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An archive of past and current specs for coming TI features.
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Example Plot

Vnum          : 123
Title         : Scouring the Brambles
Header        : 0, Unset
Status        : Waiting for Players
Owner         : Joe
Type          : Guild Investigation
Shared To:    : Kinaed, Reeves
Requirements  : [1] 1 Investigation Point
                [2] Action Description
Contributions : [1] 2x a lump of iron (30098) [Joe]
                [2] 1000 silver [Kinaed]
Actions       : [1] Joe is combing over the the bramble bushes, looking for bits
                of cloth that may have been caught on the thorns, to see if
                he can match up the tattered cloak that Niamh was discovered
                with with any of them. He also throws a couple lumps of iron
                out into the middle of the brambles, to listen if they clank
                against anything out deeper than he can make it. [Joe]
                [2]I would like to first order all of the Reeves to patrol the
                area around the south gate, looking for any sign of the
                missing gold or people behaving suspiciously, like they might
                know something.  If they do, accuse them of associating with
                Niamh and see how they react.  Then ask about where they hid
                the gold.
                I would also like to bribe the guard at the south gate to let
                me know if he saw anything and to ask what Niamh offered him
                to not report what she did. [Kinaed]
Notes         : [1] From: Joe         To: Staff, Kinaed
                Date: Mon Nov 13 01:39:33 2017
                Message:  So, Kinaed knows that Joe is a mage, but the rest of
                the Reeves don't.  He also has Eyes of the Hawk spell up to
                increase his chances of finding anything.
                [2] From: Temi        To: Plot
                Date: Mon Nov 13 02:15:01 2017
                Message: Are you looking for all types of cloth in the brambles
                or only the ones that match the cloak in question?  And do the
                Reeves know what they are looking for?
Post Event    : No
Spread Rumor  : Yes
Rumor         : Ugh, what a long night.  Traipsing back and forth by the south
                gate... do they really think there would be gold there, so
                close to Southside?  The plebes would have sniffed it out and
                be brawling over it for sure.  What a waste of time.
Rumor Subject : Guards on the Hunt
Circle        : Reeves
Metric Shifts : [1] 5 Lawfulness to Class Relations

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