The Warrant Spec

An archive of past and current specs for coming TI features.
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The purpose of this warrant rewrite is to flesh out warrants so that staff and players have comfort that certain IC steps are taken, to broaden warrants so that the Order can issue their own as well as the Reeves, and to allow code (such as the new liquidation POLCA) to detect when a player is warranted.

This also allows staff to centralize lists of 'players in trouble with <guild>' and ensure guilds are constantly aware of their shit lists and why.

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Warrant Commands and POLCA


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Syntax: warrant prepare
        warrant lift <name>
        warrant list
The 'warrant prepare' command will enter the Reeve/Inquisitor into the below POLCA to prepare a warrant targetting a wanted player. Note that Reeves cannot SUBMIT Order warrant types and vice versa.

The 'warrant lift <name>' command will remove a warrant from a character. Only a guild member equal to or higher in rank than the person who placed the warrant, or a staff member, can remove the warrant.

The 'warrant list' command will list all active warrants a character is eligible to see.


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warrant prepare
                          Warrant Preparation

Recipients : <list of characters & guilds auto-sent an IC letter>
Wanted     : <name or alias of warranted character>
Type       : <? type to see a list of warrant types>
Reason     : <explain why the person is being warranted - editor>
Evidence   : <explain the evidence that substantiates the warrant - editor>
Description: <describe the character in reasonable IC terms>
Threat     : <default 'Minor', ? Threat to see a list of options>
Result     : <? Result to see a list of options>
Guildrank  : <Guild rank of character placing the warrant>
Public     : <default no, yes will spawn wanted posters around the game>
Reward     : <default 0 silver, if a value entered, a reward will be offered>

Type "submit" to place the warrant or "cancel" to abort.
WARNING: It is a policy violation to warrant characters without a cnote.

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? Type Options
   murder            - Reeves
   theft             - Reeves
   assault           - Reeves
   sumptuary         - Reeves
   treason           - Reeves
   heresy            - Order
   magic             - Order
   excommunication   - Order

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? Result Options - (These tell a staff member how to wrap up the character if they go inactive).
   Punish & Release  

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? Threat Options
- Excommunication warrants need to go to the Request Queue as they ICly go to the Synod. Display these grayed out in the Staff View of 'warrant list' until they're approved in the Request Queue.
- Current code for different warrant types (ie, Reeve mobs attempting to arrest) will remain as is for now. There will be no other affects other than auto-sending IC letters to recipients.

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