Log of OOC Meeting 2022-11-19

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Sun Nov 20, 2022 7:06 am

MrTambourineMan idly taps out a quiet rhythm on the top of her flask's tambourine-shaped stopper with one finger.

Ghed muses, "Before we begin, folks, here's a reminder of the OOC Chat Pact: Everyone on TI does the best they can, given what they know at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. We will be respectful of this and each other at all times."

Today's Agenda is:
   - Staff Updates
   - Player Heartbeat
   - Player Topics

Is there anything anyone would like to add to the agenda to make certain we discuss it today? If you register a topic, please pre-write it so you're ready to present it when called upon.

Finally, who wants to scribe for today?"

Gnomely says, "That's because there is 40 people in this room. And that is crazy."

Deedee can.

Ghed nods at Deedee.

Ghed has awarded you 2> QPs: scribe

Ghed says to Deedee, "Thank you"

Deedee says, "I've got a topic too."

Ghed claims, "Got you first"

MrTambourineMan says, "Metoo"

plague says, "I have a little thing, nothing big. Save me for last B)"

Ghed nods.

Ghed trails off, "Got you... and got you"

Eidolon claims, "I have a topic."

Borya claims, "I'm kind of just happy to be here and there's a lot that confuses me but it's nothing that isn't documented with helpfiles"

Ghed declares, "Got it!"

Bimbly states, "I have a small topic, too. Very minor."

Sand claims, "I have one too, Ghed, that ties with Eidolon's."

Ruby says, "I have nothing to say I just want to be in the chat logs."

Leta wonders to Borya, "What are you looking for in helpfiles?"

Ghed pontificates, "Alright! we'll have to move a bit faster then"

Meadhbh says, "I suppose I have something but it's not much"

Brockolies says, "I also have a topic"

Borya says, "Oh not much, just the phome & asset stuff that's still confusing to my brain."

Sand says, "I'll have Eidelon throw it in his."

Antonio says, "I wanted to say something very minor."

Meadhbh says, "Well two things"

Ghed pontificates, "We'll try to make space for everyone!"

Ghed queries, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Ghed claims, "Oops not that one"

Ghed bops ghed

Nara finishes abruptly, "Yeah! Other then my own schedule being butts, when I am on and RPing I am having a great time - everyones really helpful and fun and the helpfiles are well documented"

Ghed claims, "Okay, time to start this week's Staff Update."

Hawali claims, "Excellent. Am serenely pleased to be back in action."

Ghed claims, "I'll go first"

Murrmurs wakes up and starts resting.

Ghed claims, "This week there was a lot of work done... by not-me! I just did the usual requests, a puppet or two, some new ambiance and a script for the Common Cells, and helpfile work. "

Brockolies states, "I been slack becuase i have not been well. sorry to all ok :("

Ghed states, "So many players, so much stuff to do, but so very happy"

Ghed declaims to Avajain, "That's okay, recovery first!"

Ghed grumbl

Ghed meant Brockolies

Brockolies nods

Borya claims, "Avajain is broccoli-coded"

Kalevi states, "Things have been great, a lot to do and a lot of RP with only my own RL schedule in the way."

Ghed muses to Temi, "Okay, what about you, T?"

Deedee asks, "Speaking of Ambiance, could the timer in the Queen's Inn be slowed down a bit? they can be a bit distracting"

Kirale nods in agreement with deedee. 

Deedee states, "There's some that can be disruptive as well, like the one where a bunch of freeman stand up to bow to a noble"

MrTambourineMan has lost link.
MrTambourineMan has reconnected.

Temi claims, "Doing well myself!  Not a whole lot of progress - trying to help keeping up with requests and recommends and such.  We appreciate ther's been so much"

Ghed states to Deedee, "I'll extend it some more"

Deedee states to Ghed, "Thanks"

Hawali says, "Gonna need to bring another staffer on board if this keeps up."

Ghed claims to Hawali, "Yes"

Temi says, "Will be scarce this next week for the holidays, potentially, and have a little more with Ned for the Discovery Faire.  Please let me know if you need him at some point."

Temi nods at Ghed.

MrTambourineMan says, "I nominate /lil"

MrTambourineMan says, "I nominate Hawali"

Hawali pppbbbtts.

Seraphite claims, "I tribute Yina. I offer her up on the pyre of staffdom."

Ruby bonks Seraphite. 

Borya claims, "Let her rest"

Meadhbh claims, "Not everyone deserves suffering"

Ghed muses to Leta, "Alright, what do you have for us?"

Ghed has transferred Fynn.  [OOC]

Meadhbh states, "Just most things"

Temi gives a shining bronze flask engraved with an elegant harpsichord to Fynn.

Leta pontificates, "Hello my friends! I did many things:"

Fynn declaims, "!!"

Leta states, "We had over 100 recommends this week! I helped process those alongside the other staffers. I also handled the usual recommends, requests and new player assistance. I made some savages, "

Charmin says, "Hot spicy damn."

Leta exclaims, "I got a chance to puppet an exploratory adventure for a group of players. I hope people enjoyed. Another group of is venturing out tomorrow, I believe. I look forward to it =) With work picking up I haven't been able to puppet as many weekday scenes for this plot, but there is more to come!"

Leta claims, "I built some homes. I sold some homes. I helped a few people TOUR some homes. I made help historical homes to protect some homes."

Leta claims, "I added/updated a few other helpfiles, including help coded ingredients and help titles at player request."

Gnomely claps. "Wow. You a busy bee."

Ghed states, "She is"

Yinadele claps!!!

Leta states, "I helped Eurus with a fair number of testing and specs. We've added: not immediately getting wet in the rain, being able to hold your smaller pets without them squirming away, hookahs being usable in the room, pregnancy interfacing with diagnose, and inactive mages retiring to the inactive character room. We also have... 4 or 5 more invention items to be added to grid (potentially) through the plotlines."

Temi nods in agreement with Gnomely.

Brockolies trails off, "Way to go Leta ... much appreciated <3"

Deedee wonders, "That reminds me on the savages, is there an easy way to load their starting gear now?"

Leta says, "I think that's all"

Leta declaims to Deedee, "It does automatically!"

Leta grins.

Deedee states, "Oh, nice"

Hawali says, "Fabulous."

Viper wonders, "Savages?"

Ghed states, "We added that yeah"

Ghed claims, "Even if someone is charalized, they'll swap gear accordingly, and languages"

Deedee says, "Great"

Gunn queries, "Savages?"

Meadhbh declares, "I noticed that! I was surprised "

Deedee claims, "Hillmen and Charali"

Deedee claims, "Possibly Daravi"

Gunn muses, "What are these 'hillmen' I hear of?"

