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Temi queries, "Okay, agenda for today! 1) Staff Updates, 2) Player Heartbeat and 3) Player
Topics. Anyone have any topics to get on the list already?"

Brando states, "I have two simple topics ok. "

Temi nods at Brando.

Sparkles says, "I have a topic/question if there's time, and also a shameless plug at the end."

Temi says, "We'll start with one and add the other if there's time, which is currently looking

Temi has transferred Nevermore. [OOC]

Temi gives a ceramic honey jar fashioned in the shape of a seated bear to Nevermore.

Nevermore trails off, "Most curious..."

Dreams claims, "I'd have one, but I think Sparkles is going to shamelessly plug it before me."

Temi grins.

Temi claims, "Alright. Let us know if you come up with any additional topics"

Capitalism exclaims, "I have a plug too!"

Temi nods at Capitalism.

Temi says, "Okay! So, staff updates."

Temi says, "Maeve couldn't be here today due to Easter, so I'll start."

Karrin nods.

Temi finishes abruptly, "Mostly just requests and such, but I did finish the help liquidation file
update to include contested liquidations and added a new craft for bone marrow - which creates a
meat generic item"

Brando claims, "Awesome"

Valora declaims, "Woot!!!"

Temi states, "I'll be looking back through forum posts for other crafts we haven't gotten to yet, so
if you had something you wanted to be considered, that's the best place for it. I'll be looking
through meeting logs and such, but easier to miss in those"

Sparkles states, "Woo woo."

Rambling says, "Https://tinyurl.com/wns23j27 me when we get fancy bone marrow"

Temi claims, "And we finalized the hiring of our new staff member, Karrin, who we are excited to
have and has been off to a running start, so helping to get her up to speed on everything too"

Karrin says, "Temi has been answering more questions than any sane person should ever have to
answer. She's a gem."

Temi wonders, "And speaking of Karrin... welcome! Would you like to tell everyone about your week?"

Temi grins.

Brando declaims, "Great!"

Capitalism claims, "Blowing everything up."

Temi says, "Honestly, only a couple explosions. Hardly -everything-"

Karrin states, "Hello. I got nearly a year of old board posts moved from our old posts board onto
the forums, I've been tackling backlogs of book submissions, and handling some building requests and
quick oppses, mostly."

Karrin claims to Capitalism, "Shush, you. No one's supposed to know about those."

Temi states, "Karrin's been a huge help already, honestly."

InvestSouthside claims, "Dont forget the 'unmaking' of innocent animals"

Karrin says, "Oh, I brought it back. It lives with me now."

HIEROPHANT declaims, "Hey wait a minute. Blowing everything up is meant to be my thing. Karrin is
cramping my style!"

InvestSouthside says, "Wooooow I feel betrayed"

Karrin states to HIEROPHANT, "We could be an excellent team."

Nevermore states, "I'm sorry old man, the monopoly over blowing up things belongs to Karrin."

Temi grins.

HIEROPHANT shakes his walker angrily and complains about the youth.

Karrin says, "I haven't crashed the MUD -yet-. So just beware. When I do it, it'll do it GOOD."

Valora claims, "Ooof... I suggest a duel... whoever can blow up the biggest landmark gets to keep
the style."

Karrin pats HIEROPHANT's head.

Capitalism trails off, "Just got Malcolm in the Middle flashbacks with the old man comment..."

InvestSouthside states, "Oh I want in on that duel"

Temi muses, "Alright, any questions on any of that? I think everyone should have heard something on
their book submissions or building by now, definitely let us know if not"

Karrin states, "Yeah, every book submitter should have something."

Brando laughs in Tubori , but fails badly as I'm not drunk, Hey I tried ok P

Sparkles states, "Whee, new books."

PositronicJune says, "Honhonhon"

Nevermore states, "Now we just need more paintings to be a truly hedonistic society."

InvestSouthside asks, "Shouldnt it be HorseHorseHorse?"

Capitalism queries, "Did the Charali laugh?"

PositronicJune claims, "Why would it be"

Rambling says, "This has been a week of everyone just being racist."

Nevermore states, "That's every week, rambling."

Capitalism states, "True facts."

Valora says, "I take offense to that Capitalism"

Temi grins.

Rambling says, "It's the Fariners' fauls of course."

