kingdom's laws - though even he expressed surprise by this
development.  "Despite myself, I am surprised," he remarked after his oaths. 
Though laconic in his acceptance, von Usyk is nevertheless taking his role on
with fervor. 

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In subject of: New Grand Master Named
Date         : Fri Jan 26 00:03:36 2024
In the late hours of the morning, the Earl Marshal sent word that he was
naming Sir Mathieu Bouchard as the Grand Master of the Knights, citing his
efforts during the war and the sacrifices he has made during it. 

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In subject of: Nominations for Seneschal Open
Date         : Sat Jan 27 17:17:10 2024
Nominations for city Seneschal have begun!  Residents of Lithmore are called
to present themselves as candidates for the role for the next two Sun Cycles.

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In subject of: The Crusade winds down after some big wins (Week 4 Update)
Date         : Tue Jan 30 01:30:38 2024
As Lithmore starts to ring in Yule, the majority of the soldiers begin to
arrive home, the situation in Edessa transitioning from one of active
conquest to more defensive.  They speak excitedly of the re-conquest of Fort
Ansari, claimed back from the Daravi in a final furious battle that involved
disrupting an earth mage's ritual trying to bring down the mountainsides onto
the war camp setup on the fortress's gates, or of a great naval battle off of
the island of Queen's Landing, defending against the Daravi ships that sailed
to retake it.  The legions captured supplies from Fort Ansari when they
retook it, and the Lithmorran forces extended the fortifications around
Queen's Landing towards the south, prepared to defend long-term against the
Daravi-held city of Vard Qarat, next closest across the channel on the
mainland.  There are rumors that a Daravi captain was taken captive and being
brought back to Lithmore, and that the King was talking thoughtfully of
establishing a new March to better govern the distance between the two sides
of the lands - accessed by pass or by strait.

(It's been a busy week and the Lithmorran forces have achieved a grand total
of 130 points, and upkeep supplies have been charged.  We have disbanded most
of the legions, leaving the Vanguard and some scouts with a last few days to
make an impact.  Winnings this week include a commitment to founding a new
March (we'll wait on the new seneschal race for this to be discussed in more
depth), an addition to the map (coming soon!), new trade routes (a second
resource - we'll talk to the new Marquis about this), a captured NPC (more to
come!), a new fortress (on the south side of the Queen's Landing island to
defend against Vard Qarat), and a cache of supplies captured (added onto the
supply totals before we decided who to disband this week.)) 
"I don't care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching--they are your family." - Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty

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