DARKSIDE says, "Super pleased to see so many dirty heathen savages on grid."

Leta states, "Making hillmen too, it auto-updates outfits and language skills. Very useful"

Sue claims, "I am the hillmen"

Deedee muses, "Does it add the stank?"

Bimbly states, "Dude, same."

Viper trails off, "ABout time..."

Viper asks, "So waht, the savage thing?"

Ghed muses to Viper, "Hm?"

Viper muses, "How you get Charalized?"

Ghed says to Viper, "You steal a horse"

Ghed says to Viper, "Or you ask staff if you're a cyan"

Viper claims, "I will charalize everyone if I am contagious"

Ghed wonders, "Alright people, let's move on to Player Heartbeat: how has the week been for y'all?"

Deedee states, "Perhaps it could be made a command in chargen, something similar to an xblock where it feeds you a wall o' text and you accept it"

Inkblot claims, "BUSY"

Gnomely claims, "I haven't been super super active, but the times I've been on and doing some RP I've had some fun."

Seraphite declares, "I've been stumbling around like caveman Spongebob through the crafting chains, but it's been pretty fun!"

Sand says, "Staff already knows how my week has been."

Borya says, "Well it's not even been a full week since i've started but i have been having fun. I cry a little that i'm in GMT+3 and don't get to see the american populace enough."

Errisar claims, "My week started off with some excellent scenes, but then turned into one super intense scene after another, which became exhausting and frustrating, because the IC antagonism didn't always feel reasonable or earned."

Ruby states, "Have you guys seen the player hours this week? Holy crap."

Inkblot claims, "You witches are keeping me at an even 10 letters a day."

Charmin states, "I've been doing my very bestest to stir up trouble. Not sure how much is sticking.. but it's been fuuun."

Gunn states, "Being a merchant is more work than I expected, and I've been a merchant for a while now"

Deedee claims, "Busy busy. I've made a lot of time to help the new players, but dunno how much I can keep up. Buncha deadlines at work"

Ghed queries to Seraphite, "Right?"

plague claims, "I'm thriving as my horde floods the game with life and vigor"

Borya states, "FOR THE HORDE"

Ghed says to Errisar, "Sorry to hear that, let us know if we can help or advice"

Ruby says, "You could call it a... Plague."

Murrmurs claims, "Enjoyed spooking some folks."

Nara claims, "Hah"

Sue says, "I punch people"

Hawali claims, "I'm champing at the bit in anticipation for... a blessed upcoming event."

Seraphite bonks Ruby. 

Borya claims, "Unga bunga"

Raquel states, "FOR THE HORDE, Agreed :)"

Meadhbh exclaims, "I just joined last night, over my night shift. Had a good time doing stuff, figuring out video game. It's been extremely long since I last played a MUD, most of my experience iwht it is throguh GMUDs and my friend's 40 year old MUSHing stories. And a little zork. It's fun! I got viciously mauled by animals and got to be nakedly racist to like 5 people it was fun"

Gnomely claims, "My life for Auir."

Edison says, "Getting mauled seems to be a rite of honor here"

Seraphite states, "By the way: big shoutout on how the rumor system works. It feels like I'm slamming my face straight into a pile of cocaine and taking a big whiff any time I interact with it."

Ghed nods at Gnomely.

Viper says, "...I've... just being doing what I've always been doing I guess, lol."

Sue claims, "I maul people, I do not get mauled"

Deedee states, "You might be eaten by a gru."

DARKSIDE pontificates to Meadhbh, "Welcome! And all the newbies! We're delighed to have you here!"

Borya states, "I love cocaine"

Ghed blinks at Seraphite 

Ghed says, "Well that's an honest appraisal"

Ghed chuckles and thumbs up

Temi grins.

Meadhbh states, "Yeah the games I'm from has really bad information mobility due to having a serious out of game comms reliance"

Meadhbh says, "So you can't really have rumors. Just objective facts :\"

Ghed pontificates to Meadhbh, "Sorry to hear that!"

Hawali says, "Pesky facts."

Meadhbh says, "No yeah it blows i like this"

Fynn says, "I claim no association with Seraphite"

Borya states, "I really enjoy that you can learn information right in the game through the extensive helpfiles"

Bimbly states, "I've been having a great week. Even though I spent half of it beaten up in bed, it was fun. I've been able to explore and dig into a lot of the niche sub-systems, and develop new long-term goals for my character organically through the roleplay I've participated in."

plague declaims, "The rumor system is designed to spread misinformation as quickly as possible. Just like YouTube! B)"

Fynn claims, "How do we put on our ooc faces"

Ghed has transferred Violet.  [OOC]

Brockolies grimaces and states "I was sickin bed and worrying like mad about my peeps in ahalin. Again I apologize profusely for my absence online ..sorry. :( "

Meadhbh states, "Cool i can lie to people IC and OOC and they'll believe me"

plague claims, "It's ok bro"

Ghed claims to Brockolies, "It's okay, thanks for letting us know =)"

Seraphite states, "Plague, we aren't nearly in a new enough time for Youtube yet. The rumor system is Facebook."
Sparkles is idle.

Temi gives a shining bronze flask engraved with an elegant harpsichord to Violet.

Deedee exclaims to Bimbly, "Great to hear! I've been enjoying our scenes"

Violet claims, "We talking about rumors? I love rumors."

Borya declares, "Dw!!! please feel better soon"

Meadhbh states, "I wanna praise rq that I don't have to be in a discord to play this. I am in fact going to avoid this if possible because of how refreshing it is"

Violet says, "Especially the ones trashing my character"

Sparkles is no longer idle.

Sparkles has returned from AFK.

Temi states, "Discord is available but absolutely not required."

plague says, "I'm going to trash your character as soon as we're out of this meeting."

Ghed states to Meadhbh, "That's good! Sometimes players end up sharing too much in Discord and it makes the experience less satisfying."

plague holds up a fist!

Violet states, "Please"

Ghed muses, "But of course, nobody here does that. Right?"

Deedee doesn't discord.

Ghed questions, "Alright, is there anything bothering anyone about TI that can be shared here and now?"

MrTambourineMan sews discord

Meadhbh states, "If you're not spreading lies over telnet are you really playing video games"

Borya claims, "I wish less of you were american so i could see you people more often"

Ghed claims, "Preach"

Viper trails off, "I spend hours on meetings with film executives every day... No way I'm going to discord to talk to you all too... "

Bimbly claims, "I'll save mine for the player topics segment."