PositronicJune states, "Why would it be HorseHorseHorse"

Nevermore questions, "If you're not being racist, are you REALLY playing Inquisition?"

Temi wonders, "Alright, transitioning seamlessly then.. heartbeat! How has RP been this week,

Capitalism claims, "You can take offense if you want... but just know... that I will win in the

Capitalism claims, "Been good."

Rambling states, "I have been anticipating something but it will not be resolved until Tuesday."

Kalana says, "Pretty decent, though my availability has not been great. Definitely feel free to
write or pboard if you need something and aren't catching me."

Capitalism claims, "I got a new Magnate."

Meiari claims, "Been a little rollercoaster-ish"

InvestSouthside states, "Its been really good in my opinion"

Temi exclaims to Rambling, "Something to look forwards to!"

Capitalism claims, "So now I get to be lazy."

Brando states, "Its been great, i crafted my ass off and I have learned many things about
embellishing and tooling various things. "

Capitalism questions, "That's what 2GLs are for right?"

Dreams states, "I've tried to be around for the sake of honey."

Nevermore trails off, "I just came back from my hiatus and catching up to speed with many things,
unfortunately I got sick and been fighting off a 38.7 fever whole day so I didn't get to RP as much
as I wanted to..."

Rambling claims to Temi, "Something obnoxious but I hope it finally stops plaguing me then. "

Temi says to Nevermore, "Eep! You should get rid of that. No fun at all."

Rambling claims, "Other than that I've been away often because shock of all shocks I do other things
besides play TI, though I don't have an issue with being a little more active. Just have little to
be active about right now."

HIEROPHANT says, "I have been swamped with work of late and been terribly absent this week. I owe
several people scenes and mail, apologies."

Karrin says to Rambling, "That is not allowed."

Karrin claims to HIEROPHANT, "That is also not allowed."

Nevermore questions, "You people touch grass?"

Temi states, "We have grass here."

Nevermore states, "...curious"

Brando claims, "Only in game and on grid"

Rambling claims, "Grass is magey"

Valora says, "I think my character has found the grass item yeah"

Temi has created a stand of knee-high, yellow-green grass!

Temi drops a stand of knee-high, yellow-green grass.

Rambling screams

Temi nods.

InvestSouthside claims, "*looks at activity log* I definitely touch grass I swear"

Nevermore SCREAMS

Nevermore exclaims, "MAGERY!"

Temi grins.

Capitalism touches the grass.

Temi asks, "Alright. Anything bothering anyone about the game that they'd like staff to know about,
beside anything that's already a topic?"

Brando queries, "Can we feed our mounts hay eh? I havent tried hay yet, but they sure like chocolate
waffers :)"

Temi says, "You can feed your herds of horses, but not sure if individual horses can eat it.
Interesting thought."

InvestSouthside states, "I thought we covered earlier in the week that you shouldnt feed pets

Temi says, "I hear they like sugar cubes, though."

Valora says, "I... listen please don't tell me you actually feed your steeds chocolate... I will see
you pyred for heresy."

Brando claims, "I stole Raylenes idea of a pet piggy. I had to feed it chocolate lol so my horsey
got some too. "

PositronicJune says, "Retainers, including pets, can be ordered to eat food"

Valora trails off, "Y'all need dav..."

Karrin states to Temi, "Our sugar cubes might make riding very, very interesting."

Brando laughs heretically

Temi gives Karrin an innocent grin.

Nevermore claims, "Dav won't help here, sweetheart."

PositronicJune claims, "laughs in Vavardi"

Nevermore states, "We're carrying those people straight to the pyre."

Temi muses, "Alright, not hearing any particular issues then. Let's continue on to topics. Brando,
how about your first topic?"

Karrin states, "Right. It's time to invent popcorn."

InvestSouthside states, "Please"

Brando muses, "Ok, why can't we embellish food and drink with SALT eh? WHY? It makes no sense to me
:( "

PositronicJune says, "Hearb amtack :("

Karrin questions to Brando, "Trying to normalize margaritas?"

Temi states, "Probably because no one's every pointed out that it would be a good item to have the
embellish_with flag on"

PositronicJune sings, "Wasting away again in margaritaville..."

Brando claims, "It also goes to why there is no brackish water Tubori tea ok."

