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Dear Players,

The player behind Agrion has been banned for the inability to act appropriately around the IC/OOC divide and multiple, ongoing complaints by several players.
Complaint 1 - Agrion used the who list to determine who a player was OOCly, then brought the information IC in a way that physically could not be known. Apologized on approach.

Complaint 2 - Tried to OOCly pressure a player to take a significant IC action against another player.

Complaint 3 - We received an anonymous email saying he was disclosing mage alts through OOC channels (not actionable as it was neither signed nor gave any specific information we could follow up - Complaint 3)

Complaint 4 - Player attempted to pressure people to provide OOC information about other players (and a log was emailed to staff).
Complaints 2-4 were all submitted this week, complaint 1 was also quite recent, and the above was paired with a policy history, where the player had been informed if they had another brush with policy, that would be the end of their time on TI:
[ #150 ] Policy Board
A note has been posted by: Niamh
From room : 97
In subject of: Agrion Abusing the Storytelling System? (Edited by Niamh) (Edited by Niamh) (Edited by Niamh) (Edited by Niamh) (Edited by Temi) (Edited by Niamh)
Date : Fri Oct 26 09:10:55 2018
Edited : Fri Nov 2 03:03:38 2018
Expires : Wed Jul 21 09:11:00 2021
To : staff
As Agrion recently had a new story approved, he asked to be transferred into
the storytelling area - I assumed this was to test commands and get a better
handle on them. He stayed for a little while then asked for a transfer back
onto the live grid, which I obliged.
At this time I noticed him in the Reeves HQ using storyteller commands to
load a monster onto the live grid, in the company of other players who were
trying to RP. This was not related to his story, which had been approved all
of eleven minutes beforehand, had no mobs associated with it, and had no
players joined to it. He switched into the mob (a massive slime monster) and
left the Reeve HQ, then began roaming around the grid as the slime monster.
I popped into the room, slayed the mob to remove him from it, and asked him
to switch out of the story if the story isn't currently going on. I also
asked him not to use the storytelling commands in this way. They're to run
stories, not to generate random, unchecked chaos with unrelated players.
He apologized and we moved on.
Today, however, I saw this on wiznet, which as we can see is taking place in
the Grand Master Training Room:
WIZNET> Agrion story restored room 12305. [8:46](12305, The Grand Master
Training Room)
Then again, a few minutes later:
WIZNET> Agrion story restored room 12305. [8:53](12305, The Grand MasterTraining Room)
This is, again, unrelated to a story. He's doing personal training with a
training mob, and appears to using the story command to refill his MV. I
kind of double-took. Looked to make sure he was where he appeared to be and
doing what he appeared to be:
The Grand Master Training Room [Room 12305] [Flags indoors noquit islit] [Room2
none] This room will report to the Knights. [Pleasant] This large square room
has been lined with a thick layer of sand covering the floor while thick
leather padding has been adhered to the wall to prevent any undue injuries.
The roof has been sent high to avoid being hit by swinging limbs or weapons
and has been left largely unadorned except for lanterns for simple
illumination. To one side a raised viewing platform has been constructed
behind a solid wooden barrier padded with leather like the rest of the walls.
[ Exits: -north- ] [ Air exits: none ] [12378]A sign is posted on the wall,
offering instructions and clarifications. (northwestern corner) [12207]
Lauren, a lean woman with a long crimson braid, stands here. [APp: 3] She is
here, fighting Agrion. She has a wooden practice flail, round leather head
thickly stuffed drawn. Agrion is here.[P] [App: 2] He is here, fighting Lauren.
He has a shining longsword, intricate dawles etched into its blade drawn.
So, it appears he was fighting the trainer, restoring himself with story
commands, then fighting again without paying or needing to use food or rest.
I don't know how long he'd been doing this. I logged in to find him doing
it, but I only witnessed it happening twice. I checked wiznet history and
also only saw the two uses.
I contacted him to ask:
They are fighting something at the moment. Your tell has been buffered. You
tell Agrion, "Are you using the story restore command on yourself with the
training mobs?"
Agrion replies to you, "Yus! Sorry, I got corpse rot bc of the boiled person
right at the tutorial area x.x"
As having corpserot would have nothing to do with repeatedly using story
restore while fighting a trainer, not to mention I saw him do it more than
once, I moved him to a policy room to wait for Kinaed:
They are fighting something at the moment. Your tell has been buffered. You
tell Agrion, "Okay, for the moment I'm going to drop you into a policy room
to wait for Kinaed. It shouldn't be terribly long - hopefully no longer than
a half day or so."
Niamh has transferred Kenny (Agrion) from The Grand Master Training Room
(12305) to Policy Hold Room 2 (324).
Agrion replies to you, "Ok sure!"
Lastly, I set his Sword and Footwork pools to 0, as they were gained through
what appears to be cheating and would have been ticking down while he was
awaiting Kinaed for policy. He was notified that the pools were removed.
He's in 324 waiting on Kinaed.
NiamhEdit: I was able to confirm that there was a mob with corpserot in the
tutorial area. I unloaded it and cleared out the corpses. What this would
have to do with using story restore more than once while fighting training
mobs still eludes me.
NiamhEdit2: I asked Az to pull up the history on Agrion's uses of story
restore, and he did. He found multiple other instances of using it with
Lauren, Bronwyn, and roaming aroudn fighting animals in the wilderness. Az
set the 'nostory' flag on the account temporarily.
NiamhEdit3: ...Sigh. An after being asked yesterday not to open the story
and load mobs onto the live grid unless it's in the process of actually
running the story, looks like he did it again today. Loaded a Daravi, killed
it, and left the corpse at the Alms House where a player found it and
reported it IC to the Reeves.
Temi - I also recently sent Agrion to the ST tutorial area on his request. I
assumed he was trying out commands to make himself more comfortable with them
for the story. However, I did see a bunch of restores going by on wiznet
which seemed a little weird. I didn't look into what he was doing though,
but I wish I had now.
Niamh: Handled at Kinaed's request.
Agrion was talked to, had it explained this was a "one warning"-only
situation and that further incidences of cheating could resolve in his
removal from TI. He was docked 10, 000 RPXP (5k for continuing to load
disruptive story mobs onto the grid after being specifically told by Staff
not to, 5k for abuse of story restore), and will have the nostory flag for 3
months, after which time Staff can chat about whether or not he should get
the privilege back. His pending story was deleted from the system. I moved
him back onto the grid to resume play.

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