Brockolies trails off, "Lift dont work ... carry does ... please update helpfiles"

Inkblot states, "Just a reminder that it's not okay to pressure people OOC for an IC outcome."

Inkblot states, "I had to block someone for that."

Ghed trails off to Borya, "We have less americans than you may think... I think"

Yinadele claims, "Woah."

plague says, "Ooh, that's unfortunate. Sorry to hear that"

Sand questions, "Since we have so many people in here, can we hold off on comments from non-staff when the topics are introduced until the person says they are finished?"

Hawali states, "Booo on that."

Ghed nods at Inkblot.

Hawali claims, "The ooc pressuring, not the blocking."

Avajain is idle.

Inkblot nods.

Inkblot claims, "The block command is helpful"

Ghed claims, "Yeah, it's best to keep that stuff out. If you have anxiety or doubts or wanna vent, you can talk to staff."

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Ghed says to Sand, "Hmm"

Inkblot states, "I know the Order involvement gets heated, but just remember we are all trying our best here. Being theme enforcement can be hard"

Leta states to Sand, "We do want to hear player feedback about ideas"

Leta says, "But we will need people to stay on-topic as much as possible since the group is so large"

Ghed exclaims, "On par with that, please remember to be courteous and don't take too long to emote. I've had a  few comments about some players taking up to half an hour to act, in scenes where their input is expected. Please be courteous with other people's time!"

Sand says, "Just waiting until the person has finished getting the whole thought out. Some people can't use the brackets to create breaks and need to post in segments."

Borya states, "I've joined the Order on my first character here, 5 days into playing this game, though admittedly I haven't gotten to the part where i get to be the theme enforcement i feel like. I'm having fun but i'm a lil sad that i don't get to see my superiors often."

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Ghed nods at Sand.

Borya claims, "Scheduling issues suck but i've been taking it easy so it's no pressure"

Inkblot states, "It's been a rough week for the superiors"

Borya claims, "Hahaha yeah"

Sindrella is idle.

Hawali states, "Soon you will BE one of the superiors, Borya. *waggle*"

Ghed claims, "Holy work is hard work"

Ghed nods.

Inkblot claims, "Again, ten to twelve letters A DAY"

Borya wonders, "Soon...? sweats"

Sindrella is no longer idle.

Sindrella says, "I would like to join a guild"

Seraphite declares, "Seek one ICly!"

Sindrella has returned from AFK.

Deedee claims, "Seek works, you can also purchase in you you're in a hurry"

Deedee claims, "If you're*"

Brockolies states, "Use the SEEK commmand , help seek for details"

Ghed asks of Sindrella, "We can talk about it personally after the meeting, okay?"

Ghed says, "I can guide you through the process"

Sindrella says, "Ok"

Ghed says, "Alright, time to move on to Player Topics."

Leta has transferred Lans.  [OOC]

Ghed states to Deedee, "You're first"

Lans waves.

Sue states, "It's my boy lans"

Viper tickles Lans. 

Lans pontificates to Viper, "You. You!"

Deedee says, "There's currently an issue I reported where patients cannot eat or drink medicines while bleeding.  I don't think medicines were intended to be affected by the change to not allow eating or drinking while bleeding,  and it has caused some interesting scenes where patients couldn't take a pain killer before getting stitched up. Currently bind can be used to stop bleeding by wrapping wounds with bandages,  but it seems counter-productive to wrap them in bandages when you're about to stitch someone up. However, I do think this could actually work and improve medical RP with a tweak.

In short, I propose a physicians' guild command, staunch (location) (character) (emote), to stop bleeding without bandages by applying pressure to the wound, or pinning the artery, or however. But unlike bind will wear off after a short time, or when they move from the room. "

Ghed claims, "That's terrible and hilarious"

Konaa says, "Oh god, the medicine bleeds right out"

Leta says, "I'm a bit hesitant to add another full guild command."

Eidolon claims, "I think this is a wonderful suggestion."

Borya says, "It oozes out through the holes"

Hawali says, "They got themselves all bloodied up? they can tough it out. No epidurals for you."

Yinadele claims, "Just like a skeleton "

Leta says, "It might be easier for us to just make remedies override that"

Brockolies nods at Deedee

Gnomely says, "I dont' see why that would need to be a full guildskill. But it could be a free command for everyone."

Borya says, "EXACTLY YINA"

Deedee claims, "Easier, yes."

Gnomely states, "Like, bind is a free command for everyone. Staunch could be the poorman's bind, if you don't have something to bind it up."

Antonio states, "Admittedly, is there a benefit to having a new command over just letting medicine work whilst bleeding your own blood"

Brockolies recommends "cauterization" >:)

Sparkles claims, "I mean anyone has something to bind with in an emergency, take your pants off."

Deedee claims, "I'm flexible on it being a guild command or not. Just thought it might be good to add more guild commands since some are short on them"

Ghed nods at Leta.

Gnomely claims, "Burning wounds would be cool, too."

Ghed says, "Seems easier to let patients consume medicine"

Bimbly says, "I would like to add that I am one of the injured persons that was unable to drink medicine offered whilst bleeding, and I will mention that severe wounds, that require stitching, appear to continue to bleed even when bandaged, which can make it very, very difficult to haul yourself somewhere to retrieve treatment."

Ghed claims to Bimbly, "That's on purpose unfortunately, you aren't supposed to move much around when you bind a wound"

Ghed claims to Bimbly, "Try riding a horse, you'll bleed out to death before you reach the madison"

Ruby says, "I wish I could make someone drink something while I'm treating them, like shoving alcohol down Bimbly's throat before I stitch him up."

Bimbly claims, "So, not being able to drink medicine, while that injured, adds a layer of tedium for the physician. I think a simpler solution might be for physicians to force-feed - Yeah, that."

Deedee says, "Riding a horse often opens a round too"

Deedee claims, "Wound*"

Trogdor says, "... and perhaps, inquisitors"

Trogdor trails off, "For... reasons"

Ghed says to Deedee, "So I'm more inclined to letting remedies override bleeding than adding a guild command and more code"

Deedee states, "You can force-feed if they're bound"

Deedee states to Ghed, "That's fine."

Meadhbh says, "I had a similar thought to that (something to mitigate (not nullify) a wound while you're shambling to med with your body flopping around like pool noodle to the hospital so long as you've got an empty hand, and only one wound. for like when you're legwounded or something idk not actual treatment (apologises if this is out of turn)"

Deedee claims, "Just an idea."

Nara has gone AFK.

Brockolies states, "You should be able to walk/crawl everywhere but if your ride a horse ... that messes up your bindings and the game informs you of that."