Temi claims, "I don't think salt is something that you need to embellish with to describe it there,
but I don't see any reason why it can't be an option if folks like"

Brando exclaims, "Cool. thanks ... me wanty ok, pretty please! :)"

HIEROPHANT queries, "I don't think salt has a unique @appraise modifier, does it? Unless there's an
imported salt? "

InvestSouthside claims, "I feel like that to embellish food with salt would be like you are trying
to make saltines or tortilla chips maybe however otherwise there isnt a reason because its
reasonably assumed you use it for cooking"

HIEROPHANT claims, "You don't need to appraise it onto stuff, just include it in the description :)"

Temi states, "Sure. No specialized salts where it would make a difference, no."

PositronicJune questions, "Salt was like, hella valuable, before the industrial revolution, wasn't

Karrin asks, "I thought salt was pretty common?"

HIEROPHANT says, "I dunno man, it's like four silver at the Queen's. And it was one of the most
common preservation tools, though it got re-used a lot."

Brando says, "Salt is a treasure in game "

Temi states, "I don't think we've established it as something rare here, no."

Nevermore trails off, "Salt was used for a lot of things..."

Nevermore claims, "I'd reckon it was appropriately common."

HIEROPHANT claims, "A fancy pink Daravi salt might be a fun post-Crusade rare item load."

Temi says, "Not sure just how valuable it was, but yeah, common enough I would presume."

Valora claims, "Note to self make a noble with a special import salt to match my... other gaming

PositronicJune claims, "Salt was difficult and labor-intensive to obtain"

HIEROPHANT states, "I have no idea if all of those have been selected yet"

Temi says, "We will have one more Marquis with an export to select once they've been named"

Sparkles states, "That Tubori volcanic black salt."

HIEROPHANT pontificates, "Yeah!"

Capitalism trails off, "Mmm black salt..."

Temi questions, "Okay, continuing on then! Sparkles, you had a question?"

Karrin says, "Oh, special imports and exports of the saltiest salt might be nice."

Brando nods

InvestSouthside states, "We could call it leagues of salt"

Nevermore has been transferred out by Temi. [OOC]

PositronicJune says, "All these flavors, and you chose to be salty"

Karrin states, "It is the best seasoning."

Karrin defers to Sparkles, though.

Brando nods

Sparkles claims, "I was just going to bring up, I can imagine some reasons why keyrings are the size
they are, however, having them is in part an OOC convenience, so that locking/unlocking doors to
need to logout etc doesn't take more time. However, one cannot choose to 'conceal' a keyring like
you can many other items. "

Brando gasps

Karrin asks, "You could have it underneath something, though, if worn, right? Where is the wear
location naturally?"

PositronicJune claims, "Waist"

Karrin says, "So you could put a sash or something over it? I'd think the keyrings would be really

Temi says, "Yeah, our container code sort of sucks."

Capitalism says, "The only thing bigger than them is a Leathr Scabbard"

Karrin claims, "I guess I could CHECK, but if I'm digging through stuff, I will lose what's going on

Temi claims, "So a container needs to be bigger than the sum of all of the sizes that fit in it, so
keyrings have to be bigger than they would icly be."

Capitalism says, "So unless you have a scabbard for your belt... It's not going to cover it."

Karrin states, "Ah."

Sparkles trails off, "So either the waist clothing items need to be slightly bigger or ..."

Temi says, "So, you might be stuck with a keyring you can fit two keys in, or a keyring that's
bigger than most other items"

Capitalism asks, "Possible to add "is_concealable" to keyrings?"

Temi says, "There's no such code now, though we could see how hard Eurus thinks it would be if it's
a priority for folks"

Brando claims, "Yes please"

PositronicJune says, "I haven't noticed the inability to conceal keyrings"

HIEROPHANT states, "Not conceal with the conceal command, just conceal by covering with other items
in the same slot"

HIEROPHANT says, "I wasn't aware scabbards worked, but I've stopped wearing keyrings because I only
have the one and one keyring won't go with every outfit and I can't cover them with anything D:"

Karrin states, "If all else fails, you could conceal the important keyring with a decoy keyring."

HIEROPHANT trails off, "Oooh..."

Temi questions, "Is it something which people have had impacting their gameplay?"

