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Maeve finishes abruptly, "OOC Chat Agenda:
- Reminder to be kind
- Pick a Scribe
- Announcements
- Register Player Topics
- Staff Topics/Updates
- Player Topics
- Player Experiences"

Maeve claims, "Please be kind during OOC Chat. This means be mindful of personal remarks, treat others the way you'd want to be treated, and don't share OOC information that ought not to be shared publicly. This space is for players to discuss the game with staff to make it better for everyone. Please bring personal grievances or story concerns to me outside of OOC Chat."

Valora carefully wraps up her spinning toy with its ribbons, criss-crossing them over one another. Once it is fully bound, she holds each end of the ribbons and gives a quick pull before releasing the toy. Unfortunately, it tangles itself up in the ribbons and never really gets going, toppling immediately over.

Maeve says, "Announcements - hmm."

Maeve has transferred Musketeer. [OOC]

Temi gives a ribbon-wrapped spinner toy carved in the shape of a woman to Musketeer.

Maeve has transferred ThatBard. [OOC]

Musketeer asks, "How do you spin it?"

Temi gives a ribbon-wrapped spinner toy carved in the shape of a woman to ThatBard.

Maeve states, "I don't think we have any announcements today."

Temi claims, "Hold and use it"

Meiari claims, "Hold and use"

Musketeer holds a ribbon-wrapped spinner toy carved in the shape of a woman in his hand.

Musketeer carefully wraps up his spinning toy with its ribbons, criss-crossing them over one another. Once it is fully bound, he holds each end of the ribbons and gives a quick pull before releasing the toy, sending it into a dramatic spin, trailing ribbons swirling after it. The spinner quickly wobbles and flops over, leaving the little woman flopped onto her face.

Maeve says, "Last week, I was less available than usual due to work, but I did log in and process some requests. Caught up with Temi and Eurus, and that was pretty much it. This week, I hope to get through more items on my plate and catch up with Eurus tomorrow."

Maeve queries to Eurus, "Want to go next?"

Eurus says, "Continued to chip away at role stuff and a few other things in help news"

Maeve declares to Temi, "And it's you! :)"

Temi says, "I finished going through the phome zone and think I've found all the lost rooms, made sure everything is processed, so we should be good on phome zone rooms again for a while, and hopefully stay up to date on evictions."

Maeve says to Temi, "Thank you so much. "

Temi finishes abruptly, "And I'm working on the re-write for help liquidation - I'm hoping to send that to other staff today before updating it"

Maeve nods at Temi.

Temi states, "But I think that's been most of it"

Temi nods at Maeve.

Maeve has transferred Otbert. [OOC]

Otbert states, "Thanks."

Musketeer queries, "Does that mean the housing prices will be able to drop a bit?"

Temi says, "Some of them did"

Temi gives a ribbon-wrapped spinner toy carved in the shape of a woman to Otbert.

Musketeer gives a thumbs up.

Temi states, "No reduced costs of things, but some houses cut down to a more workable size"

Sparkles says, "I had a question on houses, just to clarify if that's okay/"

Temi nods at Sparkles.

Maeve has transferred Aldrich. [OOC]

Temi gives a ribbon-wrapped spinner toy carved in the shape of a woman to Aldrich.

Sparkles wonders, "The helpfile doesn't make exactly clear but is a Ship equivalent to a House or can one own a Ship seperate?"

Temi claims, "There's houses, ships and shops as three different categories and one person may own any two of the three"

Sparkles nods.

Maeve asks, "I forgot to register topics today. Did anyone want to?"

Sparkles claims, "I have a quick one if there's time."

Maeve queries to Sparkles, "Always :) What're you thinking about?"

Sparkles claims, "So I know that a lot of folks like to hunt as it's a good down time activity when we have lower numbers and is a good way to practice/pool combat. One thing that folks get a lot when hunting is bones. Which at the moment, have some pretty limited uses. Which kind of reduces how much folks can trade/sell it. We have bone marrow as an item that NPCs sell, is there any thought/possibility on a cooking craft to produce such? I would add a lot of value, I think."

Temi queries, "Is there demand for such?"

Temi looks around.

InvestSouthside asks, "It could be fun and it is a charali delicacy yes?"

Otbert says, "I think expanding the recipe for glue to take bone and not just sets of specific parts might help there, and glue has demand."

Musketeer claims, "I'm a sucker for more things to cook. Mostly because cooking here doesn't result in me blowing up / incinerating my kitchen"

Valora states, "As a charali hunter I am very biased... but yes I would adore being able to make that or provide the bones for it to cooking folks."

Meiari states, "So from a realistic baking/cook point of view: abso-frikken-lutely. In game I'd love to see more uses for bone."