Nara has returned from AFK.
Ghed says to Meadhbh, "It's okay"

Ghed nods at Brockolies.

Ghed claims, "Alright, I'll write this down"

Antonio states, "I do think it is a cool idea. I think if implementated I'd be questioning if medicines could still be given to the bleeding anyway."

Violet wonders, "Can't you force it if people are restrained?"

Bimbly says, "It doesn't seem to be critical, just very annoying for physicians, requiring them to do procedures in a very specific order, currently."

Violet says, "Not that I've ever forced people to drink things while they're tied up or anything."

Lans clears his throat

Ghed pontificates to MrTambourineMan, "You're up next!"

Meadhbh claims, "Just one obviously ie i got air combo'd by a falcon and getting home was difficult"

MrTambourineMan says, "I just want to bring attention to the forum thread: viewtopic.php?t=2604 And point out that being a prisoner still isn't much fun. I appreciate the new ambiance but that's such a minor change in comparison to the overhaul I think the system and policies need. Characters should be punished, not players. "

Ghed nods.

Deedee says, "You can use the feed command when someone is restrained, yes"

Ghed claims, "I slapped that together during class, but I reckon it's just a stroke of color"

Brockolies raises an eyebrow at forcing restrained people to drink ... apears highly interested. lol

Yinadele says, "I think it's hard to do that, but I agree that just something to skill and maybe a gambling minigame with a consistent score tracker would be extremely cute and keep people busy but online for RP."

Deedee claims, "I have actually thought about making a suggestion around that for treatment as well, but haven't really fleshed out the idea enough to bring it up"

Violet wonders, "Didn't you bring something about restraining people for treatment up earlier this year?"

Violet states, "Sorry, new topic"

Seraphite states, "If it weren't so much effort, I'd suggest a solitaire minigame or something."

Ghed declares, "Guys, we're on MrTamb's topic now =) Have have 6 topics to go in 30 minutes!"

Gnomely states, "Unfortunately, and this is a problem across every MUD with a functional prison system. That the prison tend to be super boring."

Deedee claims, "Take and feed would be helpful for various medical scenes, but not sure the best way to go about it"

Ruby looks to Yinadele, "Like breaking rocks or making license plates?"

Deedee says, "Oh sorry"
Ghed nods at Gnomely.

Hawali states, "I had difficulty interecting with the room outside the window of cell in AHAlin. Kept trying rpyells and they didn't work. COuld have been fun."

Gnomely claims, "There's no easy simple fix. Besides encouraging people to check in on prisoners often."

Gnomely claims, "Or having a system in place so Prisoners can get visitors without leaving the cell."

Ghed claims, "Obviously Ahalin depends on a reasonably quick processing of prisoners, and visits from those guilds that have permits"

MrTambourineMan says, "One idea I had that wasn't mentioned in the thread was a vendor for free ugly prison tattoos. But all that is still secondary to the more pressing issue of being separated from RP and any interaction with the world. Even the RP we do get when we get it, is usually all of the same variety and rather repetitive"

Viper trails off, "The prisoner thing has been a long standing complaint for decades. Personally, if you hold a leadership position, I think you should be semi active. If you arrest someone can can't schedule a scene within two days, the prisoner by default should like "escape" or something... just my two cents. Will really force leadership to stay active and makes prison RP more interesting..."

Deedee claims, "I have suggested easier visitor access before"

Antonio says, "On the topic of jail, i admit as a player I baulked at arresting someone for partially ooc reasons as they had just been arrested and released. I had the IC to not send them to Ahalin, so I elected not in that instance."

Deedee says, "If the window system is fixed, maybe that could work"

Leta states to Viper, "Players get a bonus escape role if they're neglected or not processed for a certain number of OOC days."

Ghed claims, "We do have a policy of freeing prisoners if they don't get RP and a decision in a span of time"

Yinadele states, "As someone from other games who has had prisoners before- RPing constantly with prisoners WHILE being a faction leader is very hard, and most subordinates don't really want to feel 'chained' to RP."

plague says, "My experience is that jail in any RP game is necessarily a little boring due to how it works unless you just let people walk around. Given that the alternative is accelerated character death in most cases, I think it's ok to just vibe for awhile while people get shit done. They aren't leaving you in the cold, there's just a lot of stuff to do around arrests"

Yinadele states, "Something for the players in prison to do to amuse themselves is really the pain point help."

Brockolies gasps and says "Wow did not know that, thanks Leta."

Ghed nods at Yinadele.

Ruby claims, "I think a gambling minigame in prison and then baby crafting stations to make things in prison would be a good compromise."

Yinadele claims, "From being in Ahalin before, players tried to make time for me and others very regularly, I'd note."

Ghed claims, "I remember a prisoner who levelled up forage by searching for food scraps each day"

plague says, "Yeah, I got some of my best RP prior to being pyred"

Yinadele claims, "Agreeing with Ruby there."

Temi claims, "Gambling and tattoos seem potential"

Viper says, "Or put a prisoner in there you can beat up for the combat twinks"

Ghed hmmm

Edison claims, "Maybe after a certain amount of days, a mod couple puppet a low level inquisitor/reeve for an exit interview. If someone has been in ahalin for x many days for something minor, they get released"

Ghed says, "Me likes"

Temi states, "Maybe a prison-specific craft or two"

Edison says OOCly, "*a mod could puppet"

Antonio says, "Omg, prison crafts.."

Gnomely claims, "That would be hilarious."

Ghed claims to Edison, "I already do stuff like that if people appear to be neglected, and if I have time and opportunity and energy"

Bimbly trails off, "Soap on a rope..."

Antonio muses, "Specific tattoos?"

Seraphite says, "Let them craft rusty daggers. It's funny."

Ghed claims, "Daggers made of toothbrushes"

Hawali claims, "Little folded tabac papers wallets"

Brockolies says, "I suggest seeing what skills work and what doesnt work if one is in jail. thats all i will say though. :|"

Viper states, "Or, build a visitor station"

Deedee claims, "Oh"

Antonio states, "Having the potential for contraband to be smuggled in based on lawfulness would give guards something to do"

Edison claims, "Lock picks, shanks, ect"
Ghed states to Viper, "We already have sort of one"

MrTambourineMan claims, "And just to be clear. I've had numerous RP opportunities and scenes in Ahalin lately. It's not that I've been neglected. "

Deedee wonders, "Can the rumor system be free for people in Ahalin?"

Ghed claims to Antonio, "Can be forage thingies"

Brockolies nods at Antonio

Civetta states, "We have a visitor station, it only allows specific entries though."

Ghed nods at MrTambourineMan.

