Claire and Donovan's Ban

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Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:58 pm

This post is both to ensure players generally know what happened as well as to preserve this information so I can provide the link to future players who seem to be heading down the same path as these players did:

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
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In subject of: Claire and Donovan Banned (Edited by Kinaed)
Date : Sat Jan 13 16:20:42 2018
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To : All
Dear players,

As many of you may have guessed, staff and many players in general have had
some continual problems with the players behind Claire and Donovan. As we
understand it, these players voluntarily left TI in the last couple of days,
but upon reviewing some of their posts and taking a holistic view of their
behavior and impact on TI, staff have decided a permanent ban is in order.

If you become aware of the players behind either of these characters logging
in, please alert staff as they are no longer welcome here. Thank you!

Kind regards,


Apparently there's a rumor that this ban was enacted because these players
were rude to staff. That is not why Claire and Donovan were banned or they'd
have been banned far prior as they were frequently rude to staff.

This ban was due to multiple player complaints that continuously toed the
line of policy. Eventually, the players said they quit (for like the third
time), and the relief across the entire pbase was palpable.

To us, that's a sign.

HELP RULES, not modified since Jul 28th 2016, makes it clear that we will
take action with people for simply being bad for the environment. It can be
difficult to know when people are genuinely bad for the environment. Often
issues present themselves as individual occurrences that are the natural
result of RP conflict between players. It takes time to establish a pattern
of bad behavior across multiple parties within the pbase. TI Staff are very
conservative about interference, in part to ensure that player conflict can

In Claire and Donovan's case, the player complaints got well to the point
where we had evidence that their problems were not 'just because they were
rude' to anyone, let alone staff.

A thank you to the unknown person who pointed out that these rumors were a
matter to address.

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Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:14 pm

Just a quick update. Some of you would know that the player behind Donovan logged into TI and requested a review of his ban.

After speaking with him, the staff did not feel reassured that the player/players understood the reasons they were banned, accepted them, and would work to ensure they did not happen again. As a result, we upheld the ban and the players remain unwelcome on TI.

We have agreed to review their ban again in six months via email.

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