The Noble Projects Spec

An archive of past and current specs for coming TI features.
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Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:30 am


The goal of the Noble Projects Spec is to give noble characters the unique ability to kick off projects that will alter city metrics directly over the course of two weeks.

This should encourage nobles to be seen as the city movers and shakers as well as give them RP opportunities by seeking support for their projects.

In a general sense, it works by a noble (potentially City Council Members only?) defining a project and linking it to a city metric. They can specify how much of a shift they want to attempt, and the game will calculate the IP necessary for the project to succeed, and the time period in which they have to apply the necessary IP to the project.

Projects will be publicly visible, and players can either support or subvert a project. If the project succeeds, and IC Event will post proclaiming success. If it fails, either nothing will happen, or detractors can post their own IC Event post.

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Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:31 am

Project Process:

The player will open a POLCA that they fill in with their proposed project. The project, upon submission, will go to the Staff Request Queue, where the staff will review it against a criteria in the Projects Help file, mostly to see that the cost and effect are appropriate to one another, that the project is themely, that the project works with the current IC situations, etc. The staff member can reject the project, which will then leave a Personal Board note explaining the reason for the rejection, or they can approve the project. Approved projects are publicly visible to all players, and Troubadours have a special command to see who project sponsors and contributors are. Only nobles can support or subvert a project with their IP, but nobles can accept assistance with pooled IP. At the end of the fortnightly period, the success/failure of the project is calculated, and will go into effect. Nobles can only have one project in play at any given time.

Upon failure, an automated IC_Event will publish saying that the project failed. Upon success, the IC_Event board will post. Players can renew the project after success or failure if they wish to reuse it again.

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Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:33 am

Project Syntax:

Code: Select all

 Syntax: project new <title>
        project edit #
        project delete #
        project transfer <name>
        project list 
        project list <status>
        project renew # <-- resubmit a successful or failed project
        project subvert # # IP
        project support # # IP
        project support remove
        project subvert remove

iSyntax: project list <name>
         project # contributors
Project new <title> will enter the player into the Project POLCA to create their new project.

Project edit # will allow the player to edit a project in the Pending status only, or a staff member to edit the project in any status.

Project delete # will allow a player to delete a project they are the sponsor of in Pending, Approved, or Rejected status. Failed and Successful projects can only be removed by staff.

Project transfer # <name> allows a player to create a project and assign someone else as the sponsor. Any player can access the Project POLCA, but only a noble character can submit the project to the staff queue for approval or be set as the sponsor of the project during POLCA save (unless a staff member is submitting the POLCA, in which case a staff member can specify any player as the sponsor).

Project list shows all projects in the system with an approved status, and can be used by any player. Project list <name> is a staff command that will show all projects, regardless of status, submitted by a specific player (except deleted ones).

Project list <status> allows a player to list all projects of a certain status. Project list self is a player command to see only their own projects. Project list self <status> is a player command to see only their own projects in a specific status.

Project renew # will resubmit a successful or failed project as a new project vnum to the staff request queue to kick off the process from scratch.

Project support # # IP submits the number of specified IP against the project cost. In opposition, project subvert # # IP allows a noble to increase the cost of the project by submitted subvert IPx2. Only nobles may support or subvert projects, relying on others to pool IP with them if they desire to assist or block a project.

Project support remove or project subvert remove removes the player's support or subvert of the project, including their contribution, but does NOT return the expended IP to the noble.

Project # contributors is a staff and Troubadour command (only Troubs with an 'op' patronym may access this command) to see who sponsors, contributes, and subvert a project. The use of this command costs Troubs 100 silver.

Gset- able to allow us to alter the cost in-game.