Brockolies nods and grins at Ghed

Edison claims, "A visitor station where prisoners can't just walk out would be pretty neat"

Viper claims, "Just like a real jail"

Eidolon wonders, "Could we have opportunities to raise improvised and unarmed while in there?"

Antonio states, "Even if it was one that a prisoner had to be taken to by a PC guard"

Hawali claims, "The window would make a great visitor station with some tweaks."

Ghed says, "You could teach each other"

Viper says, "That way some of you can get those conjugal visits in."

Edison declaims, "A prisoner fight pit!"

Deedee says, "Yes, window code could use an overhaul"

Gnomely states, "A fight pit would be great. Lol."

Ghed says to MrTambourineMan, "We'll give it a discussion, clearly there's room for improvement"

MrTambourineMan says, "Thank you"

Raquel says, "As someone who was once in Ahalin some time ago, that window kinda sucked code wise lmao."

Ghed nods.

Ghed claims to plague, "You're up next"

plague claims, "I just feel like it would be nice if more skills had unique grandmaster benefits. I had this same thought when I played years ago, where my biggest issue with setting learns wasn't trying to fit things into grandmaster, but trying to figure out what was actually worth putting to grandmaster. It feels like for the vast majority of skills it's just an extra skill rank over master, and that doesn't feel special. For some craft skills, I think it's worse than that.

For instance, with herbalism and chandlery, their grandmaster crafts directly feed into each other, they're almost entirely cosmetic, and I figure ninety percent of the time you'd have to use 2 of your 3 grandmaster slots on a single character to actually make significant use of either of them.

In terms of things that could be done right now, I'd be happy with certain things that are at master level (like say, deadly poisons that can kill people) getting moved to grandmaster if it meant there were more reasons to really dedicate yourself to some skills instead of spreading wide and doing everything.

In the long term - if more grandmaster crafts could be added or if skills had unique passive benefits from being grandmaster, that might be a lot to do over time, but that could be really cool. Like for instance, a grandmaster fisher might have a chance to get double the fish every so-often or use an upgraded fishing pole or something. I'm speaking as someone with a lot of master slots who benefits from this status quo more than I feel like I maybe should, so my notes about moving stuff up are strictly a 'opportunity cost system's opportunity costs aren't really there' type deal. I know "more stuff pls" isn't the biggest brain note in the world, lol"

plague queries, "Tl;dr 'grandmaster cool more grandmaster?'"

Viper states, "Could also be neat to build a mini quest for escaping, since I see quests are being introduced. Failure alerts Reeves? Success see's you free... I dunno."

Deedee nods.

Ghed states, "We have had some progress with that, including magecraft and spells"

Deedee says, "I had thought on grandmaster stuff."

Ruby asks, "For new players, can you explain what are unique grandmaster benefits?"

Seraphite claims, "They mean the level 75 crafts."

plague states, "For instance, carpenters can make a cool, working clock."

Ghed states to Seraphite, "When you level a skill at 75 you can make special things on some skills"

Temi claims, "Skills at 75 are considered 'grandmastered' at their highest level possible"

Ghed says to Seraphite, "Crafts, not combat skills"

Ruby questions, "What can you make at Grandmaster Herbalism and Medicine?"

Ruby states, "Err, chandlery, not medicine."

Gnomely states, "Herbalists can make the best poisons, and drugs at Grandmaster. They also get a chance to pull seeds from tending plants."

Ghed says to Seraphite, "You can only grandmaster 2 to 4 skills"

plague claims, "Oil for the chandlery crafts. Some unique perfumes."

DARKSIDE begins to descend.

DARKSIDE leaves down.

Deedee states, "Nothing in medicine, but herbalism has some ingredients and poisons"

Ruby wonders, "The chandlery/herbalism ones feed into each other?"

Lans says, "Tracking gives very specific track results"

Ruby questions, "Is there a point to Grandmastering medicine, then?"

plague states, "Gnomely, you can make those at master. The 75 crafts are only used for the chandlery perfumes to my knowledge"

Leta says, "Medicine does provide additional benefits to diagnose."

Deedee says, "Ah, nevermind on the poisons, they're not 75"

Bimbly queries, "Is there any benefit to grandmaster husbandry?"

Leta says, "And a higher chance to success at treatment"

Yinadele muses, "4?"

Raquel declares, "Ponies! :)"

Deedee nods at Leta.

Ghed says to Bimbly, "Not yet"

Yinadele queries, "Isn't 3 the cap?"

Ruby says, "Neat."

Seraphite muses, "Yeah, isn't 3 the default/flat?"

Ghed questions, "Too low int gives you less I think?"

Ghed claims, "IDK I'm not staff"

Ruby wonders, "What crafts/skills are missing cool Grandmaster abilities?"

Brockolies states, "For new players help learn command ... helps one set ones skills to learn slots that are leveled up to and including grand master level. if u do not set your skills to a learn slot they will onlyadvance to a ceratin level and then stop."

Leta stares at Ghed.

Sue looks into the camera.

Temi says, "I believe grandmaster is 3 for everyone, it's more mastered ones that shift around how many."

Deedee muses, "Can I make a small tangent on this topic? it's somewhat related"

Bimbly claims, "Neat. I'm going to do it anyway, and mildly complain about it later. Gaha."

Ghed says to plague, "But bottom line: yes, we know, we've made improvements, we have a lot to do but we want to give each skill a shiny GM perk"

Kirale chuckles at Bimbly and gives him a high five.

plague says, "For sure, that's great to hear. Totally satisfied o7"

Ghed claims to Deedee, "Maybe after we're done with the others =)"

plague says, "Thank you for what you're doing so far"

Deedee nods at Ghed.

Ghed claims to plague, "Glad to"

plague says, "It's clear there has been a huge amount of progress lately"

Borya states, "Cool shiny things for putting in work yippee"

Temi finishes abruptly, "However - grandmaster benefits are not a good way to hit the highest number of people on impact"

Temi states, "So we can't focus too much on that, if we want to make things better for everyone"

Ghed pontificates, "Yeah!"

Temi states, "We do want to improve it gradually over time though"

Antonio begins to move west.

Antonio slows to a halt.

plague states, "That is true, but rewarding specialization helps everybody in a different way"

Brockolies nods at Temi

Ghed says, "It does make some folks very competitive, vicious, and murderous"

Sindrella says, "Excuse me but I need to go fordinner"

Bimbly claims, "Cool rewards at the end of a grind does incentivize people to consider a broader variety of characters who might specialize in those things."

Ghed states to Sindrella, "That's okay"

Sindrella has been transferred out by Ghed.  [OOC]

Borya says, "Bye"

Ghed states, "Okay, next topic"

Ghed pontificates to Eidolon, "You're up next!"