Maeve questions, "Can we get a few ideas to consider? A cooking recipe, maybe a broth? Any other suggestions?"

Musketeer claims, "A broth would be a really good recipe, especially to see in Southside."

Otbert states, "Broth would also make a decent embellish item like Fine Spices."

Meiari states, "I think Otbert's glue comment is a great idea, bone broth would be awesome, I'm unsure what bone jewelry looks like but I am pretty sure it was observed that was oddly lacking."

Musketeer says, "Could even see that used in some higher recipes, potentially."

Sparkles says, "Consomme if we want to produce a drinking liquid versus an edible soup as I know we handle liquid/food differently."

Otbert says, "Artwork has a number of bone jewelry recipes."

Maeve states, "I think historically bone was also used to make needles and buttons."

Temi claims, "Yeah, bone should be pretty flexibly used in a number of art things and just isn't popular"

Maeve says, "Also hair combs."

Maeve nods at Temi.

Otbert holds a small bone beard comb decorated with polished beads in his hand.

A comb is drawn carefully over Otbert's facial hair, smoothing and tidying it.

Otbert stops using a small bone beard comb decorated with polished beads.

InvestSouthside states, "So this may be my edgy ass speaking but i love bone jewelry irl"

Meiari claims, "Yeah bone charms, tools, and embellishments in general were vary common historically throughought many eras"

Maeve states, "Thank you for the suggestion and ideas. :)"

Sparkles nods.

Maeve asks, "What else should we talk about?"

Maeve has transferred LazyJackal. [OOC]

Capitalism states, "I have a question about the QP shop for another topic."

Maeve asks of Capitalism, "Sure :) What's the question?"

Temi gives a ribbon-wrapped spinner toy carved in the shape of a woman to LazyJackal.

Capitalism says, "Well it was more the QP helpfile. Can you still increase the size of containers for amount of items carry? I remember years ago it was capable and now there's a note about size, weight and wearloc changes. So that's why I'm curious."

Maeve states, "Let me have a look."

Temi says, "The QP size change is intended for small adjustments for layering stuff"

Temi claims, "There's a container size increase option for construction stuff, which is silver"

Temi claims, "There's under construction costs helpfile"

Maeve nods at Temi.

Maeve questions to Capitalism, "Does that sufficiently answer the question?"

Capitalism asks, "Ah ok... And that's for a container that's installed? I would get it set to notake and then have the increase or get the one through phome?"

Capitalism says, "Definitely."

Maeve nods at Capitalism.

Maeve says, "Anything else people want to discuss or ask Staff about? If not, we can move onto the next agenda item. :)"

Maeve queries, "Okay, one question from me before we get tot he next - is there anything you felt you were longing for while you were playing recently?"

Maeve questions, "Just a 'hmm, it'd be nice if...?'"

Maeve questions, "Quiet crowd today :) Okay, we can move onto - what was the week like for everyone this week?"

Meiari questions, "So this is kinda silly but why is there no cloth of gold cloak?"

Maeve states to Meiari, "Personally, I don't know."

Meiari says, "I get all of like 3 or 4 people on grid could wear it but it makes me sad it doesn't exist"

Maeve has transferred Dreams. [OOC]

Sparkles says, "Truly, the height of Spring Awakening boldness."

LazyJackal says, "I would like to be able to dress my NPC pets in cute outfits :)"

Meiari claims, "^seconded even though I have none yes"

Sparkles claims, "It seems like some pets can do that and some can't, from what I've seen."

Temi says, "Not sure, probably because we haven't had anyone request it or willing to put the money into it"

Temi gives a ribbon-wrapped spinner toy carved in the shape of a woman to Dreams.

Maeve nods at Temi.

LazyJackal questions, "Some pets can wear like, at max 2 items! But I want to dress them like I could NPC humans you know?"

Temi states, "Cloth of gold doesn't get much use as is"

Dreams thanks Temi.

Otbert states, "Well, rank 75 recipes still eat big failure chance no matter what, right? Pretty risky."

Temi states, "The more you make any recipe, the less chance of failure, even the rank 75 ones"

Dreams claims, "Not necessar-- that."

Otbert claims, "Right, but not many capes of gold to be made ;)"

Temi claims, "They used to be able to wear outfits the same as humans, but I think there was some abuse of having them store stuff"

Meiari says, "Which is kind of why I assumed it didn't exist yet, lack of actual want/desire - but I wanted to ask all the same. Maybe I can convince some noble to be daring lul"

Otbert claims, "It is odd that the silver one has a recipe and gold doesn't."

Sparkles says, "You can't dismiss them now if they have containers so there's that as a balancer."