Sparkles claims, "It was mostly an awareness topic to see if anyone had thought of a work around,

HIEROPHANT says, "It seems the only workaround is scabbards currently. Or just having a dummy
keyring on top."

Sparkles states, "Time to get a fake keyring to match every outfit, wins for crafters."

Karrin claims, "Glad I could help keep the economy rich."

Valora states, "Capitalism wins again"

Brando laughs in merchant

Temi grins.

HIEROPHANT claims, "I'll admit, a decoy keyring is funny, and I imagine a thief might grab the first
one and think they've absconded with something grand and then they look in it and it's empty"
Sparkles nods.

Temi grins at HIEROPHANT.

Brando nods grinning

PositronicJune says, "Just not noticing the lack of keys"

Temi says, "Alright, well, we'll see what Eurus thinks, though no promises on how high priority it
would be."

Temi queries, "Continuing on then. Dreams, you had a quick plug?"

Brando states, "Ok thanks"

Dreams states, "Oh! Just the honey competition. We're getting things all set up and getting all of
the notices out there gradually, but I'm excited to see what you all come up with. The honey's been
a super fun asset to have for Lothos, so this contest has me all giddy and stuff."

Temi says, "Thanks! Very exciting stuff. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it."

Temi asks of Capitalism, "And you had a topic?"

Capitalism pontificates, "Just a plug!"

Brando states, "I crafted my ass of for that competition, very proud of my creations. :) "

Temi declaims, "We'll take those too!"

Capitalism declares, "Make sure to hit up the Merchants for any of your Merchanty needs! We always
need more commissions!"

Capitalism states, "Also we have a new Magnate, bug her for everything you can. She needs the

Brando states, "This "

PositronicJune says, "We get esperate]"

PositronicJune says, "We get [Desperate]"

Temi pontificates, "Thanks, excellent plan! Harass all the merchants!"

Capitalism pontificates, "Indeed!"

Temi asks, "Okay, looping back around, Brando, you had another topic?"

Brando trails off, "Yes, ok why cant we embellish roasted grasshopper dish eh? Seems to me that one
might wnat to spice it up. The lack of it kyboshed one of my Lothos Honey Competition ideas ... I
foraged for half a RL day for those grasshoppers too :("

Karrin claims, "Like the previously mentioned, it's probably that no one's asked for it."

Temi nods in agreement with Karrin.

Valora wonders, "I'm sorry what... you can make grasshopper dishes?"

HIEROPHANT states, "Yeah, that one came from the famine header event ages ago"

Sjinn is idle.

Capitalism states, "Apparently."

PositronicJune queries, "Roasted grasshoppers. The recipe came from a famine event?"

Temi claims, "In the future, please feel free to post typo board notes if things don't have the
embellishment flags that you would expect"

Capitalism says, "Cooking 1799."

Temi nods at PositronicJune.

Karrin nods.

PositronicJune says, "People got [Desperate]"

HIEROPHANT states, "It's suuuper peasant fare, it's what people ate when the grasshoppers were
eating all the food. They ate 'em right back :D"

Temi states, "The swarms caused the crop failures."

Temi nods in agreement.

Brando claims, "Will a do, Thanks Temi."

Valora trails off, "Note to self don't buy anything from the merchants the next week unless I want

Sjinn is no longer idle.

Kalana says, "I have never put bugs in any of my jewelry."

Sjinn has returned from AFK.

Dreams claims, "Well, that was a long time ago. I don't see it used very often anymore."

Meiari trails off, "I cannot be held responsible for the elements of dye...."

Capitalism trails off, "You know... I saw a scorpion in a lollipop at the airport recently..."

Capitalism claims, "It was in there intentionally."

Sparkles claims, "I'm not sure how much they get cooked, but they certainly get eaten when folks
visit certain places."

Valora trails off, "Yet feels like it may be a missing keyword Kalana..."

Temi nods in agreement with Sparkles.

Dreams states, "We need chocolate coated ones. I sat beside a person on a plane once that had
chocolate coated ones. I did not partake."

Temi claims, "Anyways, yeah, feel free to typo board note."

Brando nods

Temi muses, "Okay! Sparkles, did you have another plug or did Dreams already cover it?"

PositronicJune says, "The roasted grasshoppers recipe is strangely difficult to gather ingredients
for. Probably people wanting to cover up the, uh, bugs"

Capitalism trails off, "Perhaps I can embellish a confection with said grasshoppers..."