Sand is idle.
Avajain has left the game.

Eidolon says, "Coming in two poses."

Sand is no longer idle.
Sand has returned from AFK.

They aren't here.

Brockolies nods at Deedee

Eidolon says, "I would like to gently yet firmly make a reminder about being inclusive, both around ignoring folks and PC antagonism. That means making sure everyone in a scene has a chance to pose (whether or not you are in turns) and not posing as constantly ignoring someone or posing around them. There will be times when you won't want to engage, and that's okay. But more often than not, please engage, because people are more important than games. Over the past few weeks, I've seen cyans and others frosted out of scenes or straight ignored. (I'm not saying that this is universal, but it is a big enough problem I've seen it repeatedly and in multiple settings.) I've also had multiple scenes where a PC pushed it from zero to sixty in escalating tension in a single pose or two. Not to say you never do that, but it can be discouraging and startling, especially when it happens frequently. (1 of 2)"

Ghed has transferred Jiraiya.  [OOC]

Eidolon says, "So this is a gentle reminder to please look out for the other players behind the characters you are interacting with. Remember the Turns command if people are being skipped, and consider that there are fun ways to create antagonism that bring value to everyone involved in the scene. Essentially, if you wouldn't find it fun for someone to do to you in an antagonistic scene, find a different way to accomplish your goal that is fun for everyone. (Fun equals exciting, not always nice in this example, but needs to give your fellow players avenues for response that are meaningful to them.) (2 of 2)"

Temi has created a shining bronze flask engraved with an elegant harpsichord[1].

Temi gives a shining bronze flask engraved with an elegant harpsichord to Jiraiya.

Deedee nods.

Temi declaims, "A good reminder, thanks!"

Ghed nods.

Brockolies nods

Sand claims, "I almost retired from the game completely because this has been almost every scene of more than two people this week for me."

Jiraiya begins to count their money.

Yinadele wonders, "?"

Ghed states, "Thanks for the reminder, sometimes it's better to be inclusive even if it doesn't make 100 per cent sense"

Eidolon nods at Ghed.

Ghed asks of Sand, "That bad?"

Deedee claims, "Also on emotes, for our new characters, be careful that you do not use closed emotes- be sure to leave room for another character to react to what you're going to do. see help closed emote"

Gnomely claims, "A simple acknowledgement in an emote, even if it's just a nod, or look. Can go a long way. It might not be including them directly into whatever is going on, but they'll know you're being considered."

Charmin says, "Yeahhh... I was in a zero - sixty scene this week that really wasn't enjoyable for how fast everyone around me emoted without giving me a chance to reply on something important. It sucks."

Ghed nods at Gnomely.

Deedee nods.

Ghed states, "Always give a chance to emote if stuff is escalating"

Ghed claims, "And reaching the prominent fan"

Konaa is idle.

Raquel muses, "Can I bring up something along with this topic?"

Sand nods to Ghed. "You and Leta know some of them. The rest were not worth bringing up because it's been everywhere.

Konaa is no longer idle.
Konaa has returned from AFK.

Ghed states to Raquel, "Pls put a pin to that, I'll get back to you in a few"

Ghed nods at Sand.

Hawali claims, "I appreciated you teaching your newbie medics about closed emotes, Deedee. <3"

Ghed claims, "Sometimes people don't mean ill"

Charmin says, "Totes."

Antonio states, "Do you mean people oocly not even reacting to you? Or.. I admit, I apologise if my rp upset anyone in this regard. I admit I struggle greatly in big scenes as I am just not used to the pace yet, and with so many people unremembered / my char is new, it's hard to process."
Ghed claims to Eidolon, "Thanks for sharing =)"

Ghed exclaims to Bimbly, "You're up next!"

Charmin claims, "I'm sure they didn't, in my scene."

Ruby claims, "I will say that as a Cyan I've had nothing but positive experiences with the community. Even when I had a hostile interaction IC, they were very kind about it OOC."

Raquel states, "It was teeny tiny suggestion of a helpfile."

Lans states, "(I greatly struggle in 8+ scenes)"

Bimbly states, "Thanks.

The Appraise command is unusable for characters with less than 55 Charisma, as it requires access to Mercantilism.

This is fine, but I think there are too many ordinary, common-sense things tied into Appraise that are nonsensical to exclude.

I don't think a person needs to be gregarious to see if a piece of meat is going bad and needs to be salted, or determine whether or not their mug of beer is full or near-empty.

A secondary, stripped-down command that performs the miscellanious functions of Appraise without advancing Mercantilism or providing any information as to the object's value, construction, crafting recipe, etc. would be greatly appreciated for those of us who are playing characters that are, by intention, socially inadequate.

Ideas for the command alias could be 'consider' or 'evaluate', as those appear to be unoccupied, and should be easily, intuitively understood, as they are verbs for examining things that are more specific than a general 'look'."

Deedee nods.

Temi claims, "You can look in your mug, for one."

Brockolies nods at Temi

Deedee says, "Let's have some base information always available with appraise, with or without mercantilism, and have the skill add to it if learned"

Jiraiya agrees with Bimbly.

Ghed claims, "We can take a look at maybe eliminating merc requirement for some of the more basic stuff, but the idea is to make merc desirable to have and dedicate a learn slot"

Bimbly states, "It's a small QOL thing, for me, in particular, and a few others. It might just be me, being new, and not knowing alternative commands to accomplish what I need to accomplish - and the advice I get from veteran players and the helpfiles is always Appraise."

Ghed nods.

Brockolies nods at Ghed

Ghed claims, "It's my go-to advice yeah"

Antonio says OOCly, "I have been trying to work out if a "examine ooc" command exists, for instance to see what the base item is that it has been restrung from."

Nara has gone AFK.

Deedee states, "There's tool item show"

Nara has returned from AFK.

Kalevi is idle.

Deedee states, "And um"

Violet claims, "Yeah. Tool item show gives the template key"

Ghed nods.

Ghed states, "That's tool (item) show for our new players"

Bimbly says, "I don't mind not being able to improve in the skill, and I'm happy to work through and roleplay out the consequences of my characters' statistics - but this one seems like the command just puts too much behind the wall in a way that erodes at verisimilitude."

Errisar states, "Totally agreed with Bimbly on this."

Ghed says, "I understand and I can see why it can be frustrating"

Deedee says to Bimbly, "I agree."

Ghed says to Bimbly, "I'll write it down. Thanks for sharing."