Maeve says, "Okay, I've made some notes about adding a cloak (cat in my face on my keyboard)"

Maeve says, "I think she gets jealous of OOC Chat."

Temi states, "I don't know that I feel strongly about the pets wearing outfits, but it was specifically changed away from it in the past"

Dreams claims, "I know at one time they could wear, like, collars. But they can't now."

LazyJackal states, "Some pets, if big enough, can wear two items."

Temi finishes abruptly, "They should be able to wear collars - that was always intended to be allowed"

Dreams states, "I'll check again. I know last time I tried to put one on, it didn't work. But that could have been, literally, like two years ago. So, I'll look again."

Sparkles claims, "Some can't because it says they have no hands so can't have inventory. Unless there's a specific way to do that besides the 'give item pet' 'make pet wear item'"

Temi claims, "I don't think there's another alternative"

Maeve says, "Added: stuff to do with bone, cloth of gold cloak recipes, and pet clothes to the list."

Maeve muses, "How was the game for everyone this week, if I may ask?"

Meiari states, "You are amazing, thank you for entertaining my ridiculous idea <3"

Maeve smiles at Meiari.

InvestSouthside states, "Its been good lots of chill rp this week i think"

Dreams says, "Admittedly, I haven't been around much this week. If at all, really. Work was heavy."

Maeve states to InvestSouthside, "That's good news. :)"

Maeve comforts Dreams.

Maeve claims to Dreams, "Same for me. :( Big project milestone this week."

Sparkles says, "Was alright, was happy to see some excitement for some public stuffs. And seems like we got a few new folks this week at least poking in, saw some new cyan names."

Coraline says, "Yeah, work grad school and mudding... something ends up going."

Maeve comforts Coraline.

Dreams states, "I more just have-- many, many reports. And I tend to be a company bandaid, so if there are emergencies, it's me fixing."

Maeve comforts Dreams.

Maeve claims, "Well, I want to thank everyone who played this week. It's good to hear there was some chill RP. "

Musketeer is idle.

Maeve queries, "Any events or anything coming up soon?"

ThatBard questions, "Do we want to do things for the hunting fesival?"

Sparkles states, "Summer Faire is going on now, come by and visit."

Maeve smiles.

Coraline says, "Where is the summer fair? I know it's happening, just not sure where."

Meiari finishes abruptly, "You enter the summer faire at the crossroads - 'enter wagon'"

Sparkles says, "Go to the Crossroads and enter the wagons."

Musketeer is no longer idle.

Coraline states, "Oh okay, thank you."

Musketeer has returned from AFK.

ThatBard claims, "I volunteer to make the posters for the hunting thing. XD Though the problem with hunting it that we need more animals for it. Or it would get boring real quick. XD It's also usually a lot of SPAM. "

Dreams says, "When there's been hunting things in the past, there've been plenty of animals around? But, people can't just expect them to all be gathered in one place. Have to move around the grid."

Temi states, "If you have certain ideas for a hunting festival event you can talk to staff about what you want, making sure to give us plenty of notice, and we may be able to help"

ThatBard asks, "Hm. I remember we used to have it in the Kings forest and Staff would spawn more critters for us for the event. Along with the white hart. Would staff be up for assisting us like that? When would it be convenient time wise for you guys?"

Temi says, "I'm usually pretty flexible on weekends, but we may be able to get some things into motion ahead of time"

Temi claims, "But yes, possible to help with putting extra animals in the pipeline, including for a specific area"

Maeve queries, "Given it's a quiet crowd, and we've gotten through the agenda, I think I'll call it a little early this week, yeah?"

Sparkles nods.

Maeve exclaims, "Thank you for coming everyone!"

ThatBard asks, "Hm. I got no time over easter, but how about the weekend of the 6th April? Would that be good for people?"

Maeve waits for ThatBard's line to be complete before returning everyone to their regular programming. Oops, sorry ThatBard.

Temi claims, "I'll be gone the one after that, but that one shouldn't be problematic for me to set things out"

ThatBard claims, "Then it's the weekend of the 6th. Glad to see yout there Temi. XD I will get things out for people."

ThatBard states, "That's it from me."

Sparkles nods.

Temi grins.

Maeve claims to ThatBard, "Thank you, and sorry abotu that. I think I missed some of the convo in tells."

Maeve scuffs.

Otbert states, "Role list looks really nice, now, by the way."

Temi grins at Eurus.

Eurus states, "Slow progress"

Temi claims, "Eurus was showing off how nice it was tidied up"

Maeve smiles.

Maeve claims, "Thanks again everyone. :)"

Maeve claims, "I'm going to retrans the room, then grab the people who requested to speak with us after OOC Chat :)"

Sparkles waves.

Maeve says, "I hope everyone has a great next week."
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