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Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:36 am

User Interfaces:

Code: Select all

                         Project POLCA

Title        : (default as entered)
IC Event     : (Editor, max 1600 characters)
Sponsor      : (default to the creating player)
Sponsor_Vis  : (default No, displays if the OWNER field is visible to all)
Lore         : (Editor, max 1600 characters)
IP Target   : (default 10, cannot be less than 10, IP needed for success)
Type         : (default support. Support = add to metric, Subvert = subtract from metric)
Metric       : (city metric affected)
Metric Affect: (In adjective, what the new metric % will be)
Status       : (default Pending)
Reason       : (This field only shows when the project is rejected or failed)
Deadline     : (default 2 weeks)

Type "submit" to kick-off the project or "cancel" to abort.
Type "commands" alone for a list of commands.
+ When a Project is submitted, it goes to the Staff Request Queue.
+ IP cost = 2 IP per 1 metric %, the minimum spend is 10 IP, no max, and overwash is ignored
+ All players can see the project list
+ Room flag to allow players to view the projects list.
+ Status: Pending, Approved, Success, Failure, Rejected
+ When a project is rejected, pboard the player and CC Staff:
Subject: Project <title> - Rejected
Body : Project <title> was rejected for <reason>. Please edit
and resubmit.
+ When failed (ie, the noble was unable to get the necessary IP by deadline)
+ Reason field will not show until the project fails or is rejected.
If failed, reason will be:
Sponsor failed to secure enough IP against the project.
If rejected, the reason will be the staff's rejection message from the Request Queue.
+ Staff can use project edit # to edit the project at any stage, committing changes with submit
+ Troubadours get a command to view contributors (provided they have an 'op' patronym) only if status is Approved, Success, Failure.
+ Project Cooldowns: The project effect will go into effect for the full period of two weeks from the date of success. The first week after, the project will lose half of the bonus amount. The second week after, the project will lose half of the remaining
bonus amount.
The third week, the project effect will be entirely gone.

Code: Select all


####  PROJECT TITLE        STATUS      TIMER         END DATE
   2  <Project Title>      Approved    12:01:34:12   14 Oct 2018 12:30pm
   1  <Project Title>      Pending     00:00:00:00   -------------------
+ Projects show the most recently submitted projects at the top.
+ The timer shows how long until the project settles.
+ The end date shows the OOC Date timestamp of when the project settles.


Code: Select all

#### <Project Title> Contributors
   Sponsor: <Sponsor>
      <name1>, <name2>, <name3>, ..., <nameN>
      <name1>, <name2>, <name3>, ..., <nameN>



Code: Select all

                     Base    Bonus   Total   Adjective
  Lawfulness      : ( 46%)     15%     61%   Substandard (--)
  Morale          : ( 95%)      0%     95%   Superb (+)
  Piety           : ( 77%)      0%     77%   Good
  Economics       : ( 72%)      0%     72%   Good
  Defense         : ( 46%)      0%     46%   Substandard
  Health          : ( 80%)      0%     80%   Excellent (-)
  Infrastructure  : (  6%)      0%      6%   Terrible
  Class Relations : ( 32%)      0%     32%   Challenged (++)
  Race Relations  : ( 31%)      0%     31%   Challenged

Code: Select all

                     Base    Bonus   Total   Adjective
  Farin           : ( 78%)      2%     80%   Good
  Tubor           : ( 62%)      0%      0%   Average
  Vandago         : ( 46%)      0%      0%   Substandard
  Vavard          : ( 56%)      0%      0%   Ordinary
  Daravi          : ( 10%)      0%      0%   Pathetic
+ Only the staff view updates to show the bonus from projects. Players continue to see City Report as they do now.

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Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:37 am


Noble players will have a prestige statistic that shows as a line beneath their HELP PLAYER information (ie, non-editable) based on their rank:

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Prestige Ranks:
   Rank 0 - Known
   Rank 1 - Acknowledged
   Rank 2 - Notable
   Rank 3 - Established
   Rank 4 - Prominent
   Rank 5 - Distinguished
Display text:
His/Her prestige is <rank adjective> at court.

For each rank of prestige, the character will receive 25 silver per OOC week and 1 bonus IP.

At rank 4, the player may substitute their short description with their title, for example, 'The Baron of Rosewood' instead of 'a green eyed man'.

Prestige Point Calculation:
- For each project the player sponsors that succeeds, +1.
- For each project the player subverts that fails, +1.
- Minus -1 prestige per OOC week for natural decay.
- One overall rank per every 5 prestige points.

Prestige may be modified by the following factors:
- If your monthly taxes are more than 200 silver, +1
- If your character has any prestige item equipped, or did on login/logout, +1
- If your net monthly payments to NPCs last month was greater than 200, +1
- If your net monthly pay-comand to other players is < 200, +1

Prestige should be made available for mprogs to trigger against.

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