Temi states, "I do think when stuff is going to go bad is a more advanced feature of appraise, though.  It's not if it's bad or not, it's telling how long it is.  We don't really have bad meat in the same way - once it's actually bad, we decay it."

Ghed claims, "Yeah it goes from zero to hero"

Deedee nods at Temi.

Sparkles claims, "I would say that one thing might be checking/considering the ways if any that Mercantilism provides more info than Inspect."

Ghed claims, "Noted, noted, I need to move on"

Temi nods.

Ghed pontificates to Sand, "You're up next!"

MrTambourineMan I always learn block mercantisilim. Seems an XP sink to me

plague finishes abruptly, "I think adding more basic stuff for characters to know by default is a good bandaid fix, though admittedly I think perceiving things better due to a cha skill is weird - oop sorry"

Gunn claims, "It be a very OP Command, lass"

Hawali exclaims, "It saves so much money!"

Deedee says, "It's helpful for getting discounts too."

Jiraiya trails off, "It even gives discounts at some player shops..."

Lans states, "And other uses."

Avajain queries, "Im going to quietly chime in that in medieval times, most people didnt really consider meat like. rotted. i dont think. like peasants and stuff? because half the time the meat they were eating iirc was already partially bad/rotten or super fresh"

MrTambourineMan states, "I buy from players, not NPCs 90 percent of the time"

Brockolies states, "The simple thing then at Bimbly would be to spend RPXP to get to 55 Charisma stats and then do your appraising to riase that skills level to max, which withouta learn slot is level 36. just takes time and effort and thats not a bad thing in my opinion."

Ghed asks of Avajain, "Hm, is that so? Can you share some link with me? I'm not an expert"

Sand states, "I'll just pocket it for now. Too many people."

Ghed asks of Sand, "Are you sure?"

Trogdor says, "Peasants were lucky to get meat"

Sand states, "If it continues this week, you'll know."

Ghed nods at Sand.

Trogdor says, "The 'daily grind' is a saying for a reason"

Ghed states to Meadhbh, "You're next"

Meadhbh states, "I'm not sure that's the case so much as there were different methods of preservation that are not as outright effective as modern refrigeration (crocking, etc)"

Deedee states, "I think it was generally fresh or cured with saltpeter. Doubt they were eating spoiled meat much"

Meadhbh states, "Impressions on what I've experienced"

Meadhbh impressions on what I've experienced

Temi nods.

Deedee turns attention to Meadhbh. 

Meadhbh says, "I have a post im trying to figure out how to post it"

Deedee claims, "We usually just wrap it all into a large 'say'"

Seraphite says, "I think they probably mean linebreaks."

Ghed questions to Meadhbh, "Ya! I can go back to some of our 'stragglers' while you type it?"

Deedee says, "You can do multiple lines with {x

Deedee claims, "Err"

Ghed claims, "She means {x

Ghed states, "Errrr"

Deedee says, "Well... err."

Seraphite states, "Pfthhhhhh."

Ghed states, "{x."

Charmin giggles.

(visnet) Player Delana: {/

Ghed claims, "Lol it's parsing incorrectly"

Deedee claims, "That."

Ghed has awarded you 1> QP: being smarter than ghed

Meadhbh says, "Impressions on what I've experienced

arrows should probably ground birds with a solid hit but maybe hit being harder. Modern arrows are pretty light but older ones can weigh like a third of a pound sometimes and would certainly make flight difficult if not kill outright.  this is more of a perspective thing than anything it's not critical

It'd be nice if distance was accounted for for NPC's for hunting deadly animals with bows without armor, for example I previously crawled into a room with a wolf in it (in the dark) and within one round it on top of me and was Viciously Mauled for my first KO :slight_smile:

I don't really think this is unreasonable but i was not really able to react to this happening, though I was wounded and there's probably mechanics here I'm not aware of idk :slight_smile:

A command to immediately move to leave a room the way you entered could be nice, though again this is likely inexperience leading to me losing my bearings

I also have a really hard time figuring out what the keyword to reference an item in a post is. Some sort of highlighting as an option would be nice."

Avajain states, "Ok after brief research ive determined my source is i made it the f*** up, however, i will comment that trogdor is right, and that peasants rarely ate meat. which leads me to suggesting giving husbandry a command to examine meat."

Meadhbh says, "Ultimately these are all inconsequential "

Deedee states, "Good feedback there."

Temi nods.

Deedee states, "Small animals are harder to kill than they should be"

Gnomely claims, "Fleeing is a thing you can do."

Meadhbh states, "Yeah i shot a rabbit 4 times "

Ghed says to Avajain, "(that's ok =) )"

Temi claims, "Unfortunately our combat is more balanced around pvp than around hunting, which has made it a bit tough to get to a good place on hunting"

Meadhbh claims, "Then knifed it like 6 times"

Meadhbh states, "Then it died"

Ghed says, "It's a bit more than that"

Ghed claims, "Animals are stronger than one would think like Deedee says"

Sparkles claims, "Part of the reason peasants rarely ate meat were religious proscriptions we don't have in game because we don't follow RL religion."

Ghed claims, "And NPCs do not factor in range"

Deedee says, "The combat code was made simple vs. NPCs since it would be hard to code an effective combat AI, but maybe it can be looked at by our talented coders"

Meadhbh says, "(i took a nap between these stabbings)"

Viper claims, "I used to punch bears to daeth"

Jiraiya nods to Meadhbh and says, "There's a bit of a bizarre meta that ties to this in that the best way to hunt is in full plate armor and to beat the crap out of animals with sticks. I know there's been some revisions but yah the range thing contributes to it."

Leta asks of Meadhbh, "Can you explain a bit more about the keyword issue?"

Ghed states to Viper, "You're a bear"

Bimbly claims, "I endeavor to punch bears to death."

Meadhbh claims, "Give me a sec to hink of an example"

Ghed claims, "Remember that wearing armor is very tiring and might have Other Drawbacks"

Konaa says, "I personally think that game mechanics overpowering the medieval theme at points is very funny and charming but I can see why people might disagree"

Viper states, "Hunting is annoying now because even a scratch takes away 45 hp"

Leta nods at Meadhbh.

Meadhbh says, "Like i look at my clothing do I # leather or whatever and that';s actually like 6 things on my person"

plague claims, "I've always just assumed they're Magic Demon Bears."

Ruby asks, "I think some sort of bonus for hunting animals if you're using a bow could be cool. Maybe like, because you didn't hack it to pieces, you get more out of it because it was a cleaner kill?"

Ghed states to Meadhbh, "There's a command, count leather."

Ruby claims, "Higher risk/higher reward."