Capitalism claims, "Before they are roasted"

HIEROPHANT claims, "I've had 'em IRL, fried and salted, they are actually very tasty and full of
protein. Also crunchy. Kinda tasted like peanuts."

Brando grins at Capitalism

PositronicJune says, "Fantasy and Cyberpunk foods are very different except in that both eat bugs"

Dreams claims, "I'll leave grasshopper tasting to the more adventurous."

Sparkles states, "Dreams already covered it. But, to recap, do join the Honey contest if you cook.
And if you aren't a chef, brush up those combat skills and you can go out with the hunters. But do
attend player events, even for a short bit, it makes people more excited to do so more often."

Dreams sticks her tongue out at Sparkles.

Sparkles grins.

Temi grins.

Temi nods in agreement.

Brando nods

Temi states, "Yes, agreed, if you can hold events, thank you! If you can't - participating in them
is still a great way to thank those who do."

Temi muses, "Alright, I think that's everyone on my list then. We have about 9 minutes left. Did
anyone have anything else that they wanted to talk about?"

Brando states, "Yes"

Brando asks, "If i already have a pet ... does it cost 20QP to upograde that pet or does one get a
free pass on that cost?"

PositronicJune claims, "You can't retool a retainer/pet into something drastically different, so you
probably can't upgrade it"

PositronicJune states, "If I'm assuming correctly what you mean by upgrade"

Karrin wonders, "I'm not sure how, exactly, you upgrade a pet?"

Temi finishes abruptly, "What sort of upgrade do you mean? We don't generally upgrade by the custom
pets stuff - that's to get a new pet"

Brando trails off, "Look under help pets file ok. one can get a custom pet and upgrade them to be
stealthy, be a mount, be able to do combat ... and also fly"

Temi claims, "That's not upgrades, just qualities that the pet has that increases their cost."

PositronicJune says, "Yeah, that's what I thought you meant"

Temi claims, "Pets that you already have should already have the capabilities that are appropriate
to their race."

HIEROPHANT claims, "A while back (like, a year or more now) I was told also those aren't just "put
up a request and get a pet" prices, but are how much it costs to get them through plots, events,

Brando says, "My character has a pet pig now, becuase i stole raylenes idea off who list lo. I want
to know can it be upgraded to be a mounand do combat, without paying 20QP first"

Temi states, "No, no mounted combat pigs."

PositronicJune states, "A pig cannot be mounted or do combat."

Brando says, "My character has a pet pig now, becuase i stole raylenes idea off who list lol. I want
to know can it be upgraded to be a mount and do combat, without paying 20QP first 9fixed typos)"

Dreams claims, "That is totally not what Ray meant by her piggie pets."

PositronicJune queries, "...what did she mean?"

Dreams coughs.

Dreams claims, "You'll have to ask the people who know. There ARE people who know."

Dreams says, "Or, I'll just-- bring it out next weekend, or something."

Temi grins.

PositronicJune claims, "What is she doing with Radomir"

Dreams claims, "There are sometimes questions you don't want to know the answer to."

Temi says, "But yeah, you need to have a way to reasonably have the pet in question."

PositronicJune states, "That's all the answer I need to know."

Brando claims, "No?? seems strange ..since wild boars can defo do combat. Im not asking for an
attack pig, just a defensive combat capabale pig."

PositronicJune states, "Your pet isn't a boar"

Temi states, "A wild boar would definitely need a different template than a pig, and if you wanted
to get one, we'd have to look and see whether they might be reasonably tameable"

Brando trails off, "Domesticated pig versus a wild boar... seems like one is splitting hairs here :(

Temi says, "They are sort of known for being very dangerous."

PositronicJune says, "It's like getting a wolf as a pet just because there are dogs"

Sjinn claims, "Wild being the key word I'd think. Specialized training for the boar and rider..etc.
JUst a thought."

PositronicJune states, "Clash of clans ahh"

Temi asks, "Okay. So! I think we're about out of time. Any last comments, questions or plugs?"

PositronicJune says, "Remember: Shrimp are bugs"

Sparkles waves.

Brando waves

InvestSouthside waves.

Temi declaims, "Okay, here we go then!"

Temi waves.

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