OOC Support Thread - You're Awesome and Here's Why

Talk about anything TI here! Also include suggestions for the game, website, and these forums.
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Sat Jul 18, 2020 10:06 am

Torin is amazing. Full point

Marakus, your strings are so good they piss me off. The envy is killing me. And I generally enjoy reading your style

Najima... love you IC and OOC. Best OOC jokes.

Vinnie, thanks for going along with my jokes. Thanks for bringing spice into the game

Arinelle for playing out feelings, not being collected all the time. Consoling you was a moment of emotional intimacy I don't get in this game usually

Osmond for the banter and the char development youve given my chars. And for being an approachable role player.

Theodora, you scare me with how well you do the noble bard.
Praise the Bolt!

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Sat Jul 25, 2020 6:26 pm

Najima: I -adore- the way you RP a Fariner. From your outfit to your behavior and enthusiasm, it brings me joy.

Eartha: So impressed with how quickly you've picked up this game. Your strings are incredible. You are incredible. I'm grateful I get to RP with you.

Vinny, Rain, Osmond: Thank you for keeping southside an active and enjoyable place. You add so much flavor to the game.

Louisa: You play imperfect, brilliantly quirky, and incredibly -human- characters. It scares me sometimes how good you are at writing emotes.

Eiphraem: The way you've RPed your character's branding/redemption arch is such fun. You also demonstrate that a character needn't join a guild to be engaging and important on grid. Thanks for all the nerd RP.

Sibylle: You went from one of the most difficult roles in game to another. You manage to be scary powerful and important IC while still being welcoming and fun to RP with, even as a lowly freeman. Mad props to you!

Emicho: This Farin plot is absolute madness. You've single-handedly generated RP for half the grid! Outside of that, I'm grateful for all the scenes we've had and continue to have together. It's been fun to see your character grow and you as a player discover new things about this game.

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