Meadhbh states, "If there was a highlighted keyword or something to quickly know"

Hawali says, "I have trouble with that also, Meady."

Deedee claims to Viper, "You are getting pretty old, Viper."

Seraphite muses, "Hold on, what's the count command?"

Ghed claims to Konaa, "Hey we do what we can, if it was the real deal everyone would have crooked teeth and a single set of clothes ;)"

Jiraiya ooos at the count command

Meadhbh says, "Also an equipped macro for a slot would be cool"

Leta says, "It is a way to see how many items have a certain keyword on your person"

Ghed declaims to Seraphite, "Give it a try!"

Meadhbh claims, "#head "

Seraphite says, "Hey, that's neat."

Hawali states, "What the sh** I've played here 20 years and I've never seen that command"

Ghed says, "In fact I hounded staff as a player to get it into the game"

Deedee claims, "Lol"

Leta claims to Meadhbh, "You also have inventory item, inventory <container> item and inventory room at your disposal, if you are searching for an item's keyword"

Ghed patspats Hawali 

Deedee asks, "Count has been around for maybe 2, 3 years?"

Kirale states, "I always have to have a very unique keyword for each item, which is hard when it's not an item I have tooled. Some things just have a few generic keywords that catch the same for too many things, so I feel your pain Meadhbh."

Ghed nods at Leta.

Seraphite says, "This is why I personally love the fact that strings work."

Deedee says, "Faily new addition. around the same time the price command went in for player shops"

Avajain says, "Can't u freely re-keyword an item"

Murrmurs exclaims, "You can freely  retool item keywords!"

Antonio says, "I once went crocodile hunting on Vincent in crocodile armor."

MrTambourineMan claims, "I wish there was an Inv Items for EQ as well"

Leta claims, "Yep, you can freely restring an item's keywords"
Ghed says to Avajain, "Yes with restring (item) keyword, it's free for all"

Leta states, "It might be nice if we added an inventory equip option, to be fair"

Antonio states, "My ally beat the shit out of me when they panicked when a crocodile turned up."

Leta claims to MrTambourineMan, "Jinx"

Meadhbh claims, "Inventory items just filled my entire console with fresh raw fish fillet "

Ghed claims to MrTambourineMan, "Me too, some day"

Meadhbh says, "Lmoa"

Antonio says, "It was very funny."

Bimbly claims, "Adding on to /jira - I don't think sneaking, hiding, or tracking is meaningfully useful in hunting, which is counterintuitive. However, I appreciate that the system supports leaping out of the bushes and punching a deer to death.

Oh, I was too slow. Oops."

Ghed muses to Deedee, "Shoot in your quick tangent before we wrap up?"

Hawali pontificates, "I can restring bloody keywords outside of chargen?!"

Deedee states, "Oh, right"

Ghed claims to Hawali, "Yes, of course"

Hawali bangs head on wall.

Murrmurs states, "@Bimbly: Sneak attack alpha damage can be insane, and can be used well in hunting."

Deedee questions, "Yeah- learning skills past 75. Can that allow you to use the teach command to a higher maximum?"

Eidolon claims, "To back and Bimbly Meadhbh up on the insanely tough animals, I've hit ducks in the head for three plus rounds with axes and an 85 strength and other heavy weapons before they died. I have found that the only practical use of hiding in hunting is backstabbing nonaggressive animals to start combat."

Gnomely queries, "Sneak attack? Is that the backstab command?"

Deedee claims, "I think it soft caps like you're still 75"

plague says, "Yes it's the backstab command"

Violet queries, "Really?"

Gnomely nods.

Ghed claims, "Hmmm"

Violet states, "I could have sworn I could teach higher"

Ghed states to Deedee, "We'll investigate"

Deedee nods at Ghed.

plague wonders, "How does it work? Can you use it with non-daggers? Out of stealth? The helpfile isn't clear"

Ruby muses, "Is there a backstab command for bows?"

Ghed claims, "GUYS"

Ghed says, "A moment pls =)"

Meadhbh says, "Also i just want to say that fishing is very fun and i really did just excitedly spend 20 minutes typing fish over and over"

Ghed states, "You get more damage if you're hiding, I think"

Leta grins.

plague thumbs-up

Ghed declares to Meadhbh, "I know!"

Ghed muses to Raquel, "Your turn?"

Deedee claims, "Time to roll stealth archer again."

Ghed claims, "And then we jettison everyone to space"

Brockolies nods and grins at Meadhbh

Civetta says, "Gonna go to space."

Raquel states, "This was kind of piggy backing on an already discussed topic. Remember help sandwich exists for those intense / overwhelming scenes :D"

Ghed pontificates, "Oh yeah! help sandwich is a good read"

Ghed states, "I personally treat my characters like D&D ones, so I detach easier"

Sand states, "Thank you again for recommending that earlier, Raquel. :)"

Ghed pontificates, "Alright!"

Ghed states, "Please remember to post rumors, cnote discoveries, and recommend each other for meaningful RP =)"

Leta says, "help graphic also exists, if needed."

Borya claims, "Yippee"

Viper trails off, "A safeword... huh"

Ghed states, "Srsly cnote or it's a free trans to ahalin to all of you"

Deedee claims, "Oh, had an idea for recommends too. will post on the forums I guess."

Kalevi is no longer idle.
Kalevi has returned from AFK.

Hawali states, "Yes, thank goodness for walking away. I have a temper and get so mad sometimes over the stupidest things. And then come back and it was so ridiculous."

Ghed says to Deedee, "Please"

Brockolies grins and snorts at Ghed

Ghed smiles at Hawali.

Leta claims, "Makes us sad when we have to track lines of reasoning and secret-sharing down through tells."

Jiraiya queries, "Oh, can I bring something up quickly?"

Ghed claims to Jiraiya, "A one-line please, I need to go"

Temi nods in agreement with Leta.

Jiraiya claims, "I'd just volunteer myself (Harlan) if anyone needs advice from someone who's played the game for a while that you don't want to put on visnet. Personal board is always available, as are tells."

Ghed says, "Hey that's real nice, thanks a lot"

plague exclaims, "Thank you for managing our bloated population number through the meeting in a timely manner, staff!"

Ghed declares, "Alright! It's been a pleasure, folks"

Hawali waves.

Seraphite exclaims, "Love you, my man!"

Deedee waves.

Leta waves.

Ghed trails off, "Engaging warp drive in 3..."

Brockolies waves

Leta declaims, "<3!"

Yinadele is idle.

Ghed trails off, "2..."

Seraphite states, "Oh no, we lost her."

Ghed trails off, "1..."

Bimbly pontificates, "Engage...!"

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